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Replacement mainboard yoga 900

Q: Replacement mainboard yoga 900

After sevral weeks with random bluescreens and system hangs. I tried to recover and reinstall windows 10. But even in the install of recover proces my Yoga 900 kept rebooting and randomly hanging. So I tried several memory test apps and it seems that I have some bad and corrupt memory. I own a Yoga 900 13ISK. I have searched on the internet and I found a replacement Yoga 900-13ISK2 mainboard. My question is if I can replace my defect yoga 900-13isk (I7-6500,8gb, 256ssd) for a yoga 900-13isk2 (I7-6560,8gb 256ssd) mainboard

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Preferred Solution: Replacement mainboard yoga 900

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Hello everybody.
My (Nick) Name is Marsu, I'm from Germany and I want replace a *dead* mainboard with P/N P000456600 (NV GF6200TE 64GB Tecra M4 PTM40E)
I figured out, that there are a lot of different boards with the same layout, but different p/n's around the world...

Here is my (little confused) question:
Is it possible to replace the board with maybe P000435380 or P000456590 without problems?
The mainboards seems to have exactly the same layout and chipsets, as I could see on some pictures...

There is a good offer in eb*y for the P000435380 and I don't want to throw that really nice but old one away... ;)

I have asked "Uncle google" and some sellers, but nobody knows...

Then I have found this forum here and it is my last hope :D

Would be fine if somebody can give me a helping hand with this dilemma...

Thanks in advance and a nice weekend


A:Tecra M4 - Mainboard replacement

> I have asked "Uncle google" and some sellers, but nobody knows...
I believe this. It is not easy to get such info. Who knows how it works and what can be done is Toshiba service provider. They have access to Toshiba?s database and know which parts can be used with certain notebook models.

What I know is that Tecra M4 was offered with two platforms. One with part number PTM40E and other with number PTM42E but there is no big difference so I think if you buy mainboard for M4 it should be the right one. You are from Germany so order part offered for European model and I think you cannot do something wrong.

Of course it is just my personal opinion.

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I have an older IBM the unit is incredibly slow.
Is is possible to find a faster mainboard for this pc? If so, what do I look for in replacement boards?

Thank you in advance for your reply.

Here some of the details.

Manufacturer : IBM Corporation
Mainboard : IBM IBM
Chipset : Intel i845G
Processor : Intel Pentium 4 @ 2400 MHz
Physical Memory : 1024 MB (2 x 512 DDR-SDRAM )
Physical Memory : 1024 MB DDR-SDRAM
Video Card : Intel(R) 82845G Graphics Controller
Hard Disk : IC35L040AVVN07-0 (40GB)
Monitor Type : ProView Technology - 16 inches
Network Card : Intel 82801DB/DBL (ICH4/ICH4-L) PRO/100 VE Network Connection
Operating System : Microsoft Windows XP Professional 5.01.2600 Service Pack 3 (32-bit)
DirectX : Version 9.0c
Bios : IBM
LPC bus : Yes
PCI Bus : Yes
AGP Bus : Yes
USB Bus : Yes
SMBus/i2c Bus : Yes
Bus HyperTransport : No
Bus QPI : No
Bus CardBus : No
Bus FireWire : No
Number of Core : 1
Support : Socket 478 mPGA
Data Cache L1 : 8 KB
Trace Cache L1 : 12 Kµops
Cache L2 : 512 KB
FPU Coprocessor : Present
Processor activity : : 12%

A:Solved: Is A Replacement Mainboard Upgrade Available For This IBM

OK, I found some more info about this machine.

The machine model is IBM Netvista

Other data is as follows:

Processor 1 ID = 0
Number of cores 1 (max 1)
Number of threads 1 (max 1)
Name Intel Pentium 4
Codename Northwood
Specification Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.40GHz
Package (platform ID) Socket 478 mPGA (0x2)
Extended CPUID F.2
Brand ID 9
Core Stepping C1
Technology 0.13 um
Core Speed 2392.9 MHz
Multiplier x FSB 18.0 x 132.9 MHz
Rated Bus speed 531.8 MHz
Stock frequency 2400 MHz
Instructions sets MMX, SSE, SSE2
L1 Data cache 8 KBytes, 4-way set associative, 64-byte line size
Trace cache 12 Kuops, 8-way set associative
L2 cache 512 KBytes, 8-way set associative, 64-byte line size
FID/VID Control no

Thread dumps

CPU Thread 0
Topology Processor ID 0, Core ID 0, Thread ID 0
Type 01001001h
Max CPUID level 00000002h
Max CPUID ext. level 80000004h
Cache descriptor Level 2, U, 512 KB, 1 thread(s)
Cache descriptor Level 1, T, 12 KB, 1 thread(s)
Cache descriptor Level 1, D, 8 KB, 1 thread(s)


Northbridge Intel i845G rev. A1
Southbridge Intel 82801DB (ICH4) rev. 01
Memory Type DDR
Memory Size 1024 MBytes
Memory Frequency 132.9 MHz (1:1)
CAS# latency (CL) 2.5
RAS# to CAS# delay (tRCD) 3
RAS# Precharge (tRP) 3
Cycle Time (tRAS) 6
DRAM Idle Timer 16

Memory SPD
--------------------------------------------... Read more

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I have (for me very precious) Lenovo ThinkPad Edge 14, where MainBoard died (two short beeps) what was also confirmed by Lenovo authorized service. As the original solution is very expensive for me, I am trying to buy some mb on ebay. I need an advice on type of the mainboard To choose. My MB is PLANAR FRU 63Y2136. But this is not available for reasonable price. My service offered me type  04W4453 and on internet there are available 63Y2131, 32, and 38. Can you help me to choose the alternative for my Edge? Thank you. Specs:ThinkPad Edge 14Type 0578 - G2G S/N - FTDXZ 10/08Product ID 0578G2GIntel i5AMD Radeon Graphical AdapterW7 Pro 64bit

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The OEM HP mainboard (696333-001) died on this unit. According to Partsurfer, the replacment board (698308-501) is no longer orderable, so I sourced the replacement elsewhere. I made sure the replacement board part#'s matched the OEM in order to avoid issues with the OS, since I knew the existing OS was intact and wanted to reinstall it from the OEM recovery partition anyway. I matched the HP SP numbers number for number in the replacement board. They're exactly the same. The board is the same, it's not an upgrade, etc. After installation the machine booted with no issues. I reinstalled the OS from the recovery partition and now it won't activate. I used a couple of utilities to look for the OEM key in the BIOS and they're reporting the firmware is NOT coded with an OEM key. I tell ya I spent a bill on this board and this is a bit frustrating...HP doesn't seem to offer the part I need for sale and when I match the board number for number in order to please Microsoft, the replacement board isn't coded with an OEM key in its firmware. I even looked for the BIOS chip on the old mainboard thinking I might try to move it over to the new one. Can't find it... Please advise if there's a solution. Many thanks. 

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Hi, we've just had a mainboard replaced on an Elitebook 850 G1 and now Windows 10 wont start.  HP tech's arent being too helpful as the machine came with Windows 8 and was upgraded.  I get the preparing automatic repair screen and then the advanced troubleshoting options.  Startup repair gets nowhere.  In Command Prompt cant see any partitions. DISPART/list disk says "There are no fixed disks to show". I booted to a Windows 10 bootable USB and a DVD and same issue. At the suggestion of HP I tried setting boot mode to Legacy and UEFI Hybrid modes and no different.  I tried changing the boot order with M2.SATA and SATA drive and no difference. I booted to the original Windows 8 recovery DVD as far as selecting a drive/partition to install on and can see the 4 partitions and all looks OK. I'm running out of ideas and really dont want to do a full reinstall as the machine has a lot of app's and would need some very time consuming configuration Any suggestions? ThanksDarren

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I recently had my mainboard replaced by a lenovo technician after my thinkpad T460p switched off and refused to turn on again.The new mainboard has BIOS version 2.15 installed, which is fairly ancient.I now wanted to update to the latest BIOS (2.26) via the bootable CD method.I can successfully boot from a usb stick with the aforementioned image installed and start the bios update.However, ~5 seconds after the installer says it is now updating the firmware, I get the following error, claiming that I can't update the BIOS because BIOS Guard is enabled:Now my question is: How can I disable this BIOS guard to be able to update my BIOS? I can't seem to find a setting named something like that in my BIOS.I have full access to the machine and its BIOS. Secure Boot is disabled, CSM boot is enabled, a harddrive password is set.Any more information that I can provide to solve this issue?Thanks and greetingsMartin

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I'm working on a Inspiron 24 3455. It is 16 months old. It was brought to me by a family member in a condition where it would turn on, but display no video. They said this behavior started after seeing some popups (maybe spyware, I couldn't understand them) and a reboot to install Windows updates.The LCD Built-in Self Test (BIST) worked properly, so I ruled out the display working. From searching around on forums it seemed like an issue with the built in CPU/GPU, so I purchased a replacement mainboard.
I put in a new mainboard today, and reattached the heat sink. I booted up the computer, and problem solved I thought. The computer posts BIOS and can't find hard drive, easy enough fix. I changed the BIOS options to turn UEFI ON, rebooted. Computer booted properly, but into Windows 10 Self Repair, which failed. I restarted the computer, and tried turning Secure Boot on.
I saved and restarted, and now the computer won't display anything. Exact same symptoms as before I swapped out boards. The LCD BIST passes fine, but no display outside of it. The white light on the side button stays illuminated, fans kick on, but never any display. 
Anyone have any ideas? I'm highly skeptical the second mainboard died after less than 3 minutes off on time, but I'm out of ideas.

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Hello evrybody! My lenovoG580 mainboard was failed with a power shortage problem and some of its elements burned . After replacment the mainboard ( I bought a stock mainboard ) , I reinstall the os , drivers and other programs and everything is alright but wifi icon has a red X mark and dont work , Also Fn+F5 or Win+X can not enable that wifi and the drivers is 100% ok and the is not any yellow sign in device manager.My half min pci e wireless is Atheros ar5b195. I replaced it with 3 other mini wifi all was the same model and brand and reinstall the driver again but after installing there is that red X mark again.Is it true that the mini pci e wifi card must be registered in the mainboard's bios?so I must edit some codes in the wifi card or in the new mainboard bios? For now I use an extelnal mini wifi usb adapter to connect to the network but I like to know the reason of this problem.Thank you in advanced.

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After sevral weeks with random bluescreens and system hangs. I tried to recover and reinstall windows 10. But  even in the install of recover proces my Yoga 900 kept rebooting and randomly hanging. So I tried several memory test apps and it seems that I have some bad and corrupt memory. I own a Yoga 900 13ISK. I have searched on the internet and I found a replacement Yoga 900-13ISK2 mainboard. My question is if I can replace my defect yoga 900-13isk (I7-6500,8gb, 256ssd) for a yoga 900-13isk2 (I7-6560,8gb 256ssd) mainboard

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Hi all,A bit of a technical question... I have a Yoga 2 13 i3 4go Ram, and i feel my laptop is a bit slow for what i need to do with it lately.I've been searching for a new one, but then i thought, why not juste change my mainboard ? Here you can find all the spare parts for our laptop ; https://download.lenovo.com/consumer/mobiles_pub/lenovo_yoga_2_13_hmm.pdf As you can see on page 66, we can find and order on https://www.medion.com/lenovoserviceshop/welcome all of them Now the questions1) can I just order a better mainboard and install it without any problem ? especialy concerning the power supply or battery ?on the service manual there is only on reference for the heatsink and Fan, so i assume the combo heatsink/ fan should work for any proc model, what do you think ? 2) there 3 version for each main boardZIVY0 MB UMA             I suppose no W8 licence is attachedZIVY0 MB W8P UMA    I suppose a W8 Pro licence is attachedZIVY0 MB W8S UMA    I suppose a W8 Standard (familly) licence is attachedAm I correct here ? Well then the question:my original yoga was shipped with a W8S licence, since then I upgraded to W10, and deleted all the lenovo partition and did a fresh install of W10what will happen if I install the new mainboard with my existing system ? I guess my win10 will say it is not activated anymore .. will it be easy to activate it again ? I guess this question is not releva... Read more

A:Yoga 2 13 mainboard change

Well, to answer the question, I just bought a new MB, I switched from i3 4GO to i7 8GO.I booted with my previous install of win10 and everything went fine, the OS is still activated, I guess it didn't detect the change as a major one.The only thing is that the MB is embeded with a Win8 Pro licence, and my Win10 is still seen as familly ... but as the old MB went in fire because of water dropped on it due to my cat .... at least I have a working laptop hope this can help people willing to upgrade their laptop at smaal cost.

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I have a ThinkPad Yoga with a dead mainboard. My ThinkPad is the i5-4200U / 4GB model, and the mainboard says 'LA-A341P' on it. I've found a replacement mainboard online, with part number 03X5234. However, I have also found what appears to be the next model up from my board - an i7-4600U / 8GB model, part number 04X5478. Will the better model work in my laptop? Or should I play it safe and just buy the weaker one?

A:ThinkPad Yoga S1 Mainboard Upgrade

Depends what you want... I actually want an i5 in my laptop because the i7 is overkill. In my case I also have a desktop PC with an i7 for doing video processing... So, I would prefer a less powerful chip to carry around with better battery life, less fan noise, etc. Rather than replace your system board with an i7, why not get yourself a whole new i7 gaming laptop for $200 from China if that is what you need?  If you have a read of the hardware maintenance manual there appears to be no difference between any of the system boards with regards to installation, so really it is your choice as to what tradeoff between portability and power you want to make. Usually the i7 boards are a bit more expensive... https://download.lenovo.com/ibmdl/pub/pc/pccbbs/mobiles_pdf/s1_yoga_hmm_en_sp40a26742_01.pdf

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My Yoga 500-14ISK Laptop (ideapad) did not charge due to mainboard problem as stated by the Lenovo service in Turkey. The worst thing is that I was told that related part-the mainboard is not avaliable in Turkey and I had to wait for another month.My waranty expires on 1st of december,2018. What if the part arrives later than that date and I get the third mainboard error when the warranty is over. The Turkish service does not accpet to give me brand new computer as I have a broken but working screen. So I need help 

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Two of my Yoga S1's rubber feet have been missing...
Do you know the reference of these ? So i can order them on the IBM shop.
Thanks !
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A:Yoga S1 - Yoga 2 - Rubber feet replacement

Hi, Did you get hold of new rubber feet? I am having the same problem with my Yoga 2  

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I need to upgrade the 128 GB ssd in my Yoga 3 14 to a 256 ssd or hybrid drive.  This drive is very thin - only 5mm - and I cannot find a 256 GB replacement drive for it even though Lenovo sells a Yoga 3 14 with a 256 GB drive.   Where/how can I obtain this 256 GB drive?  Lenovo parts and retail sales website and phone support is woefully unhelpful - multiple calls with no call returns or referrals to other extentions where the person just referred me to another extension.


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A:Yoga 3 14 ssd replacement

I have found a good solution to my problem of replacing the small 128 GB ssd on my Yoga 3 14.  The answer is a 500 GB hybrid drive from Seagate - ST500LX012.  This drive is only 5mm high, installs perfectly and fairly easily into the Yoga 3 14 in the mounting space for the hard drive.  Because it's a hybrid drive, it's fast - boots nearly as fast as the SSD that it replaces and generally seems nearly as quick as the SDD, for way less money.  The space allowed for the drive in this Yoga is only 5mm high and I found that a 7mm or thicker drive will not work in this machine if you want to actually lock it securely in place with the existing brackets.  Finding this drive was not easy, as Seagate won't sell it directly and the normal online retailers don't carry it, at least not yet, though they certainly should.  I found the drive finally at www.harddrivesforsale.  Again, Lenova support/sales was no help at all in finding a larger capacity replacement drive and was very disappointing.

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I've been getting the dreaded blue screen of death with the memory management error for a while now and knowing the RAM is soldered on I figured there was nothing I could do about it, shutting the computer off once a day seemed to help but if I'm using it for a full day then it crashes. Today I had a new one which was the BSoD and the pfn_list_corrupt error so I ran the memory diagnostic and it came back with a hardware problem with the memory, now I suspected that this was the issue with the memory management errors but now this seems to confirm it. So what are my options, just put up with it? It seems there's no real fix but aside from the annoyance of crashes and restarts which for now I can just about live with, is this going to ultimately kill my yoga or not? This along with the wifi problem (thankfully switching that out fixed it) pretty much means this will be the last lenovo product in this household. If I can get another year out of it then I won't feel quite as bad about buying it....BTW is the Pro short for problematic?

A:RAM replacement or fix for a Yoga 2 Pro?

Hi, No one should have to put up with a computer that is not working correctly.If your computer is in warranty do activate it.If not, and assuming the cause is a bad memory chip, you could explore a really invase alternative that is to replace the memory chips. This will requisite advanced eletronics knowledg, a BGA soldering station and new chips. AS you can guess this will not be easy and should be done by a professional. Or you could ask Lenovo for a repair quote.If everything else fails, new computer  Are your shure it's a hardware memory problem? Have you tried restoring to a factory image? Tried playing around with drivers?

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It's a well known issue that the fan of the 710 is very loud. What really annoys me is the high pitched hiss it makes, so I was wondering if there are better fans to replace the old ones.

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My X1 Yoga 2017 is extremely loud under load. I've tried deactivating as many programs and services as I can, but the fan is pretty loud regardless This is probably more of a design issue with the laptop rather than an actual defective part.  I'm wondering if anyone has tried TIM replacement on the Yogas and whether if that might help the situation much at all? It wouldn't be covered under lenovo warranty as they're not replacing a defective part, so wondering if its worth the money to do...

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Hi everyone! I've got a Lenovo Yoga 710 and I need to replace the SSD M2 Sata with an SSD M2 Pcie. Is that possible? How could I do that?

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Hello I would like to buy a replacement keyboard for a Thinkpad X1 Yoga (2nd Gen). I need Swedish/Finnish layout. Where can I find the part number for that? I have searched but haven't found it. It would be very kind if someone could point me in the right direction. :-) Brgds...   /Thomas

A:Replacement keyboard for X1 Yoga 2nd gen?

HiSystem Service Parts list for x1 Yoga Gen2:https://download.lenovo.com/parts/ThinkPad/x1_yoga_2nd_gen_frubom_20170524.pdf

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Hello, mysterious spots and stains have started appearing on the lid of my Thinkpad Yoga X1 (First Generation).  No stain remover seems to work.  Can I get a new lid or can anyone recommend a solution? Thanks, Adi

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Hello. Does anyone know which model keyboard I need to order?  I would like to replace the French/English Canadian keyboard with a standard US one. Unit is a second generation X1 Yoga. 

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Hi,after a month of using the laptop yoga 920 the right shift key just break off. The litle legs are broken.The official service won't accept this repair under guarantee, sins the keys are not just falling off.Now I'm looking for replacement key, but my model is not listet at any 'key replasment' sites.And I have evropean version of the laptop, to my knowlage the right shift key is diferent (smaller).Where can I get the replasment key?Thanks Samo

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When I did the diagnosis on my laptop, they said there was liquid damage and I have to replace the motherboard. Even though ,the laptop just stopped working and I never let a drop of liquid touch the laptop. I was wondering if there is any place where I can order the motherboard for my laptop new or used. I am having some financial issues. Anyone out there who can give me the right direction.....
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A:Yoga 910 motherboard replacement

You'll need the serial number of your system (don't post it here) on the 910 parts lookup page. I've linked the page for the 131K Glass version, but it's easy to find the other one. I also poked around eBay and I'm afraid, either way, it's gonig to be expensive.

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Hello, mysterious spots and stains have started appearing on the top lid of of my Yoga X1 First Generation.  I tried using different mild cleaners but to no avail.  Can anyone recommend a solution?  Or can I get a replacement lid?  Thanks, Adi

A:Replacement top lid for X1 Yoga (First Generation)?

 Spots aren't coming from the inside.  Do you have any idea what was spilled on it?  I clean lids and covers with denatured alcohol. 

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I have a replacement order said that will ship out on March 3rd, 2017, and I call for customer service, they ask me email back to B2C NA [email protected] got reply said that warehouse is waiting for supplies. and then ask them how long I have to wait. However, no response anymore.

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Hello, I recently got my Yoga 730 (back in December), and the keyboard has been acting super odd and I was wondering if this is a common issue or if there are any easy fixes. Like a week and a half ago a set of keys on the right side of my keyboard started to break. It seems like these keys are all interconnected somehow based on their locations. The keys are, 0, P, [, ;, ', and /. The weird thing is they aren't completely broken. For example, yesterday I could not get any of those listed keys, along with G and H, to work, but this morning I opened up my laptop and they are all working perfectly. I am sure it is only a matter of time before they give out again. The laptop is still under warranty, but they said the process of shipping it in, repairing it, and shipping it back will all take about 2 weeks which is a long time to not have a laptop I use a lot each day for both school and work. I am wondering if there is possibly a simple repair I could do myself to fix the keys, or about how much would it cost to have a third-party repair shop do the fix in shop. Some other miscellanous information: The keys are not 'sticky', they feel the same as the functioning keys so there is nothing preventing them from being pressed down completely. I have not spilled anything on the keyboard so there is no damage from that. Thanks for reading.

A:Yoga 730 Keyboard Replacement

Generally, if it's still under warranty, you'll want to send it in rather than fix it yourself and that's assuming it's the keyboard, itself, and not some driver conflict. 
Just to be clear, the keyboard is not physically "broken" in any way. It's just that the listed keys often don't function properly, correct?
You could try using System Restore to roll the 730 back to a restore point from before you had the issue. Also try a clean boot or boot into Safe Mode to see if it happens, there. 

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I have the Yoga 2.13 Thinkpad.  It's about 4 years old now.  The fan seems to be going as it screeches loudly upon bootup.  It screeches longer as time goes by.  I can't even find a reference to this part.  Is there an original replacement fan available or a compatible replacement fan? Thanks, Bob


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A:Yoga 2.13 fan dying - need replacement

Hello and welcome,
Seems to be in the parts list toward the end of the HMM:
Looks like it's a 90205128 (please check me on that) and The Google lists several possible sources - although availability seems spotty.

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Hi all, I'm looking to replace the screen on my X1 yoga. I have a FHD screen and the service manual only shows two FHD screens:  FRU 00JT856 N 14",FHD,non-glare,TP,TPK+LGD FRU 00JT857 N 14",FHD,non-glare,TP,LBO+AU  Does anyone know if FRU 00UR189 is also FHD and compatable? It looks like it could be a alternative / replacment part number for FRU 00JT857. Also could anyone confirm if the FRU 00UR189 comes complete with outer frame and the bottom pcb?  Thanks. 

20170222_070611.jpg ?410 KB

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Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone knew where I could find a replacement plastic hinge/retainer clip to hold the keycap in place? I've recently broken the little white plastic clip underneath one of the keycaps. I've tried to look on google but haven't been able to find one specifically for the Yoga 530. I have an old Yoga 510 that I tried to take a key from however the hinge is incompatible with the 530. Thank you!

A:Replacement key caps for Yoga 530?

For reference, the retainer clip/plastic hinge i'm talking about is shown in this image.

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Hi, I have a faulty Yoga 13 which does not switch on and no lights are on. The last time I was using it, the battery was getting a little low so I plugged in the charger. It went dead immediately with no lights showing and I was unable to switch it on with or without mains power plugged in. I tried with 2 new chargers with no success. So I want to find out the best way to diagnose the fault and look to replace any non working parts in the most cost effective way as I don't really want to throw the laptop away. Which parrs are most likely to have failed and what order should I try to replace them? Thanks 

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Hello everyone. I have a yoga 500 with a battery of 30wh but I want to replace it with 45wh version of it because right now the battery life sucks. I'd like to know if it is possible and if it voids warranty. If it is possible how can I do it? Thanks!

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https://www.amazon.com/Kingston-Digital-SSDNow-SM2280S3G2-480G/dp/B01BCEYOXG/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=... Can I replace The Lenovo Yoga 710 11-inch's m.2 with this one?

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Old, sad song, broke my screen 3 weeks after the APP expired. Has anyone actually done a replacement that can provide feedback?  I'm a bit daunted by how easily the glass cracked, and worried about cracking the new one trying to install it. Really overwhelmed with what parts to get, can't even tell which of the 2 FHD screens I have.  Document lists 2:00JT856  14", FHD, non-glare, TP, TPK+LGD00JT857  14", FHD, non-glare, TP, LBO+AUD   Don't even know what that last bit means, to know which I have... It doesn't appear I can order for Lenovo.  I see some on eBay, one says it includes bezel, and I was shocked to think the others don't! Suggestions, help?  Anyone else done this? -Michele

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Hi Folks,  I was a bit of dumbass over the summer and spilled a small amount of whiskey on my system and killed the keyboard; Not a huge deal as I usually leave the system hooked up to my tv and use a remote keyboard, and when I use it mobile, I can use the onscreen keyboard, although this last is a bit of a pain..  I've tried contacting encompass but they don't seem to sell replacement keyboards; does anyone happen to know where else actually sells replacement keyboards. Biggest problem seems to be that it's a standard Canadian/Bilingual keyboard. I'm able to find US keyboard replacements, but the layout is different so won't fit with the current top plate, and I'd much rather avoid have to replace the whole thing (20$ keyboard vs something like $160 for keyboard and top plate....)  Any help would be appreciated, but if I cant actually find something that should be a relatively easy part to replace, this will be my last Lenovo item unfortunately.Steph S. 

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Hi, A client of mine lost his Yoga 900 charger doing flight.I can't seem to find original adapter in Israel, But I can buy Yoga 3 Pro charger, And would like to know if it's compatible with the Yoga 900 laptop (I know it's only 40W vs, 65W, But would it handle charging heat or charge slower, Assuming it's compatible pinout-wise ?) Thank you !

A:Yoga 900 charger replacement

From other people expirience, You deffently can do it. The service in Israel is awful.

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Hi, I've got two ThinkPad Yoga S1First 20CD type, second 20C0.First supports pen, second doesn't.Second one is more powerful, both have multitouch of course. The questions is:Are screens compatible to each other?I have a plan exchange screens from one yoga to another. Will it work?The reason is that I want more powerful 20C0 having pen support.

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Hi guys, I'm trying to replace my old cracked touchscreen for my X1 Yoga 1st gen - Lenovo parts lists two LCD assemblies in stock:  1) 14,WQHD,no-glare,TP,TPK+LGD #00UR192 for $687 2) 14,WQHD,no-glare,TP,LBO+LGD #01AY702 for $510 These are listed as substitutes for each other, but a $170 difference seems to imply something significant separates them. What's the difference between TPK+LGD and LBO+LGD, and does it have any effect on replacing a touchscreen-compatible assembly? I took apart my computer and the screen itself is part # 00HN879, if this helps for any reason.

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I have the YOGA C930 (not YOGABOOK) and i am looking for the replacement for the included pen.I've searched everywhere i could not find it even in the lenovo store.Does anyone know where to buy it or order it?Thanks in advance for the help.

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Sorry, I guess I am cross posting.  I initially put this in the Yoga Book forum, sorry about that.
Hi gang.
I picked up a 11.6" 710-11ISK and it had a screen with some issues.  I picked up a replacement on ebay but it didn't fit.  The original screen has the Windows logo on the very center bottom, the new one did not.  The original screen (exterior shell, LCD, hinges -- entire assemnbly I'm talking about here) is about 1/2" shorter than the replacement.  At the bottom bezel of the original screen, where the two screws are that hold the screen together, the little rubber grommets that sit over those screws, were black.  On the replacement screen assembly, they were grey (as was the bezel).
I'm wondering if there were a couple of versions (generations?) of the 11.6" 710, and if anyone can help me identify exactly what I have?  Mine has 8GB RAM, soldered onboard the motherboard.  There are still a bunch of replacement screens on Ebay, but, having seen one that doesn't fit, they all look to be of that particular model.
Any ideas would be wonderful.
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i just replaced my tp yoga 12 with a yoga 260. so far i like the 260 except for the screen brightness compared to the yoga 12.  is it possible to replace the 260 screen with the screen from the 12.  they are both fhd.

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