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Windows Live Essentials E Mail Add. Groups

Q: Windows Live Essentials E Mail Add. Groups

I was able to get the addresses from XP to Win 7 thanks to this forum. Now a new problem' In XP OE my wife had some E Mail addresses grouped together. They didn't transfer as groups. In live mail how can I set up some mail groups?

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Preferred Solution: Windows Live Essentials E Mail Add. Groups

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


I was able to get the addresses from XP to Win 7 thanks to this forum. Now a new problem' In XP OE my wife had some E Mail addresses grouped together. They didn't transfer as groups. In live mail how can I set up some mail groups?

A:[SOLVED] E Mail address groups in Live Essentials Live mail

WLMail, click on Contacts (bottom left) In the Contacts window, click on Home (top left)
Click on "Category" (new name for "Group")
enter a category name
click on the contacts you want to add
click on "Save"

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Hi. I'm trying to make a group in Windows Live Mail, so I can send an email to a group of people very easily. So what I've done so far is went into Contacts, and made a new group, which I labeled what I want.

Now, I have a .csv file with all the contacts that I want to send to. So I went to import the .csv file, but it imports everything to "All Contacts", the default group. There's too many to add them over one at a time, so is there any way I can just update it using my .csv file (or convert it to some format that this would work)?


Quick edit: Using this guide is what I was following, though it put the contacts into the wrong group.

A:Making groups in Windows Live Mail

That is not exactly how you create a group in WLM.
In WLM, it is called Category, not group. ( don't ask me why they changed the terminology).

Here is how to create a category for distribution mailing list...

Open WLM > look to bottom leftcorner, find and click Contact icon.

Click Category > you are now on a Create a New Category window > type in the category name > select the addresses you want > click Save.
You are done.
A category is created. Next time you want to send mail to the " group '", just type the name of the category you created into the To field, and you are ready to send.


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Hey everyone. I have been on a mission to solve this problem. I've been seeking out and posting on several MS/tech/computer support forums looking for an answer. I've also spent quite a bit of time googling for a solution on my own. So far I have come up empty handed.

My situtaiton and problem is as follows:

I'm working in a small office where we have some computers running Windows Vista and using Windows Mail (version 6.0.6000.16388). We have hundreds of contacts and a couple of contact groups on these computer.

A few months ago we got two new computers which are using Windows XP and Windows Live mail (version 2009, build 14.0.8089.0726). Other computers in the office still have Vista and the other version of Windows Mail.

I have been able to export our hundreds of contacts and import them into Windows Live Mail so the new computers have all of the contacts... however I was unable to find a way to import the groups.

These groups are all very large and consist mostly/entirely out of contacts which don't have individual contact entries.

I have been googling to find a solution to this problem. The closest page I could find was this one:


I was very discouraged when I saw the big red warning near the top of the page:

In Contact Groups from Vista, only the contacts that are also included as normal Contacts will be imported into Windows Live Mail. Contacts that were created fo... Read more

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Is there a way to transfer contacts with groups from one machine with WLM 2011 to another with WLM 2011 ? When I do an export to .cvs all I get are just the contacts.


A:Transfer windows live mail contacts and groups

Quote: Originally Posted by spacekowboy

Is there a way to transfer contacts with groups from one machine with WLM 2011 to another with WLM 2011 ? When I do an export to .cvs all I get are just the contacts.


That is what you get.
Cannot transfer groups. Just contacts. You will have to re-create the groups.
P.S. They call it " category " in WLM 2011, not group.


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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-2100 CPU @ 3.10GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 42 Stepping 7
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 8104 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics, -1988 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 935113 MB, Free - 879756 MB; G: Total - 953867 MB, Free - 384799 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0GDG8Y
Antivirus: PC Cleaner Pro, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Disabled

My Windows Live mail was working fine until about a month ago. I can still send regular emails, but my group contacts will leave out some of the contacts. I thought maybe it happened when I downloaded a critical update from Windows 7. I have deleted Windows Live Mail and redownloaded it. I have renamed my groups and entered the names in the new group and then deleted the old one. I have some groups as large as 50 and some as small as 6 and it happens in all of them. I can't use system restore because there is not a restore point between the time I got a new router and modem and when I started having problems. I have talked to two techs at AT&T, two from iYogi, 2 friends and no one has been able to help me. I have received no error messages. I am not sending spam. I am a volunteer for a non-profit organization and I have to send messages to them periodically. This is driving me crazy. Can anyone please help. Thanks.

A:Problems with sending email to my groups in Windows Live Mail and Windows 7

I also had names dropped when I used groups. The first time I noticed the problem is when I used a goup in the bcc with no other addresses. I received an error saying I must add a name. I started to check the Outbox copy of pending emails and noticed that in some other groups only a few of the names were listed in the To box. I had updated Live a few weeks ago to 2012 Build 16.4.3505.09012 on 2 computers. Both began to have the group problem. I restored one computer and am now running 2011 Build 15.4.3555.0308 and groups work fine. I haven't restored the other computer and was hoping to find a post of a MS fix to the problem. I will probably try to update Live Mail on the 2nd computer if a newer version is available.

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Having so much trouble with this at a loss how to solve it.
Have live mail but it doesn't work. There are so many problems don't know where to start. Basically the problem is that it will not send or receive mail. Every time it is tried get a Logon (server needs this info) window that asks for username (which is, it seems, only partially filled in. Ends at where the @ would appear ) Put down the password but the same logon window keeps reappearing. Don't know if any explanations will help. Need a tech to get into it to see if there is anything wrong but remote access is worrisome.

A:Windows Essentials Live Mail

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Is there anyway I can install the windows Live Mail 2011 Essentials and use CUSTOM option to choose what parts of the program I want to install. And if it is possible and it turns out it does not function the way I expected and want to goback to the standard Live Mail 2011, no Essentials.

Or, is there a way to install all of the 2011 Essentials except the OFFICE 2007 MENU BAR, which I do not really like.

Not sure why Microsoft is telling it's users to use it the way we say or go to some other operating system.

A:Windows Live Mail 2011 essentials

Each component of WLE, can be installed separately. If you want to test a piece of software, make a system restore point, first. You can go back to the way everything was before the install.
You can uninstall the software, too. In my opinion System Restore is a better way to go, you remove everything; even registry pieces usually left behind.

Here is just messenger

Just Live Mail

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Hello, this is hardy81 sometimes I feel a hundred.

I use windows live mail 2011 essentials. During the past month or so I have been getting a random complaint that some people I email to get up to 45 copies of the same message with the same time. I use Cox Cable high speed with the fastest speed they have available. I talked to their teck support and could not help me sayting that if I used Web mail I would not have a problem, however I have allways usind Microsoft email programs without a problem starting with Windows 3.11, long time ago. I use AVG PAID version for antivirus, along with Malware bytes. It does not appear that I have a virus or some other crazy bug. Sometimes I use the mouse pointer to click the send button, sometimes I just click the enter button on the keyboard to send mail. I am aware of the possibilityof the keyboard enter switch bouncing, however the keyboard is new, about three months old, it is the very bright one with large yellow keys and black letters, eys require a high resolution key board.

Does anyone have an idea about what may cause this???

A:Windows Live Mail 2011 essentials

Do you save copies in your Sent folder? How many appear there? (If not, turn on that feature.)

Can you email yourself at another address to see if it happens to you there (or with friends' addresses)?

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Good news-
A short time ago, I got a beta version of WLM which had the ribbon like Office.

Bad news -
A short time after installing it, I fried C: drive, and somehow managed to erase everything on my data drive too - not a good day at all.

Current news -
I cannot remember where I got/find the software. I don't recall if it was a Windows Live Essentials, or just Windows Live Mail. I think I was invited to get it because of past beta experience, but not sure.

Question -
Does anybody know what I am talking about and how I might get it again?

A:Windows Live Mail/Essentials Beta

It hasn't been in beta stage for a while, but Windows Live Mail is part of the Windows Live Essentials.

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Good Morning seven Forums,

I tried to find a forum dedicated to just Windows Live Mail Essentials win 7 Pro, did not find one if it does exist.

My Question: Where in Options for Windows Live Mail Essentials 2011 can I remove the requirement that large emails messages will be divided into 256KB sizes. I checked each option tab and contents in options, Mail and other sections, could not find that options endabled. I want to disable it if possible. I get many emails with large powerpoints that I would like to share with otheres and family. In the cases where messages have been sent divided up never could be re-assembled at the recipient.

A:Windows Live Mail 2011 Essentials, Win 7 Pro

I don't think it's a limit in WLM.
In WLM 2012 I just sent and received an Email with a 2,886 KB .rtf attachment.
No problems and file was received as a single file in Outlook 2010 and WLM 2012.

You may want to check with the ISPs for the sending and receiving.

You can do a Google search for windows live mail file size limit
Here is one thread i found from MS about this.

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16 June was the date MS started migrating Outlook.com accounts to the sync protocol supported by all MS messaging products.

POP3 and IMAP are still supported.

Two of my three Outlook.com accounts have been migrated. The symptom on my machine was that I could not connect to the server - sometimes, this just requires trying to connect again or entering your password in the dialog.

Expecting some transition issues, I tried the above and then visited Outlook.com.
POP was disabled

If you use POP3 in WLM, you'll need to configure POP3 support again in Outlook.com after your account has been updated.
Settings > Options > POP and IMAP

I don't have any WLM acounts that use IMAP. The only thing I see that has changed is the server address, but I don't think that is a required change right now though it might be in the future if MS consolidates all servers to one server.
Port: 993
Encryption method: SSL
The image shows my Outlook.com POP settings, you might not want to allow apps/devices to delete messages. That setting adds a layer of protection - a delete in a client moves the eMail to a special POP folder, you have to visit Outlook.com to actually delete the mail. It's sort of redundant if you configure the client to NOT delete mail on the server, but .....

Note that the server addresses have changed, the previous pop.live.com and smtp.live.com, ports and secure settings still work though.
The one interesting change is on SMTP -... Read more

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I made the mistake of logging into Window Live ID while using windows live mail now I cannot start using the mail program untill I log into Window live ID, how do I get rid of the nag everytime I use mAIL???

A:Windows Live Mail 2011 essentials

Click the small square over top far left. Select Options - Mail. Click the connection tab. "Stop signing in"

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I had Windows Live Mail 2011 and had no problems. Then I upgraded to Windows live mail 2012 and that is when the problems started.
All email comes in fine
All email sends fine as long as you only send out one contact.
The problem lies in trying to send out a group contact.
It does not go. when trying to send you get this error msg : imgur: the simple image sharer
I did not realize this problem until i tried to send out a group contact
In fact I put the program on 3 different machines that were upgrades- same problem
Worse, I put this on 8 client computers who had windows live mail essentials 2011 prior and same problem.
I went to the Micrososft Forum and told them the problem. They have been working with me to come up with a fix. i sent them logs that they asked for. So far I only see on the forum "they are working on it"
This is the forum that i posted to Windows Live Mail Essentials 2012 will not allow group contacts - Microsoft Community

I suggest prior to putting the new version on you backup Windows live mail first
Also this does NOT happend if you are putting the program on for the first time and not doing an upgrade
It does not matter if you sign into Live Mail with a live account or you use your own isp, I have tried both and I still cannot send a group contact.

Once uninstalling 2012 and going back to 2011 (you can still get 2011) the group contacts went just fine

A:There is a bug in Windows Live Mail Essentials 2012 as an upgrade

Thank you robinb9 for the information. Please keep us updated if you can.

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I had Windows Live Mail Essentials 2011
Mail 2011 and had no problems. Then I upgraded to Windows live mail 2012 and
that is when the problems started.
All email comes in fine
All email sends
fine as long as you only send out one contact.
The problem lies in trying to send out a group contact.
It does not go. when trying to send you get this
error msg : imgur: the simple image sharer
I did not realize this problem until i tried to send out a group contact
In fact I put the program on 3 different machines that were upgrades- same problem
Worse, I put this on 8 client computers who
had windows live mail essentials 2011 prior and same problem.
I went to the Micrososft Forum and told them the problem. They have been working with me to
come up with a fix. i sent them logs that they asked for. So far I only see on
the forum "they are working on it"
This is the forum that i posted to Windows Live Mail Essentials 2012 will not allow
group contacts - Microsoft Community

I suggest prior to putting the
new version on you backup Windows live mail first
Also this does NOT happend
if you are putting the program on for the first time and not doing an
It does not matter if you sign into Live Mail with a live account or
you use your own isp, I have tried both and I still cannot send a group

Once uninstalling 2012 and going back to 2011 (you can still get
2011) the group contacts went just fine

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I just downloaded and installed the new Windows Live Essentials Beta, and I have an issue with the new Live Mail -

I have several signatures set up, based on different lists I belong to and places I work. However, the only signature that will display is the "default" signature. I can't insert any of my other signatures like I could with the previous version. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

A:Windows Live Essentials Beta Mail problem...

The only option I see is under Advanced you can assign a different Signature to each Mail Account.


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I have a POP email account set up in Outlook Express on my old computer running XP. I have a new computer running Windows 8 and have set up Windows Essentials Live Mail with that same POP account but it obviously hasn't been able to download all of my old messages that are still in Outlook Express. How can I transfer these messages from Outlook Express to the new computer with Live Mail?

Also, How can I transfer my contacts list from Outlook Express to Live Mail without having to manually create new individual entries for each contact?

A:Export Outlook Express (XP) to Windows Essentials Live Mail (W8)

please follow this link, it should be ok, if not then your best option is to export to outlook and then import from outlook to live mail.



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I realize that this is probably not the most advanced question, so please be patient with a noob.

If I have a list of email addresses in a word document, is there any way of entering them as a group in Live Mail?

For example, if I had people at an event write down their emails addresses if they wanted to be alerted about the next event and I just want to import these addresses directly into a group entitled 'Event Guests', is that feasible?

I don't have associated names or any other information.



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Have been using this program for months now on windows 10 32 bit, and I get an email saying that MS are making changes to Outlook servers and to patch WLM 2012 and a download link.

I applied the patch and now after a few seconds of being open WLM 2012 crashes while updating the calendar.

Anyone know a fix for this? I have taken the patch off by repairing Windows essentials 2012 from the Programs and features dialog, but anyone know why this patch causes WLM to crash after a few seconds?


A:Update for Windows Live Essentials Mail 2012 (KB3093594) kills WLM

Repaired WLM 2012 through Program and features and then re-applied the patch, seems solved now.

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I have downloaded Microsoft essentials 2012 twice and get error message 0X80040705. I only want the windows live mail program not all the other ones included. I left a check mark in only win live mail. Both times I get this error message and it also has
dotnet 40 after the error code. I have this program on my laptop that is dying and want to put it on this laptop. I'd try to just transfer it from the old laptop but not sure just how to do it or if it can be done.

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i was using windows live mail on an hp pavilion dv8 laptop running windows 7 home premium 64bit.
i wanted windows movie maker so i downloaded windows essentials and opted to just download movie maker but it changed windows live mail also. now live mail has a different look (uncustomizable and unnecessarily big ribbons) but the real problem is live mail occassionally crashes (some panels turn black). how can i go back to my old version of windows live mail and still keep windows movie maker?
also need to ensure i dont lose any of my live mail emails, contacts, folders, settings, etc.
thanks for any advice,

A:windows essentials download changed live mail. now it has black panels

Hi todd706, welcome to 7F!

There may have been a Visual Studio Runtime corrupted in Windows Live Mail (WLM) when you installed Windows Movie Maker (WMM).

There is the possibility of a repair, and two ways to do it. You will not have an option to pick, and choose what to repair it will repair every Live program on your machine.

You should strongly consider backing up your contacts, accounts, and messages either though WLM How to Backup Windows Live Mail Accounts, Contacts and Messages or a third-party like KLS Mail Backup - Freeware Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird, Firefox backup

Okay, let's get started!

Option One
Go to: Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Programs and Features, and scroll down to, and right click on Windows Live Essentials. You will have the option to either uninstall/change, click on that pop-up.
You should see a new window open that will allow you to either uninstall or repair Windows Live, click on the Repair Button then continue. It will take approximately two minutes to complete.
When done the repair will ask you to restart your machine, do so after you close the repair window, and any other programs you may have open.

Option Two
If you see Run... Listed when you click on the Start Orb: it is usually at the bottom of the right hand panel. If you do not see Run.. I can tell you how to place it.

Type or copy/paste this CMD into the box to the right of Open:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Live\Installer\wlarp.exeClick o... Read more

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How do I set up use live mail to fetch news groups? I use outlook for emails.

A:live mail to fetch news groups

Hi there ... Read the Link below this should help you achieve this ...

Silver Surfer Guide: Lesson 11: Accessing Newsgroups With Windows Live Mail

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Having upgraded to Windows 8 Pro 64 bit, I have discovered that I have limited control of my options, in Windows Live Mail (Essentials 2012 version)!

Prior to the upgrade, and with the 2011 version of WLM, I was able, through the Options facility to select certain actions, such as:

"Send/Receive on Start up!
Delete messages from the deleted folder on close down!

The Options Tab, which allowed these choices, was on the tool bar, at the top of the window, just below, and just to the left of the Close Window X!

This facility does not appear on the current 2012 version!

I would appreciate any advice on this matter

At the moment, I have to manually select Send/Receive, and manually delete old messages

A:Management of Windows Live Mail - Windows Essentials 2012

Hi Theo, When first installing W8 I noticed the 'Tile' for Windows Live Mail in 'all apps'. Didn't take much notice as don't use Live Mail which in W7 & W8 was an integral part of Messenger. However to use Messenger you had to create a Live Mail/Hotmail a/c.
Well having become more settled with what I need in W8 I thought I'd have a look at the 'Windows Live Mail' and so pinned the tile to Start & Desktop. I just opened it today and found it has the new UI of the Ribbon Type which makes it very flexible and perhaps more attractive to future use by me. I also noticed it had the 'Options' you require, which you will find on the Toolbar when you create a new message. Hope this helps.

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Frustrated with Windows Live Mail 2011. I did not have Windows Auto-Update turned off so I found Live Essentials 2011 and Live Mail 2011 installed one morning. I do not like the new Mail 2011. Every time I open up the program I get a warning to wait until Windows configures Mail program. Can't send photo attachments, asks me to sign in somewhere. I normally don't sign into anything I don't want to. So I installed "Postbox Express Free". To be able to Import contacts, etc, I can't find the location of my Mail Contacts nor do I know what file name is for my Contacts storage file that Windows Live Mail uses. Anyone have the same problems? Any other suggestions for free mail clients? Thanks anyone.

A:Don't Like New Live Essentials or Mail 2011

Check out Thunderbird
Top 12 Free Email Programs for Windows - About Email

Off the record, I do not like WM2011 either. I liked WLM, but not this new version.

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Live Mail from Microsoft Essentials is very particular about which feeds it will and will not take.

More often than not I get the "http://feedxxxxxx: Is Not a Valid Feed" Error/Dialog box.

It seems very strange sometimes as it will accept & reject feeds from the same site, eBay for example.

Here is the last feed I tried that got rejected: "http://torrentz.eu/feedA?q=1080p+Bluray"

Any ideas?


A:Live Mail - MS Essentials - Not a Valid Feed!

Quote: Originally Posted by elbeasto

...Here is the last feed I tried that got rejected: Torrentz - 1080p Bluray...

Worked for me. (I'm using WLM 2009.)

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I have just installed Microsoft Essentials 2010's Mail and Messenger functions and would like to import my Outlook 2010 Calendar entries. So far, I've not found a way to do this. Can someone help me out?

Thank you.

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If I install the update, I lose my complete e-mail address/contact list. If I don't install the update I can't open my Live Mail at all. I miss Outlook Express SO much! I'm a senior and I don't need Live Essentials bells and whistles.

A:Lost e-mail contacts after Live Essentials update

Welcome to the forums JeanieD

Did you come across this page already?: How do I import and export email, contacts, and calendars with Windows Live Mail? - Import Email Messages or Back Up and Restore Windows Live Mail and http://www.emailquestions.com/window...il-2011-a.html

For outlook express, you could take a look at this tutorial: Windows Mail


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Hi All,

My PC runs on Windows 7 OS.
I've installed the Windows Live Essentials but MSN Messenger and Live Mail programs are missing from the Start Menu though the installer stated that these 2 programs are already installed on my pc.

I browsed to the Programs folder but can't locate any folders on MSN Messenger either.
There is a folder for Live Mail though. However, I can't find any .exe file inside that folder which I can use to create a shortcut to my desktop.

Had reinstalled the latest Live Essentials package umpteen times but problem remain unsolved.
Appreciate your help!
Thanks alot!

A:Messenger and Mail still missing after installing Win Live Essentials

Here is something to try.
Right click on your desktop - New - Shortcut
In the location line paste
"C:\Program Files\Windows Live\Mail\wlmail.exe"
with QUOTES!
Then click Next. If it fails - something is wrong.

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I downloaded Windows Live Essentials for the messenger but now I would like to unistall it. I went to Uninstall/Change Programs in my control panel to uninstall it and I noticed a program called Windows Live Mesh activex control for remote connections. What is that for? and can I uninstall that as well? My dilemma here is that I cannot seem to uninstall Windows Live Essentiials. I double clicked on it in the Uninstall/Change Programs list and and was given a window that gave me the options:
1)remove one or more Windows Live Programs
2)Repair all Windows Live Programs

I clicked on the first option but it never let me choose which programs to uninstall. It just quickly flashed a window that said "uninstalling" and then it showed me "Done! Your programs you selected have been uninstalled." I didn't get to select anything to uninstall though. In the end, Windows Live essential is still installed and I can't get rid of it.

Any suggestions guys?

A:Uninstalling Windows Live Essentials and windows live mesh activex control for remote connections

Someone else will have to advise you regarding Windows Live Mesh. I know nothing about that. For Windows Live Essentials: If you cannot remove WLE using add remove programs try Revo Uninstaller. If I remember correctly it will not ask which components you want to remove.Here is how to use Revo Uninstaller: 1) First we download it from here: Revo Uninstaller Free Version. Scroll down the page for the free version download. You can skip this Step if you already have it installed. However, you may need to update it. If you have it installed already, and you need to update it, go ahead and open it up and click the AutoUpdate Icon next to Help. The use of this program makes registry changes based upon what you select for removal from the Registry. Before running Revo Uninstaller please run ERUNT before proceeding to back up your registry in case you make a mistake. 2) Select the Program to remove from the list of programs and click the Uninstall button: 3) After selecting the program you want to remove, and confirming you want to uninstall the program, then you will want to select the Advanced Option: 4) Click Next. This will start the uninstaller for the application you picked. When the uninstaller is done, and it proves to be successful, and a reboot is required, then select NO and continue the below steps. 5) Follow the prompts during the uninstallation of the application. Once it closes you will be at this window: 6) Click Next again. Once the window is do... Read more

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I used to be able to send out emails to groups of contacts (up to 99 in any group) but since the weekend I can't.  I get the Error 452 too many recipients message.  I've been on to my ISP who say there is nothing wrong with the server and they
can't help me.  I haven't changed anything on the computer to make this happen.  I am using Windows Live on Windows 7 OS.  I can't send from the Webmail site either but I get a different message telling me I'm not using a valid email address
- even though it's the one I use all the time and I did check carefully that it was correctly typed.  I can still send individual emails out.

Can anyone help as I need to get messages out to lots of people and can't do it one by one as it would take far too long.

A:Windows Live won't let me send emails to groups of contacts any more

Windows Live Mail is a separate application and is not a part of the Windows 7 Operating System.
You will find the forums for Windows Live Essentials, including Windows Live Mail, @

Windows Live Mail specifically is found @
http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/email-communication-help#email-communication-help=windows-7&v0h=winrttab1&v1h=win8tab1&v2h=win7tab4&v3h=winvistatab1&v4h=winxptab1Please remember to click ?Mark as Answer? on the post that helps you, and to click ?Unmark as Answer? if a marked post does not actually answer your question. This can be beneficial to other community members reading the thread. ?

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Hello all,

Im looking for help on how to export my groups from windows mail on a Vista computer to outlook express on a XP system. I exported my address book but that doesnt include the groups and manually dragging them onto the desktop then bringing it over doesnt work. Thanks in advance for your help!

A:Export Windows Mail Groups

This might helpful to u >>how to export a group contact from Windows Mail

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Using Vista Business, I am unable to discover how to enter a 'Contact Group'. On the Contacts tool bar 'Organize/Views/Slide Show/Burn' shows up, but on my laptop with Vista Home Premium, the Contacts tool bar shows "Organize/View/New Contact/New Contact Group/Import/Export". I have 'rebuilt' Windows Mail by deleting it from 'App Data\Local\Microsoft\Windows Mail\' but I still do not see 'New Contacts or New Contact Group' on the tool bar?????

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Would someone please tell me how to set up a contact group using windows 10 mail. I'm stumped.

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I plan for my app allow register users and later send them updates by mail.
Like will be user count higher, it will be hard to always create mail for all members and don't forget anybody in addition...

I'm using default mail client in Windows 10, so:
Is possible to create mail recipients groups which I can later modify, manage and easy to send mail to all recipients by single sending?
If, how?

Thank you for each help.


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Groups won't transfer from OE on my xp computer to my new vista computer and windows mail.

I used a .csv file to transfer all I could, but everything (3000 contacts) but the Groups made it.

I have a large number of Groups, each with up to 50 emails - but they won't go to WM.

On the xp, I share my address book with Outlook, so can't export as a WAB file

Help !

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I am trying to uninstall Windows Live Essentials. I have tried to uninstall it through the control panel but that doesn't work. Windows live mail crashes every time I try to open an email with an attachment that can only be opened by windows live mail. So I figured that if I could remove the entire suite of windows live essentials and then reinstall it I could fix the problem. Other than using a big hammer I wonder how I can ever remove windows live essentials. Any help would be appreciated.

Tom C.

A:Windows Live Essentials

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Hi i am unable to uninstall my windows live essentials.whenever i uninstall it from the add/remove programs, i get the uninstaller, when i press remove one or more programs, it just skips the selection page, and i am unable to select the programs i want to uninstall and brings me to the completed pop up where it says that the uninstallation is complete. Please advice

A:Windows live essentials

Get yourself RevoUninstaller. One is free the other costs a little. Any one of them is worthy of their name, and they will uninstall right from the roots. Just follow their instructions.

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Has anybody had issues installing Windows Live Essentials?

I've already tried the online version that downloads only the utilities requested, and the full 134MB download version, but only "Writer" and "Silverlight" will install onto Windows 7 BETA x64.

What's up with that?

A:Windows Live Essentials

All installed for me on 32 and 64 bit

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Does anyone know if Microsoft is going to replace Windows Live Essentials as I heard on a cnet message forum administrator that Microsoft will no longer offer that suite or programs?

I used to use Windows Live Writer to blog but I needed more features, especially with uploading a set of pictures to a gallery in a post as if it were being uploaded to WordPress' gallery themselves.

Windows Live Mail and Live Writer have been awesome and since Windows Live Messenger was replaced by Skype, is it possible for Microsoft to replace Live Writer, Live Mail and other Live products?

A:Windows Live Essentials

I heard a while back that MS was dropping the "Live" branding on their products and I think they were re branding a lot of stuff with the "MSN" brand. Time will tell.


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Does anyone know if Windows Live Essentials is a required program for Windows 7? I see it sitting there in my list of programs sucking up about 86.5 MB of space, and I doubt I've even opened it up once. I just wanted to check if it has some important components...


A:Windows Live Essentials

Nope, not "essential". If you go to uninstall it, you will see which programs you can remove, and remove those.

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I received notification that I have a update. It is Windows Live Essentials 2011. I run Vista 64 with service pack 2. I have windows live and apparently a older build that does not allow me to install the new program. The message state I have a older flavor build and the new build will not install over this older build. Suggestions? Remove my current build?

A:Windows Live Essentials.

Originally Posted by avgwarhawk

Remove my current build?


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Please could someone advise me how to get my show webcam feature back on the new messenger?
I really dislike the new features. I have tried using an older messenger, but as everyone will probably know, it forces you to install the newer version when you sign in

Thanks guys

A:Windows Live Essentials

Click your UserName, select Show Menu Bar. On the Menu Bar, select Actions, Video

Take it from there

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hi people I know you guys are pretty damn good and very helpful but i just want to clear some things up with live essentials..

1. I have uninstalled live essential and it has taken out messenger that i use everyday..

2. Is there a standalone messenger version for 2010 or 2011 and where can i download it from. Without the essential package

When thinking about it will i still get that shitty essential package again with a standalone version of msn messenger, reason why i'm saying this is because a friend of mine recently installed msn messenger and he got the essential package and what annoys me is why is microsoft bundling programs together...

thanks guys for any help

A:Windows Live Essentials Help

I THINK that this is a stand alone.
Windows Live Messenger 2011

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I'll tell you what I think shall I? I think that Microsoft doing away with Windows Live Essentials such as mail and messenger is wrong, they are basically trying to FORCE people who HATE skype (such as myself) to use it and outlook and I much prefer Live Mail and Messenger and now that I can't have either, I have no way to communicate with my family and friends except facebook which half of them don't even use and they HATE skype as much as I do! FOR FECK'S SAKE BRING WINDOWS LIVE MAIL AND MESSENGER BACK, MICROSOFT AND STOP FORCING PEOPLE TO DO THINGS YOUR WAY AND LET THEM FECKIN CHOOSE!!!!!!

A:Windows Live Essentials

Windows Live Essentials 2012 is still available and I run it on Windows 10. It has Mail but not Messenger.


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Hello everyone...
Love you, hope you can help me,
I have been using Windows Live Essentials for a long time, until i started to have issues with it (many of them), so i have moved on to alternative software. (For e-mails i use strictly IncrediMail now, happy with it).
One of the issues was with Family Safety app - i installed it, used it, moved on to Norton Parental Control, the problem is every time i removed Family safety from my live account it kept coming back (just like in old horror movies), instead of Jason X i got Family Safety X, how bout Family Safety VS Norton Parental Control for a nice horror flick?
So i had to msconfig and just disable it there 9 not really a solution)
My major issue is that i can not uninstall Windows Live Essentials, and i have tried everything. Could not do it from control panel add remove programs, could not do it with the original install file, there is just no such option.

What should i do, i really want to get rid of it.

Thanks a lot in advance...

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I've tried everything to unistall and reinstall Windows Live Essentials and I mean everything. Is there anyway to do a clean instal?

A:Windows Live Essentials

You can try Microsoft Fixit. Start HERE:Fix problems with programs that can't be installed or uninstalled Click Run Now/RunAfter accepting there will be a very quick scan. When that is finsihed choose Detect problems and let me select the fixes to apply. You will be presented with 2 options: Installing and Uninstalling. Make your choice. Scroll to the list and choose Windows Live Essentials and follow the steps which will guide you through the process. Hopefully this will work.

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