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Need information on wiring on power jack in Lenovo Y50

Q: Need information on wiring on power jack in Lenovo Y50

I need information about wiring of the power jack in Lenovo Y50. I mean wiring at the plug which is plugged into the motherboard from the power jack. Please refer to the attached photo. There are 5 wires (counting from left): 1 - blue, 2 - black, 3 - black, 4 - red, 5 - red. I need the following information:1. What is the function of each wire (ground, power supply etc.) and required voltage on each wire once AC adapter is on?2. Are 2 black wires (wires 2 and 3) internally connected? I checked with multimeter and among all pairs of all 5 wires, only those 2 wires are shorted? Is it correct?

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Preferred Solution: Need information on wiring on power jack in Lenovo Y50

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Hi All,I face an issue with my lenovo z51-70 laptop, the laptop cannot recognize the headphone jack, I tried to unibstall and install the audio drive but the isuue still appear and I got these message no jack information available

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I'm building a new PC using an old Lenovo Type 8975 /model 7MG case, into which I'm puting a new AsRock 939A790GMH motherboard. All going well until I get to the front system panel connector which at first glance looked compatible but isnt. I wonder if anyone can point me in the right direction?
The pins on the motherboard are for a 10 pin connector block as is the Lenovo FRU 41N5284 power switch/led connector but the blank is in the wrong place compared with the motherboard and the number of pins actually wired is less on the Lenovo, only 6 wired, compared with 9 'used' pins on the board. So I'm going to have to get some 2 pin connectors and wire it it up bit by bit unless I can find a compatible connector for the AsRock m/board and cross wire everything. The main problem is I cant find a wiring diagram for the Lenovo power switch . I have black and yellow coming from the combined power switch/reset button, green and black coming from the power neon and another yellow and black coming from another neon, (not sure what that neon is for-HDLED presumably....).
The motherboard has pins for PLED+,PLED-,PWRBTN#,GND,HDLED+,HDLED,GND,RESET#,DUMMY

Also as there is no seperate reset button on the Lenovo power switch/led assembly, how can I get the reset to work on the AsROck board using this switch?

Any advice as to correct configuration/significance of wiring colouring/tips as to easiest way forward much appreciated!

A:Solved: Lenovo power switch wiring configuration help please!

The easiest thing would be to get another case.

If that's not possible connect the yellow and black from the power button to the PWRBTN and the GND next to it. It doesn't matter which wire goes to which pin.

If there is only one switch in the power button and therefore only 2 wires coming from it you can't have a reset unless you add another switch somehow.

If that case has a PSU are you sure it's compatible with that Mobo ?

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4 year old laptop wasn't charging properly, it was being very fussy about the exact position of the power cable in the socket. It has what looks like a pretty common power connector for lenovo, which is a USB sized hole with a single centre pin. I looked into the laptop socket and saw that as well as the conductor for the centre pin and the outer sides, there was also 4 little tines on each side between the centre and the edge which were clearly all bent off in wrong directions (looked like an old toothbrush inside) I'm guessing the centre pin is +ve, the tines are -ve and the outer connections are just mechanical/shielding. I straightened these all out with a pencil but I think I must have momentarily shorted something as now the laptop shows absolutely no signs of life when I hit the power button. Tried various tricks I've read online about various sequencies of hitting the power button with the battery in and out but no luck. The laptop was fully charged before I started this, but I didn't disconnect the battery before starting which I probably should have. So I'm guessing I've shorted the power rails on that connector. What damage have I likely done? I'm amazed that there can be a design where very flimsy pins inside an external connector which are clearly easily bent can cause such damage if they touch another pin 2mm away from them. Is there any way to save this laptop? If it's a case of replacing an SMD fuse soldered onto the motherboard I can do th... Read more

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I am trying to get an ethernet jack wired for my home network. Can anyone tell me how to do this and/or direct me to a site with a tutorial? I have wired phone jacks before, but not ethernet, so I need some help. Also, what tools will I need. Brands? Thanks!

A:Wiring an Ethernet Jack


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I have a question about how to wire telephone jacks for DSL lines. What I am wanting to do is move my connection to another room and I have never wired a line for DSL. Now we are setup in the house for DSL so can I just wire the new jack just like the current jack that I have the DSL on now or is there anything I need to do in the basement where the wires come in.

I wasn't around when the tech guy was around so I didn't ask about this.


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Hi!I accidentally broke my notebook's power jack (2 of 5 wires broke off from their pins). The number of the part I need is DC30100KQ00, but at the moment I hardly find any (ebay's shipping can take up to 2 months, and I don't have that much time).My question is what are the differences between these parts? I mean I've seen many of these with the same looking connectors I need, but they're related to other models. Otherwise, can I cause any trouble if I try to replace it with a part from a different model (e.g. G500)? Thanks,Mozes

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Earlier this week I stood up while holding my Y540.  The power brick, which is quite heavy, fell off the desk and ripped the power cord out of the DC-IN power jack.  The plastic clips that hold the power cord in place were destroyed, and now I can't get a stable power connection anymore. I'd like to replace the DC-IN power jack on the motherboard.  The problem is I can't seem to find the part anywhere.  Lenovo won't sell it to me (it's an FRU only part) and I can't find anywhere online that sells an 81Q4 power jack. Does anyone know if there are other compatible DC power jacks I could use for my Y540?  I'm quite comfortable replacing parts on a system board, I only need to find the appropriate part.   Thanks for any help you can provide.

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Okay so in my room I have a tv and internet outlet thing. So I have the thing that plugs into my tv and gives me channels, then below it I have my phone jack/internet plug. (I have DSL so my internet comes with my phone)

The TV port works, but my phone plug/internet thing doesnt. Whenever I plug my modem into it, the DSL lights up on the modem but the internet light doesnt light up.
So I'm assuming that it's not wired.

I'm only 17 and my parents dont know crap about tech stuff so I'd have to do the wiring to fix it. Can anyone give me a detailed video/tutorial on how to get this plug to work? Thanks I appreciate it a ton

A:Phone/Internet Jack wiring

If you put your phone into that jack, do you have a dial tone?

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Hi!I recently got my hands on my friend's old laptop that hadn't been used for a year. The problem with the G510 was the power jack. It was pushed back and repaired multiple times by professionals but still didn't completely work.I thought that if i bring the power jack outside the laptop it would work. But it doesn't. I plug in the charger and nothing, no led lights no fan no sound. The same charger worked on another computer.So i removed the power jack and i saw no external problem with it. I don't have a multimeter. Next i thought the power jack doesnt really cost much, but then again, the shipping costs would be overwhelming and i can't afford it at the moment.I also tried turning it on with only one memory card, done the 30second thing, charging without battery in case the problem was there but still nothing. The silence is killing me.Could there be any way to charge the battery outside the laptop? Or do you have any other ideas i could try?

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Hi, This is my first post, Please let me know if this is correct forum. My Lenovo 11 Yoga recently had an issue with its power jack where the inner rectangular part came loose. I ordered a replacement power jack connector E54926 and was able to remove laptop cover and attach the replacement.Now, when powered - I can see a very faint "LENOVO" logo and nothing afterwards.So, I am unsure where the problem could reside.  I tried increasing the brightness which didn't help. Could you please suggest how to troubleshoot further. Let me know and I can fill additional details. Thanks in advance

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Does the USB Type-C AC power adapter jack of the Lenovo Yoga 910 allow data transfer, like some USB hubs allow (for example, https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B06Y3YMZLZ/?tag=aboutcom02lifewire2-20)?

A:Does the AC power adapter jack of the Lenovo Yoga 910 allow data transfer?

I just chatted with support and they stated that it does.

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Hello all, I recently just purchased my first Lenovo products with the new Yellow rectangular power adapter.  I have the Lenovo M900 Tiny desktop and the Lenovo 23 inch 10dqd monitor. Each have the Lenovo rectangular Yellow Power conectors.I I am trying to understand how these connectors can be installed in either direction and still have the correct  polarity. Here are  information that I have researched so far on the internet regading these style connectors. 1. The Lenovo power connectors are called "TRIM Series connecotrs some manufacturers label the connector C36. 2. The connector interior  has two copper plates on each small side of the rectangular connector and a CENTER pin that some manufacturers have labeld the DATA connetion. 3. The Yellow connector at the end of the Power adapter is supplying 20VDC and the current rating of the adapter is proportional to the device it is connected . Ratings usually are in power 35W, 65W , and a 135Watt, I hope someone can explain how the Power adapter connector can be inserted in either direction , and still supply the correct polarity to the Leveno product? Thanks Rob   

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want to send audio to computer audio system - need diagram for (4 ring ??) jack plug circuit

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Lenovo w510
Laptop doesn?t power on at times has power
Since removing keypad to check may have any water from cleaning damp cloth wires in pic to main and yuck not connected / clipped now thx

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My question is regaurding the Orange wire.

First of all, I'm assuming that AT power supplies have a standardized color scheme on the wiring.

I noticed on one of mine, it says the orange is "Power good."

Does this mean it signals some set voltage to this wire when the power is stabalized?
Thank you,


A:AT Power supply Wiring

Power good needs to be there or the system shuts down, most PSU manufacturers make it so the power good will go low just before the PSU fails.

One friend of mine forced it high to make a power supply work though it died shortly after.


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OK Guys i finally got the case and mother board i want but now i have a problem! The power wire that connects to my mother board just Say's power and is not marked pos or neg and the board has pos and neg. this is also true with the reset wire it just says reset no pos or neg and my led light wire is the same! The power wires one is orange and one is white, The reset wires are Blue and white? So what I'm asking is the dark or colored wire always the pos wire and the white one the neg or what ????? How do i tell the difference??? Also thanks for all the help on which hard drives to use and which CPU is better just so all you guys that helped me on those post's i went with An AMD AThlon CPU and a Seagate Sata hard drive O yea and You guy's that said ECS mobo's were junk ill have to say you were right cuz i bought one and already had to take it back now i got a Ansu Thanks for all your help!! Just help me with this wire issue now plz LOL LOL

A:Power and Reset Wiring

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I have an AT style power supply (two sepparte power wires leaving the power supply). Is there anyway of testing it to see if it works without actually putting it in your computer and hooking up the swith? I guess what Iasking is there anyway of crossing the wires on the power lines coming out of the power supply with some sort of a jumper (maybe a piece of wire).

A:hot wiring a power supply

is there anyway of crossing the wires on the power lines coming out of the power supply with some sort of a jumper (maybe a piece of wire).Click to expand...

Are you seeking nomination to "Darwin" ? Regardless of the voltages, amperages, etc. this is not the thing to do. Take the unit to some electrician, or Radio Shack or computer repair shop - they will not charge you very much to do a minimal test - probably not much to do a thorough test. But don't go crossing hot leads, ever ! Even if you don't hurt yourself, if you put a dead short on the output you may very well make a bad component out of a good one.

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Hello i am making  a bench power supply out off a old power supply but it do not know the wiring and i can not find the wiring digram please help me.

View Solution.

A:power supply wiring

Tom, welcome to the forum. I couldn't find any wiring diagram for the PSU.  However, here is a guide to all of the connectors that are commonly used.  This may help you identify them on the your PSU. Please click the Thumbs up + button if I have helped you and click Accept as Solution if your problem is solved.

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I have a 90w power adapter from an older notebook that will work with my HP DV5-1015nr. I transport my notebook between home and office. I'd like to utilize the older power brick, so that I won't need to transport a power brick back and forth. The tips on both adapters, of course, are of a different diameter.      My multi-tester identifies that the tip is hot for both adapters. The problem I have is that the older power brick has two wires: core wire (+) and shield (-), and the newer power adapter has three wires: shield that is connected to the core of tip (+), black that is connected to outer part of cylindrical shaft that must be the ground, and white connected to inner part of cylindrical shaft (also negative?). So do the black and white wires on the newer adapter need to be soldered to the shield on the older one?   

A:Wiring for Power adapter?

Just a guess, since it is 90watt, they may have run the extra wire to carry the load, shield is always much larger than center tip wire. Did you measure voltage and ploarity of all three connections with the brick plugged in? Tip is always + and ouside is always - on a HP, not sure what the third is, see if there is any voltage on it, It could also be some sort of sensor wire for the charging system on the mobo. Better to buy another adapter than smoke the motherboard on the lappy taking a chance. If you want to chance it just connect the two wires that are on the center and outside. Leave the 3rd odd one unconnected. probably can be found used for cheap.

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I am putting an ECS m-board into a sony vaio and can't seem to get the wiring right so the HD LED and Power LED light up. Fortunately I can start it. The circuit board is marked SWX-66 and has the 8 wire connector on the upper right as you look at the front panel. None of the wires are marked and my eyes are screaming after hours of trying to figure this thing out. Any info on the specifc ID for each wire is greatly appreciated.

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I have an old HP G60 notebook.  It has an AC adapter that s plug to the wall has broken.  I cut off the plug and was going to wire on a new plug.  Normal electricity has a red wire, black wire and white wire.  This one has three wires but they are yellow with green stripe, blue and pink (or beige).  Which one is positive, negative and ground?  I assume the yellow with the green strip is the hot (positive) wire.  Any one know.  I only need to power the computer up enough to get the information onto a new computer, so I did not want to buy any new accessories. 

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Alright, first off, this isn't my first thread pertaining to my computer. It is the SAME computer, and is still haven't the same problems. My PSU wasn't enough for my graphics card, so I needed a new one. I am so confused on what exactly it needs that I gave up, it was Christmas when I posted that. It has been an incredibly embarrassing and expensive mistake that's been glaring at me ever since. I don't have the money to replace any major parts at the moment, but I do have enough to replace the power supply. Intel Core i5-4570, Asus GeForce GTX 760, Azza SIRIUS - System Build - PCPartPicker is the part list - a HHD, monitor, OS, and CPU cooler. All of which can be ignored for now as far as I know. This is important not only because it's expensive and needs to work, but because it's been my dream to build my own computer since I started ordering the parts a month before Christmas or so, as a result whoever helps me will be helping me A TON. My lack of experience makes answering any questions difficult, so if at all possible, give me 30 minutes over Skype to assure me on what PSU I need, answer miscellaneous questions, maybe take a look at the motherboard from pictures or video. Any of which would make me the happiest person alive <3. Skype : michaelisbad THANK YOU IN ADVANCE YOU BEAUTIFUL PERSON!

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can anyone tell me which two wires from a power supply allow it to power on when not plugged into a motherboard? im working with an acbel ps from an old compaq computer. i believe the wires are white and balck (from the labeling on the old mobo) but i want to be sure so i dont short anything. my guess is that there are only two wires that, when spliced, will power the unit on, right? so cant i just run through pairing wires until it powers on?

i know you might be asking why the hell would i want to do this. so in case you're curious, im using the ps to power a series of fans for a cooling system and i need to install an on/off switch.

thanks steve

A:weird power supply wiring question

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Yesterday I suddenly lost sound on my pC.  I use a headset so as not to disturb my wife.  I went to DELL support and downloaded the latest driver and installed it on my PC.  Everything looks ok, but every time I try to configure it, I get a message that "no jack information is available".  I have tried both front and rear jacks and still get no sound.  Any clues on where I go from here?

A:Sound Card Problem - No Jack Information available.

You have to reinstall DOT NET 2.0 and 3.5
then install Directx June 2010 patch.
You download the file and extract to a folder then run DXSETUP.EXE as administrator.
Then install the Vista Driver because these didnt come with windows 7 and therefore do not have WIN7 Drivers.

Supported OS
SIGMATEL STAC 92XX C-Major HD Audio, v., A02Sigmatel STAC92XX C-Major HD Audio DriverMore details
Windows Vista 32-bit Windows Vista 64-bit

This means you have to install Legacy Direct show as well as DX9
and DX10 drivers from the june 2010 PATCH.
You download the file. extract to a folder and run the dxsetup.exe file as administrator.

You also have to re enable DOTNET and Legacy Direct play.

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I have a fried Dell power supply that came in a Dell Dimension 8100. A replacement supply is $80 and what's left of the computer isn't worth that.

The model number of this Dell power supply is NPS-250DB-8

This supply has one 24-pin and another 16-pin connector that both connect to the main board. Both look like an ATX connector except for the pin quantity. I'm betting the color coded wires carry the same voltages as standard supplies with the same colored wires. The problem is there is one wire in this Dell supply that doesn't match any color in a standard supply. It is white with a blue stripe.

If I knew the voltage on that wire, I could experiment with wire-nutting these wires from the Dell supply to a standard supply and see if it sends smoke signals.

A:Voltages/wiring pattern on Dell power supply?

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My brother in law has a got himself a free computer to which I am going to donate my old Sapphire X1950GT graphics card. The problem is, is that I can't easily wire it in to the computer as it has a crappy generic PSU with only one Molex and several Sata power plugs.
What I do have, without slicing and dicing and getting out the soldering iron, is the adaptor cable below. What I don't know is whether this has a sufficient amount of wires I.e. 0V and 12V to provide power to my G/Card.
Any ideas?



A:Wiring a graphics card to a generic PSU - sufficient power wires on plug?

System power consumption with a Sapphire X1950 GT is less than 250W. I think you will be fine with the splitter mentioned above. You probably don't need much extra power to run the card. I assume there is at least a 300W PSU or greater in the system.

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Toshiba Satellite L305-5955, Ive taken apart and replaced power jack. Not directly soldered to motherboard. While still apart, and battery out/in, connected power supply and still absolutely no response. Power supply is NOT original, and slightly different specs, i.e original 19v..6.3A

current 19v..3.1A

A:Toshiba Satellite L305-5955 does not respond to power supply, new power jack

Almost certainly the problem is that the current rating is wrong, if the laptop needs
6.3 A of current, it won't function on less (just as you can't use a 3A fuse for a kettle!)
Unfortunately it must be the right current rating, I know, I've been caught that way too!
Maybe you can exchange it?

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My Toshiba Satellite P755-S5265 has not been able to turn on at all. That's because the AC adapter would not be charging the battery nor would it operate the computer.

Whenever I would plug in my adapter, a weird clicking noise would come out from the computer. Also, the AC adapter charging light would blink continuously as well. I

took apart my laptop and discovered that the end my of DC power jack was the source of the clicking. When I mean the end, I don't mean the area where I plug in my adapter, it's the other end that's connected to the motherboard.

Does anybody have any advice on what I should do? Is my laptop dead and done for?

Thank you so much in advance!

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I have a Dell 8600 about two years old. When I plug in the AC adapter, it intermittently fades to the battery as though the plug was pulled out (its not) and of course the screen fades in an out when every time it swithces--it does it every 30 to 60 seconds or so. I switched to a different AC adapter (I have a Dell 600M with the same AC adapter)-same thing so I know it is something internally. Any ideas?

A:Dell Laptop Power Supply Fading In and Out--power jack is bad or loose?

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I replaced the DC jack on an Acer today with a new one. When the laptop has the battery in the power LED shows a power source(unfortunately the battery is dead). When I remove the battery and plug in the charger to the new DC jack, no LED. Hitting the power button results in a flash from the power button light and power LED for an instant but no POST or boot. I tried different chargers as I have a few universals laying around so that's not it.....What's the problem?

A:Acer Aspire 5742 no power from dc jack, replaced it, still no power

Maybe not enough power on my acer laptop the charger says the output is 19 volts 3.4 amps and it runs fine without the battery installed, When I dont have the battery installed and the charger pluged in there is no indication that the changer is indeed plugged in and also when I turn it on I usually press the button just a bit longer to turn it on

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I am tech working on a friend's laptop. it will not power up or boot up.I tried all steps and done a hard reset, tried another ac charger and still won'tboot. I order a new power jack and replaced it but still no power. My friend bought this laptop closeto 2 years ago. is there any way to test motherboard. thanks for your help.

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Hi. Im new on this forum, but I have a problem with my Inspiron 1545 laptop from Dell pre-loaded Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit (although I did re-install several times with OEM OS restore disc). Money is tight for us now, so my AC power jack on the side of my laptop (or the end which connects to the jack) is damaged. I don't know what it is or how serious it is. Once for a while we had to protect the cord from slipping out using duct tape. The only thing I really know is that the coded white rim on that end of the cord, a very small part of it is chipped. And my battery needs replaced, do I need to still fork over an expensive sum for a brand new one?

A:Broken AC power jack, no battery power, help

Hi CSean and welcome to SF
As I understand it, it's not the Laptop-side of the connection that's broken right?
In that case you might find this link helpful:

Amazon.com: Replacement Plug for Dell Inspiron 1525 1526 1545 Laptop Ac Adapter: Computers & Accessories
Granted those aftermarket replacements are not necessarily in the same quality as the original parts.
You often trade off quality for price.
These seem to be original parts (for 3-6x the price as it seems):

Hope it helps you further

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I was happily using my laptop while it was plugged in. it suddenly said the computer wasn't plugged in. my cousin then jammed the wire in. im not sure if it's the power jack thats not working or the cord. i also need the files on my computer for a VERY IMPORTANT PROJECT and i need to retrieve them also please explain what to do as easily as possible as im only 13. my pc is a toshiba

A:Power cord or power jack failure

hi and welcome to TSG can you use your battery to power it untill you get what you need off.if you can get hold of another known good power supply for your make and model you can try it if that does not work then the problem is likely to be the jack point. i would not advise you to attempt the repair rather you took it for repair,laptops are a real devil to access and have many delicate parts which are easily broken even by the best

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I'm planning on joining two ethernet cables together with a coupler in order to make one long cable. The problem is, one cable has 568-B wiring and the other has 568-A wiring. Will this kind of connection work, and if so, how will it affect the integrity of my network?

A:Solved: Joining 568-B Wiring with 568-A Wiring

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I'm planning on joining two ethernet cables together with a coupler in order to make one long cable. The problem is, one cable has 568-B wiring and the other has 568-A wiring. Will this kind of connection work, and if so, will it affect the integrity of my network? I doubt I will need any crossover cable; the two cables will go directly from the router to a single computer. I just want to extend the existing cable's length using a coupler and all I have available is a cable with different wiring.

A:Solved: Joining 568-B Wiring with 568-A Wiring

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I am trying to fix an HP ze4500. The power jack was broken. What I need is a schematic of the dc jack area. The motherboard model is DAKT7DMB8A7.
Any ideas or suggestions would be great. It is out of warranty.

A:HP dc power jack

Why do you need a schematic? If the jack is broken, a physical replacement should do the job. Here's where I've gotten the last couple I needed: http://www.laptopjacks.com/

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i recently purchased an star asus w3000 laptop. the dc jack wasn't working right so i took it out and started looking for a new one. before i could find one i lost the part. now i need to find the dc jack AND the small circuit board its attached to. it comes mounted to a small circuit board that plugs into the motherboard, not mounted directly to the motherboard. does anyone know where i might be able to find this small circuit board?

A:dc power jack

If it looks like the one in the middle of this page: http://www.powerjackrepair.org/asusw3000.html you probably aren't going to easily find the circuit board. I would contact Asus support to see if they can sell you the part.

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Put new power jack in still not charging hp pavilion touch smart notebook Windows 8

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my laptop power jack is loose and i cant charge it at all.
i plugged in my charger and it just pushed the jack back even more.
i tried to fix it but it was no use.
how much would it cost to fix my power jack?

A:laptop power jack

If under warranty, have the MF fix it for you, otherwise attempting to fix it yourself or with a third party company would void it's warrenty. If it's not under warrenty, I would suggest you crack it open and see what you can find (That is, if you know what you are doing), or you could take the easier route and find a repair service onlne or in your local area.

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Hi. I recently ran into a power jack problem for my compaq presario m2000. I did a search on replacements for the power jack and found a few...but how many units should i use? Also, is it possible for me to replace the power jack at home instead of putting it in the hands of a repairman?

A:Problem with Power jack

If you are skilled at disassembly, soldering, track repair (if needed), and re-assembly then its easy. If you don't have those skills then it would be better left to a professional who is.

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Hi, I'm having a  problem with my ac adapter.
When I accidentally pull out the AC adapter from my laptop, it shuts down automatically without any other software or hardware problem. Later I find out that my AC adapter is fine and working (no damage and bents is seen and tested out), but it is loosely plug into the power jet of the jack of my laptop. Although the cable won't fallout from the jack when I moving the laptop, I feel less resistance to pull out the cable than when I first purchase it.
Does that means the pins on the port are bent or broken the power board or system board may need to be replaced? My laptop is a Inspiron 5558 with warranty.

A:Problems with power jack

Could be a damaged adapter or jack -- best would be to try another adapter first (if you don't have one, most computer shops should that you can test).
If that doesn't solve the problem, the jack will need to be replaced.

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This is an IBM I series ThinkPad, model 1171. It appears that the male a/c power receptacle is cracked and will no longer work with the a/c power cord nor will it charge the battery. I checked to see if the system would power up with another a/c power cord but it did not. I put a charged battery in the system and it does power up properly. Is there an easy fix for this problem? I've heard that this jack may be an integral part of the motherboard and therefore will need replacing which I'm sure is very costly. If that is true, than the only other work around that I know of is to use an external charger and be relegated to battery use only. Any help will be appreciated. The system is only 14 months old but is out of warranty.

A:cracked a/c power jack

If it's out of warranty ake it to a techie that knows about laptops... he will find a replacement for the jack or resolder it to the mainboard

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hi techs i need help replacing the power jack on the latitude c640

A:laptop power jack

Do you want to replace the power supply and cord or just the adapter connector? Explain what you want more clearly, thanks...

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