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Can we turn off Google auto-complete?

Q: Can we turn off Google auto-complete?

You know, we begin typing something into the search box but google steps in and adds words we don't want, so we have to delete the unwanted bits.

Preferred Solution: Can we turn off Google auto-complete?

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A: Can we turn off Google auto-complete?

Go to Settings (lower right) and tick the last option if you meant google search engine.

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I want to turn off the "auto-complete" or whateverit's called on Google...I refer to when you start a search and Google helpfully completes the search according to what you've searched for previously...

Can anyone tell me how to do this?

A:How do I turn off auto-complete on Google?

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I cannot figure out how to turn on auto complete in XP. I have turned it on under "tools", "options", "content", "autocomplete" as well as turned on "use Inline autocomplete" under the advanced tab and neither turns on this feature.

I have unchecked all boxes, rebooted, re-checked all boxes, rebooted, and nothing works.



A:How to turn on Auto-Complete

Make sure it's turned on in "Services". Click Start, and then click Run. In the Open box, type Services.msc, and then click OK. Make sure "Protected Storage" service is started.

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I just upgraded my computer to WinXp home and now I have auto-complete on. :evil: I like it when it remembers my passwords but I hate the auto complete on everything else. (such as, email addresses, searches, and other random stuff) How can I turn it off?!?!?!

Please Help,

A:Turn off auto-complete

Open IE and click on Tools/InternetOptions, then go to the Content tab. You'll find a button for the AutoComplete function where you can make the changes you want.

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I've always had my email addresses in outlook auto complete themselves (the email address is in the contacts folder), but now it won't any more, since I had to re-establish outlook again after a reinstall. I can't find where to turn this feature on. what I mean is, if the address is, say, [email protected], then all I type is pet...and it completes.


A:how do i turn on auto-complete for email addresses?

bj nick,

In Outlook, go to Tools > Options > Preferences > E-mail Options > Advanced E-mail Options

In the When sending a message section, check the 'Automatic name checking' box.

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Sorry for any confusion but I recently received new laptop with Win 10 and trying to set it up is driving me loopy..
I notice when Google on FF keeps completing search.
I have the FF "Options/Search" UN-checked where it says "Show search suggestions in location bar results."
Is there someplace else in Google where I need to check or un-check so Google (in FF) does not complete the search name?

I also notice (in FF) when I am typing in my user name for AOL mail, it too auto completes. I don't think that is Google, I think it might be FF (which I recently refreshed).
But when using Outlook (while in FF) it does not complete my user name.
Really confusing.

A:Google search auto complete

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Is there anyway to clear the memory from Google? When you type in the letters in the search box, searches from months and months ago auto-complete. I have cleared the cache but this auto-complete doesn't seem to disappear. Can it? I don't want this auto-complete to continue to come up all the time.

A:google-clear auto-complete [RESOLVED]

It may be search 'Suggestions' that you are seeing. Right-click on the Search Box and untick 'Search Suggestions'. See how it goes then.

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I just noticed something as I am working on my new vista machine (always used XP up till now)...

when i have Google AutoFill setup in my google toolbar for IE7, my IE7 auto-complete and saved passwords no longer work! When i turn off google autofill, everything works fine!

are you kidding me? does anyone know a way around this? worked fine in XP...

A:Google Autofill overrides IE7 auto complete & saved pwds?

I just found the answer (I was having the same problem). Get rid of Google Auto fill (disable it) and use MSN's toolbar form fill. It works better as it fills in the form for you without pushing the form fill button. And yes, you can still use Auto Complete.

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The latest version of the Google toolbar (4.0) makes my browser (Internet Explorer 6) crash. Computer runs on Windows XP Home, with latest service packs and patches. Never had any problems with the Google toolbar until it auto-updated itself to the latest version. I would like to revert to the previous version (3.0). But how can I prevent it from auto-updating itself again? There is no feature to turn it off! Is there a tweak which I can use without fiddling with the registry manually?

A:Solved: how do I turn off google toolbar auto-updates?

may want to check the following from google groups.


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I have a nice little database that I set up to track donations of items to our organization. The primary table tracks the donor information: name, address, etc. (main form) and I have created a related table that tracks the date of donation and items donated utilizing a sub-form. Thanks to the fine help I received here I was able to relate these tables using a “Link_ID” field and it has worked nicely. (One donor could have multiple donations.)

Now, I’d like to enhance things a little bit. When I enter donor information into the main form and then go to the sub-form for the donation information, I’d like the business_name field to autofill as I start to type. Now, I know this can be done because most commercial databases have this function. Quicken is one that comes to mind. I know it has to pull this information from somewhere, I just need to know how to get it to work!

I have been unsuccessful finding any pertinent information on an “autofill” field in some sources. (I really don’t want a drop-down list box because this could potentially get too large.)


A:Auto complete or Auto Fill field in Access?

Yes, well, unfortunately, in Access, the drop-down list is the only type of control that uses auto-fill, unless you want to use a text box and code (there's an example of that in the developer's handbook, but it's complicated).

No matter how big your list is, if you sort the underlying query alphabetically on company name, it will still autofill, and you can even build a not-in-list response to add new customers...

Make sure the auto-expand property of the drop-down (or combo) control is set to Yes, and you'll see that you never even have to drop down the list...

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I'm running WinXP Pro w/ IE 6.0, SP1. I use the auto complete/auto fill-in for easy entry to common form submissions. I like it and use it a lot. What I would like to know is - What can I do about old submission? Every time I use the down arrow to select the proper entry, there's a whole bunch of older things that were entered in that frame from a lon time ago. (i.e for email, there's a listing for [email protected], that I used for a spoof). How can I remove JUST THE OLD ONES? I want to keep the cookies active and use what is my normal (80%ish) of the time entries. I looked in MS knowledgebase but it just talked about clearing history and cookies. I know that, I just want to clear SOME entries. Thanks in advance for your help on this matter.


A:IE 6.0 & auto-complete/auto fill-in


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Thanks in advance for your help!

I'm running windows 2000 pro & when filling in forms it never auto completes for me.

A lame question I'm sure, but where do I find the setting to turn on auto complete?

Thanks again!
Gary aka The "G" Man

A:Help w/ auto complete

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Hi all, I am sure this is a simple question, but it's only simple if you know the answer..and unfortunately I don't. How do I stop or cancel the type in box in a search engine (i.e Ask Jeeves) bringing up the list of questions I have asked it over the years. For example if I start to type Music it will give me a list of everything I have asked it beginning with M. Very embarrassing if my girlfriend is on my PC????? Thanks all.

A:Auto complete?

Open internet explorer , click on tools / internet options / content/ auto complete. Then delete those entries and uncheck the options to save in the future.

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Just wondering if there is a way to stop the Auto Complete message from appearing when I enter my user name/ password at any web site: "Do you want AutoComplete to remember this for later" type of thing.
It seems to be appearing an awful lot, but maybe it's just cos my brother clears the cookies etc regularly.



A:IE5 Auto Complete? No thanks!

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Trying to remove my aoto complete entries have never had problems before.
Now when i try and have tried many times my computer frezzes have to reboot.
Also when xp sees this they ask if I want to send a report I have tried that and it never gets sent. Anybody have this problem?

A:auto complete

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how do i get rid of things that are on auto complete.. my frends going to be staying at my house when im away.. but i've got things like bank passwords.. names etc.. that have been saved to by autocomplete i'm on windows xp

any help appreciated

A:auto complete

You need to go to the Tools menu in Internet Explorer and click on Internet options. Click on the content tab and then on the autocomplete button and uncheck the options for autocomplete.

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New to vista,just bought my daughter new laptop for school.How do you turn off auto complete?

A:auto complete

digger747 said:

New to vista,just bought my daughter new laptop for school.How do you turn off auto complete?Click to expand...

In what?

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I am not that familiar with auto complete. But when I would go to my web mail site, I had clicked "remember me" and when I would go there, I could just type the first letter of my address and it would automatically fill in the address bar, then click on it again and it would post my password. Now my user I.D. is already filled in but I have to type in my password. How can I get that back, the password filled in automatically?




What web browser are you using?



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my mother just got a new gateway computer and the auto complete doesn't work. they sent her a new modem and this one wont do it either. it has windows xp instaleed. auto complete is enabled and it is set to accept all cookies. what do i do?

A:auto complete

Someone may come along with the exact answer you are looking for. In the meantime I will try to contact one of our very capable and very fine members who is a Tech-Support for Gateway. I haven't noticed him on the board in the last day or so, but I will PM him with this thread id. I am sure, when he is available, he will be glad to help you out.

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How do you clean up autocomplete? I have it set and I like using it, it just seems to be getting junked up.

A:AUto Complete

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The auto complete feature seems to work on all websites, except for one - www.ebay.com.au. The strangest thing is that only the entries I typed in on the search page of this forum appears on the drop down list on the ebay site...and nothing else. I never had this problem until a few days ago. Is there any possible explanation for this? (Btw, I have IE 6)

Any help would be appreciated!

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I know that Auto Complete works in a column vertically but is there a way to make it work horizontally in a row, going across the sheet?

A:auto complete

Hi there,

Not in the traditional sense, no. But if you select a cell and click and hold the bottom right corner (cursor should turn into a bold + sign), you can drage right. Alternatively, if you select the cell in question and the cell(s) to the right you want to fill, you can hit the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + R to rill right. You do not have the luxury of double clicking the bottom right corner as it will only fill down as far as the adjacent left column has contiguous data in it. Set your autofill options in Tools | Options.


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In XP, is there a difference between Auto Complete and Auto Fill? In all the help features there is no mention of Autofill but I have it on my toolbar.
It was working fine until I inadvertantly typed 2506 instead of 25303 for my zip code. Someone suggested Autowhat from PC Magazine but that has not cured the problem. Is there a way to start over or find the pesky 25606 and kill it for good? Thanks.

A:Auto complete

One thing you might try, type the zip code so that the auto-complete fills in, Move your mouse cursor over the word that you want to delete but do not click on it. It will be highlighted.
# Click your delete key on your keyboard.
You can right click the IE on your desktop, properties> content tab> AutoComplete button> check the items you want auto-complete to fill in. You can also clear all the enteries from this tab.

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Hi Every one,
I want auto complete for textbox . i have a file upload button for getting text file to come auto complete for text box,but i dont want to use file upload button for uploading a file i want static path to get particular text file.
i want to take static path file ex:"C:/temp/users.txt"
can anyone help me please
i am using below code...............................
<!-- Scripts by hscripts.com-->
<!-- More scripts @ www.hscripts.com-->
<input type="file" id="fileinput" />
<script type="text/javascript">

 function readSingleFile(evt) {
    //Retrieve the first (and only!) File from the FileList object
    var f = evt.target.files[0]; 

    if (f) {
      var r = new FileReader();
      r.onload = function(e) { 
     var contents = e.target.result;

var mailString=contents.substr(0, f.size-1);
var mailArray=mailString.split(/\n/);
    } else { 
      alert("Failed to load file");

  document.getElementById('fileinput').addEventListener('change', readSingleFile, false);

<!-- Declare the array and store the values according to ur usage -->
va... Read more

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When I try to clean out the Auto-complete area on IE 6.0, it instantly gets hung up. I have to use the Task Manager to close out. I have cleaned this out in the past, so I can only assume I accidentally changed something somewhere to cause this.

I have reset my settings on auto complete, rebooted, still no luck.

I use auto complete for forms all the time, it saves me tons of time while I work from home.

Any suggestions?

A:IE 6.0 Auto-complete won't delete


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I am using a different Pc than my own. It has XP. Auto complete is checked but it won't fill in anything. Can any one tell me what is wrong?


A:Solved: Won't auto complete

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How do you Enable Auto Complete in Internet Explorer?

A:Solved: Auto Complete


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I use Auto-complete to fill in dates on a forum. However I now have 3 years worth of dates.

I don't want to remove the feature but I need to clear out some of the older history, how do I remove the history without removing all of the past data.

Any advice will help.

A:Auto complete removing

Save Time with AutoComplete


This site should be of some help

Happy 4th. BANG!!!!!!!!

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Does anyone know how to set up Microsoft Outlook so that when you start typing in an email address it will auto complete it? I know that Outlook Express can do this, but can Outlook do it too?


A:How to get Outlook to Auto complete

What version of Outlook do you have. Not all do this.

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Have an excel written sheert. Two columns are for names. There is some sort of auto complete being used and some names fill when typing them in. I can not find the file. I would like to edit it and add some and remove some names. I looked in options and it is not listed there. Help please!! TY

A:Excel Auto complete help!!

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Hi All,

I am new to this site and this is my first post. I was hoping somebody could answer a question regarding the auto-complete function on MS Outlook. If a user loses their auto-complete list, how can they get it back? Also, what causes this to happen? It seems the list was there one minute and gone the next. Hope somebody can help.



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Hi there.
How do I set the auto-complete option in MS Outlook when entering an email
address ?


A:Hot to set up auto-complete option?

This is for OE but look under Tools\Options for something similiar.

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Is it possible to format for autocomplete in Tables and FOrms in Access.

I can in EXCELL but its not there in Access.. I think

A:Access Auto Complete

You can use a combo box that looks up values in a table and autocompletes as you type. Use a summary query that creates a new table to populate the lookup list table.

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I was wondering if anyone knows what is the earliest version of MS IE that uses the "auto complete" function?

Thanks for the help in advance.

Where "smart" businesses learn about the Web

A:IE Auto Complete Question

I'm pretty sure it was IE 4.0

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How can I stop the auto-complete option from giving me past entries as options when I enter something in Google, Techsupportguy.org, and
other Internet sites. The "Use Inline Autocomplete" is not checked in
Tools, Internet Options, Advanced. Is there someplace else I can check to stop this from happening? Thanks.

A:I got the Auto-Complete Blues

Look in Internet Explorer.. Tools > Internet Options > Content, Then click on AutoComplete and uncheck those options.

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I have a interesting problem that is probably something I am overlooking.When I finally installed IE7 with the updates, it finally worked great except for one issue.When I use the Auto complete feature for certain forms and passwords, it will ask if I want to store them and on certain ones that I do not worry about security issues ,I say yes. It saves the info but the issue is that when I return to the site later, it does not auto complete or offer a few suggestions the way it used to in IE6.The proper boxes are checked in options to use auto complete and save passwords and it does work but just does not auto complete when it should. Example: This site as I would log in would show my logon and complete the password, now it stays blank...Any Ideas??Moderator Edit: Moved topic to more appropriate forum. ~ Animal

A:Auto Complete Issue

Just double check to make sure your settings are as follows;
Tools/ Internet Options/ Content Tab/ Settings under AutoComplete .

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First post here..running Windows XP, Intel Pent. Proc. 2.66 Gig with 1.0 Gig RAM

Strange problem..I run a limo business and the auto complete feature has stopped working for the browser based limo software program. It works fine on Outlook - just not for IE (this program requires IE to be the browser). Obviously the Auto Complete is checked under content and under advanced options, the box under browser for Use Inline Auto Complete is also checked.

This feature is virtually needed to run this business as every new reservation has to be emailed and this alone adds extraordinary time as each email has to be fully typed; not to mention all the typing of various places, points of interest, etc....A lot of info. goes into limousine reservations !!!

I have had this problem once about 18 months ago and a tech. ran Hijack This and found some malware that causes the auto Complete feature to be disabled. It seems that this may be the problem again.

I have pasted a Hijack this log below. Thanks in advance for any help/suggestions:

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 7:50:58 PM, on 9/7/2009
Platform: Windows XP SP3 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v8.00 (8.00.6001.18702)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\WINDOWS\system32\s... Read more

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can someone tell me how to turn off the auto complete. i hate that and cant find where to turn it off, also is there a way to password protect folders such as my music and my pictures? if so how is this done....thanks for any help that may be provided

A:how to disable auto complete

You can disable autocomplete from Control Panel > Internet Options > Content tab

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I'm running Windows XP. In Windows 2000, when you type something in the run box or in the address bar in IE, the rest of what you type is automatically filled in based on previous entries. How do I enable this in XP? I receive a drop down list with previous entries, but I either have to completely finish typing what I want to run, or I have to use the arrow keys or mouse to select an entry. It's not automatically completed. I do not want forms or usernames or passwords on internet sites filled in.

A:Auto-Complete for Address Bar and Run

On the tools tab in IE, go to Internet options and click the advanced tab. Enable inline auto complete.

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I am unable to clear my autocomplete. I don't want to shut it off, I just want to clear it. I do it everyday and it works fine. I usually use Clearcache. Yesterday it kept stopping at the last step, which is IE,tools,content,clear autocomplete. When I go to manually do it now, it has an hourglass and I have to close because it is not responding. I do not have this problem when I log into administrator, but it won't let me clear it when I log in the regular mode.
I ran an ewido and spyware, and came up with nothing.

Any suggestions

A:Auto complete problems

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Mine used to work, when filling in user names and passwords, but doesn't anymore. Just wondering what could have happened. Thanks in advance. Hope you're having a good start to the weekend.

A:About 'Auto Complete' WinXP

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I have been using Outlook for a while now and I like the auto complete function when I am entering email addresses. But I have some addresses come up when I begin typing that are not in my book but I may have repsonded to at one point. How do I clean those up?

A:Outlook Auto Complete

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Hi all

I have a user whose auto complete in Office 2010, (Windows 7 computer) is not retaining info from day before when booting up in the morning,

I have of course deleted the Stream_Autocomplete.dat file and it looked like it was going to work as she closed Outlook after sending a few and opened it again and was able to still use auto complete.

After closing her computer down last night the next morning none of it was there again, this seems to be the solution that fixes this problem when I search on line but has not fixed it for her.

This is the second user in our organisation that has had this problem the first one deleting the file did work but not with this user.

Any suggestions would be very much appreciated

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I'd like IE to remember my past searches. I've gone to internet options/auto-complete and everything is checked. It still doesn't work! Any suggestions?

A:Auto-Complete not working in XP

The AutoComplete feature does not work after you enable it in Internet Explorer on a computer that is running Windows XP Home Edition: http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=885180

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I inadvertently saved a wrong password into IE and instead of prompting me when I put the correct password in, it's not. So every day, I start to type in my user name and it auto completes and puts in the incorrect password, and I type in the correct one. I don't know if it's Vista or IE 7 but in IE 6, if I made a mistake, it would ask me next time around because it was a different password. I know I can "clear" the settings in tools but I don't really want to do that since I've already saved some other passwords. I've only had this Vista system for three days. So is this a glitch in IE 7, maybe?

A:Question about auto complete in IE7

Hi,I've done that myself before too, and this is what I did to fix it...there may be a more technical way, but this fixed it for me.in the box where you type your user name - click inside the box and a 'subbox' for want of a better description shows up with your user name in it - mouse over that user name till it is highlighted then press your delete button on your keyboard while the name is highlighteda box will pop up that says "Windows has a password that's stored for this username. Do you want to delete the username and password"say yes. Then type in the correct user name and password and your correct one will then be saved.Hope this helpsCB

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With my Windows XP, how do I get Auto Complete to complete the password on certain accounts when I don't get the dialog box asking "Do you want Windows to remember your password?" Windows will complete the password in most situations but ignores some. I've been back to the "Tools/Internet Options/Content" box and confirmed that auto complete has been requested and is still "O.K.", but still cannot get Windows to complete/remember the passwords on a couple of accounts. This is getting kinda frustrating when I visit these sites and have to totally log in manually. Thanks for any help.

"Ham" Williams

A:Password - Auto Complete

Look this over Ham


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