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msi.dll & pci.sys fixed ? - but still problems ! . programs fail to initialize !

Q: msi.dll & pci.sys fixed ? - but still problems ! . programs fail to initialize !

Hi All at Bleeping Computer.
 I hope somebody here can help ?
My Setup = 
Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3 (build 2600)
A7V400-MX    from ASUS Tec . Motherboard
1.85 gigahertz AMD Sempron
2048 Megabytes Usable Installed Memory
FAT32 80GB on drive o 40.98 GB NTFS on drive1 ( Empty) 
Toshiba e-STUDIO166 Printer on COM4 
I have a back-up copy  "copy of :C"  on a 500GB EHD -  circa-  Mid 2014 - 
OK ..where do I start ?
I had a power issue - frozen PC ..I power buttoned off .. usual errors on restart ..but took forever .. rebooted !
OOPS !!! 
Initial problems - on stating up 
( p.s) I think I messed up by not converting lost chains to files !! 
C:windows\System32\msi.dll is not a valid window image. Please check this against  your installation diskette
I think I fixed this by copying from old back up.
Ibrtfdc.sys  is corrupted.Press any key to continue
This has since stopped - I cant remember what I did to stop this ! 
 >>> Now I'm getting as far as the computer booting past the XP blue screen .'".Windows is starting '" ..some sound (start up music) - 
Boxes are appearing with the likes of "AvastUI.exe - Application Error" the application failed to initialize properly ( 0xc0000005), Click on OK to terminate the application"  this pops back up again ! and i press OK again
Another BOX " DAEMON Tools Lite" reports ' This program requires at least Windows 2000 with SPTD 1.53or higher Kernel Debugger must be deactivated. Again I press the OK button.
There are other - Like DOS - Boxes - that appear - but they just flash on the screen - I'm not quick enough to read them ! .
Finally in the bottom right corner - beside the clock - another BOX - "Java Update Available " this is normal 
I looks like the programs that would normally start on start-up are gone or the links/short cuts are gone !! ?
Now for the funny bits ..
I can open 'Outlook Express' it works !  I can send & Receive E-Mails.
I can run 'my computer' and view contents of C: E: A: usb's etc..
I'v even ran "Hiren's Boot disk" { from boot from CD_ROM) to move (Save) some files - Just in Case !!
I can access the A: ( Floppy ) from by Laptop downstairs via my network ! 
Some Programs Work and some don't !
Microsoft WORD - Reports - {Problem with Shortcut } title on BOX - "'The window Installer Service could not be accessed. This can occur if you are running windows in safe mode, or if the Windows Installer is not correctly installed. contact tour support personnel for assistance"'
in Accessories/System Tools- System Information & System Restore will not Work ! but Word-pad, Paint & Calculator WILL !
simple DOS games like BZ .exe - Report -'" The Win16 Subsystem was unable to enter Protected Mode, DOSE.EXE must be in your AUTOEXEC.NT and present in your PATH '"
From the START - RUN ..
eventvwr.msc will open Event Viewer
msconfig - reports error - windows cannot find 'msconfig'..
explorer - Will work and open my Documents
Chkdsk -Will open the C:windows\System32\Chkdsk.exe. .. Its runs.. 'Windows is verifying files and folders... ' ..REPORTS ..Window found errors on the disk, but will not fix them because disk checking was run without the /f (fix) parameter.
\Documents and Settings\OEMUser\Local Settings\Temp\DalMeasurementFile2.log first allocation unit is not valid. The entry will be truncated
\Windows\Prefetch\CHKDSK.EXE2CC4C59D.pf first allocation unit is not valid. The entry will be truncated.
P.S - While typing this ( I am typing this on a laptop) - I'v since ran (rebooted) and 'checking file on system C:' - 'windows is verifying files and folders' - "" Windows has checked the file system and found no problems"" ..Windows is starting up .. loading your personal settings ...sound ... and then back to >>>> above !! 
A funny thing ..with START - RUN -
cmd will open a DOS Window ..and work . Dir/p,  cd A: .. and all that work ..
BUT command will not work - it brings me to a DOS window . with the cursor flashing in the middle !! ? 
sfc /scannow ..does NOT Work .
troubleshooter in aps wont work 
Windows cant find helpctr.exe  ! 
I use this 'old computer' for checking emails - and for PRINTING from my work laptop . via home network - My Printer is an eStudio 166 (Toshiba) . But I cant get it to work now !! . Whatever is wrong above is I think stopping me from printing.
I hope there is somebody out there who can help me .. I've been up nights all week trying to fix this ! .
I'm afraid to run " Windows repair via XP installation disk - in case my Driver to printer wont work after ?
I'v have already goosed up one laptop this week by connecting to the printer and loading the eStudio software ! ( but that for another day ! )
I really need this Desktop fixed ..
Please HELP ..
Kind Regards,
And thanks in anticipation.

Preferred Solution: msi.dll & pci.sys fixed ? - but still problems ! . programs fail to initialize !

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: msi.dll & pci.sys fixed ? - but still problems ! . programs fail to initialize !

I would run the chkdsk /r command on the Windows partition...then maybe run it again.  Running chkdsk without the /r parameter...does not repair anything, it's in read-only mode.  Try running chkdsk /r.

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Hello all,

I'm an obvious new user to these forums, and as expected, I have encountered some problems with my computer. I would highly appreciate any help on my issue. First, I'll describe the nature of the problem.

On Thursday, October 16, my antivirus software (Kasperky) said it had detected keylogging on my computer. The computer was largely unresponsive after and any open files had corrupted looking graphics. The internet and all other executable files also could not work, forcing a restart.

Upon restart, it appeared all was well, until the same problem occurred again. I vaguely remember what I had done afterward to solve this problem. I know I had booted into safe mode and done a system restore, which seems to have solved most of my issues. However, I believe some are still present, and I would like them fixed.

Currently, I have full access to the Internet, and all of my files. Upon bootup, I am automatically logged onto my account, though there are two on the machine: mine and a guest account. When I leave my computer for extended periods of time, I receive this error when I try to load something:

iexplorer.exe cannot initialize, error 0xc0000142.

Other than this, I believe all is well, though programs are marginally slower than before. If you need more information, I'll be glad to answer. Thank you for time and efforts.

A:Programs fail to initialize, error 0xc0000142

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that's what I get with most games.
so I went to run > dxdiag
and tried to enable:

DirectDraw Acceleration shows "Not available"
Direct3d Acceleration shows "Not Available"
AGP Texture Acceleration ahows "Not Available"

I cant click enable on any of them.
anyone that knows how to get them enabled?

A:fail to initialize directx..

your graphic card even supports those things?

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that's what I get with most games.
so I went to run > dxdiag
and tried to enable:

DirectDraw Acceleration shows "Not available"
Direct3d Acceleration shows "Not Available"
AGP Texture Acceleration ahows "Not Available"

I cant click enable on any of them.
anyone that knows how to get them enabled?

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I can not get any applications to initialize in XP, except for MS Office apps.

When I start any other app, I get the error message:
"The application failed to initialize properly (0x0000005). Click on OK to terminate the application.).

Any help would be appreciated.


A:Applications fail to Initialize in XP

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i am running windows xp home, sp2, and am one of 3 users (all with admin privileges).

This probelem began 3(ish) days ago. When i would log in to windows under my acount, i immediately recieved an error message indicating "userinit.exe" has "failed to initialize proprely...press ok to terminate the application". Upon doing so, was left looking at the wallpaper, with no taskbar or icons.

Ctr-Alt-Del delivers the message "taskmgr.exe" has "failed to initialize properly....press ok to terminate".
From here, none of the other windows hot-keys seem to work. that is, i cannot log off or shut down with alt-f4, or launch my apps with the keyboard shortcuts i have set up.

When logged in as another user, it is hit-or-miss. i have gotten the userinit error, but can log on perhaps 50% of the time. even when logged on, ctr-alt-del gives the same taskmgr.exe error

i can launch the task manager manually from my system32 directory (or from the run dialog) and it works fine.

Also, from any user profile, the computer will not cleanly shut down. That is, windows saves my settings, etc, then hangs on a black screen with cursor, power on. A hard restart forces chkdsk during boot, and always seems to turn up at least a few errors (although i have not watched it *every* time.)

Thinking the problem may have been to to file corruption, i used my windows xp boot Cd to repair my windows installation, with no noticable effect except changing my ... Read more

A:userinit.exe, taskmgr.exe fail to initialize

Hello Mindlab, and welcome to TSF

Please subscribe to this thread to get immediate notification of replies as soon as they are posted. To do this click Thread Tools,
then click Subscribe to this Thread. Make sure it is set to Instant Notification, then click Subscribe.

Please read this post completely before begining the fix. If there's anything that you do not understand, kindly ask your questions before proceeding.
Please ensure that there aren't any opened browsers when you are carrying out the procedures below. Save the following instructions in Notepad as this
webpage would not be available when you're carrying out the fix.



The fixes we will use are specific to your problems and should only be used for this issue on this machine.

Please only use this topic to reply to. Do not start another thread.
If any other issues arise let me know.

The process is not instant. Please continue to review my answers until I tell you your machine is clear.
Absence of symptoms does not mean that everything is clear. So lets do this to the end!

Please make every effort to reply to my posts in a timely manner. Malware breeds malware and the longer an infection remains on a system, the more
likely additional infections will result.



CLEANUP! version 4.52 ? TE... Read more

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PC slow, and after awhile, IE and Chrome fail to initialize.(IE is my backup browser) None of the antivirus programs start then either. Random messages concerning Avira vdf files being destroyed pop up, and can't update them. I use free updated versions of Avira, Ad-Aware, Spybot S&D. After I can no longer open any programs, often the Windows password logon screen comes up. Not the partitioned user/ kid password setup I have, but the main WinXP logon. Says PC is locked. I restart, and it works awhile again. Here is TSG Sysinfo data:

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, Service Pack 2, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.80GHz, x86 Family 15 Model 2 Stepping 9
Processor Count: 1
RAM: 1278 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) 82845G/GL/GE/PE/GV Graphics Controller, 64 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 72653 MB, Free - 40171 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Computer Corp., 0F5949, A01, ..CN7082148AI0SL.
Antivirus: Lavasoft Ad-Watch Live! Anti-Virus, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

And here is my HJT log:

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 3:52:40 PM, on 12/7/2010
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v8.00 (8.00.6001.18702)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Windows Defender\MsMpEng.exe
C:\... Read more

A:Taskmgr.exe and others fail to initialize properly

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My Windows 8.1 virtual machines worked fine. I just upgraded to Windows 10 and when I attempt to start the machines I get the error '(machine name)' failed to start. and '(machine name)' could not initialize. The same thing happens when I attempt to create a new virtual machine. Any thoughts on this would be very appreciated.

A:Machines Fail to Start and Initialize

I get the same on VMware player with xp vm, I get internal error. Player update needed?

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Hello:I've been experiencing multiple issues on my Dell Inspiron 531 with AMD Sempron 2.31 GHz Processor running Windows XP Home Edition Version 2002 with SP3. The machine has 2 GB of RAM and a 40GB HDD. It uses an NVDIA GeForce 6150SE nForce 430 display adapter.Initially the display adpater would unexpectedly fail resulting in a system lockup and requiring the machine to be restarted.However, another more serious issue developed the a few days ago. The appearance of the Google home page changed and the system became very slow so I suspected something and attempted to run my Norton Internet Security software. It needed a new subscription, so I logged on to attempt to renew, but as soon as I opened Windows IE 7, it immediately shut down. Shortly after that, I received the following message "RPC service terminated unexpectedly. This shutdown was intiated by NT Authority \system." So, I tried to renew again using Google Chrome and it failed the same way. Finally, I used Safari. I was able to upgrade to Norton 360 4.0 and let it do it's thing. I also ran MBAM and followed the instructions it gave. The system is running a lot faster now.However, when I restart I receive at least three (sometimes more) messages that an application has failed to initialize. Sometimes it is one instance of rundll32.exe, sometimes it's a few, and some times it is all the apps in my system tray. Additionally, I still get the error that started it all: "RPC terminated un... Read more

A:RPC Terminated Unexpectedly - Applications Fail to Initialize

Hello , And to the Bleeping Computer Malware Removal Forum. My name is Elise and I'll be glad to help you with your computer problems.I will be working on your malware issues, this may or may not solve other issues you may have with your machine.Please note that whatever repairs we make, are for fixing your computer problems only and by no means should be used on another computer.The cleaning process is not instant. Logs can take some time to research, so please be patient with me. I know that you need your computer working as quickly as possible, and I will work hard to help see that happen. Please reply using the Add/Reply button in the lower right hand corner of your screen. Do not start a new topic. The logs that you post should be pasted directly into the reply. Only attach them if requested or if they do not fit into the post.Unfortunately, if I do not hear back from you within 5 days, I will be forced to close your topic. If you still need help after I have closed your topic, send me or a moderator a personal message with the address of the thread or feel free to create a new one.You may want to keep the link to this topic in your favorites. Alternatively, you can click the button at the top bar of this topic and Track this Topic, where you can choose email notifications. The topics you are tracking are shown here.-----------------------------------------------------------If you have since resolved the original problem you were having, we would appreciate you let... Read more

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I have just installed Windows 7, and am running across a few problems already. I have an ATI Radeon HD 4650 AGP card, and when I install the Windows 7/Windows Vista driver, everything goes smoothly. I reboot and nothing has changed, and Catalyst fails to run. I try to run the Control Center, and it also fails to run. There are no errors or anything. This is really aggravating...
Can anyone help me out here? I'm a bit lost. I know that ATI doesn't officially support AGP, but I also tried their little AGP hotfix. No go.

A:ATI Radeon drivers install, but fail to initialize

Me again.

What if anything did Windows install for the AGP/GART driver? Without that your AGP card won't work properly. Looking at the specs for your computer/motherboard,

Motherboard Specifications, A7V8X-LA (Kelut) - HP Customer Care (United States - English)

and what is available from Via (there won't be anything from HP) I doubt there will ever be any Windows 7 chipset drivers, but you can try the Vista one. Start here,

VIA Drivers Download - VIA Technologies, Inc.

select Windows, Vista 32, then select the "Hyperion Pro (4 in 1)" chipset driver.

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I have a WinXP Pro machine that I just had to do a repair install of XP SP2. All works fine until I run windows updates. The first thing windows updates will do is update itself. But then it will not install any other updates. I found a forum on this and started the following services:
regsvr32 /s wuapi.dll
regsvr32 /s wuaueng1.dll
regsvr32 /s wuaueng.dll
regsvr32 /s wucltui.dll
regsvr32 /s wups2.dll
regsvr32 /s wups.dll
regsvr32 /s wuweb.dll

Then I ran windows update again. This time I chose custom updates and started installing only a few updates at time to try to narrow down the offending one. When I got to the ones listed below and restarted my pc, I started getting errors that lsass.exe and services.exe failed to initialize properly (0xc0000096). Here are the last updates I installed:

Security updates for KB930178, KB931261, KB932168, KB925902, KB928255, KB928843, KB927802, KB924667, KB927779, KB918118, KB926436, KB923980

I am going to try another repair install and update up to KB930178 but would appreciate any assistance in determining why these updates cause the lsass.exe and services.exe errors when restarting after they are installed.

A:Solved: lsass.exe and services.exe fail to initialize properly

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Hi TSG Forum

Please advice on this problem.

Since I am currently working in Ethiopia I have been using a Dial-up modem connection, and also been sharing USB-flash with local colleagues. It was probably naive, but since i ran NOD32 I thought that I was OK. However, on 09/11/08 I started to get a number of errors when trying to launch applications. Suddenly, almost no applications would run, including firefox, word, my computer etc. I restarted and after login I got a number of errors with exe files of the kind: "The application failed to initialize properly....". Also, the modem would not be recognized. After reboot, other applications failed to initialize. Sometimes the modem is recognised, other times it is not. Firefox cannot run. Internet Explorer can run. I have booted in safe mode but still firefox is unable to run.

I have scanned several times with NOD32 (which runs occasionally) but it finds nothing.

When I disable all system and start services in msconfig i do not get the "The application failed to initialize" messages, but still firefox can not run and the computer is extremely slow.

Two applications that keeps failing to initialize are: Netwk.exe and Updatemonitor.exe. I have been able to remove the updatemonitor.exe failure by disabling in msconfig.

My fellow collegaues laptop have the same symptoms and got them almost exactly at the same time. We have used the same internet connection and the same USB flash memory.

I think this is bad, b... Read more

A:fail to initialize multiple apps at startup + firefox cannot run. PLEASE ADVICE

Just to update on this thread. From an previous hijackthis log I saw that svchost.exe was missing. When I looked in system32, it was called svchost.del, and before running the above hijackthis log I renamed svchost.del to svchost.exe. This appears to fix alle problems except firefox which was still not running. I removed firefox and reinstalled, and now firefox is running aswell.

However, why would svchost.del have been renamed svchost.del and thereby causing major system breakdown? I guess it must be malware related?
Thanks in advance

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Good evening all,

Just to flag that this has also been posted in W7 Support sub-forum here:

Other thread

Re. the instruction thread - the link to DSS doesn't seem to work, and GMER is for 32-bit only. If there's anything I can do to kick things off, please let me know and I'll do it!

I've googled extensively around the issues I am facing, and tried all proposed solutions, but none have worked thus far.

Symptoms:I have 1-2 minutes of freedom after booting, then I can no longer run new programmes. I also cannot close some programmes e.g. Skype. Tabs in Chrome spazz, flash player dies, and any new navigation ends up with an eternal hanging/loading problem.
Unable to restart/shutdown conventionally (I have to do it physically)
I get the error "Failure to display security and shut down options ..." when I try ALT+CTRL+DEL

Safe mode is absolutely fine, so I assume it's not anything hardware related (though please correct me if I'm being naive). My second drive which runs off XP, which I only use for storage now, boots fine and has no problems.

I have not installed any new drivers, programmes, or otherwise made any meaningful changes recently.

Solutions I've tried:Reset winsock.
Shut off all start-up programmes using MSCONFIG.
Run virus scan at boot-up, deleted 2 items (win32 installmate ... prob trojans? Was an .exe that I had downloaded but never ran).
Run Malwarebytes scan, deleted 1 fairly innocuous item.
Run full scan-disk check.
Run a SFC scan... Read more

A:windows update fail or statup programs fail cant do much of anything please help

Hello chivalrousgent and our apologies for the oversight of your thread.

Do you still require assistance?

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Windows 7 x64 Professional. I have several issues. Most notable is the fact that I will tell the system to restart (shutdown menu) and it will eventually restart (sometimes hangs at "logging off...") then fails to post after shutting down on the restart. If I manually toggle my reset button, the system starts up fine with no errors. If I had to power off during a hang at shutdown, I get a prompt with startup options saying the system failed to shut down correctly.

Other issues which may be related: Windows update freezes after opening only displaying the loading mouse (think hourglass) and a white screen. I have to force quit from task manager. iTunes also fails to launch, but opens a process (visable in task manager).

I have tried a system settings/files restore, with no progress.

Any help!?


A:fail to post after restart, but fixed with reset button

Welcome to Seven forums LongN3ck.
Offhand this sounds like a bad motherboard. Power off and remove all USB devices, except keyboard, mouse, and try it. Take out all memory modules except one and try it.
Power off and reset CMOS. Pull the power cable out first.
*Method one, remove the coin battery and short the battery terminals for 10 seconds.
*Method two, The mother board may have CMOS reset jumpers, short them for 10 seconds.

If the issue persists I still think its a bad board. I've had much experience with bad ones.

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Hello All,

A while back my security suite (ZA Extreme Security) and a Nokia suite started showing messages, on startup, that they could not initialize. I have since decided to switch to another security suite (Norton Internet Security) but cannot install it.
It starts to initialize for ten seconds or so, then goes away for about thirty seconds, then starts to initialize again for a second then disappears.
I bought Norton for three computers and installed it on my wife's laptop without a problem but mine refuses to install.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

A:Programs cannot initialize

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I don't really know what happened or how to fix things, so I would really appreciate your help!

I downloaded a .exe file that I 75% trust with uTorrent while I was away from the computer. Upon returning, I saw a message that Panda antivirus security had blocked some form of traffic, but I can't recall the exact message.

When I tried to open the finished .exe torrent, the computer slowed down and uTorrent wasn't responding so I pressed ctrl+alt+delete to open the menu for the task manager.

When the blue task manager screen did not come up, I can't remember if I tried to open the .exe file again or if I opened Firefox via the quicklaunch shortcut on the bottom left taskbar.

At this point, I believe Mozilla firefox would not open, and an error messege came up saying "firefox is an invalid torrent file." All three program icons in the quicklaunch section had the uTorrent icon. I tried one of them, Yahoo IM, and received the same error.

Since I thought yahoo and firefox were trying to open via uTorrent, I changed firefox's opener program back to firefox by right clicking and selecting "open with."

After this, firefox would open properly, but now every program that had uTorrent's icon then had firefox's icon. Clicking yahoo IM's quicklaunch button caused yahoo IM to try to use firefox as the opener.

I have NO IDEA what is going on and this has never happened before. I have uninstalled the IM and tried to reinstall, but the .exe file provided... Read more

A:Vista default programs/opening programs/major fail problem

Hi and welcome to TSF we cannot help with torrent issues as it is against forum rules I suggest you remove utorrent as it is a easy way to become infected

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have windows 95 and office 95 on a old 486dx100 system and recently started getting "windows can not initialize " error message when I try to get into word or publisher etc.

Any help would be great.


A:Office 95 programs can't initialize

On a machine that old I would definitely star with defragging the swap file and clean the hard drive.

If you need instructions you can find them at.


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I have a seven year-old Dimension 4600 (XP Home Edition) which I love; it has been a major help and has worked on the whole beautifully.* Everything in the case is stock, except for a bit of additional RAM I added some years ago.

Unfortunately I can't use the Dimension, as a week ago or so it stopped functioning.* The desktop loads normally, but I get two basic types of message on attempts to run programs. A moment ago, for example when I tried to open Windows Live Mail, I got the Application Error flag saying, "The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000005). Click OK to terminate the the application."* I get variations on that theme, including "Invalid" this and that.* Nothing will run.

I've never wiped a hard drive and reinstalled an operating system and made a few attempts here; but the computer will not boot from an external CD/DVD drive, saying a more recent version of the OS is on board.* So I seem to be stuck.

I should mention that a few years ago I got what proved to be an ill-advised notion to use the Vista OS installation disk that came with my Inspiron 1525 on the PC. That installlation failed, naturally, but remnants of Vista hung on to torment the PC and me; subesquently, when rebooting I have to watch carefully for the "older version of Windows" language on the DOS-screen portion of the bootup to ensure I enter that, or the machine defaults to endless looping through a failed attempt to load the residual Vis... Read more

A:XP Home-Files, Programs won't initialize or run

I suggest you perform a complete factory recovery using the Dell CD supplied with the PC.

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I've been using this site to help me remove malware / fix pc's for years, I've finally come up against something that makes no sense to me, so I figured it was time to actually join the site and submit my issue. I've found a few other threads on here covering the same issue, but haven't been able to resolve mine using those threads since my HJT log doesn't find the same issues as the others.

First off, this is a 64 bit install of windows vista sp2, the comptuer is a dell inspiron 530S. It was rebooted, and now whenever you attempt to open any program (shortcut or exe), it puts up the error message:

"The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0150004) . Click OK to terminate the application."

I initially thought the issue was malware, but am starting to think it's a combination of malware and an issue with ms .net corruption maybe?

Also, every time I shut it down I click the power down/install updates option, and it says "installing 1 of 5" and then "shutting down". It seems as if it never gets to the other 4. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks. Here is the HJT log (I couldn't get either the .com or .scr of dds to run, it would just quit immediately).

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.4
Scan saved at 1:56:48 PM, on 4/27/2011
Platform: Windows Vista SP2 (WinNT 6.00.1905)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6001.18000)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files (x... Read more

A:failed to initialize 0xc0150004 Can't open any programs


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2012R2 box won't join the domain, tried reseting computer object, tried deleting it/recreating it...  
Any ideas on where to fix the currupted policy table?  







SystemTime="2020-04-30T22:00:24.021435100Z" />





UserID="S-1-5-20" />

<Data Name="RuleName">{b76ed7a8-be84-4713-9504-6fb495209d03}</Data>

<Data Name="ErrorCode">1018</Data>


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Hi, my laptop has just recently been fixed and I realized a few programs, like the touch pad lighting up when placing your finger on it, and the sound buttons go loud and quieter at a very small speed. I also noticed every now and then the typing takes me off of where I was typing. How should I go about this? Thanks greatly for help ^^

A:Just got Laptop fixed and some of the programs have gone

The joys of dealing with a repair shop-a mixed bag.

These places sometimes, intentionally or unintentionally, infect your computer.

To rule out this possibility, carry out following and afterwards I will give you a script to run which will show me the results.

Windows Defender Offline
? performs an offline scan of an infected PC to remove viruses, rootkits and other advanced malware.
? is a free standalone, bootable malware and virus remover from Microsoft.

Download Windows Defender Offline (about 785 kB)
You will have the choice of downloading the 32bit version (x86) or the 64 bit version (x64).
The link will help you determine whether you are running a 32 bit version or 64 bit version of Windows

NOTE!! You can download and prepare a 32 bit version using a 64 bit version of Windows
NOTE!! You can download and prepare a 64 bit version using a 32bit version of Windows.

You run the 32 bit version on a 32 bit version of Windows.
You run the 64 bit version on a 64 bit version of Windows.

The 32 bit download file name is: mssstool32.exe
The 64 bit download file name is: mssstool64.exe

For the curious, this program was originally name Microsoft Standalone System Sweeper.

? Requires an Internet Connection.
? Insert 512 mB or larger USB stick into a usb port.
? Run the downloaded program--mssstool64.exe or ... Read more

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Now that you all have fixed my virus problems I DL Avast. I also have Comodo as a firewall and as far as spyware I'm running Spybot, Superantispyware and AVG spyware. Is this all necessary? I'd like to get the protection programs to run once a day but I can't figure out how to make that happen or its set up and I just can't find out where the setting is at.

Help this old man to figure out this new fangled computer stuff.

I didn't know that Avast was a temporary program that is going to run out in 60 days. Maybe I should try something else? I had AVG and I ended up with lots of viruses so I changed to this. If you can help I'd need step by step directions, Sorry! Any help would be appreciated! Jerry...

A:Solved: fixed! Now what to do with all these programs

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Toshiba Qosmio F20 1.7Ghz
1Gb ram

Also runing as an FTPserver and HTTP server for testing Ecommerce Software


It started off with Outlook2003, Windows Media Player and the Calculator opening up by themselves. Closing them 2-4 times then stopped the happenings. As advised in the forum, I ran SearcH & Destroy and Adaware - the happenings stopped. BUT I was advised to run follow the '5 Step Process'

I think there still may be an infection of some sort ...

Step - 1 OK - nothing to delete.

Step - 2 A PROBLEM with Panda Active scan - It wouldn?t do it. I checked the Panda site with another machine and all went well coming back to the infected machine, Panda refused to work - no popup ... I disabled Norton security checked the firewall - nothing I did would let Panda load Active Scan - I had to continue without that Activescan...Therefore no report.

Step3a - Installed SpywareBlaster, upgraded and activated.

Step3b - IESpyAd - New procedures - see their website. Followed them and installed' ZoneOut' loader to work in conjunction.

Step 4 ? running XPsp2 have all updates

Step 5 ? Run Deckards utility results:

mDeckard's System Scanner v20070819.64
Run by Donald Gray on 2007-08-24 20:20:18
Computer is in Normal Mode.

-- System Restore --------------------------------------------------------------

Successfully created a Deckard's Sy... Read more

A:Programs restart fixed but still infected?

I have just done a Kaspersky online scanner process. It found 2 vruses and 4 infected files - As far as I can make out, they are in the Norton Quarantine area (safe?).

Although my Norton is out odf date, it is only a few days over & I intend to replace it with Kaspersky in a couple of weeks time?

The Kaspersky Scanner log:
Saturday, August 25, 2007 2:10:00 AM
Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 2 (Build 2600)
Kaspersky Online Scanner version:
Kaspersky Anti-Virus database last update: 24/08/2007
Kaspersky Anti-Virus database records: 389594

Scan Settings:
Scan using the following antivirus database: extended
Scan Archives: true
Scan Mail Bases: true

Scan Target - My Computer:

Scan Statistics:
Total number of scanned objects: 114275
Number of viruses found: 2
Number of infected objects: 4
Number of suspicious objects: 0
Duration of the scan process: 01:38:17

Infected Object Name / Virus Name / Last Action
C:\Apache2.2\logs\access.log Object is locked skipped
C:\Apache2.2\logs\error.log Object is locked skipped
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\eHome\logs\ehRecvr.log Object is locked skipped
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Symantec\Common Client\Confid.log Object is locked skipped
C:\Documents and Settings\All User... Read more

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The title basically says it all. I started my laptop today and my anti-virus had more objects quarantined than it had had before, and one of the files was a file from a game that i play. Since it wasn't in the appropriate folder, it didn't let me play. Now i have more programs' files in the list and I don't know what to do, because they are programs that I don't know much about. I was wondering if I had some sort of spyware or nasty virus, and I hoped you geniuses could, once again, rid me of this trash. Below is the HTJ log file, if there need be anything else you could use to help find out what's wrong, please don't hesitate to ask.

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 5:56:27 PM, on 9/5/2008
Platform: Windows Vista (WinNT 6.00.1904)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.16711)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Apoint2K\Apoint.exe
C:\Program Files\HP\QuickPlay\QPService.exe
C:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\HP Quick Launch Buttons\QLBCTRL.exe
C:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\HP QuickTouch\HPKBDAPP.exe
C:\Program Files\HP\Digital Imaging\bin\HpqSRmon.exe
C:\Program Files\HP\HP Software Update\hpwuSchd2.exe
C:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\HP Wireless Assistant\HPWAMain.exe
C:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\HP Wireless Assistant\WiFiMsg.exe
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Xbox 360 Accessori... Read more

A:a number of viruses not fixed, and programs not working

I found out that the programs were not working because of an issue with my anti-virus, but now my internet is slower and I have no idea why. I understand if there are more issues in the forum and other people posted before me, but it's been at least 2 days since i posted this. I read something about that in the rules where I'm supposed to say something like that or something... I don't remember, but yeah, I still need help...again. TIA

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I had a problem which was solved earlier on this forum and for 2 days the PC has been working OK.

I have now noticed that Programmes are showing error messages on Start Up stating that

in order of observation

Real Player (happened during virus fix)

Outlook (happened tonight)

Windows Explorer..(happened tonight)

has encountered a problem and is shutting down.

These failures have occured over a number of power up cycles.

Outlook failed to operate tonight and had been preceeded by the PC going into CHKDSK on power up.

during CHKDSK in the 1st Stage corrupt attribute record (128," ") in record segment 42172 was deleted.

2nd stage "Index Verification"

An error was detected in $0 of File 25
this was corrected,sorted and inserted (about 20 or more times on screen, the insert part)

I had just download the updates from microsoft for MSDefender when Outlook closed down.

I rebooted and CHKDSK did not run

Outlook still closed down just after being opened. I am using Zone Alarm internet suite and the error message comes up just after the programme starts to check the e-mails.

I then rebooted again but this time Zone Alarm did not start up automatically.

Started Zone Alarm manually and retried Outlook..... No success.

Used System Restore to restore to the time just after finishing the virus removal

Then Windows Explorer shut down during the Restore Process which left me CTRL ALT DELETE to get a restart.

I managed to get a HJT Log which is copied below... Read more

A:Solved: HELP PLEASE Virus Fixed but now keep getting programs closing down HJT Log included

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I'm using XP and just did a recovery console for XP to recover a vital file. Now when I start my computer, it sits at the desktop loading for about five minutes. After five minutes, all the programs in the tray will load simultaneously. Then when I try to go to My Computer, control panel, help & support, etc., all the icons will disappear from the desktop and then reload after a few seconds, and thats it, nothing actually loads up. Also, with some programs, I will try to open it, hear the noise that an error message would make (but don't actually get a message) and then it just sits at the desktop as if I hadn't clicked anything. But some programs, such as Sony Vegas and Soundforge will load and run perfectly well. What should I do?

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Occasionally, after the PC has been running for some hours (either in use or with screen-saver), nothing happens when I try to start a program, by clicking on shortcuts in the taskbar, on the desktop, or in folders. Programs already open but minimised re-open and behave correctly. My only recourse is to reboot - logging off and on again doesn't help.

A:programs fail to start

it might be the memory is full. check the status of the RAM from task manager, make sure there's plaenty of room left. if it isn't the RAM, it could be the program itself is impaired. is this also happening when opening other programs?

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So I am sadly at the limits of my computer skill and have reached a point of pure frustration. I am having a problem that has "infected" both computers that I own and after doing a system restore to both computers at one time or another I fear I can't fix this.

What happens is slow and the only way I can "fix" it is usually with a hard reboot. Essentially after a certain amount of time (from a 8 hours to 2 days) my computers stop allowing any new program to run. It will throw error messages about "failed to retrieve resource", "program failed to innitialize" etc. The only way to get my computers running again at that point is to do a hard reboot as the shut down and log off buttons do not respond.
A preface to my Hijack scan - I am aware of the rather extreme amount of Anti-Virus/Spyware/Whatever that I have going but as I said I am over my head and have been desperate to find an answer. While I know for the generalized health of my computer this is a poor setup, I am rather certain that there is some other cause (unless this is actually suddenly being caused by one of my staple programs that I have been using for years).

I have included my DxDiag log as I have learned while not always necessary it never seems to hurt as it includes all my computers specs.
Also I will make a post with the information for my other computer when it is done running the boot time diagnostics that I am trying on it.

A:All programs fail to start

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I tried Win 8 but had problems with Flight Simulator so returned to Win 7. Since doing a clean re-install of 7 I've had issues with programs failing to start for one reason or another. Live Mail for example will run fine for a few days and then suddenly will not run giving the message "the version of this file is not compatible with the version of windows you are running......etc"
Flight simulator also runs and then will give a "errorID=24 (null)" message.
Any ideas?

A:Programs fail to start

Quote: Originally Posted by mal7

I tried Win 8 but had problems with Flight Simulator so returned to Win 7. Since doing a clean re-install of 7 I've had issues with programs failing to start for one reason or another. Live Mail for example will run fine for a few days and then suddenly will not run giving the message "the version of this file is not compatible with the version of windows you are running......etc"
Flight simulator also runs and then will give a "errorID=24 (null)" message.
Any ideas?

I know your post says you did a clean reinstall, but just to satisfy myself, did you use the procedure in the link below;

Clean Install Windows 7

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Hello All,

Just recently, at some point, a load of viruses entered my Windows XP laptop system, and have been wreaking havoc ever since. I have been trying to cope with trojans and programs like "spools.exe" and as much as I try to remove it, I am completely unable to, even when I reach the source file, and it appears to be moved to the recycle bin and finally deleted, I still have another one, "spoolsv.exe"

A different virus locked my task manger as well as my system commands, but I was able to fix the registry value after unlocking the registry editor (though I cannot remember the full process right now).

To stay on track with current issues however, it would seem now that every single one of my programs has had its registry changed. For everything, from Fireworks MX, to Microsoft Works, and even Mozilla Firefox, I receive the message
"Choose the program you want to use to open this file" and beneath that is the word "File:" and then the name of he program I am trying to access. The only problem is though, that this includes such things as when I am trying to use "ping" or "cmd" and most of all "regedit." I receive the same message every single time, regardless of the source. Furthermore, safe mode does nothing to fix this problem, ending "explorer.exe" does nothing, and when I download new software to fight off any viruses, the programs are unable to function/start up because I receive the ... Read more

A:All Programs Fail To Operate

Also, if there is anything you need me to add to this, please just tell me. I said everything that I thought had influence on the dilemma, but I may have left out crucial information unknowingly. I'll do what I can to provide anything you need.

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Hello, I am finding that many programs on my machine will not exit when asked. Either the window will close and the program still is running in the background, or the window will freeze/not respond. Most of the programs that crash are not all that demanding either.
I am running Vista Ultimate on this machine.
Athlon 3800+ X2 dual core
1.5gb DDR PC3200
Radeon x1550
Maxtor 80gb 7200rpm (boot drive)
250gb Sata (data drive)

Everything is stock speeds and programs are installed on the same drive as the OS. It is a fairly recent install of Vista, and have noticed this problem from the start.
I have tried installing some updates from Microsoft and updating video drivers.

Does anybody have any idea what could be causing these programs to not respond/still run in the background on exit??
Any ideas would be appreciated, Thanks


A:Programs fail to exit

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my computer is running win xp home sp3. after a couple hours any program that i try to run does not start. can't shutdown computer from start menu, or open task manager (even ctrl + alt + del doesnt work). any help on fixing this would be appreciated. thanks

A:programs fail to start

i got the problem fixed. there was a rootkit virus sitting inside. kaspersky virus removal tool did the job.

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I have a Gateway NV79 laptop.

Just today my computer went from working just fine to the none of the programs running.

I cannot open Word, Firefox, Add/Remove programs, images, anything. The loading icon flickers intermittently before ceasing. I once received the error message "there was a problem sending the command to the program." I am posting this from another computer.

I have researched the problem and explored various errors and virus fixes and none of them totally address my issue.

So far I have restarted the system, restarted it in safemode, completed a system restore to three days ago, and another system restore to twelve days from ago. I am not technologically adept.

Please help me help myself, because my laptop is work-related and I will need to use it again in the near future.

A:Programs fail to open

If a virus is not involved, you can try this:

Default File Type Associations - Restore

and still do a thorough search for viruses and malware

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Hello, I am finding that many programs on my machine will not exit when asked. Either the window will close and the program still is running in the background, or the window will freeze/not respond. Most of the programs that crash are not all that demanding either.
I am running Vista Ultimate on this machine.
Athlon 3800+ X2 dual core
1.5gb DDR PC3200
Radeon x1550
Maxtor 80gb 7200rpm (boot drive)
250gb Sata (data drive)

Everything is stock speeds and programs are installed on the same drive as the OS. It is a fairly recent install of Vista, and have noticed this problem from the start.
I have tried installing some updates from Microsoft and updating video drivers.

Does anybody have any idea what could be causing these programs to not respond/still run in the background on exit??
Any ideas would be appreciated, Thanks

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I sure hope someone can solve this, because I'm going out of my mind here!!
Windows XP Pro SP2
AVG Free 7.5 reports no problems
Windows Defender reports no problems
Spybot S&D reports no problems
Full system scans with archive scanning enabled; all definitions up-to-date.
I ran chkdsk /f /v /x on all drive volumes. My Windows and temp volumes required a reboot to scan and I didn't quite catch the message output was before it restarted, but I am fairly sure it said no problems (same as every other volume).
The StartUp folder is blank (including the one for all users).
"IMJPMIG8.1"="\"D:\\WINDOWS\\IME\\imjp8_1\\IMJPMIG.EXE\" /Spoil /RemAdvDef /Migration32"
"NvCplDaemon"="RUNDLL32.EXE D:\\WINDOWS\\system32\\NvCpl.dll,NvStartup"
"nwiz"="nwiz.exe /install"
"NvMediaCenter"="RUNDLL32.EXE D:\\WINDOWS\\system32\\NvMcTray.dll,NvTaskbarInit"
I can't run certain programs, such as the System Configuration Utility (\Windows\pchealth\helpctr\binaries\msconfig.exe). The mouse pointer changes to the Wait cursor, then after a while back to the regular arrow and nothing else happens. If I open up Task Manager, I can see msconfig.exe in the l... Read more

A:Programs fail to start

Run the System File Checker

Go to the Run box on the Start Menu and type in:

sfc /scannow ( sfc if not reconized) (Note that there is a space between sfc and /scannow)

This command will immediately initiate the Windows File Protection service to scan all protected files and verify their integrity, replacing any files with which it finds a problem.

In all likelihood you will be prompted to insert the Windows XP CD.

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For a while now, I've been having a reoccurring issue, in which certain programs will fail to load, primarily Mozilla Firefox and Windows Media player. When trying to open a program, the cursor will change to "busy", and then almost immediately return to normal while nothing happens.

It seems to occur when at least 1/4th of my total RAM is used, out of a total 2046MB of Physical memory. It also seems to cause Firefox to sometimes fail to render a page; Instead the page appears dull grey.

Closing any open programs seems to usually solve the problem.

I'm not entirely sure why this occurs, as I have never had this problem happen before. I've added the output from System Information, if required. Any assistance would be MUCH appreciated.

A:Various programs fail to start.

I've had that problem before and have usually been able to just reboot. I would suggest you download and install Revo Uninstaller Pro - Uninstall Software, Remove Programs easily. Run in advanced more to uninstall Firefox. When uninstall is complete, please click next and let it scan for leftover traces in your registry and HDD. Click delete to delete traces. Then try to reinstall it. Also make sure you're up to date.

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On Monday morning, 9/21/2015 I was able to use FF 37.0.2 & IE 9. After leaving the PC idle most of the day I discovered that FF would not launch. Tried IE and it too would not launch.

Today after not using the PC for several days, I find that MS Word, MS Outlook, and Adobe Reader also no longer launch.

PC shows no signs of any hardware faults. OS is Win 7 Pro SP 1 and is patched through 9/16/15.

A review of system event logs shows each of these various launch failures and the logs all indicate Norton Internet Security\NortonData\\Definitions .... .(Current Norton NIS version is

A review of the affected programs does not indicate any files being changed in the involved timeframe.

A review of various Norton files shows numerous files being updated throughout the day on the 21st.

Any attempt to launch any of the programs referenced above result in a Windows popup report such as "Firefox has stopped working". Selecting the option to check on-line for a solution results in nothing being found and a reference #0x80000003 which provides nothing useful (NOTE: all affected program produce the same reference #).

There have been no (intentional) changes made to the system, which is about 3 years old. I DO NOT routinely install new software unless I need some (new) functionality that may become available. So far I have resisted trying rollbacks, uninstalling programs, (re-)installing new/additional programs, updates, etc.

Are there any su... Read more

A:Certain programs fail to launch

I have no proof but I do have a suspicion that Norton is causing your problem.

Can you use Restore Point to go back before this problem arose it's ugly head.
It could of been the last update you got from Norton.

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I sure hope someone can solve this, because I'm going out of my mind here!!
Windows XP Pro SP2
AVG Free 7.5 reports no problems
Windows Defender reports no problems
Spybot S&D reports no problems
Full system scans with archive scanning enabled; all definitions up-to-date.
I ran chkdsk /f /v /x on all drive volumes. My Windows and temp volumes required a reboot to scan and I didn't quite catch the message output was before it restarted, but I am fairly sure it said no problems (same as every other volume).
The StartUp folder is blank (including the one for all users).
"IMJPMIG8.1"="\"D:\\WINDOWS\\IME\\imjp8_1\\IMJPMIG.EXE\" /Spoil /RemAdvDef /Migration32"
"NvCplDaemon"="RUNDLL32.EXE D:\\WINDOWS\\system32\\NvCpl.dll,NvStartup"
"nwiz"="nwiz.exe /install"
"NvMediaCenter"="RUNDLL32.EXE D:\\WINDOWS\\system32\\NvMcTray.dll,NvTaskbarInit"
I can't run certain programs, such as the System Configuration Utility (\Windows\pchealth\helpctr\binaries\msconfig.exe). The mouse pointer changes to the Wait cursor, then after a while back to the regular arrow and nothing else happens. If I open up Task Manager, I can see msconfig.... Read more

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I have two Windows 7 64 bit systems that worked perfectly until approx two weeks ago. They started becoming unresponsive to various websites, such as b1015.com (unable to listen live). Both computers then started having problems opening sites through google searches.
Following this, most updates on both computers fail. Downloads from the internet fail. Updating flash on one - failed. downloading .net framework update - failed.
One computer has MSE - updated and ran scan - no threats found
One computer has AVast - updated and ran scan - no threats found
Tried to download malwarebytes on the computer with avast - failed
went to XP station - downloaded to thumb drive and installed from thumb drive and ran  - no threats found
from cmd prompt -  ran sfc /scannow on both computers  -  no problems found
Can anyone give me any ideas of where to go from here to get both of these computers working properly again

A:Updates Fail/Downloads Fail/Flash Sites Fail x2 computers

The first place to start is are you getting any error messages when the updates fail? What do the messages state -- for example, do you get any error codes? Please post that information here.

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I was trying to solve some graphics issues by the errors i was getting in the Services pane.

I started looking into a few more and when looking for a hidden file, i must of selected something that "hid" or deleted my user account, and at first glance, all my desktop icons

Now on boot up i visually have 1/2 the files i would have in my C drive (memory of them is still there), and just about every program fails to boot, says its currently running, or tells me its missing files.
It may just be programs on my C drive, programs located on my second drive boot and run fine.

Now i just did a system restore point to a few hours ago, wayy before i did any of this stuff. my files are back (mostly) my desktop is still bare, and my programs still wont load

any ideas?


A:[SOLVED] Some programs fail to load

I have found my own solution, i tried googling for random symptoms and came up with someone telling me to,

"Go to your C drive icon, right click to properties, check "hidden" then apply, and wait for it to do that. Then immediatly after, uncheck the hidden box and hit apply."

Seems maybe last time when i un-hid folder and hid them not all were selected, leaving me with half the files missing and half working.

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I have Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit, 2 gigs RAM. It was a clean install, not an upgrade. And it worked fine for several weeks.

A few days ago, I began to have a problem. If I leave the computer on for several hours,
the functionality begins to decrease, like available memory is shrinking.
Let me clarify:
if I have 2 or three programs open for awhile, and then try to open another one, it will not open, sometimes saying the program has encountered a problem and has to close, sometimes saying not enough memory, sometimes just failing to open completely. If I close one of the open programs, however, I can usually open the program that wouldn't open before. The longer I have the computer on after this, the more things deteriorate, so that eventual certain functions of open programs begin to drop off. At this point, if I try to open certain windows programs like file manager, I sometimes get something like page cannot be displayed. And eventually, I cannot open Task Manager. At that point I reboot, and am ok for several hours.

I have a vague idea what happened. I was running a program called Advanced System Care Professional, and had selected an option to delete log files I no longer needed. After selecting the ones I wanted to delete, it ran for awhile and froze, and I had to reboot the computer. The problem started after that. Something got screwed up, I think, but I don't know what.

I've run sfc /scannow
I've turned the computer back to a restore poi... Read more

A:After several hours, programs begin to fail

I am surprised that system restore did not work. Did you go back far enough?

Did you uninstall the problem program? If you did possibly remnants remain. You could try ccleaner.

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As the title said. Someone my programs that has yellow-blue shield like this fail to autostart at log-on or windows startup. I tried many ways: registry, put their shortcuts in startup folder, changed gpedit.msc so that they start on log-on... none of them works.
Is there anyway to fix this, this problem seems to affect only programs with that yellow-blue shield (whatever its name is).
Thanks in advance for any helps and advices.

A:Some programs fail to auto startup

Hello Yanaro,

The UAC shield overlay on the icon indicates that the program will prompt to run elevated when opened. By default, Windows will not run an elevated program at startup.

If you like, you could use the tutorial below to create an elevated shortcut of each program like this, and place the elevated shortcut in your Startup folder to have it run at startup.

Elevated Program Shortcut without UAC Prompt - Create - Windows 7 Help Forums

Hope this helps,

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I'm having trouble with 2 programs not loading at start up. Both are set to load in 'start>run>msconfig but I have to load them manually through the start>programs list about 50% of the time.
I'm fairly certain this is a computer problem rather than a program problem?
Any feedback? Thanks Dave

A:Solved: Programs fail to load ???

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I have been scouring the internet for months now for a solution to my issue.

Sometimes when I click on a programs icon the program does not launch fully. I can see it in the taskmaster "processes" window but it never appears in the "application" window. And it never appears on my desktop. I cannot even shut it down via the "processes" window in taskmaster either.

This is sporadic and highly annoying due to the fact I must reboot my pc to be able to temporarily fix it. It always comes back.

Has anyone heard of this happening?

A:Programs fail to fully launch

Sometimes this can becaused because the program was built for a prior operating system, ie. programs built for XP may need patches to be compatible with Vista. You should check the makers website for updates and/or patches. Also your problem could be caused because some of the components were not properly installed, for that I suggest you uninstal, reboot your computer and then try reinstalling the program(s) you are haveing problems with.

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Hi Everyone,
Got a laptop where start menu programs are hidden only a few are visible, also some of the programs wont run, thought this was odd so did the following.
Ran Rkill.... logs attached
Ran malwarebytes.... nothing found.
Ran AdwCleaner.... nothing found
Ran TDSSKiller and this turned up a driver issue every time. I skipped on the fix because i was skeptical, I've run it about five times and its come up with a different driver every time. very strange....
Ran RogueKiller..... Logs attached...
Ran Combofix... this brings everything back to normal.... logs attached.
I did think this fixed it but nope when i restarted the machine it turns out we are back to square one.
Any help you can give, gratefully received.

 RKreport3.txt   1.83KB

 ComboFix2.txt   100.66KB

 Rkill.txt   4.94KB

A:Start menu programs hidden, combofix fixed, reboot back to square one...

The Rkill log isn't complete..
Please see below.....

Rkill 2.6.1 by Lawrence Abrams (Grinler)
Copyright 2008-2013 BleepingComputer.com
More Information about Rkill can be found at this link:
Program started at: 10/11/2013 02:07:01 PM in x64 mode. (Safe Mode)
Windows Version: Windows 7 Home Premium Service Pack 1
Checking for Windows services to stop:
 * No malware services found to stop.
Checking for processes to terminate:
 * No malware processes found to kill.
Possibly Patched Files.
 * C:\Windows\system32\csrss.exe
 * C:\Windows\system32\wininit.exe
 * C:\Windows\system32\csrss.exe
 * C:\Windows\system32\services.exe
 * C:\Windows\system32\lsass.exe
 * C:\Windows\system32\lsm.exe
 * C:\Windows\system32\winlogon.exe
 * C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe
 * C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe
 * C:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe
 * C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe
 * C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe
 * C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe
 * C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe
 * C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe
 * C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe
 * C:\Windows\Explorer.EXE
 * C:\Windows\system32\ctfmon.exe
 * C:\Windows\system32\DllHost.exe
 * C:\Windows\system32\conhost.exe
Checking Registry for malware related settings:
&#... Read more

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Spontaneous and persistent slowdowns/hang-ups - is there hope?
This problem arose pretty much out of nowhere. I've actually had surprisingly good luck with Vista, it's been a couple years now and things generally have gone pretty smoothly.

Just yesterday, everything suddenly began running really poorly. The hard-disk "thinking noise" goes on much longer than it did before, firefox and winamp and other programs will freeze for a few seconds, then sometimes unfreeze and other times just stop responding and I'll have to ctrl-alt-delete.

Beyond these issues, which really I can live with, none of my games will load anymore. They'll start, but like for example Fallout 3's opening screens go MUCH more slowly. It will go from "Bethesda" to the next title card or whatever in like thirty seconds, and it never reaches the title screen, although the music keeps playing. Dead Space gets to the title screen, and you can attempt to load or start a game, but it will just continue loading indefinitely.

Far Cry 2 actually does start and does work, but the load times are significantly longer than before. Am I dealing with a failing hard drive here? It's relatively new, only a year and a half or so old. Is there some virus or problem I haven't found? Is there any hope? Not being able to continue playing Fallout has really got me down. I've run virus scans with what free programs I could find, nothing was found. I scheduled a few disk scans, and the results told me... Read more

A:Is there any hope? Games don't load, various programs fail

I guess there isn't any.

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