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Upgraded my CPU now it shows up as AMD model unknown help

Q: Upgraded my CPU now it shows up as AMD model unknown help

I just upgraded my CPU to AMD Athlon 11 245 2.9GHz dual core and what a difference in speeds the only problem is a very small one when in system it shows up as AMD Processor model unknown 2.9GHz. When I run CPU-Z it shows everything about this processor even the model number but it shows nothing through Windows.
Anyone know how to fix this? I don't feel like taking my computer to the shop and paying to fix this very small problem.

Preferred Solution: Upgraded my CPU now it shows up as AMD model unknown help

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Upgraded my CPU now it shows up as AMD model unknown help

What does it list for the CPU in your BIOS settings?

When you replaced the CPU, did you perform a CLEAR-CMOS (or CLR-RTC) procedure?

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NVIDIA RIVA TNT2 Model 64/Model 64 Pro PROBLEM..

i saw something about this in another thread but can't find it
anyway my 32mg card only shows 16mg
the other thread listed a driver that worked for one member and i have the same driver...doesn't seem to work for me
is there a dialog or setting...?

A:NVIDIA RIVA TNT2 Model 64/Model 64 Pro ONLY SHOWS 16MG

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Please help me folks, I'm on borrowed time today.

I had to reformat my computer thanks to a handful of Trojans and of course, I am missing the Ethernet driver to connect. In the past, I had a friend set me up, but he never told me how to do it and he's gone in basic training so I can't ask for his help today.

I have a custom-built Compaq HP
I will have Windows XP HOME installed when I get the cash.

What I need is help figuring out where to look to find the model number to install the correct driver. I have tried the HP website and it does not work; My driver is built into the motherboard.

I currently have Windows XP Professional for English Students, it's my father's OS

A:Unknown Ethernet Driver - Compaq HP (model unknown) Windows XP

"I have a custom-built Compaq HP"...

Custom built by HP or a friend? See if you can tell us the model of the motherboard. Give us any name or numbers you find

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Hi I was wondering if the 15-f209wm model can be upgraded to a SSD (Solid State Drive)? My recent hard drive failed 2 days after the warrany expired, yeah what luck and HP wants $280 to fix it. What a joke that a HDD can't even last a year and HP won't even work with you on a price. Big rip off. Thanks 

A:Can 15-f209wm model be upgraded to a SSD?

Hi,Manual: http://h10032.www1.hp.com/ctg/Manual/c04763947Specs: http://support.hp.com/in-en/document/c04770536It needs major disassembly of notebook: page 44-46But it can be done. Just put 2.5 inch 7mm SATA SSD in HDD bay. Use recovery discs to factory reset OS to it. For recovery media to work, at least 256gb SSD to be bought.RegardsVisruth

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I have upgraded my aspire 5742 model pew71 and need the new sd driver.

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If I go on line and read the HP Manual for my model, it says it supports up to 16. But when I take it in to a "Big Box store, they tell me its not upgradeable.  HELP !!

A:Can the memory be upgraded in my HP Laptop Model 15-ba009dx...

Hi, They may read "Two non-customer-accessible/upgradable memory module slots" and not willing to work on it. Please contact an HP Authorized Service Provider parts Regards.

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I've been trolling the forums here for a while. Lots of great info but now I actually have an issue where I need some assistance.

When I was booting one day last week I got a nasty BSOD when Windows was trying to load. Then on the next reboot Windows 7 said it couldn't load and needed to do the recovery OS option from the Windows 7 repair on the CD. Well, before trying that I did a cold reboot and it got back into the OS fine so I didn't think much of it. Now, I noticed Ghost shows the C: drive status as "Unavailable" and it can't back it up anymore. It does give me an option to restore from one of my old backups. I'm thinking the MBR got hosed up somehow or something like that. But I'm skeptical to run an MBR repair since I have that 100MB partition on my SSD where my OS resides.

Ghost Shot>

This was about a week ago my Windows 7 started acting up right before the big patch Tuesday. I've been running it for over a year now and it's been solid. When I first set it up I installed it on my SSD (Intel 510 120GB) drive. One of the qualms I had with the install is Windows created a separate boot sector on the disk drive where it stored my boot files. This is known the the "system reserved" operating system files 100MB partition. Apparently the way to avoid this is to use a third party partition tool before doing the windows install. That way it will keep the Boot sector files on the same partition which is how I would of liked it for doing resto... Read more

A:Windows Recovery disk shows operating system: Unknown on (Unknown)

Note, I just went into my Disk 3 where my SSD resides in DISKPART and did some commands if this helps. It shows both the 100MB and 111GB Partitions on the Intel SSD as "Active".

DISKPART> list partition

Partition ### Type Size Offset
------------- ---------------- ------- -------
* Partition 1 Primary 100 MB 1024 KB
Partition 2 Primary 111 GB 101 MB

DISKPART> detail partition

Partition 1
Type : 07
Hidden: No
Active: Yes
Offset in Bytes: 1048576

Volume ### Ltr Label Fs Type Size Status Info
---------- --- ----------- ----- ---------- ------- --------- --------
* Volume 5 System Rese NTFS Partition 100 MB Healthy System

DISKPART> select partition 2

Partition 2 is now the selected partition.

DISKPART> detail partition

Partition 2
Type : 07
Hidden: No
Active: Yes
Offset in Bytes: 105906176

Volume ### Ltr Label Fs Type Size Status Info
---------- --- ----------- ----- ---------- ------- --------- --------
* Volume 6 C NTFS Partition 111 GB Healthy Boot
Thx again for any/all help!

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I've just installed Windows 10 and experimented with the Groove music player. It finds all the songs but they are tagged Unknown Artist and Unknown Album. The songs appear fine in iTunes with the correct details and album art.

I reset Groove and made it scan the music directories again but the problem remains. Any solutions?

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I know, this problem is relevant to a Vista system. But I'm hoping any AOL experts here on SevenForums will not shun me and my question.
I upgraded the Vista machine from Service Pack 2 to Service Pack 3. As a result the installed IE was upgraded from IE7 to IE8. I then further upgraded to IE9. And finally, I upgraded the previously installed AOL 9.1 to a more recent AOL 9.5.

However I'm still having problems getting proper response from the Nordstrom web site for advertising emails linking to web pages and read through AOL email, same as I had before the above significant software upgrades.

The problem is that the Nordstrom web site made a change a few months ago which implemented imbedded pictures and graphics differently, and which required higher than IE7. So with the previous Service Pack 2 and IE7 and AOL 9.1, any time the graphics should have appeared on the Nordstrom pages instead there was a "dead links" icon. And at the top of the page was a red error message stating "we no longer support your browser version, IE7" and which also provided a link to a Microsoft site that theoretically would allow me to upgrade my version of IE.

I was hoping that my software updates would resolve all of this. But it didn't. And I now see it's because AOL is still sending the old "IE7" value to Nordstrom's as the name of the installed browser, rather than "IE9" as it now should be sending. THIS IS MY PROBLEM... to be fixed, if someon... Read more

A:Need AOL help: upgraded from IE7 to IE9, but useragentstring shows IE7

Hi to be clear is this a good link to where the issues exist ?
AOL.com - News, Sports, Weather, Entertainment, Local & Lifestyle
Which look fine on my end,
Use this to flush the dns,
SF IE Restorator - Troubleshooting General Issues with IE
You should also apply this to get rid of any Microsoft comp-view lists downloaded automatically,
It's the same in ie8-9-10-11,
You can also reset ie but repeat the above comp-view list process after,
Export Favorites to html file before resetting Internet explorer/ just to be safe.
Tutorial of Resetting Internet explorer,
Accessing Internet Options from the Start menu search,
Reset process first opening Internet explorer

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I just upgraded to the AMD 6000 processor and got a new power supply and motherboard. After putting it all together, I turned my computer on and nothing showed up on the monitor, it just kept flashing between analog and digital in the top left corner. Everything else came on, the fans, HDD, graphics card and everything, I just couldn't get a signal. I checked my mouse and keyboard and they weren't getting any power. Is it possible the motherboard is faulty, or did I maybe miss a connection? Or could it be the processor? Is there a way of knowing what is wrong? If you need any more information about my hardware just ask.

A:Just upgraded computer, but nothing shows up on the monitor.

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I upgraded my cpu/mobo/ram and when i turn on the power nothing shows up on my monitor. All of the fans and lights turn on. I think the problem may be with my hard drive cause i just moved it from one pc to the other w/o wiping it or changing anything. I dont know much about software in computers like how to do a fresh install of windows or updating motherboard bios things like that my knowledge only extends being able to put it together.

Old pc specs
cpu-i7 920
550 watt psu
gtx 970
1 tb hard drive
motherboad- unknown
ram 3x4gb sticks

New pc specs
cpu- i5 7600k
same 550w psu
same gtx 970
same 1tb hard drive
h170 pro gaming motherboard
2x8 gb ram

If anyone could help me i would very much appreciate it.

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I bought a refurbished 8300 sff put my old hard drive from my 8200 in it and upgraded the 4gb of 2x2 gb 1333 10600 to 4x4gb 1600 12800 cl11 but the system only recognizes it as 1333 mhz what have I done wrong or not done as everything I've read says it should operate at 1600 or is it a BIOS thing I installed HP assistant  which said i need a ROM upgradefor a 8300/6300 but this keeps failing SP77888 any ideas to help I know 2 different questions TKS

A:Upgraded ram not recongized as 1600mhz shows as 1333MHZ

@Dickie-07,I can only reference the offical document.  Section 3.3   DDR3 1333 aka PC3-10600 is the MAX.  

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Basically i took my computer in 2 hours aago to get a new video card and ram (the ram is working fine) and another monitor for dual monitor.

I had a Radeon 5670 and upgraded to the only one they had 6670 and everything was fine at the store. I just got home tried hooking up both monitor to my video card ( they gave me an adapter or something so both of the monitor are vga) and the monitor are blank so i plugged it into my motherboard vga and it works now but it worked on the video card at the store anyone know whats wrong?

ALSO the other reason is that my video card in device manager says radeon 4250 but i have a 6670. My old graphics card had a rating of 4.1 then the new graphics card was 5.2 and i just got home and the performance info needed to be refreshed and now its at a 3.5

So why isnt my dual monitor working and just showing my screens blank and more importantly why does my graphics card only say 4250 and my performance info has gone down when i havent done anything since. (sorry for poor wording)

CANyourunit.com also says i have a radeon 4250 :\

Video Card
Minimum: DirectX 9.0 capable video card support Shader 2.0
You Have: ATI Radeon HD 4250

A:Just upgraded video card now it shows a lower version of what i have

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Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit) I recently have started to see dozens of of "touches" on my screen at the same time. I see the radar effect of the touch point going vertically up the screen, it looks like fireworks going on up the screen, and cannot do anything for HOURS. It started as one line, now it is 2 or 3.  I have done software updates etc., virus checks....but no change or improvement

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I swear I'm never messing with linux again. It's a great operating system when it works, but when it doesn't, it will screw everything up.

OK, so I removed the linux partition from inside windows. But it was still trying to boot into ubuntu, because of grub. Well, I used this recovery cd to try to fix this, but it was a factory recovery cd for an dell laptop (N5050).

Well, the computer is actually a dell inspiron all in one 2305.

I'm currently using windows and it's working correctly, just displaying wrong model (probably wrong drivers as well).

Anyways, linux is still installed and the computer thinks it's a dell laptop.

I forgot to mention one thing, the optical drive doesn't read cd's. But I can boot from a usb.

So, what can I do to fix the situation, and I solemnly swear to never use ubuntu again!

A:System info shows wrong model, how to remove grub?

Just an update, I was able to remove ubuntu and combined the partition with windows, and restore the mbr using easyBCD (Highly recommend it)

How can I make sure that windows recognizes my computer as a dell inspiron one 2305?

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My laptop system info shows a different version than what i actually have. Its messing with drivers. Most importantly the display driver where the screen is possible of 1080 resolution but i am only able to go up to 1366x768p. I don't know what to do at this point. Could a system reinstallation "fix" this?

A:PC Settings Info shows wrong laptop model informatino

I've removed your links. Please upload your screenshots so that they can be viewed right in the thread without having to click on a link. Thank you.

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Hey I have an
HP Pavilion m8457c
Processor: Phenom X4 9500 2.2GHz
And I just recently upgraded to a Phenom II X4 955 3.2Ghz but everytime I check the specs on dxdiag or on my bios it states that I am running AMD processor model unknown at only 800Mhz. How would I go about fixing this? I heard that upgrading the bios can solve this but I cannot find a way to upgrade it even on the manufacturers website.

A:AMD processor model unknown

Perhaps that CPU isn't officially supported.
I would contact HP Support...see if they have a BIOS update.

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Hi there,

As I wanted to get more details about the memory in my Sattelite, I could'nt find any device listed in the support website ! My computer reference is C660-2C0 and it doesn't exist on any list...

I bought 2x4gb of RAM but if the BIOS does recognize it, Windows doesn't start !! (black screen with the blink "_")... Only my old 2GB can work yet...

Hope someone in Toshiba support team will give me the clue to find the best configation for my computer...

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I upgraded the CPU from AMD Athlon 64 2800+ Sempron to an Athlon 64 x2 6000+ Windsor. My MSI K9VGM-V mobo http://www.cpu-upgrade.com/mb-MSI/K9VGM-V_(MS-7253).html list it does support this CPU but under My Computer>> Propereties>> I see AMD Processor unknown, 3.00Ghz 2GB RAM. Device manager>> Hardware>> Processors shows 2 processors listed as unknown but "properly working."
Here's the specs on the 6000+ CPU http://www.cpu-world.com/CPUs/K8/AMD-Athlon 64 X2 6000+ - ADA6000IAA6CZ (ADA6000CZBOX).html
I have been doing windows updates for hours now and still no change. I used this app http://www.cpuid.com/softwares/cpu-z.html and it finds and list the CPU and specs just fine. Some say I need to update my BIOS via a floppy, some say there should be an XP patch or fix.
What do you all say? How can I get My Computer>> Properties>> to list the AMD Athlon 64 x2 6000+ same as it does/did the Sempron 2800+?
Thanks, Frank.

A:AMD Processor model unknown in XPPro SP3

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Hello, everyone.

For those who have kept up with my previous A+ Certification posts, I am very close to going for the A+ exam. I was worried about my sight being a major factor on replacing and upgrading/troubleshooting computer hardware, but I am quire surprised at how easy it is! Passed the hardware course this quarter with a 100%!


I am working on a computer for a customer. It is quite old. The following are the main specs:

Gateway (Model Unknown)
Intel Celeron Processor (365MHz)
128MB RAM (2 DIMM slots, one open)
2 CD-ROM Drives
Standard 3 1/2 Floppy Drive
Here's the kicker...Windows XP Professional

The woman who I am working for took her computer (quite awhile ago) to a very bad computer repair shop. This store has long since went bankrupt and has various lawsuits against them for stealing parts from customers and placing them into their custom-built PCs, replacing the customers' parts with older ones....but enough of that...

This woman was told by the representative of this store (that couple of years ago when she had her machine serviced) that she would receive a RAM upgrade. Unfortunately, the system never received a RAM upgrade...which this customer and I found out this afternoon.

The RAM in the PC is a 128MB DIMM. Unfortunately, the level of the RAM is not indicated (e.g. PC100, PC133, etc) The computer starts with a Gateway logo, but that is all of the Gateway that I see anywhere on the system. I've run various... Read more

A:Solved: Unknown Computer Model

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After re-installing XP the video graphics/controller remains unknown and the lowest resolution results in the monitor. Who can provide me the required driver based on this device instance ID:

Thank you,

A:unknown video controller in Medion UK 15 Model 2

Intel 845G graphics > http://downloadcenter.intel.com/confirm.aspx?httpDown=http://downloadmirror.intel.com/9033/a08/win2k_xp14103.exe&lang=eng&Dwnldid=9033&DownloadType=Drivers&OSFullname=Windows+XP+Home+Edition*&ProductID=757

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I recently got a second hand web cam off someone. I plugged it in my computers usb port, it detected that it was a camera but couldn’t find the driver automatically on the net or on my win xp install disk. Unfortunately it doesn’t have a make or model number on it. How can I get it to work?

Beige box 1.5 * 1.5 * 7/8 inches, with beige cable 4 to 5 feet long.
Dark grey cylindrical lens holder sticking out. About 3/8 inch diameter lens.

A:Finding driver for webcam of unknown model

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Okay, first off, I have purchased two exact same Gateway Desktop towers from a business that went under and sold off all their stuff at an auction.

Neither computer will boot up, and gets a boot error.

I already planned on reinstalling Windows XP on them anyhow.

But the problems occur when I install Windows from my official MS Windows XP disc... It loads the disc defaults until It gets to the start up of installation and shows the hard drive. But instead of showing the 250 GB hard drive in the machines, it shows 4 Unknown drives. (no other information is given to me) but if I try to delete any of them, it won't let me and if I try to hit enter to install on the top drive, I simply get a BSOD "Page Fault In Non-Paged Area" screen.

I've tried going into the Bios on both of the towers, and nothing looks abnormal and bios sees the hard drives. I've tried simply loading default settings on the bios screen, but that doesn't make a difference.

I've also tried unplugging the SATA connectors from the hard drives inside the towers and plugging them into another SATA hard drive I have that I know is good, and the same exact thing happens trying to install XP from the CD.

Putting the windows XP CD into a USB DVD drive and plugging it into a USB port also gives the same problem.

My instincts are telling me that this problem is not a hardware issue at all, but rather some kind of software or security software issue that is preventing me from using or reinstalling window... Read more

A:2 PC's same model - Unknown drives trying to install Windows XP ??

Hi and welcome to TSF please see this Install Windows XP on SATA without a Floppy (F6) - Softpedia

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There is a unknown 'portable' device (F:/) on my computer which I dont recognize.
I saw it when I was about to scan my computer with Norton and was about to select which drive I wanted to scan, if I show hidden files it also shows up under My Computer, but I cant access it....

What could cause this?

A:Unknown harddrive shows up

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hai pals
my usb drive is not working.
I have both os ubuntu and windowsxp.
my pendrive is not working in windows.
It's been recognised as unknown device
in windows xp.but it works finely in ubuntu (linux)
can any tell me a way so that I can fix my problem
I have transcend 4gb pendrive

A:USB shows as unknown device in xp but not in linux

In XP autoplay for CD drives may affect USB device detection... See if autoplay is turned off or on. Toggle it, and see if the USB device is detected

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So I just got GTA IV for my PC and It keeps minimizing after every 60 seconds! First i Couldnot recognize that it occurs after every 60 seconds So i tried to take its Screenshot! I was successfull in taking the Screenshot of the process it appears after every 60 seconds and minimized the game! It goes after a milisecond though! I tried Everything from System restore to New Antivirus ! I even Closed every process from Task manager ! according to the screenshot its PRINTER AND NEW DEVCE Setting! I tried everything ! Pls help!

A:A unknown process shows after every 60 seconds!

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I use Mcaffe Security Centre, which has a very nice diagram of my Network and whats on it, which includes:

1 x PC (
2 x Laptop's
1 x Belkin Router ( Connected directly into my PC.

Connected to the Internet all good working fine.

But there is also a terminal (a PC symbol), called "Unknown"

Does anyone know what this is or how do I check what this is or what it does?
Is someone hacking me, how do I cut them off?

Appreciate any help, I am pretty new to Networking and only have HOME experience.

Thanks, Simon.

Dell Dimension 5000, Belkin Wireless G Router, Windows XP Home, Dell Inspiron Laptops, Virgin Media Cable Connection

A:My NETWORK shows an unknown Item ?

Hi Simonwar,
We don't think there is any other client connected to the router. If the computer is both wired and wireless, that might show two different IP Addresses. Make sure the wireless security on your router is enabled, so that no one can connect to your router wirelessly. could be a static ip address also. Make sure the ip address on your computer should be assigned by the DHCP.

To isolate this issue you can login to and check that out. Please follow the steps given below:

1. Open an Internet Explorer and type in "" in the address bar without any quotation mark and press Enter.
2. Click on Login, by default the password might be blank and click submit.
3. Click on DHCP Client List on the left hand side of the page.
4. You can view the Client name and the Client's MAC Address and the ip address which is connected to your router.

Note : If that is a wireless client, you will have to enable the wireless security on your router. That will automatically get disconnected as soon as you enable the wireless security on your router.

If the problem persists, please get back to us with the following information:
1. Model and version number of the router?
2. Number of the computers connected to the router (Wired and Wireless)?
3. If the IP Address is assigned manually on one of the computers?

Thank you.

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XP Home + Service Pack 2
Computer started hanging, extremely slow, etc.
Spybot scan found four suspicious entries (AS DESCRIBED IN THE FIRST POST ON THIS PAGE). (I deleted BackWebLite but it was probably my new HP printer updater but I removed it anyway.)
>>Three others were the ones mentioned in the first post on this page - MicrosoftSecurityCenter.AntiVirusOverride, etc..FirewallOverride, and one other Microsoft Override

I don't use the MS firewall and such (use Symantec), have never heard a peep out of MSSecurity Center. These values are all in the registry. I deleted them. BAD idea, neutral, or more work to do?

But, now the main worry is that HJT found an awful lot of entries that were never there before. I haven't deleted/changed through HJT yet and will wait for and appreciate your advice.
(Brand-new entries include, for instance - theTIF plugins, & entries prefaced by the 023 code concerning Norton and Symantec. My HJT log is usually really short!

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.0
Scan saved at 7:55:30 PM, on 8/5/2005
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)

Running processes:
C:\Program... Read more

A:HJT logfile Shows lots of new & unknown entries.

Lots of entries but I'm not seeing anything of concern except this entry:

O1 - Hosts: www.dcsresearch.com

Check the entry in HJT and click Fix Checked.

I'm assuming you downloaded the 12 Ghosts softwarre, right?

Also, the current version of HJT is 1.99.1, so you can download the latest here:


Looks like you in good shape.

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Thanks for reading.

I had an issue with a stalker during the early part of this year and all of 2017. On one of many checks I would do of incoming and outgoing connections to our home wifi network I found this:

A good 15 connections. Of YouTube on various ports, on a different subnet. Our home network was routed through our Netgear R7000 router and the address for the router and everything connected to it was through

These connections show up as All of them. Most are also associated with Google IP's as the remote address on either ports 80 or 443. One instance has it communicating with UDP on ports 67 and 68.

We had suspected that this attacker of ours had somehow gained access to our home (I'll spare those details) and had possibly installed a camera of some sort.

How does a scan of my home network show these YouTube connections? What does this suggest? Am I able to view this even though it is almost a year old? I will attach a small screen grab of what I am talking about.


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I have two services that show up under services in the Computer Manager: Nwcdbh02ist and Udfstapteet

They also show up in the Ultimate TroubleShooter. In that program, when I click on "Explore Services Folder" for each of these services, I get a message saying that the folder cannot be found.

The Computer Management provides no information about either service other than they are both set to manual, local service and that there are no dependencies on them in either direction. Both services are stopped - I did not set them that way.

Any ideas of what these are? I've already searched the file database here on BleepingComputer and got nothing. A Google search also brings up nothing. Given the rather Germanic appearance to the name, I think Udfstapteet might be related to SpyBot's TeaTimer which I had installed for a while, but I'm not sure.

Orange Blossom

A:Computer Management Shows Unknown Services

Well, I have discovered one small bit of information. In looking at my HiJack this Log, I have found that Nwcdbh02ist is connected with the NVIDIA Corporation. In googling that company I find that they deal with Graphic cards and video software including software that decodes DVD's for Windows Media player and Microsoft Media Player.

Since my graphic card doesn't appear to be from NVIDIA, I'm left with the conclusion that is related to my media players. I'll have to see if I can play a DVD, and if I can't I'll have to figure out how to get the rest of the software this service belongs to.

Orange Blossom

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I just built a trasher PC from cheap and or free parts, I got the cpu (Amd Athlon X2 BE 2350 2.1Ghz) from an old Acer and its now running in a PcChips A13G+ motherboard, when i check my WEI scores the CPU cranks out at a whopping 4.8 however its showing as just an "AMD Processor Model Unknown" so windows 7 is not reading the type of CPU other than the AMD part.

Im wondering since i plan to sell this PC at some point if i can edit my registry somehow so it shows the correct CPU? I think ive done this before but its been many years ago.

A:Amd Athlon X2 BE 2350 from Acer Shows as Unknown CPU

Have you checked the mobo's cpu compatibility list? Have you installed the chipset driver for the mobo? Have you tried updating the BIOS?


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My external HDD has crashed after unplugging it accidentally while using it. I believe the directory structure has been corrupted. The external HDD shows Unknown, no size, and Not Initialized on the Disk Management screen:

I have tried using MiniTool Partition Wizard as described in this thread.

I'm not sure where to go now to try to recover the data on this HDD.

Thanks for your help in advance.

A:External HDD shows Unknown, no size, Not Initialized

Try the Data Recovery tool of Partition Wizard.

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have an LG slim portable DVD writer. model GP30NB30.
s/n 206H1AL0.... ROM versions 1.00.
to be honest i don't know if this thing got switched out of my desk drawer with some other model usb dvd writer i had been using which worked. i have a few of these portable usb dvd drives and they all look the same, but i'm pretty sure this one has worked.

went to use it today and on work computers where i'm pretty sure it has worked in the past, now windows shows it as "unrecognized device, driver not installed". This was on some computers that have not had windows update in a while, some of which are off network lab computers which are pretty reliable and never have a problem. I tried it on a test pc that has all windows updates as of now, same deal.
In device manager it shows up as a problem device with yellow triangle.

I try it on my home pc, and that says driver installed but then shows up as Unkown Device under Universal Serial Bus Controllers in device manager. I did windows update with it connected as unknown device and windows update did not help. go under device manager and look at the properties of device, Hardware ID comes up as unknown. The driver key property shows up as
In every case, this usb dvd writer never shows up under my computer, or in disk manager.
anyone know of a way to troubleshoot this more to figure out why the generic usb cdrom driver in windows does not work for this device?

i'd be willin... Read more

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The driver verifier program, Verifier.exe, shows 4 drivers from "unknown provider".

The Drivers tab of Autoruns.exe does not show these.

Neither PowerShell nor Windows Explorer finds them and yes, I even specifically looked in Windows\system32\drivers.

The quick Malware Bytes scan and the quick MSE scan found nothing.

Here is a snip from the driver listing shown by Verifier (sorted so that the unknowns show up first).

A:Verifier shows drivers from unknown provider

The ones beginning with dump are typical in a crash scenario. The top one is the default sata driver supplied by windows, don't know why it's showing as unknown provider.
It does happen though...
They are usually emergency drivers just for the purpose of writing a dump file.

The last one I am unaware of, being stuck on my laptop I don't have immediate access to my usual resources though.

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I have a small home network (3 PCs and a laptop). These are all with a single cable connected to my router. The wireless signal, I use just to be able to home with my tablet on the internet and GSM. My modem Eurodoc 3.0 is a wireless modem with router. (An all-in-one device Telenet). When I ask a view of my network , I see a switch wich wasn't there before, Compal Broadband Networks, Inc. CH6541. The MAC address of this is almost exactly the same as the MAC address of my router, only the last digit / symbol is different. I found this odd. When I contact my provider Telenet, they say I do have no switch. I find it very strange that in my statement still spot a switch, which also has almost the same MAC address as my router. Further I see on my list 2 APs (WAP121) while I have no additional access points in the home. I suspect that in my list are the details of my neighbors. Can anyone give me some clarity here? Infected with virus? Network hacked? Is there someone messing with my network? Can I remove the switch? My PC: ASUS and Compaq, OS: on both Windows 7 Ultimate.

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Windows 7 Pro desktop so does not leave office
Within Windows Explorer, clicking on the Network tab shows a computer that is not part of my network
[email protected]
I've run IPCONFIG /FLUSHDNS and it still shows
Any ideas on how I can get this to stop showing up in that cache?

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when i open my laptop it shows error: unknown filesystem because i updated it to windows 10 from window 7.so please help me regarding this.

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Hi there,
First, i'm running 64-bit Windows 8.1
My issues is that when i run ccleaner to clean my computer Norton insight alert pops up showing that i'm downloading unkown exe files. This has happend a few times and don't know why. One of the file names was $RZDTPML.EXE. I believe file was downloaded to $recycle.bin but the source of the file is unknown.  When i tried to locate the file after the first alert message from norton insight it states that the file can not be found.  Don't know if this is a true issues or just a glitch with norton insight.  All virus scans (malwarebytes, hitman pro free, norton) show that my system is clean.
Thanks for your help!

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I got my 1tB WD external disk and it's not working as it used to. The problem came from nowhere, suddenly, totally unexpected. There is/was my precious data on it which I collected for 10+ years and I'd like not to lose it.

It was working fine a day ago, no problems occured. Hasn't been unplugged since then. Has never fallen. Has never had any kind of error. But: I've seen some kind of ".COM not responding" problem on my PC (don't remember, closed it immediately). I believe my laptop is in a good and healthy condition.

So, what my WD HDD does is:
- it can be seen as a device by my computer. I can plug it out safely.
- diode shows that it's working (not showing the data transfer activity)
- nothing else

What I see in Device Management/Storage is (as in the title):
Screenshot by Lightshot

What programs I used to try to restore partition:
- Mini tool Partition Recovery Home Edition (quick and deep scan, no results. Shows disk as a Bad Disk)
- Mini tool Power Data Recovery (pro, non-free tool, however after scan there was no results)
- Find and Mount (no results)
- TestDisk (quick and deep scan, no results)

What I haven't tried doing is connecting the HDD directly to the laptop.

Any suggestions?

A:External HDD shows as Unknown, Not initialized, Unallocated. Restore?

You should try directly conmcting it. If that does not work, try this: Recover a flash drive turned RAW ? Partition Wizard and TestDisk. Do recovery with partition wizard. (Don't mind the name) But if that does not work, your drive is dead. Like a wise man said, backup, backup, backup!

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Guys i have a similar problem but unlike the problem above my partition magic software does not read my external HD.. The device manager shows the HD is working properly.. and the disk manager shows DISK1 unknown and not initialized.. i m giving screen shot for both of them.. My external HD is WD 1TB HD.. it does not matter if i lose the data..but i want the HD to work[ATTACH][/ATTACH]

A:disk manager shows DISK1 unknown and not initialized

I had a Seagate drive fail suddenly last week -- a lot like the situation you described, and neither the Seagate nor the WD drive diagnostics even see the drive when it's in an external drive caddy. When I connect it to an internal drive cable, I get a SMART error and the PC hangs on the boot.

Have also tried Minitool Partition Wizard and some other data recovery apps, which CAN see the external drive, but they can't find or recover any partitions.

Suggest you check with Minitool as they offer a free trial of a data recovery app that might work for you.

This is the first time in years that I've had a drive fail and NONE of the data recovery apps have been able to find anything on the drive.

I've resorted to sending it off to a local data recovery service and am awaiting a quote.

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Installed new hard drive and Windows 7, wireless card shows up as unknown device.
I was having major stability issues with windows. I wanted a new hard drive so i installed it and a new copy of windows. The wireless worked fine before, and ethernet works fine now. It shows up in device manager as other devices, network controller with a yellow exclamation mark. I have gone to Dell to install the driver. It almost finishes then says you do not have a recognized wireless device.

My comp is a Dell Inspiron M5010, I installed windows 7 HP 64 bit same as what was on before. WHDPC, K5Y6D are the numbers I have found for the card. I have tried several different drivers and all have the same error.

Any idea how to get windows to recognize the card so the drivers I install will recognize it? There are many threads about this in various places, but none of the solutions work.

A:wireless card shows up as unknown after windows reinstall

Have you entered your service tag number from Dell.
That should tell you what was installed when you purchased the computer and point to the correct drivers.

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Everest shows 3 unknown devices but device manager doesnt?

my soundcard dissapeard today, i can still pick it up using "Unknown Devices"


although when i try to run audigy 2 drivers, it`s telling me there are no supported devices in the system, anyone know how i can force the REAL device manager to see these devices?

it seems only everest and unknown devices is picking up my soundcard, it also says AUDIGY from CREATIVE.........it just is not appearing in device manager for some reason so i am unable to actually install it........

please help if anyone has any ideas thanks.

A:Everest shows 3 unknown devices but device manager doesnt?

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After 3 years for performing great my other Dell will now not boot as the "set-up" shows, "unknown device" for my hard drive. How do I try to fix that? Disconect ribbon cables and re-install them? I'm sorta at a loss. Any ideas?

A:system setup-shows unknown device for hard drive

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M82 ThinkCentre - Type 3302.  Model number:  3302F2UThis machine was originally purchased with the Windows 7 Pro operating system.  I took advantage of the free Windows 10 upgrade when it was available over a year ago. A few days ago I had to replace the motherboard.  The computer is running fine.  However, when it first boots there are 2 short beeps with an EEOC error.  This error referenced the BIOS containing invalid Model Number and Serial Number.  When I access the BIOS the following entries are seen:1) Machine Type and Model                            INVALID2) System Brand ID                                           Lenovo Product3) System Serial Number                                 INVALID4) Asset Tag5) System UUID                                  &... Read more

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ntune, 3dmark every thing says "CPU:AMD processor model unknown"
Why does this happen, how do I fix it?(processor under specs)
Any help would be great.

A:Ntune, 3dmark every thing says "CPU:AMD processor model unknown"

you will need to post more info.

also try CPU-Z

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i have inspiron 570 desktop. i just recently change the Athlon II X2 250 3 GHz to AMD Phenom II X6 1055T 2.8GHz Six Core Socket AM3 CPU HDT55TWFK6DGR.
the processor fit in the A3 socket.but, when i check it on my computer, it says "amd unknown model 800mhz"32bit, x64 bit processor.please help me.im stuck

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