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Modding wires on fan

Q: Modding wires on fan


I figured out how to make my fans go slower by cutting yellow and black and leaving red, then leaving the black disconnected and connecting the black to the yellow from fan to connector.
Is it possible to make it go even slower?

Second thing is I also have a 2 pin fan, is it possible to mod that as well to go slower?


Preferred Solution: Modding wires on fan

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Modding wires on fan

A 120ohm resistor will slow a fan down enough to make it almost silent!!

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Ya looking for a place to buy lights, cable sleeve kits, bunch of stuff like that.
Also I have way too many SATA and not enough Molex, can any one tell me if theres a adapter and where to buy one. Thanks.

A:New at Modding, Any one know a good place to buy modding stuff?

www.xoxide.com <---good site for moding cases
You can get an actual adapter to convert SATA to molex, but it's just as easy to daisy chain the molex plugs or use splitters

Just google Sata to Molex adapter and you will get plenty of results

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Hi fellow w7 users. I've been messing around with win classic theme.
But there are a few things I want to change.

Here's what:

I hope anyone can help.

A:Help with modding w7

Most of this stuff needs to be done through program that can modify and or create a theme. I'm not that familiar with the tools involved, but here's what I could find online.

Create Custom Windows 7 Themes with Style 7


Ave's Windows7 Style Builder

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This is just something random. Would anybody have any ideas or suggestions on what to mod on the NZXT Tempest evo even someting small because i am stumped. So any ideas????

A:Modding help

How much modding would you be willing to do?
What specifically would you like? Cooler case or something more practical like heat dissipation?

The NZXT Tempest evo-chassi is pretty much solid, there are only a few things that need improvement.

What you could do (which sometimes could actually be pretty stupid) is to rotate the entire MB-tray 90 degrees clockwise. It's a huge project, though. It slightly improves on the heat-ventilation, just like in the Silverstone Raven-cases. But mostly it's for showing off.

Something more easier would be painting a little, like colouring the sides, or repainting the entire case into something more suiting. The possibilities are pretty much endless, but all in all, the NZXT Tempest Evo is pretty much perfect anyway.

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Hey guys...I want my PDA to look like the iPhone, has anyone ever used these guys before? Does anyone know if active sync still works ok if you have an iPhone skin?


I don't know much about installing them, so I liked that they had customer support.


A:Modding my PDA?

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Just wondering if there are any aesthetic mods that I can further change XP with.

I am already using:

1. Vista Transformation Pack
2. Logon Studio
3. Royale Noir Theme

Anything, even minor will be useful. Thanks!

A:Modding Xp


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Hey guys, well I have a Radeon 9800 SE. It's been great I can play games like HL2 at high settings pretty good but I've been wanting to soft mod it for a long time. What I really need is someone who can guide me in doing the process or can give a link to a good site that shows you how. Thanks I really appreciate it

A:Help soft modding

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I have my nephew who asks me all kinds of things technical and when I don't know the answer I come here

My nephew has a Linux softmodded Xbox. This was done because his best friend is from overseas and they routinely swap back and fourth games and they had problems with their regions of the games until I found this softmod for them. (a whole new rant I won't go into)

Now however my newphew wants to start doing a ton of other things with his xbox like watch movies and play music and whatnot.

He came across this and REALLY wants to do this. -

XBMC (Xbox Media Center)

My questions are as follows. Will I have to undo my old softmod to put this on in place? Will this effectively break his game swapping ability with his friend or does this softmod also allow for playing all regions.

A:Xbox Modding

I'm not too sure about the legality of that on this site becuase many Xbox apps (non linux) are built using the Microsoft Xbox XDK and it illegal to posses that unless you're a developer. You should be able to play videos and whatnot using linux which IS legal.
Hopefully someone with more linux knowlege could help, as I have never tried linux on Xbox before.
On sidenote an Xbox with linux does NOT allow you to play backups or games from other regions as far as I know.

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ok, i know that i will probably spend more time than it's worth trying to complete this project, but i won't be able to stop thinking and wondering about it until i've done it.
i want to hear some suggestions on a strategy for making a clear side panel for a case i have. i have an old case that has no ps and the front panel is missing, so im using the side panels for practice, and they fit perfectly onto this new case i have- it's an el cheapo and im using it to house my stepson's xmas gift from myself. i have this nice fancy clear sided case with lights everywhere and all that in my case, and i wanted him to have something more than the plain beige s-case that it is now.
i tried to use a dremel with a rotary tool that says it cuts through metal, but it's going to take forever! anyone know of an easier way?

A:case modding

I have heard of people using a jig saw with a metal cut blade to cut the bigger parts off, and then using a Dremel or similar tool to smooth out the cut. You might want to check out the archives at TechTV.com and see what Yoshi has to say about case mods, he's done a few in his time...

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Just looking for feedback either way - I just had to remove the side panel from my pc to take out the cmos battery after some clumsy meddling with my bios settings.

However after having rectified the above, with side still off - I saw in AIDA32 that my intrnal temps (for all 3 of the readings it gives) have dropped 10c. They were previously 34c Mobo / and 44 / 46 c for Cpu and Aux. This on an Athlon 2600.

I don't want to leave it off permanently due to risk of dust / spillage etc - so would like to know if it would be feasible to have a friend drill holes in the panel before replacing it ?

A:Case Modding

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Why hasn't anyone hacked the Intel 845/865/915/945 video bios and modified it to do things like overclocking, hardware T&L, etc. Is this ever possible? I wanna be a programmer, and I'm thinking about doing this (F.Y.I. I am 14!)

A:Intel 845 Modding

When you get the documentation from Intel, let me know

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Hi i want to upgrade my computer and just wanted to no if these are good chocies for my cpu a Intel PentiumŪ 4 630 3.0GHz 800FSB LGA 775 CPU EM64T +2MB Cache Retail inc.Fan (3 year warranty) Needs Intel 915 chipset or newer. for my mother board a Gigabyte GA-8I915G-MF i915G 800FSB s775, PCI-E, On Board VGA, SATA, Gbit LAN, 8ch.audio, mATX for my psu a
Amacrox Warrior 450W Retail PSU and for my hard drive a 120 GB Western Digital Caviar 8MB Cache 7200rpm ATA100 Fluid Bearings (JB) oem and all comes to 304 pound but thats including a case is this worth the money??

and mayb as my ram GeilŪ 256MB Ultra Platinum PC3500 433MHz DDR but thats not included in the 304

A:Modding my comp

Seems like a good deal to me, see my specs in my sig, that cost me just a little under 500 GBP, so that looks like a good deal to me

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Ok, so i decided to add a keypad to my computer when powered on.

Heres the keypad i found http://www.surplussales.com/Switches/SWPushB-1.html

Scroll to the bottom.

Will this keypad be compadible with a computer? It doesnt give me enough information! Im assuming its got the same little guages on the back like other switches i use (Military SPST). I simply need this keypad to recognise a combination of keys and then change its circuit lines to ON instead of OFF it is imperitive that it never EVER goes to ON unless that combination is entered.

Does anyone have any advice for me? Thanks

A:Modding PC: Keypad

No it won't work on your computer.

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Hello. I own an IBM THinkpad laptop, I am wanting to change the "case" of the computer. I do not know if this is possible, I want to put the internal componets of my computer into another laptops chasis. How would i go about doing that? Also where could I buy a laptop case?
Thank you in advance.

A:Modding IBM Thinkpad...

Why do you want to do this? You may find it's not possible being a different laptop, parts for one are made to fit into that case and not a different brand. You couldn't match the connectors on the IBM's motherboard to another brand's screen for one thing.

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Hi! I'm eventually going to build my own computer, im only 14 but i have a good knowledge of this kind of stuff.
I'm going to start out simple by modding my own computer and going to start out with something that seems simple which is going to be fans.
But my question is, Does anybody know the fan size (mm) of a Acer Aspire T671-ME7L? I want to fit a Neon Green LED Fan. (I have googled it and searched through 7-8 pages)
I would open up my own tower to have a look but I dont think im at that point yet, im just reading up.

Much Thanks,

A:Modding my computer...

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Looking for a PC modding website, tutorials, how-to's, etc? Here are some misceallaneous links from around the web.

Cable Sleeving
Cool-Shim Installation
Window Kit Installation
Molex LED Mod

Please post some of your own. Maybe we can get a nice list of information for everyone to refer to.

A:PC Modding How To's and Tips

Antec Front Window Mod

$5 Window Mod

Cleaning Those Cables

Changing Optical Drive LEDs

These are just a few of this awesome modding site here.

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Hey guys...What is Volt Modding? I understand you can enlarge the volts running threw the CPU and Memory, but why not overclock? Whats the diffrence? Is overclocking, o/c'ing the enitre AGP bus, card, etc? And Volt Modding, volt modding the CPU and Mem. alone? Why would it be better? Is it better to run more volts threw the CPU and Mem. alone, instead of then the entire bus/card? Just wondering, cause I dont quite understand this to the fullest...

A:What is Volt Modding...exactly?

Are you talking about setting up a new CPU? Your CPU voltage can be set on the motherboards jumpers, but I wouldn't play with the settings unless it's too hot. Lowering the voltage by 0.1V might lower the CPU temp. That's what you had to do if you had a amd k6/2.

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Hardwarezone has an article on how to mod an Athlon XP to XP:


If I could only get my hands on a dual mobo!

A:Modding Athlon XP to MP

I considered it, but then thought about the cost, and the fact then I would have 2 heaters in my PC. My current rig (Dual PIII 850s @ 1Ghz) runs pretty hot as it is - Athlons would surely be even worse.

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I have xp with a tuner in it and no EPG program [unless I pay for one]. I have vista on my laptop. I would like to use vista's MCE to download the EPG and then transfer it to xp.A start ... http://forums.gbpvr.com/showthread.php?t=27890

A:Modding Vista

some help...

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i would like to put a fan either side of my computer (on each side panel nice in the middle) how would i do this? i would put 80mm fans on each side

A:case modding

First off, I?d recommend that you do one on the side, and one on the top, as a blow hole. This way you get good flow instead of two fans trying to pull air form the same place, creating a possible "dead zone" of air.

To physically do it, get your self a key hole saw (looks like a reg drill bit with a cup mounted around it) drill you hole, mount the fan AND A FAN GUARD!!! Use self tapping metal screws to hold the fan and guard in place

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Hey techspot fans:

I have an Antec 900 case and I'm looking to get a multi functional control panel for either size drive bay, most likely 5.25". Ne ways, if anybody has some links to a nice control panel, please post them. Also I thought this would be a nice thread to start posting links to pictures of unique and funny pc mods. I've see computers with coffee makers in them, and also some computers made out of pvc and microwaves. Post them up if you want, I'll look forward to seeing some new ideas.

A:Case Modding

I also have an Antec 900 and in need of a control panel/fan controller aswell

this thread is a good idea actually, would be cool to hear people's stories of their mods and stuff

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Years ago my grandparents had a Gateway 610 XL Media Center PC and I loved it the design and purpose and I would like to buy one like it off eBay and update it. But I've looked into it and it is bit of an issue with the original motherboard because it will only take up to a 3.0 GHz Pentium 4 HT and up to 2 GB of RAM. But the issue with replacing the motherboard is the formfactor and the fact the motherboard has no connectors on it the Input/Output is on a daughter card plus the speakers are internal. These computers used the Samsung Motherboards 4001035, 4001039, and 4001041. I love these computer but for one to be my main machine I need C2D and up to 4 GB Ram. I know these have faulted power supplies so I might need to replace that too. So is there any hope of me doing this with out it looking like heck.

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I have a htpc system running with a Noctua NH-L12 cpu cooler (flat top down) that I want to keep cooler with some ideas I have. This htpc case doesn't have a duct in the side panel to mount a case fan and since I am not against modding I started thinking. What if I cut a hole in the side panel using a hole saw the same size as the fan on the noctua (120mm)? I also want to make some sort of air duct/tunnel using that cut out hole directly over the cpu hsf so that it can breath cool air all the time. I have 2 120mm x 120mm x 25mm fans I can use. I am also thinking about cutting the motor assembly off of one of the fans so it becomes an empty duct. If I stack these I can completely close off the gap between the cpu cooler and side panel within like 3~mm. Would this work better having the fan on top of the stack near the panel or on the bottom touching the heatsink? Thanks

A:Modding a cpu fan duct.

Not a thing wrong with modding. Just experiment; with or with out a duct channel and with the positioning of the fans. It's the only way to know for sure which is going to be cooler.

BTW...I would love to see some pictures of this mod from beginning to completion.

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When I've finished making my theme and set it all up, everything seemed great until I restarted and couldn't log in. When I click the profile pic (I don't have a password set) the screen turns black for a moment and goes back, not going to the desktop.

I can access the desktop if I boot up in safe mode. I renamed the msstyle file, rebooted and was able to get back in. I tried even opening and saving the original msstyle without doing anything to it and still the same thing happens. Upon inspecting the difference between the two files, the only thing different is graphic #508 is #10000 in the one I only opened and saved, #509 is #10001 etc. Could it be the reordering of the bitmap labels is causing this problem? If so, does anyone have suggestions?


A:Can't log in after modding .msstyles

Welcome to the Seven Forums

What did you use to edit the .msstyles?


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I want to tidy up some wires, and saw something that caught my attention: 90 degree molex connectors. Apparently these things are pretty good, as it'll allow you to connect a whole string of molex heads where you need them. It even boasts being able to connect a whole string of HDDs and CD drives on one power line from the PSU.

I'm worried that if I do connect it this way, will there be any consequences? the last problem I'd want to have is not enough power going through the line, or the amount of power going through that single line causes problems to the PSU/HDD.

A:PC Case modding

it all depends on the power supply's specs and how much current you're drawing.

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Now, like a lot of other people out there, I use torrents a lot.

I use uTorrent and get some quite good speeds, but upon reading many tweak guides I'd guess you'd call them. They all recommend tweaking the TCPIP.sys file.

Now I did this on XP Pro went I had it and noticed an improvement. Brilliant.

But I have done it, maybe three times now on Vista 64. Every time, following guides people have raved about and once I've followed them to the T, upon reboot, I have had no internet and the only way I seem to be able to fix this, is by reinstalling the OS.

I had tried using the untweak reg file that some come with, backing up the original reg and trying to restore it. Basicly I've tried many things.

Now I say I've done this 3 times as each time I thought that I must have done something wrong for it not to work. So I would redo it.

Anyway. Does anyone have this tweaking working in Vista 64? All I get is a loss of internet connection to my computer. Or does anyone have any idea why this might be?


A:Modding TCPIP.sys


Well, are the guides written for Vista 64. I have this sneaking feeling that the way Vista uses TCPIP.sys is a little different from how XP did. Worse than that, you have a 64 bit system here, which might have some other issues attached (think of all the added security to prevent that kind of thing from happening accidentally).

I've never done any of that kind of tweaking, but it would concern me a bit. Anyway, just a couple thoughts for you.

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does anyone Know ang good mod ideas for the antec 1200?? i found this but that is all i have


A:Need help on a modding idea

try this
or this is kinda cool read it all

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I'm looking for a good case to start modding on, I'm not planning on going outrageous with the mods but I wanted to add about 8-9 fans and do some designs on the sidepanel. Some of my friends who do case modding recommend this case but the top vent I don't like very much, although it's not a very big con.

Also, for the side panel, do I have to sand down the inside to start cutting into it or can it be cut without damaging? I can't really tell from pictures and I've never seen this case for myself.


Does anyone know where to get the sound foam for inside a case that isn't very expensive? Since these fans will cause a lot of a noise I want to dampen it with the foam.

A:What's a good case for modding?


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WELL I built my pc acrylic case blue lighted clear case and i need to find a nice clear keyboard that lights up blue as well as a mouse and mouse pad to go with it so if you got links just post it for me thanks...

A:OK im modding my pc and need 2 modded parts help.

Check this: Crazy PC

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hi, me n my mate are modding a ps2 into his old sterio system, we have planned to install
a small 5" screen

but i have a few questions,

the screen has a ribon cable connecting it to the dvd player that were useing, is there anyway to get this to work with the ps2 AV connection

there are speakers in the sterio that we want to wire up, is it possible to wire it straight to the mobo to get this to work? and is so how can i do this?

3, where to i attach LEDs to on the board?

*for admins*
iv been warned about rule breaking, i have read the rules and dont think this comes under anything as its cosmetic hacking/modding, and it doesnt realy break any laws that im aware of on the ps2

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Does anyone know any good case modding sites. I have an empty 5 inch drive bay and I fancy putting something in there that has flashing lights or an LCD screen or something (I've no idea what I'm talking about!! Can you guess?) Anyway, I checked out toms hardware (ooer!) which was pretty cool but I can't seem to find any others apart from non-English ones which make my non-understanding of the subject doubled




A:Case Modding Sites

Sounds to me like you might be wanting to put in a temperature monitor. Or maybe you would like a multimedia I/O panel. Or maybe you have another idea.

Did you find these:

Twisted Mods

Cool Case Mods

There are also a couple of ads I see once in a while on this very board that you might check out for some ideas and supplies.

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Hi all! I came here because there are some things I do not like about Win 7 appearance. It is so weird - we can change border colors, wallpapers, and also the old appearance settings are available, but still there are so many things that cannot be customized - menus, folder actions - they stay always blue, that is so boring

I have changed the logon screen already (default is just too bright for me), thanks for tutorials section.

I have this UxStyle_Core_jul13_bits.zip downloaded to enable custom themes.

I have experience with editing XP style files using resource editors so I would like to try to mod windows 7. The problem is - I do not know, where which element is located - what files I need to mod to achieve desired effect? Is there any good roadmap, like - "if you need to change menu color from blue to smth else, mod this file and change this thing"? And I would be grateful for suggestions of any good freeware resource editor which is stable and good for Windows 7.

Also there is one thing that annoys me (attached picture): if I select some executable file then I see that old ugly icon in action bar - I drew red circle around it (is it left from windows 95 ? ) even if executable has its own icon built in. Is it some bug or something wrong with my windows installation or just a default behavior? Can I change this icon to some other - like the one I marked with green circle? And how can I do that?

Thanks a lot.

A:What is where (modding visual elements)?

Yay, I found a solution for it. Now I got rid of that ugly "unknown file" icon for good

Now if only someone could give some tutorial, where to find resorces for each scrollbar, button, checkbox, menu - especially for things that are different from windows xp... can I still use TGTSoft StyleBuilder?

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I have a fairly nice case and don't want to buy a new 1 at the moment. Its a mid-tower with 4 5 1/4" bays and probably 6 3.5" bays, so It has plenty of room.

It has 4 spots for 80mm intake fans, 1 side 80mm exhuast, and 1 rear 60mm exhaust.

Now these openings aren't the greatest especially in the front of the case. I am planning on cutting the little holes with wire cutters to open the whole openings. Think this is a good idea?

I also think I probably have too much intake coming into the case. Would a 120mm side fan really help expel a lot more heat? I was thinking I could buy 120mm fan and use my dremel tool to cut the opening for the fan. If you guys have any other advice on modding a "not so well designed case for cooling into a great one I'd love to hear about it, I tried the search but didn't really find much.

Thanks in advance

A:Re: Modding Case fan openings

Originally posted by osudelt69
Now these openings aren't the greatest especially in the front of the case. I am planning on cutting the little holes with wire cutters to open the whole openings. Think this is a good idea?Click to expand...

Yes, if you keep your fingers away from the fans.

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Well, here goes:

1) What exactly does the heatshrink do when you sleeve cables?
2) Which case should I get: Tt Kandalf, CM Stacker, or LL PC-V2100 plus (or any other suggestions)
3) What is the best way to get a 150mm fan onto my case?

I'm pretty new to the modding world.


A:A few quick modding questions

1) it heats plastic covering so it shrinks and binds said cables into a round shape.
2) your case = your call
it's mostly a matter of your choices of features and appearance. i reccomend a raidmax, thermaltake, or antec for good quality.
3) depends on the case. i would'nt buy a case where modding was nessesary for fans, but that's just me

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Look below.

A:Modding a Dimension 3000.

I think DDR2 would be a better investment than DDR1.

What is in your Dell right now, and what of it do you intend to keep? I don't know if I totally understand what you're trying to do.

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I've been surfin around on the 'net for sites with case mod galleries. Any good one's you guys might have found?

A:Case modding sites

Well, the original, and the one with the largest gallery, is www.virtual-hideout.net

I haven't visited it regularly for about a year though

I've kind of grown out of making my case look pretty. Its quite nice as it is.

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Ok I do have a few audio programs like Audition and Cubase but I'm wondering if there are any decent programs out there that are specified to changing voice easy. I'm planning to make a Radio commercial and I want to like boom my voice and echo effects and other radio dj type effects. thanks in advance!

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i want to make my case look a bit better but i dont know what to do. anyone got any ideas? im new to this and never done it before so somthing fairly easy would be good.

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Does anyone have any ideas as to how I might be able to but a window in the side of the case as attached? I would also like to get a fan into the middle of the window.
Thanks in advance
Allan (alvdy)

A:Any Suggestions? Case Modding!

any shophead should be able to do this.

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Hi there

First off, when I try to open vehicles.img using Spark IV or Open IV, I'll get an error message saying that access is denied. I have tried all the ways I could, but none worked. There are so many problems. Here's a list:

1. The files in the GTA IV folder are all Read-Only, while the vehicles.img file itself isn't. And I have even tried using "attrib -r" and "takeown /f" methods, but none worked.

2. I searched google, and many suggested running Spark IV/Open IV as admin, but still failed.

3. I have copied the vehicles.img folder out to the desktop away from its read-only folder and done steps 1 and 2 to it, but yet to no avail again.

I have been doing this for over 3 hours and nothing worked

Any help will be appreciated

EDIT: I'm running on Vista, running as the only user (i.e. Admin), with UAC turned off.

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today i put some casters on my case. it was a fun mod, it was only my second mod ever. i plan to do a lot more but i really can't think of any that i would like. my first mod was cutting out the front and back 120mm fan grills for more air flow
ok i just seen that i spelled "modding" wrong

A:easy case modding

Take a look at this thread HERE. Might give you some wacky ideas lol.

P.s. I edited the thread title

Regards Howard

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For those out there who have modded their cases, did you buy a case modding kit to do so, i bought one for my desktop and really could get the perspex to fit in the black rubber for around the edges, i took it to the mechanic and got him to do it for me because it was like a windscreen. So what did you do?

A:Case Modding Kits?

For My window I cut a hole with tin snips and an angle grinder,leaveing about an inch of extra metal. Then I bent the extra metal over and hammered it flat to form a nice smooth rounded edge. I bought a piece of lexan and glued it in from the back with liquid nails. easy and looks great without the hassel of the stupid rubber.

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i have recently bought a led fan for my 360 and hooked it up works fine. Then when i came to add these leds to the fan supply were it has told me to connect it to,the fan does not work nether the led's. could you tell me where else could i connect my led's to a power source in the 360 please so they both work ,thanks brattboy!!

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Lately, I've been hearing a lot about flashing your bios, or modding your bios somehow.

I've just started working with computers not to long ago, and haven't really modded BIOS before...

Can someone put it in as simple a form as possible what it all is?

How do I know if I have a Award, or Phoenix BIOS?

What's "Flash BIOS" mean"

How can you mod your BIOS? and do all these mods online actually work, cause i don't want to brick a motherboard.

I will be experimenting on a hp slimline s3400z. M2N61-ARMotherboard. v5.18 bios from what i can tell (blue hp screen has those numbers on start up, no other bios info)

This probably makes me sound like a noob, but I'm really interested in all this, but can't find a simple answer anywhere.


A:Modding/Flashing BIOS??

Here's a description of the BIOS, including a mention of "Flash BIOS", which is a type of chip used to store BIOS info.

BIOS - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

You can see if you have an Award or Phoenix BIOS by entering the BIOS, where it should be stated outright. Or you should be able to see the BIOS manufacturer and version briefly onscreen during a boot. Or you should be able to get the info with a program such as Speccy or HWInfo that take an inventory of the parts in your PC.

I'm not sure how you enter the BIOS on an HP, but it's usually with a keystroke during boot, maybe delete, maybe F2, etc.

Although it can be done, BIOS modification is typically not done by consumers.

You can change the BIOS by "flashing" to another BIOS (typically a newer one obtained from the motherboard manufacturer), but it's not to be taken lightly as if it goes bad for any reason, you may have to replace the board or at least the BIOS chip on it. BIOS flashing is recommended ONLY if you have a strong reason to believe it will fix an outstanding issue. Motherboard manufacturers try to provide info on what new BIOSes are designed to fix, but they don't necessarily do a good job of it.

It takes only a few minutes and the standard recommendation is to NOT do it from Windows, but a lot of people do. And a lot of people flash in hopes it will cure something, with no evidence that it will.

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I downloaded the BW2 Modding Tools from the official site, and I can use the Landscape Editor, but I don't know how to write scripts. I can't even find the tool for it. The application called "Script Compiler" is an empty dos box, and closes after half a second. Am I supposed to use that application or do I just write the scripts in Notepad, or what?

Please help, I'm very confused.

A:Black & White 2 Modding

The "empty dos box" is probably the right program. Try opening the program in dos using the Msdos window (cmd.exe).

I think the problem is that the program is opening, running and returning to the caller (windows). Dos windows often display how to use them on the comand line display. Opening the program in the msdos window will run and return to the caller (command line) allowing you to read the text printed on screen.

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I've got a Thermaltake V7000+ that works great but is just plain fugly. 1st time builder that wanted something big, especially since this is an SLI rig, and didn't really consider all aspects of the final looks. Can't justify buying another case so I was thinking of cutting a window out of the side. Is it worth it to buy the FrozenCPU kit for this or does the double sided tape thing work OK? Can I find a V7000D window side panel somewhere that I haven't found to retrofit? Definitely don't want this to look like a hatchet job. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated before I take saw blade to metal.

A:Modding A Thermaltake V7000+ Maybe

i suggest that you DONT try this unless you have HIGH qualitry tools.

This afternoon i cut a hole with a holesaw, in the side of my computer, looks like a piece of sh*t, the holesaw went BLUNT and i ended up hacking through it. :knock: . it was pretty funny though.

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