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Reinstalling printer driver for Canon ImageClass4150

Q: Reinstalling printer driver for Canon ImageClass4150

I was working on getting the Canon ImageClass 4150 machine to work on a machine with Vista installed. I downloaded the new driver and upon trying to install the installer informed me that I needed to uninstall the previous instances of "MF Drivers" in order to reinstall.

I ran a utility included in the setup zip file that is supposed to remove previous Canon drivers in the 4100 series. I removed it from Add/Remove programs and also in the Device Manager. I've searched the computer (including hidden files, etc) and can't find any previous instances of the driver. Can't figure out what else I need to install.. Any help please?

Preferred Solution: Reinstalling printer driver for Canon ImageClass4150

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Reinstalling printer driver for Canon ImageClass4150



MF refers to the model group...ignore the fact that the second link refers to Win 7. Both links are provided as just info to consider.


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Canon do not support their BJ30 printer on a Windows 7 64 bit OS, and do not supply drivers. Does anyone know how I can use this printer on this OS, by perhaps using similar drivers etc? Thanks.

A:Printer Driver needed for Canon BJ30 printer on a Windows 7 64bit OS

on another forum, someone has managed to use the BJC-85 printer drivers to work with windows 7 - doesn't
say if 32 or 64bit windows 7 though

also have read here

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I need help..please ))
A week ago I disconneced my printer cable from the computer.When i connected again the windows searched dor device software for the printer and didnt find.
Driver to the MX 360 PRINTER(which i use) was installed I see it in the programms.
So then I uninstalled the driver and installed again from canon site,when i installed in the insallation process the driver found the printer!.
Then restarted the pc and again windows looked for a driver ans said he cant install. I attach the message here./
I tried this procedure with usa mp driver dor canon and also with europenian.. still computer doesnt reconize the printer..
When i go ro device and printer i see my canon printer with a caution sign on it(a yellow triangle with a "!" )
I downloaded the driver from canon site it was MP driver (the latest)
dont know what to do...
I using win 7 64 bit.
I talked to canon support they said its windows problem.
I tried to press at the printer sign in device and printers and then started the troubleshooter of windows but again its not helped..

advice please..??

A:Window 7 64 bit cannot install driver sotware(canon printer driver)

Hi did you try a system restore to a point when it did work.

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I have a Canon BJC 4400 bubble jet printer that was given to me. I downloaded a driver for it (version 3.97) but when I try to install the driver a window comes up entitled "Extraction Progress" and extraction completes and then a window comes up saying "Canon Information", "all items were successfully extracted." I click OK and the next window that comes up is entitled "Readme-Notepad" in which information about things such as installation but when I close that window nothing else happens, it goes back to my desktop. I'm using Windows Me. I downloaded a driver for the same printer for my laptop which has Windows XP and it installs without any problem. All steps for adding a printer were followed. Version3.97 is for Windows 3.1, 95, 98, and Me. Any help would be appreciated.

A:canon bjc printer driver

is it just extracted into a temp file and then waiting for you to install
post the link to the driver page and I will have a look

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Recently purchased a new laptop. During installation of above printer I received a message that I should contact Microsoft for a new scanner driver for the printer. Have looked everywhere on Microsoft website without any luck in finding a driver for Windows Vista Home Basic operating system.

Can you help?


A:Canon Pixma MP 150 Printer Driver

Here is the correct web page for printer driver download

If you have any problems with regards to conflicts etc just come back to this same thread and most folk will be able to assist further.

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I bought this printer for a buck at a garage sale. They claimed it worked, but had no ink. I paid around twelve dollars for the ink cartridges on ebay, but forgot to check first to see if Canon had a driver for xp. They don't. However, when I go to microsoft's printer support page, I find that printer listed as one that there are drivers for in xp. http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=293360

The question is--should I assume Microsoft is correct, or assume that my printer won't work and just get rid of it?


A:Question on driver for Canon printer (BJC-620)

I would go with the Win98 drivers they have listed on Canon's website. If microsoft has drivers for XP, try them first. The worst that can happen is that it won't work.

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I'm new in this forum and like to ask, if someone have a solution for my driver problem.
I've got an old Canon S520 printer and i am not able to install any driver on my Windows 7 64bit.
I searched the inet for a solution, but can't find one.
And sorry, if my English isnt't that good.

Thanking you in advance.

A:Canon S520 printer driver

Support - Color Bubble Jet Printer - S520 - Canon USA Consumer Products

Use the Vista driver.

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Where can I get a Windows 10 driver for my Canon ip5200 printer? Canon doesn't make one.


A:Canon ip5200 printer Driver

The only supplier for hardware drivers (99.9% of the time) is the hardware manufacturer. If Canon doesn't offer a driver, you aren't likely to find one.

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I have a Canon i9100 printer which worked great through XP, Vista and Win 7....Canon provided updated drivers.. However, for 8.1, Canon does not provide a driver for this printer. Is there another source which makes a generic driver for this printer so it does not become obsolete?

A:Solved: Canon Printer Driver For 8.1

The below image shows the list of compatible Windows versions for the Canon i9100 printer.

Unless Windows 8.1 provides a built-in generic driver for it, you're probably out of luck.

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Is there any way to install printer driver (i have canon mp250 and i have its cd driver) without having the printer around?

A:Canon printer driver installation


This tutorial might help: http://www.ehow.com/how_5925020_install-printer-driver-printer-connected.html

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my printer driver has somewhta been deleted of my computer and i need another one. Plz someone tell me where i can downloads a working windows xp driver for canon 5100 series printer.


A:BJC canon 5100 printer driver

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Hi all, I'm currently having the Canon ip1600 printer and is unable to detect the printer (using Windows xp os). I manged to find a driver on Canon website, but when it comes to the installation part where they state that I'm supposed to plug in my printer and on it so that It can detect the port, it doesn't and it just stuck at the screen. I tired restarting com, offing and on the printer again, but everything won't works. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

A:Canon Ip1600 Printer Driver

You appear to have a Canon PIXMA iP1600 printer.

Here is the Email support site for it.

Here is the phone support site for it.


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I just upgraded my home network to a wireless system. I'm running XP Pro on the computer hardwired to the Canon Multipass F50. My laptop is running XP Home and networked via wireless. All aspects of the network operate perfectly, file sharing, internet access, etc. The add printer function allows me to find the canon over the network, I have the driver installed (because I've been using the printer in a networked (shared) mode prior to going with the wireless router. Now when I attempt to print I get an error message that states: "Failed to open printer" Canon's website simply states that there are no drivers for XP to allow for sharing this printer.

Wonderful!! Anyone have a workaround? It used to share until I went wireless.

A:XP printer driver for canon multipass f50

It almost sounds like there's a permission problem with using the printer with the laptop. Try going to the printer properties on the machine that the printer's connected to. Go to the Security tab and make sure that your laptop login computer name is there and all of the permissions in the ACL list are checked. You could also try going to Network Neighborhood, go to the computer that has the printer connected and try to connect to the printer through there.

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Hello! I would like to know if Vista can maintain Canon Printer. During the installation the error massage was appeared. Canon cannot create an adequate driver for Vista. What should I do to run my printer or it is impossible?
Thank you in advance!!!

A:Vista driver for Canon printer is not created

whats the exact model of the printer ?

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I have Canon S900 inkjet installed on an XP PC on my win 7 homegroup. Works fine from the XP PC. The Win 7 PC sees the S900 and asks for driver. Downloaded Canon aomwin110ea23us.exe which extracts something somewhere. Cannot locate ANY .inf file on the PC. Win 7 still wants the .inf file to install the printer. Know this is a bit 'unusual' but any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Joe

A:Canon S900 printer driver installation on Win 7

You should read this other thread I posted last week.

That other thread described my issues trying to get the x86 drivers for a Canon S800 installed as the second driver on an x64 Win7 machine. The S800 was USB-connected to the Win7 machine and was supported out-of-the-box by Win7. However the required x86 drivers were seemingly unavailable from Canon.

I was trying to add the x86 drivers as a second driver for the printer on x64 Win7 so that the x86 WinXP machine (which was also on the home LAN) could print on the S800 hosted by the x64 Win7 machine.

After quite a struggle, I solved the problem. It actually involved THREE separate driver(INF) files and folders. Two of them were on the Win7 installation DVDs, but the third one (which was the primary starting point) apparently didn't make it to Microsoft in time for the Win7 installation DVD production. so this crucial first of three drivers was only available from the Microsoft Updates Catalog site.

So the three needed x86 versions of the three x64 drivers that had been automatically installed in x64 Win7 were my target. Again, two of them were on the 32-bit x86 Win7 installation DVD (just as they were on the 64-bit x64 Win7 installation DVD). But again, the primary first driver was not. And that's what I got from the Microsoft Updates Catalog site.

I then used a program named WinMount to extract the two other x86 drivers from the 32-bit Win7 installation DVD which I had a copy of.
I suggest that you start by de... Read more

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Win 7 doesn't support the Canon BJC-4000 ink jet printer. Any other drivers that will work? I love this printer!


A:BCJ - 4000 Canon printer driver needed

Double check the # on it cause it's not in the directory. It must be different since it doesn't pull up on my website I am checking.

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Hi All
Does anyone know where I can get a driver for the above printer that works on Windows 7 or is there a driver from another printer that can be used?
Many thanks

A:Driver needed for Canon LBP2900 printer

to get my lbp2900 printer working i used the following workaround
- Installed virtualbox (maybe this is also possible in virtualpc)
- started a virtual winxp image
- virtualbox has a remote usb-bridge to connect to usb-devices not recognised by the host-system, configure the bridge to the printer
- install lbp2900 driver

To print from office/photoshop without installing those in the virtual image, on the host system print to pdf (pdfcreator) and print the pdf in the virtual image.

however i still hope canon releases their x64 lbp2900 driver soon!

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I have an older Canon imageclass d761 printer.

There are no 'official' x64 bit drivers on the Canon page.

Is there any way to use this printer with Win7x64?

A generic printer driver, or another model that is close?

My other printer, a MX850, works fine (Canon had x64bit driver)..

A:Canon x64 Win7 printer driver for d761

If your computer supports virtualization, use Windows XP mode. Even though my machine runs Windows 7 64-bit, XP mode is a 32-bit "machine" which is compatible with the printer.

I called Canon and was told to Google it. Nice support!

Anyway, printing works fine. I haven't figured out scanning yet, but hopefully will soon...

Hope this helps!

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I have a Canon MP190 printer. I was having issues with weird messages every time I tried to print something. I figured I may need a driver update. So I went to Canon's site and downloaded the latest driver for my printer. I deleted the prior driver per instructions. The current driver just won't install. I followed the directions, but it fails to either find or install the updated driver.

I get a pop-up telling me Windows is searching Windows update for the driver. Problem here is the driver I downloaded from Canon has nothing to do with Windows update. I have Windows update shut off. So it is looking for the driver in the wrong place.

I tried to manually picking the driver out of various places on my computer, but I don't see it?
When I type MP190 in the start search box I find/see the downloaded driver location. If I double-click it-it unzips the WinZip Self-Extractor download. Then I get a welcome to the MP drivers setup program, I disconnect the printer cable from my laptop, and exited all running programs as asked.

Next I choose my place of residence--USA. Click next, accept license agreement, installs drivers. Click complete, confirm printer cable is plugged into computer, turn on printer. I get a pop-up telling me Windows needs to install driver software for your MP190 printer. Then I click "Locate and install driver software (recommended)" It starts to install and the driver icon spins like it is installing, but then fails to install.

Question is how... Read more

A:Canon MP190 printer driver won't install?

Why do you have Windows Update turned off? It may be that the driver requires updated files to install.

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I have an Asus printer with a Windows 7 upgrade and a Canon MF4140 printer. I am trying to upgrade the printer driver to a Win 7 version. I have dowloaded the new driver from Canon and upzipped it as requested. I have removed my original HP driver from the devices and printers area, and then ran the setup file from the new driver. My problem is that  a window pops up stating:"An older version of MF Drivers exists in this computer.Uninstall the older version of MF Drivers, and then try to install again"I cannot see any other printer drivers on my system, can any advise as to where thay might be and how I get rid of them?Thanks

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I tried to install a used Canon BJC-6000 printer on a PC running XP Pro. Went to Canon's support site and downloaded the driver. Tried two different IEEE cables (Both Good), the
PC still does not recongize the Canon printer. Does anyone have a site that has a good
driver to correct the problem? The settings has defined the printer as: BJC-6000 BJRSTR

Thanks for your help in Advance.

A:Need correct driver for a Canon BJC-6000 printer on XP Pro

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I just purchased a new Vista Home version computer. I started downloading old software/updates/etc. I have a Canon imageClass D680 multifunction printer/copier [Canon PC1200 /iC d600/iR1200G] with the original CD but it is not compatible with Vista.

I went to CanonUSA website and downloaded their Vista version of the driver. NOTE: I have done this numerous times and saved it to several different locations [Program file folder in both Vista and one I created in my user "Program" folder] because Vista notified me that I did not have Administrator authorization - I got on line and learned how to disable the user limitation so I could have Administrator rights.

I have restarted my computer in both my personal user account and Administrator account over a dozen time in order to bring up the new hardware notification window and driver wizard. Since the cd version did not work, it prompts me to browse, I click on the corresponding folder, and then I get the same message EVERY time . . .

[paraphrased] "windows cannot locate the driver for the hardware, contact the manufacturer to get the driver."

You guys out there are more tech savvy then me - please help. I do not want to trash this printer/copier - it works great (it worked fine with my old XP machine just a week or two ago).

Is Vista that bad? (All my Canon printers and cameras have been great).

A:Vista does not recognize Canon printer driver

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Hello everybody!!!

I need help installing my Canon MF628Cw laser printer on my Satellite Pro A210 laptop. It has windows xp and I cant find any driver online to download it to my xp laptop and be able to install my Canon printer.
Please help. Thanks

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W8 Release Preview 64 bit found my USB connected Canon Pixma iP5000 printer, but didn't install a driver. WU says there is an update available, but that will not install. Error is WindowsUpdate_80070BC8, which doesn't help much. I haven't been able to find a 64 bit driver on any of the Canon sites, but I have found an XP 64 driver, on another site.

Checking properties for this printer in Devices & Printers throws up the following event:?
Driver Management concluded the process to install driver prnca00m.inf_amd64_26559657092dd606\prnca00m.inf for Device Instance ID USBPRINT\CANONIP5000\7&8F48641&3&USB005 with the following status: 0xBC8.

This status code is listed as ERROR_CORE_DRIVER_PACKAGE_NOT_FOUND

Attempting to update the driver from the printer properties finds a couple of drivers, but they also fail to find a core driver package. Add printer wizard finds a compatible driver on my machine, but that also fails for the same reason.

This printer is installed OK on my W7 installation on the same machine.

The 64 bit XP driver installed OK on this W8 RP installation, and printed a file OK, but attempting to upgrade results in the same error. After installing this XP driver, WU reported that the update installed, but Update History shows 'Failed'. Now WU isn't offering the update.

TIA for any help.

A:Driver for Canon Pixma iP5000 printer

Does anyone know where I can get a W8 32bit driver for my Canon Pixma iP5000 printer? Canon just wash their hands of any responsibility.

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Hi all,

OK ... for a few days (maybe a week) now I have had trouble with my Canon MX870 Printer/Fax. I have been using it successfully for the past 16 months now, via USB connection, installed on both my Windows 7 laptop and my Windows XP PC (I just unplug it and plug it in to whichever computer I need to print from).

For some reason, it has decided not to recognise the drivers on my laptop. I have tried to uninstall and reinstall (no go). I also deleted every instance of MX870 from the registry that it would allow me to (some it wouldn't for some reason - no access - yes I am Administrator). Reinstall again ...still no go.

The Windows 7 Updates were failing to update the Fax component which I thought was the problem, then all of a sudden it was successful ... still no printer. Now, it is unsuccessful again.

But ... I don't use the Fax component ... never have ... with no problems for 16 months.

The reinstall from the CD is successful, but when I plug in the printer, it fails. "Device driver software was not successfully installed. Please consult with your device manufacturer for assistance getting this device installed.

CanonMX870 series ... Ready to use (with a green tick) ...
CanonMX870 series FAX ... Failed (with a red cross).

Oh, BTW, the scanner component works fine.

Also, each time I unplug then plugin the USB cable, it attempts to reinstall the device drivers, the printer successful, the fax failing. It never did this before when I was happil... Read more

A:Canon MX870 Printer - Driver Issues

Thats a long story. You might of already did this. Start and go to devices and printers. Make sure the printer has a check mark in it. That will make it your default printer. With the printer hooked up to your computer and powered up reboot your computer. Lets see if Windows 7 will pick it up or sometimes it will ask if you want to install the driver. Windows 7 comes with a lot of drivers built in.

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I have Windows Vista SP2 32bit. Bought a new printer on the weekend but haven't been able to download the scanner driver. The printer works fine except when I click on the scanner button from the Canon software it says something like "no scanner driver is installed for this software". I've talked to Canon but after 3-4 hours of trying, they say that it's the OS and not the CD software. Something to do with USB port conflict. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Gord

A:Canon MP480 printer driver won't install

here is a couple of links for the driver and software.

https://www.microsoft.com/windows/co...=all&os=64-bit - try this one first

Canon PIXMA MP480 Printer Drivers v 1.00 - TechSpot Drivers

? Download Canon PIXMA MP480 Printer Drivers v 1.00

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I bought a new laptop and it came with Windows 7 Premium. I have a Canon Pixma ip3000 printer. I have looked everywhere.
My printer is not listed. I tried the trick of choosing USB virtual port and then searching for the latest printers. It still wasn't there.

I have the install disk, does not work.


A:Can not find printer driver - Canon Pixma iP3000

Quote: Originally Posted by CoCoSD

I bought a new laptop and it came with Windows 7 Premium. I have a Canon Pixma ip3000 printer. I have looked everywhere.
My printer is not listed. I tried the trick of choosing USB virtual port and then searching for the latest printers. It still wasn't there.

I have the install disk, does not work.


Hello CoCoSD,

Did you try to download the driver from Canon website?
Photo Inkjet Printers - Photo Inkjet Printers - PIXMA Pro Professional Inkjet Printers - PIXMA Corporate and Graphic Arts Printers - Photo Fun Projects - Photo Printer - PIXMA iP3000 - Canon USA Consumer Products

Select your OS and it should work.

I have a Canon iP PIXMA 1500, and it works perfect with downloaded drivers.

Best regards,


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I need help..please )
A week ago I disconneced my printer cable from the computer.When i connected again the windows searched dor device software for the printer and didnt find.
Driver to the MX 360 PRINTER(which i use) was installed I see it in the programms.
So then I uninstalled the driver and installed again from canon site,when i installed in the insallation process the driver found the printer!.
Then restarted the pc and again windows looked for a driver ans said he cant install. I attach the message here./
I tried this procedure with usa mp driver dor canon and also with europenian.. still computer doesnt reconize the printer..
When i go ro device and printer i see my canon printer with a caution sign on it(a yellow triangle with a "!" )
I downloaded the driver from canon site it was MP driver (the latest)
dont know what to do...
I using win 7 64 bit.
I talked to canon support they said its windows problem.
I tried to press at the printer sign in device and printers and then started the troubleshooter of windows but again its not helped..
please help =)

A:win 7 x64 cannot insall driver software to my canon mx360 printer

Uninstall ALL software related to Canon, after deleting the printer.
Then reinstall everything related to printer anew, following Canon instructions for doing such.

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Beat my head against the wall so decided to post because I finally have it working.
My setup:
Machine 1: Windows 7 64 bit
Machine 2: Windows Home Server WHS (or in your case any 32 bit Windows OS) with Canon Pixma MP780 printer

Can't install 64 bit drivers on machine 2 (under additional drivers) such that machines on the network can connect to this shared printer.
Canon only provides 64 bit drivers for fax and scanner and not printer on their website because the assumption is that a native driver is built into Win7 (64bit), which it is. The problem is that canon on both machines refers to this printer as two different names in the .inf file.

On the 32 bit side, it's called: "Canon MP780 Series Printer"
On the 64 bit native driver (that windows provides), it's called: "Canon Inkjet MP780 Series"

So, when I tried to connect to the network'd printer, it tried to look for it locally, on windows update and times out and fails (looking for the wrong name and therefore a mismatch).

Btw, I tried creating a local port on the 64 bit machine and gave it a UNC path to my WHS which works but after a reboot it doesn't so that's not "non techie" friendly and a pain in the neck.

Here's what I did:
Look for the driver under c:\windows\system32\driverstore\filerepository\<for your printer>.

In my case, for the Pixma MP780, it was : prnca00l.inf_amd64_neutral_4049bfb7d4c077ab

In this folder, the file was: prnca001.inf (setup info... Read more

A:If Canon or printer manufacturer does not provide a 64bit driver

I can't sticky, but I can thank you on behalf of all that read and benefit from your thoughtfulness.

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Just unzipped files from download I got from canon.com started installation, 8 mins left it froze. Wouldn't even bring up task manager or run screen with the windows button and "r". So I did all I could, I powered down. Waited a bit, back on, screen imminent hard drive failure bbck up files immediately press return to con tinge windows setup .put in password, screen print, save, skip Bach up directions, freezes at any attempt

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I'm trying to add a Canon imageCLASS MF7470 printer to my laptop. When I plug it into the USB, Windows 7 detects it, but as unspecified. It says no driver is installed. When I do a Windows update it comes up with other imageCLASS models but not the one I have. I've tried going thru these threads to locate my options but nothing works. When I go to add printer, properties is as far as I can go cause the only tabs I get there are general and hardware. This is a work printer for a jobsite, so of course the disk has been lost at some point, but I need this running ASAP.

A:Add a Canon printer with no driver and Windows update doesn't work

Here is the driver page for Canon, just specify your OS, download drivers, install and go at it could be that MS just doesn't provide them. However Canon does for both 32 and 64 bit.

Canon imageCLASS MF7470

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Can't someone help me find a Canon PIXMA ip5000 printer .INF file for Win7 Pro x64 ? The Canon website has an Add-on driver for the Canon PIXMA ip5000 printer, but indicates that Windows Update under Win7 Pro x64 has a driver for the Canon PIXMA ip5000 printer (which it does not). Windows Update has a driver in its list for the ip5300 but none for the ip5000. Help !

A:Can't find a driver for Canon PIXMA ip5000 printer for Win7 Pro x64

Why not try the Canon site?
Canon U.S.A. : Support & Drivers : PIXMA iP5000
However, the statement on that site

Printer Driver Add-On Module Ver.1.10 (Windows 7/7 x64)
07/20/11 4.10 MB File Name: aomwin110ea23us.exe

This software is a module that expands the functionality of the printer driver for Canon Inkjet printers. Your printer must be installed via Microsoft Update before you download and use this module. By installing this software, you can use the printer...

seems to rely upon Windows Update having the drivers.
If you can't get them you might try changing the Operating System on the above link to Vista 64-bit. It's a considerably larger file and lo... Read more

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I have Dell Inspiron 531 desktop, Dell 946 printer.

Everything went to hell when I installed Zone Alarm firewall -- because I can't sign onto the internet without closing Windows firewall every time! -- after seeing someone here recommend it and before seeing additional posts regarding how much trouble it causes. And it did. I did a system restore to get back and running, but multiple things are still haywire.

The printer is the most pressing. I thought I would try uninstalling the driver and reinstalling, so I followed Dell's directions here:


I did these things as directed:

Double clicked on the icon
Rec'd prompt to Run
Clicked continue
Clicked OK to unzip files
"All files were successfully unzipped"

Then they say, "Follow the prompts that appear to install the driver. If prompted to restart your system, click OK."

But I don't have any prompts! Instead I'm looking at a screen that says "Computer, OS C: drivers, R145315" across the top. I'm in the install folder, right? But what do I do next? I've got folders that say "apps", "common", "drivers", "install", "pubs", "tools" all "date modified" today. If I click on the install folder, then I see folders that say "config", "English", "x86". None of which looks like ... Read more

A:Solved: Reinstalling printer driver - stuck.

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Last week I had to replace my old computer which used XP SP2. The new system uses Vista Home Premium and I'm unable to get my Canon MultiPass F60 printer to print. I've tried an Internet search for a driver and I've tried to add a printer through the Control Panel. My current printer isn't listed under the Canon products.

Can anyone direct me to a download that will resolve this issue or tell me which Canon product under Add a Printer will work for mine? Any help will be appreciated.


A:Driver for Canon MPF60 Printer, WIndows Vista Home Premium

I've looked everywhere for you and can't find a trace of evidence that a Vista compatible driver exists for the MPF60.


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Running Win 7 64 bit. Printer: Canon ImageRunner Pro 7110VP.

The most recent driver Canon offers for this printer is from 2005, and Win7 says it's incompatible when I chose the "have disk" option. Is there a way to install a printer as if 7 were running XP?

I have to install it over a network via TCP/IP if that matters.

Please help!

A:Installing older Canon printer, driver is incompatible - make it work?

Right mouse click on the driver and run in Compatibility Mode.

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I was curious if I could install a x86 printer/scanner driver on a x64 system?

I had to install the x64 driver through Microsoft Update. When I installed the software that controls the scanner the software says no scanner detected.

The software works fine in XP and I still see driver support in x86 Vista/7.

Since I installed the printer driver through MS update there is no uninstaller. If I wanted to uninstall it, do I go to Device Manager and delete the printer driver from there? How likely would 32-bit drivers work a 64-bit system?

A:Canon MP730 Multi Function x86 x64 printer & scanner driver assistance

You can go to device manager>properties>driver tab>install driver to install it.

As far as using a 32bit driver on a 64bit system I'm pretty sure it won't work.

Have you tried using the Cannon driver installer?
They have a listing under multifunction for the Smartbase Mp730 if this is the one your referring to.

Then again it doesn't say what OS it is for.
My impression of the site is that it first has you install their down-loader which will scan your system and then provide the correct driver.

I would give this a try if you haven't already.

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My Canon printer is no longer connected to my Local Area Network, although the printer shows that my WiFi is operating.  When I click on "Devices and Printer," I see that my computer has a problem with the Microsoft Teredo Tunneling Adapter
driver.  When I click on the printer, I receive error code 10, and the driver update will not install.  I have Windows 7 Ultimate and am not sure what to do.  Should I try to reinstall the driver for my printer model that is available online
from Canon?  Will that fix the Teredo Tunneling Adapter driver, or is that a different problem?  The fixes I read on line for the latter (i.e., change the registry, make changes as the system administrator etc.) sound a bit formidable.  Is there
something I can try first?  Am also concerned from a security perspective about downloading drivers etc. from the internet.  Any help would be much appreciated.

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I recently uninstalled and reinstalled the software (Multipass Manager 3.01) for my Canon C5500 printer; during the reinstall, I am receiving the following error "Failed to register mpservic.exe to windows NT as domain or service". Can anyone give me any insight on how to make the software register this executable to the service MPSERVICE? I tried to remove all entries for the Canon printer in the registry and reinstalled the software; but I am receiving this same error everytime and the software is uninstallled after the error. Please help!!

A:Reinstall of Canon Multipass 3.01 software for Canon C5500 printer

Two things to try: If you have anti-virus software, disable it, uninstall the cannon stuff. Reboot (be sure av is still disabled), and reinstall. Then reenable av, restart for good measure.

Another suggestion from Canon, though not apparently EXACTLY your issue:


Also, see this document.. it most likely is not related, but..


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I have a Canon i850 printer which I have immensely enjoyed using these past four+ years. For one thing, I've never had even one paper-jam during that time.

My understanding always has been that it is best to have separate components, so that's why I've always owned a dedicated printer. However, it appears that the present-day trend is more toward all-in-one units. Actually, I'm in the market only for a printer, but if the Canon MP600 all-in-one is technologically advanced far beyond my i850, then I would strongly considering buying one.

The MP600 has a scanner (which I don't need, although it would provide me with a back-up) and it has several modern features of convenience which my i850 doesn't have. What I would especially like to know is whether or not the MP600 produces appreciably better results with both text and photos than my i850. Also, would it be faster and cheaper in the long run than the MP600? While quality of results is more important than anything else, speed, economy, and convenience also enter into the equation.

(I was also considering the Canon PIXMA iP6700D photo printer, but from what I've read so far it appears that the MP600 all-in-one is more highly-regarded.)

I would appreciate hearing from anyone who has an opinon on this matter. Thank you very much.

A:Canon i850 printer vs. Canon Pixma MP600 All-in-One

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When I tried to install a new Canon Pixma ip6220D printer on my Sony Vaio Windows XP Media Edition w/ SP2 desktop I receive an error that the computer cannot detect the printer after I hook-up the USB cable to the computer from the printer. This is after a balloon dialog appears in the system tray noting that new hardware was found - the hardware being a Canon ip6220D. The Canon software notes that it could not detect the printer and that there was a printer driver failure. Eventually a Windows error box appears noting that an error occurred installing the new hardware.

I have the same problem with a printer that previously had no problems. That printer is a HP Photosmart 3210xi.

I ran malware check using Threat Fire 3 which didn't find anything.

I have tried different USB ports with no success. I have tried USB ports that other devices use with no success.

Any suggestions on how to attack this problem would be appreciated.

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My trusty old Canon printer S400 finally has decided to act up and quit on me after several years. I am getting an Error 5700 when I attempt to print to it. I can not locate what this error means.

If someone knows, I'd appreciate it.

A:Canon printer error 5700 on S400 printer

I don`t know what the error means, but have you tried uninstalling then reinstalling the printer?

Check the cables for damage and connection.

If this doesn`t work then maybe a new printer is in order.

Regards Howard

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I get a printer error that I have two of the same cartridge installed (which I don't). I did the maintenance cleaning. I was able to get it to print for awhile by opening and closing the lid, but now it is not printing. I use Canon cartridges, and several are new cartridges.

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A friend has a new 64 bit Win 7 computer and an "older" Canon BJC 250 printer that she wants to be able to use just as she did with XP. It connects with USB and Win 7 recognizes the connection but the printer does not show up anywhere, such as on Devices and Printers page. I have dowloaded the Canon driver but am stymied at that point. Suggestions and help appreciated.

A:Canon BJC printer and Win 7 64 bit

I've looked at Canon's driver page for the BJC-250 and unfortunately that model is not supported on windows 7, nor is it supported on Windows Vista. The last driver that Canon released for that model was for Windows XP in 2003 and that definitely won't work on Windows 7.

Canon have evidently decided that the BJC-250 is too old for them to spend money writing new drivers for it. This is not unusual as other device manufacturers have also done the same with some of their discontinued models.

So if, as you say, you've already downloaded a driver for it I'm puzzled as to where you got it from.

The bottom line is that you'll have to buy a new printer for Windows 7.

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My MX 870 printer is not printing. The item are backing up in the queue. (the WiFi light is on , if that means anything) I recently added a second computer, (lap-top), in a network.


A:Canon MX 870 Printer

Hello and Welcome to TSF!

I wonder if you have an Auto IP or DHCP setup for this printer. This need to be a Fixed IP, any wireless device with Auto IP assigned is not recommended.

See if the Printer IP matches with the wireless computers in your network, click on Start=> Printers and Faxes or you may also find this from Control Panel. Locate the Canon printer, right click on it, go to Properties, Port Tab and in here you shd be able to see the IP Address. From the Canon printer, look in the Menu Setting, under Network or TCP/IP setting to locate the IP Address, make sure it's on Static and the IP matches the IP in all computers in your network.

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I have a macbook OS 10.10.5 Yosemite Can a PIMXA MG2500 Canon printer be connected to it?

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Is it possible to get longer use out of cartridges for the lowly BJC-2000SP (black and colour) and BJ-30(black). Mine run out almost straight away. I've tried what the manuals say about draft mode and speed settings.

A:canon printer

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