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Solved: sound\video driver upgrade

Q: Solved: sound\video driver upgrade

hi, i just bought NHL 2006 for my computer. i installed it right and everything, but when i click the game icon, it goes fullscreen then shows the desktop again with an error message saying that i should upgrade my video drivers.
at this moment i am not on that computer so i cant copy exactly what the message said but, i know it said something about ''direct3d and my video drivers''. i checked the direct x diagnostics tool and everything seems to be updated perfectly. i have direct x 9c.

i redownloaded the latest version of my video drivers(Intel 852GM/855GM/865G/910GL/910GML/915G/915GM/915GMS/945G) at

but still no!!!
i despratly want to play my game

also i have another post in this website concerning my sound drivers but i somehow fixed it hoping that the same thing will happen here.

Preferred Solution: Solved: sound\video driver upgrade

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Solved: sound\video driver upgrade

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HP M7250N w/4G RAM, Corsair 450VX PS, Diamond Radeon HD4650 1024MB PCI-e. Windows XP Media Center

After replacing the Power Supply and Video Card (new componets specified above) there is no sound. I verified all settings specified in the trouble shooting table including volume muting, device properties, etc. I also changed the on board sound bios setting from 'auto' to 'enabled'.

The video card software added a new audio device 'ATI HD Audio rear output'. It appears to me that this new device is not being recognized. You assistance with this issue would be appreciated.

A:Solved: No Sound after Video Card Upgrade

Disable and/or remove the ATI HD audio Rear output, it's for SPDIF over HDMI, you can get it back later if you need to. Milder way of action would be to try to find out where you could set your default audio device back to your onboard audio, instead of the ATI HD audio.

Here's a thread about the same issue, solved, should be helpful. http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/forum/page-256101_15_0.html

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I have a Visiontek Xtasy 9200 card and believe I need to update the driver, but when I get to the page to download, I am not sure which one to select. Can someone guide me? Here's the page with all the choices: http://www.visiontek.com/

Catalyst 5.12 Drivers - Windows 2000/XP/Media Center Edition
Package Download Ver. Download Link File Size (KB/MB) Date Posted Notes
Catalyst Control Center Package
5.12 Download 54MB 12/09/05 Includes: Display driver, WDM, and Catalyst Control Center
Control Panel Package 5.12 Download 33MB 12/09/05 Includes: Display driver, WDM, and Control Panel
Description Ver. Download Link File Size (KB/MB) Date Posted Notes
ATI Display Driver 5.12 Download
1 of 3
13.1MB 12/09/05 2D/3D Display Driver
Control Panel 5.12 Download
2 of 3 10.9MB 12/09/05 Control Panel
Catalyst Control Center 5.12 Download
2 of 3 32.4MB 12/09/05 Catalyst Control Center
WDM 5.12 Download 5.01MB 12/09/05 For X850 / X800 cards that have Video Capture Chip

∑ For details on this driver, including resolved issues, please review the RELEASE NOTES.

∑ VisionTek recommends Windows XP Service Pack 2 or higher to be installed.
∑ You must have Microsoft .NET Framework installed prior to downloading and installing the CATALYST Control Center
∑ The Catalyst Uninstaller is an optional download. We recommend using this utility to uninstall any previously installed Catalyst drivers prior to installation.
∑ Drivers available for download at www.ati... Read more

A:Solved: Video Card Driver Upgrade

ATI has a newer driver out, Catalyst 5.13. Visiontek only posts a link to the same driver that ATI provides so I'd always get the one from the ATI website as it may be newer, as in this case.

Here's the link: https://support.ati.com/ics/support/default.asp?deptID=894&task=knowledge&questionID=640

They offer two different downloads for the same driver. One is the full package and the other is just broken up into three parts for dial-up users with slow connections.

So you'd want the: High Speed (Cable / DSL) Catalyst Control Center Package Download 1 of 1 34.2 12/21/05 Display and WDM Drivers included in this bundle

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Hi All,

Hope someone could help me here.

I recently had to reformat my PC and now I need to reinstall my video card and sound card drivers. The only problem is, I don't have the driver CD anymore.

Also, when I try to find out what my video/sound cards are I draw a blank because they don't seem to be displayed anywhere (display properties/settings/advanced/adapter). All adapter type and adapter information are all <unavailable>.

I know my video card is ATI but that's all I know and as for the sound card - I haven't a clue what make that is. I've been on the ATI website but there are so many drivers I don't know which one to download/install.

How do I start to gain control over my PC again and find/install the necessary drivers???

Thanks in advance for all your help,

C h r e d g e.

A:Solved: Reformatted PC - video/sound driver help

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 sound fades on games and video/audio when played.Its already 3 months since I got this problem, i currently running the windows 10 generic driver for 3 months.after waiting this long and still can't find a proper fix for this problem and that generic driver sounds awful on headphones. if the current driver has already been fix, pls tell me....... thanx.....

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Hey guys,

I am looking to spice up my system and was wondering what I could add or change.

My current system is:

Asus P5K Premium
4 x 1024 OCZ Reapear (800)
1 x 150 Raptor
1 x 250 Seagate
Onboard Sound
Coolermaster 1000W Modular
Coolermaster 830 EVO
24" 1920 x1200 Monitor
Running XP PRO

I have already got 2 x 2048 Corsair Dominator 8500 on Order, but what I was looking for is which sound card Auzen 7.1 or Xtreme Gamer Fatal1ty Pro to go for and whether to change the Motherboard and add another 8800gtx or upgrade to a x38 set and then go for 2 x 3870x2's??

A:Sound and Video Upgrade

Would you change the board to allow SLI with the 9800GT or just leave it with the same board and the one Vid Card?

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Hi. I've read through some threads in the games forum, where people have recommended upgrading the video drivers to solve gaming problems. Recently I got Diablo II, and it wouldn't play with Direct3D settings (even though DirectX tests say that it's fine), so I decided to upgrade the driver.

Following instructions, I downloaded the driver program and saved it to desktop, then uninstalled the driver for my video card. Windows restarted...then reinstalled the old driver. I've tried booting into Safe Mode to perform the upgrade, with the same results. How can I solve this?

Thanks in advance.

PS. Sorry if this is the wrong forum for this message. I figured it's more a driver problem than a game problem.

A:Video driver upgrade help

What results are you having?
Anyway, uninstall the old driver, reboot, try the new driver.
You may need all the windows updates if you are running windows XP this would include SP2 and the .NET framework.

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Hp g6-2320tx windows 8-64 bit.when i buy my laptop it was windows 8.some days ago i downgrade windows 8 to windows 7.i download all the windows 7 64 bit driver from hp official site.including graphic driver.but now i want to recent update verson graphic driver1.(Radeon (TM) HD 7670M)2.(Intel (R)HD graphics 4000)plzz send me link where i download update verson those two graphic driver.plzzsorry for my bad englishplzz help

A:Upgrade video driver

I know its old but here is the explanation of the driver: This package provides the AMD High-Definition (HD) Graphics Driver and Catalyst Control Center for supported notebook models that are running a supported operating system. For notebooks with switchable graphics modes, this package includes drivers for both graphics processing units (GPUs). Switchable graphics enable users to switch between a power-saving graphics mode (normally used under battery power) and a high-performance graphics mode.  This driver works with Windows 7 and switchable graphics. Other drivers will just cause you problems.  

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I have not been able to update my video drivers for a very long time. Every time I try I get a message that the update failed. I've been on the Nvidia forums and no attempt to resolve has worked. I have an ASUS G2 with a Nvidia 8600m GT Card.

A:Cannot Upgrade video Driver NVidia

latest drivers:

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I have a Westinghouse TV that I'm using as a monitor. I don't have a specific driver for it, nor do I think one exists. The generic Windows monitor driver worked fine for about a month with Windows 8 (via new Lenovo desktop ? which pumped out 1920x1080 over HDMI, and which is the native resolution of the monitor. Life was good!)

Yesterday morning I updated to 8.1, and today I'm letterboxed. The image is clear and the correct aspect ratio, but it's just smaller and I'm wasting a couple inches of screen space all around. I've tried changing the resolution and rebooting various times. At one point the imaged pulled all the way out, left/right, but not top/bottom. It's the Lenovo/AMD-Radeon/Win8.1 machine ? not the monitor which still works fine with other machines. (albeit via VGA, not HDMI ? which is a manual source setting change in the monitor.)

- Westinghouse EW39T4LZ 39" 1080p 60Hz LCD HDTV
- AMD Radeon HD 7560D (Lenovo box)
- Windows 8.1 (online update from 8 OEM)

This is the problem since updating to 8.1 ? some kind of driver update-problem-something.

I'm thinking I delete the AMD Radeon HD 7560D line-item from my Device Manager, and then when I reboot, it will be found and reinstalled. That's what I would have done with XP anyway.

Or I could uninstall the driver from within the AMD Radeon properties window above (Drivers tab) ? but I'm afraid I will lose the screen and a reboot won't fix that, and then I'm stuck with re-imaging the OS fro... Read more

A:8.1 upgrade Ė generic video driver problem

Yours is the third report of this behavior and the previous two reports also involved HD Radeon graphics. Now, the other two have not yet reported back but I will point you to one of these threads instead of repeating my advice here. Good luck.

WDDM v1.1 Driver for ATI HD4600 on Windows 8.1 clips

Good luck and please let us know if you find a fix.

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Hello all,
As subject I upgraded my system with Windows 10 for this DELL laptop (i7 - F8C4K42).
After the installation I have found a problem related to the video driver, basically the ATI is not working as expectation  also if I use "configure switchable graphic" to force the ATI to work, this option seems not switching the video card.

I thought it was a problem related to the drivers so I downloaded a latest version of them (below the version used at that time)AMD Radeon R7 M270 Graphics Driverv15.200.1040.0 (A01) June 25, 2015Unfortunately I couldn't installed due an unexpected issue. (below the log of it)

[08/07/15 22:38:14]    Update Package Execution Started[08/07/15 22:38:14]    Original command line: "D:\Driver Dell\Video Driver Dell I7_F8C4K42\Video_DriverATIjuly_2D1DC_WN32_15.200.1040.0_A01.EXE" [08/07/15 22:38:14]    DUP Framework EXE Version:[08/07/15 22:38:14]    DUP Release: 2D1DCA01[08/07/15 22:38:14]    Intializing framework...[08/07/15 22:38:16]    logo.png[08/07/15 22:38:21]    User Command: attended[08/07/15 22:38:21]    DUP Capabilities Value: 39845887 (0x25FFFFF)[08/07/15 22:38:21]    DUP Vendor Software Version: 15.200.1040.0[08/07/15 22:38:21]    Local System/Model Compatible with this Package? Yes[08/07/15 22:38:21]    Local System OS Version: 10.0.0.... Read more

A:Video Driver cannot be installed after windows 10 upgrade

Hi Daniele0786,
I encountered the problem myself today, as choosing the INSTALL option will lead to a failure like you, and choosing EXTRACT option will result in nothing extracted. So I think the procedure of the .EXE file is not working propably. I tried this SOLUTION and it worked well for me. You have to extract the .EXE manually, using 7-Zip. 
1. Download and install 7-Zip from http://www.7-zip.org/2. Open 7-Zip and browse to the folder containing the exe.3. Right click on the exe file and click "Open Inside".4. Double click a folder inside if needed to get to the files.5. Select the files you need by clicking on them while holding down the ctrl key.6. Right click on the selected files and click "Copy To".7. Type a path or click on the "..." button to browse for a folder.8. Click Ok.
Remember to extract each driver to one folder and name it so you won't mistake one for another. The content of the .EXE (the driver) should be extracted completely, then you can choose the Setup file(it is the file with "Application" type) to manual install it. Done!
Hope this works for you.

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Ever since I had to re-install Windows XP, my video card hasn't been performing as well as it used to. Any graphics-heavy games or even screensavers just run terribly. I have an nVIDIA RIVA TNT2/TNT2 PRO, and I've read online that the Creative Labs RIVA TNT2 driver ver. 44.04 for XP should be the latest and best driver available for it (my current driver is the 44.03 driver from nVIDIA's driver page). Note that the 44.03 driver is an .exe file, whereas the 44.04 driver from Creative comes in .zip form, forcing a manual installation...

Anyway, I went to run the Hardware Update Wizard so I could point it to my newly extracted 44.04 driver files and update the driver. My steps were as follows:

1. Display Properties
2. Settings
3. Advanced
4. Adapter
5. Properties
6. Driver
7. Update Driver
8. "Install from a list or specific location" (next)
9. "Don't search. I will choose the driver to install." (next)
10. Have Disk...
11. Browse... (then I point to the folder where I have extracted the driver files, and click OK)
12. Next
13. A window comes up telling me the driver is not Windows Logo verified. I've read that this is supposed to happen. I click "Continue Anyway".

At this point, things seem to be going well, until I get this message:

"Copy Error

Setup cannot copy the file nv4_mini.sy_.

Ensure that the location specified below is correct, or change it and insert 'Creative NVIDIA Windows 2000/XP Driver... Read more

A:Please help me upgrade my Creative video card driver...

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Hello, I have the following issue with my t460p after I've updated the video driver to version  (r07i616w): Pausing a video (i.e. youtube in a browser)  and continuing after some time leads to a BSOD. This happens reproducible  if screen has been turned off by power manager, while video has been paused. steps to reproduce:1. in power manager  set the time to switch off screen to 1 minute2. start playing a youtube video in a browser (in my case google chrome)3. pause video4. wait until screen has been turned off5. continue playing video more informations to BSOD:BCCode: 1BCP1: 0000000077CCBBAABCP2: 0000000000000000BCP3: 000000000000FFFFBCP4: FFFFF8800895BB60OS Version: 6_1_7601Service Pack: 1_0Product: 256_1 this does not happen with video driver (r07i613w).BIOS is version 2.05. (latest from the lenovo website) Newer drivers downloaded from Intel (  and seem to have the same problem. Sometimes system crashes just by using the intel graphics options panel  by selecting video. The picture of the child should be displayed, instead the system crashes. As newer Intel drivers have the same issue, it looks to me that maybe something different coud be triggering this crashes.  Maybe BIOS?  What is the recommended BIOS version to use in a t460p (no Optimus)?Can I safely downgrade the BIOS version to 2.03 or 2.04? Regards... Read more

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Here are the detail about my system

MIS motherboard: MS-5187 Micro atx v16 Mianboard
Intergrated sound and video cards
Sound Card: VIA ac97 PCI Video Card: VIA Enhance VGA
I am running Win 98 first edition.
6 G hard drive partitioned into three.
I recently reinstalled win 98 because of problems I was having. NOw there is no sound and I can only get 256 colors on my screen. Before I could get 16 bit color. The only driver that workswith it is a Trident driver off Win 98, otherwise I can only get 16 colors. I tried every driver on the Trident website, none worked. I tried drivers from VIA; the video driver would not even install, the sound driver installed but I have no sound. Can you help with my problem.

A:Video + Sound Driver not working.

Go here http://www.msi.com.tw/index.htm

and search for your sound and video driver from the manufacturers site

Happy hunting

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I can't get a video or a song to play for more than 3 seconds in any program or even online, and then it just stops and will either not play again for several minutes, or not even ever again. I looked in Device Manager, and there are no visible problems or yellow error signs by any of the drivers listed. I'm not sure what is going on here. Can someone please help me out with this? Thanks in advance! :D

A:Possible Video or Sound Driver Conflict?

download K-Lite Codec Pack from here: www.codecguide.com and try again watching smth and playing a songs ;)

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I had to reformat a Dell Vostro 1000 laptop. It came without any discs. I tried my best to get the need drivers off of Dells website but didn't do so well. In addition to the sound, video drivers I also need the wireless driver. I have the computer up to date with SP3
Video is OK but a little wavy when scrolling through a page. I have a choice of 800 by 600 or 1024 by 768. no in between.
I don't know what other info you may need. I was able to get the Ethernet 10/100 installed but that's about it

Thanks in advance

A:XP sound and Video driver woes

Sound fixed!! now on to the video. The sound driver off off Dells site finally worked

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2 out of my 3 computers were upgraded no issue.

My last one is a 2008 with an Asus P5N-MX with a E8400 processor.

As stated in the title, I was able to complete the upgrade but I have a black screen if I leave a video cards. I swapped many and the video cards are ok. I will get a display if I use the port on the motherboard. Unfortunately, it won't do better than 1024 x 768.

I was able also to install NVIDIA utility and I saw my GT 630 listed in the device managers, it even ran 1920x1080.... until in a reboot it rejected it and uninstalled it. I did the same with my RADEON/AMD card and same result.

Is it enough to conclude that my motherboard is not compatible with W10 or should I try something else?

A:W10 upgrade worked, but it won't accept any video card + no sound.

I'm not sure.

That motherboard uses the nVidia nForce 610i chipset. The latest drivers at Visual Computing Leadership from NVIDIA for it are for Windows 7.

The 32 bit US English version is here:


There are also drivers for 64 bit:


You may have to manually install them to get them to go on. (I had to do something like that with a laptop from 2008 with an nVidia chipset and an AMD CPU. Its 8200m g graphics were officialy supported by nVidia for Win 10.)

I'm not sure that it's worthwhile upgrading such a system from Win 7, but I wouldn't bet that it's impossible.

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I have tried downloading the updated driver I need for my ME operating system at INTEL's website and none of their downloads work. Any other place to get what I need?
It is a video driver for Intel 82810 graphics controller. Thanks, Hotskates

A:Intel 82810 video driver - upgrade need desperately

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I run a Toshiba laptop Tecra 8100 with a video driver version of 4/16/2002 for the S3 Graphics Savage MX in Windows XP Pro.
I discovered that there seem to be upgrades for this driver. However, I do not know if I have to use the PCI or the AGP upgrade for Win XP. Also, will this upgrade work on a Toshiba laptop?
The Toshiba forum is extremely slow to answer.
Thank you for your help,

A:Toshiba Tecra 8100 video driver upgrade

Well I just looked up the specs on that laptop
8100 Specs

And it says your S3 Graphics Savage MX is AGP, so use the AGP upgrade. Hope I helped!

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Hello everyone,

Well, I've finally have been able to upgrade from my Vostro 3700. The Vostro was a good system, but it always ran hot. Dell was gracious enough to exchange my system with a Precision M6800. Thus far, I've had GREAT customer service even with the many calls about my Vostro overheating. With this new laptop, I think they finally hit the mark, it is NOWHERE near as hot as the Vostro 3700 on idle and while playing games.

With that being said, I am trying to upgrade my video drivers. There is an Intel 4600 integrated with the Intel Core i5 processor and an AMD FirePro M6100. Both using PowerPlay to manage the graphics adapters. I've already downloaded both the Intel and AMD video drivers from the Dell Support website. There is a warning on the Dell AMD driver page informing that the Intel driver has to be installed first. When I attempt to install the Intel driver, I get the following error message:
"This computer does not meet the minimum requirements for installing the software."

So, now I have to ask, what else do I need in order to install the newer drivers?

I've also downloaded the Intel website provided drivers and it informs that I need to go through the manufacturer to get the latest drivers.

Any help would be appreciative.

Thank you,

A:Precision M6800 Video Driver Upgrade Inquiry


Since the Dell provided drivers were not working, I've gone to Inte.com and AMD.com and have downloaded both of their drivers for the Intel HD 4600 and the AMD FirePro M6100. I've made sure all video adapters were uninstalled and their drivers deleted, with the exception for the GDIHOOKS which I wasn't sure about.

After a clean reboot, I started installing the Intel provided drivers, no complaints from the driver installation wizard and it installed without error. Rebooted after installing. The display changed it resolution to something more preferable and it seems to have worked fine. Continued on...

Started the AMD FirePro AMD.com website drivers. They also didn't complain about being installed, etc. Installation took longer as expected as this was a larger package. It installed without issue. Rebooted. No other errors and everything looks good.

As a test, I checked my power saving settings. Maximum Power savings on everything Battery related. Maximum Performance on everything Plugged In related. Now, as opposed to before, when running on battery, I get over ~8-9 hours of battery life. Before when unplugged with the same power settings I was only getting about 2+ hours. Plugged the AC adapter back in and launched Portal 2 with all of its settings to the max with a resolution of 1600x900. Works great. No lagging, graphics is awesome, works well.

So, as it seems the Dell.com provided drivers either have issues with this model and OS (Precision M680... Read more

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After installing the latest Nvidia drivers ( in fact this applies to the last several driver builds), when I play video on any *movie* player the video looks like overexposed film. Adjusting the gama isnt the problem either. It looks terrible.

If I reinstall 3 or so generations of drivers back, the video files look fine.

This applies to both my WinXP & Win98SE machines. How can I fix this?

A:Video files dont play right after driver upgrade

I came across this one after I'd installed the beta release of Nvidia's latest drivers. After the final, WHQL 77.72 version was released, the issue still existed. After I installed the drivers, image quality of video playback deteriorated to the point where watching any video was a painful exercise.

The fix is simple. Just bring up the graphics control panel, bring up the advanced options and click on the tab with the name of the card (GeForce 6800 Ultra in my case). Then select the color-correction menu entry from the flyout menu. Now set the "Apply color changes" pulldown to All. Now click on "Restore Defaults" and then click the "Apply" button. You're now good to go.
Blatantly plagerized from : http://www.extremetech.com/article2/0,1697,1844665,00.asp

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85 seconds after you restart the computer opens

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About a week ago I turned on my computer to find that the screen went blank after a certain point in the startup process (just before the desktop itself started loading). I called Dell technical support, the support agent determined the video drivers were at fault, and uninstalled and reinstalled them in Safe Mode, and the problem seemed to be resolved.

Shortly after getting off the phone with Dell I started up a game (Guild Wars 2), which told me my drivers were out of date. The video drivers the support agent had pulled from the Dell website were about three years old, so I went to the GeForce website and installed the 306.23 drivers. (For reference, I have two GeForce 9800 GT cards.) I began the installation, and halfway through the screen went blank, just like with the startup error. I let it sit for a while to see if the installation would complete, then rebooted manually. The computer restarted just fine.

Since then I have not had the blank screen problem, but my sound has been stuttering. How much it stutters fluctuates between "barely noticeable" and "occurs every two seconds", it seems to manifest most commonly in videos (both on my hard drive and online) but occurs with game audio and Windows sound effects as well. I have not seen any video lag accompanying the stuttering. I have uninstalled and reinstalled my video drivers again, this time without running into any issues, but that did not resolve it. I called Dell again, but they told me somet... Read more

A:Sound Stuttering After Video Driver Reinstallation

Can you post the model of your Dell? When you installed your two GeForce 9800 GT cards do you upgrade your power supply unit? If not I believe the psu that came with the dell is very much under powered for your graphics cards. I recommend at least a 80+ rated 750-900 watts psu. And under powered psu if you did not upgrade to a more efficient one is why you are having problems that you are experiencing. The minimum for each card (wattage) is 400 watts you have two. Having one I recommend at least 550watt since you have two cards I would highly recommend 750-900 watt psu. 400 watts minimum means it will do put it's pushing it if you just have 1 card.

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I bought a computer that didn't come with an operating system. I put windows 98 on it.

I loaded all the drivers that I could take out and look to see what they were named.

The problem: I cannot get to the video driver or the sound card. They are behind a device that I can not take out. They are (I guess) mounted on the motherboard and I can't get to them with all the crap mounted around them.

I really can't even see them good. I hope I am explaining this so you can understand what I am saying.

How can I find out what they are. It is a Celeron computer that says "Intel inside", 500 mhz, 64 mb.

I need to load these drivers but can't. Please help.


A:video driver and sound card problems

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i recently upgraded my pc with a geforce 8600gt video card and everything was fine. my sound worked fine even when my computer restarted. however, after i shut my computer down and did a cold boot, my volume control says "no audio output device is installed", my device manager no longer shows my sigmatel hd audio driver, in the services menu the sigmatel audio service is stopped and when i try to start it, it says that it started and then stopped because "some services stop when they are not in use by other services or programs". the sigma tel audio icon in control panel tells me that the driver is inaccessable and i cannot reinstall the driver. i know this is pretty rambling but these are all the solutions i have tried already. i do know that if i uninstall the video card and restart my computer, my sound works and i can then re-install the card, but then it starts over with sound working until i shut down the computer.

thanks for your help, if there is any other information that will help, please let me know!

A:New video card disables sound driver

May be a compatibility issue

Please download System Spec
And update into this area
Further down the page

System spec may not find your new Vid card, so type in info in the areas that are missing from System Spec

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On a Windows XP Home computer how do I find out what sound card and video card are on that computer? I just installed the operating system for my friend so now he has no driver files and I need to know what sound and video cards he has so I can get the drivers for him. Please respond quickly thanks.

A:Video and Sound Card Driver Problems

I would just look at the cards themselves...they should have the manufacturer on it and model name/number

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On a Windows XP Home computer how do I find out what sound card and video card are on that computer? I just installed the operating system for my friend so now he has no driver files and I need to know what sound and video cards he has so I can get the drivers for him. Please respond quickly thanks.

A:Video and Sound Card Driver Problems

I would just look at the cards themselves...they should have the manufacturer on it and model name/number

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Intel G620 2.6Ghz
Gigabyte GA-B75M-D3H
Corsair 4GB [2x2GB Dual Channel]
MSI HD 7850 2GB DDR5
Windows XP Pro SP3

Crysis 2

Upgraded Video Card from an nVidia GTX 460 1GB DDR5

when i fireup Crysis 2 i get sound but only black screen, i have installed the latest catalyst and hd 7850 drivers....

help please

A:Crysis 2 black screen with sound - Video Card Upgrade

Have you removed all of the old drivers?

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I assume that updated sound & video card drivers are required before attempting to download & setup DirectX8.?, so I'm trying to find them.
Unfortunately, all I know about the onboard sound, video, & modem is what's in the signature since I can't find the original sales paper.
However, this computer was bought in Sept. 2001, so considering its age, I'm not even sure that drivers are even available now.

A:Source for W98SE Sound & Video Driver updates

Hi Gary R...............
It's not required to update the drivers just for DX, but it's always good to have the latest.
Here's a link for your modem............


Here's one for your video drivers..........


and if your run Belarc advisor, you should be able to get the info on your motherboard for the sound drivers.


Hope this helps.


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Vostro 360 upgraded to Windows 10 (via ISO).
Built-in panel video is corrupted (vertical stripe down center that suggests panel failure).External monitor works fine.However, built-in panel works during boot for both BIOS and Windows 10 logo screen, and also works in Safe Mode. Additionally, the panel works fine after it comes out of sleep mode.Any time the video mode changes (e.g. by a resolution change, plugging in an external monitor, or starting the computer) the built-in panel will be garbled. Causing the system to sleep and unsleep (even immediately after startup) will correct the built-in panel video corruption.Driver installed by Windows 10 is: Intel(R) HD GraphicsDriver Date: 5/27/2015Driver Version: update a Vostro 360 Windows 7 system with the latest Intel HD Graphics driver, I will get the same behaviour, so it's almost certainly a driver issue.What confuses me is that no-one has mentioned a similar problem, and many have mentioned successful upgrades to Windows 10. Am I just unlucky with my systems, or is there some software variable that could mask (or create) the problem?On Windows 7, I can revert to an older driver to make the problem go away. This is difficult on Windows 10, as it continually upgrades to the latest driver.Closest similar issue is an unresolved red/green/blue colour cycling problem.http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_7-hardware/dell-vostro-360-and-optional-intel-graphics-driver/2fbf78e7-2c1b-4986-b711-add8... Read more

A:Vostro 360 upgrade to Windows 10 video corruption with latest Intel driver

Product not tested for Windows 10 upgrade
Dell is not testing or developing Windows 10 drivers for this product. If you choose to upgrade, some features, applications, and connected devices may not work as expected.

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Have recently un-installed my ATI Radeon x1300 video driver because it caused endless problems and re-installed the NVIDIA GeForce 6150 LE that my computer (Dell C521, Vista Ultimate 64-bit) originally came with, plus a recommended NVIDIA update. And, by the way, I use an ATI Theater 650 Pro card, 32 bit version with Media Center.

Problem: old TV recordings (from the ATI Radeon days) work perfectly. With new recordings, as well as live TV, the pictures and sound jump from one frozen 1-2 second episode to the next. Sound the same thing. Is there a setting in the NVIDIA control panel, that could fix this, or is it something else??

Thank you in advance for your help.

-Ravn (an intermediate computer guy)

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I can run either RealPlayer or Windows Media Player on my Windows XP Home system.

Issue 1
I tried to play a commercially produced DVD movie and I got an error message saying "missing codecs" when I tried to boot up the commercially produced movie right out of the box. The error message did not tell me which codec was missing.

Issue 2
I then inserted a DVD burnt by a friend from a video tape and I could see the video but I got no sound when trying to use RealPlayer. DVD plays normally on another computer and plays normally on a standard DVD player.

I am posting two issues in this original post because I suspect they are both related to the missing codec issue.

Can someone give me suggestions on how and where to start the troubleshooting process?

Thank you in advance for your replies.

A:Solved: Missing Codecs, No Sound With Video, No Bootup With Video

Was the DVD purchased the correct region for your country?
Is the DVD player on the correct region or multi region?

I would firstly recommend installing a codec pack. I always use KLite.
I usually uncheck the option to install media player classic as I dont need it from this pack but thats up to you.

You can get it here http://www.free-codecs.com/download/K_Lite_Codec_Pack.htm

Hope this helps.

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Working on a client's computer that was blue screening with Vista 32 bit HP desktop gl309aa. She cannot find the original Vista install CD. I determined that the culprit was probably the wifi driver, and hoped to install updated drivers for that, plus video card and sound card drivers. After much fiddling with the system, I finally got it started through Startup Repair long enough to install the video driver. I had to go through 2 sets of memory diagnostics to start it at all, since even safe mode was not working. When I went to do the sound card driver, it required an uninstall first, so I did that, and foolishly went along with the restart to finish the process. Lacking a sound card driver, it blue screened all over again. Tried everything, including many times with HP Recovery, but every time it blue screens before any process can complete. On top of this, while working on it, she had a power "flash" for a second, and now the system is missing BOOTMGR so it won't even try to boot into safe mode or anything else. I have the drivers on flash but cannot install them. I've decided to forget Vista (awful system anyway) and give her Windows 7 instead. Much more stable, and her data is backed up in case she loses it.

My question: am I going to have any problems installing the Windows 7 if the computer still thinks it has no driver for the sound card? And is there a way to install the file before or during the Windows 7 installation so it will go smoothl... Read more

A:Install Windows 7 upgrade from Vista with sound card driver missing

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I have an Intel/Gateway mobo ... D845GERG3 Bios String RG84510A.15A.0037.P15.0304012013
this is the driver software that is for this motherboard.

I follow the instructions in the read me file .... I'm suppose to put the address to the file in run ... I do as the instructions say, the wizard comes up and it starts doing it thing then I get an error message "driver not found ... reboot the system, and run this setup again.
Then I get the wizard complete box and the installshield wizard successfully installed soundmax ... but when I reboot the device manager states the sound controller driver has not been installed. Could I have a corrupt file. Why does it say it can't find the driver? I thought it was the driver?

A:Solved: Sound driver software can't find driver?

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This Computer was on sale for Christmas ... (a refurb)

Iíd like to upgrade it to run dual displays .. (Iíll mainly be using it to edit videos, author DVDs and upload to YouTube)
Iím wondering if this PSU and Video Card will work ... or if anyone has better suggestions for "about" $100 or less ???

The PCI Express x16 slot (Gen 3.0) has me confused Ö Is this the same as a PCI Express 3.0 x 16 ??
Would This be a better choice for a video card ??

A:Solved: Video Upgrade

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The wife's PC is getting on in years, but we arent in a position to completely build a new one, and I would like to get her a better video card than the PoS 8600gt she has now.

I built a PC for a friend and was quite impressed with the 9800GTX (which dropped in price since then). I just got confused when figuring out if it would work with the wife's PC.

Its running an ASUS P5ND2-SLI motherboard, which I am almost positive has PCI Express 1.0, not 2.0. Will the 9800GTX work in the older motherboard? Power is not a problem. Space is not a problem. Cooling is not a problem.

Basically, what is the difference between 1.0 and 2.0? Besides the power connections? and will a 2.0 card work in a 1.0 slot?

A:Solved: Video card upgrade

PCIe 2.0 provides twice the throughput of 1.1, but even if your wife is playing video games, I do not think you'll notice much difference (On most games that is...)
2.0 is backwards compatible, the slot is the same. The issue is: Does your (old?) PSU provide adequate power for that video card? I would recommend checking it out first.

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Hi guys, my pc currently has a Geforce 6800GS AGP (unlocked 16 pixels) and I am planning to upgrade my videocard. I have an eye for nvidia 7900gt but its kinda expensive. So I looked at the ATI Radeon X1650 series.

My questions will be, What is the exact comparison of this card to nvidia brand? Is it the same speed as the Nvidia 7900GT or maybe less 7 series. I have an eye of the unknown brand (HIS, Sapphire, Gecube, Diamond, ATI,) which brand is reliable? And also is it worth it to upgrade my video card with the Radeon X1650 Pro? My processor is amd x2 dualcore o'c to 2.5ghz and my memory is 3.5Ghz 400mhz. Can it handle the video card?

The games I am playing is the Oblivion and the expansion pack (which still I am lagging) and also Spellforce 2 also lagging sometimes. Is the upgrade worth? Thank you so much.

Link of the videocards.

http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produ...58 1068310557 1069109630&bop=And&Order=RATING

A:Solved: Video Card Upgrade

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I am needing to upgrade my video card, but I'm not sure what to do or what to get. I have a Gateway 700S with Windows XP. Gateway reps tried to sell me an ATI Radeon card for $90.00, but the same one listed for $50.00 elsewhere. I also need to ad RAM. I use PC 800 RD Ram, which Gateway says they don't sell anymore. Any ideas or recommendations? I am looking for a video card for gaming more than anything else, and I am trying not to spend 100's of dollars for it.

A:Solved: Video Card Upgrade

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I'm trying to upgrade my video. My system is a Pentium III 601 MHz w/320mb RAM running Windows 98SE. Tried to install SimCity 4 for my husband over the weekend, which finally made me have to face this upgrade. I've known it could use it for awhile now with all the games he plays (he's also an avid RCT2 and NASCAR Racing player, which each have raised issues with video in the past, but I'd still managed to avoid upgrading). Original video was a S3 Virge -dx/gx pci. I purchased an ATI Xtasy 9200 SE 128MB PCI card, but when I installed it I got nothing. Had to return to the old card and tell hubby no game for awhile longer til I can figure this out. Where did I go wrong? Oh, the motherboard is an Abit BH6 (yes, I know it is a discontinued board).
I'm not a total amateur about computers, but the specs on this stuff gets me completely lost.
Can someone guide me in the right direction, please?

A:Solved: Video Card Upgrade

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My geforce 590 card died.
I was looking at getting the geforce 970 to replace it.
Do I need to check any specs with my system or motherboard to see if it will handle that card?

A:Solved: video card upgrade?

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I currently have an nvidia 7300gt installed, and i'm thinking of getting 9500gt for $100. Is the upgrade worth the $100 or should I wait until I can afford something better? I only use my computer for browsing, and playing World of Warcraft and I don't need the WoW settings maxed to enjoy it. The main reason I want to swap out my 7300gt is because it overheats and crashes me, probably because it doesn't have an onboard fan. Any info would be great.


A:Solved: video card upgrade

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Once again, I am back. Last time I asked I got great help, but I miss-read specs for my PC... This time I took off the door to get a close look at what I have. This is an HP Compaq Evo D310v P2.4 512MB*2x 256 40GHz
Here is the link http://h20000.www2.hp.com/bizsuppor...ypeId=12454&prodSeriesId=316609&lang=en&cc=us
AGP slot pic

This is a pic *thumb, click to enlarge* of the inside, so far I just see V2 on the card, so i'm guessing it's a V2.0 slot.

I would like to know what card type I can have, and any names of cards.
It currently has a Jaton: nVIDA 3DForce2 MX-64DDR-TV *MX400*

A:Solved: Looking to upgrade Video Card

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I have a N5110 Inspiron R15

AMD 6470M Graphics and Intel HD Graphics

A:Solved: How would I upgrade my video card

Hey there,
The trouble is with laptops is that the graphics is soldered onto the motherboard of the laptop it self. They are very very hard to replace if not impossible. Laptops aren't good for graphics in general anyway unfortunately.


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I was wondering if anyone could help me with picking a AGP video card for my computer, it has integrated video right now and it doesnít work with some of the new software thatís out, I am not into gaming real big, this is just something I need to upgrade so my granddaughter can play some kids games on this computer. So I would like the minimum card you think I need and also the mid to max you think I could use. I know where to get them I am just looking for the specifications on what I really need to upgrade this computer. I am going to include a report that may help you decide what I need.

--------[ AIDA32 (c) 1995-2004 Tamas Miklos ]---------------------------------------------------

Version AIDA32 v3.93
Report Type Report Wizard
Operating System Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition 5.1.2600
Date 2006-02-11
Time 22:27

--------[ Summary ]----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Operating System Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition
OS Service Pack Service Pack 2
Internet Explorer 6.0.2900.2180

CPU Type AMD Athlon XP, 1466 MHz (5.5 x 267) 1700+
Motherboard Name Compaq Compaq PC
Motherboard Chipset VIA VT8364A Apollo KL133A / VT8365A ProSavage KM133A
System Memory 480 MB (SDRAM)
BIOS Type Compaq (12/05/01)

Video Adapter S3 Graphics ProSavage Compaq (32 MB)
3D Accelerator S3 Savage4
Monitor Compaq TFT5030 (152BL72UP224)

--------[ DMI ]--------------------------------------------------------------------... Read more

A:Solved: Video Card Upgrade

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I've been looking around and these two seem to be about the best bang for the buck...

sapphire 5850 xtreme - http://www.amazon.com/XFX-Radeon-57...1?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1306969258&sr=1-1
$149.00 (I was thinking this looks like the better of the cards, but i don't have any idea how long i will have to wait, will it be worth the wait?)
XFX 6870 - http://www.amazon.com/XFX-Radeon-Di...1?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1306968823&sr=1-1
$187.99 - $20 rebate = 167.99 + free shipping (at newegg.com)

Which would you recommend? or, is there another that you might personally recommend?

cooling is an issue, I have a stock HP computer, that doesn't really have any cooling.

A:Solved: Looking to upgrade my video card.

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I have an Asus Radeon HD 7770 video card which I wish to upgrade. I'm somewhat confused about the list of comparisons I've read. So I have a few questions. My mobo has multi GPU (SLI, Crossfire) support. Is it better to go with another 7770 in SLI configuration or is replacing it with a HD 7870 better. Is the GeForce GTX 650 Ti better than the HD 7770? How about the GeForce GTX 650 Ti Boost. I'm simply looking for a better bang for my money.

A:Solved: Video Card Upgrade

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