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New Laptop Mobo Or Repair?

Q: New Laptop Mobo Or Repair?

I've "inherited" a Gateway laptop. Model No.: MA7 or MODEL:MT6220b.
Its problem is it doesn't charge through the charger socket (that's why I've inherited it), and I must admit it's very loose.
In the UK I'm being quoted anywhere between ?50 to ?80 to replace the "socket" which, I know only costs about ?3.
I'm not arguing with the fact that whoever replaces it deserves to earn a living here.
I'm thinking for ?50 to ?80 I could replace the Mobo (my soldering is erm,, pretty basic (ugly)!! But I can undo screws and unplug connectors!).

Has anyone done this? Is it a feasible repair? What should I be looking for? Where should I be looking?

B.T.W. The laptop has Vista on at the moment, I intend to put 7 on it so the "System recognising components" won't be an issue. It'll not be the main PC, this one is, just wanted something for when I go walk-about.


Preferred Solution: New Laptop Mobo Or Repair?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: New Laptop Mobo Or Repair?

Go to the Gateway site and see what kind of documentation, advise, faqs you can find regarding these repairs/replacements.

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So I have bought a used M73 Tiny with Intel 4130 for an audio setup.Got it two weeks and lost the front and left back USB ports.... In the BIOS or Linux they are not working. The power is okay got 5V from all ports.  Opened up the pc and did some measuring. The USB 3.0 blue port and left back the Data - and Data + are connected to ground when i measure. So I want to change the IC's but the number on the IC is nowhere to be found.Attached a picture of the IC 119 13xxUJG. Can some Lenovo Technician or Lenovo enthousiast point me in an IC? Also saw the current MoBo 03T7344 is not available anymore? Substituted for another type??    Thanks. 

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Trying repair install on SATA drive from my old system.

Everything is fine until I reach the Windows logo screen after the mandatory restart. It is endlessly rebooting at Screen 3 from Part 3 here: http://www.windowsxpprofessional.windowsreinstall.com/installxpcdrepair/part3.htm

Sure would like to do the Repair Install to do a few things before I do a clean install on a new drive.

New system specs (the only stuff hooked up right now):
ASUS Asus P5W DH Deluxe
Pentium E6600
2GB DDR 800
Maxtor 80GB SATA
ATI Radeon X1600 Pro
Memorex DVD/CD writer

A:Win XP Pro SP2 Repair Installation with new mobo

Here is the stop error:

STOP: 0x00000050 (0xF789B000,0x00000000,0x804FB874,0x00000000)

SiWinAcc.sys - F789B000 base at F789B000, Datestamp 00000000

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basicly i got a new mobo and needed to reinstall windows. but my computer either freezes at the part where it says press any key to boot from cd. or if i do get past that part, it will say a file is corrupt or missing when loading the windows setup. i have tried 3 differnt windows cds and have tried 5 differnt cd drives. i dont no whats wrong with this, plz help

A:Got new mobo, need to repair windows but cant

Please test your Ram with Memtest

Or try removing all internal dust, and reconnect all internal connections
You can also try BIOS reset (referring to your manual to where the CMOS battery lives)

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Basically, I have replaced my motherboard and got a new cpu and I want to use my old HDD with the install of windows I had, so yea, this normally requires a reinstall of windows or repair. I have tried all the tools like System Restore, Startup Repair, and it doesn't work. Because you know, it thinks its still on the old mobo. I really need some kind of software to download and burn to a disk that will help me repair windows and keep my files. I really don't want to re-install. Someone please help, any solution will help.

All I have is my very old Windows 7 OEM installation disk, both disks that come with the motherboards and a repair disk I made from my laptop which I don't think is much help but I need this repaired ASAP.

Please help!

A:[HELP ASAP] New mobo, need to repair windows, cant.

If a different motherboard is now in place, it requires a reinstall. No way around it easily or effectively.

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Here's what happened. Old MOBO (ASUS) died (wouldn't even load bios).
bought new MOBO--ASUS M3N78-EM, AMD Athlon 2.8ghz Dual Core, 4g DDR2.

old system was set RAID stripped (2 HDD 150G each) (forgot to mark which was SATA1 & SATA2 respectively--but old MOBO only had 2, new one has 6).

Got new system up and running. Problem is when i try to run system repair from Vista CD it will not load drivers from CD that came with MOBO. BIOS is showing "healthy RAID" but in repair it's not recognizing the harddrives/system. I did get it to recognize it once; however, repair ran for about 10 minutes then stated it couldn't fix the problem. Since then I have not been able to get it to recognize it no matter what I try. Even tried switching the cables on the board from SATA1 and SATA2

Perhaps the main question I have is do I need to clear the MBR before running the repair? Would that help or hurt? I do not want to lose the information on my drives. Should I get a fresh drive do a clean install of vista then get it to recognize the other drives? I'm very frustrated and have been working on this for a while now. I've gone to ASUS web site and downloaded the 32 bit drivers but the repair option tells me the disk doesn't have anything (the drivers are a .exe file).

any help would be appreciated.

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I know a clean installation is always preferred and I may have Windows licensing issues after changing hardware (I will buy a new license if I have to).

That being said, I have a relatively new Win 10 64 bit system (from upgrade) and I do not want to completely re-do the installation of literally everything I have again.

Can I either pre-install motherboard drivers before changing the mobo or do a dirty installation repair after changing the motherboard?

Does anyone have a step by step guide?

I have done this with older versions that worked perfectly, but it has been a while.

I plan to change from an i5-750 to an i7-4790k. The mobo and CPU will be swapped of course.

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I have upgraded my processor and motherboard.
But my Windows 7 is nolonger working:
Windows crash+restart itself during the windows 7 logo loading-screen.
Rebooting to safe mode also is not working. Safe mode does not load and it restarts my pc.

Just afterwards I found out about a utility called Sysprep.

Is there a possibility to use this tool to fix my broken windows installation ? If yes tell me how please. If no, please give me other options.

Very much thanks !

A:How to repair my Windows 7 installation after mobo upgrade

You would need to run the SysPrep on the original hardware in order for it to work to SysPrep to move HD to another computer.

The best choice at this point is to Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7 which steps are the same for retail as it must be to reactivate Win7 on a new mobo - OEM version lives and dies with the old mobo.

If you want to prepare the old Win7 to boot on the new hardware without having the old hardware you can install to a test partition you shrink using Partition Wizard boot CD, then immediately install Paragon Virtualization Manager (formerly Paragon Adaptive Restore) CD, run it on the old Win7 partition pointing it to the chipset (Sata controller) and LAN drivers and the test install's Windows>System 32>Drivers folder. Once it's adapted, mark the old partition Active and run Startup Repair - Run up to 3 Separate Times to start it, delete the test partition.

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O.K short and sweet. OEM pc MOBO died, replaced MOBO, windows having trouble booting (expected). attempting repair with no results but FAIL. I am noobish, so I ask, what can I use to help the repair process? PS: I upgraded my OS out of the box From win 7 home premium OEM install, to Win7 Ultimate x64 via disk. I also have win 7 premium (full) on disk from another PC i installed it too, if that would help. I would do a clean install, but I can't lose any of my photos and data. Any suggestions?

A:Windows 7 repair with new MOBO old HDD? is upgrade disk usable?

The Product Key from the Win 7 premium full disk that is installed on another disk can't be used to install to the PC with the failed mobo, but.......you might be able to use that disk to repair the OEM install.

Are all of your disks burned? Or purchased? Or ?

What disks have you used to attempt a repair? Burned disks? OEM disks? Retail? Ultimate?

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I am in major crisis mode because my laptop is stuck in startup mode and can't repair itself. I've tried a few command tricks but most of them require safe mode, which I can't access at all. Also, many threads have mentioned reinstalling windows 7, which would be fine if my disk drive hadn't burnt out recently. I am terrified of losing all my files so I don't want to toy around with anything. Thoughts?

A:Startup Repair on laptop cannot repair computer automatically.

Welcome DelaneyNicole.

Sounds like a shame that you do not have a backup of your files.

Some things you could try:
> Try accessing windows repair from boot (press F8 and select the recovery option),
> Borrow a disc drive from another system (maybe a friends?),
> Use a bootable USB drive with say some version of Linux on it to access your files.

Do you know what happens to cause this problem?


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PC Specs
Notebook Model = HP 2000 Notebook PC
Product Number = B5R65UA#ABA
System Board ID = 188B
Born on Date = 10/28/2012
Processor Type = AMD E1-1200 APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics
Processor Speed = 1400 MHz
Total Memory = 8 GB
BIOS Version = F. 34
BIOS Vendor = Insyde
Factory Installed OS = Win7 (Home Premium x64)

Hello, I was wondering if you guys could help me out with a system repair?
I've tried everything on the repair disc but none of it seems to be working for me.
It doesn't even detect my operating system when it asks me to choose a recovery tool.
The OS just says "Unknown on (Unknown) Local Disk". When I try fixing it with Startup Repair it tells me that startup repair cannot repair this computer automatically.

Startup Repair diagnosis and repair log
Number of repair attempts: 1

Session details
System Disk = \Device\Harddisk0
Windows directory =
AutoChk Run = 0
Number of root causes = 1

Test Performed:
Name: Check for updates
Result: Completed successfully. Error code = 0x0
Time taken = 47ms

Test Performed:
Name: System disk test
Result: Completed successfully. Error code = 0x0
Time taken = 15ms

Test Performed:
Name: Disk failure diagnosis
Result: Completed successfully. Error code = 0x0
Time taken = 421ms

Test Performed:
Name: Disk metadata test
Result: Completed successfully. Error code = 0x0
Time taken = 94ms

... Read more

A:Unable to repair my laptop using installation/repair disc (.iso)

As you are at Sevenforums I suppose you're talking about Win 7.
Please give us more info about your hardware (Laptop) as brand, model, amount of memory etc.
Is your windows disk from the laptop manufacture?
Do you have a backup of all your data files?
If you're trying to do a clean install, don't you have a BIOS factory recovery option (beware, it formats your HDD)?

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I am working on a Dell Dimension 4100 for a friend. I have replaced everything in the computer piece by piece (why he didnt just have me build a computer for him i'll never know lol). well yesterday I put in a new mobo, processor, and ram. After repairing the windows xp installation neither the onboard lan or pci lan card will work. it will recognize that there is a cable connected, but there is no connectivity to the router or internet. any ideas?

A:Solved: Ethernet wont work after new mobo / windows repair

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So my computer needed an upgrade, so purchased a new DFI Infitity 975X/G motherboard and a Gigabyte Radeon X1600Pro graphics card. My config was a Gigabyte ga-8s661fxm and was using the onboard video. Have not upgraded the processor, and is a P4 Lga775 @ 3.2Ghz.

Anyway, Swapped the motherboard around, installed cpu and the graphics card and attached all other components... Turned it on, dfi logo came up, then the windows xp loading screen appeared the progress bar cycled a few times then the system restarted . Tried safe mode, same thing .

Therefore guessed it was the drivers of either the new mobo or graphics, inserted winXpPro cd in, booted from that (with F6 and giving the raid drivers from mobo). Selected to REPAIR my current windows installation. Setup copied a few files then restarted and got into the setup gui....

Setup gets to "Installing devices" about 3/4 of the way along the little progress bar and does nothing else, the hard drive activity has practically ceased. Have tried multiple times and always stops at same place with "34" minutes to go.

Have tried swapping ram, deleting the c:\windows\inf folder. Copying drivers from mobo cd to the inf folder. I even tried manualling going into device manager during win setup (shift f10 then type devmgmt.msc...) and updating all the "Unkown divice's" (Their are around 15-20 needing drivers!, all can be found off the mobo disk).

I can not even get into safe mode, I get in and a ... Read more

A:Solved: Upgraded Mobo and Graphics > Hangs on windows repair!

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i just installed a new motherboard, and when I boot up my PC, it either gives me the option to: launch startup repair, or start windows normally

When I start it normally it goes back to the same screen, and when I launch startup repair the bar fills out so it's full but then stays full and nothing happens.

I have windows 7 ultimate 64 and I will share my PC specs if it's nescessary, but it's fairly fast and new so I don't think it's hardware

Cheers I hope to hear back soon

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Hello all
Windows 7 Pro 64bit Retail version was installed on a Dell M4300 on a Samsung SSD and worked flawless. I sold the Dell and kept the SSD. I had iTunes on the SSD and synced to my iPhone with music and pictures.

I tried to boot the Win 7 Pro SSD build on a Lenovo T430 and it won't boot. I tried the Win 7 DVD to repair it with no luck yet. The Diagnosis and repair details: are very long and I can't copy and paste it. So this is just a few lines.
Boot status indicates that the OS booted successfully.
Session details
System Disk = \Device\Harddisk0
Windows directory = C\Windows
AutoChk Run = 0
Number of root causes = 1
A patch is preventing the system from starting.

Repair action: System files integrity check and repair
Result: Failed. Error code = 0x490

I typed diskpart, then list disk, and Disk 0 and Disk 1 are displayed. Disk 1 is 22 GB and msata. Neither have an asterisk ( * ) to the left of "Disk x"

Any suggestions?

I don't want to resync my phone and all that associated stuff that is why I really really really want this SSD to boot.

TIA peoples!

A:Moved SSD from one laptop to another laptop Startup Repair did not fix

If you get any BSODs can you please upload the files by following the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Posting Instructions

It looks like the SSD is damaged. Can you test it on another PC?

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I've got a P50 laptop that's out of warranty with a bad motherboard.  I was just going to order a replacement mobo, but I figured as long as I was doing the replacement, I wondered if the base and components were all the same between the P50 & P51, allowing me to upgrade to a P51 mobo instead.  I thought I'd see if anyone knows if this is theoretically possible before I plunked down the money to try it.

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its an hp, thats my first problem
but my main problem is, the laptop wont run off AC
theres a little light by the ac adaptor port that lights up when the charger is plugged in, win 7 also says "plugged in" and i believe even says charging when its plugged in (so it IS detecting the cord being plugged in) but it will not run off of the ac adaptor. i even tried starting the computer with JUST the AC adaptor (rather than pullin the battery while the machine is running)

when i plug the machine in i also noticed the lightening bolt (battery?) light just blinks..
the light does howeever stay solid once the machine is turned on.
the machine will not charge period (machine on or off)
will not run off the ac adaptor
will only detect that the ac adaptor is plugged in, and thats all. any suggestions anyone? i cant think of anything but needing a new motherboard. thank u very much.
ive tried a different battery and ac adaptor.

becuse its not the hd
not the memory
not the ac adaptor
not the battery
and i was thinking maybe its the ac aadptor jack in the pc? but the laptop recognizes the cord, and light sup the indicator light when i plug the ac adaptor in.

if its of any help, i think the charger may have went bad at the same time? maybe shorted something out? im not sure though i could be wrong.

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I recently acquired a DUAL laptop and I was wondering how I can determine the make and model of the motherboard. The computer model number is MVA-6690. It has an AMD 400 mhz processor and I want to see if the motherboard can take anything faster. I also want to update the BIOS. Any help?!
(I tried opening it but can't quite get it open)

A:DUAL Laptop Mobo

wut is a dual laptop

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Hello all,

I have a friend who I was trying to help out. What I thought was just an issue of removing spyware turned out to be a defective motherboard.

I have an HP laptop dv9000 series which im hearing are notorious as far as their tricky motherboard removal and apparently psycho case design. I bought the motherboard and pretty much followed along some videos I found online of people who try to help and show you the proper way to remove the motherboard.

I thought it would be a decent learning experience so I bought the motherboard followed along and although it took like 2-3 days working on and off I was able to get it all done.

So now I tried to boot it up today and Windows came up the old hard drive and drivers pretty much seemed to have everything functional I was golden. (and felt I gained +2 motherboard experience points lol)

But then the screen out of nowhere flickered "red lines" came all across and the machine shut off. (-10 motherboard experience points for being happy to early).

Now im wondering what to do..

My first method is to open it back up and check everything again. I feel like its a possibility of over heating? But then im wondering what I could have done wrong to increase the chances of overheating? While writing this I just thought I need to ensure the fan is spinning when it boots..smh...

Anyhow, I need the pros to help me out and give me some direction. Im like the worse when it comes to super hardware issues and so I bet what you... Read more

A:Please Help Me. Doing a mobo install on a HP laptop :(

Thermal paste is a MUST.
Any tape (or none). I use paper masking tape or micropore surgical as they are less gooey than insulating tape. - and the micropore works on bleeding fingers as well.
Also tighten case screws evenly and firmly but not too tight.


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Hey, I am just wondering how I can check my laptop's mobo, model SX20S by samsung support intel core i3 and other hardward, thank you

A:Laptop's mobo model

What is happening which makes you want to check your motherboard?

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hi everyone, I was just wondering if anyone could help me out with a computer problem I have. My friend has a compaq R3000 laptop, and she told me recently she had some virus on her computer. It turned out to be a vundo virus. I tried clicking interet explorer, but it wouldn't load up. So I resetted the computer, and now it won't boot up. It flashes the "compaq" screen where I can enter bios, etc. but after that it makes a little funny clicking noise and the HD and disk drives don't appear to work.

I myself have the exact same model laptop as my friends. (they were really cheap on sale a while back, heh). Could I take out my HD and try it on hers? Or vice versa? (could that cause something to transfer to my computer?) Neither of us have our reinstallation cd's with us (both home for thanksgiving).

I was mostly curious if this sounds like a software problem or a hardware problem. There are a bunch of laptops on sale tomorow, it might be cheaper to get a new one if it is in fact the hardware. Sorry for all the text, can anyone help us out? Thanks so much in advance. (BTW sorry if this is in the wrong forum, I wasn't 100% sure on where to put it)

A:Laptop won't boot...bad HD or bad mobo?

Did she get rid of the virus? If not then maybe you can switch HDs like you said and see if it works on your laptop and if it does then the virus probably screwed her laptop up

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I am considering upgrading my laptop cpu, but I am not sure what CPU upgrades are compatible with my board, and when I try to look I draw a complete blank.

My motherboard is:

Manufacturer Dell Inc.
Model 0YXXJJ
Version A09
Chipset Vendor Intel
Chipset Model Havendale/Clarkdale Host Bridge
Chipset Revision 18
Southbridge Vendor Intel
Southbridge Model HM57
Southbridge Revision 06
Brand Dell Inc.
Version A09
Date 10/19/2010

A:How can you tell what CPU upgrade your laptop mobo can support?


From my experience, I have not seen laptops that the cpu was not soldered onto the mb. But I could be wrong but most laptops require a heck of a lot of tools and experience to take them apart and put in a new cpu.

In the long run, it might be less aggrivation to just buy a new laptop as they are getting cheaper and cheaper.
You might want to let us know why you want to change the cpu?


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I have to change the mobo because the interface for the charger gives off smoke. I tried a different power cord and same thing smoke would go off. Its a hp laptop. Now if i can find the mobo and switch it out, how difficult is it? And i want to keep the hdd data. How do i keep that data once i plug the hdd to the new mobo?

A:Laptop needs mobo to be changed. How can I change it?

You look up the make and model number for the motherboard in that HP and either get one from HP or somewhere else like Ebay. You will need the workshop manual for your model from HP -- download as a PDF.
If the motherboard is identical to the one you have, and you have fitted it correctly, the disk should just work as before.

It is not difficult if you follow the manual and take care not to force things, but you do need to be patient and mechanical skill is a good idea.. You should make a paper/card template for the screws and bits as you take them apart.

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OK. Not necessarily gonna make the swap, just wondering what all would need to be done since the MoBo for my laptop is more readily available in the intel format.. I have an HP dv2214us which is notorious for the motherboard going bad. I had it fixed at a shop and that voided my recall eligibility. This will be the 4th motherboard I buy and I was thinking of going intel since they are in better supply which makes them more affordable. I would love to off the Laptop altogether, but I can't afford a new one. And if I can get a new Mobo for $150-180, I would rather do that instead.. In regards to my question, I assume it would actually be cheaper to buy a new laptop compared to making the switch... But, like I said, I am just looking for info...


A:Laptop MoBo Swap (AMD to Intel)

laptops and desktops are two entirely different types of computers
- most desktops use so-called 'standard' types of components in their construction
- laptops are very 'propriatary' in their component usage in construction

you could download the 'REPAIR' manuals for each and then start comparing
you might then contact hp and see what the costs are for the different components
buy a 'for-parts-only' unit from ebay or something - and...........
might check the banner at the top of your browser, then here:

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I've been unable to access my custom build computer since around 5:00 yesterday. I chose to restart my computer at around that time just because it was slowing up a little and I usually do that to help, I had not installed any updates or new programs since 2 days ago when there had been a few windows updates.

Upon returning to my computer I noticed that it had been unable to startup and had gone straight into system repair with it being 'unable to repair this computer automatically.' I rebooted several times and noticed that it was not a visible BSOD but as soon as the 'starting windows' icon began to appear it went straight into startup repair. I tried to boot into safe mode, tried to load previous good configuration and all of the other advanced recovery options (including system restore/image and many command prompts).

This is what it shows after being unable to repair automatically:

Problem signature name:Startup repair offline
Problem signature 1: 6.1.7600.16385
Problem signature 2: 6.1.7600.16385
Problem signature 3: unknown
Problem signature 4: 21200552
Problem signature 5: Autofailover
Problem signature 6: 11
Problem signature 7: Corrupt file
(then my O.S. version)
Locale ID: 1033

This diagnostic occurs every single time I run the startup repair. Also, command prompts I have tried using the WindowsRE command prompt and the one found on the 'repair your PC' option on the windows 7 installation disk are:

-All bootrec.exe ( /fixmbr /rebu... Read more

A:Startup repair loop - Can't repair with system restore/repair/commands

Have you tried copying over the backed up reg hives from the regback folder? Follow steps 8 onwards in this tut.

Startup Repair Infinite Loop Recovery

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Hi all, How easy or hard is it for a novice to change a mobo in a laptop.

A:How easy or difficult is it to Change a mobo in a laptop?

laptop + mobo = NO

I would say extremely difficult to do it correctly and not advisable at all.
The cpu in almost all laptops is unable to come out, they solder it in.

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ok i dunno how to explain it but heres a few pics of the connector, the only im on about is the small white one, iv takken some up close pictures and a whole laptop picture so u get an idea of where it is. its at the bottom, next to the wireless card, and theres not much space to use, but there is a screw hole thats isnt use there heres some pictures, anyone have any ideas, i thought it mught just be for a debug device but im not sure, id like to install a fan and use that as power if i could because my laptop is running at around 50-55C on a normal load


A:Whats this unused connection for on my laptop mobo?

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I am trying to get files off a HD from a laptop whose MB died.

I was able to get the laptop HD via USB slaved to another laptop. The problem I am having is transferring some files. I have a folder where none of the contents can be viewed or transferred. When I click on the properties of the folder, read only is checked. I uncheck it and hit apply but it doesn't allow me to save it. If I go back into properties read only is still checked. Any idea how to fix this so I can transfer the files?

If I mouse over any file, it says they are encrypted. If I right click a file and hit properties, then advanced it has files are encrypted to secure data box checked. I cannot uncheck it

A:Laptop mobo died, can't transfer files

You can try this Microsoft Website
How to take ownership of a file or folder in Windows XP

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Hey everyone,

I am searching for (and so far have had no luck finding) a motherboard for a Sony VAIO VGN-A200 series laptop. The model number is #PCG-8R3L. If anyone can give me some ideas on where to look, please reply!



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Hello everyone!

My name is Alex Boguszewski. I bought a laptop, specifically the Samsung QX410-J01. The Laptop came pre-installed with Windows 7, and I upgraded to Windows 8 on 10/26/2012. I bought the Windows 8 Pro product key, downloaded, and upgraded to Windows 8.

Just last week my laptops Motherboard failed and my computer would no longer start up. The HDD works just fine though so all my files are safe. I decided I wanted to build my own PC and I am simply waiting on my case to arrive.

My question is I want to use Windows 8 on my new PC. The problem I am facing is I do not know how I am going to install Windows on my new machine. I do not want to purchase a new install disk and license since I have already paid for the OS. I can only think of two options and I am not sure if either of them are right.

1. Plug in my laptops hard drive into the new desktop. Run Windows 8.1 on that and use the new Terabyte hard drive I bought as a second hard drive.

2. Somehow put Windows 8.1 on a flash drive and install it from the flash drive onto the new blank hard drive. Then use the product key that I had purchased to activate the OS onto the new hard drive!

I really do not want to have to purchase Windows again, but if I must I guess I will. I believe there has to be a way I doubt after being a loyal Microsoft customer, switching to Windows Phone recently, and buying an Xbox One, that Microsoft will just say "Too bad, buy it again".

Thanks for your help!
Alex Boguszew... Read more

A:Laptop MOBO failed, transfer W8.1 to new computer?

Couple of items to consider here:

-First off a laptop drive is generally built to be a little slower to conserve power BUT if you purchase a ssd for your desktop then the hard drive would be perfectly fine for generic storage. You will want to keep in mind as well the bay differences. Normally desktop bays are 3.5 and laptop hard drives are 2.5. So you will need to get some sort of adapter.

As far as copying over the license...generally no. There have been some rare situations where they have allowed it if you talk to Microsoft but the general consensus, is no, absolutely not. The license is supposed to be licensed to that piece of hardware and no other.

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I was putting my laptop back together after trying to fix the power fixture when the ends of the very thin black and red wires from the screen broke into pieces. Now I can't plug the wires back onto the motherboard. The piece that broke off was about 1/4" x 1/4", a little white connection piece that the very thin black and red wires were attached to.
I don't want to buy a whole new screen or whatever that part is that the red and black wires are attached to... just to connect these wires.
Do you have any suggestions? The ends of the red/black wires look like they have solder on the ends - see the picture. If I knew the name of the little white connection part, maybe I could buy a replacement part and try to make due.
Please help... don't want to buy a new screen...
Thank you very much.

A:Broken screen wire near mobo on laptop

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I have a Compaq Presario 2100. well the power jack broke off the motherboard, while trying to solder it back in place, one of the prongs bent, so I was taking it out again to start over, when my friend bumped into me. I accidently pulled it out of the motherboard. While inspecting the prongs, it looks as though a copper looking "sleeve" was still soldered to the prong. Is there anyway to fix this?

Also, the original jack was lost. I have another one, it's not a replacement, but it fits the plug. How can I solder this to the mobo for it to work?

Please help me.

A:Power input broke on laptop mobo....

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I got a Gateway MX8711 laptop, it was supposed to be just missing an HDD, but the unit is completely dead. I've never got to see any indicator light, any whiff of a fan.

Since the alternative was throwing it away, I took the whole thing apart. All I know is that the PSU tests successfully at 19V, no obvious indications of burns or bad solders near the POS, and there is continuity on the board. The highlighted transistor S1040 gets 19V too*. The battery charge terminals give 0.85V.

Where do I go from here?

* See i39.tinypic.com/29dz2ir.jpg , I can't post links yet.

A:Gateway laptop completely dead, mobo gets power

Sorry to report this to you, but the Gateway Ml, M7, and MX series of laptops from about 2007 through 2010 or later, have a very high (my term) failure rate... the motherboard goes.... Some technicians believe that the motherboard fails because the CPU cooling fan plugs up with lint, and the board or processor overheats... We have seen perhaps 36 or 37 of them... dead and not repairable... since 2007... except by the replacement of the system board... The average cost of the system board is $127 plus shipping...
Others believe the failure is because of the manufacturer who was in control at the time they were built... The problems appears to be the same whether it was built by Gateway or the other two companies who have been in line for the building process. Gateway was bought out by other companies in Korea about 2003 or 2004... a pretty reliable machine until then
I would contact Gateway or a technician who specializes in Gateway to see what their cost of repair is these days... but we are not sure we would want the repaired one either...
A look on eBay will affirm that there are lots of Gateway parts, but almost never any working Gateway motherboards...
You might want to take it to a certified tech who works on Gateway laptops for his or her evaluation...
But your time will be better spent shopping for a better unit.
The hard drive is still good, as is the memory and most other components, in our experience, but it is the motherboard that is the one part that is unre... Read more

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My pc is :C440 Touch All-in-One (Lenovo)

Operating system : Windows 10

I can't run my PC, every time i try to run it shows me blue screen wrote on it

" Automatic repair couldn't repair your PC

Press " Advanced options" to try other options to repair your PC or "Shut down" to turn off your PC.

Log file :\System32\Logfiles\Srt\SrtTrail.txt "

I tried to use the most options but none of them worked such as System restore, every time i click on it, it says : System restore could not find the offline boot volume. Please ensure it is currently accessible.

By the way before one day since this problem happened i created system restore point

My pc is Lenovo while running it i clicked F2 and it opened for me Onekey Recovery its Lenovo Tool, it has option called initial backup but i dont know if it backup from the system restore point i've created or what exactly.
Please help i need to solve it ASAP, i have many important university files on my PC and i don't need to lose them

NOTICE : I tried all the options in the repair screen such as " Reset this PC" , "Startup repair" ... and more, all of them give me message when i click on them please if u want know what message i get, let me know what option and ill write it because too many erorrs

and i got a dvd contain install of windows 10 ( ISO file ) and able to run it on my pc

A:Automatic repair couldnt repair your PC (Repair screen win10)

You might be better off doing a clean install. You won't need to enter the key as its already been associated with your computer.

Backup any files you want to keep first.

I am not certain but it may take the install files from the recovery partition (perhaps someone can confirm this), I know this worked with a recent HP job I did.

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Hi All.

I havn't been on here for a while. I hope y'all had a good festive season. All the best for the comming year! And hello and welcome to all new members since my last post.

I got a couple of problems here for you to take a look at if you get the time.

( 1 ) My old trusty HP NX8220 laptop died over Xmas. Extreme over indulgence + a "wee" argument with the wife = Vodka split all over my keyboard whilst switched on. I immediately pulled the power and turned it upsidedown in an effort to prevent the alcohol from soaking down to the MOBO. Alas, I don't think I was quick enough. All I get when I plug the power in is the AC light which goes off after a few seconds. Nothing else. I have stripped the laptop down and there is no visible damage. Every thing looks perfect and there is no smell of burning. Cant really smell the Vodka much either. Somethings obviously died though.
Does anyone have any Ideas as to what the most likely component/s to have sustained damage is/are?

(2) After looking through my collection of old computer parts (I'm not so well off at the moment so cant buy any new parts) I found numerous MOBO's. One of which was an old Intel D865GBF. These boards are fussy when it comes to RAM and could not get it running with a satisfactory amount of RAM for XP (1.5GB). Then I stumbled upon my old ASUS A7N8X Deluxe v2. My first MOBO and probably one of the best ever made in my opinion. So after a good two days finding suitable har... Read more

A:Dead HP NX8220 Laptop & ASUS A7N8X Deluxe 2 MOBO

I doubt the laptop is saveable, as far as the driver, it could be a set of motherboard drivers. and Yes, Windows could be reading it wrong. if you have the disc for the board, or go download the drivers you need, I would just uninstall it, and reinstall.

It should not really affect anything, tho Im sure that would be a waste of space if windows is right.

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My wife dropped her Laptop, Toshiba L305 S5955. I've replaced the entire screen and the inverter board, no joy. On, power up, no display. I can shine a flashlight and see the display, but it won't turn on. What am I missing?

A:Laptop repair

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This seems like the most relevant forum in which to place this post so here goes:

Someone has managed to drop their Medion laptop and cracked the screen. As a result, it is unusable as a laptop, there is nothing to see but white. The HDD and all the other gubbins (stop me if I get too technical ) works fine.

How easy is it to repair a laptop screen? Is it at all possible? And roughly (in dollars or GBP) what would the cost be for a 15" screen?


A:Laptop Repair

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im working with dell inpiron 6000 laptop can someone help me ,this board is having a power prob. ,when i press power buton it turns on but only for a second and i was wondering maybe someone here can help me trace problem in power section of this laptop maybe its a ic or resistors anybody knows some tricks to fix this board!


A:Need Help Laptop Repair

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Hi.. Does anyone know how to get my sony vio, fs740 to do a repair run on xp?
I don't want to have to do a complete recovery if possible, as it starts me from scratch. and although I have xp on the recovery drive, (rom chip drive), im hoping that I can just do a repair to xp, as its running slower than crud, when not in safe mode.

Im sure I deleted something I shouldn't have.. or that I have a corrupted explorer file or something.

A:How do I get my laptop to repair xp?

Do you have the recovery software for this computer?

And also I would suggest to backup all of the important data from this computer to another media like CD-R's, DVD or whatever media you prefer....

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I've got a laptop and when I uninstalled a spyware program, for some reason I can't connect to the internet,

I have a feeling I just need to repair the IP register (it finds a network but will not connect meaning the page says 'can't display page')

I've had the problem before and remember downloading a small zip file that fixed the problem but I can't remember where to download it from...


A:Laptop..IP Repair help!

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I have bought my 15.6" OMEN Pro Multi-Touch Mobile Workstation 8 months ago in the US, but now I'm studying in Manchester, the cover of the frame of the screen split up. I have tried to use HP service system in the UK but when i put my product name, there is no result and I cannot send my computer to the HP service system. Please help me. The computer in the UK price is 2400, I'd like to repair it by using HP service. Liu

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I send my laptop off to hp to be fixed 9days ago today. They gave me a customer ID and everything but no number to contact them. Does anyone know what the number i should ring is?


A:HP laptop repair

anyone? would help alot

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I have a compaq presario 700 laptop. The plug in for the electric adaptor is loose, and I can not get the cover off. I have taken out the screws and it still will not open. Is there a secret latch or something????

A:laptop repair

on most laptops, that connector is soldered to the motherboard, so taking the cover off is the least of your worries. You are likely going to have to replace the motherboard, or in the least replace the charger board(if that system has it as a separate card) unless you want to try soldering it back

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How Can I get another windows installation disc for my windows 10 touch screen HP laptop. It will not boot up and none of the repair options work.

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When I turn on my laptop a blue screen pops up with the following.....File:  /EFI/Microsoft/Boot/BCDError Code:  Oxc0000034 Any help would be great. I have not been able to use my laptop for some time. TY 

A:Help repair my laptop

Hi, Try the following. First of all, use another PC to create a bootable Windows 10 DVD or USB Flash Drive via the following link.  Under the section 'Need to create a USB, DVD or ISO', download the Media Creation Tool. http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10 Once you have this, run the tool, select 'Create installation media for another PC', then select the language, edition of Windows 10, and the 64bit option. Follow the rest of the prompts to create this and then click Finish when completed. Boot from your Windows 10 installation media as follows. Insert the Windows 10 Installation Media and Shutdown the notebook. Tap away at the esc key as soon as you press the power button to enter the Start-up Menu and then select the Boot Options Menu ( f9 ). Use the arrow keys to highlight the CDROM (uefi) or USB Flash Driver ( uefi ) option, depending on which typre of media you created, then hit enter - if prompted to 'Press any key to continue....' - do so. Select the ?Repair your computer? option, select Troubleshoot and then select Advanced Option.  On the Advanced options screen, select the Command Prompt - See option 1 on This Link for a detailed guide on accessing the Command Prompt. Once you have launched the Command Prompt, do the following: Type Diskpart and hit enter. Assuming your installation is on disk 0 Type select disk 0 and hit enter. Type list volume and hit e... Read more

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I got brave and finally replaced my heatsink fan on our dv9720 Laptop took 4 hours and about 40 plus screw later and a mod for the video chip thermal pad ( made a copper shim to take its place) used Arctic Silver for paste and drop temps about 5-7 degrees ,but its quit no more fan clicking. Most of the time took solder one of the small wires on a plug for the LCD that pulled out of the pin what a job, wish i had loops were using a magnifier to help and finally got it done and a couple shots later of scotch. One glitch was put a longer screw in some were and it was sticking up in the battery compartment and had to take touch panel back off to replace the longer screw.

A:Laptop Repair

It is one of my first rules in purchasing laptops - how easy is the access to the cooling fan. If it is just pop the keyboard and a back panel off - fine, if a complete dismantling job, I look elsewhere.

Acer Aspire 7520 - 4 screws for back panel, three to remove fan.
Packard Bell dot s netbook - pop out keyboard, undo about 5 screws and push the backplate off through a hole under the keyboard, 3 more screws for the fan.

My old Acer Travelmate 2420 - complete disassembly, never again.

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