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Account sync issues

Q: Account sync issues

I can't seem to get my profile to reliably sync to new devices or when I've tried clean installs on my main system. I have all settings checked to sync and the PCs are all trusted devices. Sometimes it will sync the desktop background and my profile picture, others it may sync some of my explorer settings. Sometimes it may not sync anything at all. My homegroup on any other devices also gets renamed to "winliveid_000" instead of the usual "[email protected]" I've yet to figure out why this happens as well. I've tried deleting the data and trying again, all with the same result. This has honestly all been an issue ever since I've installed Windows 8 and I'm starting to dislike the profile sync altogether. If it cannot reliably sync my data and all of it, I don't understand it's usefulness. I've also run the account troubleshooting tool, which gives a cryptic message saying "The following settings are turning sync off: Personalization." It gives no further details that I can see or look into and all settings are on. Any ideas as to what is happening? I've taken a look at Windows 8.1 and it seems that you have no choice but to initially use your Microsoft account to sign in, which is troubling. If it cannot be fixed, I may have to delete my synced profile online every time I try to reinstall my main system

Preferred Solution: Account sync issues

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Account sync issues

How many systems have you linked to your account, and how many of those are giving you this problem? I originally had three PCs connected to my account, and I've never had any problems at all. Are you starting with a Local account and then adding the MS account? What will happen is, if you add an MS account to a new system, your entire network of computers will take on the characteristics of the newest system.

I found this out, after I installed onto my 3rd PC and I wanted a different Desktop Theme. I went back to my other 8 systems, and THEY were all using that theme.

So, on all computers I share everything except for the theme. So if you set up to a new PC, you whole network of PCs will look exactly like the very last one you installed it on, unless you turn off sync for the existing PCs which is what I had to do until I had all three set up how I wanted.

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Hi. I opened my 2017 .pst file in Microsft Outlook. All 11069 emails in the file are showing as "sync issues". The sync issues are coming with a couple different error messages depending on the email. Below is an example of 2. Please help! I have
used the scanpst.exe file already but it did not show that the .pst file was corrupted.

Example of 1 error:
8:56:20 Synchronizer Version 16.0.8625
8:56:20 Synchronizing Mailbox 'My Name'
8:56:21 Error synchronizing folder
8:56:21                   [8004010F-501-8004010F-0]
8:56:21                   The client operation failed.
8:56:21                   Microsoft Exchange Information Store
8:56:21                   For more information on this failure, click the URL below:
8:56:21                 Link to microsoft error: err=8004010f-501-8004010f-0
8:56:21 Done
Example of another error: ... Read more

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Apologies in advance if this is not the right area. I was directed here by a Support Engineer in the

Microsoft Community forum. If this is not the right place, please let me know the best place to post this question.

The question presented on domain PCs after clicking 'Settings  > Change PC Settings > Accounts > Connect to a Microsoft account' is:

Which PC settings from your Microsoft account do you want to sync with your domain account?

The options are:

Start Screen
Desktop personalization
Apps (list of apps you've installed)
Passwords (apps, websites, and networks)
App Data
Language Preferences
Ease of Access
Other Windows Settings
Web browser (open tabs, history, and favorites)

What I'm looking for is more information about all these options. For example, what is synced with a domain account when the 'App Data' or 'Other Windows Settings' boxes are checked? Those are very vague descriptions, and I'm trying to figure out
what exactly is synced when these options are selected.


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Hi there,

I am new to Windows 10 and hope you can help me. I am trying to set up my OneDrive account to sync across two (soon to be three) PCs and am having trouble.

I have an account with OneDrive for business through my university. I installed OneDrive on my Windows 7 laptop to sync my main bulk storage files. I logged in with my university username and began the sync no problem. Now, on my Windows 10 desktop, when I try to link OneDrive with my university account, I am told that this Microsoft account does not exist. What am I doing wrong?

Also, I want to log into my computer using a local account, but sync to my university one drive account. Is it possible to do this?

Thanks for your help!

A:How to Sync OneDrive Account not Associated with Microsoft Account?

Welcome to the forum

onedrive for Business it a separate app to the Onedrive included with Windows 10

I remember reading about a similar issue during the week, hopefully this link will help
Solved One Drive login - Windows 10 Forums

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I have just installed an Active Directory on Windows Server 2008. Whenever I try to manage a computer that I havae listed on the Active directory is just says errors like access is denied and isn't responding. I am making sure that the computer is turned on as I do this process. Can anybody please help me?

A:Account Sync

Have you verified the machine has all the correct domain accounts on it? Have you verified the DNS resolution is working properly? Also what kind of clients are these? I know windows 2000 had a registry setting you had to enable before you could remote manage. This also bit some XP users if they did upgrade installs instead of fresh installs.

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I'm currently logging in to my PC using a local account and am aware that auto syncing occurs if I were using a Microsoft account instead.

I will be buying a new tablet and was wondering if there was a way to manually sync using a local account? It'll be just a one-time sync for me, so I just wanted to know if I can do it keeping my local account setup on my tablet or would I have to temporarily switch to a Microsoft account login?


A:Is there a way to manually sync using a local account?

Yes there is a way! Try Allway Sync: Free File Synchronization, Backup, Data Replication, PC Sync Software, Freeware, File Sync, Data Synchronization Software

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I have a MS account in Win 8.1 which automatically logs me in.

Lately, I can only access my Hotmail and Skydrive through their respective Start Screen Apps. When I try to log on to either of them using my browser, I get an "Incorrect Password" message.

Although I didn't changed it, my password for Hotmail and Skydrive is not in sync with Win 8.1. So, is there any way for me to find out what my Win 8 password is so I can log in to my Hotmail and Skydrive accounts on the web?

A:MS account password not in sync between Win 8.1 and Hotmai

Hello DrFocus, and welcome to Eight Forums.

Sorry, but I need to ask the obvious first question. Do all of these share the exact same email address, and is indeed the same Microsoft account and not two by mistake?

While you can't find out your Microsoft password, you could reset it to hopefully have them be synced afterwards.

Microsoft Account Password - Change or Reset in Windows 8

Hope this helps for now,

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i am trying to sync my microsoft account with my laptop but it is not getting sync after so many attempts.
kindly help me out.
it shows like "we cannot connect to microsoft services right now try again later or check your network connection." let me tell you that my network connection is up to date and there is no such connectivity issue,
Kindly resolve the matter.
also get in touch with me over call or mail.

Thanks and regards  
Amit Goyal

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Does anyone know if its possible to sync mail accounts from one device to another in W10? Using the mail app, configured 3 mail accounts on one computer. Was expecting the accounts to show up on my other W10 computer with sync on. Logging in with the same M$ account on both devices. Themes, backgrounds, etc sync up no problem.

Thanks in advance.

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Does anyone know if its possible to sync mail accounts from one device to another in W10? Using the mail app, configured 3 mail accounts on one computer. Was expecting the accounts to show up on my other W10 computer with sync on. Logging in with the same M$ account on both devices. Themes, backgrounds, etc sync up no problem.

Thanks in advance.

A:Mail App Account Sync Across Devices

Originally Posted by gpwill

Does anyone know if its possible to sync mail accounts from one device to another in W10? Using the mail app, configured 3 mail accounts on one computer. Was expecting the accounts to show up on my other W10 computer with sync on. Logging in with the same M$ account on both devices. Themes, backgrounds, etc sync up no problem.

Thanks in advance.

I don't use the mail app, but I am pretty sure you need to add the email accounts on each device before they can sync.
Logging into a device with your MS account will allow settings to sync, but not mail, until you set it up.

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I use to use "Always Sync" to sync two computers together, and it seemed to work fine.

Now I have a new computer using windows 8.1 and a laptop also running 8.1. I need to keep these computer some what sync (once a week is fine). I do not want to use any online sync sites (cloud, Microsoft etc...) what are my options as for a simple program (Free or low cost) similar to Always Sync that will work with Windows 8.1?


A:Sync 2 computers without using and online account???

Just curious. So why cant you use always sync now ? is it not compatible with 8.1 ?
You can try : FreeFileSync | Free backup software to synchronize files and synchronize folders on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X

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We have some users that work from home and their PC's are on the domain network maybe twice a year, however they VPN to work daily.
When these users do come to the office to use another PC AD rightfully force them to change Password, when they get back to the PC they have at home this password is not accepted and they have to use old password to login to PC at home.
This create discrepancy between current AD password and the domain joint PC at home that haven't been on work lan for ages.

Is there a way to get PC that mostly connect to work over VPN to sync with AD ? so that they get GPOs, AD password etc ... ?

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so i upgraded to windows 8.1 quite a while back,the problem i have is that once signed in with my microsoft account
apps start crashing especially 3rd party,this is resolved by switching to local account however is very tiresome when using onedrive or skype
from what i gather it is my account which syncrinises settings which are incorrect causing these bugs
is there anyway to remove synced settings from a microsoft account or just resseting it all

A:windows account sync settings and resetting

Hello bkr,

Yes, you could turn off syncing your settings for a Microsoft account, but you'll still need to manually set back what was changed by the sync though.

Sync Your Settings - Turn On or Off in Windows 8

Hope this helps,

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Hi guys,

At work I'm using a locked down laptop with outlook 2007. When I go on business travel, I would like to sort through my emails, calendar and tasks, but that laptop is horribly slow with poor battery life. I don't mind buying my own laptop, but how do I sync between the work laptop Outlook and my personal one?

Currently I'm not able to sync my outlook calendar with google calendar because I can't install any plugins or programs on the work laptop.

A:Is it possible to sync Outlook 2007 account between 2 laptops?

The info in this link should help:
Synchronizing Outlook on Two Computers - Slipstick Systems

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I currently have a (free) gmail account. I use Microsoft Outlook (2010) to manage emails. I have an iphone and ipad that are linked to my gmail account. What I am trying to figure out is how to sync Outlook with gmail and therefore my iphone/ipad. Email already syncs but not contacts. I tried to download Google Apps Sync but apparently need a paid google biz account. When I tried to sign up for this it set me up with a new email address which I do not want. Is there a simpler way to do this? My goal is to update a contact in Outlook and have it automatically sync to gmail and then my iphone/ipad. Thanks - Katie

A:What is the best way to sync my contacts in Outlook to gmail account?

Hello kcolbert and welcome to Seven Forums.

Would Google Sync work for you?

Google Sync

Here's some more info about syncing Outlook contact to Gmail:

Transfer contacts between Outlook and Google Gmail - Outlook - Office.com

Google Groups

And this paid (not-for-free) 3rd party app may be worth the money.

Fieldston Software - gSyncit - Sync Outlook and Google Calendars, Contacts, Notes and Tasks

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I need help with Outlook. I don't want to use Outlook for regular email with regular smtp and pop3. I would like Outlook 2003 to only work through my email at yahoo. How can I get Outlook to send and receive emails with the Yahoo email system?


Pent 4
2 gig memory
80 gig HD
XP Pro

A:Outlook 2003 sync to Yahoo account

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Hi There,

I am using Nokia Lumia 625 (Windows 8 )
I am facing problem with sync gmail mails. Error is as follows:
There is a problem with the certificate for imap.gmail.com:993:1. Contact a support person or your service provider.
Last tried 2 seconds ago
Error code: 80048888

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I have a ASUS Windows 8.1 tablet. Everything works fine for me and seemed to be working fine for my wife?s account until she started to add some apps to her account.

Both accounts had Admin privileges. Several of her apps just wouldn?t run after installing. I worked with vendors, uninstalling and reinstalling many times without any success. The same apps installed and worked perfectly on my account. I decided to remove her account and then reinstall it and took the option to save all of her personalized data and made back-up copies of everything I could just in case.

Everything seemed to go fine and the apps now installed and work as intended but Syncing & sharing libraries from her home computer no longer works. When I try to setup syncing in her Firefox browser it asks for her login but now says she has no Firefox account.

Originally our user accounts looked something like the following in the C:\Users folders:


Now they look like:

Kathy_000.PC name (Note: after the ?.? is the actual tablet name)

I?m thinking that the ?.PC name? which has been added might be the problem. I tried to rename ?Kathy_000.PC name? to ?Kathy_000?, like it originally setup but there is no option to rename.

Any suggestions on best way to resolve this? Thks John

Update: It turns out the Syncing problem in Firefox was due to a new Syncing code in the newest version of FireFox. Tablet had the newest version and home PC didn't. The new version also requi... Read more

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Hi there,

I have setup in an office three networked pc`s, they use one of the pcs with "windows live mail" to view, send e-mail etc with their e-mail account, however they have requested that they would like to log into thier mail account with the other two computer on the network, view the same inbox etc and send, what would be the best solution for this?


A:How would i Sync a Windows Live Mail account on 3 PCs?

The only free way I know of that you can do this with Windows Live Mail is to maintain a common Hotmail account or a Gmail account configured to use the imap protocols (intructions for setup included in the Gmail account settings). The way both work is that the account is kept current on the web and then that is shared and syncronized with each copy of Windows Live Mail configured to use that one web account.

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I can not add my iCloud account in Manage Accounts. It says it cannot find info. My iCloud User Name and Password are correct.
I would like to sync my iCloud calender to my two Windows 10 PC's and my Microsoft Windows 10 phone (when it arrives).
I have tried with both the PC's.
Grateful for all help. Thank you.

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I'm looking for a solution that will work on a levono tablet.I reset my tablet,and cannot sign in with a previous account that was synced on this device.I was told you need a otg cable ,and a usb drive.any help would be appreciated.

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I tried to dig up some info on this online, but couldn't really find anything.

Right now I am not using a Microsoft account to login to Windows 8. But I do like the idea of being able to login with one, and have settings like my browser bookmarks and history, along with other settings synced.

My question is - does anyone know how secure the Windows 8 technology is when transferring all these settings back and forth over the internet to Microsoft servers? Is it using an SSL encrypted connection? Any information about this would be good to know.

I like the idea of being able to access some of this common info from computer to computer, but not unless there is really tight security in place.

A:Security and privacy when using Microsoft account to login and sync

For anyone else interested, I found the following:
Keeping Your Microsoft Account Secure

For more reading, see this blog from Microsoft:
Keeping your Microsoft account more secure

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I have 2 iPhones, and have bought apps on one that I'd like to use on the other iPhone as well. Can you tell me if it is possible to have "all apps" sync to both iPhones from my single iTunes account, and if so, how to do it?


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Hi, I am a newbie using windows 7 , Today with help off someone on the web I have finely got rid of delta-sync error ox80048820 when I try to access my e/mail on Hotmail (live.com),this may help someone else who has downloaded something from the internet only to have this dreaded Delta-Sync installed ? This is how i removed it (as I say thanks to someone else), First clear your screen, and go to your start button , Click START, then CONTROL PANEL, there click Network &Internet, then Internet Obtains, when a new window appears click the Connections Tab, at the bottom of windows click the LAN SETTINGS, and there click the UN-CHECK the AUTOMATICALLY DETECT SETTINGS, and click OK and OK again. exit Control Panel and start your outlook (which now has changed from hotmail) to see if OK, t o Test if it worked send yourself a e/mail , I hope this is helpful to someone trying to get rid of that ------ delta crap. but it has worked for me (up to now) truckers do it better. scaniaman

A:accessing your hotmail account with error ox80048820 delta-sync-v2.0.0

Hello and welcome scania I take it you drive trucks if I read your last few comments as does my brother in the west country

Mate just one thing you wrote right click Start I thin maybe you meant just an ordinary left click??

You sure you are driving on the right side of the road LOL!!

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Windows ten user forever. Did the Anniversary Update. This caused about 1/2 my apps and programs to stop working correctly. Followed the (way too many) instructions at the Microsoft site. Killed the system to the point where I wiped the drive, reinstalled the original, did the Anniversary update BEFORE anything else. All is good...except for the Gmail account, which throws this error when I try to sync the account:

Something went wrong (no s**t!)
We're having a problem downloading messages. Make sure you have a connection (yes, I do) and your account info is correct (yes), and then try again (like 30 times or so).

Error code: 0x80072745

I know, just use Gmail...but I'm too damned stubborn for that (which is why I had to reload my entire OS in the first place).

Any suggestions (other than what I just said) would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks for reading!!!


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I have 2 computers both running Windows 10, one of which is brand new.
When I setup the new computer, I signed in using Microsoft account, expecting the new computer to sync the settings from the old one. But instead, the new computer's default settings overwrote existing settings on the old computer, which is just dumb.
Because of some hardware issues, I've had to replace the new computer and setup a new one again. Now I really don't want the same thing happening again. So is there a way to make sure my new Windows 10 only receive settings from the old one?

A:How to choose Windows 10 user account sync priority during setup?

Hi uly, welcome to Ten Forums. If you go to Settings -> accounts -> Sync your settings. Make sure that Sync settings is on as well as all individual sync settings ( right below ) are turned on. Good luck.

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I have a newer HP Pavillion 23 desktop. Windows 8 Home. I prefer to use it with a local account but it bugs me that I have so much problem with the syncing if I go with an MS account and use the Metro Tiles.

I use Chrome and I am signed in all the time. The Mail tile syncs my live.com mail okay but when I go to add the gmail account it balks. I have entered the username and password for my gmail over and over. It says check what I've typed somethings wrong. I have gone through the "trusted pc" process and used the code and it reports everything is okay now, all will sync.

So I go back to the Mail tile and there's live.com, I go to Add an Account and select Google Connect and enter the ID and pass once again and it's a no go. I did get the Calendar to sync by going to the Google account in the browser and into Calendar settings and choosing Calendars and the the name of my Calendar and getting a link from that Private Address iCal url. I entered it somewhere and the Metro Calendar tile works. Although for some reason it is show old events that are not showing in the browser Calendar. I think I know what that is though, small point.

But nothing I've done gets the gmail account to be added directly to be accessed by the Mail Metro tile. Does anyone have a definitive resolve for this?

I would be so greatly indebted and thanks! Jack ":-\\

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Since I bought this computer, I've had issues. I started by creating a user with my personal email address, but then thought I wanted it for work so I deleted the Microsoft account associated with that email and created another with my work email. However, I've noticed that some of the apps aren't working correctly and needed to use my personal email again. For awhile, Microsoft accounts wouldn't allow deleted accounts from coming back but it appears it's working now.
So, now I have a Microsoft account with my personal email address but the primary user on my PC is still associated with the work Microsoft account. I can't find a way to change this and it's causing problems since that email doesn't exist anymore. Is there any way to change the Microsoft account that's associated with a single user?
The only other thing I could think of would be to create a new user, promote to admin, and swap everything over manually before completely removing the user associated with my old work email. I tried this, but when attempting to log into the new user it says "cannot login, please visit accounts.live.com to fix the issue". However, whenever I go there and log into the new users account, there's no instruction on what to do or any indication that there's something wrong.
So, I need to be able to do one of two things:
1) Switch the Microsoft account associated with the primary user on this PC or,
2) Find out how to log into the new user's account without any i... Read more

A:Windows 8 User Account/Microsoft Account Issues...

As far as the Metro Apps go, I'd try uninstalling them and then reinstalling them.

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My Windows Live account refuses to synch with my Mail, Calender & People apps in Metro using Release Preview. I keep getting an error message stating that my [email protected] account is not available. My Facebook, Twitter, Linked In & Google Mail accounts synch without a hitch. My Windows Live account synchs no problem on my Windows Phone, which has Mango installed. I can also access my Windows Live account on my browsers [IE, Opera, Firefox]. Why will it not synch in Windows 8 when it previously did?

Removing the account completely and signing in to the app again does not solve the problem. It makes no difference if I log in using either my Windows Live account or my local account to sign in to Windows 8.

Here's the message I get in top left hand corner of my screen. It says, "[email protected] is not available".

A:Mail, Calender & People apps refuse to sync with Windows Live Account

This problem seems to have sorted itself out. A problem with the MS servers in my region? Possibly.

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Sync Window Live Mail client & Ipad/iphone calendar

I have been asked to setup a calendar synchronisation between a Windows Livemail client, and iphone and ipad

They are already using WLM client on PC connected to thier own domain for email, which has NO calendar sync possible , so i cannot change the client software

So i decided the easiest thing was to create a live mail account (outlook.com) and use that to sync all the calendars

Outlook.com account (set up specially for this sync) and synced from the windows live mail client to the outlook.com calendar and that all worked very well
WLM Client to ipad and iphone all worked

i do however have an issue

I setup the ipad and iphone using the hotmail option - I possibly should have chosen the exchange option

The issue an event created on the ipad or iphone calendar event is not synced back to the outlook.com / WLM calendar ,but they do sync with each other all OK

WLM ==> oulook.com === > ipad ==> iphone
all work that way

ipad ==> iphone OR iphone ==> ipad
all work ok

iphone/ipad created event == Does NOT update ==> wlm/outlook.com

if i setup an event in the WLM calendar, which syncs to all devices, I can then delete the event via the ipad or iphone - it is deleted from the WLM/outlook.com calendars - so the ipad/iphone is talking back to the outlook.com calendar for a delete action.

so what does not work is just that

an event created on ipad or iphone does not sync back to the WLM clie... Read more

A:Sync Window Live Mail client Outlook.com account & Ipad/iphone calendar only

i have solved the issue , and a really silly issue
I played today at my mother-in-law who has an ipad

and it all comes down to not selecting the correct calendar - i had not noticed birthdays was also selected
so i changed the new account to a Exchange account setting , and also notice i need to enter the info incorrectly first to then get prompted to enter the m.hotmail.com information

set the account up for just calendar
Set the calendar as default

and al works

just means she will only have 1 calendar , if she wants to sync between all devices

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Hi there,
I recently upgraded my Outlook to 365 due to buying a domain, which is being hosted by GoDaddy. By upgrading it then deleted another email account which is being hosted by Hostica. I've tried numerous times to reload the Hostica profile back into Outlook365 but it refuses to connect to the server. I have deleted all profiles and now when I set up a new profile Outlook goes into "Not Responding" mode. Please help!

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Hello all,
So my company uses OneNote for many things. We have a user that has it one his desktop computer and his iPad. I'm not sure how long it hasn't been working correctly for him but he says that it's not syncing at all for him anymore. I took a look at it to see if I could figure it out. His desktop seems fine, however, his iPad reveals a message on the top in a yellow bar underneath the toolbars: "Merge Conflict - We couldn't merge some changes. To review conflicts, use OneNote on your computer or OneNote online."
I had him sign out of OneNote on his desktop and on his iPad and log back in (both, to ensure he is using the same account for both, and to see if that fixes the issue). It didn't work.
He is using Office 2016. If you need more information, let me know.

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I can't get my iPhone to properly sync with iTunes under Windows 7 RC 7127.

The iPhone is recognized by the system and its recognized by iTunes, but when I click on sync it starts with iPhone backup first and it gets about 3/4 of the way and just sits there. I can then cancel the sync on the iPhone and try again and get the same problem. So because it never backs up, it never syncs.

I had similar issues with Windows 7 RC 7100 and after I restarted the computer it worked. But with 7127 I can't get it to work at all.

Anyone else have any issues?

A:Iphone sync issues

Quote: Originally Posted by jnetty99

I can't get my iPhone to properly sync with iTunes under Windows 7 RC 7127.
I had similar issues with Windows 7 RC 7100 and after I restarted the computer it worked. But with 7127 I can't get it to work at all.

Anyone else have any issues?

Not here...my iPhone 3G syncs fine with 7127 and now 7137. My only gripe is that it will not open iTunes and sync automatically when I plug the phone in...it used to in Vista...but not too much of a hassle to do it manually I guess.

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Hello, I have two p53 laptops.  Windows 10 pro, latest OS version.  We have a home directory on the network.  The p53 will not sync or make available the entire folder.  It won't make offline certain folders that other lenovo laptops are handling fine.  Is there something on the p53 that will cause offline folders to hang or not sync?  Because I find it interesting it is only happening on the two p53's I have and not the carbon, yoga, p1, or other vendors laptops. Thanks Richard

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Since installing Windows 8, I've noticed that iPhone is not showing up on the devices list in iTunes.
Has anyone else experienced this? Is it just a matter of waiting for Apple to update drivers? Or is there a trick to get this working now?

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I have a user who has a bunch of files that seem to delete themselves off of the server.

The user has a drive mapped to the server, and initially the "My Documents" folder was redirected to this network share (his home drive).

The redirection was based on group policy, but the user's computer has been moved from the "sync" OU to a "non-sync" OU, so he should not be syncronizing his files any longer.

He is not able to see his files on the server from multiple machines (which are all in the "non-sync" OU).

The files ARE on the server, so it's not like they are actually deleted. It's just that the user cannot see them. Also, he created a new file on the network share from another computer, and that file is still visible on the server from his machine.

Please let me know if there's anything that can be done so this user can access his files again!

Thank you!!!

A:XP File sync issues

Update - found the files stored locally under C:\windows\CSC

Made a backup copy of this folder, and currently running system restore back to when everything was working. When this is complete, will verify files are intact, and then disable offline files/folders from the XP machine, rather than from the server. Then will test again.

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Good morning everyone,

the following happens at a gas station, where the hour shown on the surveillance camera's
don' t correlate with the hour shown on the back-office computer' s event manager.
There are 3 minutes of difference between both. In my logic, we should be able to sync
the time on both units but we are being told this is not possible. Any opinions/ suggestions here?

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Hello all,
So my company uses OneNote for many things. We have a user that has it one his desktop computer and his iPad. I'm not sure how long it hasn't been working correctly for him but he says that it's not syncing at all for him anymore. I took a look at it to see if I could figure it out. His desktop seems fine, however, his iPad reveals a message on the top in a yellow bar underneath the toolbars: "Merge Conflict - We couldn't merge some changes. To review conflicts, use OneNote on your computer or OneNote online."
I had him sign out of OneNote on his desktop and on his iPad and log back in (both, to ensure he is using the same account for both, and to see if that fixes the issue). It didn't work.
He is using Office 2016. If you need more information, let me know.

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hi i have recently had a problem with the voice sync being out when i recode video with nero, it does not happen with all video formats i choose to re-code but nor does it happen to specific types. for example i have recoded avi files with no voice sync issues and i have recoded other avi files and the sync can be out by upto 6 seconds. i am at my wits end, please can someone suggest some sort of solution.

p.s. i am using nero specifically because i need to create a menu at the start of the disc, so using winavi for instance would not be a viable alternative

Thanx in advance

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For about a week my sound has been running about 3 seconds behin the video. It's extremely confusing and makes it difficult to play.
My own footsteps sound like someone sneaking up on me.
I even checked lot of technical support videos for any solution.
Am I the only one with this issue?
Any suggestions on whats wrong and how to fix it? I've got a high end computer running easily at max setting.

Any help will be appreciated.
Thank you.

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A network drive W:\ is mapped to one of the user  (W: drive is "Home  Folder" under "Profile Path"
1. .tmp files are created whenever a file is opened from his Desktop, Documents 
2. .tmp files is not deleted after closing the file. it remains on the Desktop, Documents. "Could not find this location. there is no longer located W:\Users\Desktop: (for ex: \\HomeDrive\UserHome\Peter\Desktop) message received if user tries to
3. Also All the files are not synced. There is not Added network shares visible under Sync Center
Server OS : Windows Server 2012 Standard
Client OS : Windows 7 Enterprise SP1
I have gone through the below URL's

Refer the below screenshot and not able to figure out the issue. kindly help

Regards, Boopathi

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Have a weird situation develop over the last few days.
When using YouTube or TVCatchup the sound is consistently early with reference to the picture. This started off as an occasional thing but is now becoming "the norm".
I can sometimes get the right sync but this entails rebooting the PC. I haven't installed any new software on the machine recently apart from the last round of Microsoft Updates and the Chrome update. Just to make sure it was nothing to do with the Chrome update I uninstalled Chrome completely using Revo Unistaller and re-installed with no change to the problem.
Just for the record I'm running Windows 7 32bit Ultimate on a Dell Dimension E520 with a 3month old nvidea Geforce GT430 graphics card. I've even re-installed the nVidea driver.
Any ideas anyone?

A:Sound / Picture Sync Issues

What is your broadband speed. Do a speed test with this:
Speedtest.net - The Global Broadband Speed Test
and post the results here.

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Mobile 6.0

Sometimes it does sync but frequently it won't.
One time I will plug in and it will sync and stay connected and continue syncing as long as necessary just like I assume it is supposed to.
Other times there is some initialization but no connection.
Sometimes it will disconnect after some time of syncing activity.
I have resorted to keeping an icon on my desktop to reinstall sync center and that will frequently initiate a sync but not always.
If I reboot the laptop the PDA is recognized but only as an external drive. Then when I do the Sync Center reinstall it will usually initialize and complete the sync.
I have run the entire gambit of rebooting the laptop, rebooting the PDA, plugging and unplugging, trying different USB ports and cables. Sometimes it works but a most of the time I just keep trying different things until I get a sync. I have occasionally considered trying bluetooth just to see if it would make any difference.

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We have a new employee that wants to use her laptop, which is fine. It is a Dell with XP pro. At her former job she was synchronizing her offline files with their Win 2003 server.

I have set it up to work on our network and to synchronize offline files with our Win 2003 server. All this is working great, but it still attempts to synchronize with the old server.

I looked on line and did not find any advice on how to make it forget the old server. Any thoughts? It is working at the moment, but really annoying.

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My buddy has a Sylvania mp3 model# smpk8854b. He came to me because when he plugs it in, it his computer can't even recognize that it's plugged in, he said he has tried on 3 other computers. So here I am with the same issue, my computer is uptodate on everything I can think of and it still wont do anything. I googled around and this problem seems to be happening alot, but with little variations, I downloaded the virtual CD that was suppose to come with it and as far as I can tell its junk as well, apparantly, a mp3 player that came out 2 years ago uses win98 material.

Anyway, any and all help is welcomed and I thanks in advance, theres a free dinner in it for me if I can get it working! lol

A:Major Sylvania sync issues


Been trying some more and havn't been able to come to any conclusion

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My other half got a Bush PVR (BUPVR160F1) a year or so ago from Argos and recently the hard drive failed completely. It didn't power-up at all, so I ordered a 30 replacement from Amazon with a similar/better spec. It appears to record programs ok, however on playback it works for a while and then there's a 'juddering' of picture and sound after which the sound is out-of-sync with the picture. Stopping and then continuing playback temporarily fixes it. I could format the drive in the PVR again, although I already did that as part of the installation. The old drive is a WD1600AVBB, and the new drive is http://www.amazon.co.uk/Generic-Hard-Disk-Drive-160GB/dp/tech-data/B000OUI8OQ/ref=de_a_smtd which I thought had similar/better specs so was optimistic that it would work.
(The old drive should have a 3-yr warranty but I haven't kept the Argos receipt so doubt they'll help.)
Any help gratefully received guys.

A:Replaced drive in PVR. How having sync issues

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