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Clickable menu in Word 2000

Q: Clickable menu in Word 2000

In setting up an elderly aunt's computer, I am trying to create a detailed "How to..." file for her in Word 2000. I would like to create a menu at the top of the topics I have How To articles on and make them so she can click on them and it will go to that subject. Then place a Back to top for her so she can go back up to the menu with a single click like I have seen in html files. Can this be done in Word? If so, can you tell me how or tell me what to search for in Word to find the instructions?


Preferred Solution: Clickable menu in Word 2000

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Clickable menu in Word 2000

Ideally you'd go for a Table of Contents, but that can get quite complicated, IMO.

If you won't have too many topics (say no more than a dozen), try creating a bookmark for each topic title (in the menu and the document) and hyperlinking to the article from the menu and vice versa.

Another way would be to forget the menu, use a style (e.g. Heading 1) for each topic title and then use the Document Map to navigate (the Document Map button ought to be on her Standard toolbar -- looks like a magnifying glass over a table). I've seen quite a few ppl say "avoid Document Map like the plague", but if it's just plain text then it might be worth a try.

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I can open a new Word dco but there a menu bar at the top, ie: file, edit etc. I can print by using CTL-P and edit by right clicking but how do I get the menu and tool bars back?

A:No menu bar in MS Word 2000

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Word 2000 menu bar ("file" "view" " edit" etc.) has disappeared from page lay-out. Have gone so far as to de-install and re-install the entire WORD program. Re-install results in same unusable format. Have run virus scans and Windoctor all to no avail. This word is part of Office 2000. Other programs (excel, et. al. work fine).

A:MS Word 2000 menu bar

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A user had her outlook configured, and seemingly after htat, has lost the shell for all Word documents. It appears that is a part of her profile, since other users logged on to that machine can get the menu items. How do I fix this?

I have already repaired, installed sp 2, and reinstalled--none of these things have made any difference. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


A:Word 2000 Menu Bar Missing

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A few days ago All tool bars and the menu bar disappeared from Word. It appears as though Word has closed and left the document window open. I have tried "full screen view" and thsi is not it. I have uninstalled and reinstalled and repaired 6 times without success. Shortcut keystrokes still work but everytime I open Word I only get a document window. Any clues would be appreciated.

Keep Smiling


A:Word 2000 Menu Bar Disappeared!

I am going to move this to the application forum, since it is a Word problem.

Please look there for replies.

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When I click on a new Word document the menu bar is not
displayed. I didn't think you could hide the menu bar but
I can't find out how to get it back. Consequently I can't "File"
"Edit","View" etc. Any help will be appreciated.


A:Menu Bar Disappeared in Word 2000

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Somehow one of my users removed the Menu bar and toolbars from MS Word 2000. Now the user has NO access to any of the menus or toolbars.

How do I get the menu bar or toolbars back. Of course as soon as I get the menu bar back, I will be able to get the toolbar back!

Thank you.

Barry Kucher

A:NO Menu bar or Tool Bar in Word 2000

Found the answer! rename normal.dot to normal.bak. MS Word will recreate normal.dot and put the menu bar back.

Thanks for the help!

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My word document will open but file, edit, etc menus are gone
It is still operational and I can close it but thats all. Cannot view or insert etc. What can I do? And do not have cd to reinstall
Please help

A:SOLVED: MS Word 2000 Lost Menu Bar

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I tried to open an RTF file a few hours ago, and it crashed word about halfway through opening. I then reopened word and found that all of the text options (File, Edit, View, etc) from the toolbar are gone and that there are only icons left on the toolbars. I tried fiddling with the toolbar options to reset it, and I even reinstalled word, but the damn text pulldown menus are still gone. What can I do to get them back?

A:Word 2000 Text menu is missing

Hi RevAnthony,
Welcome to TSG. Sounds like you have a corrupted normal.dot file. Make sure Word is closed and run a search for normal.dot. It is a hidden file, so you may have to set your search to show hidden files and folders. Delete any instances of it that you find. Re-open Word, and normal.dot will be recreated. Your menus should be back. Hope that helps.

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My word program opened with no menu or toolbars. Never had this problem in the past.
I have tried shutting down windows and opening in safe mode, but it opens without any menu therefore I cannot access the full screen feature that I thought might be the problem.
I would appreciate any advise from word experts out there.

A:word 2000 missing menu and toolbars

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The 'options' menu under tools is missing in my version of Word 2000, installed with Office 2000 premium edition. I've tried reinstalling the program, but the menu still fails to appear. All other versions of Word that I use have the menu.

A:missing options menu under tools in word 2000

Try the classic fix of finding and deleteing all occurances of normal.dot

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When I open the start menu and mouseover an item that has a right facing arrow, it automatically opens up the Recent Items pane on the right side.

I don't want it to open upon mouseover, but only on-click.

Is this tweak possible?

A:Start Menu Item's Arrow ONLY Clickable

Hello Merlin,

Unchecking the item boxed in red below in Customize Start Menu will do this for you.

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Help! I have suddenly got only a full screen view for Word 2000. I am running 98 on an older computer. It's just for office stuff (work computer @ home), but kids from time-to-time play very simple online word games from Real Arcade. About a week ago, I noticed Word was in a Full Screen view mode. I tried alt + v, esc, ctrl+ everything. I remember before when I did this, if I rested my pointer at the top of the page, I'd get the menu. I don't have file, edit, view, etc., much less all of my formatting toolbar. I am a church secretary from out of a home office and I really need my menus! I tried un-installing the whole Office Suite and re-installing it, but it didn't help. None of the other programs from the suite (Excel, Publisher, Outlook) are having this problem. All scans, NSW, etc are up-to-date and clean. Can anybody make any suggestions?

A:Word 2000 will not show regular menu, only full screen!

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A few days ago All tool bars and the menu bar disappeared from Word. It appears as though Word has closed and left the document window open. I have tried "full screen view" and thsi is not it. I have uninstalled and reinstalled and repaired 6 times without success. Shortcut keystrokes still work but everytime I open Word I only get a document window. Any clues would be appreciated.

Keep Smiling


A:{Moved to Win9x: Applications} - Word 2000 Menu Bar Disappeared!

I am going to move this to the application forum, since it is a Word problem.

Please look there for replies.

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Hey team.

I'm trying to create a clickable chapter index for e-book creation using microsoft word 2010.

How can I create a clickable chapter index, so the chapter headings in the index point to their corresponding chapters?

I appreciate any assistance.


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I am doing genealogy for my family. I use Word 2000 to record my family group sheet
I don't know what it's called but I'd like to be able to click on someones name and have it bring me to the place where I have that person's information. I've believe I've seen that capability in some documents.
For example, I have my parents family group sheet in which I am listed as their son.
Then on another page is my familys group sheet
So I'd like to be able to click on my name Lawrence (which I expect would be in blue underline font) in my parents family group sheet and be brought to my name Lawrence (I don't know whether or not would be in blue underline font) in my family group sheet
How do I do that?

A:Clickable link(?) in a Word document

Presumably hyperlinks and bookmarks.
I don't have Word 2000, to check it out, perhaps this article will assist:

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Can you please confirm if this is a version issue which is solved in IE 11?

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I was trying to configure Word 2000 to send email, but I can't seem to find the means to configure the bloody thing. I have tried help files, but wasn't much help.

Anybody plz?


A:Microsoft Word 2000 aka MS Word 2000 - Sending Email - Need Help Configuring

Word itself does not send (or receive) e-mail messages. You may configure Word to be your e-mail editor, but it still requires an e-mail program (such as MS Outlook) to send messages.

You can send e-mails from within Word by using File, Send To, Mail Recipient (or Mail Recipient as Attachment), but this still uses Outlook to do the sending and receiving.


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Recently upgraded my other computer operating Win 98 from Office 97 to 2000.
All is finally well with the settings after seemingly endless tweaks and changes except for one nagging problem.If I use Word as the email editor in Outlook (html), the "text" portion only of the email (not subject box-it is black text) is sent and arrives in a very light lime green color! You can barely read it.If I remove Word as the editor, then the text is in black--nice and clear.
I have spent hours playing with the settings in Word changing between automatic and black.I have checked and rechecked the Outlook settings.I can't shake this light lime green text with Word as the editor and I want Word as the editor--very frustrating..And something else important and related....
When you use Outlook to fax,(Symantec Fax Starter), the text arrives on all fax machines, but it is very "faint", however the subject and cover sheet are dark normal text, which makes me think it is being transmitted as light lime green, but showing up faint black as fax machines have only black shades.
Is there a setting somewhere in Windows that is impacting on Word? I've buzzed around the control panel and no success. I don't know why I can't pinpoint this--probably too easy and right there staring at me..........help!

A:Word 2000 as email editor Outlook 2000 causing text headache

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Hi There

This is not a macro question. I have been at this for hours now with no success. I have a picture in MS word 2000. The picture is text with a box around the text. See attached MS Word 2000 file. I want to copy this picture into Excel 2000. But when I do a copy and paste, it does paste into Excel but just the box shows up and not the writing. Can someone out there copy it and paste it for me in Excel 2000 and send it to me?? I can then copy it from your Excel spread sheet into my Excel spread sheet.

Thanks for your help in this.


A:Solved: Copying a Picture from Word 2000 to Excel 2000

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Up until today, i have connected to Access via ODBC, then chosen my query in Access, then used microsoft query to further filter the mail merge...

today i get an error that says Word can't reestablish a DDE connection with Microsoft Query to complete the task.

Do you know why or what happened...if you don't have time to answer, if you could just point me in the direction of a document it would be helpful.

A:HELPPPPPPPPP Access 2000 Word 2000 question

See if any of these help:

WD2000: "Word Could Not Re-Establish a DDE Connection..." Error

WD2000: ErrMsg: "Word could not re-establish a DDE connection to <Application> to complete the current task."

ACC2000: Word DDE Connection Error Using Table or Query with Quotation Marks

WD2000: Word Flashes on Windows Taskbar When You Cancel "Choose Data Source" in MS Query

WD2000: Error Message: "Word Could Not Locate or Start <path>\MSQRY32.EXE" When You Try to Use MS Query

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Using Access 2000, I have a number field, formatted number....
doing a mail merge in word, causes the field which is called Dues to loose it's formatting... Word says to apply a Numeric Picture Switch...{ Dues \# $#,##0.00 } but try as I might I cannot get it to work....

So I have the Syntax wrong on something? I am in a time crunch and have to have this letter out asap am tomorrow....

What is wrong???? I did a letter like this in January and it worked fine.....Help!

A:Access 2000/Word 2000 Mail Merge

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Hi folks,

I have this problem that is hard to search for on Google. We have a lot of word 2000 documents connected to a simpel text data file (data.doc) that is used with mail merge.

Here is our process:
1.) data.doc is opened, filled with all variablenames we can use in our documents (name, country, etc.)
2.) data.doc is opened, filled with the actual data (from a database) belonging to the variables name (Kees, Japan, etc.)
3.) Our vb.net 2008 application does step 1 and 2, then starts a template word 2000 document which has that data.doc file attached for mail merge. The template is now filled in with the correct data.
4.) vb.net 2008 application tells MS Word to print the document.
5.) Works fine and we have ourselves a nice document filled in with data we specified in the vb.net 2008 application.

Now comes the problem, some new computers will have office 2007 instead of office 2000 installed, during testing we have encountered that it does not error but the office 2007 installed computer does not fill in the data and just shows mergefield names <<name>> <<country>>. Also when printed out. So it seems like the datafile is not connected when opening the template in word 2007.

If we let our vb.net 2008 application show us the document visually first, we can re-attach the data file again and we can print the data, however there are 3 thing wrong with this approach:

1.) More user input which is not needed.
2.) MS Word is opening and showing, somet... Read more

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I have a problem with Word 97 in the Office97 Suite. If you open Word and look at the Menu toolbar, the first word "File" and its associated drop downs are missing. How do you get it back?
I have uninstalled and re-installed to no avail. It is still properly located in Excel, etc

A:Word 97: File Menu Missing from Menu Bar

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Hello, I am a consultant in central Texas and I have a customer that does not recall the chronology of how he got into this situation but basically, I'll attempt to explain. He has Word 2000 installed on an XP Pro machine. He wants to do a mailing that 2000 is unable to handle. We found that 97 will do the desired process with no problem. I tried to install Word 97 to his computer but the setup program indicates that 97 is already on the machine. There is no trace of Word 97 that I can find. The customer thinks that he has vacillated between 97 and 2000 at least twice. I just want both on this machine at the same time. I could uninstall both and then reinstall 2000 then 97 and I think it will work but I was hoping to avoid the uninstalls. Any ideas?

A:Unable to install Word 97 on Word 2000 machine

It sounds like Uncle Bill left some fragments in the registry (or, hopefully, just a file used to flag Word'97's presence).

Hopefully you are using "My Documents" to save everything created in MSWord (either version); that will make it pretty easy to back up the files you don't want to take chances on. Burn a couple CDs or DVDs as needed/if available.

Check the Add/Delete Programs- to see which version/s are installed. I would uninstall each one- re-starting the computer between uninstalls.

With operating systems it makes a difference in which order they are installed; I would follow the same rule for the same reasons--- install the older one first (Word 97). Paranoia makes me want to shut down & reboot between versions. Then install Word 2000.

Good luck.

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One of the features I really liked in the DOS version of WordPerfect 5.1 was the ability, when highlighting, to simply type a character or string of chars. near the end of the relevant portion to be highlighted and have the program take the highlight directly there.

Can WORD 2000 do this? So far, all I can figure out is how to highlight either an entire word, sentence, or line, but none of them with the precision that WordPerfect 5.1 allowed.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.


A:Solved: Can Word 2000 emulate Word Perfect 5.1 (DOS)

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I have had a search of the forum and can't find a solution to this, so apologies if it is a known / obvious fix for the experts!

I have created a document in Word 2000 that includes some "Windings" symbols. In opening the document on other machines in Word 97, some of them have changed font colour and turned into "Wingdings 2" and others have remained in "Wingdings" but changed font colour.
Wingdings is definitely an installed font on the machines I have tried, and it appears to be a consistent change on those different machines (i.e. replaced characters are the same and colour changesare the same).
[We are all appear to be using the same printer drivers and are using Windows 98]

A:Changing symbol font from Word 2000 to Word 97

Slight error in the above. Gone back to original machine and checked document. When opening in Word 97 the font isn't actually changing as I did use "Wingdings 2" in the original anyway, but clolours are changing and the actual symbol used in "Wingdings 2" has changed.

So basically the two problems are:

1 - font colours are changing on all the symbol font characters (whether "Wingdings" or "Wingdings 2").
2 - a different symbol is being used for those in "Wingdings 2" on the Word 97 machines.


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Please help me someone. I'll try to make this short, but give you all the info. I have a Dell Dimension 4100 running Windows 2000 Professional with Microsoft Office 2000 Prof. My problem started with Microsoft Word freezing after loading. I'm able to load the program and even load a file then word freezes. I have already updated & run these programs in normal and safe mode:
Norton Antivirus; Spybot; Adaware. (No virus and all adware removed).

I've run CWShredder & have Spyware Blaster & Zone Alarm running. I've cleaned out my computer with CCleaner and it does not require defrag at this time.

As far as Microsoft Word goes, it will run in safe mode and sometimes runs when I load it with the a/switch, but has also been freezing up when loaded on a/switch. I have renamed and deleted all NORMAL.DOT files. I have checked start-up folders in Word to remove files, but there were no files to remove. I have changed Word's registry Data key and Option key. I have run detect & repair in normal Word and in a/switch mode. I have run repair from add & remove programs. It still doesn't work. I was preparing to remove & reinstall when I decided to check for office updates. I updated Microsoft Office with suggested updates from Microsoft. I can't tell now what updates I loaded.

Now my problem is my CPU usage stays at a steady 100%. Now I don't know if this happened before or after I updated my computer. I don't want to remove & reinstall ... Read more

A:help/windows 2000/microsoft word 2000

Hello and Welcome to TSF

This will be moved to the proper location so you will get faster response

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Is there a way to put a word perfect 10 doc. into a word 2000 doc. I have word perfect 10 but my school has word 2000. I need to print my paper but don't know how. Can anyone help??

A:Solved: Word perfect 10 to word 2000 doc.

Word should be able to open the WordPerfect document. Or you can save the document as a Word 97 document in WP. Do file>Save As, and in the File Type box Select Word 97/2000/2002, and click save.

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I have a CD rom with a Word 2000 document on it. I want to view this document with Word 97. When I try it tells me that it will not work and to try from the file menu (Word 97 opens, but no document appears). I try from the file menu, but it still will not open. Is there a patch I can download to enable this? I tried the Microsoft site, but there seems to be no patch and there is no article in their knowledge base to help. Any ideas?
Thanks in advance,

A:Read Word 2000 docs in Word 97?

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I am having difficulty in getting word wrap to operate successfully.
After having entered a page of text, and inserted the picture, graphic, etc I then go to the 'edit wrap points' function which places a dotted outline around the graphic. If I then drag the graphic into place ie over the text, nothing happens.

I have also gone to the the 'Format > tight' function, but again nothing.

How do I get the text to wrap around the graphic as I intended.

I would appreciate any help.


A:Problems with word wrap in Word 2000


Anybody out there able to help me with this word wrap problem as its really starting to annoy me!


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Hi all, I have a problem with viewing my Word 2000 documents under Word 2002. I format a document under 2000 and when I look at it under 2002 the margins on the top and bottom are shifted upward. The margin settings are the same size when I look at the document under 2000 and 2002 but the 2002 documents are offset. My text boxes and pictures are shifted somehow. I was thinking there might be a hot fix for this issue. Anyone know what is causing this?
Thank you

A:Word 2000 Doc's offset under Word 2002

are you flipping between 2000 and 2002?

why not use the same version of word on both computers?

i ran into a different problem with office '97 and 2000 and changed all systems to 2k.
i'd run a 97 or 2k word doc and was always asked if i wanted to change to the other format, sometimes i did, sometimes i didn't.

i have a feeling you try to look at a doc done in 2k and want to view it in 2002.
when you finish you're probably asked do you want to revert back to 2k and that's why you're having problems.
if you change it to 2002 it 's supposed to be backward compatible with 2k and you don't say if this is happening one time or every time.

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My 2000 MS Word stopped opening the documents I have on file. The error message : "There was a problem sending the command to the program" keeps coming up after the document tries to open. I can create and save documents, but then cannot open them to view the content. This started after the removal of roaming defender spyware by SpyHunter software. I don't have any files blocked by SpyHunter and still have the issue with Word with SpyHunter deactivated.I am wondering if a file got removed in the spyware clean up and removal?

A:Word 2000 will not open word documents

Does anybody have any ideas on this problem. I really need to be able to get my documents to open. Re-install of office doesn't help. I am not sure if I am allowed to post to my own topic, if not, I apologize. Thank you to anyone who has any ideas.

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I have an issue with word 2000 in the office 2000 suite. Sometimes when I'm typing a letter I will get a bunch of gurbage like this {}[][][][][][][][]()()()()()(), instead of my words that I typed. and it will only happen on a small portion of the file. NOw im completely up to date with service packs with office 2k, and my os is patched as well. and I do have virus protection and did a online scan with trendmicro housecall and everything came up clean. what else could cause this type of problem?

A:Office 2000:Word 2000

The first thing I would suggest is to get a clean default template. It cures most Word problems and is the easiest to do.

Enable the viewing of hidden and system files.
Do not have Word running.
Search for and delete all occurrences of the "normal.dot" file.
There must be at least one, if you find none, you have not enabled the viewing of hidden and system files.

When you next run Word, a new "normal.dot" file will be created.

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Two issues in one.
Excel , when launched it spikes up to 85-90% cpu making the application unusuable. Now i have ran virus scans, spyware scans, and also reinstalled office 2000. word 2000 once you open the program it constantly refreshes itself....

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I an new to all of this and have been slowly figuring out the things I need but I am stumped on a few issues.

I am revamping a Access 2000 datafile that I got from a friend. I have made all the changes I need in my form but have the following problems. I have an autonumber field on the form. I want to reset the number to an number other than 1 or 0. I also want it to increase it by 1 rather than a random number for each new record. None of the books I have seen discuss how to rest the number to a number that I want to start at.

Also I put a text box in between the autofield label and autofield box. I put a "K-" in this box. I wanted it to be like a prefix for the autonumber when the form is printed. The "K-" is there in design mode but when I switch to form mode, some other characters are in the box. I do not know where they came from. When I switch back to design mode, by "K-" is back in place. How go I fix this.

My Access datafile is set up to print the form. Then I want to go to Word and use the information in the fields to merge into various documents. If I open a document and do one merge, then Word sort of freezes. When I go to open another Word document, the open file screen is set for data files rather than Word "docs" and it will not let me open a regular Word doc. I have to back out of Word, restart it and then I am okay. I heard there was some similar problem in Acess 97. Is this the same problem. How can I fix this?

Than... Read more

A:Access 2000 and Word 2000

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I have Word 2000 SP3 [ part of Office 2000 SB ] installed.

One of my correspondents sends me documents created with "Word 10 for

When I try to open the document, I receive a choice of file types which my
Word 2000 can convert, but Word 10 for Macintosh is not listed.

I have downloaded all Office 2000 critical updates and all conversion that I
can find at
http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/officeupdate/CD010225831033.aspx ;

Please help.



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Just bought a new tablet pc which came with the newest version of of Word. i am using files created on this laptop with other pc's running word 2000. When i create files on this new laptop i need to save them down to the previous version in order to access them from the other laptops and pc's. Also, I don't really like the new interface, and would prefer to use the older one. Is this possible??

A:Solved: Can you set MS Word to look like Word 2000?

There is a third party transformation pack, but I wouldn't recommend using it. The best thing to do is just learn how to use Office 2007.

To save files as Office 97-2003 files, just click the file menu (the very top left button), go to Save As and click the arrow to the right of it, then click on (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc.) 97-2003 Document.

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Word Processing Help.
I have Windows ME and have made a list of my collection of stamps as a WORD Doc. I now want to amend this list/s with Catalogue numbers, values,etc but find that when I enter new tab positions to enter these extra details these tab positions change without apparent reason. Suggestions on where I can get a short course (or read about) word processing.


A:Word Processing with MS Word 2000

My suggest:

Do it in a table instead.

Turn your show hide button on.
It looks like a backward P on your toolbar.
Then, Insert-Table and tell it how many columns you want, and just choose 2 rows for now.

In the first row, type your column headings and bold them. In the second row, put your first item. When you hit tab within a table, it will:

a) take to you the next cell to the right
b) create a brand new row for you if you're already in the last cell of the table

Select JUST the text (not the backward Ps at the end of each of your lines, and not the arrows, which represent tabs) and then click and drag them into the appropriate cells of your table.

To get more rows, click in the last cell of your table and hit tab until you get the number of rows you want to work with for now.

If you've got TONS and TONS of items already tabbed the way you previously described, send me your file, and I'll hook you up with the tables in about 5 minutes. But it would take me an hour to tell you how to do it.

[email protected]

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Hi, I prepare large reports in word 2000 live linked excel 2000 data and charts. The documents are fine on screen, but when printing the charts become badly corrupted. If I break the links before printing, the document prints fine.

I suspect it's a memory problem, but the system seems to have plenty available.

Thanks for any suggestions, ...C

A:print corruption using links in excel 2000/word 2000 when using links

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I am using word 2000 and printing to a HP laser printer. The problem is the the word document
is split into two sections becasue I want to print one section as Landscape and the other section
as Portrait. The first section is Landscape and the section below it is set for Portrait. The problem
is that when I print the document, the Landscape prints fine but the section set for portrait has
the font stretched and looks nothing like arial or courier or any other font. No matter what font
I change to for the portrait section it always prints like the letters are stretched. Have any ideas
on how I can make this print the way I want it too?

A:Printing problem (Windows 2000, Word 2000, printing to HP laser

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I wish to remove a program from the startup, but do not want to delete the program. How can I do this easily? With 98there was a simple command, but it won't wok with 2000.


A:win 2000 startup menu

You could install msconfig in win 2k and simply disable it under the startup tab.


Alternately, you could delete the registry entry for it. Most startups are located in


some will be in the RunServices key.

You can delete an entry in the Right hand pane by right clicking onit and deleting it.

I would strongly encourage you to use msconfig though.

... and welcome to TSG...

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I'm using Access 2000...

My Menu Bar isn't working correctly. When I go to "File >> Get External Data" nothing happens. The "Import" or "Linked Tables" options doesn't appear.

The only way for me to get it back is for me to "customize" the menu, create a new menu from the commands, and create my own "Get External Data" option. However, it only applies to "that" respective database.

Kindly let me know what I have to do so the "Import" and "Linked Tables" are there automatically as they should be (for all new databases).

Note: I created a number of databases in which I created a Custom Menu and removed the "Get External Options" section. I'm not sure if that caused the problem...

A:Access 2000: Menu Bar

Any recommendations for this?

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Does any one know how to put the list in the Control Panel expanded menu in order?.
I am using Win 2000 Pro.

Thanx in advance

A:windows 2000 menu

I don't understand what list you mean, and what order you want it in. Are you referring to the icons in Control Panel?

Click on View, and you will see you can have 4 different views (Large Icons, Small Icons, List, Details). If you select Details, it will let you view 2 columns (Name and Comment). Clicking on the title bar will allow you to arrange the icons in Alphabetical or reverse alphabetical by either column.

Below them you will see Arrange Icons with an arrow to the right, meaning the folder expands that way. You can select to arrange the icons by Name or Comment.

If these methods are not what you are referring to, then please clarify what you want to do.

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I have a computer to fix and it's not cooperating with me! This is what happens when you don't keep up... anyway, the admin/main user profile is saying 'access denied' when loading, and it takes you to a default screen. Also, I can't access IE, I get the same message when trying to surf. The start menu is also not responsive - it highlights, as if it should pull up the menu, but it doesn't. IF I boot up in safe-mode though, everything is fine! I managed to backup the documents and settings folder, and the profile to a different folder in case I need to do anything drastic. The person I got it from said that McAfee found a virus but only found where it was after he disco'd from the internet - found it in documents and settings and the only option was quarrantine. He did that, not realizing it would quarantine the entire folder! Oops. I looked in the quarantine folder for McAfee and there isn't anything listed. I can't believe it's a win 2000 problem though, since all is fine in safe-mode?! In running Ad-Aware SE just now, McAfee detected a virus, but it hasn't been plugged into the net so it must be the same one. Suggestions are useful, I can post a hijack-this log if necessary.

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HI everyone,

I have a question about this project I am working on.. I want to put 10 application in one database. So I can have one Menu with 10 buttons and when click on one an specific application will open. Right now all this application are on a different databases.. We do have split the databases to back and front ends.
I tried to leave the application like that and just have a menu application so when they click a button I direct them to the database but then another access will open and ask for password so everytime they click a button it will open access and asked for a passwords kind of annoying. That's why I wanted to just move all the forms, queries, reports, etc to one database.
It that would be okay or there is a simple way to do this. I would appreciate any suggestion you may have.


A:Access 2000 startup menu

AMD, there are a couple of ways to tackle this, you could bring all of the Objects (tables, queries, forms and reports) in to one database by simply "Importing" them, however you would have to reset the various "Relastionships" between the tables.
You could bring all of the Queries, Forms and Reports in to on database (front end) and leave the tables where they are and "Link" to them in the new database.
If the database are connected in any way, say by using common Parts, or Customers or Suppliers then in the long term it would be better to Import everything in to one database and then "Rebuild it" taking advantage of those "commonalities" to reduce the number of tables, queries, forms and reports.

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