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Realtek Audio: No Audio Output Device is Installed

Q: Realtek Audio: No Audio Output Device is Installed


Im having the dreadful "No Audio Output Device is Installed" problem on my realtek audio.

It worked some months ago, but im in no position to do a roll back. Im sure the hardware is just fine, it works with Ubuntu.

The computer is a Dell Vostro 430.
My OS is win7 64bit.

I tried the newest Realtek driver suite, the recommended dell-drivers and some basic windows-drivers. Nothing makes the "No Audio Output Device is Installed" go away.

Any help is welcome.
Ive attached my sound-related reg. I believe my realtek device is 0001.

Preferred Solution: Realtek Audio: No Audio Output Device is Installed

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Realtek Audio: No Audio Output Device is Installed

The Dell driver is required, non Dell drivers will either not work or not work correctly.

First thing, is the Integrated Audio enabled in the BIOS? (F2 at boot up to enter Setup).

Second, on Dell's (and many others) if the motherboard chipset drivers were not installed, the sound device will not work. In this model there are Intel motherboard chipset drivers. Try installing them and then the Dell sound driver. Dell Drivers

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I've spent countless hours trying to fix this. It started out with me wanting to enable the "stereo mix" option and so following a youtube video I proceeded to updating the driver using device manager > update driver and after restarting, I received this error.

I then downloaded the newest driver of the manufacturer website (realtek hd audio) realtek.com and installed it. Mind you, the stereo mix option did in fact show up, although I couldn't make use of any audio since I was getting the "no audio output device is installed" error.

All this time, I can still see the mic/line-in inputs, and headphone/speaker outputs in the sounds (control panel). I have tried uninstalling, reinstalling, and using the roll-back option for drivers. Although from control panel, I managed to uninstall the sound card software for realtek. Between all of this, after any sort of install or uninstall I also restarted my computer.

I downloaded the drivers from the HP site (PC manufacturer for my comp) and the Realtek site (sound card creator) and all of them are giving me the same results.

Furthermore, I even tried the System Restore and it wouldn't work complaining about an anti-virus when all of mine are already disabled. I checked what the System Restore would affect too and nothing for my driver was in there as far as I know.

I'm really not sure what my options are now, and it's sucks not having any sound.

Please help me out! Thanks!

P.S. For ... Read more

A:"No Audio Output Device is Installed" (Realtek HD Audio)

See if Windows reports any problem devices

Make sure all your devices are connected and powered on
Click Start->Run, enter: msinfo32. Click the + sign next to Components to expand it
Click Problem Devices. Anything appear?
If yes, click on it, Ctrl-A to select all, Ctrl-C to copy it, Ctrl-V to paste into next post

Next, click Start->Run, enter: services.msc, scroll to Windows Audio, rt click Properties.
> Verify StartupType=Automatic and Status=Started

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I don't know if any of this is related, but I wanted to provide as much information as I could for you gurus to deal with. So here's what happened:

I left my ASUS K55A laptop in sleep mode. I opened the lid to wake it up, logged in, and then everything started to load really slowly. This hasn't happened before, and the computer quickly BSOD'd in that new Windows 8.1 fashion. It restarted and scanned/repaired my D drive, again in a very slow manner. It took maybe 20 minutes just to get to the login screen (as opposed to maybe a minute). I login, and again, everything's very slow. This time, I just hit the power button and reset the laptop that way, hoping it'd fix things. Unfortunately, the same thing happens. After doing this about 2 or 3 more times, each time spending about 20 to 30 minutes, I just let it run after I log in. I manage to click the "Restart" option on the side after waiting eons for it to respond to my clicks. I get it to load and it booted up normally.

Or so I thought.

My D drive was suddenly inaccessible and my little volume speaker at the bottom right had the red X beside it, saying "No Audio Output Device is Installed". I spend another billion years trying to fix my D drive, changing permissions and allowing full control, and eventually getting full access again, most likely with some unknown ramifications. I found out after that although my C drive didn't suffer from the same problem as my D drive, the C drive would keep asking me f... Read more

A:Asus Laptop/RealTek "No Audio Output Device is Installed"

From your description, I'm going to suggest what I try to avoid at all costs. Do a complete reinstall. I know its a hassle but sometimes its what is needed.

Backup your user data to some external media (USB flash drive, CD/DVD media, etc) first as the reinstall will wipe it all out. Then do the reinstall, using the recovery mode that I assume ASUS has (most PC vendors have a recovery partition on the hard drive that will allow restoring to the original factory condition).

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I am running Windows 7 Home Premium on my Dell Inspiron E1505.

I have had no problems with it for several years; however, recently my computer has booted with a red 'X' on my audio and tells me that "No Audio Output Device is Installed." I checked my Drivers and my High Definition Sound and 2 Base System Device drivers have Yellow Question Marks by them. I tried to update the drivers manually but it says Windows Cannot Find Support for your Base System Device and it says my High Definition Audio is already up to date. I have also tried uninstalling the drivers and rebooting Windows to let the system automatically search and update the drivers. This too has failed. I do not have my Windows 7 disc available at the moment to be able to do a clean install.

Any help you could give would be greatly appreciated.

A:No Audio; Driver Downloads Fail and No Audio Output Device Installed


Dell link to driver downloads. Start there for now.

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No sound.
Little speaker with the red 'x' appeared yesterday
I have gone through the whole update drivers circus to no avail, my laptop can't detect that it has speakers built in so it doesn't bother finding a driver for them.

This is where I am at:
- Intel Display Audio is the only driver installed for sound
- This means that sound works when the laptop is plugged into an HDMI
- When HDMI is not plugged in, the computer cannot find the built in speakers.
- I have Linux on this system and audio does not work there as well

I would call this a broken chipset, but the fact that the computer still processes audio with the HDMI cable attached is confusing me. Also, the 'audio board' for this laptop has 2 usb ports attached to it, and those both work fine.

Any help would be appreciated

A:No Audio Output Device is installed, HDMI Audio Out Works

Hi welcome to the forum

first thing i would check is the bios to make sure it is enabled.

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Hi, i just recently got my convertible laptop. I have found ou that the audio doesn't work due to there being no audio output device installed, and after researching, I found out that there was a problem with the the Intel SST Audio Device. The device status stated:  "The drivers for this device are not installed. (Code 28)There are no compatible drivers for this device.To find a driver for this device, click Update Driver." I tried updating the driver but the computer could not find any drivers for the device.  Can anybody fix this for me please? Thank You.

A:No Audio Output Device installed and Intel SST Audio Device ...

Hi @JD_gin?,Thank you for visiting the HP Forums! A great place where you can find solutions for your issues with help from the community!I came across your post about the Notebook, and wanted to assist you! I have looked into your issue about your HP Pavilion x2 Notebook and issues with sound drivers not installed correctly. In the Device Manager, right-click on Double-click on Sound, video, and game controllers and select all that are listed and uninstall the Driver Software. Here is the download to the Realtek High-Definition (HD) Audio Driversp69248.exe. You could  try using the Windows Update Troubleshooting tool to fix any updates that have not come through for Windows.  Please restart the Notebook twice to make sure all update have been completed! You could also try in the Device Manager, click the arrow next to Display Adaptors to expand that categoryRight-click on Graphics and select Update Driver Software if more than 1 Graphics adapter do 1 at a time.Choose the option to Search Automatically for Updated Driver Software.The Notebook should find and automatically install the updated driverAfter the installation is complete, restart your Notebook.Please let me know how this goes.You can say thanks for trying to help by clicking the Thumbs Up below!.Thanks.

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I have been trouble shooting my sound for quite some time with no results. I've deleted and reinstalled drivers, checked bios, etc. no luck.here are my speccy details:http://speccy.piriform.com/results/hABYADp66DTHtJPioAZ4aF0and here's an example of the messages i'm recieving.

A:No Audio Output Device Installed/ Audio Device Disabled

What is new or different since the last time everything worked properly (ie, new hw, new sw, virus, error, etc)?

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first I already wanna thank everybody who replies to this and try to help me. Yesterday morning I tried to download a sound driver that would make the Stereo Mix option available. It was not from the original website of Realtek or HP. It was from here: http://driveragent.com/c/archive/196a161c/Realtek-High-Definition-audio#summary. After I finished the installation and restarted my PC there was a red cross next to the sound icon and when I tried to open volumemixer it said 'No audio output device installed'. I tried to uninstall it with system restore. Than I also tried to install the latest sound drivers from the Realtek and HP site but both didn't work. Also I saw on another topic that maybe some services were stopped but that wasn't. Now I really don't know what to do. Hope someone can help me.


PC manufactrurer: HP
Operating system: Windows Vista Home Premium SP2 32-bit

A:There is no output device (Realtek HD Audio)

Your PC manufacturer is HP but what is the model?

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Hello all I have Win 7 32-bit on my gateway mx6437 and am having the same problem that several people are having here - no sound. I downloaded the latest Realtek AC '97 drivers from the Realtek website. I checked to see if this card was compatible with Win 7 32-bit from the compatability website. Right now the drivers are "installed" but Win 7 says its unsuccessfully installed.

I have an AMD Turion 64 card. Please help I've been researching this issue for the past 2 weeks without success.

A:no audio output device - realtek ac '97


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I'm running a Dell XPS 420, which came with Windows Vista. I decided this morning that I was going to give Windows 7 a try, backed up some media on another PC, and did a completely fresh install.

Everything worked perfectly, I didn't even have to install any drivers. My native resolution was automatically correct, the sound worked, the internet worked, everything was dandy. It worked perfectly, and for the record, I really enjoyed it. I used it for several hours, getting used to the new features and whatnot.

I went to sleep for a few hours, and then went out for a while. When I came back, the sound had stopped working. It gave me no error at the time, it just didn't work. WinAmp wouldn't play my MP3s, Youtube videos were without audio, system sounds weren't playing, and yet, the volume was enabled and at an audible level of 67. My speakers were still connected properly, too.

I figured maybe a reboot was in order, and when I restarted, there was no sound still. Now, however, the speaker taskbar icon had a red x next to it, with the words "No Audio Output Device is installed." on the tooltip. I rebooted again and there was no change.

Using the Windows 7 trouble shooter, it says that "Hardware changes might not have been detected."

The odd thing is, this has happened to me before with Windows Vista. I wanted to perform a clean re-install of Vista, and when I did so, the sound worked perfectly for a few hours, before going out again. I would re-install Vi... Read more

A:Audio stops working, "No Audio Output Device Installed"

Hi filmtrauma, welcome to the forums.

While you have been asleep, Windows Update may have installed a new Sound driver for you which may have caused this error. Open Windows Update and click 'View Update History'....

You could try downloading the latest drivers from the hardware manufacturer, a lot are now supporting Windows 7 too..

Also, is your sound hardware plugged in (to the motherboard) securely? It's rare but i've dealt with some cases of hardware coming loose, might be worth a look. Another thing to check may be the temperature of the card, it may be getting overly hot due to a dust build up (might not be, i'm not 100% up-to-date on all sound hardware).

Hope this helps

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Hello, and thanks in advance for your time!Earlier this afternoon, I noticed that the sound on my Thinkpad W510 was no longer working. I hadn't really done anything of note with my computer- just updated Adobe Reader to v9.2, that I can think of. When I checked the notification area, I saw this:However, when I right click and click "Playback Devices", I get the following: I immediately checked Device Manager, and found that everything appeared to be fine:I tried uninstalled and reinstalling the Conexant and NVIDIA drivers, as well as updating BIOS. Nothing seems to help, When try to use the mute/volume buttons on the keyboard, the speaker mute button lights up when pressed, but the microphone mute and volume +/- buttons don't appear to do anything. I've also tried plugging in headphones, and that does not make any difference. When I boot from an Ubuntu CD, however, sound works fine, so I don't think that it's a hardware issue.Anything that you folks could do to point in the right direction would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Hey guys,
Recently i have switched on my computer only to find that there is a little speaker in the bottom right hand corner with a X through it. It reads "No Audio Output Device is installed". There is No sound at all not even for headphones. I have tried uninstalling/reinstalling my sound drivers and still nothing. I thought mabye i should reinstall the chipset drivers for my MoBo but there is none for windows 7. My MoBo is a Gigabyte GA-81E and i am using a onboard sound card. I have never had problems with it before. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks you,

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I upgraded my computer to Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit and im having problems installing the Realtek sound driver that's compatable with my computer. Every time i install it it says i dont have acces to memory location. I tried every solution on the internet but nothing worked. Please help me, im desperate!

A:No Audio OUTPUT Device is installed

Quote: Originally Posted by eddyeshef

I upgraded my computer to Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit and im having problems installing the Realtek sound driver that's compatable with my computer. Every time i install it it says i dont have acces to memory location. I tried every solution on the internet but nothing worked. Please help me, im desperate!

While you are waiting any chance you can give us your system specs, and what driver you are attempting to install (link to it please)

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Ok so this is my first time on this site. I'm running out of solutions and I've called two tech support places and still I havnt found a solution for my problem. The issue is rather stupid and I really don't understand why it's not working but here it goes. I don't go on this computer its my mothers and i've been working on it for the past month now. For some reason the Audio Output Device Uninstalled it's self some how and for some reason it's becoming a pain to get it back on.

I've done these things so far.

1. I've went to the device managers, uninstalled the Audio Device Driver ( Realtek High Definition Audio ) I've restarted my PC hoping it would Install the Driver. It starts it but for some reason after a few moments it always seems to fail.

2. I've even tried doing a system restore to the computer, weeks on back to see if maybe that would help and that didn't work either

3. I've called a tech support and they ran me through a thing to where I uninstall the Driver, go to the site ( I went to Acers Support Site and Downloaded the right driver for it ) I ran the download, did the set up. I rebooted my computer and STILL! It didnt work.

I talked to the Support guy again and he told me that was the weirdest thing he's ever seen. So far I still dont know what to do, I tried calling Acer Support but I can't get through so i'm guessing it's only open for so long.

So now i'm her... Read more

A:No Audio Output Device is Installed

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i have no sound from my computer at all. i have updated drivers, did the roll back thing and all gthat jazz. its been four months and im frustrated beyond belief. can anyone help me please.

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audio is not working. when i take pointer towards the audio symbol in task bar, it reads "no audio output device is installed". pls help me fix this issue 

View Solution.

A:no audio output device is installed

Did you upgrade to Windows 10 or was your system shipped with it?  If you can provide system information I will be able to better assist you. In general, if you upgraded you might look for updated drivers on www.hp.com/go/support in support and drivers to see if a new audio driver is available.  

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I bought a generic computer. It had windows vista installed and it used to display a message that No audio output device is installed . I recently installed windows 7 home premium 32 bit on it but it still says the same thing. I went to properties of it and found following error message.This device cannot start. (Code 10).
System specifications are
manufacturer EMACHINES
BIOS VERSION INTEL CORP. AG91510J.15A.0816.2005.0214.1818, 14/02/2005
Hardware Abstraction Layer version= 6.1.7600.16385
Sound Device Name High defintion audi device
Manufacturer Microsoft
status error
PNP device id HDAUDIO\FUNC_01&VEN_10EC&DEV_0880&SUBSYS_08600000&REV-0900\4&....

DRIVER C\windows32\drivers\hdaudio.sys(6.1.7600.16385, 297.00 KB (304,128...
I downloaded and installed the intel chipset driver and then the RealTek driver from manufacturer website but that didn?t solve the problem.

If I buy a sound card from a computer store, perhaps I will also get CD for driver installation with it. If I put sound card in my system and install driver, will the sound function start working. thanks for the help

A:No audio output device installed

Sound is possibly disabled in the BIOS.
enter BIOS and check under advanced chipset features

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I have no more sound from my speakers or headphones. When I click the volume control button at the bottom right it tells me "No Audio Output Device is Installed". It was all working fine last night when I got off. I noticed though the last couple of days my computer went into sleep mode over night though, as it did last night. My speakers and headphones are just some regular stereo speakers, nothing fancy.
I guess I should have just tried a reset before asking anything because it fixed the sound problem.

A:No Audio Output Device is Installed

Do the followings and it may solve the problem, right click on "my Computer" and select "Properties", then click on "Hardwares" and click "Device Manager", expand "Sound Video and Game Controllers" to see if there is any driver there with a "yellow (?) question mark", if there is, right click on the driver and select "update driver" and follow the wizard instruction attentively. You may select that the wizard connects to windows update to update the driver, then select the recommended option on the next page. Good luck.

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I have a major probelm with my onboard realtek audio, I am using an ASUS A8V-VM SE mobo which has onboard sound controlled by realtek ALC660 6 Channel codec, every time I start up windows it says No output audio device. I have downloaded the latest driver version 1.60 and installed it, this works fine when I have installed and then restarted, but my problem comes when I start the comp after a shut down, the driver is there but it reads No audio output device installed, and as such I have to unistall and then reinstall, this fixes it, but then after another shutdown I have to do the whole process again.
I have also installed the AC97 codecs.

Any help greatly appreciated, hopefully its something Ive done wrong, I'm thinking I might have installed it over and previous version and not firstly removed the previous.

Thanks in advance,


A:No audio output device installed

Are the latest Realtek drivers digitally signed by Microsoft? If not, you'll need to do an F8 boot to enable unsigned drivers - every time!

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Dear Good People,  I am a user of HP Probook 450 G3. Recently I installed Windows 7 in my notebook but it shows that "No Audio Device is Installed" and there is no audio output from my notebook. What should I do?? Besides I cannot find the others drivers such as blutooth, WLAN, Audio and every drivers. Would you please give me a path to find those?? My Product is: L6L06AVSerial of my Notebook: 5CD5527NX0

A:No Audio Output Device is installed

@jasim_bd? http://h20564.www2.hp.com/hpsc/swd/public/readIndex?sp4ts.oid=7834518&swLangOid=8&swEnvOid=4053 REO

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Here are my computer's details:
- HP Pavilion dv6915nr Entertainment Notebook PC
- NVIDIA GeForce Go 7150M/nForce 630M
- AMD Turion X2 64
- Windows 7 Professional Installed

Like everyone, I had windows 7 (32-bit) working perfectly when I did a fresh install. Originally, I had Windows Vista on this laptop, but I converted to 7 as son as I got the chance. In fact, a few of my mic driver problems with the RC were solved with this new one. Anyway, I ran my antivirus (Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware), and it identified 4 trouble spots. I trusted its judgement, I rebooted, but I came back with no audio whatsoever. I hover my mouse over the speaker icon in the tray, and all it says is "No Audio Output Device is installed." I try to troubleshoot it, I click on it, and it offers to download the specific driver. I downloaded it, installed it and rebooted, several times, and I still come back with no audio at all.

I checked the log that my AV makes, and, concerning the files it found, it says this:
"Files Infected:
C:\Windows\System32\drivers\drmk.sys (Spyware.Zbot) -> Quarantined and deleted successfully.
C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\wdmaudio.inf_x86_neutral_aed2a4456700dfde\drmk.sys (Spyware.Zbot) -> Quarantined and deleted successfully.
C:\Windows\winsxs\x86_microsoft-windows-iis-sharedlibraries_31bf3856ad364e35_6.1.7600.16385_none_10bfc8e81625ecbd\iisreg.dll (Spyware.Zbot) -> Quarantined and deleted successfully.
C:\Windows\winsxs\x86_wdmaudio... Read more

A:No Audio Output Device installed

Device Manager
Uninstall the offending devices

Report results

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I'm on an acer aspire 5920 using windows 7 64 bit and nothing I try works. I've uninstalled and reinstalled realtek drivers and restarted the laptop about 20 times. I even did a system restore that went through the motions but didn't work for some reason! When I check in the device manager and go to properties of the realtek high definition audio it tells me 'this device is working properly' and yet I've still got that irritating red icon in the corner that says 'audio device is disabled' when I click on it. Help!

A:No Audio Output Device is installed.

come on computer geniuses, I NEED my sound back

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My Laptop Model Is ASUS X555L and yess i broke and because of hardrive problems but its fixed now because we change the hardrive and now im having problem with audio because my laptoo is not producing any sounds or audio at all MY VOLUME LOGO HAS CROSS IN IT And It Says " NO AUDIO OUTPUT DEVICE IS INSTALLED i tried trouble shooting it or using the devmgmt.msc function CAN SOMEONE HELP ME IM REALLY TIRED OF THIS THANKS !!!

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Computer: Dell Inspiron N5110
OS: 7

The other day, I realised my recording device wasn't working and I stupidly went to the Dell website to update my drivers. Since doing that, my audio/sound has now disabled, with the infamous red x and "No Audio Output Device is installed" error message. I've tried countless methods found to try to fix this, from restarting Windows audio to reinstalling my audio drivers (Dell and IDT, both), also updating them automatically via Device Manager - to no avail.

What is interesting is this, I can see the audio devices (as below) but there's still no sound.

Help would be greatly appreciated as I'm at the end of my tether!

Thank you in advance

A:No Audio Output Device is installed

Right click on Speaker IDT icon as shown by your image Select Disable then right click again then select enable. Do you have sound now? If so this is a known bug with Windows or the drivers. My girl friend has the same audio from IDT in which she had it cut out on her I would disable it then enable to fix it. My girl friends laptop does not do that anymore She has a Hp Probook 6455b. I believe it is a Windows bug with the IDT audio driver. Since then she does not have that issue. Perhaps an update was downloaded and installed to fix the issue I have no idea.

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I have a Compaq Presario F767NR with Windows Vista and just yesterday, apparently after a Windows update, I have no audio. The bottom right of the taskbar shows a red x next to the speaker symbol and when you scroll over it says "No Audio Output Device is installed." I've tried every solution suggested for this I've seen on google and nothing seems to work.
-I went to the Compaq site and downloaded the Conexant HD SmartAudio 221 driver but it says it can't download because there is no audio device for this driver found.
-I tried the Compaq website suggested solution which is going to Windows Audio under services.msc and making sure it is started and set to start automatically, this did not help.
-I tried a system restore and it didnt help
-The top suggestion online seemed to be going in to the control panel classic view and disabling then enabling the sound under device manager. However sound or anything similiar is not an option under device manager for me. When i go in to sound under control panel it just says "no audio devices are installed" and there is no option to enable/disable/update anything.

So if anyone has any idea on what i should do here, please help. Thanks in advance.

A:"No Audio Output Device is installed"


If you downloaded the driver...and then attempted to install it from the desktop...unsuccessfully...I'd have to guess that your soundchip is not working.

I would go into the BIOS and ensure that onboard audio is enabled. I would also take note of any other hardware/BIOS situations that may have developed, the CMOS/RTC battery could be a cause.



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Hi all.

Two days ago I have installed Windows 7. I've installed all the drivers, everything went fine except for the fact that there was no sound. Since then I have reinstalled the system, formatted disk C and re-installed it again and still there is no sound. My motherboard is ASRock G41M-VS and, as fat as I know, it has an onboard sound card.
In Device Manager under Sound, video and game controllers I have "High Definition Audio Device". No question or exclamation marks, nothing. When I go to properties it tells me that "This device is working properly". And my drivers are up to date. However, in Control Panel/Hardware and Sounds/Sound it tells me that no audio devices are installed.
I have found many solutions to this problem online, but none of them worked. I've also enabled onboard sound in BIOS (although there is no option there called "Integrated Peripherals" - and that's what most online guides told me to find. But there was something about onboard sound, so I enabled it but nothing changed) .But whatever I did there always was (and is) a little red cross on the speaker on the windows toolbar and when I choose it it says: "No Audio Output Device is installed". Windows 7's troubleshooter says that it can't identify the problem.
I'm not sure whether there is something really wrong or maybe I've missed something really simple and so I hope you'll be able to help me :)

A:No Audio Output device is installed

Go here ASRock > G41M-VS and select the version of Windows 7 you have either 64 ot 32 bit download the audio drivers and install them.

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I updated my sound card using a updating software and it changed into Realtek HD Audio. Now the problem there is no sound coming out and my sound mixer said that "No Audio Output Device is installed" but i have my speaker plugged in and when i troubleshoot it the troubleshooter said that :Audio Device is disabled".

Any idea ?

A:No Audio Output Device is installed.

try going to the manufacturer's website to download the latest driver. sometimes windows doesn't always find the best driver

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I'm running Vista on a ThinkPad R61i. A few days ago, I started getting messages that the "on screen messaging system" wasn't working, my volume and mute buttons suddenly stopped functioning, and my audio went out completely. The volume control icon has an X beside it, and when I mouse over it, it says "No Audio Output Device is Installed."My audio had been working fine since I got the computer this spring, and I haven't uninstalled anything. Thoughts?

A:No Audio Output Device is Installed

I have the same issue. R61 on VISTA.  In addition to the audio, the system is not longer able to locate our ( or any ) wireless network.  The problem started on 6/9/08 after some type of automatic windows update took place.  System restore is not able to correct the problem.

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I have a Dell Inspiron 7559 running Windows 10 64-bit. It was fine for a month or so but last night suddenly audio stopped working with a message "No Audio Output Device is Installed," so I tried reinstalling the audio driver (downloaded from dell website named Audio_Driver_J0W2G_WN32_6.0.1.7737_A05) and it didn't work. Then I downloaded drivers from Reatek website and those didn't work either. I reinstalled a fresh (clean) copy of Windows 10 and it still wont recognize the audio device. Please help!
Thank you!

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Long time ago, I play with upgrading HDD to SSD, GRUB and some other stuff and I failed and messed my computer up. Now my desktop is still using HDD and does not produce any sound. I tried to fix this problem by Googling "No Audio output device is installed" but I couldn't get it to work. It's been a long time for my desktop to have no sound and now I have decided to come to this forum and seek help to solve this problem.

Please help me fix this issue.
If there are any information that I should provide, please inform me.
Thanks in advanced.

As a note, I don't really care about upgrading to SSD anymore, but I want my computer to have sound.

A:No Audio Output Device is installed

Upgrading HDD to SSD, this means you changed the harddrive ? In this case you should do a clean install to the new Harddriver(SSD).
If you did put your HDD back, everything should do as before ?
GRUB sounds more Linux specific, did you try to install Linux ?
Maybe I read it all wrong I don't know but try to check on DEVICE MANAGER if you have installed the driver for your Sound device first.

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I have long-lasting problem with the sound on my laptop (HP G6000, Vista). Have tried all steps advised in previous threads found here (re-installing sound device, updating drivers, restoring, even looked into BIOS), nothing works really. Would be nice to have some sounds back! Any help here please?
Thanks x

A:No audio output device installed

as you have tried lots of things, back to basics

reinstall it, re boot

there are also bios updates on the hp site

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So I have a Toshiba Satellite L505 and the whole thing that messed it up I'm guessing was because the battery died, or something but when I got home, the battery was dead so I plugged it in and suddenly, there is no more audio. I looked online for several solutions including trying to find the device in Device Manager, the only thing I see is HD Audio Controller with a yellow mark. I'm almost positive that I used to have Realtek but its not there anymore. I tried going on the realtek site to re-download the device but at this point I get stuck because it downloads the drive that I need and starts up the wizard but when I restart my laptop, its still showing no audio.
I've also tried recovery mode and trying to recover to a past date before the battery died and still no success giving me a window that said that It couldn't complete the recovery. Any help would be welcomed and appreciated.

A:No Audio Output device installed!

whats the full model number of the laptop? can get the drivers from toshiba Toshiba Support - Homepage

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thee month old e machinest5224 no sound

A:no audio output device installed

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I have a Windows 7 Home Premium. It just came from a Vista upgrade. No Audio Output Device is installed (red x on speaker icon) from Vista. I though it will fix by itself after the upgrade of Windows 7; but still have no audio. How can I fix this issue?
Any suggestions will help. Thanks!

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i recently downloaded a program that seemed to remove all drivers on my pc

there is warning symbols all over device manager

but everything seems 2 work fine except for my sound

there is an icon in my system tray of a speaker with a red "x"

in device manager it says everything is working but but there is no driver installed

so i downloaded and reinstalled my driver but it just installs then asks me to restart

but still it wont work

anybody have any ideas?

im using a vista computer with a gigabyte motherboard which uses realtek intergrated sound

please help im considering buying a new soundcard with its own set of drivers but before i fork out 30 for a half decent one i need to know if thats a last option?

or even if itll work?

A:No audio output device is installed

also i have vista sp1 i think this might have affected it but i think the sound worked after i installed it

just to make sure i will uninstall sp1 then reinstall my drivers to see if it helps

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Alright, I give up. I've tried everything I can think of to fix this damned problem so now I'm left with no choice but to seek outside help. So, last night I updated windows after a minor leave of absence from doing so. and once everything was configured my computer started insisting I had no sound drivers installed. There's a neat little red X over my audio icon and everything. I checked the control panel, and there are in fact drivers installed. I tried updating them- still nothing. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling them- still nothing. Tried a system restore, that didn't work either either. So, suggestions? I'd appreciate any help you could give me.

A:No Audio Output Device Installed

Welcome to SF. Could you do us a huge favor and fill out your system spec's so we can get a better idea of components. I trust that no connections were changed all you did was an update?

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Ok i have tried everything I know about computers and yes i do know a lot. I have a HP Pavilion a1424n I keep getting the error No Audio Output Device is installed so how do i fix this once and for all? Please help because everything else is running very smoothly.

A:No Audio Output Device is installed PLEASE HELP!!!!

I too have this problem.
I have spent hours trying to resolve it.
Have you tried uninstalling the Sigma tel driver (if you have one) under device manager under sound and game controllers?
I also believe there is a fix for this on the HP website.
WHat kind of sound card do you have? I have a Soundblaster X-Fi fatal1ty FPS and, although it is listed in Device Manager it has a yellow exclamation in it and the red triangle is over the volume icon.
My card works perfectly under XP Pro.
Have you entered Hibernation at all? Under power options, check to see if you have hibernate on. I heard in one forum that hibernate kicks Vista into this state but, as yet, no one has provided a fix.

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Hi, I need help with my brother's PC. Problem with sound and "no audio output device installed" and red X on speaker icon. Went
to Device Manager = no "sound video and game controller" found?
Tried loading new realtek driver to no avail. Cannot do a re-
install as I can't find a Vista disc anywhere. Also, with this problem
everytime I view a picture file jpeg on a large scale the
computer freezes. I even bought a Driver Boost and that didn't
help as of now.

Apparently, these problems has been going on for more than 6
months now since the anti-virus program expired. I loaded AVG,
Ad-aware and Advanced system care a week ago to help out my
brothers pc. So far no luck except this forum - I hope...

I'm back at no sound and afraid to open any pictures as it will
freeze the pc. Any help? Where do I start now? This is my last week before
going back home.

Service Pack2, HP Pavillion a6110n, x86, AMD Athlon 64x2 dual core, Bios Phoenix Tech LTD 5.08, SMBios V2.4

A:No Audio Output Device Installed and Red X

What is a driver boost?
Start with a system file check.Go to start search and type cmd, hold shift and ctrl and press enter. An Administrator command prompt should open.
In the box that opens type sfc /scannow
If errors are found run it again. Restart your computer after running.

Realtek sound driver is here and sometimes needs to be run twice, once to remove your existing driver and again to reinstall.

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I'm doing a complete installation of Windows 7 32-bit. So far everything seems to be going well except for the sound. There is none. The little icon over on the right side said "No audio output device is installed". So I went to the Internet and downloaded the package for Realtek. BTW, the sound "card" is built into the motherboard. I did the installation, following all of the instructions, and then rebooted the system as it said to do. When the system came back up it still said "No audio output device is installed".

Would anybody have an idea as to what I've done wrong or what is wrong with my system? I would really appreciate the help.


A:No audio output device is installed...?!


Have you tried installing the drivers that would have been bundled with the motherboard installation DVD?

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I have a inspiron n4010 laptop. and i have a problem about the audio I used it for these past few days and the audio is working but today it says that there is "no audio output device installed" after i looked in my device manager my sound driver is properly working. Is there any solutions beside from changing hardware?

A:no audio output device is installed

Hello. Download and re-install the audio driver. Note that it is only for Vista and Windows 7, so if you have a newer Windows operating system, you must install with compatibility mode. Instructions available if needed.
If doing that doesn't fix it, could be hardware failure, but try the driver first.

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Morning all. I'm hoping someone out there will be able to assist me, first a little back story. I recently bought a Dell Latitude E5520 laptop running Windows 7, 64-Bit, 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD.
I received the laptop on Wednesday last week. The first thing I did was to update Windows and all the Dell Software. The laptop was working well without any problems. However earlier this week, when I tried to watch a video on YouTube, only to find there was no sound. Upon further investigation I found the speaker icon is shown with a Red "X", and when I hover the mouse over it,  a message of "No Audio Output Device Installed" would appear. This has only happened within the last few days because I watched some football on the laptop at the weekend using the internal speakers for match commentary. As far as I'm aware there's been no software installed that would have lead to this problem.
Working with computers a lot, I know my way around, so I then went to Device Manager to look for any faults. I looked under the "Sound, Video and Game Controllers" and found only Bluetooth Audio was listed, which I thought was a little strange.However under the "System Devices" section I found that the HD Multimedia Audio Device had a yellow exclamation mark over it. Selecting it revealed it had failed to start (Code 10). Suspecting this was the root of my problem, I tried to Update the Driver. After a while of checking online, the messag... Read more

A:No Audio Output Device Installed

Hi martinAPD,
You can install the Audio drivers for your computer following the steps below:

Click on the below link: http://dell.to/VpCEzl
Click on “Download File”.
Select “For Single File Download via Browser”.
Click on “Download Now”.
Save the driver on your desktop.
Once the driver is downloaded on the desktop, right click on it and select “Run as administrator”.
Follow the prompts on screen and restart your computer. 

Please share the findings. 

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I've been having this problem since Christmas, and I still can't solve it. I have no audio devices installed, according to my PC. It started when I changed oyt a 512 MB stick of RAM for 2 x 2GB sticks/when I installed a new Buffalo External Hard Drive. After installation of both, the sound mysteriously went (On XP SP2 or 3 (forget which) at the time). I had some Realtek Driver at the time, and that vanished too. I have tried reinstalling all Realtek audio drivers and codecs for my OS (pre and post upgrade to W7). I've tried reenabling it in my BIOS, but I'm not sure where to check for it there. I tried upgrading to Windows 7 (which is why I decided to upgrade my RAM in the first place). I've ran diagnostics to no avail and I've also tried various driver programs. Does anybody know the solution to my problem?

My DxDiag report and relevant screenshots will be attached.

A:No Audio Output Device is installed

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Hey guys,
Ive looking all over the net on how to fix this problem but no luck yet after trying possibly everything. Basically the other after i booted up my computer i had no sound at all and on the bottom right hand corner there is a speaker with a X through it saying No Audio Output device is installed. So first i intalled new drivers (windows 7 Comaptible) and still nothing. There is nothing in device manager that needs a driver and "Under the Sound, Video and game controllers" Tab it just has "Unsupported Standard Game Port". I am using the onboard sound card on my motherboard which is a Gigabyte GA-81E. I have only recently upgraded to Windows 7 Home premium for windows XP though the sound was working perfectly intially it was only till one day i booted it up and stoped working. Any ideas?

Any assitance would be greatly appreciated.

A:No Audio Output Device is installed.

Quote: Originally Posted by Andrew303

Hey guys,
Ive looking all over the net on how to fix this problem but no luck yet after trying possibly everything. Basically the other after i booted up my computer i had no sound at all and on the bottom right hand corner there is a speaker with a X through it saying No Audio Output device is installed. So first i intalled new drivers (windows 7 Comaptible) and still nothing. There is nothing in device manager that needs a driver and "Under the Sound, Video and game controllers" Tab it just has "Unsupported Standard Game Port". I am using the onboard sound card on my motherboard which is a Gigabyte GA-81E. I have only recently upgraded to Windows 7 Home premium for windows XP though the sound was working perfectly intially it was only till one day i booted it up and stoped working. Any ideas?

Any assitance would be greatly appreciated.

Did you check to see if the Audio Controller is enabled in the BIOS?

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I had this problem since late October. My sound just randomly stops working. I tried to reinstall the driver, did not work. I tried to install the driver from the site, did not work.

HP dv6904ca

Conexant High Definition SmartAudio 221

A:No Audio Output Device is installed

Sorry that you are having this problem. It appears to be a common problem with no real fix. I have not found a resolution for this and posted this same question the other day. No one has really been able to help.

I'm becoming a pro at troubleshooting my laptop ....
If you go to Start... type system in the search.... look for System information and click on that.
Click on Software Environment, System drivers. Once that opens up..... scroll down til you find the Conexant Driver. The driver is there, but it is stopped. It should probably say Conexant UAA Function Driver ...... and if you scroll across that line.... you'll see where it says 'Stopped" ....

The problem is getting it restarted. If I can ever figure this out and find out why it keeps stopping ... then we'll be in business.

If any of the guru's on here happen to see this..... please give a little insite.

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No AUDIO OUTPUT DEVICE IS INSTALLED, this is the message l got on sound icone since l installed windows 7
l have downloaded it several time the latest one it shows on control panel but not on device manager, l guess this is not really installed but l keep installing it and restat the laptop after ward , howeve rnothing happens
the sound work only on my external speaker, but not on the external microphone - micro NOT WORKING AT ALL EITHER

after l installed windows 7 - l got a message on the task bar saying that PCI memory card was not installed l went to toshiba and downloaded the utilities driver again so PCI memory is installed and nothing wrong shows on device manger this sounds ok
, before to instal it on device manager was a notice that some 'basics card were missing'' now there is no yellow triangle there so l gues is ok
however does not show realtek installed on device manger no sign of it there- so l cannot update it or even unistal as nothing shows there

this is a satellite U 300 model- used to have windows vista...
lm tired of googling it and have clue how to sort it out.. l have downloaded several other REALTEK or any card sound , installed those that are accepted but nothing works on it...
please can any one help me with this issue
my email

many thanks in advance


Hello Carla,

Welcome to Seven Forums.

First off it is not wise to put an email address in your posts. It will attract tons of spam.

Was this an upgrade install or a clean install of Seven?


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No sound on computer, volume icon contains red x stating that "no audio output device is installed"  attempt to install driver for IDT High Definition Audo CodeC  fail with error message that a device attached to the system is no functioning.  Any suggestion on how to bring sound back to the computer?  

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