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basic networking (at least i think its basic?)

Q: basic networking (at least i think its basic?)


i been trying to get my local home network. i used to have it working, but ever since i had to reinstall my OS on my computer, i havent been able to do it.

here is the computer specs:

Comp #1 (Packard Bell R515):
Linksys LNE100x FastEthernet NIC Card
200 Mhz MMX
Maxtor Ultra/ATA IDE Controller Card
disabled serial port

Comp #2 (Dell OptiPlex GX1p):
320 RAM
500 Mhz
Integrated 3Com NIC Card

both network cards are installed correctly. in computer #1, i disabled the serial port as i am not using it and its causing IRQ conflicts with my sound card when i had my NIC card installed.

here is my setup on network properties on both computers:

Client For Microsoft Networks
Dial Up Adapter
NIC Card Adapter
TCP/IP for DialUp Adapter
TCP/IP for NIC Card
file and printer sharing for microsoft networks

Primary Network Logon: Client for Microsoft Networks

both boxes are checked for allowing file and printer sharing

for TCP/IP, i have:

Computer #1:
IP: Subnet:
Computer #2:
IP: Subnet:

Workgroup (on both): JAESUN
Computer Names:
Computer #1: TypeSK Computer #2: SouthK

DNS is disabled in both computers

no gateway is listed on both computers

using a crossover cable between the two computers (used to have a hub and 2 regular RJ-45 cables, but its being borrowed now).

both computer NIC cards light up when the cables are plugged in
i have shared the folders i needed to share .... so when i go to network neighborhood, and click on "Entire Network", when i first do it, it takes awhile for it to even come up. at first, itll say its unable to browse the network, but after waiting for 2-5 minutes, im able to browse, and i click on the workgroup, and it wont list the other computer. BUT a couple times, itll list the other computer, but when i go to click it, it says its unable to find the workgroup or sharename, and then it goes away.

i have tried to install NetBeui on both computers to see if that works, to no avail, and i tried installing the IPX protocol to see if that works to no avail (i need IPX installed to play a game). but i cant seem to get the network going.

any help?

i have used this peer-to-peer network setup before at my house, and at a small network at my old workplace. so i dont see whats going on. both computers says in device manager that the NIC cards are working properly. i also tried taking computer #1 to my friends house to try it, and same problem. im thinking on trying to take computer #2 and try it to see if its computer #2. but im sure its computer #1 thats having the problem, or i have a setting thats off. but i have double checked, and triple checked for any errors.

any help?

Preferred Solution: basic networking (at least i think its basic?)

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: basic networking (at least i think its basic?)

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Windows 8 is the default and only OS on this laptop. Please do not suggest restore or backups - they do not exist.

I am trying to reinstall a fresh Windows 7 back into this laptop for dual boot purposes. I have a Win7 ISO all ready to go on a flash drive. The problem is... I cannot get the 20GB "Windows Seven (S " drive to convert from dynamic to basic. THere is no data to backup, Im tryiong to do a fresh install. Ive been trying for two weeks.

Why am I trying to do this? Because I just want to get a copy of Win7 back on here to fall back upon when Redmond pulls the auth key for Win8 Dev

This is the status of my drives. Theres one.. its 465GB System has 200MB and Win8 is on C with 465GB. THIS is a Dynamic Drive. I know C cannot be made basic. I know Windows wontr install on anything but Basic.

How do I either 1. Fix this so I can install Windows 7 onto a new partition of 20-25GB OR 2. create a new drive for this?

I know how to create and shrink and delete all that Ive tried all this Data Partition - Windows 7 Forums and its other tuts but I cant get around the Dynamic. I dont want to pay 30 bucks for a tool either -- there must be a way to do this and I put my hopes in the Windows community to bail me out (if you have android troubles, i may be able to help )

I want to keep Win 8 as default, I know my way around this machine its just this dynamic drive is troublesome.

I am cross posting this in Win8 forum as well, not sure which place is more a... Read more

A:Trouble creating basic drive for Windows 7 reinstall Dynamic to Basic

Use free Partition Wizard bootable CD version 4.2 which still has non-destructive Dynamic>Basic conversion as a free feature: pw422.zip ISO - Windows Live

Backup a WIn8 System image and your files, Boot CD, Rightclick on the HD to convert. Create/Resize your partitions as you wish.

Adapt these tips for getting a perfect Win7 reinstall: Reinstalling Windows 7

Win7 should configure a Dual Boot menu, if not use EasyBCD to add Win7 after install. Earlier versions of Easy are still free.

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Windows 8 is the default and only OS on this laptop. Please do not suggest restore or backups - they do not exist.

I am trying to reinstall a fresh Windows 7 back into this laptop for dual boot purposes. I have a Win7 ISO all ready to go on a flash drive. The problem is... I cannot get the 20GB "Windows Seven (S " drive to convert from dynamic to basic. THere is no data to backup, Im tryiong to do a fresh install. Ive been trying for two weeks.

Why am I trying to do this? Because I just want to get a copy of Win7 back on here to fall back upon when Redmond pulls the auth key for Win8 Dev

This is the status of my drives. Theres one.. its 465GB System has 200MB and Win8 is on C with 465GB. THIS is a Dynamic Drive. I know C cannot be made basic. I know Windows wontr install on anything but Basic.

How do I either 1. Fix this so I can install Windows 7 onto a new partition of 20-25GB OR 2. create a new drive for this?

I know how to create and shrink and delete all that Ive tried all this Data Partition - Windows 7 Forums and its other tuts but I cant get around the Dynamic. I dont want to pay 30 bucks for a tool either -- there must be a way to do this and I put my hopes in the Windows community to bail me out (if you have android troubles, i may be able to help )

I want to keep Win 8 as default, I know my way around this machine its just this dynamic drive is troublesome.

I am cross posting this in Win7 forum as well, not sure which place is more appro... Read more

A:Trouble creating basic drive for Windows 7 reinstall Dynamic to Basic

Check out this post by Jaidyn and see if it'll help you:


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i know this is newb networking but i haven't any experience with wireless
I have a DSL connection which comes with a DSL modem/router which features a wireless connection
I can connect to it fine with my laptop using a D-link card

I want to secure the connection so only i can use it, not my neighbors, the router/modem doesn't have any software to configure it, and i don't know the cmd stuff to type in

A:basic networking help

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Sorry friends! 17 Mar

But what does HP mean when it says "Basic 10/100 networking capability" as specs of its P1505n printer? How is it different from the Optional Connectivity: Jetdirect ? Can I use it on D-Link DP-G321 print server?


A:Basic 10/100 networking capability

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Can this:

Modem -> Router -> Hub -> Host, Host, Etc...
...............Wireless -> Host, Host, Etc...
Turn into this?:
......................Switch -> Host, Host, Host, Host
Modem -> Router -> Hub -> Host, Host, Etc...
...............Wireless -> Host, Host, Etc...

If not, why? If so, how?

Also, this network is P2P. Is there anyway to segment part of the network to have a server, to that it would look something like this?:

...............................Router -> Server -> Client, Client, Client
Modem -> Router -> Hub -> Host, Host, Etc...
................Wireless -> Host, Host, Etc...


A:basic networking questions

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I have 2 WinXP Pro PCs (a desktop and a laptop) wired to an Airlink combination 10/100 hub and router. My DSL modem is also connected to the Airlink. Both PCs can access the net this way. Both are on the workgroup, "Home." The desktop can see the laptop when I select the Home workgroup under View Workgroup Computers, but when I double click on the laptop in this view I get a warning that it's not accessible and I may not have permission; "the network path was not found." I've set up the laptop to share the My Documents directory.

The laptop cannot see the desktop. When I click on "View Workgroup Computers" on the laptop, I get a warning that "Home is not accessible" (suggesting it can at least see the workgroup), I might not have permission; "the list of servers for this workgroup is not currently available." I've also shared the desktop's My Documents directory.

Both PCs are running s/w firewalls, though I get the same behavior when I disable them. There's also a firewall in the router.

What am I doing wrong? Thanks for your help.


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Hello all you nice people
Where is the house, homegroup, system and globe icons in this picture? Are they graphics or icons? I am building a custom Windows 7 ? John

A:Basic Networking Information

#1 I do not know
In netcenter.dll icon folder
#2 - 4.ico #3 - 7.ico #5 -14,15,16,17,18,19.ico
#6 - 22.ico #7 - 23.ico #9 - 27.ico
#8 - imagers.dll icon folder 1013.ico
#4 maybe pnidul.dll icon folder 2400.ico


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We have always had just one computer and now we have bought another computer. They networked them together in the shop and I brought them home and plugged the cable from one to the other (thats about the extent of my networking knowledge). The old computer can see the new computer in "My Networking Places" but the new computer cannot see the old one. All it can see in the new computers networking places is its own hard drive. The people in the shop have gone home for the night and I would really like to fix this asap. Can anyone suggest what might be wrong? Both computers are running win XP. Thanks, Layla

A:Basic Networking Problem (I think?)

did it all [could you see harddrives etc] work ok in the shop >??

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Hi all
I'm looking for some step-by-step basic networking help please.
There are currently four computers in the house, all running Windows 7. Two of them are wired using homeplugs (different brands) and two of them are wireless.
I've tried using Homegroups but this never seems to work.
I've spent years messing with sharing settings, probably causing more harm than good.
Now that I have all the computers using the same OS I want to start from scratch and set up a basic home network so I can move files around between computers.
I would really appreciate it if somebody with a little patience could help me out with this, I'm pretty useful with computers but hopeless with networks.

A:Solved: Basic Networking Help

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i have a verizon dsl router and need to understand how my setup works. my question is the following. is my ip address for my pc coming from the router? if so does my router get a ip address also?

A:Basic Networking for home

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A question from an absolute "newb" in networking. An apprentice/on site learning position at work opened up in the networking dept. Before I jump into something like this is there anywhere on this site or elsewhere on the net I could get a peek into what a job like this would entail? I was told the position is more like a network/systems administrator. I realize most of the questions on this site seem to be home networking in nature. I'm trying to get an idea before I start looking into courses and the such. Any help or opinions would be appreciated.

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Hi Everyone,

I have a question relating to FTP. They say that FTP is out-of-band meaning uses separate control connection and data connection. I wanted to know what's the advantage and disadvantge of it being an out-of-band?


A:Basic Networking question

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Hi folks

I have two pc's that I generally use throughout the day. My home desktop and my work laptop.

They are both connect to the web via my BT Homehub box. Both wireless.

I have a printer connected to the desktop and an external 250Gb HDD.

I want to be able to share both the printer and the external HD with my work laptop.

Can somebody point me in the right direction as to what I need to be doing to get this working.

I have tried to share the harddrive by right clicking and going to sharing and security but cannot see the drive from my work laptop??

Any help greatly received. Thanks

A:Basic networking questions: help please

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I have an older computer that I use only for one program (original discs are
long gone) but which has lots of available hard disc space. I'd like to
network it with my laptop so that I could back up data from the laptop on
the desktop's hard disc.

Both have network cards and are connected to the same router (laptop
wirelessly) and both are able to connect to the internet with no problems. I
think that I have successfully created a network called "home" on my laptop.
At least it shows up under:
My network places
entire network
microsoft windows network

But I can't seem to configure the desktop w/ windows98. I looked it up in
windows help and followed the instructions for "adding a client". Help says
to follow the instructions on the screen, but I just get stuck in a loop.

Choose: Client
Choose: Microsoft
Which sends me back to "client" where the only choices are "add" and

My objective is to map the desktop hard disk onto the laptop as a network

Any suggestions?

A:basic networking problem

Sounds like some components are missing. I think you need the W98 disks to fix this. Remember, it's going to ask for the disks to change the networking components.

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I have a question about setting up remote access to a home machine. The setup at home is a desktop computer running Vista home 32bit, connected to a D-Link router, with a NAS (not sure what brand) also connected to the router. The remote computer is a laptop with a dual boot of windows XP home and ubuntu linux.

I want to be able to connect to the NAS remotely and have read/write access for file sharing and organizing. I really have three questions, what would be easier to setup/more sercure/faster, ssh/sftp or vpn. Most important would be security, but I also don't want to have to trouble shoot every time I try and connect.

I was thinking that I could either ssh to the desktop and then use a mapped drive to access the NAS, or I could setup a vpn to the desktop and use the local area connection to access the NAS.

Also, along with recommendations on which way to go, program recommendations would be helpful as well, (i.e. openssh or winscp).

thanks in advance

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Hey, just wondering if the following is possible and, if so, what settings I would need to change in my router/routers to get it working.

Current setup: We have DSL service from Verizon and the modem/router from them is in one bedroom. One port of that is connected directly to a PC in that bedroom. For the second port we have run some cat-5 through the walls and set up a wall jack in the second bedroom. The PC in the second bedroom is now wired directly to that jack.

Desired setup: I have a spare Linksys WRT150N router lying around the house. My question is would it be possible to connect that router to the wall jack in the second bedroom, and then connect the second PC and, say, an Xbox 360 to the ports on that router? I don't want the Linksys router to broadcast any wireless signal, all I want it to do is split my wired connection to both the PC and 360. Basically, it is my desire to get everything running on a wired setup rather than having anything wireless.

As I said, this is probably a really simple question, but networking issues always seem to confuse me for some reason...

Thanks for any help.

A:General/Basic networking question. Is this possible?

You need to make sure that both routers are on the same subnet with the second assigned a static IP, that they are connected LAN port to LAN port, and that DHCP is disabled on the second router.

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I have 2 PC's, both connected to internet via wired router (broadband cable modem) Both are using Win98SE. Where can I locate knowledgable article(s) about setting up a local network?

A:basic networking setup advice please

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Pretty simple question this I had some trouble with my hom workgkoup,

One PC cannot find printer

I solved this problem with a command and at the cmd prompt which went some thing like // xxxip

an't n't remember the xxx part

It seemd to kick start the network and suddenly my pc would find the shared printers on the network

SOrry for slightly caveman like question but does anyone know what that command might have been

A:Basic networking printer issue

Not from that description.
This TCP/IP Home Networking and File Sharing Tutorial should get you started.

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my friend just bought a new laptop and that is the only computer she will be using to access the internet at home. She also bought a wireless router for her comcast internet. Is there any resource out there on the net that gives me a simple explanation 'bout routers etc... I truly have no clue as to why she needs one. Will she be able to access her comcast internet from anywhere in the house using her laptop then?

Thanks for any info you can offer that will make me look like I know what I'm doing!

A:basic networking info needed

Hi tack8,
Here is one tutorial:

Here is another:

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can some one eaxplain to me what these mean? When I configure my metwork adaptors there are these fields to fiil in. I want to know what the function of each is.

First- IP Address-- Am I setting the IP address for the Network adaptor that I am setting up or am I teeling it the IP address that it connects to to get to the internet?

Second- Subnet mask-- thats what I put in ust wanna know what this is.

Third- Default Gateway--What is this? what should go here? Does th IP of the server that connects to the internet go here?

Fourth- DNS server-- What is this? The domain?

A:Description of basic networking terms

The IP address is a unique number (a grouping of 4 sets of numbers separated by periods) that specifies the address of a given machine for recognition on a network. The number you put into a pc is the number that the rest of the computers on the network will recognize it by. So you are setting the number specifically for the pc you are putting it into and it needs to be unique on your network, but also within the same scheme.

The subnet defines the class that your IP number is coming from, but for most applications, you shouldn't need to concern yourself with anything more than the that you used.

The default gateway is the computer or router that allows you access to the internet. This number would be supplied by your network admin or your ISP.

A DNS server (or software on a computer) is a computer that resolves names to IP addresses.

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Hopefully this is a very basic networking question, but I need a little explanation / input.

Our Corporate environment has a medium sized network and each branch office has a separate router and separate firewall. Network diagram is attched.
My question is, how do you have your networks configured, does the router sit on the internet and firewall behind it? Or is the firewall sitting on the internet and the router behind it?

This design works for us because the Firewalls will create IPSec tunnels if the MPLS goes down, but I am looking at testing DMVPN on the Cisco routers and it might be easier to implement if the router sits on the internet as well, with the firewall behind it.

Any input is appreciated.

A:Solved: Basic Networking question

Depends. Sometimes a firewall is enough to act as the security device and router. Sometimes a router is needed for exactly your situation to support MPLS connections or if there is a need for a GRE tunnel or if the router is participating in a routing domain where it is exchanging route information using BGP or OSPF.

Some implementations eliminate the routing mode of a firewall by setting it up in what's called transparent mode which basically sets the firewall into a bump in the wire. This simplifies the network by eliminating a routing hop yet allows firewall functionality.

Some implementations use the router as a firewall. Cisco routers can do this via static access control lists, reflexive access control lists, or context based access control (CBAC) which mimics the behavior of a firewall. As you go up in the level of access control on a router will typically cause more CPU cycles from the router's processor. And because routers typically are optimized to move packets efficiently, not much focus is placed on the router's ability to act as a firewall. Next generation firewalls have the ability to not only do what everyone has been accustomed to which is stateful packet inspection (SPI), but these next generation firewalls have the ability to do deep packet inspection which allows the firewall to peer into the actual network session. This ability to do deep packet inspection circumvents the typical work arounds seen by IT staff which people change ports to ... Read more

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hi all

i am stuck in a problem, i have bought 2 computer for my home with windows 7 home basic. i have also installed a wireless networking device with router.

now i have configured the router and have connected both the desktops to wireless router.

i have created shared folders on both the desktops.

now problem is the i am able to see network and shares on both the desktops but when i try to open the shared folder it says access is denied. i have tried to allow "Everyone" to open shares, i have removed password protected sharing from network and sharing centre.

please suggest how to solve this issue.


A:networking with windows 7 home basic

Is there anybody who can help?

I could not understand I can see all the devices of network in windows explorer even I can see the shares of each computer but I could not access them.

Please help.


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I have a NETGEAR DG834G wireless router and three Netgear WG111V2 Wireless USB adapter. I have the standard issue Netgear WG111v2 Smart Wizard software installed and I can get an internet connection on both my two P.C.'s and my laptop.

I had a simple network just used to print share on my primary PC but over the weekend it stopped working. I tried to think what changes I made over the weekend, I applied restricted access to the router (and then removed it) and set up my PC to accept Visual styles but thats all.

So tonight I have been trying to re-establish the network and tryed to set a new network up.

I have one PC which has the printer attached so i would prefer to set up the home network on that. I have another PC all the same netgear software (nothing special just an access station) and a laptop which I could have some problems with as it has access to an external VPN but I still want access to the home network (would this cause problems.)

Any help would be great!!!!


Any ideas

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This will help and give us an idea to better assist you with your networking concern. Please read and follow the requirements before you create a Thread in Network and Sharing Forum along with a detail description of your issue.

1. Is this a wired or wireless connection issue?

2. Who is your Internet Service Provider (ISP)?
US Providers - Comcast, Charter, AT&T, Verizon, etc...
UK Providers - BT, talktalk, Virgin Media, etc...

3. What type of Broadband connection are you using?
Dial-up, DSL, Cable, Satellite, Fios or T1

4. What is the exact Make and Model of your Modem, Router or Modem/Router Combo - Linksys, D-Link, Netgear, TP-LINK, etc.

5. What is the Name of the Anti-Virus, Security or Firewall Software installed from the problematic computer - McAfee, Norton, Eset, Webroot, Zone Alarm, etc.

6. How to run and post an ipconfig /all output of the computer(s) in question for review.
Click on the Windows Start button, in search programs and files type cmd, right click cmd on the top and select Run Administrator.
A message will pop ‘Do you want to allow the following program to make changes in your computer? Answer YES.

From the Command Prompt (black) screen, type ipconfig /all press enter. You will now see the results.
Note: You may also use any of these valid renditions:
ipconfig /all
ipconfig -all

Here’s your ipconfig/all output:

Note: If you would like a text file output. From the command prompt (black screen), Copy and Paste t... Read more

A:Basic Requirements Before Posting your Networking Thread

Great Thread! Bookmarked*

I would rep but I have to spread some around

Thanks for this,

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Basically, I'm trying to set up a link between my PC and Laptop so I can shift about 5GB worth of files from the PC to the Laptop using a crossover RJ45 cable. Plugged it in and set up the Networking Wizard (both computers run on Windows XP), on the Laptop, I can see that both computers show up in the same Workgroup but when I try to access the files on the PC icon, it won't let me access it, telling me that I don't have access to use the network resource etc etc... and the network path isn't found. Firewalls have been turned off and administrator status is on both computers.

I would be grateful if anyone could help me establish a network between these 2 computers as it shouldn't be difficult to do but I'm struggling!

A:Basic Networking Setup- RJ45 Cable

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Toshiba Satellite laptop
L755-S5216 Windows 7 SP1

*Not my computer trying to help a friend, so not much history I can only tell you what I have run into.

Brought to me because Could not connect to wireless network. I figured it was the drivers. I updated drivers and this did not correct the problem. Device manager listed the WLAN card and it is enabled, working properly and power options are set so pc can not turn it off. When I go into Network to see connections and attempt to connect there is not path It ways "View your basic network information and set up connections" > "Unkown". Will not allow me to set up a connection or search for wireless networks I get the error that windows does not detect any networking hardware? I later tried to connect with ethernet cable and same thing happens. But the Networking adapter lists everything is ok.

Additionally, The FN shortcut buttons are not working (laptop buttons for volume, britness.. etc. including WAN) the WAN on/off button does nothing and I cannot delete the manufactures addon pack to reinstall it as they suggested, something is disallowing it.

At start up screen is full brightness and as soon as I press a key or touch the finger pad it dims. (this is what made me think malware at this point.)

At hibernate the computer will not respond to wake up, I am forced to power down and reboot.

Also getting different error codes when I try to do other things like turn on Windows security &quo... Read more

A:Networking, dim screen... basic operations failing

Bump please help if anyone has any idea. I have spent hours on the phone with the laptop manufacture and 2 other boards with no answers. I am desperate to give this laptop back to my friend

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I need help in setting up a point to point network (wireless LAN bridge), especially in regards to gear required.

I have:
Desktop, 8 port switch. Will be getting a wifi adsl router.

I need:
To connect my desktop to an on campus network port, as if I was plugging a really long network cable from my desktop into the network plug.

As far as I know, the port on campus just connects up to a big switch, and ip address's are assigned to the computer plugged in.

My current understanding of how it would be laid out is as follows:

My Desktop --- cat6 cable --- wifi router(adsl?) --- coax cable --- yagi/parabolic antenna high on roof --- 1km of THE AIR --- identical antenna --- SOMETHING SOMETHING --- cat6 cable --- campus network port.

Does this look right? What goes where something something is? I'm guessing some access point thing? Specialist bridging device?

Any advise on any aspect of this wireless setup appreciated, it is still in its very early stages. Yagi vs Parabolic? How to overcome buildings in line of site?
Main issue is cost, cheaper better. Second issue is speed, at the very least 10Mbits. Link is for video transfer, reliability is not a major concern, likewise both ends can be readily accessed maintained, urban environment (aka lots of 2.4GHz stuff).
If you've set up a long range wifi link, and could share you experiences that would be awesome! Also advise on diy antenna's.
If you need any more info, just ask.

Thanks in advance for any ... Read more

A:Solved: Long Range Wifi / basic networking Help!

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Hello, forum readers !
I?m having a spot of bother with the following, so any help would be most appreciated:
I have a basic Internet Connection Sharing setup between two Vista computers.
At first, it was quite problematic to get them to recognise each other but when I ran a NET VIEW command they linked up with each other. Networking and Internet worked fine for many months until I tried to reverse the setup a few days ago, changing the second computer into the host computer. Unfortunately, this didn?t work so I went back to all the previous settings but now the computers will no longer ?see? each other and there is no shared Internet connection on the second computer.
No Firewall settings have been changed. NET VIEW commands don't work (error 53 path not found). If I run a NET VIEW command on the 2nd computer looking for the ip of the host computer when I have just plugged in the crossover cable into the second computer, NET VIEW recognises the host computer, then frustratingly just a second later it won?t.
To my knowledge, I?ve done everything by the book to enable networking and Internet sharing, but the PCs are stubbornly refusing to see each other. I?ve heard that networking on Vista can sometimes be this difficult.
If anyone has any ideas out there how to rectify this, that would be super.
Here?s the set-up:
1st host computer Vista 32-bit Home Premium - Windows firewall.
File sharing enabled ? Internet Sharing enabled ? IP number standard Ipv4 ? subnet mask... Read more

A:Settings seem correct but basic networking and Internet sharing won't work.

Hello, if it were me, i would reset the IP"s on both computers and start the set up again . Here is an article that has some information, if you need it. Ipconfig: TCP/IP
Post back results of a reset please.

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Hi everyone,

I have a problem with my Vista Home Basic laptop communicating with my XP desktop. I have read several threads but I am still at a loss (forgive my lack of technical savvy)

My setup is as follows
1 XP desktop with printer
1 Vista Home Basic Laptop
1 Vista Home premium laptop
1 XP laptop

The issue however is just between the Vista Home Basic laptop and the XP machines(the Vista premium laptop works fine). The Home Basic machine cant 'see' the XP.

I have read that this Vista Home Basic to XP problem is not uncommon however I am still unable to resolve it and would greatly appreciate any help!

Is this a problem with the Norton firewall settings? Should I install LLTD on the XP machines? Anything else which may be causing it?

Many thanks in advance for any advice!


A:Vista Home Basic to XP networking problem - help greatly appreciated

Hi Ged2160

These are just a few thoughts to get the ball rolling ...

What happens if you disable Norton Firewall? If problem goes away, investigate Norton. If it doesn't, probably not relevant.

Install LLTD? Worthwhile for its own sake, but not relevant to your problem. I have a network of XP, NT4 and 98SE machines that works fine; they don't show up on Vista's network map in the proper place, that's all.

More thoughts ...

Is the Vista Basic machine in the same workgroup?

BTW, what service packs are on the XP machines? You need SP2 to be able to install LLTD, but it's included in SP3. However, even if you have LLTD installed, some network adaptors can't use it

It's that man again ...

Don't think it's just Home Basic that has problems networking, from my researches when trying to troubleshoot my own initial problems it seems to be pretty universal across versions.

I'm running Home Premium, so possibly not best placed to help you with this, but I don't believe there's any significant difference between the two as far as the basic networking setup is conncerned.

But, Vista is quite bizarre as far as displaying what's on the network is concerned. Tonight is typical; there are four network devices online, but if I open 'Network' from the Start Menu, only two (wired connection) are displayed - an NT4 PC and a NAS device (in both details, and folders, panes) - this (wired conection) PC doesn't appear! If I refresh the view, this PC appears (both panes). If I type (wireles... Read more

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Hi TSG guys and girls, it's been a while! Good to see the forums are still buzzing about with activity. Anyways, I'm about to run an ethernet cable downstairs and had a question about the cable I should use, then I remembered I had another question about networking and another and another and so I have this post.

Right now I have the basic Actiontec router hooked up to FiOS internet. I have a number of devices that connect wirelessly over 802.11g and a few that are wired to the router. I primarily use the network for internet access, however I do push files around from time to time.

1. If I buy an Airport Extreme to get wireless N throughout my house, do I just run an ethernet cable between the two routers (the Actiontec router is necessary for some of the TV features and so it must remain connected to the internet)? Will I be able to share files and see devices connected to either of these networks?

2. I am running an ethernet cable from my router (upstairs) to my basement for my PS3. Is there any reason to use a Cat 6 cable? The rest of my network cables are currently Cat-5, but they are all less than 10 feet in length and can easily be replaced, however the cable I am running is going to be around 100 feet so I'd like to buy the right cable.

3. A question related to both above: I've heard that connecting devices to a network in certain/different ways can slow down a (gigabit?) network. Would someone please explain this idea. Should I be running Cat-... Read more

A:Solved: Cat 5 or 6, Switch or Hub, and other Basic Wired and Wireless Networking Ques

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Hi everyone,

I've been trying to get my feet wet in creating a .vbs file from notepad to do a basic function. I wanted to be able to run .reg files remotely but also interactively. This led me down the path of simply finding an example of a .vbs that would open anything remotely at all. Notepad is what came up with the most results and the Win32_ScheduledJob object appeared to be what was needed.

I researched many different places but this is a decent walkthrough. http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/aa394601(v=vs.85).aspx

I grabbed the code below out of the website and changed the date parameters to run in a couple minutes from my current time. I could see the task in scheduled tasks but when the time had come and gone nothing would happen and this is just trying to get it to run locally so far.

strComputer = "."
Set objWMIService = GetObject("winmgmts:" _
& "{impersonationLevel=impersonate}!\\" _
& strComputer & "\root\cimv2")
JobID = "Test"
Set objNewJob = objWMIService.Get("Win32_ScheduledJob")
errJobCreate = objNewJob.Create _
("Notepad.exe", "********143000.000000-420", _
True , 1 OR 4 OR 16, ,True, JobId)
If errJobCreate = 0 Then
WScript.Echo "Job created successfully: " & VBNewLine _
& "Notepad.exe scheduled to run repeately at 14.30 (2:30 P.M.) PST" & VBNewLine _
& "on Mon, Wed, and Fri."
WScript.... Read more

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can u people just list a few basic commands for visual basic 6 cause i just bought it and would like to know a few basics thnx

A:basic visual basic help

There are too many variables and other things you need to know, you just don't throw out commands and thigs work. Get a good book on VB programming and use any of the help or online tutorials that come with VB. There also plenty of forums on the net that are specific to programming.

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I guess my question can be asked in two ways, the short way and the long way.

Here's the short one:

Can you do everything that you can do with VBA with VB?
The long one is:

I need to be able to write programs that conceivably invovle web forms/web services (VB right?), Microsoft SQL Server 2002 (VB again right?) but also Microsft Office applications like Excel and Access (VBA??). Does that mean I need to learn both Visual Basic and Visual Basic for Applications? In my initial research into Visual Basic I've learned that Visual Basic for Applications is a subset of Visual Basic, so shouldn't that mean that Visual Basic, being the parent and more powerful than Visual Basic for Applications, is capable of performing all of the functions that Visual Basic for Applications does?

Thanks for your help,
([email protected])

A:Solved: Visual Basic vs. Visual Basic for Applications

I do not know VB at all, only some VBA. The main difference is that VBA has words specifically for the applications, a classic exanple would be the
both range and .End(xlUp) are for use in Excel.

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I'm a novice about much of my computer, but what I want right now is to find out how to move pictures from my picture file to ebay. I can't sell without pictures. And what are links and how do I do them?

A:basic how-to

It is a function of the eBay posting.

Check out http://pages.ebay.com/help/sell/pictures.html

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I have a small business which is starting to expand. I need a new computer, a new laptop, a pocket device that links it all. I also need some education to better decied what equipment and software to buy. I also need (gotta have) someone to help me learn how to use and utilize it. I live in the Seattle area. Any an all suggestions would be helpful.
Thank you in advance.

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Hello community, Sorry my newbiness (?) but is there a list somewhere with verified SSD support? I know type is M.2 2280 but does an ordinary SATA fit or it must be NVMe? Laptop in question:https://pcsupport.lenovo.com/us/en/products/laptops-and-netbooks/thinkpad-x-series-laptops/thinkpad-... Need to move original Samsung 1Tb NVME out of there and replace it with some basic 250Gb SATA or so. Edit: Tried some Adata and Liteon but no go, the system doesn't recognize them.  Cheers 

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Q: Q Basic

Hello All
Anyone out there know if there is a way to make the old QBasic program work with WIN 2K. If I have been informed correctly I believe QBasic requires DOS to operate, and I have also been told WIN 2K does not have DOS capabilities. Is this correct?
Thanks for any replies.


I am very new to C++, and for my first assignment in a class I am supposed to create a program to create a square shaped figure, with a given character that the user inputs. It's supposed to look like:

If a is entered as the character:

EDIT: for some reason it will not let me move the a's or *'s over to the right to make a hollow box shape, but that's how they are supposed to be.

a a
a a
a a
a a

or if * is entered as the character:
* *
* *
* *
* *

I have an idea what I am doing, however, I cannot figure out how to define what character the box is made out of . My code so far is:


Class: CIS 150
Due Date: 1/27/2009
Description: This program creates a six by six square, made of a character that is input by the user.


#include <iostream>
using namespace std;
int main()


char Box;

cout << "Please enter a character: ";

cin >> Box;

cout << Box << Box << Box << Box << Box << Box << endl;
cout << Box << " " << " " << " " << " " << Box << endl;
cout << Box << " " << " " << " " << " " << Box << endl;
cout << Box <... Read more

A:Very Basic C++ help

char Box = Box; should just be char Box;

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On start up I get an error message...No Rom Basic, System Halted.

I'm trying to narrow down a startup problem I've been having for the last few days...trying to figure out if it is the CPU motherboard or hard drives..and this is the newest error I have.. I believe this is a BIOS error??

Problems before would be the system hangs when trying to either format a hard drive, scandisk and installing windows before it gets to the actual setup..

Could someone confirm this and direct me on which course of action to take?

A:No Rom Basic

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I am new here. I just got a new computer with windows 7. My previous was xp. This is a little overwhelming some of the changes.
I am not sure if my question belongs to this forum or if i should go to the manufacturer's forum
I have a partian on my computer
~OS is c drive, and that is where the program files seem to be going iwith 116 gb
~then there is a Data D drive with over 320 gb
~then a Q drive which is in accessable with Office 2010 on there...which i removed from the program files and installed office 2007

1. how do i get rid of q drive...it will not let me access?
2. am i doing right by placing the program files into c drive?
3 is d drive for all data files...ie a word file or excell file?

Oh yes, I did do a system recover back up on 5 CD's before i started anything.

Your help would be greatly appreciated and in advance thank you!

A:some basic help please

If it will help you, C drive is always your operating system drive, you do not want to mess with it. It is where windows 7 is located and where you normally install programs. D drive is a data drive - it is where many people place their data. That would be used for things like your my documents, my photos, my music etc. You would do that for several reasons. If your system becomes corrupted or inoperable you would not lose some of your most valuable things. Some things like family photos, many of your documents and such are difficult to replace. It also saves space on your C drive. If your system becomes inoperable, it will most likely be the operating system. That and your programs can be replaced. Without knowing, I cannot tell you about the Q drive.

Who installed your operating system? If Asus installed it, it could be a recovery partition or something, but usually they are not given a drive letter like Q. If Asus installed it, there should be an explanation in your owners manual.

I would suggest that when you first come on this site look in the very top on the right side. There is an extensive collection of tutorials. They are written by members of this forum and are very good. You can learn many things that you can do with windows 7.

If that does not help, you come back but you should provide us with an image of disk management. You can get there by typing disk manahement into the search box when you click on the windows button on the bottom left of your screen. then... Read more

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My question: Is it plausible to install a new PSU, get a new monitor, OC my cpu, and replace CPU fan for around $200?

MY System: eMachines Model ET1161-07

CPU - DualCore AMD Athlon 4050e, 2100 MHz

Mainboard - ECS MCP61PM-GM (eMachines OEM)
MB BIOS - Phoenix - Award WorkstationBIOS v6.00PG
MB PCB Version - 1.03
BIOS Version/Date - Phoenix Technologies, LTD 6.00 PG, 10/29/2008

HDD(IDE/SATA) - Hitachi HDT721032SLA

DIMM1: Empty
DIMM2: Nanya Technology 1G DDR2 800 DIMM CL6
DIMM3: Nanya Technology 1G DDR2 800 DIMM CL6
DIMM4: Nanya Technology 1G DDR2 800 DIMM CL6

VGA Card - Sapphire HD5670 GDDR5 PCI-E HDMI/DVI-I/VGA
VGA Driver - Catalyst Version 11.7

PSU - Lite-On PS-5251-7

CD-ROM(IDE/SATA) - label flash DVD-R+DL

USB Devices - mouse + wireless adapter w/o RF antennae
My Goal : I want to replace the monitor, PSU, ram and possibly CPU cooler (if my mobo/bios allows OC'ing) to play BF3 on my PC.

I am trying to find a cheap way to play BF3. When I saw the trailers for the upcoming FPS, I decided to try and get this game. Sadly, BF3 is going to require a better system to run on min specs.

I thought that I should find a guide on building a custom PC. However, the things I read made me realize that I might be able to save money (and get desired results faster) by using what I already have (i.e. case, MB, HDD, CPU, GPU and ROM drive).

I'm very low on funds. I'm trying to cut corners financially. I don't want to sacrifice the quality... Read more

A:Basic Mod

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I am having a problem with compiling a Q-BASIC program with version 4.5. I don't know why this is happening, but I am a very skilled Visual Basic developer, and Q-BASIC just says Error. Cannot compile batch file.


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Q: Q Basic

Hello All
Anyone out there know if there is a way to make the old QBasic program work with WIN 2K. If I have been informed correctly I believe QBasic requires DOS to operate, and I have also been told WIN 2K does not have DOS capabilities. Is this correct?
Thanks for any replys.

A:Q Basic

Replied here: http://forums.techguy.org/windows-nt-2000-xp/438617-q-basic.html

[Closed thread, you are getting help at your other one. Please stick with one thread for this same problem;
we are not mad at you, just correcting! -Moderator]

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I would like to try simple programing in; ms-dos basic language.
Could you advise me on how i can get into this on my computer?

A:ms dos basic

Unfortunately qbasic no longer comes with Windows XP which you are using.
Is there is a reason for wanting to learn the dos basic version as opposed
to visual basic script or vb in general.

A quick Google shows a qbasic resources at http://www.qbasic.com/
Below is link to possible older basic programming environments

If you have older versions of DOS, they came with either basica or gwbasic

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I'm looking for a pretty small (>512 mb) BASIC editor for Mac OS X. The reason that it needs to be so small is that I need to carry it on my flash drive. If there's no such thing, thats ok. I really don't expect there to be...

A:BASIC for Mac

Hi Zat,

You may be interested by Objective-Basic.
The whole bundle (IDE + documentation) makes 11 MB.

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