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Tech support tells me to restore Windows 7 image, image cannot be downloaded and now Dell wants to charge me 67 euros for a USB key

Q: Tech support tells me to restore Windows 7 image, image cannot be downloaded and now Dell wants to charge me 67 euros for a USB key


Im very fed up with Dell's service.

I have a Precision 5510 that came with Windows 7 and a 500GB NVMe SSD. Performance was horrible without installing anything so I called up tech support. Tech support told the usual deal: That I had to reinstall the OS. The USB key that came with the laptop had Windows 10.

Yesterday I start downloading the image from Dell's support site at 0800. At 1500 it finished and when using Dell's OS Recovery tool it says it is corrupted. I tried from another location with another internet connection and same thing.
Obviously angered and frustrated at the time I lost, I called up my sales rep and he offered to send me a USB key with Windows 7 for 67 euros.

This is a laptop for business use that has cost the company not only 2000 euros but a lost of productivity because of losing time on downloading the image. Dell should send me the key without any charge because I still dont think reinstalling a factory image on a laptop that from factory came slow is going to resolve anything.

Preferred Solution: Tech support tells me to restore Windows 7 image, image cannot be downloaded and now Dell wants to charge me 67 euros for a USB key

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Tech support tells me to restore Windows 7 image, image cannot be downloaded and now Dell wants to charge me 67 euros for a USB key

there are 2 possible solutions i can offer:
1. you can buy a windows 7 sealed CD from an IT store and do an installation.
2. Or you can download windows 7 from piratebay and also download Windows to USB Tool from google so you can use a USB to boot the windows. Then use the activation key Dell gave you to activate the windows.
But make sure your data is backed up so you dont lose anything important.
hopefully this will help.

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I just purchased a new XPS 9350 computer and when I was trying to upgrade to Windows 10 Pro something went wrong. I ended up deleting all the partitions of my hard disk including all recovery etc. Now I downloaded the factory image from Dell website for my model and successfully installed. However I thought after installation that drivers would have been also installed. This was not the case. All drivers were missing including network driver.
Is this normal. How come all drivers were missing from that image file?

Thank you for your support.

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Hi all, Ive followed the instructions given to me by Tech support and gone to the link listed under my Service Tag where there is the option to download my Windows 8.1 ISO image along with instructions which Ive printed off.
I will be installing from a USB flash drive and the instructions to create the bootable USB installation media are straight forward and easy to follow using Diskpart. Then simply Mount the image and copy all files over onto the USB flash drive.
Im a little confused though when reading the instructions under How to Reinstall Windows 8.1. there are two options PCs with BIOS boot mode and PCs with UEFI boot mode. I purchased my Inspiron laptop late 2015 so it has UEFI boot mode with Secure Boot. Under the UEFI boot instructions it talks about disabling Secure Boot and for USB installation media set Boot order to Internal ODD device. I don't understand..a USB flash drive isnt an Internal ODD device as far as im aware.
So without doing anything to System Setup Ive tried inserting a flash drive, tapping F12. It says UEFI boot mode and Secure Boot is enabled and the flash drive is listed second one down underneath my Toshiba hard disc. It seems to me that I have to follow the instructions for PCs with BIOS boot mode even though my system is UEFI boot mode!! Am I missing something here?

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I'm trying to restore an old HP pavilion Dv6 to factory state.  The recovery image on hard drive is not working.  I lost disc one of the three disc system recovery discs I made so there no good.  I tried recovery discs from another computer but computer says they are not for that computer and will not work.  I downloaded a new image to a usb drive.  When I try to use the usb image from HP it says system restore discs have already been created and makes me cancel the process.  Can I override or reset something so the USB image will work?  how can restore windows 7 with no discs and original D: messed up?

A:windows 7 restore to factory image... lost image discs

You can find a video which will show you how to use the System Recovery partition to return your computer to the condition it came out of the box.

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I have a Inspiron 7 which came with windows 8.1.  Upgraded to Win10  and now would like to restore the system image on the hard drive to bring back windows 8.  I can not figure out how to accomplish this.
Is there a way?
How does one go about performing a system restore from the Dell image when the system is outside of the allowed downgrade?

A:How to restore from Dell image after upgrading to windows 10

Please click on link below and stroll down to " Installing Microsoft Windows 8.1 or Windows 7".

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Computer: Several Dell models all upgraded to Windows 10 Home during the free upgrade period, followed by the Anniversary Update:  Dell Xps 435MT (upgraded from Vista -> Windows 7 -> Windows 10), 8700 (upgraded from Windows 8.1 -> Windows 10), 8100 (upgraded from Windows 7 -> Windows 10)
Target:   Recovery of Windows 10 Home ver 1607(Anniversary Update) with all subsequent updates, and installed programs .
Known:   System Image Backup if one can be created will meet target requirement at least up to the last time the system image backup was taken. 
Found: Many solutions but not sure which will be applicable for the Dells above
A.  Generic procedures for Windows 10: W1. Windows System Image backup; W2. Windows System Image recovery, W13:  Creating bootable Windows ISO disc.
B.  Procedures for Dell seems to be unique for Dell, but uncertain which Dell System Image Backup and Recovery solution is applicable or available for the Dells above.
D1.  Dell Backup and Recovery (DBaR) and Windows 10.  I don’t remember or being notified to update DbaR before the Windows 10 update (see D1.Note for this tool). 
Later, I saw the notification for the XPS 8700 (originally 8.1) and applied the update but all I see NOW is Backup and Recovery (Windows 7) not 8.1.   D1 may not be available to 
Now I read that one needs to pay for backup and restore.  So D1 may ot available to me  &ldqu... Read more

A:Dell Windows 10 System Image Backup and Restore

Upgrading breaks the DBAR so you might as well get rid of it entirely.   DBAR is now also END OF LIFE END OF SUPPORT.  
I recommend  
OS support: Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP (all editions, 32 & 64 bit).

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Has anyone tried using the recovery disc available at dell support site? I was not able to create or clone my factory issue SSD and I used to reinstall windows using the recovery disc but only to find out that it does not come with the drivers. You have to manually download everything from drivers to application.
I notice there are two ISO available.
I tried the second one (for dell) but that does not have any drivers included. What is the difference between the two? i was hoping to get an recovery disc that included everything.

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My laptop (Dell Inspiron 1564 - Windows 7 Home Premium) slowed down a few days ago and I decided to restore the system to Dell Factory Image. The process started but stopped more than halfway and gave the following message, "Failed to apply Image". I restarted the system but it would now not boot up, not even in safe mode! Perhaps, during the restore process few essential Windows files have been erased.

I want to restore the Dell Factory Image and cannot re-install Windows since I have lost the product key of my original Windows 7 installation DVD provided by Dell at the time of laptop purchase. Your help / advice is solicited and would be much appreciated.


P.S. System's Recovery Partition is intact and has factory.wim and other related directories / files intact.

A:Problems with Dell Factory Image Restore - Dell Inspiron 1564

The product key sticker on a Dell laptop is usually in the battery compartment.

Have you tried to run the Dell restore again? It won't boot because the restore started but failed so the "C" drive is corrupted.

If that does not work, suggest posting on the Dell forum where you can get help from those more familiar with Dell's.

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When I press repair my computer...(f8) i am taken through and I select other user, which is the only option. But my username doesn't work. The manual says you don't even see "other user". It says system recovery options window will appear...But how do I get to that. I tried to reinstall vista from the cd that came with my laptop, but it asks for drivers to be installed...So I insert my drivers cd, and it doesn't work!! Please help me out! I am so fed up with this. It's a dell inspiron 1525 btw. Thank you so much!!

A:Dell Image Restore? Please help!

and welcome to the Forum

If yours has the Dell System restore ( not all Dells do ) you can use that and you will not need a install CD


You can get a reinstallation guide specific to your Dell here

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Will this option restore your Registry? And all of the factory drivers and programs. I had a virus and I think my registry is screwed up.

A:Dell Factory Image Restore

Hi venom,

Yes, it will be as the day you got it. You will lose all your data and installed programs , of course.

Hope it helps


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I have a dell inspiron 1440 with windows home premium 64x. I want to perform the factory image restore but when i get to the recovery options in the manual it says to access the command prompt type administrator in the user name field but it shows my name and wont let me type in administrator or anything for that matter.

A:dell factory image restore

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I want to restore on Factory Image how I can download image and restore it ...
Service Tag is :JPXYBW1

A:Restore Image Dell E6430

Thank you for writing to us!
Kindly private message the proof or purchase and the system owner.

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I have a Windows 10 system image created with the Windows 7 Backup - Create System Image. My PC does not have a CD drive. I've tried creating a USB and SD cards, but they won't boot. I have access to a WHS 2011 system with the hotfix to allow it to backup
Windows 10 PC's. WHS can create a USB restore key on a USB stick. Can I use the WHS 2011 stand alone restore key to restore a Windows 7 system image?

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On Recovery Partition.
Have had a search and can find nothing concerning the question I have - I'm not even sure if this is the correct forum.
I have a Dell Venue 11 Pro (5130) running Windows 8.1 Pro, what I would like to do, if possible, is to replace the factory restore on the recovery partition with a custom image so that if or when
the factory rest option is selected it uses my custom image and not the default one.
The problem I am having is that the default image is only 6GB in size where as when I create my custom image it is approx 14GB in size.
Is there a way of editing the default image to add in certain settings and software?

A:Replacing Factory Restore Image With Custom Image ...

Modifying the System Recovery partition is not what you want to do.  You will not be able to modify is, and you may find that you need to use this at some time in the future.  I would suggest that you use a program like Macrium Reflect.  You can find a tutorial for it here.

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Well, DELL M101z (Inspiron 1120) manual says Press F8 when the DELL logo appears, to bring the Advanced Boot Options.

When I do that ( I have tried a hundred times) it does not happen and the lappie merrily goes on to the first screen to select Ubuntu light or Windows 7 - by default boots into Windows 7 after 5 seconds. (This lappie is one of the few that comes with Ubuntu light preinstalled by the manufacturers. So I have not done anything with the MBR)

Here is the screenshot showing the OEM (FAT16), Recovery,System,Linux partitions.

How do I invoke Factory Image Restore?

(When I press F8 just as Windows starts after 5 seconds, I do get the Advanced Boot Options that only brings the usual Sytem Image Restore and not the Factory Image Restore)

A:How to restore my DELL lappie to the factory image?

How to use Dell Recovery Partition,make Recovery Disks & how to order Recovery Disks.
Dell - Support

To restore your computer to the original factory installation, follow these steps:

Turn on the computer, after the Dell Logo appears and then disappears repeatedly press the <F8> key until you see the Advanced Boot Options menu.

Are you repeatedly press the <F8>?

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So I my XPS came with Windows 7 pre-installed as per usual, however, my sister had recently purchased Windows 8 pro and gave it to me. I upgraded, willing to try it out, however, I was not told that she had already used the product key to activate it so I am stuck with an inactive Windows 8. I am trying to do a factory image restore but none of the options I have looked up are options available to me.
Like I said I am currently running windows 8 but want to run a Dell Factory Image Restore so it reverts back to its original Windows 7 OS. I have followed the instructions in my XPS setup guide, ran it and nothing finding out later that since its windows 8 it does not apply. I have tried the windows 8 reset but it does not work. I have run the same process for windows 8, but my laptop does not have the backup and recovery option, it still runs the dell datasafe local backup, which also does not allow me to run a factory image restore for some reason. Can someone help me PLEASE!!! This is frustrating beyond belief. Just want to go back to windows 7 but the factory image restore is not showing up as an option. How do I get there? and How do I revert back to Windows 7?

A:XPS L502X help for Dell Factory Image Restore

You will need to clean install. Dell Backup and Recovery/Dell DataSafe usually don't work after system partitions are changed or an OS has been manually installed/upgraded.
If you don't have a Dell Windows 7 Reinstallation DVD use a Digital River .iso and the Activation Backup and Recovery Program:
For full installation instructions see my Windows Reinstallation Guide/A Clean install of Windows 7:

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lately my dell has been giving my allot of problems, very slow, and most of all crashing randomly, sometimes an hour after using it but most of the time seconds after logging in or as soon as I log in. I wanted to restore it to format my hard drive but I couldn't because my OS was on my :C drive. I tried to do Dell Image Factory restore but as I searched around I feel like im the only one with this problem. I hit F8 b4 the Windows logo shows up, I get to the Advanced Boot options and select repair your computer as I was instructed. However thats where things go awry, instead of where I was instructed to select languages.etc it just boots up to the login screen after awhile and instead gives me a login screen for "Other User" and since im the only account on my computer there was no way for me to login. My computer uses Windows Vista Ultimate, and came pre-installed with Vista, so I don't have a repair disk of any sort. I tried running in safe-mode to select system restore, but it didn't show any signs of starting it up when I selected it and ended up crashing my computer. I don't know much about recovery (I backup'ed what I needed to on a USB drive) but the :D Recovery drive is intact and i've never touched it what so ever. I've heard things about partions and volumes and it just made me confused. any help would be appreciated.

A:Vista Dell factory image restore help

If you have the Dell System restore ( not all Dells do ) you can use that and you will not need a install CD

Dell - Technical Support

If not, You can get a reinstallation guide specific to your Dell here

You can request a replacement instalation cd here:

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I have a Dell Inspiron M5030 with Windows 7 Home Premium, and am trying to do a factory image restore. I got the "File Recovery" virus on the computer a few weeks ago. I was able to remove that virus, but the computer has not been the same since, and I'm pretty sure there are more bugs on it. So, I would like to restore the computer to how it came from Dell. I can get to the Advanced Boot Options, but when I select "Repair your computer" I just get a black screen with "Windows is loading files..." at the bottom, and nothing happens. I do not have the Windows 7 CD to reinstall Windows that way. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

A:Dell Inspiron - Trying to do Factory Image Restore

From the Dell Setup Guide:

Performing Dell Factory Image Restore
Turn on the computer.
1. When the DELL
2. logo appears, press <F8>
several times to access the Advanced Boot
Options window.
NOTE: If you wait too long and the
operating system logo appears, continue
to wait until you see the Microsoft Windows
desktop; then, restart your
computer and try again.
3. Repair Your Computer.
The System Recovery Options window appears.
Select a keyboard layout and click
4. Next . To access the recovery options, log on as
5. a local user. To access the command prompt,
type administrator in the User name
field, then click OK. Click
6. Dell Factory Image Restore.
The Dell Factory Image Restore welcome
screen appears.
NOTE: Depending upon your configuration,
you may need to select Dell Factory Tools,
then Dell Factory Image Restore.
7. Next . The Confirm Data Deletion
screen appears.
NOTE: If you do not want to proceed with
Factory Image Restore, click Cancel .
Select the check box to confirm that you
8. want to continue reformatting the hard drive
and restoring the system software to the
factory condition, then click Next .
The restore process begins and may take
five or more minutes to complete. A message
appears when the operating system and
factory ‑ installed applications have been
restored to factory condition.
9. Finish to restart the computer.

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Hi Guys,

Im trying to do a Dell factory image restore on a dell xps one A2010 running vista ultimate service pack 2...

Tried F8 but there is no option for "repair my computer", tried ctrl & 11, tried going in through BIOS but nothing in their either.

The restore drive is there and all looks ok, i was confused until i just found out that the previous owner (my aunty) had a problem with the hard drive (C a couple of years ago and had it replaced by a local tech guy.

Is this why i cant do it?
Is there another way?

Any help is much appreciated...


A:Solved: Dell Factory Image Restore

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Hey guys,

New to the forum, hope you guys can help. I recently upgraded to Windows 7 from Vista. However, I would like to restore back to the factory settings (Vista) using the Dell Factory Image Restore. Can I still do this after upgrading to Windows 7 or does that function only work if you still have Vista? Thanks for the help.


A:Dell Factory Image Restore from 7 to Vista

As long as you havent nuked your factory restore partition, or you created a system restore disk, you should be ok..

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hi, im trying to restore my dell laptop to factory image using its dell datasafe local backup, but everytime it restarts it comes up with a error message saying
"windows failed to start. a recent hardware.........insert your windows installation disc...........file: \windows\system32\boot\winload.exe.....status0xc0000001...info:the selected entry could not be loaded because the application is missing or corrupt"

now i have realised that my recovery partition seems to be missing and there is only C:OS in computer. i have restored to factory image a few times in the past but i think the last time may not have restored properly and maybe the recovery partition wasnt made? i have reinstalled the dell datasafe but it does nothing

any help would be greatly appreciated

A:dell datasafe factory image restore error

Post a screenie of disk management and we may be able to see what is going on.

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Due to an oversight, I've had to download the Windows 10 (plus Dell extras) Image ISO at http://www.dell.com/support/article/us/en/19/SLN297920.
However, I can't burn it to a DVD as it's 6.49Gb in size. The file is called RN4DFA00_W10x64ROW_core(DL)_v2.iso.
However, it doesn't seem to be recognised as an ISO file. I can't burn it to a blank 25Gb Blu-ray disk either although I have a BR burner.
Not possible to use a USB stick as I don't have a spare one, let alone it being big enough in any case until I get some 32Gb sticks by the end of next week.
I tried the free burning software without success and some of them have viruses. Can I do anything now to fix things by resetting to the factory settings? Thanks in anticipation.

A:Factory Restore Image for Dell XPS 9550 15"

Hello!  I would say that either the file is corrupt (which stinks for being so big), or whoever at Dell didn't format the file correctly.  You can try and download it again, or you can give Dell a call and ask them for a USB image drive which they will send you as long as you are under warranty.  
You can also request it via the form on this page, First section, subsection 3.

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Hi, can anyone teach me How to REPLACE / REPAIR / RESTORE DELL Factory Image mannual to my vostro. i belive the image has been Corrupted as when i try to resore it only blank display.
My Sytem Info:-
DELL Vostro 14 5468
Windows10 x64 Pro.


Hi aNa143,Thanks for posting.Here is a link to some information you may find helpful.  Thanks.

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Hello there,
new to the community and in need of some assistance. Perhaps there is another thread better suited for the problem but I was a tad overwhelmed by the range of sections of this site.

After accidently downloading a virus, "STDRT.EXE", that regenerated in my Windows>Temp folder after each reboot i used Combofix and TFC by oldtimer aswell as file shredding the virus in my system 32 folder under the name of "adbcns.1.exe". I then attempted to restore my Dell Inspiron -either 518 or 519- to its factory image settings by pressing F8 when the Dell logo appears at start up and selecting "Repair Your Computer" next i am given the option to start my computer normally, or in safe mode. I chose normal, the computer starts to morph to into the next screen but instead shuts down. Does anybody know how i can fix this to factory restore my settings? Mainly for good measure to bid the virus farewell, but also my PC is riddled with useless files and i would really rater a fresh start.

Any help is much appriciated, for more information just ask and ill try to provide it Thanks.

A:Problem trying to factory image restore Dell Inspiron 518/9

Tell us what happens if you choose "Safe Mode" instead.

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I've created a recovery disc for a new dell laptop

I burnt it onto dvd discs
I want to create copies of this disc
For some reason the disc can't be read from Windows Vista laptop - I was trying to make the copy there

What's going wrong?
My discs are top quality ones

Is it the Windows 7 file format?

I tried using imgburn but it too can't even see the disc

Any help would be great


A:trouble creating an image of a dell restore disc

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Hi everyone,

I have been trying to restore to a system image located on my had drive, i boot up into the recovery tool and select system image recovery, Once the box opens up it begins searching for an image to restore to. But every time i get an error saying windows can not find a system image on your computer. It says attach the back up hard drive to the computer and try again. It will never detect my backup image, but it detects my hard-drive. I don't know what I'm doing wrong.

The folder with the image is called Windowsimagebackup. there is nothing else on the hard drive but that.

Any help would be appreciated.

Windows 8.1 pro

A:System Image restore cannot detect image

Any help would be appreciated.

Did you try to boot from the drive ?

Have you tried Macrium Reflect ?

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I need a little help figuring this out. I made a backup image a while back on my network. Now that I want to re-image, I reboot as requested, wait for it to load, and Windows says it can't find my backup, "if it is on a network, close this window , type the network location."

Putting in the network location does nothing, I'm just returned to the screen where it would list the backup image if it had found it, but there's nothing there.

Thinking perhaps my NAS was the problem I copied the image onto a portable hard drive, but after rebooting into the restore program, Windows 7 doesn't find the USB drive.

I know the image was good, because I got an "image successful" message when I made it. Any ideas?

A:Image Restore can't find Backup Image

You say Windows can't find the USB drive, or is it the image file within the drive that it can't find?

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I have tried unsuccessfully to do a Factory Image Restore on my Dell Inspiron laptop with Windows 7 but that's not a choice on the Factory Image Restore welcome screen. So, I thought I would try using my System Recovery disks if possible. I'm not that computer literate but could you help with the proper steps to take? Thanks!

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Hello everybody

I've done something really stupid. After problems with my laptop yesterday (windows Vista Home Premium) when it would no longer boot I accidentally disrupted the dell restore process (from F8 on boot up) and lost some files. Being the extremely impatient person that I am I decided to load XP pro from my desktop installation disk so that I could access the recovery partition.
At the moment my laptop thinks its a desktop (on XP pro) the recovery partition is intact, I can see the recovery partition but cannot get to it to restore it as now if I reboot F8 no longer gives me the restore option. I have created a vista recovery disk and when I try the restore option from there it says it can't find any image to restore. I can get to command prompt with the recovery dvd does anybody know if it's possible to restore from the command prompt ?????

A:Emergency Dell Inspiron 6400 Factory Image Restore

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first let me introduce myself, I am new to Seven forums, I am an expert in Windows OSes......
Now lets get to the question, I want to change my hard disk's partition table to GPT (its currently in MBR partition table) for that i created a system image of my windows 7, its currently booting EFI Mode and i want to to be UEFI mode.

Please don't hesitate to ask more details

Any help is appreciated

Damon H.

A:How to restore windows 7 image created in EFI to restore in UEFI mode


Sorry for the late reply. EFI and UEFI are the same thing ( UEFI is based on Intel's EFI project with only some minor changes made by "UEFI Consortium" ). I didn't really understand what do you meant by "its currently booting EFI Mode and i want to to be UEFI mode". Would you please explain what you are really trying to achieve ?.

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I am trying to update our Windows 7 32bit image to work with the Optiplex 7040 (with a NVMe PCIE SSD). I am trying to inject the following patch using powershell and DISM. kb2990941 but i keep getting the following error. 
?Warning: Add-WindowsPackage Failed. Error Code = 0x80004002?
Here is a link to the KB Article
I also tried doing the injection from the actual PC that has the drive in it (while booted in windows 10 64bit)
Here is the command I used (from an elevated powershell prompt, after mounting the image).
Attatched is a screenshot of the error. (i accedentially tried to inject the 64bit driver the first time so ignore that). 

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So i know and understand that windows 7 has its own imaging system, which allows for full disk restores.

I have been looking around for info and could not find exact answers to my questions, and thought maybe some of you gguys could help me out

My questions are:

1. If i use the windows 7 image backup feature and make a system recovery disc, can i then deploy that image to a pc with different hardware?
2. Does windows7 have to be installed clean first on the target machine, or can i put the image on a blank HDD just as i would a ghost or a clonezilla?
3. Does the source machine have to have a smaller or equal HDD size to the target machine as many imaging systems require?

So basically depending on the outcome of these questions, I will be able to move away from third party imaging, at least for my windows 7 machines.

thanks in advance for any and all responses!


A:Windows 7 Image Restore

Hi and welcome to Bleepingcomputer!

Here is some quick information for you.

What is a system image?

A system image is an exact copy of a drive. By default, a system image includes the drives required for Windows to run. It also includes Windows and your system settings, programs, and files. You can use a system image to restore the contents of your computer if your hard disk or computer ever stops working. When you restore your computer from a system image, it's a complete restoration?you can't choose individual items to restore, and all of your current programs, system settings, and files are replaced with the contents of the system image.

Although this type of backup includes your personal files, we recommend that you back up your files regularly using Windows Backup so that you can restore individual files and folders as needed. When you set up Windows Backup, you can let Windows choose what to back up, which will include a system image, or you can select the items that you want to back up and whether you want to include a system image. For more information about setting up Windows Backup, see Back up your files.

If your computer contains several drives or partitions, you can create a system image that includes all of them by following the steps in Back up your programs, system settings, and files.

Hope this helps, I will be providing further information for you briefly.

Best regards.

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Hi ,
We have a bunch of identical Windows 7 Pro PCs (Dell Optiplex 3020), running the same Apps in AD Domain.
I got the problem with one of them. I am curious Can I create a System Image in Windows Backup applet on a good machine to the flash drive and restore it on the bad PC and change Computer Name and
IP address then? Will that fix work?
Thank you in advance.

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hey guys

i have created an image of my PC and stored it on my external HDD a couple weeks ago and i want to restore using that image. The thing is when i get up to the restore stage after i click the "restore a different backup" on the wizard my HDD dosnt show up, and a window shows up saying somthing about installing drives when my external HD didnt come with one. Am i doing somthing wrong? is there a way to restore with an image on my external? thanks

A:Windows 7 image restore

if you can see the image file, try and copy it to your c drive, restore it, then delete it....

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Hi, I'm currently using Windows 7 x64 with a 250GB HDD divided into two partitions. I'll be moving to a new system with two 250GB drives. Is it possible to make an image of my Windows 7 system and restore each of my two partitions to two of the 250GB drives. Overall I want to move my OS without reinstalling all the programs and stuff. Is it possible this with Acronis 2011? Thanks.

A:Windows 7 image and restore to a new HDD

If you are moving to new hardware I don't think imaging the old to the new is a good idea, though Windows 7 seems to do a good job of detecting hardware changes and loading the appropriate drivers.

It would be worth trying just to see what happens and let the rest of us know

Imaging the old to the new then doing a Repair Install might work though. Can't say for sure as I've not doe it.

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If I have a PC ... HP Pavilion a1542n and I make an Image of it say using Acronis.

Can I restore that Image to a bigger hard drive and expect everything to work including it to boot fine?


A:Image Restore of Windows XP

msanjay196 said:


If I have a PC ... HP Pavilion a1542n and I make an Image of it say using Acronis.

Can I restore that Image to a bigger hard drive and expect everything to work including it to boot fine?

ThankxClick to expand...
In a word yes!

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When I double click an image it opens windows photo gallery instead of simply letting me preview the image in the photo gallery, I have to actually right click on the image then click preview (which is half way down the list instead of being at the top where it should be, instead open is at the top) I have an idea i may have to edit the registry to change the properties of my right click menu, I have backed up my registry but i dont know exactly what to enter and where to enter it. Just in case anyone suggests I right click and 'open with' in order to change the default program, i already know this isnt the case as this is the first thing i tried. The problem is far more advanced that than, iv spent ages searching the net, iv even tried ccleaner to clean up my registry hoping this would fix any errors, but the problems still exists!! I had a similar problem ages ago and i had to edit the registry, but i cant remember for the life of me what i did!! Plus i think i was on xp then. Please help!!! fi x x

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My system:
Windows 7 Pro 64-bit
C-drive is a 250GB Plextor SSD
Acronis True Image 2011

I setup a weekly scheduled disk image of my system drive (C that gets sent to an external HDD (4TB). This was working very well for months with incremental backups most of the time and a full backup every five or six weeks. I recently noticed that my backups haven't been happening since mid-August. No errors or anything. They're just not running.

I opened Acronis and tried to run a backup manually. But when I click the Back Up button, nothing would happen. I recreated my backup scheme as a new backup and ran that. It runs, but my computer slows to a crawl and eventually (within minutes) nothing responds to my clicks in or out of Acronis. The hard drive light on the case lights up, and even after I've let it run for several hours, it never finishes. I have to reset the computer to get it back up and running again.

Changing compression levels or priorities doesn't make a difference.

I installed Macrium Reflect and tried running the same disk image backup there, but I had the same problem.

I also tried doing the backup using Windows backup program. The backup doesn't slow down or crash my computer, but it does fail at the end of the process. I get this error:

One of the backup files could not be created.
Details: The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error.
Error code: 0x8078002A

I can back up a non-system drive just fine, so it se... Read more

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I made a system image from Windows 8.1 using Windows' own system image feature. I seem to be unable to restore it. I booted with the Windows 8 disc, and told it to restore from a system image. It found the image, ran a few minutes, then failed because of version mismatch (?). Not before hosing the entire system, by the way. Luckily, I was well backed up.

I booted with the Windows 7 disc, and it didn't even see the system image (on my external HD). It saw my Windows 7 system image and restored it just fine, and here I am.

Anyway, is there some trick to restoring a Win8.1 system image? I am not running Win8.1, so I can't generate a repair disk that way. Is there one available online somewhere for download?


A:Can not restore Windows 8.1 System Image

Not clear what the version mismatch is about.

Couple of things you could try.

1. Use an 8.1 recovery/install media

2. Restore the image using wbadmin commands , that should work from any windows pe, Vista or newer.

3. Mount the vhd and then image it with another imaging program. E.g use Aomei to make an image of the mounted vhd. Then restore the Aomei image.

Is there one available online somewhere for download?

. You would need to look for it. Not hard to find, I believe.

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Can i still restore a system image (with Windows Backup & Restore appplication) if i don't have a Windows 7 installed? i want to install a new hard drive and avoid the hassle of installing the OS and then restore.

A:Image restore without Windows installed

If you want to use the Windows built in utility, see if this tutorial by Brink helps:
System Image Recovery

If you can still boot Windows with the old HD, you could consider using Macrium free to "transfer the OS" to the new HD.
Here is a tutorial by whs:
SSD - Install and Transfer the Operating System
It's for transferring from a HD to SSD, but the same concepts apply to transferring from a HD to a new HD.

The built in Windows utility is more "finicky" in how it works and what it does...
I recommend using Macrium or some other 3rd party imaging utility, they offer more options and control ...
I've "migrated" to a new HD or SSD using Macrium or Acronis, many times.

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Here is my current situation:
I have 2 hard drives in my computer, my main win8 C:, and a win7/game/data drive, the second of which is failing. reports show it is failing a smart short test, and although it has been running fine for months, i figured i would replace it with my tax return.

my question:
if i create a system image of C: and D:, would it be possible to just restore the D: portion of the image, or do i have to restore both, then delete the second C: on the new drive? i do not have the resources or courage to test this on my system now because I am not sure what this reformats, and with my luck, the drive would die during the restore.

thanks everyone!

A:using windows 7 image to restore certain drive

Originally Posted by onicas

Here is my current situation:
I have 2 hard drives in my computer, my main win8 C:, and a win7/game/data drive, the second of which is failing. reports show it is failing a smart short test, and although it has been running fine for months, i figured i would replace it with my tax return.

my question:
if i create a system image of C: and D:, would it be possible to just restore the D: portion of the image, or do i have to restore both, then delete the second C: on the new drive? i do not have the resources or courage to test this on my system now because I am not sure what this reformats, and with my luck, the drive would die during the restore.

thanks everyone!


Your situation is unclear; however, I can tell you that you can't do a partial system image restore using the embedded Windows 8 imaging and recovery methods. Do you have 2 OSs installed (eg, dual boot)? If not, just use a standard backup program and copy the data drive contents to either DVDs, a flash drive or your C: drive (if you have room). Good luck.

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I have installed windows 8 on my "C" drive partition after using windows 8 for a while i didn,t like it. so can i restore my windows 7 back from the system image i have created earlier. Give your opinions.

A:Restore windows 7 from system image


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i have problem with recovery windows 10. At the present, i have two laptops Dell inspiron 5558 shipped Windows 10. But one of them, i deleted partition recovery factory, now i want to backup factory image on the laptop persist factory recovery image to the laptop deleted factory image recovery. how to do?
on Windows 8/8.1 , easily to perform with Dell Backup and Recovery. I use DBAR to do bootable usb to backup recovery to another laptop the same model. On Windows 10 very difficult. Please show me how to do it

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Hi guys, I think I already know the answer to this but just want to double check before I go buy another copy of Windows 7 64 bit home premium. Here's the situation. My dad's hard drive on his toshiba satellite p505 s8980 is dying, it has trouble booting and is extremely slow when it loads Windows. Also, a message pops up as soon as you restart it saying that hard drive failure is imminent and to back up all your data. I got off all his documents and pictures and other personal stuff, and we ordered a new hard drive for the laptop, but the thing is his laptop did not come with a windows 7 disc to reinstall windows or a recovery partition to reinstall it from. So if/when his current hard drive fails we are going to need to get a new copy of windows 7. Is it possible to make an image of my laptop (we both have the same Windows 7 edition and type) and install it on his new hard drive? Or is it going to say when I try to restore my laptop's image on his computer, "we're sorry, windows cannot restore the image on this machine. please run the restore operation on the original machine" or some such thing?

Oh, and I already tried making an image from his machine. It gets to about 80% and then says there was an error on the hard drive and it cannot continue :(

A:Restore Windows 7 Image onto a different laptop?

unless your laptop is exactly the same the image won't boot/come up correctly due to wrong device drivers.

backup the laptops data
run chkdsk /r on the drive
try making your image again.

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I created an image backup with Windows 7. It created a large VHD file and appeared to complete correctly. I copied the image to my thumb drive and tried to do a restore. I can find the thumb drive and browse it and all the files are there but if I try to do a restore it doesn't find the restore image. I also tried putting it on a network drive - it can't find it there even though I point it to the share it is in.

I've tried using a restore CD, as well as installing Windows and using the recovery in control panel.

The folder structure is as follows
under that folder are three folders
backup 2012-07-15 232717

It seems odd there is no obvious way to just say this is the VHD - right here in this folder - use it and restore.

If someone can help a restore newbie out I could use your help.

A:Windows can't find restore image

Here is how to restore from a VHD.

How to restore VHD file backup&#63; - Microsoft Answers

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Hi everyone!

With the deadline coming up, I finally decided to start some prep work to update my laptop to Windows 10. However, before I do, I want to make sure I'm prepared to restore to Win 7 in case anything goes wrong. I plan to do a full wipe and clean install of Win 10 to avoid any potential driver/incompatibility issues.

My system currently does Windows Image backups to my Synology DS1512+ on my network. So my question is, if I run into issues with Win 10, how quick/easy is it to restore my last Win 7 image and be up an running again? What's the actual process for going back to Win 7 using this method?

Images are a couple of hundred GBs, so the restore itself might take some time, but I'm concerned about compatibility stuff with Win 10 not "finding" the images or something of that sort.


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