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USB Device Recognized / Not Recognized based on shut-down method

Q: USB Device Recognized / Not Recognized based on shut-down method


I have a PC which is having a lot of trouble recognizing a USB data acquisition device. Starting from a situation where the PC *does* recognize the device, here is the basic pattern:

1. PC shows device in Device Manager under "Data Acquisition Devices".

2. If the PC is power-cycled via the power plug itself, the device is no longer recognized under Device Manager ("Unknown Device").

3. If the PC is power-cycled via Start Menu --> Turn Off, same results as above, no longer recognized.

4. If the PC is power-cycled via Start Menu --> Restart, no problems, device recognized.

When the device is not recognized, unplugging and replugging the USB cable makes no difference to the situation. In order to correct the issue, I disable and then enable via Device Manager (which also involves a restart).

This pattern is extremely repeatable.

I am working with WinXP SP2, Pentium, 2.8 GHz, 504 MB RAM.

This PC was returned from a customer site - the PC and USB device are used in a machine my company manufactures. Apparently this issue just started happening one day. We want not only to correct the issue, but in fact to understand the root cause and ensure it will not happen again in the future.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated - thanks!

Preferred Solution: USB Device Recognized / Not Recognized based on shut-down method

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: USB Device Recognized / Not Recognized based on shut-down method

You could try reinstalling the usb drivers.
JohnWill has fix that is worth a try

Johnwill's solution

Create a file with NOTEPAD containing the following lines and save it as FIX.REG
-------------------------- Use text after this line --------------------------------

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Environment]

-------------------------- Use text before this line --------------------------------

Double click on FIX.REG and say yes to the Merge Into Registry question.

Unplug ALL USB devices.
Open Device Manager.
View, Show Hidden Devices.
Uninstall all devices under USB Controllers.
Uninstall all devices under Disk Drives that you know are not present.
Uninstall all devices under Storage Volumes. Say no to any reboot prompts until you are finished. Also, if a Storage Volume doesn't uninstall, ignore it and move to the next one.
If you have a yellow ? with unknown devices, uninstall all of the entries there as well.

When this is done, reboot TWICE.

Reconnect the USB devices and see if they're recognized properly.

NOTE: If you have a USB keyboard and/or mouse, you'll have to modify the instructions and leave enough parts for those to function. I don't have one yet, so I haven't had time to modify the instructions.
Microsoft MVP - Shell/User

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Hello everyone..
Yesterday my laptop pushed a new Win 10 update, and all went fine, or at least I think so.
But today I see that my Sony WALKMAN - which I used with no problem until now, can't be recognized anymore.

Basically it just shows as (E or Usb Drive E: but when I click it it says "Please insert a disk into E:/" like there is nothing there.

Now the interesting part is.. if I go to Device Manager I see it and clicking on properties etc t says it's working fine.

But if I go to Disk Management, the Drive shows as 14 gb of unallocated space and it's greyed out.

However, if I put it on my brother's laptop, it works perfectly and it can be opened, music moved into it etc - it shows as Healthy - Primary Partition in Disk Management. So it doesn't seem broken...

It's the same on each of the 4 usb ports btw. But, other usb devices (2 phones, 1 tablet) don't have any issue and are detected.

What could have caused this? I tried the basic Disable/Enable in Device Manager and also Uninstall Driver.. It doesn't do anything, it appears back when I replug it in.

No change in Safe Mode and no change after sfc /scannow

If anyone has any idea I'd be happy to try anything to fix this..


A:USB device not recognized on my laptop but recognized in other pcs/lap

This problem is being reported by many forum members with many different USB devices. It seems that Windows 10 Anniversary is having problems properly recognizing certain USB drives and devices. So far, no one has come up with a clear fix for this issue but it sounds like it is clearly related to the Anniversary update. For the record, I did a clean install and have not had any issues but most of the people reporting this problem make reference to updating to Anniversary.

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I tried replacing the hard drive on my Inspiron 9300 with a 200G drive.  The administrative computer tools in Windows XP recognized it, but the BIOS showed it as 130G or so.  I finally had to replace the drive with a smaller one.  I had the latest BIOS version.  Is there a BIOS fix that will allow the larger hard drive to be used?

A:Hard drive not recognized by BIOS but recognized by WINDOWS Inspiron 9300

Not on the 9300s that use EIDE (parallel ATA) drives, no - the limit is 137G in BIOS setup.

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I just rebuilt an old system using Windows 7 Home Premium after using WinXP pro for many years. The primary hard drive is WDC 150 Mg and Win7 is installed and updated to current with SP1. I dropped a second WDC hard drive in, formatted and was going to use it for a 2nd backup unit. Both of these are sata. Both hard drives are recognized by Disk Management but when I select Computer on the start menu ONLY the primary 150 Mg drive is recognized. If I plug in an external drive, both Computer and Disk Management recognizes the external drive. How do I have Win7 recognize my backup WDC drive so I can use it.

Thank you

A:hard drive NOT recognized in computer but IS recognized in disk mgmnt.

Quote: Originally Posted by PERSIL

I just rebuilt an old system using Windows 7 Home Premium after using WinXP pro for many years. The primary hard drive is WDC 150 Mg and Win7 is installed and updated to current with SP1. I dropped a second WDC hard drive in, formatted and was going to use it for a 2nd backup unit. Both of these are sata. Both hard drives are recognized by Disk Management but when I select Computer on the start menu ONLY the primary 150 Mg drive is recognized. If I plug in an external drive, both Computer and Disk Management recognizes the external drive. How do I have Win7 recognize my backup WDC drive so I can use it.

Thank you

Had similarities on my pc.

Goto BIOS, there you have 4 options.

Primary Master
Secondary Master

Primary Slave
Secondary Slave

Set it as follows:

Primary Master -----> Main Boot HDD
Secondary Master -----> EMPTY

Primary Slave -----> CD/DVD RAM
Secondary Slave -----> Secondary backup HDD
Hpe it helps!


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Hello everyone,
i hope you can help me sorting out this issue that is causing me a hard headache at the moment.

I've bought this new Lenovo Z50-70 laptop with windows 8.1 preinstalled on it. Fresh new.

I'm trying to connect via usb a guitar audio interface (Line6 POD HD500) so i installed the drivers via the .exe setup file i downloaded from Line6's site.
The device worked fine on my previous HP pavilion with windows 7.

Now when i completed the installation, i connected it and i had this error:Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)A request for the USB device descriptor failed.
I used slimdrivers to update all the other drivers, in case it was a conflict causing the error.
I checked via command prompt with command "pnputil -e" and i saw a driver from the vendor of the device listed, so it is installed correctly i think.
I tried all USB ports i have, 3.0 and 2.0 on one side of laptop and 2.0 on other side.

When on device manager, if i click update drivers and choose the "let me pick from a list of device drivers.." i don't see the company name of the device.

i saw that another guy posted a really similar problem on SevenForum and he figured out how to force windows to use the drivers but he didn't post the solution.. Here is the post: Can't get Windows 7 x64 to use the drivers I've installed repeatedly Solved - Windows 7 Help Forums

Edit: the software tool from which i can update drivers and other things for my g... Read more

A:USB device not recognized. Device descriptor request faile

I am having the same exact problem as you, Cattanius. I couldn't get it to connect to my computer over 2 years ago and then just decided to try it the other day. I didn't expect anything to show up in device manager because I thought the usb port was fubar, but then I see the same message you got and all of the sudden there's hope! I hope.

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I have an 8GB sd card i used while traveling and upon trying to get the pictures from it the computer does not recognize the card at all, no prompts, nothing. I have tried it in multiple pcs and macs and no response. My Cannon Rebel XS camera says no images found. However, when I plug it into my brother's Cannon PowerShot it actually recognizes and shows all pictures on the card. Does anyone have any reason why this is happening and how I can recover the pictures? I am not willing to just format to make the card work again, I must have these pictures.

A:SD Card not recognized in computer but recognized on camera

Have you tried leaving the card in the camera and attaching to the computer to d/l the pictures that way. I have an Olympus camera and the pictures will d/l fine with the card left in the camera.

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Hello all. It has been a while since I've needed help but my run of luck has hit an ugly downturn. Moved my computer three weeks ago and had not plugged it all back together till last night. All these years I had used it without a password to log in but a few months back a tech friend expressed horror at this so I started using one. Last night no matter what I did it wouldn't let me log in, saying incorrect password. Today as I messed around again I went through the steps of asking it to reset password (even though I didn't have disc for reset) and realized it does not seem to be recognizing my internal drive. If one of my externals are on they come up but if I turn off externals I get a bubble that says 'No Drive. This feature requires removable media etc.' My drive seems to be running and the Windows logos do appear during boot. My keyboard seems to be functioning to type password, but when I hit F8 while rebooting I get no reaction, so cannot boot to safe mode, just goes right back to log in page. I have had mold/moisture issues in this new house but have had a dehumidifier running since just a few days after computer arrived here. However I do see some evidence of mold or dust in the case, not a lot but some. Not sure what the root of this problem is but I am trying hard not to panic. Any ideas?

A:Internal drive not recognized/password not recognized

Your tech. friend may have mis-understood when you need a password.
If you are at home and only you and you trusted family have access to you computer, there is no need whatsoever for a logon password.
The only time I have ever needed one is when I was using my own laptop on clients site when I was contracting and I would leave it on the desk over lunch.

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Hello, please let me know if I'm in the wrong place or you need more information. I did read the pinned topics, and I hope I'm able to give a clear enough account of my problems, but by all means let me know if I don't.

I am on an HP Pavilion dv6000, Windows Vista 32-bit. Again, I'll give any other info you need.

A few months ago 3 problems started, probably around the same time. I didn't really take note of it when it started, thinking they were one-offs. Two weeks or so ago I took it into BestBuy and had the GeekSquad there look at it. They vaguely told me that there were 365+ "traces," and that it was multiplying any time the computer is on. (It has not, however, gotten any worse since then, and I've continued using it.) They wanted $200 to fix it and it would take days, they said. I don't have that much money to blow, so I'm prepared to save some files on my uncle's external hard drive and just completely wipe this laptop to factory settings. Hopefully though, someone will be able to help find another solution. The people at the store thought the webcam and shutting off problem were virus-related, but that the freezing was overheating. I think all three are virus-related, and I'll go more into each problem here:

--1. My laptop has a built in webcam. In the taskbar a bubble will pop up that tells me "This device can perform faster" and gives me USB 3.0 options, which I don't have, but basically it is t... Read more

A:Webcam not recognized, freezing, random shut downs

Have you considered...the possibility that your system is overheating?


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I have a customer with a new notebook computer running Windows XP. It's a custom built computer from Nobilis, so I don't have a model number to provide. Several times a day, it shows a "USB device not recognized" error message (see screenshot below). Unfortunately, I couldn't reproduce the error last time I was on-site, so he emailed me this screenshot. He doesn't connect anything to the computer (not even a printer or mouse). Any ideas what would show up as unknown, but only sometimes?

A:USB device not recognized

Take a look at all the usb ports and see if one looks damaged.
if there is a bent pin Mike it can cause that error

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I'm pretty sure that it isn't the first subject about it, but I didn't find any threads wich looked like mine, so I'm doing a new one.
Yesterday, I was browsing the Internet like everyday of the week, and my mouse stopped working, for no reason. It just does the "tadam" (sound wich is done when we put or eject an USB device from an USB port.
My first opinion was that my mouse had a problem, so I tried it on my bro's PC, it worked just fine. Then I tried, my brother's mouse on mine, and it didn't work. Hence, obviously, my PC is the reason of my problems. Nonetheless, my iPod synchronizes itouself on my PC, so there is some devices which work anyway.
I'm kinda desperate.
Windows 7 ultimate *64
Mouse logitech, full drivers up to date I guess.
Hope you'll find the problem!!

A:USB device not recognized.

By the way, I'm running avast, it hasn't found anything, yet.

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I just purchased a game controller, specifically a thrustmaster firestorm dual analog 3, and it is supposed to be automatically recognized by windows 98se, as an "HID compliant Game Device" however, nothing happens when i plug it in to one of my computer's usb ports. The LED on the controller lights up when i plug it in, so its getting power, but it is not being recognized. My usb ports are on a pci card, so i'm not totally convinced that they are working, but they show up in the device manager. I'm wondering how I can be sure that my usb ports are functioning correctly, and if they are, what can i do to get my computer to recognize the game controller when i plug it in.

A:usb device not recognized

The easiest way to check them is to find a USB device that you know to be functional and try it on your system.

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Hey guys. I'm trying to get my Cowon J3 MP3 player to work with my HP Elitebook 8440p. I know, I know- who uses MP3 players anymore right? Well I love this thing to death- it sounds great and has awesome battery life even after something like 7 years or more.

My problem is when I try to connect it to my Windows 10 laptop I get 'USB device not recognized." I've googled the problem as many ways as I can think to do so, and tried many solutions but nothing seems to work. the device is able to connect in both MTP and MSC mode, but neither will work.

I'm currently traveling, and before I left home I plugged it into my windows 10 desktop and interacted with it via windows media player no problem, so I find it unlikely to be a problem with the player itself. I'd try it on another computer but I'm surrounded by macs... (I did try plugging it into my roommates mac just cuz but no luck there either).

If anyone could suggest something that might get this gem of a legacy device to interact with my laptop I'd be extremely grateful
Thanks for reading!

A:usb MTP device not recognized

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OK Here's my problem. I get a "USB Device Not Recognized" error when I plug my camera into the front USB port of my computer. It works fine when I plug it into the back USB port. Because of the position of my PC, it is a royal pain to get to the back side of the PC, so I really want to be able to use it in the front USB port.

I believe it was caused because I plugged it in before installing the driver software. The driver software is now in place, however it still will not recognize the camera. It shows up as "Unknown Device" in the device manager.

Can anyone help?

A:USB Device Not Recognized


Plug it in until it shows as unrecognised, then uninstall from within device manager, and try again.

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I am using a Tohsiba TE-2100 laptop (XP Pro) which boots and functions normally for a variable period of time. However, it will inadvertantly end up displaying the message "USB Device Not Recognized" After this, any USB device attached is nonfunctional. However, the error message displays even when no device happens to be connected. The only way to fix the problem is to reboot. This has been going on for some time, but I cannot relate it to any particular thing that was done to the computer. I cannot remember when I updated to service pack 2, so I don't know if that could be the culprit.

Thanks for any advice you may have.

A:USB device not recognized

http://www.hat.net/geeky/node/221 Check this out and see if it helps...Jazz

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For a little while now I have been getting error msgs popping up on my desktop that say "USB Device not Recognized, one of the USB devices connected to this computer has malfunctioned, and Windows does not recognize it. Try reconnecting the device. If Windows still does not recognize it, replace the device."
There is nothing connected to my computer, and this error msg comes up ever 10 sec or so.
When I click on it, it shows 6 usb ports, all used except one that is in bold and says "Unknown USB Device" When I click on it nothing comes up.
Now my USBs are not working correctly, since it will pick up a memory stick that I plug in but will not pick up the wireless mouse that I connect.

This problem started last night when I had my printer cord (via an extension cable) USB, and the wireless mouse connected (plus a DVD in my computer). Everything that was plugged has been connceted before and working.
My system is a Vista-64 bit (faily new)

Any suggestions on how to fix this would be great.

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This is getting irritating enough I am tempted to go back to XP. Every time I plug in a USB device to charge it, for example my GoPro helmet cam, or just have an empty USB cable plugged in to one of the PC's ports and leave it on my desk so its ready to plug something else - I get that P.I.T.A. message popping up every couple of seconds.It won't go away either, it just keeps popping up again and again.
I have the all the latest updates, including the latest service pack. I powered off the CPU by unplugging it for 5 minutes and it still pops up whenever I plug in a cable or a device like one of my pocket video cams just to charge it.

Is there a fix for this or not?

A:USB device not recognized will NOT go away

Check your USB controller settings in Device Manager:

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I recently posted here about a USB problem. The thread is located here: Unkown Device - Usb - Tech Support Forum

Please read my initial post and the responses before you post to this thread.

The solution in that thread worked for a few days until the problem was back all of a sudden. So i uninstalled all USB devices and re installed all under the n7110 drivers in the chipset section. This again worked for a few days until the problem returned. But now, the problem seems to be there no matter what even if I do an entire reinstall of my drivers. Any help?

A:Usb device not recognized

Please do not make a new thread about the same problem. Just continue on with your other post.

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Sometimes this message window appear and disappear as attached.

My motherboard is p6x58d premium and I installed every possible drivers. However this window is still coming.

A:usb device not recognized

Do you have any external USB devices connected?

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Every time I plug in any USB device into my Acer Aspire 5100 laptop, I get the dreaded USB device not recognized pop up message. I have been trying for months to fix this, but cannot find any solution.

some info:
Vista home edition 32bit
AMD Turion 64 x2 mobile TL-52
Acer Navarro MOBO, ATI Xpress 200 chipset

I have tried unplugging the computer and letting the battery drain, updating drivers, system restore... nothing helps.

the problem started about a week after I reinstalled windows on my machine after a power outage caused my computer to cease booting at all. I plugged in my new ipod nano, and updated it one time, and then my USB ports never worked again after that first time plugging in my nano. No devices work, no mouses, no printers, no flash drives.

please help! Thank you!

A:USB device not recognized

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Until recently my usb scanner, camera and thumb drives (1,2 and 4GB) worked fine...about two weeks ago I started receiving the error message "USB device found" then "Installing your USB device" followed by "USB device is working properly" and then immediately afterwards the error message "USB device not recognized".

Within Device Manager it shows one controller as "Enhanced" so I'm assuming from what I've read that that means USB 2.0 drivers are installed. I've Googled the error message and followed several how-to's but still to no avail.

SP2 Q - how do I tell if I have it installed...within Add/Remove it shows many updates but nothing that says specifically SP2. I've downloaded SP2 but not sure I should/want to open that can of worms (after reading about program compatibilty problems)....any thoughts/suggestions would be appreciated.

1) None of my USB devices work.
2) Do I have Service Pack 2 installed?

A:USB device not recognized and SP2 Q...

Not absolutely certain, but I believe most older motherboards require Service Pack 2 to enable USB 2 support. The older Socket 939 motherboard I had required SP 2 to enable that support. The P35 chipset motherboard I have now has the support built into the motherboard. Follow this link for instructions on how to determine the service pack you have. If you do not have service pack 2 installed, I strongly suggest you download and install it.

http://www.yorktech.com/wireless/WindowsXP/Determine SP.htm

Good luck.


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If I opened the topic in wrong section, please sorry...

Sorry if bad english. Please read the whole text so you could fully understand what is the point

Here is my problem. Every Mass Storage device I put in the USB slots, came with the message USB not recognized...

It happened yesterday, when I plugged in the external hard disk into back USB slots. Hard disk works at other computer normally. Then I powered on my front USB slots (ther were turned off for couple of monts), put the phone, and it normally showed memory storage. Then I plugged hard disk into front slots, and it came with error. Then I again plugged phone in, but now I get the USB Device not recognizad, which is really weird, cause it worked a minute ago.

I tried every possible solution I googled, uninstalling SMS Bus Controllers, reinstalling chipset drivers and so on.

Weird thing is that Mass Storage devices aren't working on Windows 8 which is on the other partition within the same hard disk.

To mention, that all USB slots have normal power, hard disk is getting the power, phone is charging, Wireless Adapter is also working normally. I really don't know what could be the problem.

Is it possible that this hard disk could somehow insert some wrong data, because he is the source of this plague

Thanks in advance, waiting for suggestions

A:USB Device not recognized

Couple of questions. Does the external hard drive have its own power supply? Have you tried plugging the drive in without the phone charging? You may be drawing too much current from the 5 volt supply in your computer charging a phone and plugging in am external hard drive without a separate power supply.
Your English is good.

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This post violates a personal policy of contributing to a forum/community before exploiting it, but I'm not at all qualified to contribute to this forum.


One of the USB devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned, and Windows does not recognize it. For assistance in solving this problem, click this message.

This is the message that pops in the lower right corner when I connect the midisport Uno USB midi cable to my computer. The latest driver is attached, and I have service pack 1. The cable works properly on other computers, including one that also has sp1. Also, the USB ports on this computer have had no problems in the past. Both are in near constant use.

I have no idea weather this will help, but here's a hijackthis log.


Logfile of HijackThis v1.97.7
Scan saved at 7:38:43 PM, on 8/31/2004
Platform: Windows XP SP1 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP1 (6.00.2800.1106)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\PhotoSmart\HP Share-to-Web\hpgs2wnd.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\CMEII\CMESys.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\GMT\... Read more

A:USB Device Not Recognized

Unplug ALL USB devices.
Open Device Manager.
View, Show Hidden Devices.
Uninstall all devices under USB Controllers.

When this is done, reboot TWICE.

Reconnect the USB devices and see if they're recognized properly.

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I have a weird problem.

I recently bought a cheap USB Hub off eBay. I plugged it in and connected my devices and it always works.

However, about 75% of the time when Win 8 boots, I get about a dozen "USB connect/disconnect" sounds and a window that says "USB Device not recognized". (sometimes 3 or 4 of these windows)

I've searched for this issue but every post that I find provides a recommendation for a USB device that is not working. None of these suggestions applies because after all the boot noise, the hub and it's devices work. It just seems like Win 8 is having trouble recognizing the Hub but keeps trying and eventually succeeds.

The Hub is plugged into a USB 2 port with a scroll wheel mouse and a Dymo LabelWriter 400 connected to the hub.

Any suggestions?

Win 8.1 Pro X64
Asus CM3870
Intel Core i7-3770

A:USB Hub - USB Device not recognized

What happens when you do not have any devices connected to it ? It's most likely it is recognizing those devices, not the hub itself.

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A:Usb Device Not Recognized

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plz see attached file, i have to bear the notification sound continuosly,
i have tried uninstalling and reinstalling, updating but still problem not resolved.

A:USB Device not recognized

Quote: Originally Posted by farrukhali14

plz see attached file, i have to bear the notification sound continuosly,
i have tried uninstalling and reinstalling, updating but still problem not resolved.

Ok so I saw the attached file. Whats the question/problem?

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Hi guys-

I just bought a new mobile phone and tried to connect it to my PC using a USB cable (which came as an accessory with the phone), Windows XP SP3 gave me the following error: "USB Device not recognized". But the phone is charging and I checked Device Manager->Universal Serial Bus Controllers and there were no yellow exclamation marks either.

In total I have 6 physical USB Ports, 4 in the back & 2 in the front. On one of the ports on the back I have my HP Printer connected (the device is in power off mode).

The error message displayed is consistent for the 2 ports in the front, but for 2 out of the 4 ports in the back the phone connects perfectly displaying the internal & external memory in 2 separate drives, as for 1 port in the back it says "High speed usb device attached to non high speed hub"

What is going on??

System specs:
Motherboard: Intel 945GTP
Processor: P4 3.2 GHz
DVD Writer: HP dvd1260
Video Card: nVidia 9500 GT 1GB

A:USB Device not recognized

Hi Ax, Heres a link I found that shows a fix for your exact problem.


It simple and definately worth a try. Let me know if I can help further. I will monitor this thread through out the day. If this fixes your problem please post back so I can move on to other issues.


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I've had an issue that has been driving me nuts for the past few hours. I have a Dell Inspiron 537s tower on which ive done a clean install of Windows 7 x64. Everytime I plug in a USB device it gives me a "usb device not recognized error". I've tried every solution ive found (uninstall all usb ports, unplug computer from outlet, updated the chipset drivers, etc). NOTHING has worked.

If I disable "USB2 Enchanced Controller" (USB 2.0) in device manager, all my usb devices magically begin to work and install, but only at USB 1.1 Speed. This is a big setback for me. The strange thing is though, that my keyboard and mouse work regardless. Only things such as my webcam and external hd are "not recognized" or "malfunctioned". I've even tried Vista x64 and Windows 7 x32.

Does anyone have any ideas???

A:USB Device Not Recognized

make sure all important updates are installed from microsoft update.

look up dell drivers for your motherboard usb controllers and install the updated one.

Type System Information in search bar in start menu. click "Components" and then click problem devices toward the bottom. update whatever it lists

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hello, last night i took my sisters mouse and use it on my laptop then once i was done using it i place it back into ther USB and a message in the bottom right told me that the USB devise was not recognized, also i rtyed putting it in the one where the keybord went into then the keybord was not recognized eather?? im guessing it has to do with the USB's its self and not the mouse/keybord? it also might be some kind of visus i already got rid over over 2k visus's from her pc

A:USB Device Not Recognized

Your sister's laptop might need Windows reinstalled if you removed 2K viruses from her computer. Go to the Virus & Malware Removal thread and perform the 8-Step removal instructions. Post the logs created

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Hi All,

I have come here searching for the solution to the exact same problem. "USB device not recognized".

I have recently purchased an ASUS G750 laptop. For the first 5 days it worked fine. I had my phone linked with bluetooth and running a USB mouse and headset.

Woke up one morning... stagger over to my laptop to check email etc and BAM no mouse or working headset.

I have tried all three of my headsets with it and 3 mice and none work, however they all work on my wife's laptop. It is also stange how no USB thumb drives works... Initially I thought it was a hardware fault, but when I plug in my portable HDDs they all work fine.

I ended up reformatting the system back to factory defaults, but the problem still persists.

If I look it up under Device Manager the faults listed there show as:

Unknown USB Device (Device Descriptor Request Failed)

Two days after all this occurred I had to go to work (work offshore) and decided to take my laptop with me (better than nothing right) with the idea that I could buy a bluetooth mouse and headset at the airport on the way to work to cover me until I got back and sort out a qualified tech. This was purchased, only to find once arriving at work that my bluetooth can no longer be found (assumed not working) and when i try to launch my camera it ask me to install one.

I don't know if all these issues can all be in some way related to the original USB issue or if there is just a general driver glitch, but I ... Read more

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Pls help me with this one.

I can't install my hp d2560 printer on my pc

everytime I plug the printer to the pc a message always says

"usb device not recognized" I tried installing the printer to another pc

and it was installed with no problems..

I thought the problem was the usb ports but my motherboard

is brand new, it's an ecs g31t-m board

I tried reinstalling the OS im using XP home edition

still I get the same error message pls help me

A:USB device not recognized

Does this happen using the rear USB or front USB ports?

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When I plug my USB flash drive to system then Windows show me below error and USB device can't work:

I update BIOS and reinstall USB and Chipset drivers but problem exist. My USB flash drive is OK and working with other systems. I changed USB ports too but problem not solved.
Any idea?

Thank you.

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My problem is can be understood by reading this windows xp article. Im running xp with SP1A. The dll s in question on my PC are not at the recommended version even though I have the SP s installed . Anyone have any ideas? Is it possible to just obtain the latest dll s and copy them to the correct location?


A:usb device not recognized

If you can find the dll's and download them, yes you can replace them.

You will likely need to do it in "safe mode" or access will be denied.

Rename the old ones to dllname.old for safety sake so you can revert if needed.

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Yesterday I was surfing on the internett when all of a sudden my mouse and keyboard malfunctioned. A small error message appeard from my system tray saying "USB Device Not Recognized". I don't know what could have caused this, but as I unplugged and plugged the mouse and keyboard back in they both worked again. When I use the computer for several minutes the same thing happenes again. Sometimes as I see the light go out from underneath my mouse I pick it up and it magically starts to work again, but there are still times when it doesn't start to work again just by waiting, and that's when I have to reinsert my USB devices to make them work again.

Anybody who might know what's causing this?

A:USB Device Not Recognized

do you have all the correct ddrivers installed for your devices an d are they certified compatible for your version of windows?

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everything was fine before - now this.
no software has been installed.
this occurs on both XP computers and only (so far???) with the HP Personal Media drive -back up drive.
all other usb devices are okay.

one of the computers was recently set back to factory specs and is seldom connected to the internet as we have an internet only old XP computer
thanks all

A:usb device not recognized

Try this.

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Hi, would or could someone help me, all of a sudden a usb device has stopped working, it is not recognized now im sure that i have searched every where for an answer i have tried lots of things, it says windows has stopped this device it has reported problems, the device is a sony walkman mp3 player, there has never been a problem up to now, i have searched ( some where along the line it has a missing driver) i have been onto sony website and i cannot see any software or driver downloads . i been all day trying to fix it, but i cant , ive seen some where that it is generic usb driver problem also virtual wi fi mini port adapter problem ,that has come up while i have been searching. also how do you get into device manager on windows 7 hope some can help. many thanks Pearl

A:device not recognized

Quote: Originally Posted by Pearlypearl

Hi, would or could someone help me, all of a sudden a usb device has stopped working, it is not recognized now im sure that i have searched every where for an answer i have tried lots of things, it says windows has stopped this device it has reported problems, the device is a sony walkman mp3 player, there has never been a problem up to now, i have searched ( some where along the line it has a missing driver) i have been onto sony website and i cannot see any software or driver downloads . i been all day trying to fix it, but i cant , ive seen some where that it is generic usb driver problem also virtual wi fi mini port adapter problem ,that has come up while i have been searching. also how do you get into device manager on windows 7 hope some can help. many thanks Pearl

Look here. Sony Mp3 Walkman is not getting Detected ! [Solved]


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I have a Lenovo Android phone which after it self-upgraded it's software (customized Android UI) does not get recognized when it's plugged into my Lenovo G50 notebook. When plugged in, Windows gives "USB device not recognized" and the phone cannot be accessed. I've tried different USB ports, cables, uninstall/reinstall the driver, nothing works. I also tried the Win10 hardware troubleshooter feature multiple times to no avail. I'm at a loss how I might resolve this problem - and Lenovo Support forum is of no help. Any help is greatly appreciated. Below is the details in the Windows event log...

Log Name: Microsoft-Windows-Kernel-PnP/Configuration
Source: Microsoft-Windows-Kernel-PnP
Date: 7/31/2016 2:04:57 PM
Event ID: 400
Task Category: None
Level: Information
Device USB\VID_0000&PID_0002\5&2b47b14&0&3 was configured.
Driver Name: usb.inf
Class Guid: {36fc9e60-c465-11cf-8056-444553540000}
Driver Date: 06/21/2006
Driver Version: 10.0.10586.0
Driver Provider: Microsoft
Driver Section: BADDEVICE.Dev.NT
Driver Rank: 0xFF0000
Outranked Drivers: usb.inf:USB\DEVICE_DESCRIPTOR_FAILURE:00FF2000
Device Updated: false
Parent Device: USB\ROOT_HUB30\4&34c3c5a1&0&0
Event Xml:
<Event xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/win/2004/08/events/event">
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A:USB device not recognized

Leave your device unplugged, access device manager, select "show hidden devices" and see if you can find the old inactive device (greyed-out). Once found, delete it, reboot, plug your updated device back in and see if it is now properly recognized:

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My printer keeps on goin off line when i print to my second printer and does go online when i wanna print back to it,nothing happens, so i re-enabled it to online and nothing.So i uninstalled it, deleted the printer, restarted,shut down, restarted and re-installed the software, get to the point "please connect printer" and i do, get the error bubble, " usb device not recognized"
i have got new drivers. Is the problem with the usb root hub's on the mobo? or something else.

A:Usb Device Not Recognized

What is the brand and model of the printer. This series of errors is a known, and common problem, with HP officejet and multifunction printers. If it is one of the many bad models, you have no chance of fixing it without replacing the system board of the printer. Easier to buy a new one.
Problem is also common in some Canon and Lexmark multifunction printers.

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While working on my laptop yesterday evening, my mouse & external hdd stopped responding. On ejecting & re-inserting them both started getting this message 'USB Device Not Recognized'.

Now none of my three USB ports are working. Though on cross checking, the devices are working on other machine.

The message is getting flashed repeatedly. Also, observed that my battery got drained while it was switched off throughout the night. Have never faced either of these issues with almost 20months of working with W7 Pro.

Pls assist.

A:USB Device Not Recognized

Welcome Parry,

I'm sorry to hear about your problems your having!

Have you unplugged the power cord/charger and then remove the battery completely with the PC off. Give it a good minute or so then reconnect both and reboot

Also check the device manager for any devices (esp. USB related) that have yellow or red symbols on their icon, when nothing is plugged in the usb ports

additionally if you have media card slots check them since they are merely a usb channel, just like the others. - I'm not too sure if the battery has usb connect, i don't think Ive ever heard of that (you know to sense and adjust the power required)

Many internal wireless network cards run off a usb channel so check and see if you have wireless support (assuming you have a wireless transmitter)

Although there are other possible scenarios, that other members will surely offer in time, from the symptoms you described there is, in my opinion:
almost certainly a hardware issue.
it probably involves 1 of 3 things.
A loose or bad contact (corroded over time) or wire connecting the USB ports to the MOB
A problem with at least one of the rails in the power supply, (may also account for battery issue) [Check power levels in bios setup if possible - although sensors aren't always correct either]
a "burnt-out" USB controller IC, or similar issue with a piece literally soldered on the MOB. [albeit, a worst case scenario]

Remember everything breaks, it's just a matter of when, and how bad. Some HD... Read more

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Hello, when i plug in my ipod to my windows xp computer, the following pops up in the bottom right hand corner in a little box with an "!"

One of the USB devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned, and Windows does not recognize it.

A:USB device not recognized PLEASE HELP!

As always this could be due to quite a few things.

Bad USB cable
Bad/Loose Connection

Though a more common reason for this is drivers.

I would check the Device Manager for "splats" (eg. !, ?)

You may just find your device in their, just waiting for the drivers to be installed!

Let me know how it works out.

Also, for a site with some other good ideas, look here: http://www.genesoc.com/node/405

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This is staggering! I'm on the phone with Lenovo Canada and am being informed that the USB port on the right side is underpowered as a result of poor motherboard design! The two on the left side get full power, but the one on the right does not. They have informed the mobo manufacturer who is trying to come up with a workaround, but until then printers, wireless mice, etc., may experience the "USB Device not recognized" error warning on the port. My issue is with a Logitech VX Revolution mouse. I really want to get the USB wireless transmitter up out of the way as it's plugged in all the time, but it won't run up there . . . I've got a flawed machine, and Lenovo knows it. What do I do?![edit]: 43 minutes later (I need a speaker-phone!) the problem has been "escalated to level 2 techs" to see if they can reproduce the problem (case number 00060S9).

T430s 2352-CTO | X201 3249-CTO | T42 2373-3UU, -4TU

A:T61 "USB Device not recognized"

Unless they replace the motherboard, there is not much else you can do, except use the other 2 USB ports (up to 147 items per port, should be enough for everybody!).

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thanks in advance for your expertise. i'm a novice...
just bought a new-to-me 3 gig, 64 bit inspiron laptop with windows 7 and norton anti-v installed. otherwise wiped clean.
since installing a lexmark interpret s405 wireless printer today, i've been getting this error message every 2 seconds: "usb device not recognized. one of the usb devices connected to this computer has malfunctioned, and windows does not recognize it." it started during printer installation. but i now have NO usb's connected! of course, i tried rebooting and went through a whole diagnostic chat with the lexmark people. doesn't seem to be the wireless printer... any thoughts? it's driving me nutz!!
thanks so much.

A:usb device not recognized

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my hp Laserjet p1006 say the of the USB devices attached to this computer has malfunction and window does not recognize it. i have tried it to different computers but t still say the same problem. please help

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I tried looking up what could cause this, but too many results and nothing percise.

I have an custom made computer with an intel motherboard (an old D850GB) all was well and then I reinstalled windows p. I used to have USB when I first installed it, but I think I wound up getting a bunch of windows updates all at once, and then the next thing I know when I tried to access something with USB, NOTHING happened.

I have a PCI USB 2 card that doesn't work and neither do the two slots on the motherboard. I have NO Idea what could have gone wrong. Any pointers would be nice.

The motherboard comes with a cd, and I tried to install the software that came with it but it fails every time.

I'm totally stumped.

A:No USB device recognized

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This has been a problem for some time now, and one by one all of my flash drives seem to be malfunctioning. When I insert the devices into the USB port it comes up with the message on the bottom right side of the screen saying "USB device not recognized" and when I click on it it says to "reconnect the device, if Windows still does not recognize it, then please replace the device".

I have tried various methods on the internet and I have also tried inserting it onto other computers but it seems to be the actual device and not the USB port that is the problem. What annoys me the most is that I was about to make a backup of the data on another flash drive, and I am really hoping I can recover it (about 13 years of photos etc. on there).

It must be the connecter as when I insert the device it vibrates and I can hear the disc (or whatever it is) spin and it even makes the sound on the computer (at least its picking it up) yet when I access My Computer there is nothing there. Intrestingly when I unplug it for a short period of time a folder comes up titled something along the lines of "General drive" (I forget what it is called and will check later when I have it with me). When I click on this it comes up with an error message saying "J: Drive refers to a location that is unavailable.."

I hope this can get fixed eventually,
thanks in advance.

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I am connecting a mini dv camera with a firewire cable to a usb port through an adaptor from firewire to usb, but the error usb device not recognized appears. I have tried with 2 different computers with 2 different OS, XP and 7. The camera model is Sharp Viewcam Z VL-Z400. Can anyone help me?
Thank you.

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Hi this is the only place i could see where i could post this. If it is in the wrong place i am sorry.

I have an ipod nano i am trying to use. It is one of those "passed down" things. A cousin who had one but doesnt use it gave it to my brother who doesnt use it ect. And now i have it. From my research it is a second generation nano. (serial number: YM546ZY5TJT) I am trying to well put music on it and when i plug it into my computer i get "usb device not recognized" i have looked at the ipod website to try and figgure this out and nothing is working.
I honestly dont know what to do. I dislike Apple products generally. And am at a complete loss as to what to do.
Any and all help is appreciated.

A:Device not recognized

If you dont have iTunes installed, the driver to recognize it may be missing, else is the cable or the iPods jack.

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