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External HardDisk Storage Device

Q: External HardDisk Storage Device

Hi Guys ,

I am having 5 Internal HardDisk of Different space Sizes ( 80gb, 120gb, 160gb, 250gb, 500gb )
I want to combine all these hdd to create one single External Hard Disk Storage Device ( 1110gb )..
please help me out how can i create it . what all things i should require . how can i do it ..
Thanks in advance



Preferred Solution: External HardDisk Storage Device

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: External HardDisk Storage Device

You need an external enclosure with 5 drive bays and that supports RAID JBOD.

But there is no benefit aside from only having a single "drive" and drive letter.

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7 Month old HP Win7 6gb x64 machine. Keyboard and mouse drivers unaffected.USB Mass storage device properties messagewith driver check on:"Windows cannot verify the digital signature for the drivers required for this device."with driver check off:Tells me drivers are corrupt or missing.Search show diver where it should be: C:\Windows\System32\drivers\usbstor.sys (also usbfilter.sys).Used the HP Recovery Manager to restore factory setting for USBStor.sys, it indicates it is successful but no changeon reboot, still cannot use flash drives, SD cards, external HDs. Units work find on my laptop.Called HP 4 times, after extensive troubleshooting each time, following their instructions, go to hp.com/go/instant, get screen saying request has been received. Each time tech tells me he cannot find my request.After a while, read 2 hours, told they need to talk to supervisor, will call me back, KISS OF DEATH, never hear from them.So can I fix this or am I going to have to pay for repairing a seven month old HP?Or am I going to have to buy yet another pc?

A:USB Mass Storage Device will not recognize external storage devices

Nobody has a clue, huh?
I guess I am the only one ever to have this happen!
Ok, thanks, goodbye.

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-when i try to connect the external 1tb western digital harddisk it simply doesnot display any thing and when i go to disk managment it shows "not initilized" i tried to initilize it but i got this error''hard disk not initilizing i/o device error" it doesnot shows any property or size of hard disk.i also tryied to repair it with comand "chkdsk/r"but there it said""cannot open volume for direct access""and also my harddisk is encrypted and this error occured when i was downloading torrent directly into external hardisk.my pc also go frce shutdown due to absence of electriccity
..over all i cannot see hard disk on my computer and cannot open it..tried it on other computers also
<Event xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/win/2004/08/events/event">
- <System>
<Provider Name="Disk" />

<EventID Qualifiers="49156">11</EventID>




<TimeCreated SystemTime="2013-11-01T11:40:14.311802300Z" />




<Security />

- <EventData>
<Data>\Device\Harddisk1\DR1</Data&g... Read more

A:external encrepted harddisk hard disk not initilizing and showing i/o device error

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This is what I am looking for . External storage device 160 gig and up it does not always have to be connected when the computer is on. ( I shut my computer down at night) Can be firewire or usb and must be reliable. I am basically looking for something to transfer files to as a back up and storage. Not looking to run programs from it. What is the best route to go.

A:WTD recommendations on external storage device

If it's connected to a computer with USB or firewire, the computer has to be on for other systems to access it. If you don't want to have a computer on to use an external drive, you would need a network drive connected directly to your router.

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i have two external device one has folders and i cant remote into it unless i leave a pc on; the other has cloud access can i lenk my cloud access to point to the folders on my first storage drive and be able to connect to the folders form my storage cloud device if i share the folder links on the cloud device without having to leave a pc on?

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I have two Seagate external storage drives with my Win7. Over last weekend, I formatted the computer and somehow managed to delete any recognition on the computer of one of these two drives.

It is powered on, and I have rebooted several times, but it will not show up on drive identifications.

There is no install disk with it, so how can I get it to be identified again?


A:External storage device won't identify

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Currently having problem with windows XP recognizing my digital camera.

A:How do I change the volume name for an external storage device?

please do not post the same problem twice. Please stick to the original post which is here

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Hi All,

My problem is a bit of a strange one although I'm hoping someone can help. I have a 4gb Compact Flash Card housed in a Datel Media Dock (that connects to a Nintendo DS Lite). When I connect this dock to my PC via USB cable (to download movies, mp3's etc) the pc will 'ding' to recognise I have connected it, it will also show in device manager, it even shows in the 'safely remove hardware' icon in the task bar but it cant be seen in Win Explorer. It cannot be seen in Disk Management either. I know that the CF card is good because taken out of the Media Dock it is seen by my media card reader and I can load/unload fine. I know that the cable is good, the card is good, and the Media Dock works fine in my Nintendo DS. This exact same problem happens with my laptop using all the same gear. Its as if the PC can see it but doesnt want me to do anything with it. the manufacturer of the doc (Datel) have been no help. I'm desperate for ideas, anybody got one?

Many Thanks

Joel D Warburton

A:External Storage Device Not Assigned Drive Letter

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I have an external mass storage device containing a 60 gig hard drive.

This "caddy" by Belkin has an ON/OFF switch as well as the usual USB connection.

If I reboot the PC with the unit ON, the whole thing freezes and won't start up.

If the unit is OFF during the reboot, everything works fine.

Likewise, after the reboot, turning the unit ON gets it working and there are no problems.

I guess something in the BIOS BOOT section has to be fiddled with to fix this?

A:Won'r boot when external mass storage device is connected

Yes it could be that your bios has usb drives enabled for booting.

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I am in search of information on how to do this. All of the self help websites that I have researched have not given me an positive results. I have a 500 GB hard drive that I removed from my ps4 to install a 2 terabyte one. The new hard drive came with instructions on how to install everything for the ps4 and metal case for the hold hard drive. I am now trying to turn it into an external storage device for college and have absolutely know idea what I am doing or where to start. If there is anyone who has the time to help someone in my situation with the proper knowledge I would greatly appreciate the help. Thank you for your time.

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I have had a GigaSave 3.5 SATA/IDE USB Hard Disk connected to my lap top via USB for maybe 6 months with no problems.

Some time ago I realised the DVD drive was not working properly but didnt worry as I was not really using it. I bought a new Lexmark printer/scanner/copier and needed to install the software which meant I had to fix the DVD thing. I searched the net and found a solution in fixit stating toshiba satellite lap tops with Vista were creating problems with the DVD (Mat****a DVD device). I went through the process mentioned which included going into regedit, system, current control, control, class and deleting upper and lower filters ( whatever they are). This corrected the problem with the DVD immediately and I installed the new software.

I then went to locate my External Storage Disk and the pathway had disappeared. It does not show up in my computer. It does show up in Device Manager under USB devices as Mass Storage Device and also under DISK DRIVES as USB device. I tried going to disk management where it shows up as Disk 1 unknown and unreadable. When I initially added the device to the Lap Top it selected it as D Drive. When I fixed the DVD problem it reverted to D drive and seems to have overridden the Ext Storage Disk pathway.

I have gone though the reboot, uninstall reinstall drivers, reboot, unplug, plug in, turn on turn off...

How can I reloacte the External Hard Disk again and give it a pathway...I dont want to lose my stored information naturally. I... Read more

A:Solved: External Storage Device no longer readable...HELP

First of all, plug the external into another system to test. If it works there, then we can continue to attempt getting it to work. If it is not read/recognized in another system, then you have a different problem.

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I deal with confidential and classified information. I am aware that simply deleting a file from your computer is not sufficient to remove it completely and have software to erase data as permanently as possible (Eraser 6.0.8 - using the Gutmann eraser method of 35 passes of random and patterned data). I believe this to be sufficient.

What I want to know is how data on an external storage source is managed by a computer when it is not copied to the hard drive. What information is stored and is therefore recoverable?

For example, if I have a picture file on a CD or external hard disc and open it using MS Image viewer (without copying it onto the local hdd) is an image retained in a temporary file somewhere that might be recoverable?

If I simply open up a folder (again on an external storage source) to view the contents in Win Explorer, is a temporary thumbnail log, or filename list, stored on the local hdd somewhere and therefore recoverable?

Is it a different situation with running videos?

If I do a direct burn of files to CD from an external hdd, are the files cached somewhere and again recoverable?

Is opening up a text file in Word a similar issue - I know the filename is stored in the recently opened list, but what other info is recoverable?

etc, etc, I want to know the risks I am exposing myself to so I can manage them accordingly. How do I manage these files on a computer not part of a secured network or should I not bother? I'm not planning on losing my l... Read more

A:How do I safetly manage sensetive information on an external storage device?

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I purchased a used laptop with xp pro installed. No resource CD's. Wish to make a back up using XP backup wizard and store on my external hard drive. File transfer stopped and i received an error message stating that 4g was max allowed to Fat32. My external hard drive is 40g and approx 3-4 years old.
What are my lowest cost options to create backups?
Can I upload my data from ext hard drive to another pc, convert Fat32 to NTFS using XP Covert utility and xfr data back to ext HD? By doing this, will the XP wizard be successful in making a backup on the converted ext HD?

A:Error trying to backup xp on external Hard Drive storage device

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I need advise about my 'puter please

A bit of history of what has happened:
My old Maxtor mini external HDD that I used for daily back ups of "C" drive crashed and died last week.
The external drive was connected to computer through a USB 2 port on back of case and is run by a back up program called Acronis True Image 2012.

The system I have runs Windows XP with a:
Floppy drive @ A,
Internal HDD (250 Gb) @ C,
DVD R/W @ D,
DVD R/W @ E and
2Tb external HDD @ G (this is the new Seagate one I just bought to replace the dead Maxtor Mini external HDD)

I have 8 USB 2 ports on the back and the only things connected to them are my 2 Lexmark printers:
A Lexmark X8300 on USB 002 described as Virtual Printer Port for USB, &
A Lexmark Z12 on USB 003 described as Virtual Printer Port for USB

I also have a 4 port USB 3 expansion card installed, but my new Seagate 2Tb external HDD is the only thing connected to the USB 3 expansion card ports

I think there is nothing connected at Drive F !!

When old external HDD died - it locked up computer and the only way I could shut down / turn off was to turn off at power point. I then disconnected the old dead external HDD and on restart, Windows XP had the "wobbles" and had a message that there were problems with the last shut down and would only restart if I selected ?Start with last known good session?. So I did that and all seemed to be working OK, except the computer was then convinced ther... Read more

A:External HDD Crash & now Phantom USB Mass Storage device on Drive F


Lexmark USB Mass Storage USB Device

Lexmark USB Mass Storage device is you printer. If it has a card reader on it, then it would load a mass storage device driver for the card reader.
Go to Start/Run and type diskmgmt.msc and press enter in Disk Management, is there any drive that is listed as Drive F: ?

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Hi guys.
I have a bunch of external storage devices - flash drives, HDD, SSD, SD cards, Micro SD (you get the picture). I have 4 computers running Windows XP, 7, and 10. I know XP is ancient but so is the netbook it is installed on. Did you know that Microsoft technicians are instructed to run XP on their machines because they consider it to be most stable? I didn't know that until one night I was on the phone with tech support and we had to wait for Windows to reinstall and got to chatting. Just a bit of trivia.

Every time I insert one of my storage devices it asks me if I want to scan and fix it. But there is nothing wrong with them. They read fine, you can write to them fine, speeds seem normal, no missing or corrupted files, nothing seems off about them. This has been happening for years. I have even formatted some of the drives and by the second time I plug one in it is asking me again.

I looked up how to turn it off and found a howtogeek tutorial so I should have that taken care of soon.

What I really want to know is why is this happening? And is there possibly a way to turn off that message without disabling my autoplay?

Thanks for listening

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When I got my laptop it was set up with a 1TB storage device but my pool only has 250GB even though I set up the device, how do I add storage to the pool?

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i bought an external hard disk its western digital 320gb, i observed data transfer rate of that disk is 30-40mbps only but ability of usb2.0 is 480mbps, how come very less data transfer, is there any way to increase it or any other application to increase it.

help me in resolving
thanking you

A:external harddisk

Transfer rates externally (i.e. USB or Firewire) are recorded in mega bits per second, however ATA and IDE protocols are measured in mega bytes per second. This means 480bp/s translates to 60MB/s (taking into consideration 1 byte = 8 bits). It seems the speeds on external USB drives are bottlenecked at around 40MB/s anyway - so if you're missing out, it won't be by too much.

Speeds also depend on how your external drive (well, inside the enclosure) works and reads the information off the disk. For example, reading from the outer edges of the disk will result in faster transfer rates than if it was reading from the inner part of the disk.

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i have hitachi 80 gb external usb harddisk. It has two partition yesterday night i am working on it but suddenly i am not able to access my hard disk so i unplugged harddisk.

now when i click on this drive it gave me error "file and directory is corrupted or unreadable" so i format my drive after almost completion it gives error "windows is not able to format this drive".

when i restart my computer and i click on this drive it gives message "this disk drive is not formated do you want to format it now?" it has two partition so when i click on other partition it works ok but this partition has some problem

when i click on this drive it shows me 0 bytes in used space and 0 bytes in free space. Now what to do i also check this drive with check now but no window is open and check now is not started what to do?

my data in this drive is not important can any software help me for this problem

A:external usb harddisk

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I have an external harddisk of 1TB recently it became RAW type and i have lot of data in it so I tried TESTDISK but everything goes fine but in the end it happens nothing, it again shows in RAW format and windows ask me to format the disk to use it.

Somebody help me.Thanks in advance

A:External HardDisk became RAW

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I have this external USB hard disk which I am using for over 2 years now. It was working fine and kept properly. Now when I plug-in the hard disk (thrg USB cable) the green light on hard disk appears but my laptop is not recognizing the disk at all. I tried all standard ways and also went thrgs some other posts but nothing helps. Also, I dont see any entry in removable storage under computer management and neither I see any entry in safe removal option for USB.

How do I get my drive back? I am using win xp home and professional (on two different laptops)

A:External USB Harddisk

They don't last as long as internal drives... It may just be bad. Have you tried formatting it?

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Hi everyone,

i have been using my 2.5 inch external samsung harddisk for past 3 months and suddenly im not able to detect my harddisk in 'My Computer'

I have tried some basic troubleshooting using my basic knowledge:
I am getting an error when i tried to initialize disk. I have also tried both another option GPT and getting the same error.

Also tried with diskpart:

and i can also select, and clean:

but not able to create a partition

Kindly please help. if u need my system log, please let me know how can i do that

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i have a 320 gig smart tech external harddisk. when i tried to open it today from my computer, windows vista displayed a message that says it need to be formatted, do u want to format it ?
i have a lot of data on it (nearly 120 gig).
i run it from another machine that uses XP, and when i open it, it opens but with no single file. however im sure tht there are 120 gig of data.

it was running great yesterday,
how i can fix it without losing my data.
please help.

A:my external harddisk doesn't run !!!

Have you tried running a chkdisk on it?

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My External Hard disk is not working all of a sudden and it is not shown in disk management too.

A:External Harddisk not working

It might be trying to use the same letter as 1 that is already thereif u know what I mean if u open up my computer u have like c: D: E: F: ETC

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I just bought an notebook harddisk of 30GB and an external USB2.0 harddissk case. I am using winxp pro. When i connected my external harddisk to my PC, i can see that the external HD is recognise thw external HD from Device Manager. But it canot be seem from from windows explorer. I think the problem is that the harddisk have not been formatted. So, i do i go about formatted my external USB connected 30GB harddisk?


A:format external harddisk

Right click My Computer, select Manage, and when Computer Management opens, select Disk Manager. You can right click on the graphic for the unformatted drive and select format.

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Control Panel > Backup > then I chose a folder in C: to back it up to an external hard disk. Now I want to change to schedule from every Sunday to everyday, can I do that? How?

My second question every time the backup happens does it replace the old file for the back up in my external hard disk? because I did many backups and it seems that there is only one file in my hard disk!


A:Backup to an external harddisk

Refer to this:
Backup User and System Files

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my WD harddisk became inaccessible after I got a game copied into it

when I connected it to my laptop, there's no autoplay and when I tried to open it via my computer, it says;
G:\ is not accessible

error performing inpage operation
I can't open it, and I can't scan it also
it is new so I don't think it's because of the age
using XP here
I have no idea what's going on

A:external harddisk not accessible

External drives are generally less reliable than internal ones. This is because of the connection interface inside the enclosure, rarely is it actually the drive itself. That's why the problem plagues external drives (all makes, not just WD) as compared to internal ones. Some say it's because the small enclosure (compared to a PC) restricts heat dissipation, especially in external drives without a cooling fan (and most don't have one).

Since it's new I would return it, either to the shop or to WD (you'll need to contact WD and ask for authorisation (an RMA) before returning it for replacement.

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Do you have to format external harddisks (for instance LaCie USB 160 GB)? And if yes, which is preferable, NFTS or FAT32?


A:Formatting external harddisk

ummm yes normally they do. format them to NTFS if u are using xp and with only be using the hdd as somewhere to store files.

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Dear Specialists,
Could you please instruct me how to transfer my desktop icons with all their datas to the external hard disk.
I have new emachine working with windows vista. Thank very much.
With kind regards,
Beni Even

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I have just bought a new USB Harddisk case and plug it in onto my laptop, at first, it works fine. But in the past few days, Window XP cannot recognise the HD as "USB Mass Storage Device" as it used to be.

Now whenever I plug my USB cable in the port, it only shows "Unknown Device" under the Universal Serial Bus Controllers

What has gone wrong?

Thanks, guys !!!! This has been bothering me for a while..


A:USB External Harddisk problem

This little raindance will usually fix this issue.

Create a file with NOTEPAD containing the following lines and save it as FIX.REG
-------------------------- cut here --------------------------------

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Environment]

-------------------------- cut here --------------------------------

Double click on FIX.REG and say yes to the Merge Into Registry question.

Unplug ALL USB devices.
Open Device Manager.
View, Show Hidden Devices.
Uninstall all devices under USB Controllers.
Uninstall all devices under Disk Drives that you know are not present.
Uninstall all devices under Storage Volumes. Say no to any reboot prompts until you are finished. Also, if a Storage Volume doesn't uninstall, ignore it and move to the next one.
If you have a yellow ? with unknown devices, uninstall all of the entries there as well.

When this is done, reboot TWICE.

Reconnect the USB devices and see if they're recognized properly.

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I have WD Passport 320GB. I am using different desktop PC and laptops. All the window operating systems are XP. The problem is that pc or Laptop not always can recognise this USB HD.
Any suggestions to solve this problem
Thank you.

A:USB External Harddisk Problem

And what would the problem be?

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Help, my pc doesn't detect my external harddisk. It was working fine all the time until I tried to plugin and open the files, My PC didn't detect it. Its not working on my laptop too. It doesn't appear in Disk management too. My harddisk led light are showing up and I can still hear the sound come out of my speaker everytime i plugin. Please help as all my important stuffs are inside.

A:External HardDisk help needed

Just to try something else, you might use Partition Wizard standalone bootable CD. Just curious as to whether or not the drive is visible outside of Win7 itself.

To be honest, I actually don't know if it will be usable on the external USB drive (assuming it could be seen), or whether you must use the Win7 version while under Win7 in order to see USB-connected drives. I can't find specifics on what PW standalone can see. And of course, if Win7 doesn't see the drive I doubt that PW running under Win7 would show it. That's why I'm curious about the PW standalone, if it really does support external USB-connected drives.

But, worth a try. If the drive IS visible to PW standalone, you can use it's "explore partition" operation to at least confirm that all of your data is still there, at least that the folder/file structure is unharmed.

I see you said that it's not visible any longer to both your desktop and your laptop, so that's certainly an ominous sign. But if the "new hardware detected" sound is coming from both machines, that's perhaps an encouraging sign.

Have you called the drive's manufacturer fro possible support from them?

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external harddisk is no getting open

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I am trying to resolve a problem on my wife's computer. She has been complaining about general slow performance. I have tried the usual maintenance, most recently an update on the Intel 82945G Integrated video chip set. Following the update I got a BSOD warning. I subsequently uninstalled this driver in safe mode and installed the driver that came with the original cd. Now she is getting numerous warnings and errors in Event Viewer including errors detected on device \Device\Harddisk0\D during a paging operation and the driver detecting a controller error on \Device\Harddisk0\D. There are other problems popping up in read/write operations. The drive and computer are less than a year old. I have the drive partitioned in 3 logical drives with XP installed on the largest primary partition. No problems are detected in Device Manager. Thank you in advance for any suggestions on resolving this issue. She is running an Intel single core Pentium at approx 3.1 GHz with a single SATA2 320 GB hard drive.

A:controller error on \Device\Harddisk

The most recent BSOD just gave kernel_data_inpage_error

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i used rootkit unhooker and detected thisParasite type: Unknown remote threadThread ID: 8164Priority: 8Thread start address: 0x76EEC6DOModule: ntdll.dllsays recommended to remove parasite okaybut when i click ok it says Error removing then load driver privilege not adjusted

A:scvhost device\harddisk\volume2

Hello please start a new topic. Include the above info and these...Start at step 6...Please follow this Preparation Guide and post in a new topic.Let me know if all went well.

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Hello, im new to the forum, it looks great!

Here's my story:

I have one SATA disk with windows XP installed on it and another IDE disk (parallel ATA) with no data on it. In my bios (newest for this moby) the IDE disk is set as boot disk (yes this works, please read on...).

I want to remove my IDE disk because it makes a lot of noise and i dont use it anayway. I disconnected the IDE disk and setup the SATA disk as my boot device in BIOS. But then windows won't start up anymore. It tells me "please insert boot disk" right after POST. Even when i just change my boot device in BIOS to my SATA disk and let the IDE disk connected i get this message.

What i think is the problem (because i think i cancelled out a BIOS problem) is that somewehere on my IDE disk there is data (Which i'm unable to see btw) left which tells windows to boot from my IDE disk (maybe because of earlier XP installs on this disk). The reason i think this is because i tried to completely format my IDE disk, but at the end of the proces it tells me "cannot complete format" (or something the like).

Is there anyway to resolve this problem so i can boot from my SATA alone (without the IDE disk conected). Preferebly without a completely new windows installation.

Many thanks!!

My specs:
ASUS A8V deluxe
AMD 3500+
Hitachi 160 GB SATA disk
Maxtor 8 GB IDE disk (parallel ATA)

A:sata harddisk as boot device


Hope you didn't say this and I just missed it somewhere. Have you gone to your BIOS setup menu and set your Boot Order to:

CDRom - 1st
Floppy - 2nd
SATA - 3rd

Don't forget to save before you exit.

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Windows 7
I'm trying to get a definitive statement on how to map event log errors that reference this:
\Device\Harddisk<X>\DR<Y> where X and Y are numbers (not the same)
onto the actual hard disk. My question is: what exactly are X and Y? To be clear: I don't want to know how to run chkdsk. What I would like to know is what X and Y exactly relate to?

Let's look at previous non-answers:
1. http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/windowsserver/en-US/2e3d2e68-a4e7-49b7-9d70-7b70c166a1c9/how-to-find-out-which-hdd-is-deviceharddiskdr-
Three "answers" were given in the above thread:

Unplug USB drives until the error goes away. This is a) clearly not a practical answer (especially if you don't have USB drives!). And b) it doesn't answer the question of how the numbering in the event log error relates to the installed drives.      
http://support.microsoft.com/kb/159865. This article points to registry settings that disappeared in Windows 2000.
"Y and X are the same". That is just plain wrong.
So, the above thread was not actually answered. (The "unplug USB devices" was oddly, marked as an answer.)

2. http://forum.sysinternals.com/the-device-deviceharddisk0d-has-a-bad-block_topic19288.html
Same question and lots of posts about how to fix the problem. But, the final post (helpful at last but not from Mic... Read more

A:Which disk does \Device\Harddisk<X>\DR<Y> relate to?

"For Y, i need more time to research
it to make sure what it really means."

I am still awaiting the research results.

You could download and run WinObj from http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/bb896657.aspx. Under
Device it lists your storage devices. You will find that Y is a number that gets dynamically assigned to each drive. When you go through the following sequence then you will see that the number keeps changing:

Plug flash disk A into USB port x. Press F5 to refresh the display.Unplug it.Plug flash disk B into USB port x.Unplug it.Plug flash disk A into USB port x.
WinObj will show you a different value for Y each time.

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I guess my external harddisk is dying out. Tried to open but can't. Prompt me to format. Any way to retrieve back data?

Can any experts out there help me out? Many thanks in advance…

A:Need Help From Expert!! External Harddisk Not Opening Up

If the data on the drive is corrupted and you cannot access it through Windows, you can try using a Linux distribution, but if it is all corrupted you will not be able to retrieve the data.

That is of course, not including the option of professional data recovery companies.

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My HD crash, so i put it as external usb to open, everything open fine, but when i need to go to my folder it keep telling me it cant open due permission, I assume that when i used it in the comp, I password protected it when open windows normally.

Now my question is, i know my password, is a way that i can enter that use-sing that external way, so every folder can open normally?

A:How to remove password of external harddisk

i search my self and this was helpfull http://support.microsoft.com/kb/308421

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I have purchased a hard disk case ("gate" GXM-25SU Case-kit), have inserted my old hard-disk to it, and connected it to my USB port. The device has been detected, the disk is turning, and it appears in the device manager.

The enclosed drivers are for Win 98 only, I am running XP - however is the driver installed as it appears in the device manager?

But the drive doesn't show up in the explorer / my computer / file manager. How can I solve this issue ?

A:External Harddisk detected, but does not appear in explorer

Has the HD been FDisked/partitioned and formatted?

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i am trying to boot windows server installed in external harddisk from my windows 7 pc but when iam trying to do so it my pc is flashing blue screen and my pc reboots with win 7 i wanted to know how to solve this problem


A:dual booting using external harddisk

Have you had any error messages ? I ask because Win server setup does not support configuration of USB or firewire ports, so the installation theoretically should fail during 'select partition' to install to.
What else can you tell us ?

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Hello forum members. I need ur help. My company is in problem. A month ago one of our cust gave a external HDD for analysis its condition. So we took it and we told it would take some time as we were busy with our work. We could not complete the operation within the time so we returned the HD without any changes. After few days back the cust calls us back claiming that we have stolen his data from the Ext HD. As we didn't see any data present in that, he expects us to make the recovery . He has also given a Police complaint now, which our manager has to face the summons now. The cust is asking for the recovery and he even not negotiating for money. Our manager is speaking serious honestly with this matter. So if I/We can recover data from it, what are the steps to be taken? A company named Stellar Is charging 80,000 INR for the recovery. Please Help.

A:Need Help To Recover Dead External HardDisk

Hi! @purshupro I don't know what you have tried. My suggestion would be to get help from a professional. IMHO that would GRC.


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I forgot my seagate external harddisk password.

I tried to reformat the HD

I went to: computer management->storage -> disk management->and right click hardisk drive but the Format option was disabled.

can anyone help me to solve the problem?

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Hi, could you please help me?

1) local disk (G) is loading too slow

2) (not responding at all) once I click it

3) so, I decided to eject the disk but it couldn't safely remove. I pulled usb,then this box come out.

I've tried many time. What should I do? How to do data recovery.? I've lotsa picturesss in my hard disk!

A:External harddisk; not recognized completely

Have you tried accessing this drive on another computer?

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Hello I Am Service Engineer

I Need A Help

Right Now I Am Having External Usb Hard Disk 160 Gb

I Need To Install Vista Os In That External Hard Disk?

How Can I Install It Help Me

I Have Boot From External Hard Disk With Vista Os?

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Hi Guys,

have anyone of you encounter a senario whereby when you plug in your external harddisk to your lappy and your lappy is able to detect it
but during transferring of files into the external harddisk, it always failed halfway during the transferring process.
The error states that the lappy is unable to find the external harddisk source and then later on it will auto play my external harddisk again. This process keeps continuing whenever I want to save a file into my external harddisk.

The external harddisk works well with my main lappy which is using a vista home premium but not my 2nd lappy which is using a vista home basic.

Hope you guys can help...

Thanks alot!

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I just don't remember the password and cant find the recovery key. So I just try lot of passwords and now its just ask the recovery key only. I think its because of the too many attempts that I tried to find correct passwords. I have the laptop that I
use to encrypt that harddisk but I don't have any other information. Is there anyway to remove the bitlocker without damaging the files that inside ?

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