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Downgrade the Dell Alienware 17 R4 to Windows 7

Q: Downgrade the Dell Alienware 17 R4 to Windows 7

Hello Guys

I'm trying to Downgrade the Dell Alienware 17 R4 to Windows 7 and like i'm having the same problem i had downgrading the XPS 8910 and The Alienware R5.
With the XPS 8910 and Alienware Aurora R5 i solved the problem Downloadin by dell the following ISO of WIndows 7: G13K9_PW4KGA00_W7SP1PRO64_ROW(DL)
This ISO it does not work on this Laptop(Alienware 17 R4). Basically when start the system with Windows PE it does not recognize the USB port so it lose the Installation media.....

I tried to Inject these driver into the boot.wim
But nothing has change when i start the Installation of windows from usb key...i lose the of usb ports and so the media with the installation of Windows....
I have to add the driver also in the Install.wim? There is the possibility to download the CAB drivers?
Tanks in advance for any HELP

Preferred Solution: Downgrade the Dell Alienware 17 R4 to Windows 7

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Downgrade the Dell Alienware 17 R4 to Windows 7

Unlike the XPS 8910, which is Skylake, the Alienware 17 R4 is Kaby Lake. Skylake was the very last Intel platform with Windows 7 support.
Kaby Lake is Windows 10 only.
Here's Dell's official statement on OS support for 7th generation CPUs (aka Kaby Lake)

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How can I delete this option from my start up?
I have M17xR4 device.
I have successfully reinstalled windows 7 to my system. (I have the CDs)
My only problem is that, I get this pop up after the alien logo.
Is there a neat way to resolve this?

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I have tried to search under /realtek after some reading that it was one of the suggested solutions but I can not find aw sound center in it. I have tried reinstalling my drivers from dell's website but I still can't get the software. My computer was preloaded with it but after resetting it, I have lost the software and I don't know how I can get it back. 

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Hello. 2 years ago I purchased my Alienware 14. The HDD has crashed and I cannot find any literature that came packaged with it. I want to downgrade to Win7 Pro with my new hard drive installation. My question is, after I install Win7 Pro, what information will Microsoft need to activate my downgrade. Will i need my Win8 Pro product key or do I automatically own a Windows 7 Pro key? If so how can I obtain this from Dell?

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Hey,I'm not familiar and comfortable with Windows 10 yet and I think windows 7 is still the best operating system for PC. Alienware 13 R2 came with pre-installed windows 10 . Here is my laptop model details : Spectell.com/dell-alienware-13-r2-z549933hin8-laptopI want to know is there any way to downgrade the OS from windows 10 to Windows 7 ???I'll be thankful to you if you guys could help me to find any way...Regards.

A:Dell Alienware 13 R2 Windows 10

Unfortunately, there are no Windows 7 drivers available for download for the Alienware 13 R2.

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Hello there,

I have a dell inspiron 15r 7520 which i originally came with windows 7 home edition. I upgraded it to windows 10 some years ago, but because of speed issues, I would like to downgrade it back to windows 7 again.
How can i do this?
I tried to download windows 7 on microsoft site, but when i enter my current windows key it won't let me download it.

A:Downgrade windows Dell inspiron 15r 7520

Thank you for your message.You will need a Dell OS image to reinstall Windows on your computer.You will need to reach out to the out of warranty team & purchase a Windows 7 recovery disc. There will be a nominal charge for shipping and handling.Please back up data before you reinstall the OS. Once you have the media, you can reinstall the OS & use the activation key that came with the computer to activate Windows 7.

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I started this thread at the beginning of November: Virus help

since then I haven't had the time to fix it but now I've been considering just reinstalling the OS but my problem is I'm not sure how to. The computer with the virus is an Alienware bought from Dell so it didn't come with a windows CD though I have one from building another computer. I was wondering if it was safe to use the other cd or will that not be able to register windows on two computers? And I'm not sure if the Alienware computers come with an internal CD for reinstallation or anything like that.
I would prefer to not have to deal with Dell since they are a hassle and I don't trust them to not charge me for services.

Thank you for your help.

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had windows vista home on this I believe. I did a windows 7 upgrade I bought and installed from the microsoft store. now Id like to go back to the factory partition/settings that has vista... but I cant' seem to load it. I see the files are there...

how do I get win7 off of here and install windows vista from the restore partition? F8 isn't working it seems. it's as if with windows 7 installed, it dont see the files on the partition. so I'm stumped.

A:how to downgrade from windows 7 on dell inspiron 531 back to vista?

Try hitting F8 repeatedly after you restart your system. You must do so before windows starts to load.

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I have removed the original Win10 and reinstalled from scratch Win8.1 Pro on my Dell xps 13 9350. I have downloaded all the possible drivers from the official "Dell driver download" page and run them all in the order suggested. Also the BIOS is updated. However, there are still several devices not recognized: 1. There is no Win8.1 driver for the trackpad. The one of Win10 is not compatible with Win8.1, so the trackpad is currently recognized in the device manager as PS/2-compatible. Moral: the scroll function does NOT work!! 2. Under "other devices" I get two "PCI data acquisition and signal processing controller" icons and one "unknown device" flagging "there are no compatible drivers for this device" 3. After installing the latest drivers (February updates -not sure which one in particular created the problem) I now get also under "IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers" and icon with "Standard SATA AHCI Controller" flagging "this device cannot start. (Code 10)" While I can live with 2. and 3., the issue 1. with the trackpad is VERY annoying, and it would be great if Dell would provide a driver for it (btw., this model is now more than 3 months on the market). PS: the February update seems has fixed part of the problems with the WiFi and with mouse. I could solve them temporarily in January by installing other drivers of another model (Dell xps 15 9550), in particular these two: Communications_Driver_G1... Read more

A:Dell xps 13 9350 downgrade windows 8.1, trackpad not working and other issues.

Hope this helps for items 1 and 2, not sure about item 3...
For item 1, have you tried using the Windows 7 touchpad driver?  Download link below.  When you run the downloaded Dell Update Package, choose Extract (not Install), and create a folder to extract the files.  Then right click Setup.exe, choose Properties, then click the Compatibility tab, and then check the Compatibility box and choose Windows 7.  This should allow the driver to install successfully.
For item 2, you'll need to install the Serial I/O driver, which isn't listed for Windows 8.1, but you can find it in the Dell Driver Pack for Windows 8.1, link below also.  You'll need something like 7zip to extract the CAB file, but you'll find the driver buried in there.  Once you have the driver pack extracted to a folder, you can go into Device Manager, then right click the PCI Data Acquisition device, then choose Update Driver. Then choose Browse, and point it to the extracted folder and make sure include subfolders is checked.  The driver should then install.
Windows 7 Touchpad driver:

Windows 8.1 Driver Pack:
http://www.dell.com/support/home/us/en/19/Drivers/DriversDetails?driverId=DRW70&fileId=3491046975&osCode=WB64A&productCode=xps-13-9350-laptop&languageCod... Read more

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Today at E3, Alienware and Dell announced new PC gaming systems and components, including Alienware gaming desktops with new multi-core processor options, and a full range of performance gaming monitors and peripherals. Powered by Windows 10?the best version of Windows for gaming? these new devices are built specifically for the needs of gamers, including native live game streaming through the Game bar with Mixer, Game Mode, connection to your gaming community through the Xbox app, DirectX 12 and more.

Dell Inspiron Gaming Desktop launches at E3
Dell introduced the first gaming desktop in its growing Inspiron Gaming line at Computex and will start shipping it in the US tomorrow. The new Inspiron Gaming Desktop is built for gamers seeking a competitive advantage at an affordable price and incorporates the latest AMD multicore Ryzen processors featuring SenseMI, thermally-optimized airflow routing, Polar Blue LED Illumination, easy component access and power supply options up to 850 watts for supporting dual discrete Ready for VR graphics from AMD and NVIDIA. Available in the U.S. starting today, from $599.99 USD.

Alienware Area-51 updated with new multi-core processors
Intel and AMD?s new multi-core processors available in two new versions of Alienware Area-51, for the best experiences geared towards gamers who create or creators who game. Each are excellent choices for Megatasking, streaming gamers as well. If you can picture yourself gaming, recording and broad... Read more

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Two months ago bought a Dell 8900 from Best Buy. After 20 days, it would not start, same with the next 8900 replacement... only fewer days. The first gameware as a replacement did not start at all. The Alienware Aurora worked beautifully for 3 days and then would not start. In the 8900's,,, got the blinking amber lights on the start button. Tech is coming to replace motherboard. What the heck is happening? Could it be the monitor... or the external hard drive or what? Come on Dell,,, what's up? I have a Dell XP Laptop as a back up using the same external hard ddrive.

A:Dell 8900, Gaming Computer, Dell Alienware Aurora

There is a power issue with the external hard drive.

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Hello!I recently bought a Dell Inspiron 15r Special Edition with Windows 8 as it's default operating system. Since I don't like it that much, I plan to format the hard drive (by going into computer-> Right click on C: -> Format) and then to do a clean install of Windows 7 Home Premium on it.After the clean installation procedure, I was wondering if I could simply insert the Dell Drivers and Utilities disc into the optical drive and intall the drivers like I would normally do.Therefore, the real question would be: Will the Windows 8 drivers provided by Dell be compatible with Windows 7?Thank you very much everyone.FatLord

A:Planning to downgrade from Windows 8 to Windows 7. Will the drivers provided on my Dell "Drivers and Utilities" be comp...

I did find this one "Inspiron 15R SE 7520" If that is your model then the Dell website has Windows 7 64bit drivers and Windows 8 64 bit drivers available for download.

I would use the Windows 7 Drivers for windows 7, Just download them ahead of time and burn them to a CD or store on a flash drive so you will have them handy to use.

I would also have my Antivirus ready to install before I went on the Internet.

3rd point. Windows will prevent you from formatting the drive it is installed on. So you have to do it during the install process.

Good Luck

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I want to replace Win8 Pro x64 on Dell laptop with Win7 Pro x64
Win7 DVD is a "Dell" DVD supplied with the Dell laptop.
There is no Win8 DVD

I have been tweaking MS OS since Win95, Win98, WinXP, Win7. Writing AutoCad and Excel addins, scripting ... but never installed an OS
I am the original village idiot. Have never installed an OS in my life.
So I would appreciate gentle humoring and micro step instructions.

Have started to read An Old School Geek’s approach to Installing & Setting Up a Windows PC ... all beyond me.

I would like to be well prepared before I do anything

Do I need to get any other drivers ?

What do I do and where do I start?

I would appreciate any help, thak you
PC Specs
Dell Inspiron 15 3521
Service Tag:=
Express Service Code:=
Screen size:= 15.6 inches
CPU:= Intel Pentium, 2007U @ 1.80GHz
RAM:= 2GB (1.87GB)
Disk drive:= 285 GB HDD -- Hitachi HTS545032A7E380
DVD/CD drive:= Matshita DVD+RW UJ8C2
Current OS:= Win8 Pro x64 -- preloaded on the Dell laptop -- to be replaced with Win 7
Proposed OS:= Win7 Pro x64 -- Dell Reinstallation DVD
Single user, ie, Admin/User only

A:Downgrade Dell Win8 pro to Win7 Pro with Dell DVD

Have a look at this, gives you step by step list outlining all the important stuff and lots of extra habdy bits
Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7
The critical part is having your networking drivers (LAN/wireless) before you start

Heres the page

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I've owned this laptop for quite a while and had been using Webcam Central to control the Integrated Webcam on my Alienware M17x R4.   I never had any issues using Windows 7, 8, 8.1, or even Windows 10 until my system updated on 8/20/2016 with a scheduled Windows 10 update.
After the windows 10 update my system restarted and the next time I went to use my webcam I noticed that I couldn't control the pan / zoom / or tilt or alter any of the settings in webcam central.  If I attempt to change anything it automatically changes back instantly.  For example of I move the slider to zoom, or attempt to change the pan, it auto goes back to where it was and will not allow me to change the settings.
I also notice that my mouse pointer flickers over the webcam central GUI, meaning, there seems to be some issue with the GUI after the windows 10 update, I assume is also whats causing the settings not to be changed.
I have tried uninstalling both the drivers and software and reinstalling to no avail, same problem is present after reinstallation of both drivers and the webcam central software.
Wondering if anyone else has run into this and whether there was some type of resolution.
I was able to get the pan / zoom / tilt working with 3rd party webcam software, however I would prefer to go back to using webcam central.

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should I buy a dell xps or a alienware system....... please post if u have any comments...... THANK YOU

A:dell or alienware

cant really say because i always build my own systems from scratch it adds to the excitement and thrill of worrying if everything will work great when it is finished plus it gives me a better understanding of the bios settings

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why are alienwares so overpriced? how is an alienware with the same specs as a dell xps better and more expensive?

A:Alienware vs. Dell

Alienware actually makes sure all your parts will give you great performance.
Dell has this habit of saying "Intel inside" with a 3.0 ghz CPU and 512mb of RAM.
Then you buy the system and find out you can't upgrade anything in it and you bought a 3ghz Celeron with 512mb of PC133 RAM.
If your buying a DELL, look very closely at whats in it. There is almost always a huge bottleneck in the system that they expect you to overlook.

Alienware will always put great parts in their system, do a system burn in and then ship it. I have heard their Customer support is a little lacking though.

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i want to buy my self a computer with a fast proseser, is relyalbe, so i found these two, plz could someone tell me which 1 is better, the dell xps 700 or the alienware for 899 pounds

A:wats better dell xps or alienware

wats better writing messages in gibberish or posting them in the wrong places

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Apparently I have a bad virus and I need to reformat my laptop. It came from Dell so I don't have a CD for it but I do have a Win7 CD I used for my desktop computer. I am unsure if I can use said CD for the laptop because of registration garbage and I wanted to find out and possibly get advise on the best way to go about doing the reformat before I wiped it clean.

A:Help reformatting Dell Alienware

If you have the Dell System restore ( not all Dells do ) you can use that and you will not need a install CD

Dell - Technical Support

If not, You can get a reinstallation guide specific to your Dell here ( You will have to change the operating system to match yours.

You can request a replacement instalation cd here:

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Hello all. I have a laptop Dell Alienware R4 and I reinstalled today my windows 10. I remember that I had a program with the nam? looks like "Dell Alienware Update" what found and install all available new drivers all the time. Now I can't find this frogram. I installed Dell system Detect and Dell SupportAssist, but I still cant find Alienware Update application. I downloaded all my drivers from official site by my tag and also I didnt see it there. If you know what I mean please send me a link or where I can find it.Thank You!!!

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My brother just gave his Alienware Aurora to my boyfriend and the computer won't turn on by the power button but it does turn on with the button in the back while my boyfriend is holding it but turns off immediately afterward.  It worked just fine when my brother had it so no clue what the trouble could be now.  Please help, thank you.
Alienware Aurora                                                                                                                                              ServiceTag:<ADMIN NOTE: Service tag removed per privacy policy>
Express Service Code: <ADMIN NOTE: Express service code removed per privacy policy>

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ive bought an alienware around half an year ago and recently its starting to glitch every few seconds in games.
first i thought because i had alot of stuff installed all on one drive.. so i deleted some stuff up and shrinked disk C to make a second drive and now i install everything there if i need to. but i cant solve my main problem :/
i have an alienware m17x R3 please help.

A:having some trouble with my dell alienware

Can you be more specific? How exactly does it glitch?

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hello everyone, i am a newbie here.

i got my alienware laptop less than 10 days ago, and it has been restarted itself randomly for 2 times, the first time i was using photoshop and the second time i was just reading some web pages...i have done some research and the problem appeared to be the hardware.

that will be so damn awesome if it's the hardware 'cause i'll have to go all the way 20km to get local dell store to fix it, and they will take weeks maybe just to get some parts...so i hope, it's a system bug.

alienware 15m (that 15inch model, can't remember what's called)
windows7 home prem,
8G ram
650G hard drive
ATI HD 5850 (some people said that it could be the graphics card drive's fault)

A:Why my dell alienware restarts itself randomly?

First, since this things only 10 days old it is certainly under warrenty. I'd be telling Dell straight up to fix this thing and a) either they send someone to get it or b) they give you an RMA # with them paying the shipping both ways.

If you don't want to take this path first then go to their website, find your exact laptop model and update their latest video drivers from there.

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Which is your main brand of choice?

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Recently, I changed a monitor from 2560x1440 to 2048x1920 and the X51 updated to Windows 10. Next, without any hardware changes, the XPS 8700 updated to Windows 10.
Aurora R1 is running Windows 7.x
Aurora R3 is running WIndows 7.x
What MS OS can the Aurora R1 support (2560x1440 display, updated GPU)
What MS OS can the Aurora R3 support (2560x1440 display)
Can either move to Windows 8.1.x? Or both?
Can either or both move to Windows 10.x?
What is significantly different between Win 8.1.x Pro and Win 10 Pro?

Thanks gurus!


First there is a free upgrade from Windows 7 OEM to Windows 10 Retail so there is absolutely zero point in purchasing a Windows 8.1 Retail license...
Windows 10 TH2 is essentially a fixed version of Windows 8.1 where Metro Apps work correctly as "Windows".
Almost any system shipped with Windows 7 can run Windows 10. As they are 2009 and 2011 models respectively Dell did not provide updated drivers for Windows 8.x or Windows 10 because they are all out of warranty. All the drivers should be inbuilt into Windows 10 TH2 or automatically obtained via Windows Update. Its advised to update your BIOS to the latest revision before proceeding.
A Clean Installation also in general performs better. See here for details:
Both systems likely have a legacy (non-UEFI) BIOS so take that into account when making the Bootable USB. Although you may want to look at the BIOS settings for the 2011 model to see if there is UEFI support.

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Hi guys,

Have been looking for this for quite a while. Alienware Club - Dell Community was not very helpful.

I'm looking now for a device to disable to disable touchpad on my alienware 13.

I've opened Device Manager, but haven't found anything that could disable my touchpad.

In settings I have no such option to disable touchpad.

Maybe anyone has some ideas on that matter?


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Which of these babies is the best buy?.... please consider performance, brand, model, tech support and warranty.

Configuration will be:
Alienware 3.0GHz 800MHz FSB 1MB
Dell 2.13 GHz/2MB Cache/533MHz FSB
RAM: 1gb DDR
VIDEO: nVidia GO 6800 Ultra 256DDR
HD: 60GB 7200
NW: Intel Wireless
OPTICAL: 8x CD/DVD Burner (DVD+/-RW)

http://www.alienware.com/product_de...?SysCode=PC-LT-MJ12M-7700&SubCode=SKU-DEFAULTClick to expand...

http://www1.us.dell.com/content/products/productdetails.aspx/inspn_xps2?c=us&cs=19&l=en&s=dhs#tabtopClick to expand...

Thx in advance!

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I'd like to use Dell Dock (WD15) with my new Dell Alienware 13 R2 via Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C).It is possible, isn't it?If so, could the laptop be charged via this docking station?What is the difference between 'WD15 with 130W Adapter' (Dell part 450-AFGM) and 'WD15 with 180W Adapter' (Dell part 450-AEUO)? Which one to choose for my purposes (external monitor via VGA, network via RJ-45, external USB keyboard, USB headphones, USB Flash Drive)?
Please, advice. Any answer would be appreciated.

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Hi, im trying to factory reset my computer because i'm just tired of having a full HD, and random software from years ago. Anyways, my current OS is Windows 7 and I have an Alienware m15x. Now i've read up on a few ways to restore this specific computer, however, I don't have the installation disc, AlienRespawn/DellDataSafe does not appear when press f8 at boot menu, and i don't have a factory system image to recover from apparently. So with this being said, Is there anyway to factory reset? I have a bootable USB drive with windows 7 recovery on it, but I need a system image or something I believe. I've also tried download AlienRespawn Win 7 patch off of alienware.com but when I try to use it it says "Change.MBR failed"

A:Factory Reset Help with alienware/dell

My name is Krishna and I work for the Social Media and Community Team at Dell. The restore process can also be initiated within windows. Try the steps mentioned in the below link and see if it helps.
If this doesn't help, I would suggest you call our technical support department at (866) 287-6727.

Dell-Kris K

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Hi there,
I have an alienware 18 which runs the GTX880m
i recently got a  dell 3007wfp hc, and could not get the promised 2560x1600 resolution
I am using the HDMI port from the laptop with this hdmi cable: 
the audioquest pearl
and this adaptor
Both parts indicated that it is 4k ready.
I have also previously tired this cable
but also resulted in failure
I was able to make a customize tab in the NIVIDIA control pannel for 1920 x 1080 and the image got through, it is however very pixelated.
I was also able to create a tab for 2560x1600, while i hit the "test" button, the screen became black with only one line of pixels.
is there something i missed?

thanks so much!

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Hello Everyone,
I'm a user of Alienware 17 R3 bought it 3 months back and know what it got a loads of problems and when i call dell support they acts as they helping and visualize very beautifully that they are very much into customer's and after 5 days of follow up i was assigned a Senior R.E Dell Technician certified for Alienware systems(at least they said so) and i'm made my self completely free today and guess what that technician called me and said he as so many other Call request's so he can't come and asking me to tell Dell support that i'm not available at the assigned time.This is absolutely ridiculous because high end devices like alienware have a Pro support and on site support ,but they are saying some ridiculous reasons to postpone the service request ,I wonder that if they do something like this to Pro support and extended warranty customer's what service they will assure you to normal warranty laptop's
Absolutely this is waste of time and money in buying such expensive thing's like extended warranty Pro support care etc , for only hearing reasons what they say.Sorry if this is so long but i want you to here the truth. I don't know if it is like this everywhere but where i stay i'm sure its always like this.Also my post will be through the moderator i don't even know they will let this post pass to community.

A:Dell Alienware service is the worse in india

Aryan1357Also my post will be through the moderator i don't even know they will let this post pass to community.
No problem. The Forum allows people to express their dissatisfaction, if done so in a civil manner.
Thanks for sharing your experience with us. However, you have posted on the Laptop Audio discussion board. I suggest that you post on the Alienware Club board, if your target readership is other Alienware owners.

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I've finally given up on my Windows 10 upgrade.  It crashes a lot, a Win 10 update comes out and then it only crashes some, then another comes out and now it crashes a lot and won't talk to my thermal systems half of the time and that leaves my fans all blasting at full.  I only found out after my upgrade that my Alienware Aurora isn't certified compatible with Windows 10.
I can't run the Dell diagnostic to see if I actually have any hardware problems because it crashes every single time that I run it.  I'm hoping that going back to an earlier version of Windows will allow it to run again and see if my hardware is fully operational.
It has been too long since I've installed Windows 10 so I can no longer revert so I have to get a previous version and install it.  Since one of my issues is talking to my Alienware hardware (when Windows does stay up), being able to do so is important to me.  My problem is that no where on the support site can I find a place to download the Alienware apps (AlienAdrenaline, AlienFusion, AlienFX Controller, AlienFX Editor, Alienware Command Center, Thermal Controller).  When I reinstall Windows, I'm going to have to reinstall all of that as well or lose it.
Does anyone know where / how I can get the Dell and Alienware software to reinstall?

A:Install Win 7 over Win 10... where to get Dell & Alienware software to reinstall?

Hello!  First I would go here to get your drivers.  Then if your computer qualifies you can download the Windows Image from here.  Follow the instructions carefully and you should be set. 

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I have a VGA card.
nVidia GTX 260 SLI
There are some games you show a message to identify my video card is very old
And must be updated
While there is no update on the Nvidia site or Dell
Please advise and send another update to the card
Machine model is
Dell AlienWare M17x R1

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Hello sevenforums,

I have an external mouse that works on other desktops/laptops but not on my alienware.
It shows up in device manager and lights up but wont work other than that.

I have already tried updating drivers

On another thread i saw this
Have no idea if this will help in your situation but it sometimes solves weird USB problems.

Shut down laptop
Remove AC power cord
Remove the battery
Press and hold the laptop power button for 30 seconds
Reinstall the battery
Reconnect the AC power cord
Restart laptop
Reconnect and try USB mouse

I tried that but it didn't work.

Could it be the mouse is just not compatible?

not sure what brand mouse it is but its a cheap one.

Here are some specs:
win 7 64 bit
8 gigs ram
i7 2.2 ghz cpu

A:external mouse not working on dell alienware

To confirm: this is a laptop? (Your MySystemSpecs say Desktop)

With the mouse connected, go into the mouse properties and go through all the options and see if you can find anything obvious there.
Start > Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Devices & Printers > Mouse

On the Hardware Tab you should see the touchpad and the mouse. See if you can "Change Settings" with the mouse highlighted. This is to see if Windows is recognizing the mouse and it's driver.

One other WAG: try putting a plain sheet of paper under the mouse as a mousepad. Just a test.

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Alienware 15 r2 DIED as the motherboard doesn't recognise the ram tried brand new ram modules with the same results, tried contacting dell support via email and phone, email replys were useless with no help or solution, only 11 days left of the warranty which includes dell premium support and collect and return, seems im given the run around until the warranty expires forcing me to purchase a warranty extension, how to i make a COMPLAINT and will my complaint be even seen or my alienware be fixed under the existing warranty?? 


You cannot buy an extended warranty..Those must be purchased at the time of the sale. Try using the Dell Support site to report the problem again. Or call them.

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I was just wondering if I am able to upgrade the HDD. There are currently 2 500GB HDD built into this machine. The information I have been looking for wasn't accurate enough for me to be sure that the HDDs are removable. And if so what type of HDD is it?
Example: SATA 2.5" .

A:Alienware M18X Dell Upgrade Question

Alienware M18X Hard Drive Replacement - Manual

HDD Replacement on the M18x

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I purchased a dell alienware are 51 desktop computer I just got it delivered on Friday.  I want to add another Nvidia 980 gtx card to this but the SLI Bridge comes in 3 different sizes short, medium and long.  What I am trying to find out is what size bridge I need.  I cannot find a picture of hard drive so I do not know if the pci express ports are side by side or is there a regular pci port between them.

A:(Redirected) Dell Alienware Area 51 new model

Best to post this in the Alienware Owners Club Forum, here:http://en.community.dell.com/owners-club/alienware/default.aspx

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I have a Dell Studio 17 on it's way to my waiting grasp, promising to come with that pox of an OS that is vista.
I would like to downgrade it to XP, but cannot find any information on how that might be done. Has anyone done or tried this and come back with any advice?
and more importantly, are the proper drivers available? I haven't had any luck finding them myself

the compy is as follows

Dell Studio 1735
Intel Core 2 Duo T8100, 2.1GHz, 800Mhz, 3M L2 Cache
4GB, DDR2, 2 Dimm
320G 5400RPM SATA Hard Drive
Microsoft Windows Vista, Home Premium
8X Slot Load CD / DVD Burner
Wireless 1510 802.11n Half Mini Card
Express Card Sound Blaster X-Fi Laptop Sound Card
Dell Wireless 370 Bluetooth Module 2.0

A:Dell Studio 1735 XP Downgrade

Hi, even though im presently using xp, maybe you might consider trying vista for a while, it's really not that bad when you get the hang of it.


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Hi there!

I wasn't sure if I should post this in the Vista or XP thread, but since I'm currently running on Vista, I thought this more appropriate.. sorry if I'm wrong :\

I have a Dell Inspiron 1501 laptop, which came installed with Vista Premium 32. I've had it coming up to 2 years now, and it's in need of a reformat I think.

Whilst reformmating, I also want to downgrade to XP... I'm find it hard to justify the strain Vista has on my humble system, since it's not powerful enough to run anything using DirectX10 and the like.. I think a nice, more streamlined XP would turn my system into a faster leaner one... (imho).

I've backed up everything, except for my outlook emails, (I need to get onto that) but am I forgetting anything?

Vista is embedded on this laptop, but I don't think that's going to be a problem if I reformat and do a clean XP install.

It's also been a very long time since I've done this. Is it better to reformat, then do the reinstall? I can't even remember how to do the first, thought I know it's fairly simple... F1 springs to mind..

Is there a particular version of XP i should be aiming for?

My system spec:
Dell Inspiron 1501
AMD Turion 64 x2 1.6 GHz
Memory: 1GB (I was sure it was more than this!)
System type: 32-bit OS

Any guidance would be appreciated


A:Downgrade Dell Laptop from Vista to XP?

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Recently purchased a 9020 sff without the cpu (second hand of course), love the look of it and want to use it as a media machine, contacted dell support to see what LGA1150 cpu s are supported without any luck, has anyone had any experience with this , hoping to get away with a celeron or Pentium CPU. But any information would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance 

A:Dell Optiplex 9020 CPU downgrade

These use fourth-generation Haswell CPUs -- 4xxx for the i series, G1830 etc. for Celeron/dual core.

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Are any Dell Desktops still available (new or refurbished) with Windows 7 downgrade rights from Windows 10 professional?  Some of my business applications are "very tied" to Windows 7 but my hardware is fading fast.
Thanks for your help?

A:Available Dell Desktops with Win 7 Downgrade Rights

Windows 7 reached End of OEM Sales about a year ago:
Moreover Intel never made Windows 7 drivers for newer hardware.
You will need to find a second hand 6th Generation Skylake system with a Windows 8.1 Pro OEM License or Windows 10 Pro OEM License so you can invoke Downgrade Rights to Windows 7 Pro OEM using the systems SLIC 2.1 i.e. look for one of these systems:
Details about performing Downgrade Rights are available here. Note you need to use the updated Dell Windows 7 Skylake Reinstallation .iso otherwise installation will fail (due to lack of USB support and lack of storage controllers):

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Has anyone tried using the recovery disc available at dell support site? I was not able to create or clone my factory issue SSD and I used to reinstall windows using the recovery disc but only to find out that it does not come with the drivers. You have to manually download everything from drivers to application.
I notice there are two ISO available.
I tried the second one (for dell) but that does not have any drivers included. What is the difference between the two? i was hoping to get an recovery disc that included everything.

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Hi, I work Dell Alienware 17 R4 in Adobe Illustrator and often use Ctrl+num2 keys and every time i press this keys, it makes explosion sound - does anyone know how to turn it off?
I tried to find info about this on forum and in other places and nothing, just stuff about macro keys. Thanks.

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Hi there, 

I have turned on the desktop mode in the dell battery utility which holds the battery charge at around 50% to 80% level. However, after resetting the system I lost this software and somehow the desktop mode is still on and I have no way to turn it off (so I can't charge my battery to full).
I guess if I could reinstall Desktop Battery Utility this would be solved, but I couldn't find it anyway (not even on the drivers/apps support page). Is there anyone who knows where I can download the software for Alienware 13 or other ways to turn off the desktop mode? 


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I have A11 bios version and when i try to downgrade to A09 it says "Dell does not recommend flashing your bios to an older version". I now i can flash it using the /forceit command but will it work or will i brick my laptop? Have anyone ever downgraded this particular model from A11 to A09?

A:Can i downgrade bios from A11 to A09 in Dell Inspiron 15R N5110?

Hi Legion of Doom,
Dell doesn’t recommend downgrading of BIOS, when you downgrade the BIOS from A 11 BIOS version to A 09 BIOS version. In case the BIOS downgrade fails and computer does not post; then the computer will not be covered under warranty.

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Hello, can I downgrade my Intel Core i7 4790 to Intel Pentium g3260 in my Optiplex 9020?

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Hello.I want to downgrade my BIOS because A12 causes me a very great problem.After I have A12, my laptop does not boot into a windows DVD and there is no option. If I change settings in BIOS by enabling LEGACY MODE and disabling UEFI mode, windows DVD boots but when setup begins and there is time to select partition for windows installation it tells me" This is GPT style partition and windows can not be installed on it.I tried googling and found a trick to go into CONSOL and CLEANED my hard drive then windows installed but the same problem occurs everytime I want to install windows. I have to format my hard drive everytime.Previously I was having A03 and it was working very good.Please tell me how to downgrade my BIOS so that my laptop runs in normal.

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