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T470 Linux Power Bridge wrong discharge order

Q: T470 Linux Power Bridge wrong discharge order

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Preferred Solution: T470 Linux Power Bridge wrong discharge order

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Hoping this problem will be noticed by more people, the original post on this issue came from:https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/Linux-Discussion/T470-Linux-Power-Bridge-wrong-discharge-order/td-p/365...https://www.reddit.com/r/thinkpad/comments/63odjr/t470_battery_order_question_internal_discharges/ Brief description: same problem with OS including Win 10, Ubuntu 16.04, Gentoo etc. The internal battery always gets discharged first regardless its remaining power, which is generally harmless but seems not so good for the internal battery life. With my own T470 machine, updated with the latest 1.29 BIOS, this problem remains. According to searching results online, this little bug came with early versions of X's and T' including T460. PS: this issue had been successfully fixed with T460 via BIOS update 1.26, hoping it would be fixed with T470 sooner or later. Best regards. 

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Received a new T470 a couple of weeks ago, but having issues when running off battery (internal + 3 cell): 1. Power Bridge failure: sometimes if I unplug machine and run off batteries, then remove the external battery, the machine shuts off immediately rather than switching to the internal battery. This occurs 1/2 or 1/3 of the time. 2. When booting machine (if machine is unplugged, running on battery): sometimes it hangs indefinitely at Lenovo splash screen (i.e. with endlessly spinning icon). Only way out is to reset machine by punching reset button on the back. (Note: #2 occurs always after #1 occurs, and 1/2 or 1/3 of the time on a regular reboot). 3. However: boot hang never occurs if booting while machine is plugged in OR if external battery is removed (i.e. running with the internal battery only). Boot hang only occurs if booting off batteries and external battery is installed. I called Tech Support, they sent a new internal battery, but that makes no difference. They also said it might be a faulty system board, but I ran full Lenovo HW diagnostics and all tests passed successfully including mother board test. Also tried a complete factory reset (Windows 10 x64), loaded all latest updates & drivers incl. latet BIOS (1.30), which I reset to default values (F9). Problem still persists. Anybody else experiencing these issues?

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Hi, I'm a T25 user. I've seen several posts about the new discharge behaviour on thinkpads (i.e. to discharge the battery with least wear first) however, like many other users I would like to discharge the external battery first, since I purchased the 72Whr battery for this purpose. In another post, it was suggested that this behavior might be fixed soon - any updates?

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I have mostly used the Lenovo T series laptops.  At times I would have to unplug the power cord, pull the battery and push down on the power button to discharge power.  When lenoved came out wid models like the T480s that had a built in battery, they added a pin hole on the bottom that would simulate pulling the battery.  I can not locate any pinholes on the Lenovo L580.  Is there a way to discharge the power or simulate pulling that battery on this model?

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Hi, I've been trying to order a T470 online (both on the education store and standard lenovo store) but when trying to customize a configuration, the page returns an error message ("invalid configuration" followed by "price below floor price"). Is there any way around this? I have tried different browsers and different machines. Cheers,Alex

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Hello.About 3 weeks ago. When i discharge AC Power after battrey full and use battrey, my E440 is error and not respond anything. I pressing power button to off notebook and turn on again, notebook is fine.I have update windows, update driver and power options in balance mode. But if i discharge AC Power after battrey  full or no full, notebook is error again.When i use only AC Power and battrey is removed, notebook is fine.I use E440 with Core i5 4200m, RAM 4GB and use Windows 7 32bit. Any idea to solve this problem? 

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Dear Experts,

Just wanted to quickly ask you that today, I took my desktop PC to a computer repair shop nearby and upon investigating my Asrock 945G-DVI motherboard thoroughly by the technician, he found that the motherboard is not leaving its discharge and that is the reason why after running my system for sometime, it gets shutdown automatically and the next time when trying to Power On, it just refuses to start.

However, if the system is left idle again for few mins, then it will Power ON but after sometime of running it will again face the same problem. So, he has told me to leave the system back with him and will call me back by evening to inform if motherboard can be repaired or he might need to forward it further to an expert to check the ICs and capacitors and see if this Asrock 945G (Intel Chipset) motherboard is repairable or not?

So before he calls me up, I would like to understand from experts out here as for what exactly is happening with my motherboard and are their any chances for the repairs of such issues to be successful?

One more thing: While the system was in my house, number of times the moment I Power On my PC, the LCB (Electrical system) switch used to trip down to cut off the power however, my computer would still remain Turned On but the lights and Fan in my bedroom would not start unless I lift that LCB switch back to ON....so tripping used to happen when trying to Power ON my PC. Just wondering if this is connected with my issue?

My PC Specs:
O... Read more

A:Power tripping...Motherboard not leaving discharge...Need help!

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I forgot where I read this from, but while I was reading up on how to assemble/upgrade a computer, I was told that when I was changing any components, I should power the unit down, flip the power supply switch to "off," then hold the computer power button for 30 seconds or so. The logic behind it was that it would discharge the capacitor or get rid of any trace amounts of electricity on the motherboard - is that true or a waste of 30 seconds??

A:Discharge PSU capacitor by holding the power button?

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Hi, I have s730-13IWL that looses battery charge when turned off (around 10% per 24 hours). What I did so far:- Diasable Windows fast startup;- Turned off Always ON USB from BIOS;- Disable WIFI from BIOS. The system is with BIOS version 8HCN33WW from 11 Jul 2019.I can`t find any older version to try downgrade. When I serch the forum it looks like this is a common problem with alot if Lenovo models.I am also working with HP, ASUS and Huawei laptops and they looses no more then 2-3% per week if not used.. Any suggestions on how to fix this or where to find previous BIOS? 

A:Lenovo s730-13IWL battery discharge when power off

Yes, we are in same situation. I thought my softwares and may be sleep mode consuming battery. I have to recheck it.Thanks.

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Does anyone know if Thunderbolt docks work with Linux on the T470? If so, which ones? I'm currently using the Lenovo dock that plugs into the bottom of the machine; running a monitor and a bunch of USB stuff off of it.

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I am looking to add a linux sat receiver to my current wireless network at home.

The sat receiver is a TM-9100 and it has the ability to change IP address to whatever you want/ need.

Basically I want to connect a gaming adaptor with a short ethernet cable to the TM-9100 so I can access the hard drive on the 9100 via my wireless network, there is one ethernet connection on the 9100.

Yesterday I aquired a Belkin Wireless G Gaming Adapter F5D7330UK, my router is a Linksys WAG300N with 3 laptops connected via wireless. The IP of the router is, the laptops are set at, and and are all running Windows XP home.

The Gaming adaptor has a 'out of the box IP' I did change the IP of the gaming adaptor to in the beginning, but it still would not work.

I tried channels 8, 10 and 11 at various times, I made sure all the wireless units were on the same channel each time.

I previously had my 9100 connected via a crossover cable direct to laptop with IP and it connected to the internet no problem.

Now my dilema, I want to connect the gaming adaptor to my 9100 with a short cable, but, when I was trying it out last night I could only connect to either the router or the adaptor, but not both together.

I did try changing the ip address of the adaptor and 9100 but it didn't work, at least I couldn't get it to work.

Does the adaptor need to be a different IP to the 9100 or the sam... Read more

A:wireless network bridge, router, xp and linux query

anyone know how I can get it to work?


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Hi, I have  a T470 Win 10 that has started to do the wrong actions with the keyboard keys.  The backspace controls the Volume, the Spacebar acts as Enter.. Volume keys do not work.Have disabled Filter keys, Sticky Keys, etc.. have deleted profile and recreated, virus scan,.. all problems return.Any direction or information or instruction is well receivedthanks 

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Hello. I've been trying to change boot order in the lenovo thinkpad t470 but from the bios start-up utility, this boot order has been presented as inaccessible and is inactive. The cursor is inactive here. I have not been able to change the UEFI to both UEFI and Legacy. I have tried unchecking the safe boot from the system configuration in the light that safe boot was similar to secure boot to no avail. Still after doing this, secure boot from the bios start-up showed that secure boot was still on. I am trying to install Ubuntu 18.04 anyways. If anyone has a solution to the first issues or generally how to install Ubuntu in the thinkpad t470, please feel free to assist. Thanks.

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I have done the custom settings for battery from dell power management. I have set that the battery should start charging when it is at 50% and stop charging at 80%. When the battery has charged 80%.It has stopped charging. But the discharging of the battery is not happening itself. I have to remove the ac power so that the laptop should start using battery instead of ac power. The battery should self discharge when it reaches 80% and start charging when it reaches 50%. which is not happening currently. Can any suggest any solution.

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Hello,I have a T470s that will not power up. I have had the laptop for 6+ months and it was working Friday with out any issues. I come in on Monday and go to power it on and all i get is a bunch of tones/sounds out of it. If i hit the FN key it will make a different set of sounds when then when i power it up. I have tried the reset button on the bottom of the laptop, which has not helped. It currently is running Windows . Any help would be appreciated.  UPDATE: I did further research on this and the error code is a 0001 and it is showing as a System Board Error.

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Here's how I got in this situation:

When I tried to access a website, the site attempted to download 'flash player'. Apparently; it tried to use 'active x' to perform this download, because I got the IE warning box about how the page wouldn't display properly, because I don't allow active x.

Well... my browser got stuck in a loop, and I couldn't even tell the site to close. The only way out of it, was to tell task manager to 'end task' on the attempted download. This caused my entire browser to shut down.

I tried to access the web again, but couldn't. It took several attempts, before I tried resetting my 'winipcfg', which worked.

Here is the problem though: Now... every time I boot up windows, my Norton AV loads before my ZoneAlarm. (They used to load in the opposite order). This is obviously either the problem itself, or at least a symptom of the problem, because I must now access my 'winipcfg' every single time I want to access the web!

Does anyone know why this happened, and what I can do to correct the problem?


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Hi, everyone, I bought a p50 from lenovo outlet this past wednesday. The specifications include 4k screen and M.2 512G SSD. But, this Friday when I received the laptop, I found it was only equipped with standard screen(1920*1080) and 500G HDD. This is totally not what I wanted. So, I want to ask if any of you has this simiar experience. My question is:if I request a returning for exchange, lenovo will refuse my request and give me the full refund since this specification is not on sale in lenovo outlet? or lenovo will try to assessmble an alternative one for me and diliver to me?   appreciate any ansnwers in advance!

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well after testing pretty much everything im out of ideas and need help.

i have two harddrives, one wd black 2 tb and one wd green 1 tb. wd black is connected to sata port 1 and it contains my system partition c: (which is boot flagged) , and 3 logical partitions in an extended partition (lba flagged). the 1tb is connected to sata port 2 and contains only logical partitions in an extended partition (lba flagged aswell).

no matter what i do my second drive (the one connected in sata 2 port) gets listed as disk 0 in windows 7 install program and later on in windows disk manager. i've even erased both drives (to unallocated) and repartitoned them from scratch hoping it had something to do with mbr but to no avail. ive tried switching ports on the drives, changing boot options in bios, but whatever i do second drive always lists as disk 0.

i've also tried installing windows with only the first drive connected, sure it works, but when i connect second harddrive later on it gets listed as disk 0 again and i have to change drive letters. (windows lists cdrom before second drive partitions)
this is the first time im experiencing this, i've never had this problem before using the same rig (albeit different harddrives).
is windows listing drives based on their total size so smaller drives always comes first?
im pretty desperate at this point.

update: i got a breakthrough. changing from ahci to IDE emulation makes the harddrives (and partitions) to be listed in the correct orde... Read more

A:harddrives listed in wrong order

Thank you for persisting in finding the cause of your problem as it will now help others searching the problem.

This is another reason why we always advise to remove all other HD's during install. Then even the MS solution to verify disk info by size and volume label isn't necessary.

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Device: T470 (Type 20HD, 20HE) Laptop (ThinkPad) - Type 20HEIssue: While the laptop is not plugged in the user recieves a persistent pop up every 5 minutes. The header of the pop up states "AC Power Check" and the body states "Please ensure your laptop is plugged in to a power outlet." The laptop has two fully charged batteries and 5 hours of battery life left. Is there a way to disable this pop up or is this indicative of another problem?  Thank you 

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Hi,I have Thinkpad T470 I've been using for 1.5 years. I installed new SSD a year ago and didn't have any issues. Today I tried to install one more memory into an empty slot. I disabled internal battery in BIOS, turned it off, dissembled and put a new memory in. But after that the laptop doesn't start up. Power green button doesn't blink. Tried to remove that added memory - no luck. Tried to reset CMOS - no luck. What else can I do? I think it's still under warranty but I'd like to try everything myself before that. No sure how fast support is in Lenovo though. Thanks

A:T470 no power after RAM install

Have you tried to connect AC power adapter and then power it on?

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Hello everybody,

I found that my XP (English version) is not able to put non-English characters in correct order, so that my Thai dictionary doesn't work properly.

Here are some details.

In Thai language, some vowels are on the left side of consonant, but when ordering those words with vowels on the left side, we don't consider the vowel is the first character, but XP does. I need to introduce 3 Thai characters in order to illustrate this problem more clearly.

ก is the first consonant in Thai language, ข is the second, ไ is a vowel which is on the left side of consonant, such as ไก and ไข. Now we put these 2 consonants and 2 words in proper order, it's supposed to be 1.ก 2.ไก 3.ข 4.ไข, but what XP does is 1.ไก 2.ไข 3.ก 4.ข

Is the any solution for this? Thanks in advance.

P.S. In the shop where I bought that dictionary, it works pretty well, but I didn't notice what system is was.

A:Wrong alphabetical order for Non-English characters

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So I just recieved my T470 today, and I eagerly wanted to at least boot it up, but much to my surprise, when I plugged the cable in, I recieved no indication that it was plugged in or charging whatsoever. No green light anywhere, no heat, no nothing. I've tried various outlets, a different cord for the brick to the outlet itself, I checked out the battery on the inside and out to make sure it was all connected, etc. To say it's disatisfying is an understatement. Unless I can quickly get a cable before classes start (in one week), planning on a full refund because this is beyond disappointing to not be able to even using the dang thing.Edit: I have no proof it could be the power brick either, considering since there's no real way I could tell whether it's something with the motherboard or something like that.Edit 2: Tried another Thinkpad's power cord and brick, didn't charge or even show an indicator that it was charging (no green lights). Probably just gonna RMA it and hope for the best.

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If I wanted to charge a USB C device from the USB C output of the T470 what are the voltages and amperages available? 5V @ 3A ? 19V @ ??A ? This is not about charging the T470.

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Shutdown don't work on my windows 10 1709, laptop go to restart.

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I bought a Lenovo T470 a couple years back with Win 10 for school and its been working great with absolutley no problems. Then last night i get home from work and go on to do school work and a message pops up saying battery not charging. It has the icon showing it recognizes that the charger is plugged in. Also the light on the lenovo logo is blinking 3 times red and repeating. When i unplug the charger it stops blinking. So I thought it was the charger, got out my multimeter and check it and it reads normal on both sides of the charger. Then I thought i needed a new battery but it wont even stay powered on with the power cord plugged in. So now it is dead and even with the charger plugged in will not turn on. Not even the power button light will illuminate. This laptop has been great to me and this happened out of the blue im hoping there is a way to fix this problem. And I also tried taking battery, unplugging it, hold power button for a reset. Nothing changed. Anybody have any ideas? 

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I am developing a packet sniffer based on windows raw socket on windows 7. The program captures packet from IP layer. The issue i am facing here is that, Program captures all packets but some of them are captured in wrong order, for eg. for a tcp connection establishment phase, instead of getting packets in SYN , SYN-ACK, ACK order i get it as SYN, ACK, SYN-ACK. Instead of capturing ACK after SYN-ACK(from remote), pgm gets ACK before SYN-ACK packet. Same thing is happening some times during data transfer phase also. Program captures the ACK packet of a data packet before the actual data packet. If i run a wireshark in parallel, it displays properly. I am using Visual Studio 2005 as the IDE.

#include "stdio.h"
#include "winsock2.h"
#include "ws2tcpip.h"
#include "pcap.h"
#include "MSTcpIP.h"

int main(int argc, char **argv)
struct in_addr addr;
int in, optval=1;
struct hostent *local;
char *Buffer;

//Initialise Winsock
if (WSAStartup(MAKEWORD(2,2), &wsa) != 0)
printf("WSAStartup() failed.\n");
return 1;

//Create a RAW Socket
sniffer = socket(AF_INET, SOCK_RAW, IPPROTO_IP);
if (sniffer == INVALID_SOCKET)
printf("Failed to create raw socket.\n");
return 1;

memset(&dest, 0, sizeof(dest));
memcpy(&dest.sin_addr.s_addr,argv[1], sizeof(argv[1]));
dest.sin_family = AF_INET;
dest.sin_port = 0;

printf("\nBinding socket to local system and port 0 ...");
if ... Read more

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Hi there

Any Audio gurus out there

I seem to have some Audio files that whatever I do seem always to play in the order 1,10, 11...2,20,21... etc instead of 1,2,3,.. etc

Any idea what I'm doing wrong. Seems to be the SORT function in Windows is telling Lies !!!

I've got the file names in the correct sequence -- it only happens on a few albums bit it's mega annoying since if I'm playing an Audiobook in a Car I obviously want the tracks to be in the CORRECT sequence.

Here's an example of what a music app shows the order - and from MP3Vtag you can see the filenames are in the correct sequence.

Any ideas (note the music app for playing these can be any - same problem).


A:Music Apps seem to play tracks in WRONG order

Just a guess but it looks like you need to pad the track <= 9 with a zero. I'm stumped [Archive] - Squeezebox : Community : Forums

Your filenames look correct but what about the metadata?

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Can you help please? when I open my MS outlook email, and I see a message is in my outbox, the messages are scattered throughout my received mail, in no apparent order and it is hard trawling through them all to find them. This has only just happened. I liked it when any received emails were at the top of the pile. Can anyone help me to get it back to the way it was? thanks

A:Solved: Outlook - messages received wrong order

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You're Doing It Wrong.

"Think you've mastered the art of server performance? Think again. Poul-Henning Kamp, in an article at ACM Queue, finds an off-by-ten error in btrees, because they fail to take virtual memory into account. And he solves the problem in the open source 'Varnish' HTTP accelerator, for all of us to see and use."

A great sleuthing story and embarrassment to Computer Scientists (me ) everywhere IMHO!

-- Tom

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AMD 2800+
NF7-S MB v.1.1
1GB ram
ATI 9700 pro
Yamaha CD-RW

Primary Drive= Maxtor 200GB
C:\ windows xp 25GB (NTFS)
D:\ misc 55GB (NTFS)
E:\ misc 55GB (NTFS)
F:\ Linux 55GB
Slave Drive= Fireball 30GB
G:\ misc (NTFS)

Internet= ADSL, i.e. DHCP

Ok my first mistake was to install linux for the first time @ 0200. I have WIndows XP pro on my C: dirve and installed SUSE 9.1 pro on my F: (same hard drive). I goofed with the partitioning and now am not able to boot from Windows. Get a missing Hal.dll error. I am able to boot from Linux just fine and am able to access all my partitions. When I've tried to access the Windows partition from the boot disk (repair mode). It does not recognize the partitions any longer. Shows up as 135GB of unpartitioned space...

First question; How do I recover my Windows partitions? Without loosing my data.

Second; How do I fix the Windows boot?

Third; How do I set up the internet connection from the SUSE 9.1 install. I am currently using the SUSE 9.3 Live disk and it set everything up automatically. P.S. Knoppix is also able to recognize my internet connection.

Fourth; Should I continue to use SUSE or try something else. I had a copy of SUSE 9.1 pro eval DVD on hand and decided to try it. SHOULD HAVE READ ALL THE INSTRUCTIONS FIRST!!! My main concern is my wife. I'm tired of using Windows and want something that will be easy for her to use. She's not very computer savy, though she's ... Read more

A:Linux install gone wrong

Do this:

Boot to linux and open a console. Go into superuser mode or login as root.

Type this command:

fdisk -l

(that's a lowercase L, not an i)

Also do this:

cat /etc/fstab

And paste that as well

And paste the output here. I want to see it.

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I have looked high and low and I cannot definitively find whether or not my late 2016 T460p does/does not or is/is not supposed to have an internal battery. I bought this laptop in late December 2016, and I am rather confident I read somewhere it is supposed to have it. However, everytime I remove the swappable battery, the laptop shuts off, and I have been receiving awful battery life. Anyway, with no external battery put in, the laptop thinks there is no battery; clearly my machine does not have an internal battery (or at least not one that works). I'm simply wondering if I am even supposed to have one and if so how I can get it fixed. Thanks!  


Go to Solution.

A:T460p - Is there power bridge or not?

No.  T460 and T460s can have an optional internal battery.  T460p does not.

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Hi, I read this blog post regarding Power Bridge.  I have the X250 with an internal 3-cell battery and an external 6-cell battery.  Windows 10 recognises both batteries.  The Lenovo Settings application recognises both batteries as well and indicates that both are in good condition.  When I take out the external battery, the laptop switches off.  The internal battery definitely works, because I tried the laptop on the internal battery only.  The thing is that one of the battery latches (not the one where you have to keep holding it to release the battery but the other one) broke, so the battery is not secured correctly.  It still works and mostly stays in but sometimes some movement might disloge the battery just slightly from the connector which results in the laptop switching off.  So if power bridge worked, this would't be a problem I think. Updated the bios to version 1.17 from 1.15. Thanks The X250 Specs:Core i7-5600U1920x1080 display8GB RAM256GB SSD  

Go to Solution.

A:ThinkPad Power Bridge

Lenovo has made a solution available for customers reporting broken battery latches on W550s, T550, T450s, T450, T440, T440s, X250, X240 and L450 ThinkPads.
Please contact Lenovo Service for support and reference Service TIP SF15-T0073/ HT104300. The solution will require the laptop to be serviced.
Thank you,

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Hello everyone,  Trying to purchase an extra charger for the Lenovo Thinkpad T470 (which was bought in the US) and would love to know which one I can order locally, from Lenovo India.  These are the chargers are available and I can either buy an USB type C charger or the slimport charger, right?  https://www.lenovo.com/in/en/accessories-and-monitors/chargers-and-batteries/chargers/Lenovo-45W-AC-...https://www.lenovo.com/in/en/accessories-and-monitors/chargers-and-batteries/chargers/Lenovo-65W-AC-...https://www.lenovo.com/in/en/accessories-and-monitors/chargers-and-batteries/chargers/PWR-ADP-BO-USB... This is the one that came with the laptop (USB type C):   Would be great if you could please suggest what would be a good buy for this laptop or if it's better to buy a charger from Lenovo USA.  Thank you for  your time.

A:Recommended power adapter/charger for Lenovo Thinkpad T470

I would buy the USB-C, thinking if or when I replace the laptop, the USB-C charger is more likely to work as a spare.  As far as wattage, the 45W will be lighter, but 65W may charge some devices faster and is more likely to be compatible with any replacement.  (I am not suggesting that you are going to replace the laptop soon, but things happen and situations change.)  

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HiI have flashed the SPI with different fw a few times and the platform booted.I wanted to flash the original dump again and it worked properly.I made another try (different fw) and it didn't boot so I wanted to flash the original dump again but it didn't boot at all.The way it behaves is as follow: * With AC and DC: the power button blinks three times and doesnt boot.* With DC only: it wont boot at all* With AC only: it wont boot at all

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My new X260 uses the internal battery before the external, hot-swappable battery. How can I change this? I'm on the newest BIOS (1.19?) and Ubuntu Xenial.

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Hi all,

I've been doing some research on my new build and started looking into power phases. After reading some articles, it seems like the less power phases you have, the more susceptible your motherboard is to failing, especially if you're overclocking. Plus you also have to worry about components on your motherboard overheating such as the mosfets. Is all of this something I should be worried about?

The motherboard I want to get has 8+2 power phases (Asrock P67 Extreme4 Gen3). So if I plan on overclocking, should I step up to a 12+2 or 16+2 motherboard or will I be safe at 8+2?

Thanks in advance

A:New Sandy Bridge build - power phases

The ASrock P67 Extreme4 Gen3 is an excellent board. It overclocks impressively. People have managed to hit the 5 GHz mark at around 1.45V with a good aftermarket HSF.

More power phases do not guarantee better performance. Generally, more phases should make for smoother voltage output, but it is only one of several factors in the design of the CPU voltage regulator.

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hello all i did try to read about this before asking here, but am confused by conflicting opinions on, whether it's detrimental to your notebook (particularly the battery) to either leave it plugged in to a power source all the time ...and whether you should ever let it completely drain off in order to recharge it? (cycle it?) ...the community here has helped me more times than i can count and, i trust in the knowledge and intentions of the people here, so... i wanted to ask here, where i know the folks won't steer me wrong...

and in a related concern, i was trying to find out... is it possible to/OKAY to, operate the computer with its battery cartridge removed if one does want to keep it plugged in to a wall for extended periods of time ...would that help prevent deterioration of the battery???

and separately, i know heat is no good for laptops ...i have a dell inspiron 1525 with a li-ion battery (i believe it's type gp952) that is about 1.5 years old ...so maybe the battery was on borrowed time anyway (?), but... it also has, without a choice, i'm afraid, overheated a few times this summer because i'm forced to stay in an attic, without any air conditioning or even a fan and, sometimes i feel like I'M going to croak, so i imagine it can't be good for the compu!

thank you all for spending your time here and lending your knowledge to the rest of us who need all the help we can get! ...god bless... *princi

A:notebook pcs : to fully discharge or NOT to fully discharge?! :)

Here is info on laptop batteries.
Being as the lithium ion battery only has about 5% self
discharge rate,it should be fine to leave it out for some time.
Try to charge it every 6 months or so.
Don't let it completely discharge.
Other types of batteries can have a memory effect and need
to be completely discharged periodically.
This is not the case with yours.

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I've spent hours researching this annoying feature. If I leave the machine in sleep/hibernate state for more than about an hour and then open the lid, only the Lenovo logo is shown. CAD combo restarts but again only the logo is shown. I need to press the power button once, wait a few seconds then press the power button again. Then the laptop starts normally. The attached file shows my power settings. I appreciate any assistance. I have this problem whether I have my Wacom Pro S tablet attached or not. The laptop is brand new.

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I was just wondering is the an order for a PC hardware to power up/on? If so were does one find that at. The last thing to power up is my GPU, is there a way to change it to make it the first thing to power up/on.

A:hardware power up order

Don't know whether this is what you're after, but I would have thought the basic startup procedure for any computer is pretty much set in stone:

"Although there are differences in how each computer actually starts, they all share these basic steps. This example is particularly directed towards Dos and Windows (except where noted).The computer performs a test on itself to make sure all components are available and ready. One important part of the first steps is that the registers (the place where data and instructors go in the CPU to be processed) are cleared of any old code. This is the start of the Power-On Self Test or POST test.
The CPU then gets a memory address from the ROM which where to find the ROM BIOS in order to continue the check.
The CPU now sends signals on its system bus, the main circuit on the mother board to which all components are attached.
The clock is checked by the CPU. All computer functions are regulated by this clock, which sends an impulse at a regular interval. It is very much similar to the beating of a bass drum to mark time in music.
POST tests the memory chips on the video adapter and loads information from the video adapter’s own BIOS into the system BIOS. Sometimes the BIOS codes from slower CMOS are also loaded into RAM. Newer PCs have additional equipment which also have their own BIOS on their own cards. These items, called plug and play also get loaded into the system BIOS.
The CPU now checks to see if a keyboard ... Read more

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Hello, Thank you for your time, my issue started with a broken screen, I asked for a replacement through mail, when I installed the new screen it seemed to work fine. At a certain time of turning off the computer and starting it, the resolution is off by 86 pixels horizontal, the original resolution is 1366x768 (16:9), and now shows 1280x800 or multiples (w=1280,h=*). At first I thought it was an issue with drivers with Windows 10 the forums entries I found seem to indicate this, tried all of them. I also tried the custom screen resolution tool from Intel, it adds the resolution inside the tool, but it does not list the new resolution in the "graphics properties" section. With no luck at solving the problem I tried to boot a GNU/Linux Live version from a FlashDrive, with GNU/Linux showing the same resolution limitation. I've noticed that going to the BIOS is showing the same screen usage. After this, my old screen still works it just the crystal that got cracked, I reinstalled and noticed that has the same screen size problem, so is not the new screen it seems. This is the point till I've gotten, don't know much about UEFI maybe it saves screen resolution information at a place I can't reach, and is not adapting itself correctly imposing it screen scan to the OS that start to work after UEFI. The only thing that comes to mind. Your help is appreciated,Thank you.

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