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GB requirement for editing cam DV movie

Q: GB requirement for editing cam DV movie

I plan to edit movies from my cam DV. I like the HD Western Digital Raptor 36GB 10 k rpm ( fast...), but if I load my windows XP pro on that drive it will take a good slice of that 36 GB. what is left would be enought to load my movie & edit it?

Preferred Solution: GB requirement for editing cam DV movie

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: GB requirement for editing cam DV movie

Two things:
1. YOu dont want to load video onto the same drive that houses your applications--you want a seperate capture drive just for video.
2. Don't waste your time or money on the 10,000 rpm drive. It will make no difference in terms of quality or reliability when editing DV. Also, 36 gig's is nothing when it comes to video. Get yourself a large 7200rpm 8mbcache drive--they are cheap these days.

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i want to know how to play a video or display an image, within another video(like in the news channel where you have the newsreader on one side and some clippings or another video in a small display in the right)..
also, i wish to know how to add circles or arrows within a video (to bring the viewers attention to a particular point in the video)
currently i'm using avs and windows movie maker..
(if you know any other editor with which i can carry out the above actions easily, please mention)
i cant install pro cs5 since its system requirements are way too high..i'm running windows xp(32 bit)..duo core processor..1gb ram..
i need a free-ware(or atleast a trial) that could do the job..

A:Solved: Help in video editing(movie in movie effect)

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I have an avi movie taken with my Optio S4 camera, and would like to "enhance" the image. The movie is slightly dark, and I'm wondering if there is an editing software for avi files like there is for jpg files (Photoshop for example) where you can change things like backlighting, colors, focus, etc...

A:Editing an avi movie

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I dont know if anyone has seen redvsbue (Redvsblue.com) but it is a machinima series where they use capture cards to record gameplay from an xbox, I was wondering if anybody knew an editing program that allow you to like cut the vieable area of the video like cut the top half of so you dont see the top of what i recorded

A:Movie Editing

Use Virtualdub. It lets u do anything thats possible to do to a video. use this site to search for it: www.filemirrors.com

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I shoot and edit my own movies, and am pretty good at it. However, I only use Window's Movie Maker to edit, and that severely limits my imagination. I really need a software that can allow me to edit video, and also do things such as mix video, reproduce objects in the video. Also, I'd like to be able to cut out objects in the video, and add effects only to them. Thanks for any help you can provide

A:Movie Editing

Heard good things about this product:http://www.pinnaclesys.com/ProductPage_n.a...501&Langue_ID=7

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what are some programs to edit movies. Like cutting parts out and sticking them together into one short movie. Can VirtualDub do this? and does anyone know why this happens :

i try to cut peices of the movie to make a short clip (the fight scenes) and the sound is misplaced. Like If he says hi, his mouth isn't even moving and when his mouth moves it doesnt have him saying hi. Is there a solution to this?

A:Movie editing questions

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i need to make a video using bits of a dvd,
how do i convert the dvd to a wmv file?

A:help with editing dvd in movie maker

You can rip it using vob2mpg: http://www.videohelp.com/tools?tool=VOB2MPG

If it's commercial disk with protection that program will not work and you can't get any help here as it's against the forum rules to offer or ask for advice about circumventing it.

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Editing some Flip home videos on my PC. Right now I have the bundled Flip camcorder software and Windows Movie Maker for XP.

Suggestions as to any good (free) editing software available on the net? If the answer is none then could you recommend any good movie editing packages under $100? Thanks.

A:Movie Editing Software

The best free movie editor that I've found AvidWaxLivesHope that helpsRegardsDelta

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I want to blend 3 files of Motion JPEG into 1 movie file. Now I am looking for a free software to do it.

Please help.

A:I look for movie editing software

There are several on the market with the most popular one being Adobe Photoshop Elements. It has a reasonable price with a bunch of third party books making it easy to learn. There are others software packages available.

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This may not be the place to be asking, if not please let me know. I just got a camcorder and I am trying to find the best program to create movies. I want to add music, text, voice over etc. If anyone has any ideas I would greatly appreciate the help. Thank you.

A:Movie Editing Program

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Hi all.

I am a geography teacher who likes to use video clips to help students understand concepts and processes.

In the past, I would use windows movie maker to edit mpeg clips and then DVD flick to author a DVD which could then be played on any tv using a standard dvd player.

I now have windows 7, which sadly does not have windows movie maker.

I also have a copy of ulead video studeo, but find the output quality very low and not suitable for presentation purposes.

Using expression encoder I was able to clip and stitch mpeg movies but then had to export them as wmv. Now DVD flick has issues with the sound coding. It also seems a very long process of decoding and encoding. I tried windows DVD maker, which had no problems with the wmv created by expression encoder but then had difficulty writing the actual disc. Keeping in mind 26 minutes of video has now taken close to 3h to copy, decode, encode and then decode back into what ultimatley is just a vob file.

I was hoping someone can recommened a good application that can import a vob or mpeg file, allow me to clip and stitch, then export the result as a dvd without too much loss of quality.

I don't mind paying provided it is not excessive.

Many thanks

A:Solved: Editing and Authoring movie DVD's

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I am searching for a movie maker and editing system that would suit a sony handycam HDR-SR1E

Thanks Dooko

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Windows XP.
I want to edit an Mpeg 'read only' dvd burnt with Nero, my son has deleted the files on his computer. Using Anydvd to remove 'read only' I copied the files to My videos but Windows Movie Maker can't find file, which was untitled. Renaming with various file extensions did not help. Using UltraISO, there is a file mycd.ISO in My Videos; and with SoftDisc 1.6, a file I managed to name, but none of the file names are acceptible.
So the original files are Mpeg but I now have ISO copies. This is a once only operation so I will not be looking to buy programmes.

A:Editing a 'read only' home movie

The only way I know of is to have a program that will capture the movie and encode it back to MPEG so that you can have it on your computer. You can download a program on a trial basis so you don't have to buy it. Go to the link stuck at the top of this forum (the one I did) and download U-Lead Disc Creator. That will capture from DVD and encode to MPEG.

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Everytime i open my WMM (Windows Movie Maker) It says Windows Movie Maker has encountered a problem and needs to close. So im asking wats the best freeware Movie editing program that i can do the same stuff on. Or if you can tell me how to fix WMM without having to buy something.

A:Freeware Movie editing program

The best freeware is VirtualDub:


There also VirtualDubMod which has some extra bits and pieces I believe.

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What is a free movie editing program that has the capability to reverse a clip?
Im using a PC not a mac.

Please Help Me


A:What is a free movie editing program that has...

What Format is the movie in. Try VirtualDub for AVI (I haven't tried the latest version yet, it may have other support now)

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I'm making a movie for World of Warcraft and I have a few questions regarding Windows Movie Maker. I use fraps to record and Windows Movie Maker to edit. Is there a way you can disect a fraps recording with Windows Movie Maker? I want to be able to take a certain part of a recording out and use it, instead of the whole recording. Also, I would like to use music from my CD's, in the video, but when I try to import them to the movie it says they're copyrighted. Is there anyway I can use these songs without having to illegally download them from something like Kazaa?

A:Editing with Windows Movie Maker

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I have four different files that are all the same footage. Each file is about 100MB, and the original file was 400MB. It was split so that it could be transferred across the Internet easier.

Anyway, I am looking for a program that would let me join the four movies back up. I'd also like the program to be able to let me cut particular segments out of the footage, if possible.

I'd prefer a free program, but anything that does that and does a good job would be great.

Any ideas?

A:Editing And Joining Movie Files

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I'm having trouble editing video files from my Canon HF R100 camcorder.

First of all, is there any way to make it so that the videos record in .avi or .wmv format?

If not, what is the easiest way to edit them in Windows Movie Maker? When I try to edit them, movie maker lags and a green screen flashes on the video in the preview.


A:Editing .MTS files in Movie Maker

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I'm currently running Windows XP Pro. The only thing I've always been jealous of about Mac is iMovie, as it is the best movie editing software, no doubt. However, lately I was looking for a Windows alternative. I've found Corel VideoStudio and Adobe Premier Elements (paid), but I can't afford them and I don't want to use software cracks.

I looked at Avidemux and VirtualDub, but both seem to have different interfaces from iMovie (no timeline). So I looked a little further for some movie editing software for Windows I could get for free. I found:

Avid FreeDV
Does anyone have any experience with those? I'd like to see a comparison.

Thank you,

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Can someone suggest some good freeware by which i can cut & join various formats of movie clips?

A:Software for editing movie files

For AVI, virtualdub or its clones are pretty good, and for mpg streams, tmpgenc works well and supports quite a few types with the right plugins and/or viewers installed. Neither one will allow you to join differing types that I can recall, but if you convert the streams to the native format of the encoder, then you can join multiple parts.

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Hi, could somebody direct me to an easy to understand Movie editing software package? I am currently using Nero Vision Express 3 and have tried Ulead 5. Both are a little beyond my scope (and time) of understanding......... Thanks in advance..

A:Solved: Movie Editing software (simple!!!)

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Yeah. I'm pretty new here, so I hope I am not doing anything wrong.

I am working on a little movie about my family. I have a few movie files on my computer that I want to include in it. But in them, I don't want to include the whole file. Is there a way where I can just include part of a movie clip, or cut part of a movie clip?

For example, if I have a movie/video that is 4 minutes and 3 seconds. Is there a way for me to just use the second minute, or from 2 minutes and 30 seconds to 3 minutes and 1 second?

A:Editing Movies In Windows Movie Maker

That is what moviemaker is all about. It would be a bit of a mission to talk you through using it but start by importing the clip you want and then double click it so that it plays in the preview pane. One of the tools under the preview pane splits the clip into two and then its really a matter of lots of practice dragging the clips to the timeline and then playing back what you have created. You really have to dedicate a fair bit of time using the help files, but its worth the effort.

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I have a film class at my school so i need to make a few films and i need some editing software and a video camera. I need them both to be affordable but i also need them to work and i dont want to have to buy a new video camera in a few months. Is windows movie maker any good? i want sofware that isnt too hard to use but i also want to have alot of options and be able to learn how to do new things and not have too many limitations and also be cheap. any ideas/ reccomendations?

im leaning towards digital8 or minidv. digital8 cause i have a hi8 camera already and i hear they are cheaper than minidv. minidv cause i think its better quality? any reccomentdations?

i woudl appreciate any other ideas for filmmaking? books, equipment, websites that can help me, anything...

Thanks everyone.

A:Solved: movie making/ video editing

If you're going for the dvd/mpeg option it's worth bearing in mind mpeg takes longer to edit than avi/dv. WMM is a very basic editor, and there's no good freebie's but this one isn't too bad http://www.thugsatbay.com/tab/?q=zweistein_download. Sony's Movie Studio is one of the best paid for http://www.sonycreativesoftware.com/products/vegasfamily.asp
These sites will give you all the info you need http://www.videohelp.com/tools.htm http://www.cspry.co.uk/links/video_digital_2.html

Good luck.

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I'm trying to figure out how to remove parts of a video clip. I can remove from the beginning to a certain point, or from the end to a certain point. but I cant seem to remove anything in the middle where I need to

or does WMM simply not do this and I need to use something else?

A:editing video using windows movie maker

For removing a spot in the middle cut it where you want to start your edit, you'll have two thumbnails in the storyboard. Move the slider to where you want to end your edit and cut it again, you'll now have 3 thumbnails in the storyboard. Right click the thumbnail in the middle and select delete.

Try switching it to timeline mode, it might be a little more intuitive.

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I am using a sony DCR-DVD403 to record home movies. I am trying to use Adobe Premiere Ver 2 to edit the movies but am receiving some type of error at exactly the same spot in the DVD, different DVD's hang in different spots but each DVD replicates its hang in exactly the same spot as before. I tried nero recode but finding it hanging also in the same spot. I tried DVD shrink with the same hang. I am assuming that the DVD's have a glitch in the recording process. How can I get around these error spots to import the material and then edit? I am running XP and am using a sony 820 burner. Ken

A:Trouble editing 3.5" home movie DVD's

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I recently got Windows Movie Maker (the one that you can't get on Windows 7). And while I'am glad I have that back; I've heard about, and seen some from what, of two programs that I want to know more about from those who probably know alot about them, and might've used them, and the two programs I'm referring about are: Magix Movie Edit Pro (12), and a video editing program called Vegas.

\Does anyone know anything about them? They are really good, where could I get them? And if they are two programs that of the same thing, which is better from the two, and compared to Movie Maker?


A:Movie Editing Programs: Magix and Vegas

Vegas is a great program for editing. It is very user friendly and makes things easy on you visually, meaning you can see whats going on easier than in movie maker. I recommend premiere or avid if you are really looking into editing, however. these two are top of the line software packages for editing.


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Hello all,

Well a few of my buddies and I are doing a project for school, and we have a lot of video footage that we have to make into a film for this project. I happen to be the "tech" in the group so I am in charge of putting all the footage together and adding subtitles, transitions, voice over's etc. Basically I am asking for recomendations of any good programs that would help me put a good movie/project together. I will admit I am quite new to the video area of computing, but I fell once I play around with it I can easily get it done. Any recommendations you have are highly appreciated, even if it is shareware we will purchase a copy of it if it is a great program and easy to use. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. Hope to hear from you soon!

Thanks again,

A:Need A Good Movie Making/editing Program

Adobe Premiere Elements from $65 to $113http://www.google.com/products?q=Adobe+pre...=4&ct=titleScreenblast Movie Studio (I use this one, it's old, but works well.)http://www.sonycreativesoftware.com/buy/softwareVegas Movie Studio $54 to $109http://www.sonycreativesoftware.com/dl/dl.aspx?dwnid=117Archsoft Showbiz 2 (I also use this one)(comes bundled with HP DVD burners) $99http://www.arcsoft.com/products/showbiz/Nero Vision has a great choice of menu's, but always crashes on me, so I can't recommend it.Most of these have free trials.DVDflick is free but limited.Windows Movie MakerWax ??? (Not a true video editor)If your looking for free video editors, and find one that works, please let us know.

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I'm in the process of making a television show...and i would like to know what the best video editing program there is, as in ease of use and amount of power and professionalism it has

my specifications are below

So far i've heard of Adobe Premiere, Avid Express, Pinnacle, and Canopus...

any other suggestions, or the best out of those would be great !


A:In the midst of making a show, what movie editing program is the best?

Get and learn Adobe Premier. A fine app and you will find tons of tutorials to help you.

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I am trying to edit a .mov video in windows live movie maker. I was able to do it 2 days ago but after downloading an update for windows live I am no longer able to. I am not even able to open the files I opened with it 2 days ago. Cant find any answers on the web and the microsoft website says that .mov files are supported.

Any help or advice would be appreciated.

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I have the following wish: I want to display a smaller-sized video clip inside a certain area of the main video clip.

How can I make it possible, that the smaller video clip (720x543) shows at the lower edge of the bigger main video clip (720x576)?

A:Adobe Premiere: Video Editing: Small Movie in Frame

I don't know if Premiere Elements is a good analog or not so disregard this if its wonky. Place the larger video on track one in Timeline view. Place the smaller clip on track 2 at the point you want it to appear.

Go into the Motion control in properties (or drag the motion control to properties if its not already there) while the video in track 2 is highlighted. You can adjust position and scale of the overlay clip there. You can also just grab the clip in the preview/monitor window and drag the clip to the position you want it to be in.

Hope that helps, let me know if the controls are completely different in Premiere so I don't give the same advice.

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I would like to know that is there any alternative software that is related to Windows Live Movie Maker? Because my PC is unable to run Live Movie Maker (i.e. it's GPU is not optimized to work with it). Please reply ASAP.

A:Alternative video editing software to Win Live Movie Maker?

Good a place as any to start

Tools - Video software and downloads - VideoHelp.com

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What is a free or cheep movie editing program that has the capability to reverse a clip?

A:What is a free or cheep movie editing program that can reverse a clip?

What AGAIN???????

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What is a free or cheep movie editing program that has the capability to reverse a clip?
Im using a PC not a mac.

Please Help Me


A:What is a free or cheep movie editing program that can reverse a clip?

closing duplicate

respond here... http://forums.techguy.org/t350108.html

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Some searching through google, "alternativeto", YouTube, for video and audio editing or recording software, FREEWARE, showed BandiCam, Screencast-o-matic, Audacity, and I've been aware of Windows Movie Maker.
I would like to be able to make audio adjustments and audio changes to a few screencast videos.  I do not really undestand Audacity; but tried learning it many years ago.  I am absolutely not confident nor comfortable with learning Movie Maker; I am not sure how to handle Bandicam, having tried it briefly many many months ago.  I am comfortable with and have used Screencast-o-matic, the free downloadable version, a few times, and it was fairly easy to learn and to use.  I would just like to learn and use something a little bit more clever than Screen-cast-o-matic, and to edit or make changes to some video recordings.  FREE/FREEWARE wanted.

A:Video editing or including audio editing or recording

Hey, cafejose! I have used Movie Maker before. It is not that difficult in fact. And for freewares, then you can see some recommendations of ShowMore. This is a newly-built website that I am very fond of and I get quite a lot help from its application. I always take it to record Skype calls but I think it can also solve your problem here. For more alternatives, I advice you to take these free recording tools introductions for your reference.

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I need help knowing if my Rosewill 750W 80 plus gold will be enough power to overclock both gtx780 ti Superclocked and the new i7 4790k that is coming out. Also, does it mean they are overclocking the hardware when they say, "full load"? Here are some sites I found with wattage use:

A:PSU requirement

I would say no.

The 12 volt rail on your psu is 62 amps.

One evga gtx780 ti requires 42 amps on the 12 volt rail.

Full load means the gpu is at maximum usage without overclock.

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how i add a file that i made from windows movie maker in the movie factory wheni try to pen it says file mismatch

And another question can anybody tell me how to speed up the burnin process with moviefactory ,, i know it goes to 1X to 16X speed ....it says mine was wriong at like 6.4 speed

A:Solved: burning a windows movie maker file to ulead movie factor 4.0

??????anybody know

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I am creating some slideshow scenes to import to DVD Maker from Live Movie Maker.

Each scene starts with a 'title' frame so it would be easy to identify on a dvd menu. I have done all the 'scenes' and all but two saved correctly as .wmv files with the title frame showing as the thumbnail for the file. The fifth scene did not use the title frame but the first photo and the last scene actually skipped to the ninth frame instead (neither will work to identify the photos in that scene for my dvd menu).

The scenes are different sizes - that doesn't seem to matter since smaller and larger ones are saving the way I want. I keep looking for a 'glitch' but can't find anything different between the ones that saved correctly and the ones that didn't.

I used the same camera so all the photos are the same - I am using the default settings in Live Movie Maker so all the settings are the same.

Any ideas?

Why would Live Movie Maker use the first photo rather than the first frame? Did I press a key that set that up?

I tried starting the save with the cursor at the beginning or at the end - it jumps to the beginning each time. I tried those photos by using just one photo with one title frame - that didn't work, I added two title frames - that did work, but when I added more photos it jumped the the ninth frame which had a title frame in front of it.???

By the way, I did upload the file into dvd maker to see if it showed the titl... Read more

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When I go to publish a movie I have made in WMM, the bottom half of the screen is green.

I found this helpful article:


But when I un-tick the "X-vid" option in WMM, the movie still publishes with a green bar. Can anyone help?

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I have a valid .wmv file that I need to put into a movie maker project. It plays fine in media player.

When I attempt to import it into a project, I receive a message, saying that
<blockquote>The file C:\Documents and Settings\...\My Videos\russian.wmv is not indexed and cannot be imported.</blockquote>

I have verified that the indexing service is turned on, and even left my computer idle for extended periods, because my settings for the indexing service say that indexing occurs during idle periods.

I have the file set to allow itself to be indexed.

I am not sure whatelse to do. The only other strange behavior which I cannot explain is that fact that when I view my videos folder in thumbnail view, only this .wmv does not get a thumbnail. I am not sure exactly what to do. Any help is appreciated!

I am running windows xp home sp1, with all current patches installed...1.9 ghz pentium 4, 512 mb of ram, also logged in under and administrator account.

A:(Resolved) windows movie maker 2 - movie file not indexed?

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I'm working on a joke movie as a birthday present for a friend. Unfortunately, I seem to have a problem. I'm composing a movie using something like 30-35 AVI clips, 2 BMPs, and 3 music clips (2 MP3, 1 OGG). Anyway, I've get everything all set up, the clips are strung together, I've got credits, titles, the whole shebang, but when I try to save it to my PC, it gets everywhere from 39% to 54% before seeming to stop and the time just keeps increasing. The finished movie will be something like 94 MB, and it's over 11 minutes long. Does anyone know of a way to get around this seemingly endless wait time for my movie to finish saving?


A:Solved: Windows Movie Maker: Never Ending Movie Creation

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I use a flip ultra to make videos to publish to YouTube, so I first download my flip videos to realplayer once I plug in my flip. Then, I send my specific videos I want to my realplayer library. After, I convert it to wmv generic in winFF converter. Finally, I take the wmv videos from my folder I sent it to into my windows movie maker, When I'm done making the video, I "save movie file" to be able to publish to YouTube. However, it says it cannot save to the specific location. Idk what I did wrong at all! All help would be so helpful! Thanks!
(p.s it is not too large of a video)

A:Windows Movie Maker save movie file not working?

Try saving to a different location, possibly one with a shorter file path.

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Media Player can't play the movie made by Movie Maker

The PC on which the movie is edited:
A desktop with Windows 7 Pro. 64b.

The movie Media Player can't play:
Video taken by smart phone and edited into a 2-minute movie by Windows Movie Maker. Both video and audio play well when it is PREVIEWED before saving the movie. But it plays ONLY THE AUDIO without any picture but a black screen if the edited movie is saved.

How to make it that can be played properly by media player?


A:Media Player can't play the movie made by Movie Maker

How are you saving the new Movie? What file extension?

Does the video play before any editing is done?

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So my windows movie maker 2007 wont save my edited video that took me a long time to edit to my computer. I Need to save it on my computer in order to upload it on youtube. All My files were converted into wm

It will start saving and after 10% it says your movie was not successfully saved...
Please verify the original source files in your movie are still availablethe saving location is available and there is enough free disk space

Please help me thanks A lot

A:Windows Movie Maker wont let me save The Movie File

Hi and welcome to TSF see if the suggestions here can help How do I use custom settings to save videos? - Custom settings

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I have Acer 5611 WLMI Laptop, Intel Core Duo, T2050, 1.66GHz (FSB: 533MHz), 15.4TFT, WXGA Crystal Brite, 1024MB DDR II RAM (2x 512), 80GB (5400rpm) HDD, Super Multi DVD-RW Double Layer, 6-cell Lion, 56K modem, Wired & Wireless Lan 802.11a/b/g, 128MB shared Grafics.

I want to know, can my laptop run window 7 after upgrade to 2gb / 4gb RAM. To run window 7, which one is recommended 2GB or 4GB RAM?

Thanks for your all the help in the regard.

DS Negi

A:minimum Ram requirement for win 7


theres a free download to see if your pc is ready for win7.. http://www.microsoft.com/windows/win...uirements.aspx

good luck

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OS: Windows 7 Ultimate x64
CPU: AMD Athlon 7750 x2
GPU: Nvidia GeForce 9500gt
HDD: Seagate 1TB

Hi guys.
I am planning to upgrade my graphics card and buy a Nvidia GTX 650. On their site I saw it needs a 400W power supply. I currently have a 450W power supply. Do I need to change the PSU or will it suffice for the new card?
Thanks in advance.

A:PSU requirement for Nvidia GTX 650

I would go with a 600 to 650 watt

That should secure good power and some headroom to Oc the card and Cpu if need be

Newegg.com - CORSAIR Enthusiast Series TX650 V2 650W ATX12V v2.31&#47; EPS12V v2.92 80 PLUS BRONZE Certified Active PFC High Performance Power Supply

These are sturdy and give great stability

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how much hard drive memory does a W7 64-bit pro take up?


A:W7 64-bit Memory Requirement

Hello Jimlau,

Minimum requirements for 64-bit Windows 7 is 20 GB + whatever you plan on installing or saving to it.

Hope this helps,

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