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Media Center 3 messages

Q: Media Center 3 messages

I tried to open Windows medea center today after school, and three error messages poped up, they were as followed, Messenger failure, critical process failure, and component registration failure. I just want my Media Center back : ( please help,

Thanks in advance

Preferred Solution: Media Center 3 messages

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Media Center 3 messages

Try this http://support.microsoft.com/kb/946648

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I just restarted my computer and now get the Windows Media Center Receiver Service error message every 10 seconds no matter whether I report it or not

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I needed to reinstall 8.1 Pro over my OS to fix a damaged Windows file system. The performed procedure fixed my system but removed my Media Center, which was payed for years ago when i upgraded to Win 8.1 Pro w/ Media Center from Win 8.0 Pro w/ Media Center.
I had to purchase it then, even though i already had it prior to the upgrade, and so i do not feel i should have to pay for it once again, especially since i saved the Product Key the second time!

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Hello everyone. So I just got the Xbox 360 COD special edition. I'm checking out all my features on the Xbox. There's an option to somehow connect your computer to your Xbox. The requirement is to go through the Media Center. Well, first time starting up the Media Center on my computer, and I'm not able to get the Media Center to open. I receive an error right on startup of the program. It ends up generating a crash report, and closes. I've take 2 screenshots of the error. The first screenshot is of the first error that comes up upon opening the Media Center. The second screenshot is of another error I get when I choose to cancel instead of clicking ok on the first error. I thought getting the most information to you guys would be the best.

I run Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition Version 2005 Service Pack 3.

Looking forward to your suggestions. Thanks a lot

A:Windows Media Center Edition Error - Attempting to open Media Center

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The Media Center Solitaire PowerToy for Windows XP Media Center Edition enables you to play Solitaire on your Media Center PC from anywhere in the room using the remote control.

Note: We've taken great care to ensure that PowerToys operate as they should, but they are not part of Windows XP Media Center Edition and are not supported by Microsoft. For this reason, Microsoft Technical Support is unable to answer questions about PowerToys. These PowerToys are for Windows XP Media Center Edition only.
System Requirements
Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP

Windows XP Media Center Edition



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Compared with some I've read, my issue may seem trivial, but, whenever I use Windows Media Center to play music, and click to activate the Visualizations, a gray box attaches itself to the bottom of the screen, with the album title inside.

There is no visualization playing. I can see the albums when looking at the library, and everything else seems to work ok, but this is annoying.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

A:media center visualizations don't play in Media Center

Hi GraphicsGuy, An annoying issue is still an annoying issue. Have you tried turning the visualizations on in:Tasks>Settings>Music>Visualizations ?

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Hello, I bought a new HP TouchSmart IQ506 today and have been trying to get windows media player to play ogg files. I tried the xiph.org ogg for both 32 and 64 bit and neither of them worked. I also tried the latest ffdshow tryouts and the normal ffdshow package. WIndows media player will not import them into the library and it won't play them if I try to open them individually. Also, the TouchSmart software won't recognize them either and has no manual way to add music files as far as I know. You can either choose the "TouchSmart library" option or the "iTunes library" option. I installed all of those filters by being under an admin account, right clicking on the installer and choosing the "run as adminastrator" option. What is going on, has Microsoft blocked use of the codecs with the latest updates or something or is this all an issue with 64 bit? Thank you.

A:Media playback in Vista 64 bit media center editon; I am using an HP TouchSmart IQ506

Are you sure that ffdshow contains a decoder for Vorbis .ogg files. WMP by default only contains codecs for windows media files.

I would try K-lite codecs or Vobis codecs from here: http://www.free-codecs.com/Vorbis_Ogg_ACM_download.htm

You might also try vlc media player from here: http://www.videolan.org/vlc/. It has bult-in codecs for just about everything unlike WMP.

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Finally, XBMC Media Move 3.0 has been released!

XBMC Media Move is a real-time tool designed to complete a Media Center setup by filling the gap between softwares like uTorrent and XBMC Media Center by dispatching media files (video/music/photo/etc...) automatically upon arrival.

Some of the features:
- Advanced file recognition
- Real time file monitoring
- IMDB information extraction (via NFO File)
- Backup Bin
- Advanced archive extraction support
- Copy file / Move file / Command (DOS & Softwares) support
- Setup Assistant
- Advanced file auto renaming
- Tasks concept and ordering
- Available in 7 languages: English, French, German, Dutch, Chinese, Swedish and Italian

It can also be used with softwares/sources like:
- Download Managers: GetRight, eMule, Napster, jDownloader, etc?
- Media Center: MediaPortal, Windows Media Center, MCE, PLEX, JRiver Media Center, etc?
- Sources: Flash drives, network drives, CD, DVD, share services, etc...

Try it out, it's light and free!

Here?s a screenshot of what you media center is missing.

More information on Xbmc Media Move Website

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OKAY. I have a Surface Pro with 128 GB storage so I want to conserve space by using my 64 GB micro SDXC card which is seen as a removeable drive. It is so small and sticks into the pro to where you can't see it. It does not stick out so I just leave it in there all the time. How would I get Media Center to see that as part of my Media Library?

A:Media Center to see micro SDXC as part of Media Library?

Originally Posted by Papa47

OKAY. I have a Surface Pro with 128 GB storage so I want to conserve space by using my 64 GB micro SDXC card which is seen as a removeable drive. It is so small and sticks into the pro to where you can't see it. It does not stick out so I just leave it in there all the time. How would I get Media Center to see that as part of my Media Library?

You can add Video folders on the micro SDXC to your Video's Library in Windows 8.

Then when you set up Media Center browse to the Library where the video files reside and you will then be able to play all of the video files which reside in your Video's Library from Media Center.

Shawn's tutorial on adding folders or drives to the Library's should be helpful.

Library - Add a Folder to in Windows 8

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I have a couple of problems that I've been beating my head against the past week or so and while at least on the Media Center problem it seems I've gained a tiny bit of headway, I haven't found anything on the embedded video problem. I'm very proficient with computers and fixing issues, I do so for a living and have for years, so I'm no dummy but these 2 issues are being incredibly difficult, and I'm sure with it being a new OS isn't helping matters much either. Lets start with my setup:

Core2Duo e6600
eVGA 8800GTS 320MB
Vista Ultimate 64 bit
All the latest and greatest patches and drivers

Problem #1 - Media Center - Used to be when I fired up Media Center, and went to Library Setup, it would crash the Media Center program saying "Media Center has quit working and will close now" or something similar and that was it. I was also having an issue with Windows Media Player 11 also crashing but right upon firing it up, and also H264 video files in Media Player Classic running too fast. However, after messing around with different ways and versions of K-Lite Codec Pack and FFDShow I finally got it to where all my videos now work great in Media Player Classic, and Windows Media Player 11 now doesn't crash, and Media Center no longer dies with an error, but now instead when I go to Add Library or try to play a sample video, it comes up with some error about my video software not being installed correctly and to try reinstalling Media Center if possibl... Read more

A:Media Center & Embedded Media Player Broke

I have the some problem! I've been googling for a long time and...nothing!

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Using Shark007 codecs, SPDIF with passthrough. Windows 7 Media Center's speaker configuration has been set to 5.1 but I only get 2 channel PCM and no DTS and no Dolby 5.1.
When using Windows Media Player the surround sound works just fine.
Any clues?

A:No surround in media center but works in media player

I unistalled the version of Shark007 and installed a previous release and now the surround sound works again

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I've been trying to track down why this happens for a awhile now...

I have my "main" Vista x64 PC that has all my media. I then have a Vista x32 PC that's hooked up to my TV and I use Vista Media Center on that one to access all my shared media on from the x64 PC. This is all done over my wireless "G" network. The router and x32 Vista MCE are only about 20ft away from each other and signal strength is maxed out all the time.

When I'm watching videos, VistaMCE with pause randomly.... the picture will freeze and the sound will stop. This lasts from one second to 15 seconds or more... when it kicks back in... the sound will pick up where it left off, but the video will "fast forward" until it reaches the point it should have been at had it not paused... the video then goes slow-motion until the audio catches up again. This is very annoying.

VistaMCE menus also do this.... the menus will pause and if I keep pressing buttons when the menus start working again all the button presses will be used in fast forward.

I can fix this by reformatting my VistaMCE x32 PC and reinstalling... but the fix only lasts for about a week before it starts up again. I've tried reformatting my main X64 PC before and this doesn't fix the problem at all... and I've also tried changing wireless channels and done other network troubleshooting and everything points to the VistaMCE PC having the issues.

It almost seems like a cache issue, as if the PC caches a small am... Read more

A:Vista Media Center, Media pauses randomly...

it sounds like the usual graphics driver bug - I get random slow downs where the frame rate drops and the sound stutters so it sounds like a similar problem. I would try updating your drivers.

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I installed Windows 8, and now avi files look like poo when played through Windows Media Center on my PC or X-box. The same .avi file looks great when Windows Media Player is used though.... I was using Windows 7 before the "upgrade" and Media Center worked just fine on my PC and X-box.
Example of what I'm talking about:

What the video looks like with Media Center:
Same file using Media Player:
Does anyone have a clue why the same damned file looks so different between two Windows programs.....and how I can fix this? We preferred using Media Center on the X-box before this "upgrade"...

A:Windows Media Player vs Media Center avi issues

I use media player classic home cinema x64. I never experience crap like that.

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I have Vista Home Premium and am trying to run "TVersity Media Server" to share videos to my XBOX 360. From the help screens for the application, I noticed that Windows Media Sharing must be disabled, or the 360 will not see TVersity server at all. I have Windows Media Center (included with Vista Premium). I believe I have found the option to disable sharing in "Network and Sharing Center". However, the "CHANGE" button doesn't do anything! I can click it, but it doesn't do anything! Any ideas? This is pretty much a clean install of Vista. Thanks!

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Help. I have a HP media center computer. I have never used Media player and rarely use the Media Center software. Until yesterday when I tried to set up media player for my preshcooler to watch some video that I have on my HDD. Media Center view is very confusing for a kid so I thought I would use the Media Player and set up a library. Well nothing works. The darn thing will play a dvd in the dvd drive, but it won't play any video thats on the hdd including downloaded itunes video. Life in my house is becoming more unpleasent by the moment, because mommy can't fix Jake Long the American Dragon. AHHHH, I want to be able to configure Media Center or Media Player to show info on a video, ie rating, genre, thumbnail of cover, that type of thing. I would like to set it up to be as easy as possible to use, point and clink. So my little girl can get to her stuff visually. I spent hours on the phone with HP and they said I needed a file converter. Well I tried that and I'm only making a mess of things. There has got to be a way. I have to be doing something simple wrong. I did the search and it seemed to find the files but didn't add any of them. This is really driving me nuts. I can't believe that I would have to convert itunes files to play in the media center. Not to mention every other file type I have. Which I have no idea. It seems most are *.VOB but this thing won't add any of my video files, not home recorded dvd stuff, not itunes, not backup dvds. Please tell me what I'm do... Read more

A:windows media center and media player

I am a mature adult, have been messing with computers for about 10 years and I find Windows Media Player to be a complex pile of dookie. So it's no surprise that the preschooler is perplexed.

The freeware alternative I use Media Player Classic, which is much simpler and does a fine job of doing both video and audio.

Download here

Also, download & install the Klite Video Codec Pack, which will allow you to run DivX, Xvid and any other video format you might want.


Please update this thread on how well/if this works for you.

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how do i add more channels?
i've only 7 in my media center showcase
(i do not use tv tuner card )
adding content to the Online Media media center online media vista?

A:add content to Online Media media center?

are you referring to internet tv? if so, i believe those channels are updated by microsoft.

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I just downloaded WMP 11 in order to be able to stream media to my new XBox, and when I go to Library -> Media Sharing, it says I do not have sufficient privileges in order to share media.

Any ideas? I'm sole admin on this computer, an avid ITunes user. My comp still had WMP9 on it when I got the XBox, I don't know much about the upgraded version.


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Hey all,

I'm new to vista and i'm just wondering...just media center require media player to work? If not is it possible to remove wmp11? On that note, is it also possible to remove IE7? As I am a devoted Firefox user

A:Does Media Center need Media Player to work?

You do not need media player to use media centre as they are two slightly different applications, you do not have to use either and can in fact download any other player or only use media centre. You can remove wmp11 but once again you can just disable it.

You do not have to remove IE7, set Firefox as your default browser and forget about it.

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I upgraded my cpu recently to a Q9400 Quad core cpu on a EVGA i680 SLI motherboard. I have Vista Ultimate x64 running on it with 2 TV tuners from ATI the ATI TV Wonder 600 and an internal digital card. Everything worked fine prior to the cpu upgrade. After the cpu upgrade (and firmware update to the motherboard). The Media Center crashes and does not recognize the TV tuners (although they apparently installed with no issues) and the Media Player also crashes if I try to do or play anything in it once opened. I have provided the following problem reports for the different crashes that i have seen. (FYI - I also have been running iTunes prior and after the crashes with no issues):

Windows Media Player
Problem signature
Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
Application Name: wmplayer.exe
Application Version: 11.0.6002.18111
Application Timestamp: 4aa91411
Fault Module Name: kernel32.dll
Fault Module Version: 6.0.6002.18005
Fault Module Timestamp: 49e038c0
Exception Code: 0000046b
Exception Offset: 0001e124
OS Version: 6.0.6002.
Locale ID: 1033
Additional Information 1: fd00
Additional Information 2: ea6f5fe8924aaa756324d57f87834160
Additional Information 3: fd00
Additional Information 4: ea6f5fe8924aaa756324d57f87834160

Extra information about the problem
Bucket ID: 1530035997
Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service
Problem signature
Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
Application Name: wmpnetwk.exe
... Read more

A:New CPU and Media Center and Media Player not working

Did you upgrade directly from a dual or single core?

Here's what it sounds like to me... I have experienced the same issue upgrading my dual core 5000+ to a Phenom 9650 recently. The main thing that is happening is that since you have upgraded from a dual core to a quad core, you've effectively added another processor to the system. Windows Media Center and Media Player both use certain codecs to de-code the video stream. By DEFAULT the codecs are designed to run basically very efficiently with 50% of the activity on each core, assuming you had a dual-core CPU. Now, swapping this to a Quad-Core confuses the application because it is still trying to allocate 50% of the activity to each core of the processor, but it cannot do so as there are now FOUR cores instead of TWO. So generally, I recommend you reinstall all of your codecs ( This solved the problem for me ) and download the latest Windows Updates. Now, since you also have more power going to your new Quad-Core, you may also want to do a capacitor reset. ( Unplug power-cable and press/hold power button down for 1 minute and 30 seconds ) and then reboot the system and let it power back up as normal. If this doesn't resolve your issue, unfortunatley the only thing left to do is to backup your data and do a Full Format/Reinstallation of Windows

-Good luck..

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I am using kis 2009 on Windows 7 but I have one message and I am not sure what's the meaning....The message is on picture...so if someone have this problem please report it....

A:Windows Action Center messages

Hi Jeremic, welcome to the forums.

I had the same issue with KIS & NIS so i just changed to Avast! You might want to look Here for an insight to what people are using.

Hope this helps


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During my bluetooth nightmare i have had 4 messages pop up telling me something isnt working right. these bloody messages are stuck on my screen and i cant get rid of them. Its the white box with the open action center link at the bottom.
Of course a re boot works but thats just stupid, i should be able to dismiss the pop ups. As it is windows cant fix it so its cath 22.
Anyone know what the process is i can kill? End task doesn't work.



A:How to kill the Action center messages

Right click on the little flag in the system tray (lower right), click on "open action center", click on "change action center settings in the left of the window that pops up, uncheck the boxes of the subjects you no longer wish to be notified about. Click apply or OK and that should do it.


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Hello, another issue that I wasn't expecting , after running TFC by Old Timer and clearing my cache in safe mode I got the below messages when I checked action center in regular mode .

My automatic updating for windows update also changed from automatic to (will check with you first before downloading)

Kaspersky says all is well and it's updated so I don't know what's happening , action center is the only thing saying there's issues. Computer scans with various on demand scanners comes up clean.

Any ideas

Thank you everyone

A:Action center messages/crazy

If action center is not finding your antivirus (Kaspersky) that is an issue. That vendor fully supports integration with action center. This can possibly be an indication of malware or a corrupt installation of Kaspersky . Did this problem suddenly appear?

A year after windows 7 launched, all antivirus vendors were required to add code so that action center can recognize their product. This way the user is alerted if something is amiss.

Of course if you own your own backup utility you can turn messages off for windows backup.

Windows update settings, did you change them to download and I'll choose when to install them?

If you did not change this setting, and originally action center reported all was well (Meaning it was automatic before) there is an issue.

Windows defender is not concerning, it is pretty much as useless as Microsoft security essentials.

However, if you use internet explorer as your primary browser, I recommend having it enabled and up to date due to the integration for protected mode and smartscreen filter.

As for the virus protection notice, I would try a repair or reinstall of your antivirus product.

Something just does not seem right to me here.....

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We have a Dell XPS 420 which was upgraded to Windows 7 about 4 months ago. We use Norton 360 Version:, Windows Defender and Spybot programs which worked file for months.

Today we are getting multiple action center messages - see attached - stating we have multiple anti-virus and firewalls that are not on. When I open Norton the top screen shows everything is protected. In the action center, I try turning on Norton or spybot and the firewall but nothing happens.

Any recommendations?

Thank you,

A:Inaccurate Action Center messages?

Might be best to post a screenshot as opposed to an attachment - which I will not open.

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I have windows security center message popping up every 10 seconds. They tell me i have malware on my computer. Some say my system may crash and to run virus scan. I have AVG. Windows stops working if I install service pack 2. Cant install norton antivirus. I have tried running several malware apps. They always find trojans. This is getting painful , I'm having trouble typing this because these windows keep popping up. Have tried Superantispyware, Trojan remover, Smitfraudfix , Malwarebytes Antimalware. Need some help as what to do. Thanks

Mod Edit~ Moved from Windows Xp Home and Professional forum to AII ~ Pandy

A:Windows Security Center Messages

A Moderator will move this topic to a forum where you can receive the proper help.

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I upgraded windows 8 to 8.1 today. It was a total nightmare at first but turns out it installed wrong intel drivers - which turned my laptop into a potato until I uninstalled them manually.

Anyways, I turned off smartscreen, uac and many other disturbances yet even though I turned off all the messages about smartscreen and windows update in the action center, I still get the "solve pc issues" notifications and they just won't go away unless I turn on smartscreen and change windows update settings to auto update (which I don't really like - I have a limited internet connection)

I am so annoyed by this. Is there no way to turn off these messages about smartscreen and windows update completely?

added a screenshot to explain the situation visually:

A:no matter what I do action center messages won't go away

Hi stannis and welcome to Eight Forums ,
If it doesnt want to go away then you can hide the icon if it is annoying you because that looks a registry problem or you are not the administrator. to hide the icon and notifications:

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Hi folks , it seems everyday now at some point action center is giving me a "turn on Kaspersky" and "view windows update settings" and i don't know why. My AV is always up to date and on so somethings wrong.

With the windows update , it changes itself from auto update to check with you first even though i set it to auto update

The computer is definitely clean as even brand new reinstalls show this message , error codes indicate there is something wrong with messages being received with the computer as i get repeated error messages saying diagnostics can't read data , and windows failed to diagnose the problem and so on.

Any ideas

A:Periodic messages from action center saying turn on AV and WU.

Where did you get the Win7 installation media for your reinstalls? Use only the official ISO for your licensed version, stick with the tools and methods in Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7 (same for retail) which compiles what works best in Win7 since beta.

You may have a program, update or something else you're installing or setting that corrupts a fresh install, so I'd do a diagnostic install in which I wipe the HD with Disk - Clean and Clean All with Diskpart Command then install the OS, get online to enable Device Installation Settings then run all Important and Optional Updates, with requested reboots, until no more are offered. Then test performance.

Set up your browser and again test performance.

Now install programs one at a time with restore points set for each. Test performance after each.

Post back as you go and clear any tweaks with us first as those you may assume are good might not be. Nine times out of ten with these types of problems its some tweaking suite or reg change that "always worked in XP" which doesn't in Win7.

If you'd rather try tracing the problem before doing the diagnostic reinstall, work through the Troubleshooting Steps for Windows 7 reporting back as you go.

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I'm having trouble with incorrect Action Center messages (Windows 7 64 bit).

The messages tell me that my anti virus program (AVG) and Windows Defender are switched off. If I go to the Action Center and switch them on by clicking on the Turn On Now button, the programs run (well AVG does, Windows Defender opens Adobe Version Cue CS4's client folder??). Both programs are still turned off according to Action Center. AVG reports that the computer is fully protected.

A re-boot seems to fix it, but then a few minutes later the Action Center notifications appear again. How can I get these annoying messages sorted so that only correct information is displayed?

I suspect the problem may have something to do with my removing Norton 360. My PC is a new HP Pavilion and came with Norton 360. I wanted to use Kaspersky which I had on my previous machine. So I installed it - but Norton 360 had to be uninstalled before I could do that. Of course I get to entering my licence code for Kaspersky and am told the code is already in use. Typical. So I ordered a new Kaspersky and installed AVG Free until that arrives. Hope that makes sense.

Thanks in advance.

Big Al

A:Solved: Incorrect Action Center Messages

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I'm trying to disable the Action Center messages for all users on Windows 7. I've configured a machine the way I want it, including disabling all Security and Maintenance messages under the Administrator account.

I then run sysprep using an answer file created with WAIK with the setting CopyProfile=True which copies the Adminstrator's profile onto the Default profile.

Works well for the most part except the disabling of action center messages. After sysprep and upon logon to the Adminstrator account (autologon configured in answer file), all the messages are ticked again. Same for a new user who logs on later.

I've tried unticking all the messages, then exported the HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Action Center\Checks, edited it to HK_USERS\.Default\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Action Center\Checks but it didn't work.

Is there any way to untick all the messages for all users? I've already configured Local Group Policy to remove the Action Center Icon. I'm not too sure if this will also prevent messages from coming up though.

Any suggestions to point me in the right direction will be much appreciated.


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Hi everyone,
after the update to 1.5 some gateways wanted o restart and some not. Why is this happening, i think all servers should restart or not?
I've checked all services and data. I noticed that all "Health Center" Messages are gone....were they deleted in the update process or are the only not displayed?

Regards and a happy new year ;)

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Whenever I log in to my computer I receive several error messages about run.dll:
Error Loading C:\WINDOWS\xccdf16_0901319
Error Loading C:\WINDOWS\system32\guhiziho.dll
Error Loading C:\WINDOWS\system32\tuhuduta.dll
Error Loading C:\WINDOWS\system32\nevigapi.dll

Furthermore my Mcafee Security Center tells me that my computer is protected and when I click the fix button it says one or more problems can not be fixed. And despite the fact that I use firefox I get Internet Explorer pop-ups while on the web.

I have run Super Anti-Spyware complete scan multiple times and each time it has deleted plenty of files but never the ones causing these problems.

Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

A:Several error loading Run.dll messages pop up upon log in, mcafee security center not working

Hello,first I will be moving this to the AM I Infected from the XP forum as you still have malware.A "Cannot find...", "Could not run...", "Error loading... or "specific module could not be found" message is usually related to malware that was set to run at startup but has been deleted. Windows is trying to load this file but cannot locate it since the file was mostly likely removed during an anti-virus or anti-malware scan. However, an associated orphaned registry entry remains and is telling Windows to load the file when you boot up. Since the file no longer exists, Windows will display an error message. You need to remove this registry entry so Windows stops searching for the file when it loads. To resolve this, download Autoruns, search for the related entry and then delete it.Create a new folder on your hard drive called AutoRuns (C:\AutoRuns) and extract (unzip) the file there. (click HERE if you're not sure how to do this.)Open the folder and double-click on autoruns.exe to launch it.Please be patient as it scans and populates the entries.When done scanning, it will say Ready at the bottom.Scroll through the list and look for a startup entry related to the file(s) in the error message.Right-click on the entry and choose delete.Reboot your computer and see if the startup error returns.Please download ATF Cleaner by Atribune & save it to your desktop.Double-click ATF-Cleaner.exe to run the program.Under Main "Select Files to Delete" choose: Select All.Click the Empty... Read more

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Ok, I've been watching a lot of DVDs in my computer lately, and I when it pops up and says what program I want to use to run the disc, I always uncheck "always use this" and then select the program. Well, I accidentally hit enter right when the message popped up, so now it always runs my movies with the Windows Media Center. How do I cancel that, or at least change it? I run my movies in Windows Media Player instead of Center. How do I fix this?


A:Uses Media Center Instead of Media Player

hi go to start control panel auto play and change it there on vista

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I really like my Media Center program that I use in my entertainment center in the family room. I want to enable another computer in my network running XP to be able to record shows. I could always buy a MCE upgrade, but I don't know if it is worth the price. I have been researching other multi-media managers and came across Media Portal. It seems to have similar capabilities. It is also an open source software and it is free. Does anyone have opinions on this program. I have downloaded the program just to test-drive it a bit. I would still need to install a tv tuner card to accomplish what I want regardless of the software I choose. One interesting point with Media Portal is that they are close to releasing an update that would allow you to handle two tv signals with a single tuner. Very interesting I think.

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I have some problems to sort the music files in the library. If there is an album with more than one disc, the sorting is like that: 1 - track 1 CD1 1 - track 1 CD2 2 - track 2 CD1 2 - track 2 CD2 etc... I would like more logical sorting like this: 1 - track 1 CD1 2 - track 2 CD1 etc... 1 - track 1 CD2 2 - track 2 CD2 etc... Do you see what I mean ? It seems that WMP/WMC doesn't sort using the "disc number" tag of the file (as it should be). Is there any way to sort it fine without creating 2 different albums for a 2 disc album ? Thank you.

A:Windows media player 12 / Windows Media Center - Multiple-Cds Albums sorting in library

The strange "subtitle" answer above is not really a valid notion given the lack of persistence.  When you step back, you see as koawmfot noted that this is really about the use of the "Set" field.  WMP does not and will not use the Set field to sort.  Instead it uses Album title as Shark noted.So the correct answer here would be to use the Album title field as the descriptive identifier.  If you really don't want to do this, you can use the track number such as by setting t1d1 to be 0101, t1d2 to be 0201, and so forth.  So those are the viable solutions, really.The problem with "Set" is that it doesn't fit well within the Explorer namespace / folder views.  This is consistent with the player storing one album in one folder, as opposed to dumping everything to one common folder - where you may have issues with filename collisions depending upon your naming scheme.As such it is not supported and is unlikely to be supported, sorry.

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Hey gang,

I cannot make a working copy of my Windows Media Center Version 2005 w/Update Rollup 2. This is an orange dvd for a Dell computer.

When I attempt to copy the disk I get reading errors on the copy during validation of the data. I have tried this twice using Nero Express.

Does anyone know why? How can I make a working copy so I can put my original away for safekeeping?

A:Xp Media Center

My guess is that this disk is write protected. I cannot find confirmation anywhere regarding this, however. I have had no issues with making copies of XP disks before, just this one. Hmmmmm.

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Start screen no longer lists TV, DVD, or Video. How do I get them back?

A:Media Center 95

Hi and welcome to TSF Microsoft Fix it Solution Center: troubleshooting software issues

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attempting to restore my computer to a previous high lighted date and it goes through all the motions (restoring files,shut down ,reboot) and then it says your computer was not restored, try another date. no changes have been made to your system. no matter what date i choose i get the same result. ran several virus programs and spyware programs with no luck. thanks for what ever input you folks might have on this

A:Xp Media Center

Hi, you can try and run system restore via safe mode. But why do you need to run it? Have you had a virus? It could be that if a virus infected your PC that your restore points are no longer working.

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help! my OS went from Media Center to XP Pro and I didn't do it! Now I cannot (or computer cannot) access Common Files, among other issues. For example: Trying to open Common Files (to look for file referenced by Logitech install issue) results in error "C: not formatted". My computer probs all began with some auto update that restarted my computer; upon restart, error "Windows could not start because following file is missing or corrupt: \C:WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\CONFIG\SYSTEM". Every time i start computer, it looks for mouse driver, then finds and identifies it then can't "find file specified" and default-directs to Crog Files/Common Files/ etc etc.
I ran chkdsk, defrag, etc. Finally I ran sfc /scannow and was instructed to insert disk 2 of XP Pro, but I don't have XP Pro.

I don't want to take up a whole lot of space with my issue; the above is the end result (so far) of much troubleshooting. And somehow an OS that started off as Media Center became XP Pro.


A:OS went from Media Center to XP Pro

windows media center is just a fancy version of windows xp pro..its a 2 disk dvd set. one is the operating system which is basically xp pro the other disk has the rest of the drivers and utilities needed for the media center to run properly.xp professional by itself only consists of one disk.it sounds to me like something has gotten corrupted or that u might have some sort of a virus or malware thats messed things up.hope this helps u.

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium , 64 bit
Processor: Pentium(R) Dual-Core CPU E5200 @ 2.50GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 6
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 6134 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) G33/G31 Express Chipset Family, 256 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 463586 MB, Free - 355182 MB; D: Total - 13350 MB, Free - 1473 MB;
Motherboard: PEGATRON CORPORATION, Benicia, 1.01, MS1C92R71800429
Antivirus: None
i use media center slide show as my screen saver. now when i try to turn it on the pictures don't show.
all i see is the squares where the pictures should be. the tags and numbers of the pictures do show.

A:media center

You have NO Anti-Virus software installed on that computer???
Jeez!! You could be loaded up with all kinds of bad stuff.

Have you tried setting up the media center slide show again?


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i have a problem with my media center.. i tried watching my dvd movies in the day and it was working just fine but when i tried at night, i experienced serious spikes suddenly.. i tried other movies as well and they were all the same.. i switch to some games which requires disc and they were working fine.. whats causing all these problems? someone pls help me with this.

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I'm using an HP Media Center edition with Windows XP, and in the Media Center program, the Recorded TV is having issues.

In a normal 30 minute TV show, it will come up with a bar that says approx. 30 minutes, but only half of the bar is shown as recorded. Some shows do have the entire show recorded, but it is difficult to access.

When fast-forwarding or rewinding, it will skip around erratically. Sometimes when I pause, it will skip after I press play. One time, the show stopped playing, so I pressed play and then the episode was nearly over.

This is only a recent occurrence, and no big system changes were made, so I'm a little in the dark here...\


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I have a hp dv5000 notebook, it came with xp media ctr, no restore disks(a seperate partition for restoration) The system crashed, my freind rebooted me with xp pro, since the computer has been very slow (like its using all its resources for unkown crap and theres nothing left for the applications) I took it to a pc shop, they looked it over and said the OS needs to be restored to original for it to operate properly. I was told to contact HP for a recovery disk and they should send it to me. HP gave me the runaround, so I contacted microsoft. the girl at microsoft told me to find someone with a similar notebook and xp media ctr, have them copy the d:/ drive (recovery drive partition) and use my key to restore. she said itll work as long as the notebooks are the same model and os. Can anyone help with the recovery files for this notebook?

A:XP media center OS

clarification - do you still have the recovery partition?

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While in Media Center Sound and Picture are not in Sync.

A:Media Center

To help I need the following information

-Type of Monitor
-Operating System
-Hardrive Size
-Video Card Type
-What your trying to play
-more detali on the problem

post those detalis and I will try to find your issue

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If I have XP Media Center 2002 OEM installed on my pc, and if I try to repair this xp by "Recovery Console" using XP Media Center 2005 (Retail), will that work?

Can someone please help me ASAP?


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Ok I've recently noticed that it asks me permission to open Media Center, I don't remember it doing that. It'll Get kinda of annoying. So my question is how I can I disable the permission prompted for certain programs if I can?


A:Media Center!

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I upgrade to W8 Pro on 26 Oct. I know Media Center is not included in the upgrade so I tried to use the add features but the price is $9.99. I was also informed that a FREE download of Media Center would be available till 13 Jan 2013.

Is there something special that I missed about Media Center.


A:Media Center

According to what I have read, you have register and get an email from Microsoft with your key to get Windows Media Center add-in
for free

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hi guys

I was just wondering if anybody knew if there is a java app for you mobile phone to use it as a remote control for windows media center. i know there is an app to play media on windows media player but this app only lets you brows your files from your phone and then press play on it. what i'm after is an app that will let me navigate windows media center like a normal remote would

any help would be much apreciated

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