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Sync Outlook with Iphone display in Iphone name from outlook: FILE AS:

Q: Sync Outlook with Iphone display in Iphone name from outlook: FILE AS:

Is there a way that I can sync my Outlook contacts with my Iphone 4s so that the contact appears as displayed by outlook.
Example: Mr. Richard Jones
FILE AS: Rich Jones

This is the option to display in outlook and I would prefer to display on phone the same.

Preferred Solution: Sync Outlook with Iphone display in Iphone name from outlook: FILE AS:

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Sync Outlook with Iphone display in Iphone name from outlook: FILE AS:

Hello. I have an android phone which is synced with my gmail account. I have eyed the new iphone 5 and will soon be moving data and contacts from my android to my iphone.

Before migrating to the iphone and mess up something with my contacts, i want to sync all to my outlook. So I wish to achieve sync from Android to Outlook and then from Outlook to the new iphone - is that possible?

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I used to be able to sync my iphone to Outlook, but it stopped doing it (years ago actually). I got by without it but need to do it now.
I've looked on Google and have checked various solutions (location of .pst file, removed everything except iTunes Outlook Addin in the Trust Centre) and nothing worked.
I'm running windows 7 and iOS 6.1.2
Help will be appreciated

A:iphone wont sync to Outlook

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My e mails either end up on outlook or I phone but to both . Sometimes go to both. Sometimes iPhone will delete emails automatically help!!,

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Just bought a new PC. Downloaded Outlook 2010 - 32 bit and have most up to date version of itunes. When I try and sync my iPhone 3 it does not sync the events from my calendar on the phone to my outlook 2010. Any suggestions??? I have tried uninstalling both Outlook and iTunes but still not getting anywhere.

A:Iphone 3 won't sync with Outlook 2010 calendar

I am not personally familiar with the process, but I found this guide:
How to Sync iPhone with Outlook Calender 2010 - Mobile Phones Questions & Answers

Please post back to let us know if it helps.

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I am experiencing an issue trying to establish a 2 way sync between Outlook 2007 Calendar on a W7 PC and a new iPhone 5 using iTunes. When I plug the phone into the PC and iTunes launches, I am successful syncing the Outlook calendar to the phone, but cannot get calendar entries created on the phone to appear in the Calendar on the PC.
Any suggestions would be gratefully accepted.
Thanks is advance.

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When syncing Outlook 07 contacts with 3G iPhone, the emails don't always sync.
I think what is happening is -
If the Outlook email Display As field is 'NAME([email protected])' iPhone will list NAME.
If the Outlook Display As is "[email protected]", then the email will display correctly in iPhone.
So...is there a way to globally change the email Display As to show only [email protected] in Outlook?

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I have no problem syncing the latter with iCloud, works like a charm e.g contacts. calendars etc.

But, trying to sync these two two devices with the 365 Outlook seems impossible.

I have Googled the earth for it and whilst there are numerous responses saying it can easily be done, no way have I been able to get it to work!

As a matter of fact, most of the responses give instructions that are simply not available on my versions of Outlook!

Is it possible folks? And if so, how do I do it it? I was 99% sure I could do it back before I got Office 365 Outlook but now no more!

Many thanks

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Hi everyone, I have a friend who need some help:

Hello TTran,

Sorry to bother you with a private message but I could not find how to start a thread on the forum asking for help on one particular problem.
If you could spare some time here is my question:
- I run Windows 7 Ultimate and Outlook 2007.
- I enter my hotmail address into Outlook Connector, so Hotmail is my default message handler in Outlook. Every thing runs normally until I discover that I cannot sync my Contacts with my iPhone, either with iTunes or with MobileMe, although the "Contacts" folder in Outlook contains 300+ names.
After some investigation I found some explanation:
- The Contacts displayed in the Contacts folder of Outlook are from my hotmail address book (contacts in [email protected]), and the Outlook contact book is empty!!! No wonder that the result of the sync is nil, because the only option in the sync procedure is to sync Contacts with Outlook.
In order to sync my contacts with my iPhone I think that I need to Move/Copy all the contacts from (contacts in [email protected]) to the Outlook Address book.
I don't know if it is possible or not.
Could you tell me and post this message on the forum for discussion?

Thanks a lot

A:problem with sync Contact from Outlook to Iphone

Outlook must be the default mail provider in order for the Outlook Addin to synch with Iphone,
Iphone does not recognise a proxy mail server such as hotmail.
When Itunes is opened and the Iphone is connected and synch is initiated, Itunes Outlook Addin initiates the call to synch the phone contacts/mail and calender events through the default Outlook program.


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I have a new laptop running Windows 7. I downloaded Office Office Professional Plus 2010. I tried to both import saved .pst files imported from my old computer but that didn't seem to work. So tried to sync my Iphone with Outlook hoping to load that information onto Outlook but Outlook crashed & will no longer open.

How do I import my old records to Outlook as the Import/Export function didn't seem to work?
Is there anyway to sync an I phone to Outlook 2010?

BUT MOST IMPORTANT: before that how do I get my Outlook to function at all?


A:Outlook 2010 will not open after attempting to sync Iphone

Quote: Originally Posted by SheilaV1


I have a new laptop running Windows 7. I downloaded Office Office Professional Plus 2010. I tried to both import saved .pst files imported from my old computer but that didn't seem to work. So tried to sync my Iphone with Outlook hoping to load that information onto Outlook but Outlook crashed & will no longer open.

How do I import my old records to Outlook as the Import/Export function didn't seem to work?
Is there anyway to sync an I phone to Outlook 2010?

BUT MOST IMPORTANT: before that how do I get my Outlook to function at all?


Sheila, Welcome to Windows 7 Support forums,
I will answer your issues in 2 parts! The issue of Iphone and Outlook, specificall the sync issue is not the fault of Windows 7 or Outlook. The issue revolves around Apple and the Itunes program. Previous versions of Itunes have a small bridge program which is an add on, the add ons are used for specific program calls such as Outlook, outlook uses the add ons to sync data from within their databases to import/export data to and from specific programs. When Office 2010 was released as a beta and now final Apple had not written the add in for outlook to execure. It gets even more complex as Office is now released in a 64 bit version so the Itunes v9.1.1 has no such add in yet.
The second issue of Outlook importing in pst files caused a corruption so I woulsd remove Outlook and re-install dependin... Read more

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I have an iPhone and began using it when I had Outlook 2007 running under XP. Everything worked fine. I got a new laptop with Vista 64-bit. Now when I sync my iPhone everything still works just fine .. except for contacts where I have associated an iPhone picture with them. The contact (including the picture) lives in my 'Contacts' in Outlook 2007 but when I go to send a new e-mail message to one of those contacts they do not show up - any clues how to resolve? This didn't happen before. Thanks!!

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Hello knowledgeable ones:

Until last week I was using outlook 2003, an older versions of itunes, and an ipod, and was able to back up my outlook contacts and calender through itunes and right to the ipod, no problem.

Now, however, I have had to upgrade everything so they can handshake correctly. This has meant going to Outlook 2007, the latest itunes, an iphone 5, and the icloud. My entire goal is to have the contacts in outlook match the contacts in both the cloud and the phone.

In using the icloud control on both of these, I now have the following: a variety of calenders in my outlook with names like calender in icloud, home in icloud, and my calender, all in lovely pastel shades. The phone has one calendar with only the occasionally dupes on a given date.

The phone, however, is a disaster, with as many as three dupes of the same name. Looking at Outlook, I have a slew of contacts, some dupes, many that I though i had deleted from outlook. Also two categories of contacts, icloud and my contacts, with sub-directories in each. I nearly had a heart attack when I saw that the contacts tab under my contacts was completely blank following a sync to the cloud, only to then find the other five versions, which, of course, I would like to have agree with each other. The icloud interface on line shows dupe contacts as well.

I understand that one person may not have all the answers to all the parts of this; I am on an iphone forum as well, trying to figure ... Read more

A:Cannot sync Outlook 2007 contacts and calendars with icloud and iphone

Hello jdkoerner, welcome to Seven Forums.

Quite a lot of information in the following:
iCloud and Outlook Sync Problems and Solutions - Slipstick Systems

Maybe something there to help.

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Hello everyone,
I am asking for help on one particular problem.
If you could spare some time here is my question:
- I run Win7 Ultimate and Outlook 2007.
- I enter my hotmail address into Outlook Connector, so Hotmail is my default message handler in Outlook. Every thing runs normally until I discover that I cannot sync my Contacts with my iPhone, either with iTunes or with MobileMe, although the "Contacts" folder in Outlook contains 300+ names.
After some investigation I found some explanation:
- The Contacts displayed in the Contacts folder of Outlook are from my hotmail address book (contacts in EMAIL REMOVED), and the Outlook contact book is empty!!! No wonder that the result of the sync is nil, because the only option in the sync procedure is to sync Contacts with Outlook.
In order to sync my contacts with my iPhone I think that I need to Move/Copy/Import all the contacts from (contacts in EMAIL REMOVED) to the Outlook Address book.
I don't know if it is possible or not.
Could you tell me?
All inputs are appreciated.
Thank you

A:Windows 7 Outlook 2007 Address book and Sync with iPhone

Well, you can copy/paste them by doing Select All (CTRL-A) on the Hotmail contacts list in Outlook, then Copy (CTRL-C), then switch to the Outlook contact book and Paste (CTRL-V). That should hold you over until a little later this summer when Hotmail adds official support for wireless iPhone contact syncing via the Exchange ActiveSync protocol.

Hope that helps!

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Hi everyone!

What is the best way to sync my emails, contacts, and calendar with my Outlook 2010 (win7 pc), iPhone, and iPad2?

Basically, I want to send/receive emails to all devices, and update my calendar and contacts on my Outlook, and then have my iOS devices update automatically be synced with my Outlook contacts and calendar, and vice versa.

I've used Microsoft Exchange in the past to do this, but it seems like over kill... and it's a little overcomplicated for me. I was hoping I could just do all this with Gmail, but it seems that I need MS Exchange to do it that way too.

Any help and advice is very appreciated!!!
I'll be on the forum all day, so let me know if I need to clarify what I'm asking.

Thank you!!

A:Best way to Sync Outlook, iPhone, & iPad Emails, Contacts & Calendar?

I do the emails and calendar using gmail (imap) and Getting started with Google Calendar Sync - Google Calendar Help

I've never bothered to look into syncing the contacts though.

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Our CFO is trying to sync his office (Outlook 2007) e-mail to his new iPhone 3GS but is unable to do so. I've tried looking on forums, Outlook help and Apple help, with no luck.

Some are saying the phone cannot sync with outlook but he says he has a friend whose phone receives Outlook e-mails just fine.

Currently trying to add-on iTunes to Outlook's trusted apps but the Apple website says iTunes does not sync e-mails to the iPhone as others have suggested.

(Apple tech support runs around in circles ultimately blaming Outlook.) Any suggestions?

A:Solved: Can't sync iPhone 3GS with Microsoft Outlook 2007 E-MAILS

How is Outlook setup? Exchange server? POP3? Imap?

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I'm posting here after giving up finding the answer either from Apple, limited use experience or search since in this forum are found folks frequently knowledgeable across silos (I've first tried the MS Office forum to no avail)

Given: MS Outlook '07 + iPhone.

Problem: To sync Outlook Tasks to the phone maintaining the sort order of my desktop Outlook. If you sync using Apple's iCloud tasks are placed in the reminder app which does not allow for custom sort and seemingly sorts by the least reasonable measure.

I could get tasks to sync using Outlook Connector and (opening an account with) Hotmail. However I can't find a current straight answer as to whether that option falls under $ subscription. Further, even if I did sync this way I don't know if the tasks would still be rearranged by the phone or whether it was the iCloud that rearranged them when I attempted that route.

Lastly, I could (for $10/mo) just have my entire Outlook sync through Rack Space's Hosted Exchange. Apart from getting tasks to the phone this does have another important benefit that might also be achieved using Connector. But if I'm going to pay for this, even if the $10 is double a MS charge, I'd prefer going with Exchange. But the core question remains the same (which I cannot get from RS either). Will the tasks on the phone, after sync, maintain 'my' sort order from Outlook.

Anyone got an idea it's surely welcome.


A:Wrong forum (but) Outlook tasks sync iphone MS conn vs hosted exchange


First, I don't own an IPhone but a Droid, but I've synced and configured Iphones at work thru our Exchange Server. Syncing works very well with the email, calendar and all the Tasks goes under Reminders in IPhone and the sort order in Outlook stays the same as far as I know if not I'd hear complaints from the Users.
But, with the hosted Exchange solution I don't know if it will make any difference. Best thing to do is give it a try for a few days and see if it works for you. Most of the hosted exchange providers should have a free trial.

Have you tried iMExchange App on your phone to sort your Tasks in the Reminders App?

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Sync Window Live Mail client & Ipad/iphone calendar

I have been asked to setup a calendar synchronisation between a Windows Livemail client, and iphone and ipad

They are already using WLM client on PC connected to thier own domain for email, which has NO calendar sync possible , so i cannot change the client software

So i decided the easiest thing was to create a live mail account (outlook.com) and use that to sync all the calendars

Outlook.com account (set up specially for this sync) and synced from the windows live mail client to the outlook.com calendar and that all worked very well
WLM Client to ipad and iphone all worked

i do however have an issue

I setup the ipad and iphone using the hotmail option - I possibly should have chosen the exchange option

The issue an event created on the ipad or iphone calendar event is not synced back to the outlook.com / WLM calendar ,but they do sync with each other all OK

WLM ==> oulook.com === > ipad ==> iphone
all work that way

ipad ==> iphone OR iphone ==> ipad
all work ok

iphone/ipad created event == Does NOT update ==> wlm/outlook.com

if i setup an event in the WLM calendar, which syncs to all devices, I can then delete the event via the ipad or iphone - it is deleted from the WLM/outlook.com calendars - so the ipad/iphone is talking back to the outlook.com calendar for a delete action.

so what does not work is just that

an event created on ipad or iphone does not sync back to the WLM clie... Read more

A:Sync Window Live Mail client Outlook.com account & Ipad/iphone calendar only

i have solved the issue , and a really silly issue
I played today at my mother-in-law who has an ipad

and it all comes down to not selecting the correct calendar - i had not noticed birthdays was also selected
so i changed the new account to a Exchange account setting , and also notice i need to enter the info incorrectly first to then get prompted to enter the m.hotmail.com information

set the account up for just calendar
Set the calendar as default

and al works

just means she will only have 1 calendar , if she wants to sync between all devices

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Good morning -- just installed Outlook 365. I was able to sync all my emails (including folders I've created with all emails stored), calendar and contacts. My issue is with my iPhone 6 email app. I'm seeing my calendar and contacts as well as all my emails -- inbox, sent, junk...but none of the other folders. The folders don't appear in settings, mail, contacts, calendars...under fetch new data either. Any thoughts? Thank you!

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How can I transfer my Outlook address book to my iPhone?

A:Syncing outlook to iPhone

The usual technique is to first EXPORT your contacts into a neutral format, say CSV (aka spreadsheets). Then investigate how to import contact data.

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Hey first time here...I am not a "computer guy" and I managed to get myself in trouble--so I could really use some help.

While my iPhone was syncing, I was cleaning my inbox in Outlook...first item I deleted (to the "trash" folder, caused an error message to pop-up.

I have since tried the obvious...Restarted Outlook
Ran Registery Mechanic (found no errors)
Ran Ad-Aware SE Personal (found no errors)
Restarted my computer and then restarted Outlook
Re-synched my iPhone and then restarted Outlook

In each case Outlook opens and within 5 seconds I get the error message.

Any ideas would sure be appreicaited.

A:Apple iPhone & Outlook / XP

Hi EBossHoss

Can you list the error message please?

Try disconnecting the phone and then opening Outlook too, to see if you still experience this error.

Also don't run a registry cleaner meanwhile.

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If I have calendar items already on my iPhone, and I decide I want to start syncing with Outlook, is it safe for me to just enable the calendar sync, or do I risk overwriting the iPhone data instead of the Outlook data?

I would greatly appreciate it if anyone knows the answer to this question.

A:Outlook and iPhone Calendar

I thought you had the option to decide which way to sync, or to allow a 2 way sync?

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Ok so I love calendar apps on any platform (desktop, phone, internet, hand) because they are so much better at remembering than me. So I got this great thing setup where I have Google Calender as the central manager/hub for everything. I have MS Outlook on my desktop and laptop each setup to sync with G.C. and also have my iPhone setup to sync with it. Now this might sound messy but after setup it's great because whenever I add stuff from anywhere it shows up everywhere. The initial reason for this is because I hate doing long tasks on my phone, much easier to enter appointments and appointment series on the desktop PC, same goes for contacts with a phone, address, and email.

So if I love it so much why am I here?

1.) Reminders don't sync back. I will have something like 6 appointments occur and acknowledge them on my phone which helpfully reminds me. Then when I go on my desktop later I am bombarded with reminders that I don't really need. What I would love is if somehow when I acknowledged an appointment in one calender app it would then sync back my acknowledgement to all the other platforms. Thus I would not be bombarded.

2.) Calenders also can tell you WHERE or WHO an appointment is with. So I have this handy lists of contacts on my phone, with stored addresses. From my navigation app I can access these contacts and get directions to them. So here's an idea... I get an alert that I have an appointment "Fix Computer" at "Doug's" ... Read more

A:Outlook, Google, & iPhone Oh My!

I have a question on Outlook and the iCloud. I just performed a sync which - proud to say - mostly worked but has left some items in a Merge Conflicts folder in Outlook. My question (and apologies if it is a basic one!) is, how can I remove individual items from that folder. I can copy them across to the calendar proper, but they stay in Merge Conflicts as well. If I try to delete them it tells me I don't have appropriate permissions. Which seems strange to me as I'm the only user.

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I would like to synchronize my Outlook 2010 (where I have all my contacts etc.) with iphone (where I have none - but I do ical and reminders). Can anyone help? I read a thread here saying one could do it via Google - but I don't really use gmaIl (I do have one account but not a very active one).

Can anyone help, please?


A:Outlook 2010 and iphone 4S Synchronization

Hi I am in a similar situation. I know now that you can sync Outlook contacts to iPhone via iTunes. However, my iTunes on my PC is empty (after a system crash) and if I sync my iTunes in order to transfer my outook contacts to my iPhone - my music will be gone. I have a bunch of contacts on my PC which are not on the iPhone, and I do not want to enter them manually on the device but rather sync them. Does anyone have an idea how to transfer my Outlook contacts to my iPhone?

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Can it be done? keeps telling me that outlook is not default mail program, but it is.

A:Syncing Iphone with outlook 2010?

Win7 RC + Office 2010 + iPhone 3Gs = FUBAR. I too get same error message(s), also get 'sync in progress' ad infinitum.

SOLUTION!! Virtual PC! I admit its the king of kludge solutions, but I did the following:
- Install older version of Microsoft OFFICE on Virtual PC
- install 'integration features'
- copy PST file from share to C drive on Virtual PC
- copy pictures etc to C Drive on virtual PC
- install iTunes on Virtual PC
- enable integraton features on Virtual PC
- click the "USB" dropdown on the Upper Left of Virtual PC and dedicate the iPhone to Virtual PC, and iPhone will now sync.

Frustrated bleeding edge end-user

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how can I sync my iphone calendar with microsoft outlook? Thanks Matt

A:syncing outlook calendar with iphone

mattts6887, I use iTunes and set it up for syncing the calendars. One thing Outlook can not be open when you sync
or it won't do it properly.

I sync with my iPhone and iPad calendars with my outlook 2010.

Assuming that you don't have a really old version of outlook..


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I have a question. A friend of my is having an issue at work with their email. They are able to receive email but it goes to one or the other, not both. So either the email will be loaded on the iphone and not outlook, or it will be loaded on outlook and not the iphone.

Some emails do get to both iphone and outlook, but most of them are being sent to one or the other.

Anyone have any ideas?

Iphone 4 V4.3.3
Outlook 2007 v (12.0.6555.5000) SP2 MSO (12.0.6554.5001)

A:Solved: Outlook & Iphone, Email goes to one or other, not both.

Sounds like the friend [EDIT: is using POP mail and] has both Outlook and whatever is on the iPhone set to delete mail from the server after it is downloaded.

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How can I (if it is possible) to sync the calendar in outlook 2010 with my iphone 5 calendar? thanks Matt

A:syncing outlook calendar with iphone

Download and use the icloud control panel on your pc and it should sync.

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I tried to configure Microsoft Outlook on my iPhone but its not working.

I get connectivity error and I am unable to download any emails.

Can anyone provide me any step by step guide to configure Microsoft Outlook on iPhone.

Any help will be appreciated.


A:Configuring Microsoft Outlook on iPhone?

Microsoft Outlook is an e-mail client application that runs on your computer. It doesn't run on an iPhone or other mobile device. If you're trying to configure the iPhone to check your e-mail account, what isn't working? Do you use an IMAP or POP account? Or is it an Exchange account?

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I've lost the ability to sync my address book and phone (not sure when it happened)

I've the Sync Contact and Calendar box ticked and it seems to go thru the steps, but no syncing taking place

A:Syncing Outlook 2007 with iPhone

How's the sync setuped? Through Exchange server or just sync directly?

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I've been trying to setuo Imao accounts in outlook for my att.net addresses. There is very little when I've searched and inconclusive. If called ATT and they said to use the same configuration setting I used in the Ipone. Does this seem right?

Also, if I choose Imap in Outlook the incoming adress is pop.att.yaoo.com if I use the on recommened on the help website.


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anyone using this combo?

I have it working... more or less.

One little nit that is pesty is that when I delete any messages in outlook, they are not hidden but just have a ------- line through them... messy and difficult to read inbox... this happens even when I just move them to another folder.

they show up correctly on the iphone and a macbook.

Anyone know how to HIDE deleted or moved messages in the Outlook interface?



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I am running MS exchange, with outlook 2007, I am OTA syncing a iphone3gs, (OS 4.3.3). When I make an appointment in outlook, it syyncs perfectly with the phone. When I make an appointment with the phone, it does not sync correctly. The appointment looks fine on the phone. But outllok shows it as having no start date set, so it does not not appear in the daily calendar. I have tried deleting the account on the iphone and recreating it, I have doen a hard reset of the phone. I have removed the calendar from the account and then reinstalled it.


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{{Moderator Note- Edited the title of your thread from just your TSG user name to something that will help you get good help}}
I am new to this forum so here goes. My Microsoft outlook express uses companion link to sync with my phone and I pad.. It is always locing up and not syncing automatically as I have it set to do. How can I fix this..

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I synced my iPhone with my Outlook for the first time and all my calendar events (all are work-related) have been deleted from my computer! The ones from the past that I accepted from my iPhone's outlook are still on the phone. I can't figure out how to sync the iPhone to the Outlook. I do not have Google Calendar.

I have tried Edit -> Preferences -> Devices -> Reset Sync History, but I think that only applies to resetting the device info, not the computer.

My iTunes settings are such that devices do not automatically sync. In iTunes under my iPhone and Info, I have it to sync Outlook -> All Calendars (as there is only one on this comp).

Please help! I need all my calendars to be available at all times.

Thank you!!

A:iPhone deleted my entire Outlook calendar

I hope this helps: How to Repair & Recover Outlook Calendar | eHow.com

I am anxious to know if it helps, please reply with the result.

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I have an issue with the shared contacts in Outlook 2007 through Exchange.
We are 5 people at the office who need to access this list via our Iphones as well as through Outlook. Outlook is not the problem, everyone has this list there. It seemes though like Im the only one to access this list at Groups on my Iphone.

Everyone is has been set as Owner in Permission.

Doesnt Iphone support this?
Is there any other way to make this happen?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi I am running Windows 7 with Outlook 2007 and an iPhone. I downloaded google sync yesterday because I want to see my job's work calendar as well as my personal calendar (I set it to sync from outlook to google) and when I plugged my iPhone in to sync it and my calendar disappeared off outlook and the phone. When I go onto google all of the calendar items are still there so I backed that up. Can someone please help?

Thanks for looking at my issue!

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I have a user who has received an e-mail on their iPhone but it does not appear in their Outlook client. The iPhone is connected to the Exchange 2007 mailbox via active sync and the user does have the Outlook client periodically running from two locations (desktop - always, laptop - periodcally).

I have seen the message in the tracking logs on Exchange.

Is there something else I should be looking at to troubleshoot the cause for this issue (i.e. message rules, iPhone settings, exchange settings, etc.)?


A:random e-mails appear on iPhone but not in Outlook client

Not my area of knowledge, but I can think of two possibilities.

First, but not likely, the iPhone is deleting the message from the server after download.

Second, the Outlook clients may be filtering the message as spam or junk and deleting it or shuttling it to a folder other than Inbox.

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I'm losing emails off my iphone once I log into my outlook on my computer. I am using an exchange account and it is not giving me an option to leave copy of email on the servcer. Does anyone have any suggestions. Many thanks

A:losing emails on iphone once I log into outlook on computer

Hi MoodleyT, and welcome to TSG.

Are you using POP3 or IMAP to get your incoming mail with the computer and the iPhone?

What version of MS-Outlook are you using?

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I sent myself some new calendar appointments/requests from Outlook at my office to my iPhone (via my hotmail).

For some reason, the invitations that appear on the iPhone are an hour out. E.g. I send a meeting for 0930 and the iPhone enters it as 1030 in the invitations/calendar. I presume it has something to do with the time zones, but these appear to be the same.

It's a problem at the iPhone end, because if I view the invite on my hotmail on a PC, the times are correct.

Anyone had this problem?


A:iPhone - calendar invites from Outlook - wrong time

Problem solved! I had been overseas and the time had changed back but the time zone had not.

You also have to change the time zone of the calendar as well as the clock, by switching off automatic.

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Somewhere in the update/install process of Windows 10 (and re-installing Outlook 2007), I lost my contacts in my Outlook account. The contacts remain in my iCloud account and on my iPhone. Can some please instruct me on how to import all the contacts back in to my desktop Outlook 2007 application?

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I use Outlook as my primary calendar app at home, and either GMail or my iPhone calendar when I am away. Unfortunately, I can't seem to get these three services to talk to each other.
Does anyone know of any programs or services I can use to keep my calendar synchronized? I wouldn't mind dropping GMail from the loop entirely and just having Outlook <-> iPhone synching to each other. Or if anyone has any suggestions for other super awesome calendar apps I'd consider that - but I admit I am pretty fond of Outlook at the moment.
Thanks for your help.

A:Calendar Apps: Syncing Outlook -> GMail & iPhone (or alternatives)

Are you using a personal email account with Outlook, or a company account? If you're using a company account, you can set up your email on your iPhone using the Exchange account setup wizard, and that will sync over your calendar to your phone.
If you're using a personal email account, it's probably either POP or IMAP. Outlook calendar and contacts can be synced to your iPhone, but you'll have to use a manual sync with the phone connected to the computer: http://www.sync-iphone.com/contacts-calendars-email/sync-iphone-with-outlook.html#sync-iphone-with-outlook-two-way
You can also sync Outlook to Gmail, but you'll again need to hool up the phone to the computer and download Google's calendar sync program to your desktop: http://www.ehow.com/how_7172202_sync-outlook-calendar-gmail-calendar.html
Hope this helps.

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Hi All,
I had my 4 years old iPhone 4S in which I was using my Free Google Apps Email via the OLD exchange Method (yes pat me for using it till all this time). Any mail sent via iPhone would also download to Desktop Outlook's Inbox via POP3 and I'd just move it to my sent folder
I recently upgraded to an iPhone 6S and configured my account as the given option "Google". Everything is fine except that any mail sent from my iphone doesn't get downloaded to Outlook via POP3. Any mail sent via Webmail does get downloaded to Outlook, just the mails sent from iPhone are not downloaded
I presume somehow iPhone's sent mail is marked read in the webmail and is not considered to be downloaded via POP3. Can you help me fix this please.
This same thread is also posted on Google forums but couldn't get any productive answer.

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I have a virtual machine at work which I RDP into and I really need to be able to sync my iPhone through this. I have work calendars that need to be synced but can't seem to be able to get this working. I have enabled local sources and when I plug the iPhone in it will come up as a camera but it won't show in iTunes.

Any idea how I might be able to get this working?


A:How to Sync iPhone over RDP

Try opening up Itunes first without plugging in your iphone. Plug in iphone once Itunes is running.

If that does not work, try:

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So, with 2 installs of build 7000 and 1 install of build 7100 I cannot get my Iphone to sync with Itunes If I click sync after my Iphone shows up (and Windows does recognize it as an Iphone and installs just fine) it just stays at "Syncing Iphone" and does nothing else until I disconnect it. How can I get my Iphone to sync on Windows 7?

A:Iphone Will Not Sync

Maybe you need to setup a new itunes database (library) on the computer? Not sure sorry.

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Right, so I recieved a phishing email which had a link, however no attachment. I knew it was a phishing email but because my iPhone touchscreen is messed up I unfortunately opened it via Safari. At the time this outlook account was also logged in to another computer elsewhere in the house. The link weirdly opened the YouTube homepage which I found very strange as the link address was very much different. I'm panicking at the moment that someone may have access to my IP address, be able to send malware through my WIFI or have sensitive information. Does anybody have an idea as to the level of threat and actions I should take from here?
I've forwarded this to the company they were posing as who has an email for phishing emails and ran Malwarebytes and McAfee which hasn't found anything on my windows PC. I've also changed the email password. Pretty worried guys!

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I am running Win7/Pro x64. My System Spec is in my Profile.

I do not have iTunes installed on my desktop. I do have an iPhone 5, a hand-me-down from my son.

Yesterday the phone needed to be charged. I attached it to a USB port. I was asked by the phone if I trusted my desktop. I said yes. I was told that there were no new images on the phone to import, a fact I already knew. I've encountered this dialog before. It seems to be part of the procrustean Apple way of computing.

What troubles me is that a process started about the time I plugged in the phone. At a rate of 5-10 files/sec the 'modified' date was changed on over 3,500 jpg files on my data drive. I've not analyzed the order in which they were processed but suspect that it was A-Z on the file names and also on folder names.

Could this behavior result from iTunes running its 'sync' process? If so, is there anything I can do to prevent it from happening again?

If we have no Apple OS experts on this forum, does anyone know of an 'Apple forum' that is as respected as sevenforums is in the Windows world?



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How to make your own iPhone Ringtone and transfer it to your iPhone directly?

A:How to make your own iPhone Ringtone and transfer it to your iPhone directly?

Here's a paid one....
Seems to be a few listings.
Google search.

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