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Imaging / Activation with MAK Key - Windows 7 Pro

Q: Imaging / Activation with MAK Key - Windows 7 Pro


I need to create a new image for our organisation for Windows 7 Pro. The organisation isn't ready for W10. The previous image was deleted (not by me) and was created using the OEM copy, which I understand breaches the EULA so I'm now creating an
image using our MAK key. All the machines have a W7 PRO OEM so we can do this.

My question is this, can I activate the reference computer and sysprep not resetting the grace period (as in is it allowed not is it possible)? The MAK key has a limit of 50, and I've emailed MS asking for that limit to be extended, but can I do
the above? Or do we have to activate each individual machine individually after re-image/sysprep?


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Preferred Solution: Imaging / Activation with MAK Key - Windows 7 Pro

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


keeps asking for reactivation. does not allow reactivation. I used a registry cleaner. Maybe this is the problem. I have tried a few fixes on other forums. Please let me know what other info I need to share.

A:Windows 8 activation problem after 2 years of activation

Please Read: Activation troubleshooting

NB: Sometimes the report can be very long if there are lots of eventlog errors - so please post between <code> tags (# in the toolbar)

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why does imaging for windows (Win 98 SE2- HP690C) print the tif files (wheathercharts from noaa) completely black?

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For some reason unbeknown to me, Microsoft Outlook tries to open all e-mail attachments in Imaging which doesn't work most of the time. I have tried changing the settings in all the places I could find, but have not been successful. Please help. I would like for it to open attachments in Preview as it used to be. I am using Microsoft Outlook 2000 and Windows Me edition.

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Hi all,
im trying to clone a windows 7 PC (note: do have volume licenses, just wanted to take an image as a quick solution)
ive used partimage to create an image (500GB) of both the system reserved partition and the data partition.

i was able to deploy this image successfully on another 500GB hdd.
i want to image this again to another smaller hdd (250GB). i have used the 'shrink volume' feature under computer management and will run sysprep.
my question is (might sound a bit dumb) but would i need to image the system reserved partition for each one? or can i use the same?

A:imaging a windows 7 pc

Are you planing using the same copy of Windows on multiple PC's? Microsofts EULA states you can only use 1 license for only one machine.

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Yesterday I installed Win 7(64-bit on drive C (my computer has 2 drives - C & D)) and immediately started to check out some of its features. One in particular feature interested me - Imaging. I had no problem imaging my drive C. Forward one day. I wished to image my drive C again and clicked the Backup application ... the resulting imaging option was to image my drives C & D. I wanted to image my drive C only but could find no way of just imaging that single drive. What did I do wrong? Why one drive one day and now I have to beckup both my drives? Forgive the tone of this post; just blame it on old age for I have to be forgetting something.

A:Imaging in Windows 7

Blush, Blush. Told you it was old age!! Sorry for the post

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Hi All
I created a sytem image on a 120gig externel hard drive which represents a clean install of windows with mse and updates only installed.Now i have added all my regular programs to my pc id like to create a second FULL image on the same drive however ive heard horror stories that windows will over write my first image every time i do this just adding small increments for changes to the pc.
Now ive read that if i change the name of the folder from windowsimagebackup a FULL new image would be created but the first image would not be found in WINre unless i name it back.Can anyone verify this and if i had 2 files named windowsimage backup would WINre find both of them.
Thankyou in advance danny

A:Windows system imaging

That is actually the exact thing I do to install windows, I have a disk image of a windows clean install. So it only takes about 5 minutes to reinstall windows when there is need to.

Why don't you try Acronis True Image? It lets you do exactly what you want, it is very user friendly and you can save all individual images as files, so you can store them in the same hard drive, and even folder.

And, on your question, I don't have eny expierience with Winre, but common sense tells me the same thing you thought, changing the name would mean that a new image will be made and that the other won't be found, but you can change the name anytime, as long as you can connect the drive to another computer.

Why don't you try it? if in doubt, save a copy of the clean install image on the internal hard drive, you are just checking what image will winre find/update, not actually doing it.

Optionally, you can partition the external hard drive and save different images on different partitions.

Hope this helps!

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I plan to replace the hard drive in my wife's computer.
Hopefully, tomorrow.

I have a question on the Windows Imaging software.

Can I image the old hard drive on to the new hard drive and just replace?
Or do I have to image to a different drive and then restore to the new one?

I'm sure it isn't quite as simple as the first option but I can hope.

Also, do I need to format the new hard drive or is it good to go out of the box?

Thank you

A:Windows 7 Disc Imaging

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My brother was given an Alienware laptop that was upgraded from XP Pro to Windows 7 Ultimate
No discs came with it and I recommended an image backup with the intent being that if something seriously happens, he can restore the computer without having to redo all of the windows updates, reinstall his Microsoft Office program as well as whatever else is in the computer at the time the computer system is imaged. I’ve been elected to do it and I don’t mind because it will help me understand what I will need to do when I buy my Windows 8 computer
So we ordered a 1TB WD My Passport Ultra external portable hard drive in order to create such an image
--- They have WD SmartWare software for backups but after reading the user’s manual it appears to me it backs up data but doesn’t image the system
--- The have a Pro version but I still didn’t see how it images the system
--- Besides I don’t want to spend more money if I don’t have to
So I moved on and read How to create a Windows system image in Windows 7 and Windows 8 in BC’s tutorials
--- The first thing I did was create the Windows System Repair disc as recommended
--- As I read the tutorial it appears to me that I will be able to create a complete system image as requested onto the WD My Passport Ultra external portable hard drive if I just follow the instructions
--- Please advise me if that is true
------ The reason I bring that up is because I have n... Read more

A:Windows 7 imaging backup

I recommended an image backup with the intent being that if something seriously happens, he can restore the computer without having to redo all of the windows updates, reinstall his Microsoft Office program as well as whatever else is in the computer at the time the computer system is imaged.

To completely follow your directions or goals, in case of a hard drive disaster is to clone the drive using the same or higher (recommended) hard drive capacity using free macrium reflect. Video/youtube tutorials and manual are also available online. The cloning method is the exact copy of your installed programs, settings and files. After a complete and successful clone, test the new drive by slipping and replacing the source drive.

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Morning guys/girls,

I will try to be as brief and precise as possible.

Our company does not have a Windows 7 VLK. Instead we have been instructed to build our laptops and use the OEM key provided with the machine. The model of laptop we are using is HP 8440P.

After receiving our first machine last week, I have configured it to a decent basline standard. I then imaged it using Symantec Ghost - everything went fine.

The problem comes when deploying the image onto another HP 8440p (when it arrives) - If i deploy my image, the product key installed, will be the same one from original laptop (not the new one that comes with the new laptop).

To avoid any legalities and to abide by all MS agreements in place, is there a way I can change the Product Key from the image to the new OEM key provided with the new laptop?

I understand Sysprepping is an option however, I have configured and installed too much on my current image that makes sysprepping a pain in the a**. I have also read a couple of Win7 Sysprep guides, which have led to a few problems.

Is there any other EASIER way or tool (magicjellybean was perfect for XP) where I can simply change/swap the OEM key with the new valid OEM key?

Thanks and appreciate any input,

A:Imaging Windows 7 OEM Build


After reading so many posts where the Origianal Poster has no regard or respect for the EULA, it is a pleasure to help you.

Product Key Number - Change

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Hello, when I try to scan a new document in Kodak Imaging, I get an Alert saying: "Disk Full" - That's all. What do I do?

A:Help with Kodak Imaging for Windows 98

What is the size of your hard drive and the amount of free space on it??

You can find this info by double clicking My Computer on the desktop and then right-clicking your 'C Drive' and selecting 'Properties'....

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I have a Stratford Labs Digital Imaging copier GFP-0001 which I used on my old computer w/XP.

When I attempted to load the software from the disc onto my new HP Pavilion laptop dvt61 w/ windows 7, it does not give me any error messages, but it does not function. Will it work with Windows 7???

A:Digital Imaging with Windows 7

Have you tried their support number 888-550-9998 ??
I see mention of a patch for 64bit systems .. Here

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I'm looking to create a disk image of my W8 drive on a separate HD, is there any free software that could do this?
It's currently 45GB so ideally it would compress as well as create an image, i know expecting a lot for free.
Also I'll be installing Linux Mint of the save drive as W8 in order to have something to boot into (for troubleshooting) should W8 go belly up, would the disk image pick up any change in the MBR or does it not work like that?

A:Disk imaging of windows 8

 Easeus has a number of such programs.  I've been using Easeus Todo Backup Free for over 2 years, and it works well for me.
Good luck.

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Hi, I seem to be having a problem setting raid 0 up on Windows 7.

I had raid 0 set up on XP across two identical drives and decided to add a new 500gb drive to set up Windows 7 on - so I could keep XP to revert back to during the transition and image back across to the raid set when I was happy with my new installation - a technique I used when moving from 2000 to XP.

Unfortunately as soon as I set the raid volume back up in the BIOS, windows 7 crashes during the logo screen and the PC resets.

Changing the setup back to standard sata (with drives left plugged in) and Windows 7 works again.

Decided to completly format and remove the raid set and set it up again Loaded Acronis and cloned the 500gb back to the raid set without needing to boot 7 back up. Trying to run the clone off the raid set up causes it to crash at exactly the same place.


To sum up:

Raid on: OS on Sata - non memberdisk 500gb - no boot
Raid on: OS on Raid set - no boot
Raid off: OS on Sata 500gb no problems

Asus P5B Deluxe, 2GB Ram, Intel core 2 duo
Windows 7 Ultimate

Any help with this and I'll get santa to give you some extra presents this year as I know him well.


A:Imaging Windows 7 to raid 0

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I have 2 hard disks:
1st i'll call it H1 and 2nd i'll call it H2
H1 is partitioned into C - E - F
H2 is partitioned into D - G - H - I - J

my OS is installed on D ( Windows 7 ), i want to get rid of H2 coz it has problems, so i wanna image OS from H2 and restore it to H1, when i'm trying to use the integrated imaging in Windows 7 i'm having these problems, first when i'm asked to choose where to save the image, only C - F - G - I - J are available, let's say i chose C, the software auto includes partitions D - E - H in backup even though only D has OS, E and H has only data ( and as u notice they r on different hard disks ).
Norton Ghost is not working, coz every time i try to make image it says i need to run it in some kind of environment.


A:Problem imaging Windows 7

it might be you have windows dependacies on partitions D/E/H such as installed software or My Documents file links etc.

Norton Ghost used to run from DOS from a bootable CD, but that was years ago when it was really good.

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Hello, everybody, I got the utility Kodak Imaging for Windows, I tried to install it, but I couldn't do so, because it gives me a message saying that the file OIDIS400.dll is not found, and due to that it doesn't allow me to open the setup.exe, I Have windows xp. Does anyone knows what it that OIDIS400.dll file? And what can I do to fix it?

Thank you.

A:about Imaging for windows.. .dll error

Howdy and welcome

It would appear that there are quite a few files that are not included in XP that are needed to run Imaging

I got this link from a Google search...


using this "OIDIS400.dll not found"

good luck


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On Windows 7 there's a feature on backup and recovery where you can image the entire drive. Is this imaging similar to the Norton imaging software where the clone is loaded to the external hard drive from the old internal and is then transferred to the new internal drive?

A:[SOLVED] Windows Imaging

Hi have a read here How to Create a System Image in Windows 7 - How-To Geek

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I normally use Acronis to backup an image of my laptop

Is Windows 8's imaging better in anyway?
It would actually be a lot more convenient for me to use!

I religiously reset my laptop every month
(Yes: I've been told off for doing this and told that I am crazy - but heck, I have a machine that is the same speed as it was originally)


A:Acronis vs Windows 8 imaging

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When I try to open (Windows) Imaging, I get a completely blank screen, white in color. This happens every time....rebooting doesnt help. To exit the blank screen I have to use Ctrl/Alt/Del. If I need to reinstall it, can someone please tell me how. I am running Win 98 (not second edition). I should add that Imaging was working fine until recently.

A:Windows Imaging Problem

Well, start with uninstalling and then reinstalling Windows Imaging. Have your W98 CD ready and do this,

Start>Settings>CP>Add/RemovePrograms>WindowsSetup>Accessories. Remove the check mark next to "Imaging" and click on OK and the Apply. Then go back and reselect it to reinstall it.

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Is it possible to use the disk imaging tool for Windows 7 and provided that the hardware platform is exactly the same, use that same image to restore a second machine?

Disk imaging instructions through Windows 7:

A:Windows 7 Disk imaging

Technically or legally?

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Hopefully this is the correct forum.

I have some Fujitsu V535 devices that need to be all set up exactly the same, to save time I wanted to do a manual set-up on one, take a master image and deploy it to the others. The devices came pre-installed with Windows 8.1 Pro (64 Bit). I did the update to Windows 10 Pro and installed all extra updates (including update 1511), I then took a base image using DISM.

The image deploys to the other devices with no issues, windows boots and shows as activated .. however, none of the pre installed windows apps work ie Store, camera etc. upon investigation the problem seems to be that the manifests are invalid for the apps - found this out by running a few powershell commands.

I've tried the 'fix' from this site - Windows 10 apps not working - Download apps folder - All things technical - tips tricks but with no success.

Any help would be gratefully appreciated.


A:Windows Apss Not Working After Imaging.

I then took a base image using DISM

Use Macrium Reflect to capture a System Image - then deploy to the new PC

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How does one image and restore windows 8 on a Nokia phone. Do the 'traditional' imaging programs work ?

A:Windows 8 phone - imaging options ?

Easeus does imaging for Android, which is interesting. They must think it will boost sales ( it is also in the free version ).

Haven't heard anything about w8p or wp8 or whatever it is.

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I am wondering if anyone has had a similar experience. I am doing a Windows 7 migration which is going smoothly for the most part however there are some snags from time to time which i am trying to eliminate. Most of the systems in the enviroment are HP anything from HP 7800 Elite to 8200. The odd system seems to go into a reboot look and it seems like it was ones that had either dual monitors with display port connections, now it can even be DVI with a display dongle at the end. It generally stops after unplugging one of the monitors however I am wondering if anyone knows what the root issue could be just to try and avoid this from happening and delaying the process?


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I am running Windows XP SP2and amusing an HP Scanjet 7400c. I installed a windows imaging component, version, update from Microsoft, now my scanner does not work. The only thing that happens when I click on the icon is an error message on the face of the sanner itself. I tried repairing and then reinstalling the scanner software, but still no good. I cannot uninstall the update.

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I tried to make an image of C: drive onto E: (a partition on the same physical drive) and Windows said the file system on E: is corrupted, would not run. I ran chkdsk /r from a command prompt, it found a few file systems errors during stage 3.
When I tried to run the image after that, it got one step further, seemed like it was starting to run, then said "drive \\?\Volume (a long string of letters and numbers)" has file system corruption. But the question mark there left it up in the air as to what drive it was talking about. I ran chkdsk /r on the C: drive and the system reserved drive, it found no errors.

Rebooted, and then the image would run, even though nothing had been changed.

I had that first error message about the E drive a month or so ago, chkdsk did not help at all. I ended up deleting the E: partition and recreating it in order to allow the image to be created. Any ideas what is going on here?


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Hi ,I installed windows 7 in my notebook 80E502Q8IH, but when i am trying to use webcam using skype or other messanger it is not showing webcam.When i checked it into device manager i found there is no imaging devices menu in the device manager.Also i tried to install camera driver but after installation is completed it was giving "No device available for this driver".. Please tell me how to resolve this issue. Thanks in advance 

A:Installing Windows 7 64 bit but no imaging devices...

Hi there,
Welcome to Lenovo Community!
As I understand that you are facing issue with Camera not working after installing Windows 7
So please follow the following:
>Update USB3.0 driver
>Then you?ll see the Imaging device (Lenovo Easy Camera) installation process will be going in the Windows notification area.
>Once it is done restart & then tries to install Lenovo Camera driver.
For more info you can go through this link which is made available by Lenovo
I hope the above information helps. Please feel free to post in Lenovo Community Forums if you have any further queries!
Tap that Kudos button if I helped.If you find a post helpful and it answers your question, please mark it as an "Accepted Solution"!

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We have a Windows 8.1 image that we deploy to many models. I have added the X1 Tablet driveres to the task sequence and the tablet runs the task sequence and finished, but after reboot, it will only boot to the setup menu. From there I select "Windows Boot Manager" or Select the hard drive, but both do nothing. I have a feeling the hard drive is not being partitioned right but I can see the partitioning happening during the task sequence and I can see the image being applied after that step.Any ideas?

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I set up about 150 new PC's/laptops per year. I have been setting up one new machine when I get a new model in and creating an image to use on other machines of the same model number. Now on new laptops Windows 10 is not activated when I image them with the image I created. Is there a solution to this issue?

A:Imaging new Dell Windows 10 laptops

RCM6403,Each system has to have its own activation key code.With Dell Computers the Key Code is imbedded in the bios. You may want to give Microsoft a call about activation of computers with a custom created image. Windows Product Key Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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I just did Windows 8 system partition imaging and saving it, and immediately restore it to another one. Then I restart that new copy, as it looks just ran normally up to desktop and opened File Explorer, only with 2 exceptions:
. Every user's (as to distinguish to system's) processes always run as administrator
. Homedrive variable ie. drive letter in which User's data resides, which default to be equal to the system drive whatever letter it is, is not such the same. It's just drive letter of default first Windows system installed which is C:
I need both solved to become as normally and exactly the same as Windows 8 normal installation,the first and original source of copy.)
How to solve this kind of "Partition and System Cloning" problems ?
Many thankful in advance

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I just purchased a new 4 terabyte WD external drive and I wanted to back up my computer hard drive.

I have Windows 7 (with latest updates). I went to the control panel to Backup and Restore, and clicked create image. After running for about 10 minutes it came back with an error that said not enough memory to complete the process. I have almost 4 TB of memory and my hard drive is 700 GB.

I tried it 3 times with the same error message.

Any thoughts by anyone?

A:Windows 7 imaging claims out of memory

Welcome to Seven Forums hiltonhead.

The 4TB is not memory, it's storage space, memory refers to your RAM. You may have to many other processes running for the image to work.
In the Start type resmon and click the Memory tab. Post a screen shot of it.

This is the preferred, best way to upload an image to a post.
Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Seven Forums
You may also upload a photo or image as you would a file, without using the Snipping tool.

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Hi - I recently recevied two HP Z240's desktops and I'm having an issue. First of all, it comes with a 2TB HDD so I imaged it our proprietary image using Ghost. After rebooting, it tried to boot the version of Windows 7 that came with the machine.  I hit the boot menu and noticed something called Samsung MZVPV512HDGL.... ( and a bunch of other numbers) , anyway after some research I discovered that its actually a 500 GB storage medium even though it looks like a memory stick so I decided thats where the default OS was stored so I imaged that instead of the HDD.  I rebooted after Ghost completed and it gets the pulsating Windows icon splash screen but it just sits there. The boot options i have all legacy except the DVDRW which is UEFI, not sure if that matters. I tried a windows repair disk but it wont recognize the mouse/keyboard.

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What is the correct field for date taken?

Is it date time original in the exif?

I see numerous date fields which aren't consistent in all photo editing programs.

How do those fields correspond to windows?

I used picasa and changed the date taken field and it does not change the modified date in windows but corel does and also changes the created date even though its the same file.

why is this?

A:Imaging Metadata and Windows Data

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I recently purchased an Asus X202E laptop with Windows 8. I immediately did an update for all important/critical Windows updates, but beyond that, I haven't added or changed anything else.
When I run the "File Recovery for Windows 7" I do not see the ability to create a system image. I'd like to create a system image on a 32Gb USB drive but the option is not there. I've rebooted, and done lots of searching on the internet but, so far, I haven't seen any instances where anyone else has reported this feature to be missing.

I do have access to TrueImage 2013, but I wanted to see how the native imaging product stacked up against it.

Anyone have any ideas?

A:system imaging missing from Windows 8?

You are correct; in that, the inherent Windows System Imaging capability has not been provided with the 8.1 Preview. However, there is a way to use Power Shell to image your PC but I would recommend using Macrium Reflect Free as an alternative:

Macrium Reflect FREE Edition - Information and download

Works like a top on 8.1 Preview! Good luck.

So, does this answer your question and have you been helped today? If so, please mark this thread as solved. Thank you.

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I am wondering if anyone has had a similar experience. I am doing a Windows 7 migration which is going smoothly for the most part however there are some snags from time to time which i am trying to eliminate. Most of the systems in the enviroment are HP anything from HP 7800 Elite to 8200. The odd system seems to go into a reboot look and it seems like it was ones that had either dual monitors with display port connections, now it can even be DVI with a display dongle at the end. It generally stops after unplugging one of the monitors however I am wondering if anyone knows what the root issue could be just to try and avoid this from happening and delaying the process?


A:windows 7 imaging reboot loop

Sounds like the Video drivers need to be installed.

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Hey techies,

I've been trying to image Vista Business Edition using Zen 7.0.

Everytime I image, the new imaged pcs Advanced System Properties shortcuts and other system shortcuts do not work.

I investigated this issue and found that under C:\Windows\System32\, there are duplicates of every system file. My guess is these are duplicated during imaging and the shortcuts do not know which file to open. I'm stumped as how what I can try to resolve the issue. PLEASE HELP> Thanks in advance.


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I am going to update the original post below with some later information, including from some of the posts on the thread.
Last edited: 15 April 2016

Meanwhile, here are some links:

Link to the ADKSetup for build 10240 of the Assessment and Deployment Kit:

Link to Windows ADK for Windows 10, Version 1511:
from this page:
or this one:

Generate a provisioning package (MSDN)

Customize using the Windows Provisioning framework (MSDN)

 My updated thoughts as of July 2015
I'm going to stick with something I said in February :"It will be nice when it's finished!" (And it will be really nice when the documentation is finished ) Things have moved on since February but there are still some flaky things in this area of code and errors or omissions in the current documentation.

However I offer the following thought:

If you want to understand Customisation, Recovery and Deployment in Windows 10, then you need to know about Provisioning Packages.

I'm not saying I fully understand Provisioning Packages yet, but it's clear that a lot has changed in this area and they're the key to understanding the changes.

Provisioning Packages let you save customisations for use by yourself late... Read more

A:ADK 10: Windows Imaging and Configuration Designer

Originally Posted by DavidY

In W10 build 9926, when I didn't set CopyProfile, then the version of Windows created later had a working Start Menu and Search, and included the Firefox software I'd installed, but lost my user customisationsIn W10 build 9926, when I did set CopyProfile, then the version of Windows created later had Firefox, and my user customisations... but no Start Menu or Search.

Regarding ICD, SIM and sysprepping Build 9926, this warning from the beginning of my customization tutorial:

 Build 9926 Known Issues:

Use the Enterprise edition for sysprepping Build 9926, normal Pro edition has a bug and sysprep fails every time (subjective piece of information, based only on my own tests). Free Enterprise download at www.microsoft.com/en-us/evalcenter/evaluate-windows-enterprise-technical-preview?i=1

1.) Build 9926 Pro edition (from Windows Insider) fails the sysprep every time on vm and two thirds of tries on real machine. This seems to be (comical enough!) due Windows Insider app. Checking the error logs there's various errors every time, but always something common:

"Package Microsoft.InsiderHub_1.1.0.400_x64 was installed for a user, but not provisioned for all users".

I tried removing the AppxPackage Microsoft.InsiderHub before sysprepping, did not work. Also trying to install offline, vm not connected to network when installing to avoid installing the Hub in the first place did not he... Read more

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I am going to replace my HDD, I am getting a SMART error ever time I restart my PC. I was thinking of using the disc imaging app in control panel and I have only used Norton ghost but that was a long time ago. I forget if it makes an exact copy so after using it I can just switch the SSD to the master and be good to go.

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Running win7 64 bit.
I had a system crash several days ago. Brought on by my tinkering with a software called 'Virtualbox'. (a virtualization tool from Oracle/solairs)

Afterwards when I booted back up, dialogs came up that eventually lead to a semi system - restore, where windows automatically tries to fix itself by replacing the system files and rolling back to last known working settings.

I didn't notice any problems for a few days other than having quite a few updates (12) to install. Finally windows update reports 'no updates available', so I'm uptoday now.

Today I happened to try to start a tool I haven't used since the crash called 'Basecamp' by Garmin (the gps people).

It would not start and reported an error that I didn't keep but it was something about "Windows Imaging Components" not being available. Foolishly, my first thought was re-install Basecamp, and even foolisher, I uninstalled it first, then downloaded latest version and attempted to install. It would not install, with error
'MSI error: InstallerAlreadyRunning'

Trying to install 'Windows Imaging Components' for win7 64 bit fails with the error:
'Setup cannot find update.inf'
I seem to be screwed all the way round.

I did find one goggle hit that said a certain update was the cause and if you removed that update it would work again.... It was kind of an old message, and when I looked at my list of updates I could see I did not have the one they mentioned.

Googling on all these errors, I ... Read more

A:Windows Imaging Components - MSI errors

Do a System Restore to before you used Virtualbox.

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I posted a thread a couple days ago, which pertained to backup and restore of system images.

I received insightful help from users of this forum, giving me their knowledge of the intricacies of Windows 8.1/Windows 8 and backup software that works well with UEFI and GPT disks.

I just have another question which related to the last thread, then I think I will be able to sleep.

Can you system image a drive that has Win 8.1 (OEM) onto a new SSD, and not have your sheer will destroyed by the OS not being activated after the image has been applied to new SSD?

I would hope that once the image has been applied to the new drive, the magic within Win 8.1 would realise I am using the same motherboard, but it's just a different drive. Infact, I'm keeping the original 2TB drive in the exact same slot, but of course formatting it once I can get the SSD to boot. (I'm installing the SSD into my Acer's expansion SATA 3 bay on the front of the case - hot swappable technology or something)

A:System Imaging Windows 8.1 (OEM product key) to New SSD

You should not have any problem restoring the image to the new SSD as long as it will be running in the same PC then activation is fine.

FYI, The activation info is actually stored in one single hidden folder in: C:\Windows\System32\spp

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I have a question that I'm hoping you can help me with about re-imaging an HP210 net book with Windows x64 pro installed on them. I work for a small school district, and we recently purchased 30 HP 210 net books for use in the classroom. I have an image created in Fog that I would like to bring down to these machines. The problem is that when I boot into ipxe, the machine just keeps restarting and never brings up fog so that I can bring down the image. When we bought the machines, they were setup for Windows 8 pro, and we asked that they be rev'd back to Windows 7 pro. I called HP tech support, and they said that these machines were not meant to have Windows 7 pro on them. Steps that I taken so far is to go into bios and turn on the legacy boot. There are no steps to slow the reboot down, I thought maybe the machine was going into fast boot and that was causing part of the problem. If you have any suggestions, I'd like to hear them, it's frustrating when you can't figure it out!!

Thanks again!!

A:Re-imaging a HP 210 Netbook with Windows 7 Pro x64 edition

Does the bios have a secure boot option ?

It has to be disabled.

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I came from here:
Free Imaging Software vs. Paid Versions

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I Googled enough this forum but could not find such tutorial or how-to.

Many thanks!

A:Tutorial request: Using Windows'built in Imaging

Hello xcr, and welcome to Seven Forums.

Here's one already made: Backup Complete Computer - Create an Image Backup

If you like, we have all our tutorials available to search through at the links below.Tutorials - Windows 7 Help Forums
Windows 7 - Tutorial Index

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Hello today i went an image my os windows 7 pro
i follow that video on this forums .Than i went to restore tha image
to another hdd in a partition .But when i booted from tha
partition i got to the part were it said windows is
preparing your desktop than i got a message saying that
this copy of windows is not genuine.so i rebooted but
it keeps getting stuck there "this copy of windows is not genuine"

I hope some one can help me get this figure out
Thank you for your time

A:Issues imaging windows 7 pro with Macrium Reflect

Hi lil mickey,

It could be macrium didn't fix the o/s drive letter.

The easiest way for you would be to use the paragon free rescue kit - there is a module that lets you change the o/s registy letter.

select normal mode- Boot Corrector -Search for windows installations - correct registry drive letter.

Unless you are a geek, the drive letter next to the win7 volume label should be C.

If it isn't, change it to C.

Rescue Kit Free Edition - CNET Download.com

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My question is: I have two pc that are the same make and model, I am going to fresh install windows 7 and MS Office on each. What I would like to do is make and image of one drive once I have it setup they way I want it and then re-image that drive onto another drive that is the same as the original.

1. What kind of imaging software or drive copy software should I use?
2. What do I do about the serial numbers being the same on each machine for windows 7?
3. What should I do about the serial numbers for each copy of MS office?

I would love not to have to do 2 complete separate drives when I can just make one.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

A:Solved: Windows 7 Imaging Had Drive Question

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Document imaging for windows is not included in Server 2003. I have office 2000. I know it's included in office 2003 but I do not have it. Any suggestions?

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Hello! I was trying to make an image of my pc using windows 7 image backup tool, and using DVDs.

The problem is that i keep getting the message asking me to format the DVD (+R). When i do that it then asks me to lable a dvd and insert it...and then... i am asked to format again..and label ( exactly the same label ), press continue...and format...and label..and so on... so the process gets like stuck in the burning of the first DVD.

The CD-DVD writer is ok.

Help please,
And thanks for your time

A:Windows 7 Home Premium Imaging Issue

Windows back up in my experience is not totally trustworthy, even more so, if using DVD's. Their are many free & paid tools that do it better.

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Is there a freeware program that works like Ancronis True Image or similarly easy to use for even a grandma? Tried to teach elderly but hard... Thanks

A:Another freeware alternative to Acronis Imaging for Windows 10

I use Macrium Reflect Free. It is pretty good.

You could schedule backups so they are made automatically perhaps.

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