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3D design freeware, but the map able to be stepped into?

Q: 3D design freeware, but the map able to be stepped into?

I'm after making a 3D model of my house, for various design/DIY reasons, in addition to improving my skills, but I was hoping to find some freeware that would allow me to then step inside my virtual home as a human correctly scaled. A decent set of design tools to fairly accurately build my home, with WASD/Mouse move controls to explore the map after etc, would be perfect

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Many Thanks

Preferred Solution: 3D design freeware, but the map able to be stepped into?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: 3D design freeware, but the map able to be stepped into?

Dhakos said:

I'm after making a 3D model of my house, for various design/DIY reasons, in addition to improving my skills, but I was hoping to find some freeware that would allow me to then step inside my virtual home as a human correctly scaled. A decent set of design tools to fairly accurately build my home, with WASD/Mouse move controls to explore the map after etc, would be perfect

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Many Thanks Click to expand...

Not a one, and nary a clue. However, these links might be a place to start your quest: http://www.softpedia.com/ and http://sourceforge.net/

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I have been asked to do some basic 2d and maybe 3d graphic design and have not been involved in that expertise for over ten years and am wondering if someone can save me hours of research and clue me in to a good package that is easy to use and hopefully freeware...

A:good graphic design cad/cam freeware ?


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I clicked on a photo yesterday on a google search results screen when a notice popped up saying that there was a potential virus, initially I thought it was a waring from my Verizon Security Suite, so I clicked on Quarenteen...in hind sight, I think this warning was somthing different.
Now, my computer has a couple processes that are called avgidsagent.exe and avgidsmonitor.exe running on it. I think this is a Trojan virus. I have Verizon Internet Security Suite Running, I have scanned the computer twice but these processes are still running.
I did not get a attach.txt report after running DDS and DDS hung my PC twice trying to get it.

DDS (Ver_10-12-12.02) - NTFSx86
Run by Scot & Lori at 19:54:14.95 on Fri 01/21/2011
Internet Explorer: 7.0.5730.13
Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition 5.1.2600.3.1252.1.1033.18.1022.204 [GMT -8:00]
AV: Verizon Internet Security Suite Anti-Virus *Enabled/Updated* {5B5A3BD7-8573-4672-AEA8-C9BB713B6755}
FW: Verizon Internet Security Suite Firewall *Enabled*
============== Running Processes ===============
F:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost -k DcomLaunch
F:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exe -k netsvcs
F:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exe -k WudfServiceGroup
F:\Program Files\Verizon\Verizon Internet Security Suite\Fws.exe
F:\Program Files\Verizon\Verizon Internet Security Suite\AVG\Identity Protection\agent\Bin\AVGIDSAgent.exe
F:\Program Files\Co... Read more

A:stepped in it ..Again :{


Please do the following:

Download ComboFix from one of the following locations:
Link 1
Link 2

VERY IMPORTANT !!! Save ComboFix.exe to your Desktop

* IMPORTANT - Disable your AntiVirus and AntiSpyware applications, usually via a right click on the System Tray icon. They may otherwise interfere with our tools. If you have difficulty properly disabling your protective programs, refer to this link here Double click on ComboFix.exe & follow the prompts.
As part of it's process, ComboFix will check to see if the Microsoft Windows Recovery Console is installed. With malware infections being as they are today, it's strongly recommended to have this pre-installed on your machine before doing any malware removal. It will allow you to boot up into a special recovery/repair mode that will allow us to more easily help you should your computer have a problem after an attempted removal of malware.
Follow the prompts to allow ComboFix to download and install the Microsoft Windows Recovery Console, and when prompted, agree to the End-User License Agreement to install the Microsoft Windows Recovery Console.
**Please note: If the Microsoft Windows Recovery Console is already installed, ComboFix will continue it's malware removal procedures.

Once the Microsoft Windows Recovery Console is installed using ComboFix, you should see the following message:
Click on Yes, to continue scanning for malware.
When finished, it shall produce a log... Read more

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My cat stepped on ma keyboard and it did something weird, it keep going around on a black screen with a loading simbol and it says windows can't start, I am currently factory resetting it but idk if that is the correct thing. Help major. For windows 10, no message just, there was a problem loadindlg windows, continue startup or see advanced options

A:cat stepped on keyboard now Windows won't load

Hi, and welcome to TSG.

Cimputerhelpme111 said:

I am currently factory resetting it but idk if that is the correct thing. Click to expand...

A less drastic measure may have been a better first choice of action, but it is too late now. Trying to stop a factory reset could cause even bigger problems.

Should you ever find yourself in a similar situation, going into advanced options and seeing if there is a choice to repair Windows might be a better first move.

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Took some security updates, also updated my own security suite (CA Internet Security), now my Firefox browser is using it's default theme. I tried going into the add-ons and telling Firefox to use either PitchDark or MidnightFox (my favorite), no luck. I tried installing them over again, the installation failed. I tried disabling my CA security suite (both firewall and anti-virus modules), still looking at this insipid pale blue screen.
I hope someone can help me discover the glitch..
Thanks in advance,

A:Solved: Firefox stepped out of the lovely dark!

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My APC battery backup UPS needs a new battery, and I'm considering getting a new unit, as mine is approaching 5 years old. I've been reading that standard UPS devices put out a stepped sine wave that can cause issues and possible damage or reduced lifespan with newer Active PFC Power Supplies and LCD monitors. Cyberpower make some that output a "pure sine wave" that is supposed to be better for PFC hardware. Is this really an issue I should be concerned with?

There are 2 UPS units from Cyberpower I'm looking at - 1 has 12 outlets which gives me 2 more than I currently have, which I could definitely use. But it only puts out a standard stepped sine wave. Then there's a similar one with only 10 outlets that outputs a "pure sine wave". Is it worth getting the pure version and losing 2 outlets, or is it not as important as some are saying? I want to do what's best for my equipment of course, especially because I tend to get random power outages for anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes fairly often - enough to warrant owning one of these units.

A:UPS advice - stepped sine wave or pure?

You really don't need to pay that kind of money. A "pure" sine wave is no better or worse then a stepped sine wave. Not to a properly designed power supply. A properly made power supply filters the incoming power and filters the out going power. In either case the power from an APC is cleaner then what is coming from the Mains directly.

So here is my advice. Forget the sine wave nonsense and get what you can afford that gives you the backup time you need.

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I'm just learning about buses and it's my understanding that the system bus combined the data bus, address bus and control bus. According to wikipedia the system bus isn't used any more and the front side bus is popular. I don't really understand, what is a front side bus?

A:What's the difference between the system bus design and front-side bus design?

Google is your friend... really!

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Recently i have had to service a friends computer, i have attempted to add MalwareBytes (one of your forums recommended in stickied thread freeware progs) to help keep it clean, however i have been unable to register a free version, and there no option to just run the free version, it says trial at the top in brackets ~ its things like this that make freeware a bit of a chore.

A:Malware bytes freeware ~ unable to escape trial + just run freeware

When downloading it there is a popup that asks you if you want the trial version or free version. When these types of windows pop up, one must be very careful as what to tick an leave un-ticked. Read them very carefully and throughly.

Now for your question; I would un-install it and re-install it and just go through the process again only slower this time.

Those types of things get by even the best of us at some time or another.

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Im wanting to know a good prgram to build banners, crop images, change background image colors, and create different styles of text with curves and such. Culd someone please tell me what software to purchase. Im just learning so i need something not too hard to understand. I have searched on the net but havent found much. A person made the banner below and i would liek to make something like this. please let me know. I would liek to know how this person did the font or text. and how they did all of the work on it. And what software is required to do this

A:graphic design and logo design

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alright, im designin some webpages and have a full load of apps at my disposal. (gotta love university licensing...they basically bought everything for me...photoshop, imageready, dreamweaver, flash etc...)

im wonderin if anyone knows anything about designing the popup menus for the onMouseOver's on the sites forthe RIAA (bar on the left with home, artists, etc..) or Blizzard Entertainment (bar on the top with 'Games', 'Inside Blizzard' 'Online Support' and 'Store'. i checked out some different designs and i know some of the basics with photoshop, imageready, and dreamweaver, and im learnin tons of stuff, but i personally think that blizzard has one of the most badass menus on the web. when i get my stuff altogether, i'll let u guys check out my page

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What is the best program to build websites with? I used Homestead before but now it cost money to use them. I like the drag and drop options they had and WYSIWYG. Any suggestions for what I could use now that would have those options too? Thanks!

A:Web Design

I actually use a combination of 3 tools. I find that each does its own thing a little better.

1. ACEhtml is a great straight code editor and even if you like prefer a drag and drop it makes it very easy to work with the code. It has a free version so that's even better! It also has extensive help for each tag and its parameters

2. Dreamweaver I use for the most part. I love the dual code/layout views and find more I can do with it every day it seems. Particularly to lay out a site.

3. I use FrontPage on occasion to do little tricks that I've found that are a little easier to accomplish in there. For instance drop collapsible lists.

Anyway mho on the matter

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Q: Design

He yall i need a program (freeware/shareware) that can help me make a logo for a school project. We have to design a building firms logo. still thinking on the name but a program would help.
Thanx in hadvance



Version 3 of Zoner Draw is now freeware. I think it is what you want: http://www.zoner.com/draw3/overview.asp

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Well i already have a web page which i created myself some time ago now.

I have started a new web page which will replace my existing page when it is completed.

This time i am using frontpage to create my new page and photoshop 7.

I'm a total newbie to photoshop, the interface, and how to manipulate images and layers,ect, ect.

So i was wondering if anyone can point me to a online site, where it takes care of complete newbies to photoshop.

I visited Adobe's home page and although there seems to be loads of tutorials i dont seem to be able to find one that starts from scratch.

A:Web design.

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The min, max, close tootips on titlebars render the old XP tooltip background color instead of the new Win 7 design. Bug or by design?

A:Bug or by design?


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Hi folks,

Does anyone know of any good sites that deal with website development and design? I'm looking for CGI scripts, Java Script, GIF's, JPEGS, general info on web design etc.
I don't want much do I?
Any info you guys can give me would be much appreciated.



A:Web Design

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Hi guys,

I'd like to know your thoughts on what's a good web design software. I'm not that in to coding so I'd like one with simple to use, drag and drop capabilities. Also, I'd like to have a lot of templates built in the software. Thanks for any responses.

A:Web Design

Originally Posted by deazy86

Hey you can try Dreamweaver its one of the easy and best software for web designing. Try it out!

Hi deazy86,

I do have dreamweaver CS 4 from the master collection but I find it non-beginner friendly. I'm really a noob (a lazy one at that) when it comes with web design. I'd like something that has a ton of templates.

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does any one know how to make a drop down menu for contents pages? i'm not really sure how to explain it, but when your mouse goes to a part, the menu for that part automatically drops down.

an example of what i'm talking about is at www.microsoft.com - the menu on the top right hand corner is what i'm talking about.

A:web design help

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Assume someone has offered to develop my whole web site except graphics and layout, for my site - at 1/5 the rate a large advertising agency would charge. Assume the developer is elite.

What's the problem!!? I said he was cheap - I didn't say I know him...

So, armed with holes in my web knowledge, and knowing that L.L. Bean's site is different than mine only in scale (mine is 30 pages, 13 products), how do I assess the web developer, and what technologies should I deploy?

Needs: CMS, also I need to make changes myself, the ususal full spectrum of database aps of a large, professional site, and transaction processing.

Have more specs to show upon request.

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is there a document somewhere showing a pragmatic approach to designing a web site? I'm not referring to the back end at all. I mean the public side - how to make an outline of information you want to display, break out the navigation, show how pages link and sequence, etc.

I have the e-commerce guy and he's spec'd the that all out, the graphics designer for the user interface (she isn't technical at all), and the html guy who'll tie it all together. but I don't want a random development effort.

A:web design

You can use a Planning Analysis sheet. It is a outline of how the site it to be set up. You can list out the pages and their linkage. If you have Visio it has a nice charting section for Web pages so you can break it down visually.

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Hi again i am also looking into my first web page what program do you recommend i use (remember it is my first time and have no html know how)


A:web design

If you have zero html knowledge, i'd go with MSFrontpage.

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I'll try to make it brief, but provide some detail. (Excuse any typos)

Current Setup
I have a client that has a Full T1 coming into his corporate office. He has an Adtran NetVanta 3200 T1 router, going to two Netgear JFS524 Switches, servicing Three Dell PE2650 Servers. He currently has a Sonicwall TZ 170 firewall that is not connected. The servers perform a variety of functions: One server is Windows 2003 Web Edition, the other two are 2k3 STandard Edition

1 - Web Server/Cold Fusion
2. SQL Server DNS Secondary
3. Imail/WIndows Media (Future Flash Media Server), DNS secondary

Customer also recently ordered a Business DSL Line

His DNS servers are acting as SOA's for his Internet Domain names. Currently, they are not AD and they are on Public Ip addresses, with no hardware firewall!!

Customer Wants
Not all at once immediately, but over time, the customer would like to host up to 400 websites. He wants to stream live video to the web(possibly 24/7). Inside of his office, some of his associates will be using residential voip boxes to make phone calls. He would like for wireless to be throughout the building, but wants it tied into user accounts and have it so that when you first connect to wireless, you are presented with a Login page(So that if you are not a current associate, you will not be able to log on)

I am trying to prepare a proposal that will introduce redundancy and security into his infrastructure. I am uncertain as to how to model the network, and wha... Read more

A:Need LAN/WAN Design Help

- Do not host the DNS yourself, esp not on Win2K3 boxes. There's no point doing so when you can use outside services such as ZoneEdit (which I highly recommend) which will be *much* cheaper, be more resilient, and be the source of far fewer admin headaches. I don't know what you mean by "not be fast enough". ZoneEdit has plently of systems and network capacity and changes made using their web-interface are near-realtime.

- The metric of "400 websites" is meaningless. If you're hosting 3 or 4 page "brochure"-type vanity websites that might get 100 pageviews a month, then you can easily host 400 on one lightweight server. However, having 400 sites with streaming video is a whole different ballgame.

- Once again, for the streaming video, I would recommend that you outsource. Companies such as Vidiac buy bandwidth in *huge* amounts and are able to get better deals than you can. You also don't have the capital investment for the gear you'll need to do it yourself. A SOHO type of firewall, like a SonicWall isn't going to be suitable. You'd need to look at some of the mid-level firewalls like a Cisco PIX 515 or a Juniper Netscreen, which generally start at $3k and go up. And that's going to be the cheapest hardware investment you'll need to make if you seriously plan to get into streaming video.

- As far as having to enter a password before a user connects to the wifi network, you should look into an inte... Read more

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I have no idea how, but I've been suckered into helping my brother do research for his project for a business class. The things I do for family. Anyway, I can research HTML and Java and the various costs of an e-business start-up, but I have no idea as to what computers are best for actually designing websites.

Any suggestions?

- Liz

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Hello everyone..I'm currently working on a website and I have added a downloadable file...The problem is when I upload this file to my server, it keeps disappearing! I have had this problem before when uploading an exe file, it is a downlaodable program...How do I keep this from disappearing?

Thanks All....Frank

A:Web Design Help

Hi Frank, it would be usefull if you could post the URL to the site. How do you want ppl to dl the .exe? I assume there is a link on an HTML page that when clicked will dl the file. Have you tried zipping the file and then letting ppl dl it like that? When you have uploaded the .exe, does it show up in your directory? Depending on the server, it might take a while for the .exe to show up for download. If it's a free server it could take up to a day, depending on how busy the servers are.
Again, post the URL and we can have a look for you.

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i need to design web site for my work, can any one provide me what is the stpes to handel this?

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intrested in designing my own web ?
but not sure how to go about it and what the best software would be to use?
ive looked on the net but theres so many now im really confussed?

cheers cheza x

A:web design ?

Under Web & Email in the Internet & Networking section is a Web development Forum. You would be better off asking your question there.

There are several choices of software but MY favorite is to write my own code. Liz

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Not sure if this is the correct area to ask here.

Does anyone use 3Ds Max Design and if so/or what video card would you recommend for this program. I have a task to build up a machine and the video is the one thing I am not sure about. There is a list of video cards that have been tested and approved by the manufacturers, which is what i would like to stick to so this machine will be running without issues. I haven't decided if i should go with 32bit or 64bit XP software either so if there is a difference, let me know

A:3Ds Max Design

System Requirements :
Software Requirements
Autodesk® 3ds Max® 2010 software requires one of the following 32-bit or 64-bit operating systems:

Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional (Service Pack 2 or higher)
Microsoft® Windows® Vista (Business, Premium and Ultimate)
Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional x64
Microsoft® Windows® Vista 64 bit (Business, Premium and Ultimate)
3ds Max 2010 software requires the following internet browser:

Microsoft® Internet Explorer® 6 or higher
3ds Max 2010 software requires the following supplemental software:

DirectX® 9.0c* (required), OpenGL® (optional)
*Some features of 3ds Max 2010 are only enabled when used with graphics hardware that supports Shader Model 3.0 (Pixel Shader and Vertex Shader 3.0). Check with your manufacturer to determine if your hardware supports Shader Model 3.0.


At a minimum, 3ds Max 2010 32-bit software requires a system with the following:

Intel Pentium® 4 or higher, AMD Athlon® 64 or higher, or AMD Opteron® processor
1 GB RAM (2 GB recommended)
1 GB swap space (2 GB recommended)
Direct3D 10, Direct3D 9, or OpenGL-capable graphics card, 128 MB
Three-button mouse with mouse driver software
2 GB hard disk space
DVD-ROM drive
Note: Apple® computers based on Intel processors and running Microsoft operating systems are supported using Apple’s Boot Camp. Virtual machine environments are currently not su... Read more

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hi, i am putting up a network for a small resort and i need some advice to my diagram any help would be appreciated, see the attached file, thanks

A:help network design

So what is your question or what do you need advice on?

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i am new with networking.

we have a wired network that i find so slow yet we use gigabit switches.
i am totally unaware of what to do. Please help me.

When i join my company their network was liked this,,
Sorry for the bad layout buts its like:

servers(connected to 1 switch A)
switch(A) ---(connected to another)--> switch(B)---> has 4 switches w/ 10 computers each switch
has 4 switches w/
10 computers each

I want to redesign our network to improve our speed of connection in accessing databases, sharing folder and the use of internet, etc.

Please suggest a better way to improve our network design. How should it be?

Thank You very much in advance.

A:How should i design my network

Your description of you network is still very vague. I assume everything is on the same subnet. What are the switches being used? How are they connected to each other?

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This is not really a problem, just some quick tip/advice I need?

Basically I am trying to create a little web site for work ( using Dreamweaver ) I notice that a lot of websites I see use a background that have repeated images or text ( say at a angle ) displayed, which are sort of "Watermarked" if you see what I mean??

Can anyone just advise how I go about this?
I do have access to Photoshop
( I am thinking more towards using mutiple text in the backgroud, repeated but only just visible.


A:Web Design ( background)

That's the image... no HTML is going to change the appearance of an image to make it blurry or "watermarked" if that is what you are asking.

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I am having a tchnical problem with Photoshop, I have cleared the preferences and still not getting the results we are supposed to get. When using the selection tools (magic wand) and the rectangular marquee tool I move the magicwand tool into the marquee and am getting a clear arrow and small box instead of the wand which has already been selected. Any ideas for solutions? It looks to me like a programming error or an update was not correct.

A:CS3 Design Premium

I believe when using the not so magic wand you use it without the marquee tool having made a selection...

maybe I misunderstood you but it sounds like you are using two tools that should be used separate...

programming error Click to expand...

my guess is operator error... think about it instead of kissing it... as your wonderful nick says...

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Any documentation for ATA Design/Architecture available yet?

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Hi everyone, im designing a hypothetic network, for my Principles of networking class.
The assignment is as follows:

Computer Specs (which ill have no problem with)
Periferal Architecture (No problems there Either)
Topology Employed (Im not sure What kind of network i want to design yet)
Cabling Issues.
Operating Systems. Window$, Unix........
Security and data.

I could do a simple home office network and just roll with a BUS topology, but i would like some input from some of you that have some expierience with this kind of stuff.

I would like to design one for a small games development firm,..... But at the same time i dont want to create extra work for myself.
So if any of you have any good sources of info about the topic i would greatly appreciate it, or if you could advise me as to what kind of network i should go about doing.

The reason id like to do it on a Gaming network is that im familliar with the periferals, as i game myself. So i know the specs of the "testing" machines and the periferals attatched........

I fell its a good idea to do it about something im interested in but is a gaming network too heavy??
Any help is MUCH appreciated.


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Hi All,

I have taught myself ACCESS database designing to a standard which uses VBA programming. I would now like to start earning some money using my skills. I have no formal qualifications, but I am a qualified buyer, stock controller. Can anyone offer any advice of what my next steps should be. I am in the UK.


A:Access Design

Private message sent, Simon.

Good luck!

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I need help finding out the right protocols like TCP/IP used in a star topology LAN design and if could explain why that one is the best protocol.


A:protocols used in your LAN design

I assume this is for a school/work project?

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I create my webpages in photoshop and import to dreamweaver. While making one I created an region (body) that will be editable that is partially overlapped by an unedibable logo. How do I slice it such that the total region below the logo is editable but not the piece of the logo?

A:web design in photoshop

I am going to request to move this thread to Digital photography and imagine section.

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Hey hey. Yeah, so I just finished off my new website, decided I would embed some sound in it for s**ts and giggles. I chose vivaldi's concerto for strings in G minor because it fits with the fantasy style of the site(its for my WO guild).

It took me ages to figure out how to embed the sound so it would work on both IE and NSN so I settled on JAVAscript and it works fine, the problem is its a WAV file, which has turned my tiny little music file into an 18Mb monster! Its so big its making the page impossible to view online because it takes so long to load(im using my ISPs free server so the BW aint huge). Now MP3 is supported in IE 6 but is there a plugin for NSN 7.1 that will let it play MP3s? I mean play as in, there are no controls on the page, the file plays auto when you enter, controls are hidden and loop is set to infinite, but NSN doesnt have MP3 support.

I tried experimenting with MIDIs but it just confused the hell outa me trying to turn my WAV or MP3 files into them.

Basically Im asking for one of 2 things: Does anyone know of a plugin for NSN that will let it play MP3s, or, does anyone know a free, easy to use WAV/MP3 to MIDI file convertor, that isnt going to spew stuff about compiling and tone generators at me. Thanks

edit: wow thanks mods, move my topic to a forum where there are 5 threads and noone has posted for days. If I had wanted to be ignored I would have tried asking in yahoo chat again.

A:Web Design Problem


Originally posted by sebastiontoran

Does anyone know a free, easy to use WAV/MP3 to MIDI file convertor?

*attempts (unsuccessfully) to suppress malicious laughter*

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I would like to try our designing a website. Can anyone recommend a decent free package?


A:Web Design Software

Adobe Dreamweaver. I was using it,great program.
Web design software, HTML editor | Adobe Dreamweaver CS5

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Does anyone know of any good and simple 3d design applications with good graphics, i just wanted to design a landscape. also i don't have 3000 dollars to spend on something like 3ds max, so preferably free if you could think of any. thanks again.

A:3d design application

Google Sketchup has some capabilities that might work.

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Is there a way to change the welcome screen design without logging on with administrator. If so, How?

A:welcome screen design

Have a look at this tutorial
Log On Screen - Change

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I am helping my sons dance teacher with an issue!
He has asked someone to make a website for him on a PC, but being computer illiterate he didnt realise he would not be able to make changes via his MAC laptop. The webiste has been designed using Website X5 v8 evolution. Is there a way I can enable him to access his website via his MAC from his PC??? Or would it better i redesign the webste for MAC as that is his main computer??? Site is a bare structure/ scaffold at this stage and ready only to start...
Any ideas???
I am familiar with frontpage and thought I could just restart the site using that? What are compatability issues with MAC and PC via frontpage??
Thanks all

A:Website design help

There is a forum at W3Schools for specific help about creating Web sites. Go to this site for the Help forum. You will need to register to post.


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Web Design basics
What should I use to design a website (no coding)?
If using Indesign how do I tell a programmer how to convert my images to code?


I have designed a couple of 2-3 page websites before and they both were done in Dreamweaver. I was able to do that since they were not real websites and I had plenty of time to try things out.

I am currently working on a proposal for a redesign of a website. I am able to create all my elements in Indesign. I have some concerns that I already know I should be aware of.

1- Things need to be measured in pixels.
2- Only use web safe fonts ( maybe even web safe colors)

3- Is leading and line spacing measured the same way? Does 24pt leading equal 24 line space?
What other things should I be aware of and need to know?
How does a Web Designer design?
1- What program does one use?
2- How does one show the information to a programmer?
3- etc....?
Whats the difference between mocking up in Illustrator, Photoshop, or Indesign?

I find layout design a lot simpler and easier to do in Indesign. I am new to this and I may be completely wrong. I dont see how designing in either of the 3 programs will make a difference.

A:Web Design basics

Illustrator and Photoshop are image editors of sorts. Illustrator is vector based and Photoshop is pixel based, however they are both used heavily to create professional graphics. If you're looking for something simpler to design websites (and communicate your ideas to a programmer, Dreamweaver is great because you can design and then switch to code view to provide your code/ additional files. For simpler means, try Microsoft Expression Web, but there are many more programs out there. Adobe is first in it's class though for professionalism and interoperability with other Adobe products. They set the standard continually.

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Auburn vs Jacksonville State Live StreamWashington vs Sacramento State Live Stream

A:difference between the two is in the design

look like miniaturized computersWashington vs Sacramento State Live StreamAuburn vs Jacksonville State Live Stream

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I want to create a website which needs same design like this website have. I'm wondering how to find the template like this ?

Do You Want To Try The World's Highest Commercially Rafted Waterfall? - 9GAG.tv

There are many websites offering paid templates/themes but couldn't find the same. Is there any service who design the same which i want ?
Joomla Templates

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i am trying to make those really cool squigely smoke gradient things, but i am having a problem, i have to leave a path OPEN, but despite not saying it is closed, everything inside of it when i click enter is hidden behind it, when i make a squigily, it has to be visible, any ideas?

A:Expression Design 4

Okay. Please don't take this the wrong way, but what? That's entirely too vague. What path are you leaving open, and what does that even mean? What's inside of it, and what's hidden? I need a lot more details since I can help you...

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We have 150 pc's in our orgonisation,

required softwre applications
Ms office
exchange server and internet for certain users

currenly we don't have domain, just we are managing with workgroup and file sharing, because i am completly new in this field so i am anticipating assistance of yours, please give me some idea regarding network planning, backups, antivirus.
i mean to say what all the things i need to configure and install for manging and providing best service for users. please anyone help me as earliest possible

thanks are lot in advance

krupesh N

A:networkplanning design

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This is a little off topic, but I need to link to a site that has frames, buyt only if you go from the main site to the subdirectory... if you go straight to it they don't show up. I was wondering if there was anyway to do it without hosting the site myself... not very professional : (

This isn't actually for me.. it's a work thing : )

A:Any design junkies out there

I'm not sure I understand you. You want to like to page "A". When you go to the main website and click on the link for page "A" you want it in a frame correct? But if you type in say www.domain.com/a.html you don't want a frame?

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