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Changing scales to metric? (Publisher, PPT, etc...)

Q: Changing scales to metric? (Publisher, PPT, etc...)

I looked forward to opening 'publisher' for the first time to see if I could produce an item to fit into a magazine/newspaper. I made my initial box-size and then discovered that IT'S ALL IN IMPERIAL! Considering that most of the people in the world use Metric and don't mess up our engineering and space stations by making stuff in imperial, why would Microsoft imagine that imperial works here. We went Metric in '71... Put it in Metric and let the yanks find the box marked 'Imperial'...
Anyhoo, I'm looking for the box to tick to choose to have the scales in Metric please, as I can't find it simply. Please may someone tell me...?

Preferred Solution: Changing scales to metric? (Publisher, PPT, etc...)

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Changing scales to metric? (Publisher, PPT, etc...)

The horizontal and vertical rulers in Microsoft Publisher 2007 can be changed to display a different type of measurement unit. By default, the rulers in Publisher display inches, but you can change them to a variety of other measurement units.
For microsoft Publisher 2007.


1 Once you're in your document, choose the "Tools" menu, and click "Options" to open the "Options" dialog box.2 Select the "General" tab at the top of the "Options" dialog box, if necessary, to display the basic settings for Microsoft Publisher.3 Click the arrow to display the "Measurement units" drop-down list from the "Options" dialog box. These are the different types of measurements you can display on the Publisher rulers. Choose the measurement you want from choices that include inches, centimeters, picas, points or pixels.4 Click the "OK" button to close the "Options" dialog box and return to your Publisher document. Your rulers will display with the measurement you picked. Use the same process to switch back to the original measurement or to choose a new unit of measurement.

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Hi all,

I have 2 adapter, same model same speed. When I use "route print" command to check the table, they are the same metric.

I need to use the designated adapter to connect a server. How can I make sure this adapter is higher priority in the route table. 
Remark: This PC is not allow to set the route table. I have to use the automatic metric algorithm.

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Hi. In Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Display I've turned scaling down to "smaller - 100% default", and also tried the "smaller" option on the slider bar with "let me choose one scaling level for all my displays" not ticked, but every time I restart my machine, my monitor 2 has scaling. I have windows 8.1, and I'm resesrved for windows 10. This didn't start happening until I chose to reserve windows 10, but that may be a coincidence. I have two monitors, set up vertically (one monitor on top of the other) with the monitor 1 set at 1366x768 and monitor 2 to 1600x900. It only scales once I've dragged a window onto the monitor 2, and does not scale at all on monitor 1. If I go to screen resolution and disable and re-enable one of the monitors it will stop the scaling, but this is irritating as I have to do it every time I restart. Is there any way I can disable this scaling thing altogether? It's not honoring my choices in the control panel.

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I send out an e-mail newsletter using Publisher 2007. I get it all ready to go and I send it to myself to make sure it's all there, and sometimes the font is different than what I sent. This happens mostly when I insert a picture. Can anyone think how I can fix it? When I go back and look at it in Publisher, it looks fine. I've tried several fonts and it happens anyway. Any thoughts?

A:Publisher 2007 e-mail - fonts keep changing!

There's a similar post here:

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I've been trying to change font transparency (opaqueness) in MS Publisher 2003 with no luck. I can change the tint but this doesn't have the same effect (just changes color, not actual opaqueness). I know that changing transparency is possible with an image or text box fill, so any suggestions with fonts/text would be much appreciated!

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If a “Calendar Design” (a “Design Gallery” object) is inserted into a Publisher 2002/2003 document, one can click on it to display a small “Wizard” icon at the bottom of the calendar. If you click on that icon, a display similar to a task pane is displayed, with a “Change date range” button. If you then click on that button, a dialog box is displayed that allows the date range (for example, from October 2007 to November 2007) to be changed for the calendar template that is already inserted into the document.

I opened a Publisher 2002 document using Publisher 2007. When I click on the calendar, no wizard is displayed.

Here are the instructions in the Publisher 2007 Help file:

1. Open the calendar publication that you want to update.
2. In the Format Publication task pane, under Calendar Options, click Change Template.
3. In the Change Template dialog box, under Options, click Set Calendar Dates.
4. In the Set Calendar Dates dialog box, enter new dates in Start date and End date.

There are problems with those instructions that lead me to conclude that it is no longer possible to use the “Change date range” feature without completely replacing the calendar template. If there is someone who can confirm—or correct—that conclusion, please let me know.

Here are the problems with the Help file instructions:

1. I don’t have a “calendar publication.” I have a publication with a calendar inserted.
2. There is no “Calendar Options” choice in the Format Publicati... Read more

A:Publisher 2007 - changing calendar dates

"I have searched the Microsoft Publisher online help. There is one posting asking the very same question, but no response."

There is one response now, and here it is:

"I haven't used the Design Gallery in 2007, but I did when I read [the] post. The Wizard Wand is missing, not only on the calendar, but on all the Design Gallery elements. This is a major bug and I will report it [emphasis added]. Sorry, I can't give you a workaround. You could use the regular calendar templates and change the date range on those.

Mary Sauer MSFT MVP

There is no update available from Microsoft to fix this problem as of 10/12/2007

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I recently asked on thsi site for a Publisher file to be changed to a Windows 7 Word format. When asked in what form I wanted it I clicked on TEXT not knowing that it actually was a file with just two pics on it and their labels. Of course I got the labels but not the pics when the file was returned to me.

A:Changing a Publisher file with pics to Windows 7 format

There is no "Windows 7 Word" format. If you have Word installed on your Windows 7 machine, what version is it?

What type of file are you trying to change into what type of file?

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please i need help in this issue that impact to enterprise , we have user's work in application through internet explore ( intranet) , when user try to print report   he receive message ( windows has blocked software, because it can't verify
the publisher ,  unknown publisher )   we try to edit security setting in IE , but problem not fix

please need help 

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I need assistance in converting a few Publisher 2003 documents to Publisher 2000 format. I was sent these document by someone to use on a webpage but cannot see them because I only have Publisher 2000. Unforunately, I have been unable to contact this person to get them converted. Is anyone, preferably a Moderator, able to assist me by converting these files and sending them back to me.


A:Need help converting Publisher 2003 files to Publisher 2000 format

try the trial version of 2003:

it limits itself after 30 days, but should be enough time to convert a few files

*rant* don't ya wish people that get the latest software version would realize that others choose NOT to upgrade for a variety of reasons, and they should check first before sending latest/greatest versions out?


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This is an update to a previous post. I have a number of Microsoft Publisher 97 files, that I would like to save in Publisher 2007. The problem is that I cannot open them in Publisher 2007 because Microsoft does not support it anymore, so I am not able to save it as anything else. I can however open them in Microsoft Publisher 2002 in my virtual computer. What can I do? Thank you.

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Lately, I've noticed all of my applications (Word, Photoshop, etc.) use the metric system of measurement. I'm not sure why this started, but I'd like it to go back to the imperial system. Do you know how I can change this default setting? Thanks!


A:Metric system!

I don't know about Photoshop, but in Word you can go to

Tools -> Options -> General tab and check that the measurement units are in inches

Entering "measurement" in Windows Help gained this information:

To change the way your computer displays numbers
Open Regional and Language Options in Control Panel.
On the Regional Options tab, under Standards and formats, click Customize.
On the Numbers tab, specify any changes you want to make.
Among items you can change are the decimal symbol and list separator, the format used for negative numbers and leading zeros, and the measurement system (U.S. or metric).


To open Regional and Language Options, click Start, click Control Panel, and then double-click Regional and Language Options.

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Does AppLocker use only the publisher info from a certificate or does it identify different certificates by some other means such as thumbprint? I ask because I don't see any other way of differentiating publisher rules.
For example, I have an exe that is being blocked by AppLocker (audit) but I am positive I have a rule with the same publisher info that should be allowing it. I can see this file is being successfully run on other machines.
Is it possible that this is perhaps an older/newer version of the same file signed by an older/newer certificate that has the same publisher information?
Machine1 has C:\file.exe that is allowed to run. It is signed by O=SAMPLE ORGANISATION, INC., L=SAMPLE LOCATION, S=FLORIDA, C=US
Machine2 has C:\file.exe that is prevented from running. It is signed by O=SAMPLE ORGANISATION, INC., L=SAMPLE LOCATION, S=FLORIDA, C=US

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I've started a virtual machine which has two nics with qemu-kvm on server, one nic with qemu-kvm param "-redir tcp:40037::3389" is in "user" mode which IP is, so if I connect to, it will map to, the other is in bridge mode which IP is, my pc is, In the vm, "route print" shows two default gateway as below:    5    5
When I use my pc connect to, always cat not connect, so I change the metric value to 100 of, it works well.I am confusing. My question is:
I capture packet on nic, when connect, the src IP  is, src mac is the mac of, all these are right, but when reply, why it still select default gateway of I mean the dst is and there is a route
item like:            on-link    261
why doesn't it choose this one?
Or it doesn't find routing table at all when reply, just according to the receive interface? But if really this, why doesn't it work when metric value are the same? 
Or it doesn't find rou... Read more

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Got a problem with Vlan's, I have created 2 different Vlan on Realtek or intel network card.
Work ok, virtual cards getting the correct IP address, but Windows 8 using DNS server from virtual network card  who has the lowers metric.
PC show takes DNS server setting from Vlan200 with metric 5 but instead, he using the DNS server from Vlan37 with metric 22.
Maybe someone know how can I fix this issue?
On Windows 10 don't have this problem.

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I'm looking for an solution for an random issue on my clients computers (Windows 7 or 10).
They connected to an business vpn with Juniper network connect.
As usual, to be sure the computer use the vpn network to make dns reolution etc... the virtual network card created by juniper is using metric 1 to have the top priority.
That's working well since 1 or 2 years.
For an unknown reason When they connect to the vpn some computers keep the internet gateway instead of using the one provided by juniper vpn...
The solution we've found is to edit the juniper metric from 1 to 2 and after ipconfig /flushdns the route table is using the vpn gateway..the pb is, juniper create an virtual card each connections, so it is deleted when the users disconnect his vpn session.
I don't know why but the computers seems not update the route table when connecting to vpn..
We tried :
 - changing from ethernet to wireless or 3G/4G internet source
 - change the network card order in advanced parameters from the networking center..
 - route -f is not workingg

Do you have any idea..?

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I got an iMC alert: Trap of Source: rt0012g.sdd.hp.com( "San Diego R&D"Contact: [email protected] Name: Level-2 Threshold Alarm of Application ManagementSeverity: CriticalTrap Time: 2016-11-30 13:17:00Description: Application monitor (Linux_15.80.33.131) File System(/home/impts)File System Usage Ratio is in level-2 threshold range: 95.0%, and current value is 402.87%; application type is (Linux). What did value 402.87% mean? Why it was over 100%? Thanks,

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I changed my OS to Windows 8.1 64bit. my fingerprint scanning software(simple pass identity) not working and my webcam also not working. i have downloaded and installed drivers&softwares from http://support.hp.com/us-en/drivers/selfservice/HP-ENVY-m6-Notebook-PC-series/5296045/model/5305648 ,but still its not working. Regards

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I have had windows 7 for a few weeks and every time the PC is rebooted the Metric for both the Lan (172.17) and Wifi(192.169)goes back to 20, the Lan is set to Automatic and the wifi is set to 10, has anybody seen this problem before?

Active Routes:
Network Destination Netmask Gateway Interface Metric 20 20


A:problem with windows 7 not using correct metric

Sounds quite bizzare, Windows assigns a lower metric to the gateway it can communicate the fastest with, but in this case both have been assigned 20.
If you've manually assigned a gateway and metric you should see that in the list of persistent routes.

I wonder if your issue is similar to that in http://www.sevenforums.com/network-sharing/47280-how-configure-multiple-gateways.html

I'm stumped and have emailed MS as it works as expected in Win XP

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Hey guys,
I am using a 3G modem (Virgin Mobile MC760). In short; I have 2 connections; 1 is wired ethernet and the other is this 3G modem. I want to be able to use the 3G modem in a guest Vmware system while still using my regular ethernet for everything else in the host. (Unfortunately this modem doesn't work in VM so I am stuck having 2 internet connections in Win7 and trying to route this).

I have read up on metric values but heres the problem. I set the ethernet for a metric value of 1 and the 3g connection as 9999, ethernet alone works fine, as soon as I connect the 3g modem it takes priority and changes my metric value of the ethernet higher and creates a default gateway, when my ethernet is The only way around this is if I disconnect my ethernet and reconnect it, it will then take priority and have both be connected and use ethernet.

Is there any solution to this?

A:Using 3G Modem, it changes metric value and default gateway, help?

Quote: Originally Posted by petya124

Hey guys,
I am using a 3G modem (Virgin Mobile MC760). In short; I have 2 connections; 1 is wired ethernet and the other is this 3G modem. I want to be able to use the 3G modem in a guest Vmware system while still using my regular ethernet for everything else in the host. (Unfortunately this modem doesn't work in VM so I am stuck having 2 internet connections in Win7 and trying to route this).

I have read up on metric values but heres the problem. I set the ethernet for a metric value of 1 and the 3g connection as 9999, ethernet alone works fine, as soon as I connect the 3g modem it takes priority and changes my metric value of the ethernet higher and creates a default gateway, when my ethernet is The only way around this is if I disconnect my ethernet and reconnect it, it will then take priority and have both be connected and use ethernet.

Is there any solution to this?

Dont think so. I have a virgin 3g modem and the coding is built into the firmware in the dongle.

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I got an iMC alert: Trap of Source: rt0012g.sdd.hp.com( "San Diego R&D"Contact: [email protected] Name: Level-2 Threshold Alarm of Application ManagementSeverity: CriticalTrap Time: 2016-11-30 13:17:00Description: Application monitor (Linux_15.80.33.131) File System(/home/impts)File System Usage Ratio is in level-2 threshold range: 95.0%, and current value is 402.87%; application type is (Linux). What did value 402.87% mean? Why it was over 100%? Thanks,

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I have both Windows XP and Office XP. Currently, I'm working on a Word document in which I need to set the margins all around to 1.5". My software, however, is only giving me measurements in cm.
I tried, following some advice, to go into my computer's control panel to regional settings, and then to the numbers tab. Unfortunately, my computer has no numbers tab. It only had a general, languages and advanced tab.

Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you.

A:converting from metric to us imperial measurement system

Is there a customize button. Under that, there should be measurement system setting.

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Does anyone have a part number or know where the following can be ordered from:M3 metric guide screws for 5.25-inch drives These are a special screw used in the HP EliteDesk tower drives, but are not included. 

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I need to mount a 500 GB 2.5" hard drive in a HP Prodesk 600 G1 SFF and I do not have any additional M3 metric isolation mounting guide screws.  The service manual states that these can be ordered fro HP.  Does anyone know where on HP's site these can be found?

A:M3 metric isolation mounting guide screws

?Thank you for using HP Support Forum. I have brought your issue to the appropriate team within HP. They will likely request information from you in order to look up your case details or product serial number. Please look for a private message from an identified HP contact. Additionally, keep in mind not to publicly post ( serial numbers and case details).If you are unfamiliar with the Forum's private messaging please click here to learn more.Thank you,Omar

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When I attempt to open a Publisher XP file for printing on a computer with Publisher 97, I get the following error message: Publisher cannot load files from a different version. How can I convert the file on the computer which has Publisher XP so it can be opened and printed on the computer with Publisher 97? I will not do any editing prior to printing. I cannot install Publisher XP on the later computer.

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When ever I go to log on to my Dell Latitude E7440 with windows 7 Professional x64 I get an error screen saying that windows could not find a bio metric device. This is true because my computer does not have a fingerprint reader on it. I was wondering if anyone could help me so i don't have to sit through my computer looking for the device and not finding it every time I go to log in. TIA

A:How to Disable Search for Bio metric Device on Windows 7 Start up?

Hi Welcome to Seven Forums .. Strange issue you seem to have ...

Reading the System Specs for your Laptop from the Link below ..

Seems some Models do have the Fingerprint Reader ...

Could it be some Software you have Installed from the Dell Website ..

That is causing this message ? ...

Dell Latitude E7440 User Review

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The company I work for has recently gotten a new Internet connection at their farm across the street. Originally the time clock was placed there and monitored over the LAN on the computer that I am at right now. Now that there is a new connection I need to know how to connect the time clock on the other internet connection to this PC. Networking has never been my strong suit. any help would be appreciated!


P.S. The time Clock is an anviz EP300 and the PC is running windows 8.1

A:Solved: Connect Bio-metric time clock to another network?

Hi Bumbers, and welcome to TSG.

Does the new connection at the other building have at least one static public IP address? If not, things may get a bit more complicated.

Beyond that, you will need to set up whatever modems and routers are being used across the street to port forward from the Internet public IP address to the private IP address of the time clock on the LAN. Having the time clock use a static IP address on the LAN, rather than get its IP address via DHCP would also simplify things.

It appeared to me that only registered users on the Anviz web site can download product manuals. I have no idea if or how the time clock can be properly configured to use a static IP address, the port numbers used, or the type of security it offers. Once you have port forwarding configured, the time clock will be exposed to attacks from the Internet.

After you have everything configured at the other location, you should be able to use the public IP address of the other location to access the clock from your location.

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Living in France you cannot avoid a French keyboard, they're everywhere. So I learned using the azerty, but stuck to English.

This is of course beyond the people designing Windows.

So how can I have Windows 8 speaking English, but using French options for the rest (?, keyboard, date format, metric)?

And of course, ALSO WITH METRO please. It seems independent of the "real" OS.

Thanks in advance

A:French Keyboard, €, metric and date with English speak W8

A lot of these changes can be made through the Control Panel > Clock, Language and Region
If it affects Metro, I do not know.

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How can I manage the option of convert the metric degrees in Weather app in metro screen. In Cuba when i live the wheather messure is in celcius degrees. Thank you

A:Convert the metric degrees in Weather app on metro screen

Hello Kbayin, 1st open the weather app then select settings tab from the start button in the lower left corner. On the right hand side select weather preferences then Celsius or Fahrenheit for temperature.

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Hi, I'm new to this forum, and hope to solve my problem with some expert guidance.

The problems started with me trying to create a shared file in onenote, which could be edited and viewed by all users of my computer. In the UAC, it asked me about some permission about "INTERACTIVE" and "SERVICE", if I remember right. I allowed it to do so, and hoped to set up the notebook in the public documents folder.

But, since then, the libraries (Documents, music, etc) reported being "Unresponsive" when I clicked on "Includes: 2 locations".

Also, the "See more results" link in the start menu reports an error as in the picture:

I recently installed Autocad Architecture Metric (US) in my computer, and then tried opening it in Guest account, but it just shows the following:


Then it shows:

And then it disappears, and nothing happens. I'm unable to open the software even when I applied read&exec permissions for guest in the folder containing the program. Path: C:\Program Files\Autodesk\AutoCAD Architecture 2011 (The folder containing the program)... (acad.exe)

All the other apps like chrome, pdf, etc are running without any problem, as this problem arose after their installation.

Also, please tell me why this app runs in guest account only if I select "Run as administrator". Other standard accounts are fine. Thanks!

A:Can't install Autocad Architecture Metric (US) in Guest account

why dont you try using the administrator account

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I have been to the section of Win7 personalization where metrics are stored for text display.

If you look at the window options section for borders and such, and select a metric in ("Change Windows colors and metrics" will get you there in the search box) -- everything seems to be in there except the area called window text. Window text is in the illustrated screen area. I can make a screen shot if necessary.

Going to the selections that default at an item called Desktop then right click to open, Window text is not there. An Item called Window (single word) is.

The goal is to have my files and folders show larger in -- Explorer I guess-- and in the network file folders I have in an old style workgroup set up for the home.

I have tried all of the options at the metrics screen but have failed to get a simple folders and files list to display in a larger font.

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I have a question that I can't find the answer for, I've been searching like crazy but keep finding the same responses which have in my case proven useless.
The situation is this: I have one router and one computer, the computer has two network interface cards which are both connected to the router and given IP addresses. I have made the metrics in Windows such that normal traffic SHOULD always choose NIC 1 and I have in the application "Tixati" set it manually to use NIC 2. I have then set my firewall to only allow the application "Tixati" to use NIC 2 while blocking it from using NIC 1. So in theory everything on my computer should use NIC 1 except "Tixati" which should use NIC 2.
The problem: The issue is that for some reason Windows will sometimes think it's a good idea to just straight up switch over to using NIC 2 for ALL traffic, even though it has a waaaay higher metric (static permanent routes) and the firewall is blocking access for the applications on that interface, which results in the applications being straight up blocked. This is temporarily solved by disabling and enabling NIC 1... Until it happens again.
The cause: I just straight up don't know, I do however think it has something to do with Windows probably trying to use a different NIC at the slightest hint of an issue with the main NIC, it often happens during web browsing and I even found one specific website that seemingly caused this issue every time I reloaded... Read more

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I have made a setup.exe file to distribute to our customers.
I run it from IE.

After the Run Save Cancel popping up it says "unknown publisher" (see attached image)

How can I assign a publisher to my EXE? I at least want it to say Publisher: MyName rather than unknown.

I guess for that warning to go away I need to purchase a Verisign or something but I hear thats expensive?
I would settle for the warning to at least mention my name !


A:"unknown publisher" warning - how do I assign a publisher to my .exe ?

Can you change "setup".exe to your name? Such as Bansaw.exe ... will it run with a name change?

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Okay.. here is one of those stupid simple things I never had to do before and can't figure out how to do it.. I know it's basic.. but .. I self taught so my training skipped around a lot.. sorry!

Basically I did a graph for a yearly set of values, not yet filled in.

My boss wants these charts to show percentages through 100% even blank, but it keeps defaulting to 0.something ranges.

For the life of me I cannot remember how to do this and on my search of the site was harry in trying to figure out a decent search range. Any help is most sincerely appreciated. I have a feeling it wil be a smack my head kind of thing.

Thank you!

A:Solved: Excel Graph: Not changing Cells, Changing Chart Value

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I noticed when i watch netflix or other platforms, the display changes (brightness/contrast changes so the scenes appear redder) and almost as if the someone is switching the lights on and off in the actual show. But on other displays such as my phone, the colors are fine. I tried changing my battery plan, turning off the adjusting brightness, and disabling settings in the intel graphics settings. Nothing seems to do the trick! super distracting to watch a show and see the whole screen flicker every few seconds.

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Hello sevenforums! I have a problem with my computer i recently purchased. Here is my story.

This all started whenever I wanted to change my text size different by changing my DPI settings. What I did was right click, go to screen resolution, and clicked on "Make text and other items larger or smaller". From this I changed it to 100% from 125%. I noticed it had changed my font size to the 100%. It then made everything SUPER small when I changed my theme settings.

Whenever I right click and go into personalization settings, I do the usual customizing to my likings. Since I want to save the theme, I do so by naming it, blah. Now I want to use the blah theme by click on it, and I do so. Everything is fine and dandy until I right click my desktop to refresh(out of habit). This is the before and after of the font sizes.

My workaround was to set a custom DPI setting, log off like it prompts me to, then changing it back to 100%, again prompting to do so. It is so annoying to do so.

Help me! It is driving me crazy and I have no idea how to fix it. I cannot save a theme and change to it, otherwise it results in the small font. It affects all the fonts soon afterwards. Like google chrome will be fine until i exit and restart the program. Then a super small font follows.

A:Font size changing whenever changing settings in personalization.

can anyone help please

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I originally made one account with admin rights on my PC in June.

I added a standard account for my dad last week, but the only way I could customize the desktop and theme for him with larger fonts, non-Aero theme, fewer desktop icons, etc was to make his account an admin account also. Otherwise when I tried to open the Control Panel to customize things, I only got error messages saying stuff along the lines of "this page was unable to load". I also had broken shortcut images (generic Windows icons, no arrows) until I made it an admin account.

Now that I've made all the customizations I want to his desktop and theme, will removing admin rights and downgrading his account to a standard one screw up the customizations? Can I switch it back and forth if I wish to make additional changes or customizations in the future?

A:Changing account type - changing GUI and desktop customizations, too?

Okay, I guess I can answer my own question.

Switching an Administrator account to a Standard account does screw up icons in Computer - it makes them vanish, actually - but not those on the Desktop.

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For some unknown reason my computer has converted my very important publisher file to a tmp file, how can I convert this back to publisher file.

Yours in desperation

Regards Kim

A:tmp to publisher

Remote possibility that the file name was changed without changing the contents. Change the name back to its original and cross your fingers.

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i finally decided to create a magazine using publisher. i want to give my photographs better frames than the ones in publisher itself(boring). how and where do i get these new frames and borders.
if no, then ow do i create them?

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I need to design and print a leaflet for a University project it has to be put together on both sides of an A3 sheet of paper so it folds down to A5 or half A5. Would I be best to do this on publisher and if so how would i go about the page setup for this format?. I am new to publisher and Im using 2007

Any help would be appreciated thx.

A:Help with Publisher

I use an older version of Publisher, but I think the questions you ask are pretty universal/generic- so let me make a couple of suggestions.

In my version [2000] I go to <FILE><SIZE> and select A3 as your paper size. Then, in the Orientation section, select either Horizontal/Landscape or Vertical/Portrait, depending upon the final orientation your project calls for.

Then select a Wizard that will give you the correct panel size and orientation you wish for the individual A5 or half A5 panels you are looking for in the finished product. It is really that easy!

When I do such things, I make up a "dummy/test" project [generic & simplified, but of a similar nature to the assigned project] and put in such things as page numbers, if required, and a little text and perhaps a simple photo-- all to see if you have made correct choices. Print a copy- fold it like the assigned project and see if you have made the correct choices---- then you are ready to put the amount of work needed into the "real" project.

Publisher will produce some pretty good results, however, if you are not printing it "in house" make sure your commercial printer can print from the Publisher format (Depends upon what software they have). Even then you are not "stuck" as you could convert the file to .pdf [I think 2007 has .pdf output facilities-- but if not, a free program like "pdfCreator" will allow you to make the conversion for them.

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I have opened a Template in Publisher and completed same. I have saved the finished template to my Documents - Home Chef File . When I open it it is in what I call Hyrographics - squares etc unreadable. I want to email this template either from Publisher or from the saved "my documents" - "Home chef" Can you tell me how to do this - I always have problems with Publisher I am using I think 2003 word and XP . Thanks to anyone who can help

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My old printer (HP720) just went on the fritz so I got a new Lexmark. I had prepared some publisher 98 pages that printed great on my old printer. Will not print on the Lexmark.

Letters in notepad print ok, but making copies will not print. Pictures that are in the computer print ok.

One more hint - when I press print in publisher the computer flashes off and on and the screen Icons go to the large size!

My wife is after me to get this working because its her project!!!



A:XP vs Publisher '98

It sounds like your program is not communicating with your new printer. Is it possible the new printer needs a different print driver? There should be a way to search for another print driver in your XP machine.

The only other idea I came up with was to uninstall and reinstall Publisher.

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I have MIcrosoft Publisher 2007 and I am trying to print labels to my inkjet printer. I have a picture in the background with font boxes in front of it. The single picture I edit looks great. When I print, label 3 has a small copy of the picture in the upper left hand corner over the original picture, while label 5 has a half picture. The other labels appear fine. If I delete the picture and re-add, or change the picture, the same "echo" effect happens. Help!!


Look at the Avery # for the sheet of labels you are printing to. Make sure the template you are printing matches the Avery # of the sheet. Troubleshoot printing labels on a desktop printer in Publisher - Publisher - Office.com

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Is it possible to copy a document from MS Publisher to Adobe Acrobat and make it a PDF?
If so, how would I do it using my PC

A:Ms Publisher

Yes, if you download and install a program (free) such as CutePDF
Or PrimoPDF (free)

Either of these will show as a selectable Printer, so anything that can be printed, use File - Print - select the PDF printer you installed and it will print to a PDF file that you can save and email or open as a PDF file with Adobe Reader.

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why does XP have problems when converting publisher 97 with XP is it to do with 16 bit etc

A:publisher 97

Did u try looking on microsoft for an update for publisher! They might not still provide them,because bacically they want you to buy a newer version! www.microsoft.com

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