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Can I change the graphics card on y510p

Q: Can I change the graphics card on y510p

Hi, I have y510 laptop with this detailsProcessorIntel(R) Core(TM) i7-4700MQ CPU @ 2.40GHz Video CardNVIDIA GeForce GT 755M and I can't play some games like fifa 17, so I was wondring if I could change the graphics card? is it possible? and if possible what's the best choise for me, should I buy the same card and use it as sli? or remove the card and get new one?

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Preferred Solution: Can I change the graphics card on y510p

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Why is it so hard to pop-out the graphics card on my Y510P? Has anyone else seen this problem?  

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Just wanted to let others know about the SLI Graphics Card. All of a sudden my pc shutdown while viewing a Youtube video. I smelled some weird burning smell coming from the computer. Wouldn't boot, eventually I pulled the second graphics card on the right side of the pc. Looked at it and there was major burn spot on it. Started up the PC and it was fine without the graphics card. There must be some sort of overheating issue and they are defective. I rarely play games on this pc and this occured simply watching a youtube video which seems really odd. I do have two monitors hooked up to the system.

A:Y510P SLI Graphics Card Burned

Welcome to the Lenovo Community !
Sorry to hear of your problems.  I would recommend that you discontinue using the card and contact Lenovo Support for additional assistance.
Lenovo Support - USA1-877-453-668624 hours a day 7 days / week

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I currently own a Lenovo Y510P which is unable to run several graphically intense programs due to this error:?Application has been blocked from accessing graphics hardware.?Graphics Cards SpecsExtra PC InfoPrograms which trigger this error have been CSGO, Overwatch, and more. These applications are unplayable - they run for a short period before quitting, often a few seconds or a minute after loading the main game. Furthermore, Firefox has also been able to trigger this error, but very rarely.  Solutions Tried:Re-install graphics driver manually (No Change)Run games and programs in compatibility mode. (No Change)Underclock GPU to increase stability/lower temps. (No Change)[Fix which used to assist CSGO:](https://www.reddit.com/r/GlobalOffensive/comments/4b0i8t/technical_difficulties_playing/)

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I got the y510p with 2 graphics cards with 4gb of memory and I think that it has not detected both cards. First of all air only comes out of the one card and it says I only have 2gb of dedicated graphics, Can anyone help me with this? 

A:Y510p doesn't recognize 2nd graphics card

still need help with this problem 

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First off I have an ideapad y510p with a Gt755m, So a little while ago i got a BSOD with the code driver power state failure after updating the driver and the laptop would constantly restart only to get the same error code over and over and I was unable to launch safemode, Going into the bios i was able to convert the graphics settings from discreate to UMA and this switched to the intel graphics allowing me to access windows and activate safe mode. Long story short I tried several different methods to fix the problems but the error code kept arising so i finally settled to uninstalling the device and its drivers and restarted the laptop. Now the graphics card won't even be detected and I can't install any drivers because the software says no compatible hardware is detected. Im just curious but does anyone have any solutions or ideas? Or is the GPU just dead?
*Note - I also forgot to mention I did change the BIOS option from UMA back to discrete

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Hey Everyone, I've recently noticed my laptop slowing as I played games like h1z1 on the lowest setting. Eventually, I would get error messages about my GPU when the game would crash. I noticed my drivers were out of date and SLI was also not enabled. I have since updated the drivers and enabled SLI but I still get many of the same problems.  The laptop has two GeForce GT 750M's. I downloaded MSI afterburner and it shows both graphics cards at 135/405MHz at rest. But while gaming, the second graphics card remains at that same amount and relatively the same temperature while graphics card number one goes to about 1058/2499MHz and 75-90 degrees C temperatures. I've also taken out the ultrabay with graphics card number 2 out and put it back in to make sure it wasn't loose. I honestly don't know what any of the data really means, but I'm really hoping to get this fixed. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Let me know if I can provide any more information!

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hello, i have a 9800gt that gives a very low fps on crysis, i went to the shop from where i purchased it and they said that you need to change your power supply, currently its 230watt, i was thinking that i should replace my card with another one as mine does not have a six pin supplementary power connector. so my question is that should i change my psu first or should i switch my card first?

A:Should i change my power supply or should i change my graphics card?

your running a 9800gt on a 230W PSU!? not sure how your doing that without it shutting down as soon as you start a game. the 9800gt needs a 450W psu with 24A on the 12v rail (s). change the PSU. you are fortunate that you haven't overstressed the 230W psu and destroyed the rest of the system.

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I want to update my graphics card is this possible with this computer?

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Ok so I have just ordered my computer, which will arrive in a few days, but I would like to change the graphics card to something more powerful when I recieve the PC.

My specs are:

Motherboard: UNKNOWN (that's the problem)
CPU: AMD Bulldozer FX-4100 -- Quad Core 3.6Hz -- Overclocked to 4.0GHz
GFX Card: ATI Radeon HD 6670 1GB
RAM: 8GB Crucial Ballistic 1333Mhz DDR3
Hard Drive: 320GB

I do not know the power supply's wattage, or the motherboard, as the seller did not specify these, and I haven't got the PC yet.

I would like to replace the graphics card to either a ASUS NVIDIA GTX550 TI PCI-E Graphics Card - 1GB


SAPPHIRE AMD Radeon HD 7770 GHz Edition PCI-e 3.0 Graphics Card - 1 GB

Now I am very new to gaming on computers, I know how to replace the graphics card, but I do not know whether it will fit in the slots, or whether it is compatible for my power supply. Can anybody help me out by telling my what slots the motherboard needs to have and what the minimum power supply I need for those card is, so that I can change it if necessary. ... Read more

A:Am I able to change my graphics card?

Well if the system has a 6670 in it already then the motherboard has a PCI-E slot so either the 550Ti or 7770 you picked will be compatible. You need to find the model and wattage of the PSU first though, to make sure the new GPU is getting enough power.

Just curious but why did you decide to buy that system if you were intending to change the graphics card? The mobo and PSU may be of questionable quality so you would have been better off choosing and assembling your own components.

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I have a HP Pavilion dv9753eo Notebook PC, and I was wondering if it was possible to change the graphics card of one of these babies..
The current one doesn't live up to the standards of gaming these days.. (8400m GS Nvidia GeForce)
I've heard something about it being built within the motherboard, I hope that's not turning out to be true..

Thanks in advance.

- Jonas Theis

A:Possible to change the graphics card?

Since it's a notebook, it's quite possible that your current video adapter is built right into the motherboard. I'm not familiar with that particular model but there might be some kind of graphics port for an upgrade but I wouldn't count on it. Unfortunately, HP Pavilions are pretty basic systems. Might be time for an upgrade if you want to play some of the newer games... How fast is the notebook, cpu speed-wise?

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Sir ,  i want to know that can i change my graphics card on my laptop without changing processor and if i can not than which processor will be good for me to buy for high gaming and also please tell me what is the limit for ram on my laptop. Thank you for your time Sir , wish you the good day. 

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A:Sir, I want to Know can i change my graphics card on my HP p...

hi Bro ,   Could you please help me with the serial number and product number of the unit so that I could try my best to help you out . I am an HP EmployeePlease click ?Accept as Solution? on the post that solves your issue to help others find the same solution.Click the ?Thumbs Up? to say ?Thanks? for helping!

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can the graphics  card of HP laptop be changed mine is not integrated I have a Nvidia GeForce AM mine laptops model is HP 15 re -14tx  HELP ME

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English : I have HP Notebook. I want to change my graphics card for GTA 5. My current graphics card "Nvidia Geforce GT 630M".Now, my question to you: "Can I put a new Graphics card?" Turkish : Benim HP Notebook Bilgisayar?m Var. Ve Ben Ekran Kart?m? De?i?tirmek ?stiyorum. Çünkü Ben GTA 5 Alaca??m. ?uanki Ekran Kat?m "Nvidia Geforce GT 630M". ?imdi Size Sorum ?u: "Ben Ekran Kart?m? De?i?tirebilir Miyim?"                                                                                       

A:Do I change the graphics card?

And my answer to you: no way. The video is soldered to the motherboard so is not removeable or replaceable or upgradeable. 

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I am trying to decide if I should get a new graphics card to be able to play games better. What do you think? If I do replace it, how would I go about it?

I had bought a PCI Express Card and put it in so I would have more USB Ports, it worked till I rebooted, and since then, Windows has not recognized it, so anything I plug into one of the USB Ports does not work. I would hate for the same thing to happen to a graphics card.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2600 CPU @ 3.40GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 42 Stepping 7
Processor Count: 8
RAM: 12270 Mb
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 6700 Series, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 1418215 MB, Free - 1331502 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0Y2MRG
Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials, Updated and Enabled

A:Should I Change Graphics Card

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Hi all. I've just swapped out my AMD Card for an nvidia. I also replaced my psu.
The problem I'm getting is my pc only makes it to the first screen then sometimes tells me there is no signal. The original card was an ati radion hd6670 2g gddr3. The new card is an Asus gtx 1060 turbo. 6 g

A:Graphics card change.

Stevehaines said:

Hi all. I've just swapped out my AMD Card for an nvidia. I also replaced my psu.
The problem I'm getting is my pc only makes it to the first screen then sometimes tells me there is no signal. The original card was an ati radion hd6670 2g gddr3. The new card is an Asus gtx 1060 turbo. 6 gClick to expand...

Also if I put my old card in it all works as should do.

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I have an Acer Timeline Aspire 4810t laptop:

3002 Megabytes Usable Installed Memory
1.40 gigahertz Intel Core2 Solo
Mobile Intel(R) 4 Series Express Chipset Family [Display adapter] (2x)
Windows Vista Home Premium Service Pack 2
Board: Acer Aspire 4810T Base Board Version

Could anyone tell me if the graphics card on this machine is upgradable? and if not are there any ways to improve performance?

Many Thanks

A:can i change my graphics card?

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Hello,I wanted to ask if the graphics card from my laptop HP Pavilion dv6-2009eo could be changed with one from HP Pavilion dv6-3121sl  (it is better,and can support Dx11,unlike the one i have,i don't change the laptop cause the motherboard is byebye)so i want to change:from: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4530 Series Graphicsto: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470 Graphics

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Hi everyone, I have been using a Vostro 3568 (i5 7200, 4gb ram, AMD R5 M430) for 1 month. However, after I updated AMD software, the details of my graphics card changed. From AMD R5 430 to HD 8500M. Haven't noticed any considerable changes in gaming or any errors, however should I reinstall again or let it be? Just afraid that some games wouldn't be able to run with wrongly-identified card.
Thank you so much

A:Graphics card change its model?

There is no problem. The AMD R5 Mx30 is a rebadged AMD HD 8500M series GPU as seen by the AMD catalyst.

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My laptop is Acer Aspire V15 V3-574G-74BC. Im trying to get a GTX card but i dont know if i can change the graphics card of my laptop. Is it possible or not?

A:Can i change my Graphics card on my laptop?

Hi,I don't think it's replaceable as it's soldered to the motherboard

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I really want to have high framerate on high settings with i play League of Legends or any type of PC Game.

Im currently running Windows 7 and 8 on separate.


HP Pavillion g6 Notebook PC
AMD Phenom(tm) II P960 Quad-Core Processor (4 CPU's), ~1.8 GHz
6 GB of Ram
ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4200 Series

A:How do i change my Laptop Graphics Card?

Generally you can't change the graphics card, as it's actually a chip soldered onto your motherboard.

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To keep it sweet and simple i want to change my Graphics and drivers to Nvidia.Sadly intel is not good enough...well not for the type of gaming i'm trying to do. my computer specs alone are considered "decent". Ya know not super beefy but not poor either. Just right i guess lol. Anyways i want to change. I'm tired of intel and i'm getting left in the dust with how ridiculous it is. Reinstalling windows 8 is not helping my case either > How can i go about getting this done?

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Over some time, I have had problems here and there watching videos, but nothing major. Recently, I bought a new game, and the graphics are just terrible. I set everything to low, everything to high, custom, random. I tried everything, and the game looks so bad. Pixels are easily noticeable, and the frame rate is bad. The video skips as well, when moving around in the game. I am wondering if it is possible to replace my graphics card with a new one, either the same or an upgrade.

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If I change the graphics card do I delete the old drivers first then remove the old card, replace it with the new one then install the new drivers, or should I install the new drivers before the new graphics card? I am a little confused on how the new card will work without the new drivers?

A:Solved: Graphics card change

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I've never messed with graphics cards before and don't have a clue, please can someone give me a hand...

My brother tells me that his computer is no longer giving a graphics output, totally blank screen, and that when it boots it gives 1 long and 3 short beeps.

It has an AWARD BIOS and the POST beep code apparently means that there is a problem with the graphics card. Since I know nothing about graphics cards I did a bit of research to find out about the subject before I opened it up. I read up about AGP and PCI cards etc... The computer is quite old so I expect a PCI card.

I open it up and it is a PCI card, so I give it a blow and a wiggle, still no display, just beeps. However, I noticed that the motherboard (an M6TAB, if that means anything) does have an AGP slot with something in it. I get confused. :suspiciou

Can anyone tell me what this card in the AGP slot is and what it does?
Is it another graphics card?
Am I correct in assuming the graphics card is broken?

The little sticker with a picture of a monitor says to plug the monitor into the PCI card, but the AGP card has the same port (expect it doesn't have an input). I'd never noticed the port before and didn't ever try the monitor in it.

As a separate question, why do both cards have 20 pin ports on them?

One card might be a 3D Voodoo Banshee, I think???

A:Please Help To Identify & Change A Graphics Card

try removing the card from the pci slot and then connecting to to the other card.

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my son says the intel graphics card not good enough for him playing steam game,can i change to a better graphics card,and if so any special things i need to do.and can it only take a certain card

A:atc-603-eb11,can you change the graphics card

Hi juice58,
There is a PCI express slot available on the ATC-603, so it is possible from that aspect. There are a couple other considerations that need to be made.
Game Requirements - So Steam is a digital distribution for different games. You can have a Steam Account, and have 1, 2, 50, 1000 different games on it. You'll need to understand which game your son is interested in playing. You can google "Steam (game name)" and it will take you to a Steam Page for that game that has system requirements. Here is an example: http://store.steampowered.com/app/570/
Power Consumption - I show that this PC has a 300w Power Supply (PSU). You'll need to find a card that meets this specification or a bigger PSU may be needed to run a higher end card. Based on the game requirements, a video card that requires a higher video card could need more than your current PSU can support.
Power Connections - Most video cards require a separate connection from the PSU, these are 6 (2x3) or 8 (2x4) pin connectors. Here is a picture for some older content, but could help you visualize it. https://www.guru3d.com/articles-pages/zotac-geforce-gtx-480,9.html
I would recommend looking at a GTX 750ti as it is a smaller card that I don't believe requires a Power Connector. This will run most if not all games (it might require lowering the settings on some games to get a good frame rate).
Hope this helps,Cory

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So here is my computer information.
Field Value
Computer TypeACPI x64-based PC (Mobile)
Operating SystemMicrosoft Windows 7 Home Premium
OS Service Pack[ TRIAL VERSION ]
Internet Explorer9.0.8112.16421 (IE 9.0)
DirectX DirectX 11.0
Logon Domain [ TRIAL VERSION ]
Date / Time 2012-07-23 / 13:50

CPU Type DualCore Intel Core i5-650, 3333 MHz (25 x 133)
MBoard Name Dell Inspiron 580
MBoard ChipsetIntel Ibex Peak H57, Intel Ironlake
System Memory[ TRIAL VERSION ]
DIMM1: Samsung M378B5273CH0-CH94 GB DDR3-1333 DDR3 SDRAM (8-8-8- 22 @ 609 MHz) (7-7-7-20 @ 533 MHz) (6-6-6-17 @ 457 MHz)
DIMM3: Samsung M378B5273CH0-CH9[ TRIAL VERSION ]
BIOS Type AMI (07/06/10)

Audio AdapterIntel Ibex Peak HDMI @ Intel Ibex Peak PCH - High Definition Audio Controller [B-3]
Audio AdapterRealtek ALC887 @ Intel Ibex Peak PCH - High Definition Audio Controller [B-3]

IDE ControllerIntel(R) 5 Series/3400 Series Chipset Family 4 port Serial ATA Storage Controller - 3B20
Disk DriveGeneric- Compact Flash USB Device
Disk DriveGeneric- MS/MS-Pro USB Device
Disk DriveGeneric- SD/MMC USB Device
Disk DriveGeneric- SM/xD-Picture USB Device
Disk DriveST31500341AS ATA Device (1500 GB, 7200 RPM, SATA-II)
Optical DriveTSSTcorp DVD+-RW TS-H653H ATA Device
SMART Hard Disks StatusOK

So my budget is around 250 and my friend told me to change my g.c to 6590 or 560ti, so.... im not sure if my computer su... Read more

A:I want to change my graphics card for gaming

What is your Psu?

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I am wondering if someone can point me in the right direction. I am running Windows 8 64-bit with an old Nvidia 8800GTX card. I have a new HD 7970 card. When I put the new card in, I can't get the OS to boot. It just says "Windows ecountered a problem" and will just do this over and over. I can't preinstall the ATI drivers before I put the card in. Can anyone offer some advice? Thanks.

A:Cannot change graphics card from Nvidia to AMD

You have to uninstall all the old NVIDIA stuff first. This includes the drivers and all software. Once you are sure you are clean, then change the cards and boot into win 8. Once there, you can install your new ATI drivers.

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Okay, so I am not too great with computers, but I am purchasing this computer soon:

Newegg.com - iBUYPOWER Gamer Extreme 551D3 Phenom II X4 965(3.4GHz) 4GB DDR3 500GB ATI Radeon HD 5770 Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

I was wondering, how hard is it to change a graphics card? I am planning on changing the 5770 in this PC to a 5850 soon. Do I just take the card out of the motherboard and put in a new one? Or is it more difficult than that?

Also, does overclocking a GPU void your warrenty?

A:How hard is it to change a graphics card?

It is very simple. What you do to take out the 5770 you apply in reverse for the 5850.. don't forget to plug in the power cord for the card! As far as overclocking your GPU voiding your warranty... it is a very debatable issue as most manufacturers give you the program to overclock. Though a stable system always runs at stock clocks.

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So I was wondering, is it possible to change my laptops graphics card to a better one?

And then I also was wondering what I can do to make it faster? -I'm going to change the hdd to a 96Gb Kingston SSD HDD and I'm also going to get 2Gb more ram but what else can I do?

"My laptop"
thx 4 any advice!

A:Is it possible to change my laptop's graphics card?

Well I doubt you can get a mobile gpu off the shelf(I have never heard of it).
BTW you might as well consider buying a new laptop....

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Hello, hello, it's been a while since I last posted around here.

I've been working on my cousins computer which keeps freezin up for a couple of days now. I checked each piece of hardware, and found out it's his graphics card that's slowly going to the underworld. It's an old computer, and he plans to buy a new one in a couple of months, but he still wants to buy a new vc for this one.

These are the specs:

3,00 gigahertz Intel Pentium 4
16 kilobyte primary memory cache
2048 kilobyte secondary memory cache
64-bit ready
Hyper-threaded (2 total) Board: ASUSTek Computer INC. LITHIUM 1.04
Bus Clock: 200 megahertz
BIOS: Phoenix Technologies, LTD 3.08 09/12/2005
Drives Memory Modules c,d
200,04 Gigabytes Usable Hard Drive Capacity
34,60 Gigabytes Hard Drive Free Space

HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GH22NS50 [Optical drive]

WDC WD2000JS-60MHB1 [Hard drive] (200,05 GB) -- drive 0 2048 Megabytes Usable Installed Memory

Slot 'A0' has 1024 MB
Slot 'A1' has 1024 MB
Slot 'A2' is Empty
Slot 'A3' is Empty

NVIDIA GeForce 6200SE TurboCache(TM) [Display adapter]
edit: running Windows XP
My question is, can someone suggest a slightly better graphics card (lets say under 150 euros). Given he's going to get a new computer I personaly think something around 50euros would be enough.
Thank you for your time, and if you need further info or if I skipped something, let me now.

A:Solved: Graphics card change. A bit of help?

From the description, it appears this is an HP branded computer. The power supply is probably 250 to 300 watts, so I would not buy a graphics card that is much of an upgrade over what it has now (if it requires more power). Maybe sonething like a Geforce GT 210 http://www.dabs.com/products/gigaby...ess-2-0-hdmi-68VZ.html?refs=43990000-55140000 or 8400GS.

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Can I change the graphics card in a laptopThe old graphics card NVIDIA Quadro 2000This newAMD fire pro m4000Note that a computer 8650w Workstation?Is the operating system compatible with this card and does not cause problems 

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Hello, I have Lenovo Thinkpad X250 and I want to change my graphics card Is it possible? Thanks.

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Hey, i wanna upgrade my graphics card from "GeForce G100" to "GeForce 9800 GTX+". My computer is a "HP Pavilion Slimline s3821uk Desktop PC" is this graphics card change possible? Any system specs u need plz ask and give me a way of getting holf of them for you.

A:Solved: is this graphics card change possible??

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I have a dell precision 490 desktop.  I bought a Nvidia Quadro K2200 4GB, card thinking after reading multiple forms that it would work.  Well it turns out that it is not working out for me.  I install it and get the 1,2,3 lights on the front and two quick beeps.  I am guessing that PCI-e 2.0 is not backwards compatible to PCI-e 1.0.  I updated the bios to the latest 8.0 version but still it did nothing.  I am not getting any signal to the monitors.  Is there anything I can do?

A:Precision 490 Graphics Card Change

Sell your 490 and look for a used Precision T3500.

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Can I change the graphics card in a laptopThe old graphics card NVIDIA Quadro 2000This newNVIDIA Quadro K2100MNote that a computer 8650w Workstation?Is the operating system compatible with this card and does not cause problems  

A:Can I change the graphics card in a laptop

Hi, The list shows compatible cards: AMD FirePro M5950 with 1GB dedicated GDDR5 video memory (Microsoft DirectX 11 (Shader Model 5.0) and OpenGL 4.0 capable)AMD Eyefinity Technology supports up to five independent displays (requires discrete graphics configuration) when using an HP Advanced Docking station.NVIDIA Quadro 1000M with 2GB dedicated DDR3 video memory (Microsoft DirectX 11 (Shader Model 5.0) and OpenGL 4.0 capable)NVIDIA Quadro 2000M with 2GB dedicated DDR3 video memory (Microsoft DirectX 11 (Shader Model 5.0) and OpenGL 4.0 capable)Source:   http://h20564.www2.hp.com/hpsc/doc/public/display?docId=emr_na-c02843455 Both NVIDIA Quadro 2000M and  NVIDIA Quadro K2100M require 55W I think should be ok BUT BIOS may not support this. Regards.

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Here are the specs:


I can't figure out how to get the keyboard off and I don't want to break anything.

I'm trying to change my video card so I can connect it to my analog TV - Hitachi Rear Projection 48" 1993. The current video card won't do it. Is there any other way I can accomplish this? I've heard there are adapters but I don't know what to get.

A:How Do I Change the Graphics Card in my Laptop?

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i have GT 420 (OEM) , Motherboard : MS-7613 (Iona-GL8E) , PSU : 460W and i want to upgrade it to GTX550 Ti , Can I (without changing any other hardware) ?! ____________________________________________________________________________________ MS-7613 (Iona-GL8E), i5 650 3.2Ghz 10Gb DDR3, GT420(OEM),460W

View Solution.

A:Can i change my graphics card to gtx 550ti ??!!

The original PSU does not have a PCI Express power connector. A PSU upgrade will be required. Without the PCI Express power connector connected to the video card your PC will not boot into Windows. 

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To keep it sweet and simple i want to change my Graphics and drivers to Nvidia.Sadly intel is not good enough...well not for the type of gaming i'm trying to do. my computer specs alone are considered "decent". Ya know not super beefy but not poor either. Just right i guess lol. Anyways i want to change. I'm tired of intel and i'm getting left in the dust with how ridiculous it is. Reinstalling windows 8 is not helping my case either > How can i go about getting this done?

A:How to change graphics card and drivers?

What exact pc do you have? Motherboard..

It solely depends on your motherboard on which video card you should get..

Because of type of connection and speed it will handle..

In my opinion I would go nvidia over amd, but it's just solely based on my experience with nvidia over amd cards always having to change or have things fixed in games updates..

People have many problems with video card incompatible issues so once you pick out a video card you will need to use google and read reviews of it with your specific motherboard and look for people having problems.. Usually you will see many posts of people complaining about problematic video cards and your motherboard.. So obviously stay away from those..

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So, I have an Ideapad Yoga 13, and I want to change just the graphics card, but I don't know if I can without changing the proccesor too. If I can just change the graphics card, I don't know how to.

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I have a nvidia GeForce 9400 GT, how can a change the shared memory because for some reason its taking 1.5gb of my precious ram! Can I change it or will I have to buy a less ram thirsty graphics card

A:How to change a graphics card shared memory?

Go to bios setup look for the shared memory option there

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A:can i change graphics card on acer aspire e1 531 ?


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Hello , I have got Lenovo thinkcentre m92 sff   -   Intel Core i5-3550 3,30 GHz, 500 GB, 8 GB RAM, DVD-RW, Intel HD Graphics 2500, Windows 10 Pro, DisplayPort, VGA, 4xUSB 2.0, 4xUSB 3.0, COM, LAN.  I want to change Intel HD Graphics 2500 to GTX 500 TI is it possible?

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I tried adding a second older Nvidia graphics card into my desktop computer. (I was seeing if I could use it via PCI pass-through in a virtual machine.) My Windows 7 Home Premium OEM (on a custom built pc) didn't like that, disabled the original Nvidia graphics card, and tried to use the new card by default but the display was stuck on a low resolution. I removed the second graphics card but Windows 7 didn't automatically revert to using the first card on reboot, so I had to reinstall the Nvidia driver for it, after which everything was ok... except that Windows 7 said I had to reactivate it.

I have previously read that changing the gpu shouldn't affect the activation status, but in this case the activation seems to be dependent on the graphics card.

So my question is: Why is my Windows 7 installation so finicky about the graphics card?

Diagnostic Report (1.9.0027.0):
Windows Validation Data-->

Validation Code: 0
Cached Online Validation Code: N/A, hr = 0xc004f012
Windows Product Key: *****-*****-F7TJ3-PKFJ2-CQP4C
Windows Product Key Hash: QUscK7CLLI68teDSNeCc2F07foo=
Windows Product ID: 00359-OEM-8704621-09552
Windows Product ID Type: 3
Windows License Type: OEM System Builder
Windows OS version: 6.1.7601.2.00010300.1.0.003
ID: {2DF775ED-A107-4FEE-8744-045EDFBD8488}(1)
Is Admin: Yes
TestCab: 0x0
LegitcheckControl ActiveX: N/A, hr = 0x80070002
Signed By: N/A, hr = 0x80070002
Product Name: Windows 7 Home Premium
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A:Graphics card change requires reactivation - why?

The 0x80072EFD error in the MGADiag report indicates a connection failure to the validation servers.
Make sure that the system is connected to the internet, and use Internet Explorer to attempt validation at www.microsoft.com/genuine/validate - it should pass, and clear the error.
If not, post another MGADiag report, and tell us what security software you're using (AV/Firewall, etc)

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Hello there everyone.

My current computer specs are located in my signature. Ive bee thinking about this for a while, but is it possable to somehow change an S-VIDEO output on a graphics card to an input? Im assuming everything is output on my card atm but I would like to try and hook up my nintendo Wii to my LCD monitor. I have an adapter which converts YPbPr to s-video cable so I can hook it up to the graphics card. I know there are VGA-YPbPr converter out there but i dont have the money atm lol... Basically is there a way to somehow configure the graphics card so that it can view my wii? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading

A:Graphics card -- Change output to input?

I'm gonna go with no.

The way I imagine it the wiring could be adapted and re-soldered to the board to allow it, but the chip would still not know what to do with the signal, and it would probably fry.

If anyone knows anything I don't here I'd love to hear it, but it sounds grim to me.

Easier would probably;y be a modulator to use from the Wii to the monitor.

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