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Accidental Format of Drive G - did i loose anything crucial?

Q: Accidental Format of Drive G - did i loose anything crucial?

My 6 year old laptop running Windows 7 is out of warranty, so here i am seeking help as i am not very computer literate. All i need to know is how many partitioned drives came with my HP laptop. My niece was playing on my laptop without my knowledge and had accidentally formatted Drive-G... i know this much, that Drive-C is my main drive, and Drive-D is the recovery drive to restore my laptop... But what is Drive-G which is only about 101 MB in size? ... does it contain any crucial operating files or data that i need to restore back on to the G-drive, or can i ignore the lost data on Drive-G? I have never added any partitions to my laptop as that is beyond my ability. I tried using a free Data Recover software, and it identified about a couple of hundred files with 6 different types of file extension such as: f0020856.regf0021056_bootvhd.dkkf0021248_mediag.exe.muif0081920_bootresf0051186.dbff0081546.ttf Is this a virtual drive, a casche drive, or....? Can i ignore what was lost, or do i need to be concerned to pay for the Data Recovery software to restore those lost files? Thank you guys in advance for your help.

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Preferred Solution: Accidental Format of Drive G - did i loose anything crucial?

I recommend downloading and running DRP. It's a recovery tool that has been proven to recover files that most other programs have no luck with. I've even recovered files from freshly formatted or partitioned drives.

You can download it direct from this link http://goo.gl/v51TwD. (This link will automatically start a download of DRP that you can save to your computer.)


So I accidentely fast formated a drive in my disk managment (I actually formated the wrong one)

But when it formated it had checked that it makes a backup in case of recovery of data... but I have no idea where the backup is and how to restore it?

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Long story short, I was going to format my usb but I must have accidentally clicked on my C drive instead. Anyways, during the format of my only drive, a Samsung SSD, my computer crashed and I restarted it. I want originally worried because I thought I was formatting a 2gb usb flash drive. Afterward, my computer no longer detects my SSD in my bios. It's my SSD fried, or can I still save it?

A:accidental format of C drive

Hello and welcome iced dragoon I doubt if the drive is fried mate probably a bit confused I should say and I do hope you have data backed up.

So can you slip it into another machine and see if it is "seen" there?? If so then you can reformat and align it before doing a reinstall.
with this http://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials/113967-ssd-alignment.html

Once you have done that and the drive is ready then you can use this if you have no media
Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7

one advantage of this is you lose all the bloatware

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hello back again this tine I accidentally formated my external drive and I want to know if ther is a recover program that will recover my drive back to same way it was before formatt thr ones i tried did not do that files are scattered and raw so is there one that will recover back to how it was before format thank you for answer

A:accidental external drive format

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Other than TestDisk, what are some other free software downloads that
a person might try to recover data from a formatted drive? The drive was
formatted by accident.

This addresses an issue form one of my previous post but I have not
had any luck with TestDisk.

Thank you,

A:Free Drive Recovery programs for accidental drive format.

Please don't post duplicate threads. If your thread is in an inappropriate forum, please report it and a moderator will move it.

Continue the problem resolution here: http://forums.techguy.org/business-applications/871411-possable-recover-formatted-drive.html

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If you format your c drive do you loose your license key for windows 7 professional? I need to know because it is an msdn licence and I don't want to loose my license.

I am doing it as the laptop has become as slow as treacle it's taking 5 minutes to load Web pages. Script pop up keeps coming up with do you want to disable script etc. Really annoying.

I have the latest ie,Firefox, and chrome. It's the same with them all done a boot time scan with Avast found a couple of viruses and malware bytes found 1malware issue. But the computer is still very slow cpu is at 100% most of the time. So I think I need to wipe it.

But will I loose my license. Thank you in advance. Paul

A:If you right click and Format your c drive do you loose your license k


No COA with a key ?

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i've had a used (eb*y) simpletech 320gb external hard drive since jan and been using it with a replacement mini b w/ dual usb male cord (also eb*y) ...i think it's worked okay (maybe there have been some subtle abnormal noises, i don't know - the other day, before anything "happened", i think i heard a sound like it kept spinning up, winding down, spinning up ...very faint and, brief)
...well, now something is definitely wrong because - i *think* the usb cable had stayed in fairly okay but now, either i've damaged the drive by keeping it plugged in for too long periods, or by accidentally pulling the cord out because... now the drive keeps disconnecting itself and will no longer be detected by my computer if the cord is disturbed at all--now so bad, i can't have it on my laptop on my lap or just ~breathing~ will cause it to disconnect. (and, thinking the cord was just loose, i tried to push it in and, THAT caused it to disconnect another time...)
i've tried to look for info about this problem before asking of you but in my situation it's the, keeping it plugged in for too long periods or accidentally disconnecting the cord, or pushing it in that time that makes me worried i've physically damaged the drive...
do you think i should try just duct taping the cord in place (but not TOO firmly) and/or a replacement cord .........or do you think i've caused something to come loose and may have really damaged the drive?
th... Read more

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Hi all,
My sister had a virus on her computer and asked me to help, i wanted to boot the pc in safemode to get rid of the virus when i noticed "HP system recovery", I thought this was the option in windows to fully recover your pc to a backup made earlier in time, but apparently this option formats the hd and reinstalls windows :/
Is there an easy way i can recover the pc entirely?
The computer is a HP pavilion computer with windows xp

A:Accidental format, help !

If you used the destructive recovery option then I do not think you will have any luck recovering any files, give it a go if you wish

The HP Recovery procedure gives you two options
A Destructive and Non-Destructive recovery.
The Non-destructive option will leave your personal documents intact

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October 2016

Hi everybody,
Like I say in the topic I can?t format my SSD#1 Crucial MX100 512GB.
Here what I try. Thanks.

Operating System: Windows 10 full updated (October 2016)
Computer: Asus Maximus Formula (buy at 2008)
BIOS: Legacy BIOS (mean no UEFI - Unified Extensible Firmware Interface)

BIOS and Windows 10 recognized the SDD#1.

1- I try Disk Management to format the SDD#1.
One with ?Quick format? option check and one with ?Quick format? uncheck.

Same result for both:
The windows message received:
?Virtual Disk Manager? (title of the windows showing the message)
The format did not complete successfully (the message)
2- For this step I just connect the SDD#1 and the CDROM
I try to boot from Windows 10 DVD installation, choose ?Install? and Windows is not able to delete the partition on the SDD#1. It is not able to create a partition neither. And sure it?s not able to install Windows 10 on the SDD#1.
3- For this step I just connect the SDD#1 and the CDROM
I try to boot from Windows 10 DVD installation, choose ?Repair?, go in command prompt and do the following:

List disk
List volume

Select disk 0
Select volume 1

Message received:
DiskPart has encountered an error: The request coul... Read more

A:Not able to format 512GB Crucial MX100 (SDD#1)

The SSD may have failed, First try updating the Firmware Crucial SSD Firmware Updates
Then download Crystal DiskInfo to tell you more about the Health of the SSD
If all else fails, post to the Crucial Forum for Better Results
And contact Crucial tech support for further inquiry

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hello everyone, I accidentally formatted my HP omen for recycling instead of a normal format. The computer gives the option to press ESC and bring up the start up menus with system recovery but when I press f11 for the recovery it doesn't do anything. It just recycles between the escape key option and the hp logo. Should I purchase a new Windows 10, put iton a usb and boot my HP from that in order to make it work again?

A:Accidental recycle format HP Omen

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So, big screw up. Couple weeks ago, I try rebooting my computer, and when it boots, it gives me an error message that one of the boot files is screwed up. And in the process of trying to fix things, I use a tool that doesn't, in fact, recover the drive to a previous state, but formats and reimages the hard drive (it's an HP laptop, so it had a separate partition to allow you to reinstall windows without benefit of an actual Windows CD)

So, mea culpa, I didn't understand what the utility was going to do. The laptop, of course, is working fine again, except that I wiped out all my files. Obviously, there's no way I'm going to be able to recover things like programs and stuff, but I did want to recover at least things like certain text files and images. I downloaded a program called EASEUS Data Recovery, which said it could restore files after format...and after running it, it did, in fact, find files that had file names that I recognized.

However, when trying to recover these files, what I find instead is that most of the file names were in there more than once...and I realized that what it was actually finding was not whole files, but file fragments (which would obviously not open by themselves). I looked on the program website, but it didn't seem to acknowledge this as being a potential issue, or how to remerge the fragments into a working file.

Does anyone have any reccomendations re programs and/or techniques for recovering these old files? Thanks in advance.

A:Recovering files after accidental format.

Sounds as though you have tried to recover the files & only got fragments of them?

Do all the parts add up to the full file or not? If not, I would suggest you are "Stuffed". Sorry

Do you have a copy on a memory stick, back up CD or HDD etc?

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I have a windows XP pro machine on which I accidentally did a "quick format" on the D drive instead of the A drive (I know' I know, go straight to bottom of class) The drive is just a second partition with data on it, thankfully nothing critical, but I'd like to get it back anyway, there doesn't appear to be an unformat command in XP which is extremely annoying as I _know_ all my data is still on the drive, does anyone know a way to do this ? It's not worth spending money on but would save a lot of downloading and hunting about on CDs.

Many Thanks,


A:School boy Error - Accidental Format


http://www.binarybiz.com/vlab/ms2-windows.php?KBID=1002&kw=undelete winxp


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The only way to stop fraudsters stealing information from old computer hard drives is by destroying them completely, a study has found.Computing magazine Which? recovered 22,000 "deleted" files from eight computers purchased on eBay.http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/technology/7816446.stm

A:Hard drive destruction 'crucial'

What about a microwave? Doesn't that fry it?

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Hi all
Santa left me one of these for XMAS.

Crucial M4 256 GB SSD drive

I've just installed it in a decent laptop (Sony VAIO with INTEL I5 cpu and 8GB RAM) .

The main difficulty was actually physically getting it into the laptop -- slots were OK but the wretched people who assembled the laptop in the first place seemed to have the screws so tight that I was afraid I'd cross the threads on the laptop case which gives access to the old HDD.

Finally after cloning the OS and booting up --- I JUST CANNOT believe the SPEED and fast response I'm getting on the laptop now.

I wish I'd installed one of these AGES ago.

If you can beg, borrow or steal one of these devices -- GO FOR IT.

It even makes using Photoshop on LARGE RAW PRO DSLR camera files a pleasure.

I use one area on the SSD as a photoshop scratch area too.

Makes my fast Desktop look like a SNAIL !!!!.

and happy new year everyone.

A:Crucial M4 256 GB SSD drive -- absolutely EXCELLENT

Jimbo, they are great, aren't they. I bought a Samsung laptop that I keep very little on. I put a 64GB M4 as a OS drive and a Vertex2 as a data drive. Restart time is 26 seconds. My Wife has now confiscated it, and it is her laptop now. I get the old one that still has Vista on it.(for now).

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A directory on our Ideacentre 70025ISH was accidental changed. It is in the Windows C: top level. It contains the following directories:boot, Drivers, efi, LangPacks, NewOS, Sources, Store, support, Updates, Work and three files:bootmgr, boomgr.efi, MediaMeta.xml If anyone knows, or could kindly check to see what the directory name should be, we would be most grateful! Thank you.  

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Hi I accidently deleted files on my Nas dive. its a LaCie Big Disk d2 1Tb (actually 2 500Gb disks inside). The programs I´ve tried for recover lost data dosent support Nas drives (only drives inside the computer itself). Any one have a sudgesstion of how I can recreate the lost data?. i use a intel computer and are running Vista Home Premium. i have Netgear DG834N wireless router with built in adsl2+ modem. Everything is cable connected and working fine. I just need the almost 2 years of work that i deleted...
I know.. incredibly stupid but the web config tool is so sluggish and i just clicked away... HELP!

A:Accidental deleting on Nas drive - Help needed

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Hi everyone,

I recently accidentally formatted a hard drive. So, I quickly install a file recovery software (EaseUS Data Recovery). Then the result shows that most of SWF files are big in size. I think that lots of my files have been converted or combine with other files. So, how do I recover my files?

A:File format changed into other format after format a hard drive

This may not be the best answer, but I would recover the files first. That is you biggest concern right now. Then try to see what you need to do to fix them.

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Hi all,

I recently replaced my standard 3.5" rotary HDD with a Crucial M4 Solid State Drive (SSD). Within a day or two of doing so, I started to have blue screen errors randomly. After checking the RAM was OK with MemTest86, I decided it was likely the HDD to be at fault and perhaps corrupting data to/from the disk. I had the drive replaced by Crucial with a brand new one. However despite never having had blue screens with my old rotary disk, I'm immediately getting BSODs again now that I've put the SSD back in. I don't know if this is just a bad coincidence or if the SSD really does have something to do with it. I've even tried changing the cable to the drive. Is it worth an OS reinstall? I'm trying to avoid this as it's my work computer and I would have a LOT of software and tools to reinstall due to being a software developer.

I've attached the minidumps (and other files recommended by the forum sticky) in case it helps.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:BSODs (various types) after installing Crucial M4 SSD drive :(

Just to add: the last BSOD occurred overnight during a scheduled disk defrag (forgot this was enabled - probably not necessary to defrag an SSD?), but they can occur randomly when just browsing the internet (little disk use).

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I boght Crucial P1 SSD NVMe Drive it seems it is very long drive to fit in the back where I found a slot. Does this drive is not compatable? Do I need a short m.2 drive? Is it a wrong drive I bought? 

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I am a computard and i was messing with stuff i shouldn't have been and i erased my floppy disk drive from existance. I was hoping someone would know how i can make my computer re-download it. thank you

A:accidental removal of floppy disk drive

Your description is a bit confusing.
- Is the floppy drive completely missing from the My Computer list?
- Did you accidentally erase all the files from a floppy disk and need to recover them?

What exactly does "messing with stuff" mean?

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I've spent my whole day trying to figure out what is going on with this to no avail
What I've Done:
Installed Windows 7 ultimate 64-bit OS on Crucial M4 drive that was acting up and freezing
Continued freezing after installing drivers, stable for 10-30mins then freeze, requires hard reset every time
updated FW to 000F as recommended, same deal
swapped ports with platter drive, same deal
took drive in to where I bought it from, they said all stress tests etc went fine

Pretty much at my wits end. I'm fairly convinced its nothing else since I am running on the seperate mechanical drive fine. ANY suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

Specs as follows:
Acer Aspire 8943G-5636
Intel Core i3-350M processor @ 2.26GHz, 3MB L3 cache
ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650
8GB memory
500GB Western Digital mechanical HDD
128GB Crucial M4 SSD

A:Crucial M4 drive freezing after 000F firmware update


Have you tried power-cycling your system yet?

Try doing a power cycle of the SSD. The following steps should be carried out and take ~1 hour to complete.Power off the system.
Remove all power supplies (AC adapter then battery for laptop, AC adapter for desktop)
Hold down the power button for 30 seconds to close the circuit and drain all components of power.
Reconnect all power supplies (battery then ac adapter for laptop, ac adapter for desktop)
Turn on the system and enter the BIOS (see your manual for the steps to enter the BIOS)
Let the computer remain in the BIOS for 20 minutes.
Follow steps 1-3 and physically remove the SSD from the system by disconnecting the cables for a desktop or disconnecting the drive from the junction for a laptop.
Leave the drive disconnected for 30 seconds to let all power drain from it.
Replace the drive connection(s) and then do steps 4-8 again.
Repeat steps 1-4.
Start your computer normally and run Windows.
See if that helps.

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Hi really sorry if this is the wrong place but need help.

I was adding a new drive to my PC's storage spaces only due to it being from and old laptop it had the reserved OEM partition so windows refused to add it, I went and used a partition software to delete all partitions on the drive so I could add it only as it was the same size and make as one of the other drives already in my storage space i stupidly chose the wrong one.

As you would expect the Storage space Pool failed and the dis was marked as disconnected only its not its there but had it table deleted. I have been googleing all night and have yet to find a way to repair this yet I know its there cos using the software from ReclaiMe Storage Spaces Recovery Software it detects the pool and can see all the stuff on it bit dosn't have and option to repair just recover I don't want to do this as it the the lack of space that caursed this

I have gone through the powershell route and have managed to change the drive from "Retired" to "Auto-Select" but am still not able to get the pool to repair of work.

someone said use testdisk but this finds the partition but its listed as "unknown" to I cant retrive this what am I missing?!?!?!
Thanks so much for any help on this

A:Accidental partition deletion on storage space drive.

I've had success with this one: Free Partition Recovery Software, Deleted Partition Recovery, Hard Disk Recovery, Free Disk Partition Recovery, Active Partition Recovery Software, NTFS Partition Recovery, Recovery Partition, Drive Partition Recovery, Hard Drive Partition Recovery T

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Hi my advent monza t100laptop was turned off by my grandson shuting down and when I turned it back on I get aptio setup utility on screen and been told lost harddrive can I use my advent vsta harddrive and ry that in monza t100thanks

A:Hard Drive reported as empty after accidental power off during shutdown

What is the exact error message?
If your are getting the Setup Utility, then you probably still have the HDD and it is not lost. The HDD may, however have failed.
You can create an Ubuntu Live CD and boot off of that and it will allow you to browse your C: drive. This will also confirm that you do have a C: drive still and it is not lost. Then you can save any personal files to a USB HDD.
Once you are safely backed up, you can Run the Setup Utility and restore the computer to Factory Defaults. If that fails the HDD may need to be replaced and Windows will need to be reinstalled.

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Hi,my apologizes if it's not the right forum.
Here's my problem. I turned on my laptop and heard a scratching sound for few seconds during the start up. Te sound came from near the arrows keys on the right side of the keyboard. After the startup I found the D Drive missing from my computer. I tried to refresh the drives,nothing changed. Sometime later I turned on the computer,heard the scratching sound and my d drive was back. Later when I turned it on the d drive was yet again absent. Can someone please help.

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Have "fun" with this thread good people.
Well, it did not seem too hard for me!! New computer. This morning I used both drives and now neither of them can be found in My Computer. This is a barebones no-name PC but has the MSI MS 6777 Ver1:motherboard with the XP Barton 2500+ CPU. Upon re-booting, I see the LED blinking on both drives, so lack of power is not the problem. I need to install some drives with the disk that came with the PC but cannot. I can not access any web site because all I get is "this page cannot be displayed" or whatever. This morning I downloaded Spybot S&D, Adaware and SpywareBlaster. I ran these later this A.M. and removed several tracking cookies; etc. I just now ran Spybot and came up the a DSO(NOT DOS) Exploit and upon re-running the program the DSO returns.
Another thing, Network Neighborhood does not have any Adapters or Protocols and I am pretty sure they were there this A.M. Can't remember what those were now. Will appreciate someone posting what should be in NN. I am posting this using the IBM computer and the new computer is the "hoped for" replacement for the AMD in my signature.
Everest shows the heat to be 34c(93F) for the MB and 39c(102F) for the CPU while sitting pretty much idle. As usual, TIA.

A:Is it easy to loose a DVD and CDR drive

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Hello everybody,

I have recently come across a delicate problem.
I was taking out a disk drive from an older pc to put it into a new one
the new one would not recognize it...i tried a few different positions
on ide cable (grey position and black) but nothing.
i tried to install another disk drive and the pc "saw" this as new storage.
I think i found the problem....a pin on the back of the 40 pin connection
has come loose and whenever i try to fit the cable (female connector) to
the back of the drive, it seems to push the pin in.
I pull it back out with pliers and it seems to align itself, but when i fit the connector...it must pop / be pushed in....

any ideas
any assisstance is appreciated.

A:loose pin on disk drive storage

One option is to replace the IDE connector on the drive, but requires good soldering skills or a shop to do it for you. Connectors can be purchased at places like http://mouser.com or http://digikey.com

Another option is to splice a piece of 30 guage wire into the ribbon cable. Then plug the ribbon cable into the drive and solder the wire to the appropriate pad on the hard drive circuit board. This also requires soldering but not the skill needed to replace the whole connector. I have done this before to get data off of a drive. It works well if you don't mind the cable permanently attached to the drive.

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Ok i have my intact hard drive from my win98 machine which crashed awhile ago and now using vista home premium.

What do i need in usb cables or power cable etc to the loose hard drive and how does this all get fed to though the tower and then show up on the monitor so i can save my docs from win 98 to dvds or cds ?

Do you have nice easy instructions / drawings so i can do this on my own and not have to pay an outsider - thanks a bunch . . .

A:My Docs / loose Hard drive

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Hello. I had a PC, of which the motherboard fried. The PC was dismantled, so obviously now I'm using a different one. I have some of the parts, including the hard drive, but it's loose. I was wondering what would be the best/easiest method to check it and get my files off of it/see if I can still get some files off of it. I don't know about compatibility issues and such, so I don't really know where to start. Any help would be much appreciated, thank you.

A:Old, Loose Hard Drive Recovery?

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Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. This is my first post, please be gentle. I have a ThinkPad T430s. Great machine, love it to death (in addition to the following, my only complaints are the lack of a 7-row keyboard, as well as painful disassembly process). Something that has proved to be a significant source of irritation is the fact that the 9mm CD/DVD drive has a very tangible "wobble." I've heard from other people, namely individuals on these Forums and co-workers who have contacted Lenovo, that this very noticable "wobble" is normal and will not affect the operation of the drive. Even with this in mind, I have been racking my brain on a way to fill in the gap between the top of the drive and the chassis/palmrest. I was told replacing the drive with a 12.7mm CD/DVD drive would solve this issue. Does anyone have an opinion on this issue? Thank you in advance,- SharkQUIRKS, the most eccentric of Marine Life

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I have a 320GB Seagate Expansion Drive which worked fine for several months, but in the last week or so the only way I could get it to register on my computer was to push the USB plug into the port on the unit very firmly. This sometimes caused the drive to work for a while, but then later ceased to work when I let go. So, I decided to tape it place very tightly. Wrong move! The whole USB port came loose from the mother board! Is it possible to have this fixed? I have a lot of stuff on the drive I don't want to lose!!!

A:USB port loose from Seagate Expansion Drive

I'm not entirely clear on what you are describing. Are you calling an external hard drive and "expansion drive" or is the "expansion drive" a drive physically mounted in a chassis? An external hard drive doesn't have a motherboard.

If the USB port came loose on an external drive enclosure adapter you could remove the drive from the present enclosure and install it in a new enclosure if the external drive is an IDE drive or a standard SATA drive.

Posting a picture may help decipher exactly what you are describing.

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I'm running Vista SP1 on my tosh laptop but have recently spotted some files loose in the c drive folder. i dont know if something has installed itself on my comp silently.
the files are, thanks.

AILog.txt (nothing in the file)


"[InstallShield Silent]
File=Log File

Wed 05/30/2007
12:25 PM
Fri 06/01/2007
07:47 AM
Tue 06/12/2007
04:46 PM



TB.txt (this is a huge file which seems to be some kind of log, which i'll post if requested but i dont know if it has private info from my comp on it.)

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I have Dell studio 1749  with 500 GB disk drive with C and E partition, running win10.
I want to replace C-partition by ssd to have faster boot times and use old harddisk as 2nd disk in laptop.
I have bought crucial BX300 2.5 inch SSD drive and SATA-to_USB cable.(

Part description

Problem 1 : When connecting ssd drive via usb cable on laptop, for copy of date,  it does not come up, is not recognised by system, allthough blue led shines on adaptercable.
Question : is it hardware wise possible to add 2nd disk ?
On picture :  current disk indicated with red cross, i want to place in free slot (arrow).
I wonder if the interface (with pins vertical, see red circle) is ok to connect existing hard drive ?
And will I be able to connect ssd drive in existing slot ?

A:Dell Studio 1749 : replace existing hard drive with smaller Crucial BX300 2.5 inch SSD en use old harddrive as 2nd HD

You'll need the bracket and connector for the second drive -- note that the connector for the second drive is usually NOT the same as the one for the primary drive.  
This is what you need:

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I just bought this MX300 M.2 SSD (CT275MX300SSD4) from amazon, but i could not get this m910 tiny recognized in bioshow can i get this M2 worked and recognized by the Bios or i need to buy another PCIe NVMe - M.2 Internal to take advance of the M.2 slot on m910 tiny?Thank you

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Hello,  I recently had a problem with my Thinkpad S440 that I purchased 1,5 year ago. At some point it was not able to boot up for no apparent reason. As the warranty was no longer valid I had it expertised. The expertise showed that the screws on the hard drive were loose and one of them started to move inside of the laptop, causing a short circuit on the motherboard.Anyone ever had that problem ? Any idea on what I should do ?It seems to me that it is a huge problem of fabrication which I would not be able to avoid by myself... Sorry for my bad english and thank you for your answers.Cheers.  

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I'm backing up everything from my C: drive to drive F: using ntbackup, but first, I'm formatting the F: drive. For the formatting part, I want my script (simple batch file) to make it just happen--I don't want to respond to two prompts before formatting each time I run it. Any ideas?When I do this:format f: /fs:ntfs /v:"Backup_160"It prompts me to enter the volume label for this drive. Then it asks if I really want to erase the thing. I am thinking a "/Y" tacked onto the end will suppress the prompting about whether I want to erase it. What about the volume label prompt? I thought the "/v:"Backup_160"" was supposed to answer this question, but it doesn't seem to. Whether I remove the "/v:" parameter or leave it there, it always prompts. (Note that in this case, "Backup_160" was both the old and new name of volume F:; that's what I want it to always be called when I backup.)Also, what's the best way for me to overwrite the old backup file (Backup.bkf) each time with the new one, via batch file? Is this what the /T and /G switches are for--to overwrite an old backup file?Here's what I used last night:format f: /fs:ntfs /v:"Backup_160"ntbackup backup c:\ /n "Backup.bkf created 10/16/2006 at 1:08 AM" /v:yes /r:no /rs:no /hc:off /SNAP:on /m normal /j "Weekly System Backup" /l:s /f "F:\Backup.bkf"Thanks,Hotshot309

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Harddrive Lacie 250GB connected trough firewire 800:

XP says it's a RAW partition (used to be NTFS)

I have restored all the files from this drive (to another), and now I would like to reformat the drive to NTFS.

When XP tries to format it, it says ehh, " Error ..can't complete the format".

Anyone have any ida how to get past this problem:
I have Easy Reovery 6.03, Fix it utilities and more.

Any suggestions would be most welcome

System XP sp2 with all updates installed

A:PROBLEM: Xp reports RAW format, but I can't format the drive to NTFS,,,

I have run into the same problem except it is formatting 4.7 gig discs. If I find something that will help you, I will let you know. Let me know if you get a solution. It may assist me with my problem..........


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i've purchased a seagate 1TB external hard drive and need to format it in FAT32 format.

how can i go about doing this using windows 7?

A:how can i format my external HD drive into FAT32 format

Quote: Originally Posted by Waqas83


i've purchased a seagate 1TB external hard drive and need to format it in FAT32 format.

how can i go about doing this using windows 7?

Hi and welcome

um, why do you need to? there are several 3rd party apps that can but since win 7 knows NTFS, it will not format fat32. Just checked to be sure.

KEn J+

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Hello All,

I'm new to this forum seeking help for the issue below. I've searched for similar threads but all are either very old or not specific to my problem . . .

I/O Magic External USB Hard Drive (2007)
Seagate 250mb IDE
Initial problems appeared as the unit began to operate slowly, taking a long time to boot up and for folder to appear in Windows Explorer. Eventually the unit stopped working completely and would freeze up the host computer. Once the external was powered down the host computer would “unfreeze” and resume normal operation.
I attempted to determine if the external chassis might be the problem and removed the HD, mounting it as a slave in an older Dell running Windows XP (this unit had the correct IDE cabling). After correcting a “Don’t Have Permission to View Folder” error, I was able to see the drive. However, when attempting to open the drive in Windows Explorer, the drive at did not seem to respond at first. Eventually I got a pop up that said the “Drive is not formatted, do you want to Format Now?” I didn’t want to do this, so I ran Diagnostic Tools to try to Fix Disc Errors, and got the final message that the disc is in “Raw Format”, and that’s where I stopped.
This drive was a backup to the primary HD in my HP, whose motherboard died just prior to the problems detailed above. It contains ordinary personal data, but also my entire digital collection of music which I’d like to recover. I would rate my level of tech expertise abo... Read more

A:Do You Want to Format / Raw Format on External Drive

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I have a z575 with a SSD divided into a c drive and d drive. I just formatted the c drive assuming I could leave the d drive intact with the data. when I try a fresh install on the c drive with a Windows 10 disc, I get     Recovery     Your PC Device needs to be repaired     A required device isn't connected or can't be accessed.     Error Code: 0xc000000f      Press Enter to try again     Press F8 for startup settings Enter does nothing.F8 does nothing.Each time I reboot hoping to snag the dvd drive, I get immeditatly sent to the Blue screen above. Should I be able to install windows 10 to the c drive regardless of the d drive?I have been running Windows 10 with no problems other than a long lag on boot up, I think because of an old Windows 7 installation. Any insight would be appreciated!Thanks!

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I want to prepare a factory fresh drive so that I can use it to save backup images. Soon I will have a second drive that will only be used to store data files. Neither drive will ever be used for the installation of an operating system. From what I've read, I see no advantage to having more than a single partition on either drive. I know I want to use NTFS.

This should be straightforward. I'm finding it is not. I cannot formulate a search that points me to the right tutorial or thread. Either I get hundreds of options to consider or, if I try to narrow the options, no answer is found.

Please point me to the right discussion. Perhaps the answer will help others who come after me, too.



A:Format & Partition New Drive to Use as a Backup Drive or Storage Drive

Do you know how to make a partition and format a drive?

You can do it all in Windows Disk Management.

You don't need to do anything special to the drive just because it is going to store images.
Treat it like any other drive.

Format it with a single partition.

Store your image files on it. Use a folder structure if you want to---perhaps naming a folder something like "Macrium image of C partition, 060714" so you know the date of the image.

Nor do you need to use a separate drive just for image storage.

Make your images and store them like ordinary data. Back up the images just like you'd back up any other important data file. That's what they are: important data.

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I have a very straightforward question: I am running WinXP Pro on my computer and I just got an external USB hard-drive to back up my data before I upgrade to VISTA.

My internal hard drive is NTFS file system, and the external drive is FAT32. My data backed-up perfectly.

However, I understand that VISTA is NTFS only (for the drive that it's installed on, which in my case will be the internal drive). I will be installing the VISTA OS on the internal drive, and using the external drive solely for backing up data.

I don't want to back up my data externally, upgrade my PC to VISTA, and then discover that I can't access the data on the external drive.

Here's my only question: will VISTA work with a FAT32 external drive, or do I have to convert that external drive to NTFS *before* I attempt to connect it to VISTA?

awaiting your replies - I'll appreciate all the help I can get!

A:will VISTA read a FAT32 external hard drive,or do I have to format the drive to NTFS?

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format my hard drive for clean install of new windows 10 on flash drive

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Hey Guys,

I have a netbook which I want to recycle however it has been used for business purposes and I want to properly format the drive. The issue I have is that it does not have a CD drive nor does it have a working screen. I have connected the hard drive to external display and manually deleted all files from the computer but I know this is not really 'deleting' anything.

How can I format the drive from within Windows? Unfortunately I cannot get bios to display on the external display so I can not do anything from DOS or Bios simply because I can't see anything!

My latest attempt has been to use Active KillDisk to create a bootable USB however this is when I ran into the issue of the Bios and DOS not displaying, it will only display once windows has been loaded.

Any ideas?

A:Solved: Help needed to securely format hard drive - no screen or CD drive

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Hey any help would this would be GREATLY apprciated.

One of the hard drives on my pc [250gb drive , drive E:\] has about 180gb of that data inside one folder. Today I went to open the folder and the pc locked up for a second and then said that DRIVE E:\ is not formated and asked if I wanted to format it. If I select no and try to access the folder again it does the same thing. I cannot risk loosing any of the data that is inside this folder on this drive. IF anyone could try and help me access the files inside this folder I would be so appriciative!!!

Someone please help....


All other folders on the drive open just fine...

A:Folder inside drive will not open - telling me to format entire drive..

It also says that there is 0 bytes in the folder when there should be over 110gb ...

Is there any sort of program that will repair something like this...

When I right click the drive in my computer and check properties it says used space 184gb...but then when I go into the E:\ drive and select all the folders and select properties it says there is only 74.2gb used ?

The other 110gb is in that folder that I am not able to access....

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i go into device manager and i see tsstcorp cd/dvdw ts-h652m .however device is unable to play any cd ,dvd or burn.problem also with usb2.0 drive says unable to format and cannot display any files however it does work on any other pc.I would appreciate if someone can help me resolve this.this forum is great by the way I didnt know barely how to turn on pc and thanks to this forum I AM MORE KNOWLEGIBLE ABOUT PC.THANKS IN advance.

A:my disk drive tsstcorp cd/dvdw ts-h652m also usb drive says unable to format

Uninstall the cd/dvd drive from Device Manager and restart Windows.

After Windows restarts the drive will be reinstalled.

If still having issue try the solution here

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The other day i went to format a partition(called drive D) of a hard drive in dos mode. Just after i pressed enter for the format to begin i relised that in dos my partitioned drive D was actually called drive G and my other hard drive which was drive E was called D, so I was actually formatting drive E. I quickly pressed restart and once in windows tried accessing drive E but it wouldnt let me because it sais it needs to be formatted because it hasnt got a File System. Ive used getdataback to access it but I want to know if there is a way to give the drive a file system name without actually formatting it?

A:Hard drive problem.. Cancelled format now cant access drive

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