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Create a Subdomain

Q: Create a Subdomain


Can someone tell me how to create a subdomain? We currently have a domain.

Here's what I'm trying to do:
We are hosting a website with pictures (images) on a server but in order to server those pictures online I need to create a subdomain and link it to the images server. On what serverdo I create the subdomain? I'm guessing on the primary domain server and enter the IP address to the Imager server (the one with the pictures).

How do I do this, now I never done this before so I need step by step intructions.

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Preferred Solution: Create a Subdomain

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Hey, not quite sure how to explain this,
but if im supporting one of my friends computers via RDP using his ip 81.x.x.x, i have to check my email each time because i can't remember it...

I have a Windows 2003 Server linked to my domain, domain.com.

is there a way i can put, something like john.domain.com into RDP and it will recognise that as 81.x.x.x?

I thought of using DNS to create a record but not sure which i need/should use?

Does anybody understand what i'm looking for, and even better know how to do it?

Would be great if you could!!

Thank you!

A:Subdomain to IP

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I purchased a domain name. I have a dynamic ip and so I needed to use a sub domain or a secondary domain. I Have done this. When I enter the address into my browser it brings up my router settings page. I would like to eventually be able to access files on my server through this address and then eventually have a web site reside on my server. What do I do next on my way to being able to do this. Here is the address.

A:subdomain now what?

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I've registered a domain through lcn.com, previously I've just modified the nameservers to point to a shared hosting account.

I'd like to know how to keep www.domain.com pointing to this shared hosting account and create a subdomain my.domain.com which points to a new dedicated server of which I have the ip address.

I believe I have to add an (A) address record on my lcn account, I have hostname and ip address fields here, could anyone help me out and tell me how to set this up?


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Hi i need help regarding this i have my website hosting at one server and another one at another server and the other one is under subdomain of the first one but the second is hosted on port 8080 and not 80

I have Changed the A Records for the subdomain to that server but cant change it for port 8080 so is their any way to do it

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If I disable "search from address bar" in IE9, attempting to visit http://uncg.edu results in a 404 error. The University of North Carolina at Greensboro, however, works fine. I can omit the subdomain from some websites (such as http://sevenforums.com), but others simply won't allow me to. Also, http://uncg.edu simply opens a search engine if I have "search from address bar" enabled.

A:Any way to force IE9 to assume a subdomain?

I think that it depends on what data is stored by DNS servers for that address. This in turn depends on the information provided to them by webmasters. Perhaps John (z3r010) might be the one to ask here, as all 3 of his sites exhibit this behaviour.

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Hi guys!

I have question regarding when to use subdomain and when to use A record under main domain?

e.g. I have main domain ABCD.com. I want to create record EFGH.ABCD.com that points to IP address From my point of view I have to options:

1) Create host A record under main domain ABCD.com that points to the IP address - host (A) record EFGH.ABCD.com=>

2) Create EFGH as subdomain of main domain ABCD.com and then under that subdomain create host A record (without Name field) that points to IP address

If I create EFGH record as subdomain of main domain ABCD.com I can have separate MX, NS, SOA... records but if I create my record as host A record under main domain then MX, NS, SOA records from main domain are used.

The question is when to use records as host A records and when to use it as subdomain of a main domain? 


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I'm at the "manage dns settings" at network solutions and I see where I can create a subdomain, but it requires that a subdomain point to a numeric IP... I would like my subdomain "lostandfound.mervisdiamond.com" to point to "mervisdiamond.com/found" What numeric IP should I use in this case? Clearly I can't use the generic IP for the site.

Alternatively, I have no problem with the entire Lost and Found actually hosted at the subdomain. In this case how can I move the directory of code to the subdomain, and not in the folder mervisdiamond.com/found

This is my first time posting here and I would really appreciate the help. Thanks!

My email is jonmervis AT mervisdiamond.com

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There are some Japanese flash game websites on a domain called web.fc2.com. I can access some but not others, getting a timeout error.

I can't get to ancho.web.fc2.com and detarou.web.fc2.com . I can get to pi3141592c147.web.fc2.com and yoinouchi.web.fc2.com . I've pinged all four and get very similar results - I know 'similar' is not 'exact' but I am not techy enough to read/understand ping results.

A possibly relevant pair of messages I get from pinging via dnsstuff.com are
- The destination appears to block unwanted UDP packets.
- There appears to be a firewall at <ip address> (hop 1) that blocks unwanted TCP packets.

Both my windows xp and my ubuntu box have the same problem, so it's not a hosts file issue or a system based blocking software. Might be my router?

Thank you...

A:Can't access some websites -- same domain different subdomain

fallinghawks said:

There are some Japanese flash game websites on a domain called web.fc2.com. I can access some but not others, getting a timeout error.

I can't get to ancho.web.fc2.com and detarou.web.fc2.com . I can get to pi3141592c147.web.fc2.com and yoinouchi.web.fc2.com . I've pinged all four and get very similar results - I know 'similar' is not 'exact' but I am not techy enough to read/understand ping results.

A possibly relevant pair of messages I get from pinging via dnsstuff.com are
- The destination appears to block unwanted UDP packets.
- There appears to be a firewall at <ip address> (hop 1) that blocks unwanted TCP packets.

Both my windows xp and my ubuntu box have the same problem, so it's not a hosts file issue or a system based blocking software. Might be my router?

Thank you...Click to expand...

Might I ask what browser you are using? Using my Google Chrome, I can access http://ancho.web.fc2.com/ & http://yoinouchi.web.fc2.com/

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I need to setup my proxy in such a way,
*.example.com <-- Should be By Passed. (I've 100 of fqdn need to be by passed.)

int.example.com <-- Should go through the proxy.

How can I achieve in a single browser. I'm on Windows 7 64bit.

Any help, greatly appreciated!


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This baffles me. It happens on my Win7 x64 tower installation, but not on my Win 7 x64 laptop ? same browsers, same settings in CP | Internet Options. It's the <iframe>s at beforeitsnews.com. On my tower machine, I see all their <iframe> URLs returningUnable to connect
Firefox can't establish a connection to the server at ox-d.beforeitsnews.com.

The site could be temporarily unavailable or too busy. Try again in a few moments.
If you are unable to load any pages, check your computer's network connection.
If your computer or network is protected by a firewall or proxy, make sure that Nightly is permitted to access the Web.
and disrupting page flow. The laptop's accessing the Internet via wireless, the tower via wired networking. I'm a techie, but not too swift on Web stuff. Suggestions? Thanks!

A:iframe subdomain won't display in any browser

That's what caused the problem. I un-readonlyed and commented out all the lines Macecraft'd put in there that pointed to (localhost), and the problems went away.

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I'm curious, I know I can block a domain using live mail's built in features
i.e. I can block anything from abc.com

What I want to do is block everything from .info
Is this possible?
Everything I have ever gotten from .info addresses are nothing but spam, I know no one and do business with no one using this and would like it to simply go away.

Is this possible?
I have tried the most obvious way and the system rejects it.

A:blocking an entire subdomain in live mail?

Bumping once in case anyone has a clue.

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Can someone tell me how to make a subdomain in apache. I need to make subdomain.mydomain.com go to 'C:/www/subdomain'. I think I have to use Virtual Host, except when I do this it also affects the main domain (mydomain.com documents root goes to c:/www/subdomain, instead of c:/www.) I think I have to make an A record on my DNS server, except what do I have to add to my conf file?

I only have one IP (i think that matters)


A:Solved: Creating SubDomain - Apache HTTP

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I had to reformat & reinstall XP at home. Now, when I browse the web, I notice that if I type "www.google.com" I get a "page cannot be displayed" error but if I type "google.com" it goes right to the site with no problem.

Google is just an example, it seems to be random (not all pages do this) and I don't have a problem once the page is cached.

Anyone know why this is happening?

A:Bizarre question about the "www" subdomain

Not all serrvers have a WWW in their address so, if you put it in the browser can't go to that address. Just like dialing a correct/incorrect phone number that's been disconnected.

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Hello guys,'ve looked for everything that google and not found my solution.

Is giving the following error when trying to install windows 7 in HD:
"setup was unable to create a new system partition or locate an existing system partition"

I've tried to do some procedures, but also can not create partition, do not know what else to do.

I've tried also to give a "clean" and nothing also, can someone help me?


A:Setup was unable to create a new system partition - I can not create p

Check the hard drive with the manufacturer's diagnostic tools.
Hard Drive Diagnostics Tools and Utilities (Storage) - TACKtech Corp.
Hard Drive Diagnostic Procedure

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I'm having this really weird issue, not sure what's causing it... anyways

The issue is with a game (poorly coded 2.5d), whenever I run the game, it seems to be doing something to windows, rendering it unable to create new windows.... Basically, the game cant be started twice (although it should be able to). Yes I know this is technically a problem for the developers, but read on... It's an issue with something else, not sure what)

For example, when I alt tab, it does not show the Alt-Tab gui, but simply goes to the next window, my java programs come up with weird results
(Java Result: -1073741502
BUILD SUCCESSFUL (total time: 0 seconds)) ,
Error loading: H:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_11\jre\bin\client\jvm.dll
Java Result: 6
BUILD SUCCESSFUL (total time: 0 seconds))
(Exception in thread "main" java.lang.InternalError: couldn't create component peer
at sun.awt.windows.WComponentPeer.checkCreation(WComponentPeer.java:653)
I can right click, but it won't show the menu, I can click the start button, but it doesnt go anywhere from there, I go over the "Programs" and it highlights it, but nothing pops up.. I basically have to close 1 window so I can open another...
Only around 17 windows open, which is quite low..
After all the errors start popping up for programs, nothing starts anymore
More examples of errors
MSPain: Failed to create empty document
Task Manager: When it refreshes (the main window is redrawn), almost eve... Read more

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1. How to download in Windows 7 from Internet to a DVD to create an ISO image?
2. If the ISO image is larger than the full capacity of one DVD how do I create the full image?
3. Once I create the full image on one (or more) DVD , how do I transfer the ISO image to another HDD?
4. Can I create an ISO image directly on a 2nd HDD?
5. Can I create an ISO image of the Windows 7 OS on a second HDD?

As you may see I may be needing intensive reading on "Iso Image creation for Dummies".
I would appreciate any help pointing me into the right direction.
From what I read I am very confused. I have tried to create an ISO image for a few months and i haven not been able to do it.
Special note:
6. How could I copy the Win 7 OS into an ISO image on one or more DVDs?
6.1 What size is Windows 7 Home Premium OS?
6.2 Which partition does Windows 7 store the OS in?
a. "Recovery" ?
b. FAT32 ?
I would appreciate step by step instructions on how to create the ISO image, how to install it, and how to make sure that the "image" could be used to fo make a backup of my HDDs and also how to use the backup to fix the computer should a fatal crash prevented from booting up Windows 7?
I use only DVDs, mostly re-writables. Which is the best free Image Burn Software that does work with DVD's.(as I dont use CD's anymore)
Thank you kindly.

A:How to create 1.Iso image 2.transfer it to another HDD 3.create an OS

This should answer most of your questions,

Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7

Step 1 gives you a link to download the ISO file.

The 64bit Home Premium ISO is 3.09 Gb, can easily fit on one DVD.

Since you are downloading the ISO you don't have to worry about making one.

Step 2 has a link to a tool to burn the ISO to a DVD.

Any other questions, feel free to ask.

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Hi Tech guys,

I have a blogspot site that promoting health care productsm
generated some profits so far by inserting links into fecbook groups, but is not that generating what supposed to be targeted,
Anyone can advise how the create campaigns that generate higher conversion and more accurate targetted traffic?
will very much appreciate if you could advise or recommend me some specialized website about this purpose,
many thanks in advance !

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Hi Tech guys,

I have a blogspot site that promoting health care productsm
generated some profits so far by inserting links into fecbook groups, but is not that generating what supposed to be targeted,
Anyone can advise how the create campaigns that generate higher conversion and more accurate targetted traffic?
will very much appreciate if you could advise or recommend me some specialized website about this purpose,
many thanks in advance !

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I am unable to create a shortcut in the startup folder on my Dell Optiplex 780. Every time I try, I get the following error, "Windows cannot create a shortcut here. Do you want to place the shortcut on the desktop instead?" No I do not want it on the desktop, I want the program to start with Windows. I tried, dragging the shortcut to the startup folder, tried copying and pasting the shortcut into the folder, that only opens it with applications that are already in the startup folder. I tried dragging the exe and selecting "create shortcut here." none of which worked. All results that I found on Google that people said that worked. None of them worked for me. All the results were about 'all users/startup' but I am only dealing with my own user and dragging from folder in start menu to the startup folder which none of the results covered.

Any ideas?

A:Unable to create shortcuts in startup folder "cannot create shortcut"

Sylveon am not sure on this one but I know in 10 (I stand to be corrected) that one can add apps to run at start up - I don't know how to actually do because I always keep my start up items to the very minimum and have no need to do that. For the record the more you have running at start up will slow down the boot and do you really want thta??

Also I think when you load softwares a lot will ask if you want them to run at start up so without knowing what you want to add cannot comment on that.

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Hi, i am having problems with creating shortcuts on my desktop. when i select send to desktop (create shortcut) it comes up with the error:

Windows could create the shortcut. Check to see if the disc is full.

I have over 180 GB free space left.

To get things to the desktop i can drag it into the tab section next to the start icon, and then drag onto desktop.
But when i do this i am always required to give permission and it creates two desktop icons.

i have been having problems with my catalyst control centre but i dont think they are related.

A:Cannot create shortcuts on desktop "windows could not create the shortcut"

It may not be it, but it doesn't hurt to do a quick scan with

I had something where I could not delete files in Explorer even with a "delete on next boot" type utility. Turns out there was a Registry hack something about "ExplorerNoChange" or some crap. Malwarebytes cleaned it right off and things were back to normal.

You may have gotten some prank registry setting that's not allowing you to properly create icons on the desktop. It's a possibility.

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I just installed Google Drive and I'm trying to get used to using it. Under "Create" (this is on the web) I see no option for creating a new folder. When I watch the tutorials they all have a "folder" option there. I can create folders from the desktop Google drive.......

Any advice appreciated.

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Hi Guys I hope that this doesn't sound too silly a question, but here goes: Laptop bought Dec 2014, Win 8.  Updated to Win 8.1.  Now upgraded to Win 10 via the MS free upgrade. I then ran the "Create recovery media tool" and produced the recovery drive (19GB+) - ie just after the Win 10 upgrade. Does anyone know if I can verify if the USB I have created holds Windows 8, 8.1 or 10? Also, can anyone explain why the same process (home made PC rather than HP laptop) produces a recovery drive of just over 4GB?  Both USBs were created within an hour of each other, and each of the computers has virtually the same 3rd party software on them. Many thanks for your sagacious help. ChilliFix

A:does create recovery media utility create utility for window...

ChilliFix, welcome to the forum. I believe that the Recovery media will be for Windows 8.  This is the original OS.  The app to make it is set for the original configuration.  You would be able to Reset the computer to Win 10 using the Recovery Manager, however. I am not certain of the reason for the difference in the size of the Recovery media.  I believe that it has to do with the fact that it Recovers the OS and all of the apps, as well as, the Recovery partition.  This would be done on a custom computer. Please click the Thumbs up + button if I have helped you and click Accept as Solution if your problem is solved.

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I have two laptops, and old one and a new one. Both are running Windows XP Professional and both have identical versions of Windows Movie Maker. The only difference I can think of is that one was upgraded to Windows XP Professional and the other came with it. I also have a Sony Digital 8 video camera.

I can capture & edit videos in the old computer, but that computer is not powerful enough to play them thru both its own screen and a projector at the same time. I work for a church and this is something we do frequently, so this is a necessary ability.

The church bought the new laptop to correct the projection problem. Now I can not capture the video correctly. I follow all the same steps and it appears to be going great. Then after it creates the clips, I go to play the clips so I can begin editing them and nothing happens. So, I end up creating the video in one laptop and then transferring the video to the other for the presentations.

I know there is the possibility that the problem is having a Sony camcorder, but I don't understand why creating the movie works in one computer and not the other. I've also looked into getting Sony software, but have had little luck in finding any info on it - the only thing I have seen is MovieShaker. According to the Sony Vaio people, that program may only work on a Sony computer.

I've been reading posts here and have seen some mention of Sony Vegas Movie Studio and am wondering if that will have the same proprietary... Read more

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A:In Task Scheduler, what's the difference between Create Basic Task and Create Task?

Hello Advice Pro,

While both will allow you to create a task, the "Create Basic Task" is done through a wizard and does not have all of the advanced options as doing it manually with the "Create Task" one instead.

Hope this helps,

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T540p, Windows 7 Pro When I run the "create recovery media" tool, I am given the error: "No (sic) enough temporary space in C drive, Create Recovery Media will exit now." I have 89GB free on my 256GB SSD. My Recovery Partition is 16GB. How much free space do I need?

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Question: Is the (Synchronize across time zones) check box necessary to use, when modifying the task settings?
I see "irregular" start times when the task is triggered for defragmenting of local disk drives.

Lee Payne

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I bought a Toshiba laptop with built in wireless. I have tried to set up a home network with no luck. I have gone through the Wizard half a dozen times. I have the Desktop connected to the D-link DI-524 router by an Ethernet cable. The Toshiba is a wireless connection. Both will access the Internet with no problem. Both are running XP Home. The wireless connection is running at 54 mips, the signal strength is excellent. Status is connected. The network is unsecured. I have disabled both firewalls. I continue to get the message that MShome is not accessible and I might not have permission although I am the administrator. I think the problem is probably with the laptop as the Toshiba will show the shared documents on itself in Network Neighborhood while the laptop will not.


A:Can Not Create LAN

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I'm unable to create a Microsoft Security Update API key from portal.msrc.microsoft.com/en-us/developer.
When I click "Create New Key" I get redirected to login.microsoftonline.com.  I login with my account and get sent back to the URL above.  I click "Create New Key" and I get redirected to login.microsoftonline.com again.
I've tried authenticating with a personal @outlook.com address and my AzureAD business address, but nothing gets me out of the loop.

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I have a windows vista which also includes Windows DVD Maker. Everything is fine until I actually press burn dvd. Even if I wait for hours it says 0.0% complete. I have tried it several times this week and it just won't load. It just stays like that with no warning message at all. I really need help and if anybody knows how to stop the problem please tell me because I need it this week!

A:DVD won't create

Hey sasha, Have you tried using any other apps to burn with? If not I'd go to the Nero site and download their free trial. Try burning with it and if you still have trouble, use their Nero info tool and see if your PC is even recognizing the DVD burner. Also what kind of drive is it?


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How can I create my own UBBC tag with JavaScript?

Say I wanted a laughter tag....

[laughter]text here[/laughter]

Is there a way to find the text the user puts between that tag?

It's been done in VB, but want to try it in javascript.



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Hi i would like to be able to create a text file from a console program. I am using visual basic. Thanks for any help.

A:How do i create a .txt in vb

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High folks.
Does anyone know how to create an ISO image of my operating drive?
I've checked online, but can't find a good imager.

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hi, recently I have been getting this problem where I can't create anything new on my desktop. every time I right-click on my desktop I can't do everything apart from creating anything new. when I hover my mouse over the tab 'new' my screen refreshed and sometimes even crashes. I have tried to remove the tab in registry and add it again but the same problem occurs. I can do everything else on the menu such as view, sort by and refresh but not 'new'

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OK here is the deal.

I would like to have the option of logging into my little network that I have at my house from another computer outside my network. I don't want to access any of the computers on my home network. I just want to have the ability to use the network. My job has it like that. I use an IP address, user name and password. Then I am their network via VPN.

I have a Linksys router WRT54G. How can I do this?
Any and all help will be GREATLY appreciated.

A:Create a VPN????

What operating system do you have on each computer.

If you have XP Pro, there are instructions for setting it as a VPN server at:

There is also information on that same web site for setting up the client but again, not sure what OS is on it.

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Hiya Guys.

A few days ago, someone asked me about making an SP4 for XP so that any future re-installations of the same system wouldn`t need to download them and I wasn`t sure how to answer him so I thought I`d turn to my trusted friends on here.

Apart from individually downloading every one of the (goodness knows how many) security and system updates since SP3 was launched, is there an easier way to gather them together so they can be streamlined onto an existing XP-SP3 installation disk ?

After some Google searching as well as MS and various other nefarious sites, it looks as though a lot of people are asking a similar question but no-one has any practical answers and I was wondering ... are they kept on the hard drive somewhere for future reference or are they put into a temp folder after download, installed and then deleted and if they`re still hanging about, that could be a good place to start.

Any ideas, suggestions or comments would be greatly appreciated.


A:Is it possible to create an XP-SP4 ?

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I'm having trouble creating a DVD file back up disk. I keep getting messages saying "drive busy" or "insert disk" when in fact there is a disk in my drive. [I do not have a problem creating a CD-R or CD-RW back up disk].

Vista Home Basic
Disk Drive: HT-DT-ST-RW/DVD GCC-T10N ATA Device
Software: NTI CD & DVD Maker 7 (Gold)
DVD Disks: Memorex 4.7GB; 4X

I'm beginning to suspect that Vista Home Basic doesn't support DVDs since I can't play a DVD movie, either. Something to do with MPEG-2 decoder missing.

Any suggestions?


A:Can't Create DVD

Yes, Home Basic does not have the codec (MPEG2) needed to play or write DVD's. I do not think microsoft has one for it either, but correct me if I am wrong. I think NVIDIA used to offer one for Home Basic.... not sure. Sorry for not being more knowledgeable, but now you at least know that Home Basic does not support DVD's.

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I am running Windows XP and have not been able to apply Service Pack 3 without my computer crashing.

I have done a lot of reading and have followed the preparation Guide. I can get as far as running DDS but the scan stops and my computer freezes.
I'm not sure which programs are running script blockers that may interfer with DDS but I disconnected from the internet by disabling my wireless Lan adapter and turned off Super Anti-Spyware, AVG and Malwarebytes.

My problem is that I keep getting Google redirects when I search. When Malwarebytes is running, it keeps giving me block notifications to "potentially malicious sites". I also get pop-up windows when I boot my computer without clicking on internet explorer, firefox or chrome. I have run all of my security programs mentioned above and I always get objects (threats) and the programs remove them but my problems continue. I am afraid that the security of my computer is seriously compromised.

I did run hijackthis and got a log file before I discivered your site.

I'm not sure how to proceed.

Thank you in advance,


A:Cannot get DDS to create a log

Hi , acbent and welcome.

I will be helping you get cleaned up. Please give me some time to do up a fix and I'll get back to you.

White Warrior

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Does anyone know how to make an XP installation CD. I don't have one but I heard there is a way to make one, though i'm not sure.

A:How to Create An XP CD

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I work for a roofing company that does flat roof restoration. Generally these roofs are over 50,000 sq. Ft. I can go to google maps and find any roof I want and get a good estimation of the size using google maps. I was wondering if something could be created that would find all flat roofs over a certain size in a given location (ex. Chicago, IL) and list them with there info and address? This would be very helpful for the business. I have no idea if this would be possible. Any of your ideas would be greatly appreciated!

A:Is this possible to create?

I would think that this would be between difficult and impossible given the way maps work. Even large scale - high resolution - maps tend to show buildings as mostly rectangles of one sort or another, detail of roof design is not the sort of data usually included.
You might well be able to get this sort of information out of Google Earth since it is a picture, but to get this level of detail you would be looking at a very small area which would not contain many roofs. It might be possible to write a program to do this but I think that would be a fairly daunting task: define area of interest (reasonably easy); define a 'roof' (?); measure each roof; list all greater than 50,000 sq.ft. (or 225 ft2 ). Your hardest part would be defining 'roof' in terms a program would understand.
Chris Cosgrove

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how do you create a self install cd of windows BUT installing it
without any windows screens showing up only the ones I made myself.
then it reloads to boot the system.

Thank you.

A:how do you create

Windows Unnattended CD Creator?


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Dear Forumers,
During the installation of my new computer somehow Windows 7 wrote the MBR to disc 1 instead of disc 0 where the Windows operating system resides. In as much as this is not a problem for me, disc 1 is now starting to show signs of failure. Chkdsk /f is unable to repair this disc and diagnostic software from Western Digital confirms that the drive is failing.
Now I need to write the MBR to disc 0.
I did come across a tutorial on how to create an MBR but for the life of me I can?t locate it. Any help in this regard would be appreciated in order that I get this right the first time.


Convert MBR Disk to GPT Disk
MBR - Restore Windows 7 Master Boot Record

Those two links should be of assistance.

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I have downloaded images of a small city in europe from google maps with google maps downloader with maximum zoom, and now when I combine all of images I downloaded (20k)with the program that came with google maps downloader the size of an image is 2 GB and I can't view it. Is there any program that allows me to put in ~40 pictures at ~20 000 x 20 000 resolution and that I can view them like in google maps?


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I need to create a log off shortcut for my users, so that they can log off (obviously).

However i need it to ask them to confirm the action.

If they click yes, it logs them off (using "shutdown -l") and if they click no it simply closes the dialog box.

If anyone could be so AMAZING as to help me with this i would be SO grateful!


This does not actually function it wont run anything, but the script is:
x=msgbox ("Log Off?" ,4+64, "Confirm Log Off")

i also tried this along with other scripts but none worked
x=msgbox ("Log Off?" ,4+64, "Confirm Log Off")
If Continue = vbYes then
if vbYes = run shutdown.exe -l
End If

A:Can anyone create this?

Why rebuild the wheel. Ctrl-Alt-Del, or when they are in desktop mode, use either Classic Shell or Start8 to give them the same features as what are in Windows 7.

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I have 3 computers wired to a Linksys Router, which then goes to my cable modem and to the internet. I thought this would be considered a "LAN", but when i try to play a game through a LAN, like Quake III, it says there are no games listed. I am kinda new to LAN's, and I would appreciate any help I can get with setting up a LAN. Windows 2000 Pro SP4, Windows XP Pro SP1, and Windows 98 2nd Edition...AOL High Speed Cable for the internet...

A:How do I create a LAN?

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How can you create pdf on the fly using PHP. I need to create
an invoice so customer can print it after checkout from shopping cart.



A:Create PDF using PHP

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