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Windows Xp Pro auto login

Q: Windows Xp Pro auto login

When I install Windows Xp pro.

I wish to be able to load Windows Xp desktop/short cuts icons immediately without having to login userid and password.

On intiial setup installation of Windows Xp pro., what options do I choose to install so that I won't have to do this-

Automatic logon for Windows XP Professional (Windows XP) - TACKtech Corp.


Preferred Solution: Windows Xp Pro auto login

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Windows Xp Pro auto login

You have the info in your link that is how you do it How to turn on automatic logon in Windows XP it is a security feature and you cannot do it from install

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Hello every one,
I Have 3 computers in my office and i want to connect them to RDP with auto after the turn on.

the idea to not allow my workers to use the computer and work only with RDP.


A:Windows 10 Auto RDP login

First question is why do you want RDP sessions active on the workstations. Second, there is VNC, which works a lot better then RDP.

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I finally repaired the problem, I think, and am able to login to my computer. I replaced the userinit.exe file. Now apparently my desktop has changed and most of my programs and ICONS are gone. In msconfig my startup used to be "selective". now it's "normal" only and cannot be changed. Tell me I didn't erase most of my programs and this is just a start up problem. robin

A:windows xp auto logoff after login

I believe when you changed your userinit.exe file you changed your account from administrator to a guest account or an account with no administrator permissions and you do not have permission to access the things you could before.

You should go to user accounts and see if you are still the administrator, if not, then you have to make the necessary changes to change your account.


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My PC gets used mostly as a media server, I can switch it on remotely so it's ready to share media.
With Windows 10, it now stops at the login screen awaiting a password for my Microsoft account and I now have to enter it to allow the media server program to run.
I know I can get around this by using a local account with no password but it'd be good to login automatically with my Microsoft account.
Any ideas?

A:Windows 10 Auto Login / Sign in?


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Hi everyone..
I recently did a windows update & installed Microsoft .Net Framework version 1.1, & since then, everytime I turn on my PC, it prompt me to click on the user account. I'm used to auto login & it kinda buzz me a little...

I've tried accessing the User Account menu & unchecked the "enter username & password" thingy under "Run", "CONTROL USERPASSWORDS2" but it didn't help cause it auto login into another account, not the current account that I'm using...

Any ideas & help is greatly appreciated..

A:Windows XP auto login problem...

Go into User Account Settings in the control panel and delete the Guest account.

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Hi there, I was hoping someone could help me out with a problem.

I just set up my desktop PC running Windows XP Home to Automatically Login on startup.
But once I changed this and restarted the computer it gets to the "Windows is Starting Up....." screen and just freezes there. So now I can't login at all and can't change it back to the previous settings.
Is there any way I can fix this without re-formatting the system?

Thanks in advance for any advice.


A:Solved: Windows XP Auto Login

Try to boot in the safe mode and make the desired changes

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I use "netplwiz" to set auto login feature. But i found that if i use local account, it works well, but if i use Microsoft account to log in windows 10, it will still ask me for passwords when waking up from sleeping mode or power on.

A:How to auto login windows 10 if i use Microsoft account?

Hello demonguy, and welcome to Ten Forums.

Using netplwiz works with a Microsoft account as well. Double check using the tutorial below to see if it may help.

Sign in User Account Automatically at Windows 10 Startup

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I have started the telnet server on Windows and can log in fine.
What I want is to have a bat job run automattically on sucessfull telnet login.
Is this possible?

Many Thanks


A:Auto run batch job on telnet login to windows

Would help to have more details of what you are trying to do and what you want to outcome to be.

Just so you know, Telnet is an extremely insecure protocol. It doesn't encrypt any of the connection including when you authenticate with a username and password. It is sent in the clear over the wire.

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My university has an application that students must run it to do test (midterm, final,...). It really annoy to all students. It will close all file it can close on computer. (system file too...). So, users must turn account control to default level so... this app cannot auto close it.
I don't know this before. My account control is lowest level. So, when run this app, it will automatically restart. (because some system file has been closed). After twice times, I login at meet that error : No matter how I login, Windows appear Welcome, and logoff permantly after.
When I create another account and set account control to default level, I can run this app and can logon.
But I still want to use old account. (many settings I have set before). Please help me

A:Windows 7 : auto logoff permantly after login

From what you say, it would appear your old user profile is corrupted for some reason.

Have a look at this Microsoft article, which offers advice on fixing the problem.

Fix a corrupted user profile

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I'm the only user who use my PC, that means there's only one user account on my Windows XP pro,i don't use password. Now, here's the problem, it's very annoying that i have to click on my name to get into Windows everytime i start up my PC.

I didn't happen before when i use only one user account, i don't know what i did wrong this time when i reinstall my windows. Can anyone tell me how to set windows to automatically log myself in without clicking on my name, please?


A:Windows user account is not auto login

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Apologies if this is not an appropriate forum...

Windows Live Messenger 2009 runs fine on my computer (Windows 7 x64). However, after rebooting or resuming from standby, I have to manually sign in. I do have the box checked which says 'Allow automatic sign in when connected to the Internet'.

This is just a minor annoyance, but if you have a solution, that would be appreciated. Thx.

A:Windows Live Messenger - does not auto-login

This seemed to work for this person, It's worth a look.

Re: Windows Live Messenger will not auto signin in Windows Live Messenger

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I have a unit i want to have 4 user accounts on and one of them should auto login.

How do i change to one of my other 3 accounts?
Change user doesnt work, just auto login.

Im running Windows embedded standard 7

Best regards

A:Multiple user accounts, 1 auto login , how to login to another account

Can you log off the user that was automatically logged on?

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If auto-login is enabled there is NO User picture on Login screen
This issue started with Redstone builds.
This was not an issue with TH2.

Many other Insiders have reported this on the Feedback Hub.
I thought it would be fixed by now, but it still exists in Build 14393.5

A:If auto-login is enabled there is NO User picture on Login screen

Originally Posted by Comp Cmndo

If auto-login is enabled there is NO User picture on Login screen
This issue started with Redstone builds.
This was not an issue with TH2.

Many other Insiders have reported this on the Feedback Hub.
I thought it would be fixed by now, but it still exists in Build 14393.5

Do you have this setting on?

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We have a Dell Lattitude E5540 running Windows 8.1 Professional connected to an Active Directory domain. The laptop has the latest drivers and BIOS, including the driver for its Dell Wireless 1506 802.11b/g/n (2.4Ghz) adapter.
At the login screen, we can connect to our wireless network, which uses WPA2 with AES encryption, to allow loading roaming profiles. However, we have to type in the key for the network every time because clicking "Connect Automatically" doesn't
work before login. Upon logging in to the machine, the wifi connection is broken, and we have to manually reconnect even though the profile for the connection exists and it is not necessary to re-type the key for the connection. Again, "Connect Automatically"
does not work. In addition, the wireless connection cannot be shared; it's indicator for "Network Availability" is always "Me only". Also, the network status on the "View Network Settings" pop-out is always "Limited"
even though its status in the Network Connections window is "Internet Access" and "Domain Network", and the icon in the notification area is the one used for wired networks instead of the stair-step icon for wireless networks.

Things I have tried:

Assuring that the WLAN AutoConfig service is running.Deleting the profile for the wireless network for all users of the machine and reconnecting.Updating the driver. (In fact, I updated seve... Read more

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I tries to set automatic login to windows XP.
1. In the Run text box, type control userpasswords2 and click OK
2.Uncheck the checkbox that says "Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer.":
3.When the dialogue box pops up, type in your username and password (if you do not have a password, leave it blank)

The system did not have a password, so I let the username and password fields blank when it prompted me for it.

Now when I restart, it does not let me login saying "System cannot log you in. Please check the domain....."

Can anyone please help?

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Hi all,

Does anybody know how to stop msn from automatically login me in when i start my computer?


A:MSN auto login?

The easiest way is to right click the msn icon (lower right of the toolbar) open msn messenger, click tools-options-general and you will see the option not to have messenger appear on start up.
Hope this helps


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With ref to below..

Sometimes window xp auto login feature can save u a lot of time when system boot up. To setup the auto login feature in window xp, simply follow the steps below:-

- Click Start -> Run -> Type CONTROL USERPASSWORDS2 and press enter

- Highlight the user account from “Users for this computer” list
- Uncheck “User must enter a username and password use this computer”
- Click OK
- Automatically Logon Dialog will appear, then enter your password and confirm the password
- You are done!

I dont have a password protecting my account ( and dont wont one ) so how do i get past the last stage of this; ie enter and confirm password?

thanks steve

A:auto login

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Is there a way to have sites auto login ? I`m on Windows 10-Firefox 56. I tried ""Idle Login"", it worked for a while but now no go. The sites remember usernames and passwords but i prefer if they would just automatically sign in.

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Is there a way to have sites auto login ? I`m on Windows 10-Firefox 56. I tried ""Idle Login"", it worked for a while but now no go. The sites remember usernames and passwords but i prefer if they would just automatically sign in.

A:Auto login

Most browsers, by default, will remember and attempt to use saved passwords when accessing a site. But it largely depends on the website. Forums, such as this one, will typically auto-login without any fuss. Other sites, such as your credit card or bank, don't allow auto-login per the page script. The browser may still remember your info, it just can't auto-login.

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I used the command "control userpasswords2" or the features in UAC to bypass needing to login when the PC boots. It worked no isssues. However, Now, I cannot install updates or make changes to the registry without entering the ADMIN password but it does not give me a place to type in the password " a box up will pop up and tell me to enter password but the 'yes' is grayed out and there is no place to enter it"... How do I revert what I did.... So I can now enter a password when the system boots up?

I have tried 3 options none of them work I cannot find the Local Policy Security settings and I tried to edit the registry to change this!!


A:Auto login....

Just out of pure curiosity - I am thinking maybe you are using an admin account. In my experience if I use an admin account to install programs (as I do sometimes) you don't need to enter the password you just click continue.

Can you post a screen capture of the message? I might be able to help you on this.

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Hey everyone. I just recently installed the consumer preview on my machine. I have been logging in with admin, but recently made two local accounts so my wife and I can have separate accounts.

When the OS starts up, it always logs straight into the Administrator account. I tried setting it so a password was required but all that does its tried to log in and yells at me because no password was entered.

How can I stop the OS from trying to auto-login entirely and just stop at the login window??

A:Auto Login?

Option one in this Tutorial will be useful: Logon with Username and Password - Vista Forums

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I have 2 users but I want to set one as an auto login.
there is no password to deal with
how do i do that in W7??


A:how to set auto login


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And in my daughter's computer I also have no clue how it happened that it got locked. LOL

Please help me.

Thanks in advance!

A:Solved: Auto login in XP??

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I have a batch file to open 2 IE windows. That works fine.

Now I need to edit the batch file or create another script to have the one page auto login (and possibly minimize) while the other window comes up to a login screen. I do not want the user to see the first screen. It is just a screen that needs to login, minimize, and be up at all times for their auto print session to run every hour.

It's a separate signon from the other page so the users will get mad if they have too many signons.

I tried one script but it didn't work because I guess the page is in frames. Any suggestions?

I opened the website and clicked on this batch file below but nothing happened.

Here is the script that I was trying. I had to take out our website and passwords.

@echo off
Sub AutoPrint_AutoLogin()
Set ie = CreateObject("InternetExplorer.application")
ie.Visible = True
ie.navigate ("website goes here")
If ie.readyState = 4 Then
ie.Visible = True
Exit Do
End If

ie.Document.forms(0).all("UserName").Value = "username here"
ie.Document.forms(0).all("UserPassword").Value = "password here"
ie.Document.forms(0).all("UserLoc").Value = "location here"
End Sub

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I had to re-install windows XP on one of my computers due to various problems. I got most things up and running but somewhere along the line I set something that causes windows XP to try and log me in automatically. This wouldn't be a problem except it has the wrong username and pass. So everytime I start the computer, it gives me an error that says log-in is incorrect. I tried enabling the welcome screen but then I can't get in Windows at all because it gives me the error behind the welcome screen.

So my question is how do I disable the auto log-in? I've tried changing a few settings on run/control userpasswords2 but I guess I didn't do it right.

A:Auto Login trouble

Boot up into safe mode (tap F8 as the computer is posting until you see a menu) and just go into windows and change it there.

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I got rid of my mozilla firefox, which used to automatically log my username and password to any site that I belonged to. Now with IE, I dont have that. I see that there are lots of auto-login freeware programs to use but dont know which to pick.

EasyLogin 1.0
AutoLogon for Win V2.10
Intellilogin 3.1
Login King 2005

I'm sure I could find dozens more...those were on the first page of my search.

anyone know which would be the easiest to use? At the moment, my homepage is set to one of my favorite forums and every morning I have to enter my username and pass to get in. When I go to another site and then come back, I have to do the same thing all over again. Its kinda tedius if you jump around a lot from site to site!

A:best auto-login freeware?

What I do at TSG and other sites is login and save the cookie. That way when you return to the site you're automatically logged in. I use Ccleaner which has a built in cookie manager, it will delete all your cookies (IE and Firefox) and keep the ones you want to save. So if I always use Ccleaner to clean cookies it works good.

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Hi there!
I like using forums like this one with keeping me logged in (auto-login). As far as I know, that settings works thru cookies. Deleting my cookies once in a while though I am not able to keep my auto-login settings, but have to re-login again.
Does anyone have a convenient solution for being logged in automatically without having to keep all cookies?

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Is there anyway I could make a user log in at boot, but not connect to it? As if It had logged in then hit switch user.

A:Auto Login without connecting

I don't know how but I'm curious why you would want to do this?

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Hi I am currently investigating the best way to Automatically Authenticate a login within java, .net... or any other language for that matter!

The requirement is a user clicks a button from system A, system A sends a message and user name and password to system B- also asking system B for a secure string. System B sends back a secure string. System A returns the secure string to system B and the user is therefore allowed to login to system B's pages.

I hope this makes sense! I was wondering if there is any other way of securing a login or if the above is the best way.... and if anyone has developed something like the above- what was performance like, what language did you write it in? Is there any recommended websites or info that I can have a read of to get a better understanding!!!

Thanks for your help in advance :O)

A:Auto Authentication login

I think the best way is to use Kerberos. It's OS-independent. If you are using Windows, it uses Kerberos as an authentication protocol, and there are numerous implementations on Linux/Unix as well.

If you are using Windows and .NET Framework, you can use Windows Authentication. 'Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Vista use Kerberos as their default authentication method.' (Wikipedia.org)

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Ok, so here is the scenario:

I have a PC that is 10 years old, has received many upgrades over the years but the board just can’t hack being used anymore for anything more than word or IE. Anyways it originally had Win XP Pro, upgraded (if you can call it that) toVista Business a couple years back. After I loaded to vista two logins existed on the computer, mine (admin) and my son’s (user).

It would continuously get BSOD during operation of games. I set skiprearm to 3 and sysprep’ed the machine down (using audit mode and generalize). Swapped the board, CPU, and ram and it boots up just fine but boots strait into windows under “administrator” account. I checked the user accounts and mine and my son’sa re still on it. I changed the name of the “administrator” and gave it a new password even though the old one was blank. Now every time I reboot it attempts to autologin in “adminshort” (that’s the renamed “administrator” account) and says bad username or password. Will it go away after a certain amount of attempts or what? I’ve rebooted 4 timesnow.

I did not modify the unattend.xml file prior to sysprepping.

A:Sysprep, auto login, and you!


Ok, so the administrator account I renamed is the built in admin account that it keeps wanting to automatically log onto when booting. Plus sysprep keeps opening everytime i boot, did something go wrong? Plus it says the builtin account is disabled when I go to manage-> Users and Groups->Administrator, right click->properties.

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Let me start by saying THANK YOU to the MS devs who decided to put some real attention into making the RDP experience in Windows 7 not just more tollerable but downright impressive!

I have a hotkey set up on my ubuntu laptop which, when pressed, pops open a Remote Desktop window connected to a Windows 7 desktop workstation.

When the RDP session is created, the user is logged out from the workstation. Then, when the RDP session ends, I have to contact the user and tell them it's ok to log back in.

Is there a way to tell the remote Windows 7 workstation to automatically log back in as a given user when I close the RDP session?

Thanks in advance to any wizards (winzards?) who might be able to offer some insight!

A:Auto-Login on end of RDP session

You can configure the computer to automatically log in, but then it will do it all the time. I don't know if it's possible to schedule a log in but it may be. If it is, you could run a batch file that waits X amount of time after you open it to automatically log in the user.

Log On Automatically at Startup

How to enable automatic logon in Windows

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Hidy ho all,

I feel like this should be a no-brainer, but I'm having trouble finding info on this.

How does one get windows 8.1 to automatically log into a domain account?

If it helps, I am a local admin on this machine.

My goal is to have this machine automatically start up a half hour before I come into work, and auto shut down 2 hours after I leave (give windows a chance to install updates every night). So I can just come in, sit down, and get to work.

A:Auto Login on a Domain

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Any one is there who help me for my windows xp Auto logoff problem And i repir the win xp but it till auto logoff . any one plzz help me ?

A:Auto logoff when login in win xp

When i am try to login on win xp it automaticly log off may be it's win xp licence problem ? can u plzz help me ?

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I know that you can set up windows to auto login the computer using "control userpasswords2" then you can tell it to log into the windows; therefore, allowing windows to continue booting the rest of the computer up.

Seeing that I want this on a server. I need the computer to log into the computer and then lock the computer right away.

Is there a command that I can put into the "startup" folder that will allow me to do this?

A:Auto Lock after Login

I think thats how it works as well..

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I found a guide somewhere detailing the following instructions:
1) run "netplwiz" and uncheck "users must enter password..."
2) create a startup shortcut "rundll32 user32,LockWorkStation"

But, Raymond Chen says "Please don't do this. The LockWorkStation function was not designed to be run via Rundll32. To be run via Rundll32 a function needs to match a very specific function signature, which LockWorkStation doesn't. As a result, the stack is misaligned on return and what happens next is anybody's guess."

So, instead of that, I made a shurtcut for "tsdiscon.exe" which is goes into the switch user screen. Is that a proper way to do it, or is it improper like the runddl method above?

A:Auto Login and Lock

Hello Osomphane, and welcome to Vista Forums.

I'm not certain what the purpose of this would be for. When an account is locked, you will have to enter the password anyway to unlock and log on to that account again anyway. It seems like it would serve the same purpose to just disable auto login and allow Vista to startup to the log on screen instead and to log in when ready. For sleep modes, you can enable the password protection on wakeup option to force a log in at wakeup to prevent unauthorized access.

Hope this helps some,

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I had a computer that has an account that it automatically logged in. I could lock it or even log off and only then would it ask for the password. That account was corrupt so I made another administrator account, hoping when I rebooted that it would give me the choice to log in and it didn't.

Can someone give me advice as to why it is automatically going to my original account and not even asking for my password?

A:Solved: Auto-login?

Did you at one time use the: control userpasswords2 command?

In the original user account select Run, in the command box, key in the control userpasswords2 command.
A User Accounts window will appear, place a check mark in: Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer. Click Ok to save.

Log off of that User account and Windows should show you the welcome screen with your User accounts.
Let us know if that works for you or not.

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Some time ago, I checked an option somewhere to make it so that whenever I turned on my comp, windows would skip the welcome screen and automatically login to my profile. How do I disable this from happening? Thanks.

A:Auto profile login, help!

1. Click Start, click Control Panel, and then double-click User Accounts.
2. Highligth the user
3. Select the advanced tab
4. Under secure logon - check the box require user to press CTRL-ALT-DEL

Make sure you know/remember your password prior to make changes.

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Win 10 (or Edge) is automatically  logging me in to my Outlook/Hotmail account when I boot the PC. I do NOT want to be auto-logged in… how can I change this behavior. Anyone know? Thanx!

A:Outlook auto-login

Hello there, 
While Outlook is running, right-click or control-click its icon in the dock and de-select Options > Open at Login
Hope this helps!

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WinNT4.0-Service Pack 6: Setup to auto login; Will not connect to the Internet; However, manually connects fine, including EMail;
[email protected]

A:Cannot auto-login to Internet

Are you running IE/OE ? What version ? Have you applied all the fixes and updates to your browser and eMail client ?

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I am on a domain at work and get tired of entering my password every time I turn my computer on. Is there anyway I can can do something so my computer automatically logs me in?

A:Auto Login to Domain in Win 7

You can, but it has to be done by the network administrators and they will likely not allow you to do it.

It is a group policy setting, and those are there to keep a secure work environment. The object of a domain (from a user standpoint) is to provide security and accountability within your computers.

If your userid automatically logs in, that defeats both of those points.

However, if it's your domain, go nuts. I can see if I can find the policy setting if you need. Let me know.

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I have a netgear dg632 router with two different dsl accounts. One account has a 3 gig internetional cap and the other a 30 gig local cap. I want to know how to run a script, batch file etc. to auto change the login and password of the router at set times. I want to use the 3 gig account in the day and the 30 gig after hours. I run w2003 server and connect to the internet via network and the dsl router. Any help will be appreciated.


A:Auto login for router

I think I'd consider something like AutoIt to create a script that can manipulate the GUI interface of the router.

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Hi, I have a Win7 PC and a Win 8.1 PC, each with an admin and a user account and all accounts have passwords. On the Win7 PC, it will auto login without typing either user account password and it does this each time I reboot. On the Win 8.1 PC it will only start up once without needing either of the user account passwords, but then after each reboot, the users login screen displays and I need to select an account and put in the password for the account. How do I get the Win 8.1 PC to login automatically each time I reboot? Where should I look in the registry? Netplwiz seems to be the same on each PC. The registry at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon is similar on each PC although the Win 8.1 PC has a few extra entries. I do not have ForceAutoLogon in the registry on the Win 7 PC and I do not want to add this in to the registry in the Win 8.1 PC because then Remote Desktop Connection will not be able to connect.

A:Auto Login in Win 8.1 at every reboot

1) start/search/netplwiz - enter
2) The Advanced User Accounts program will open.

3) the Users tab, which should be where you're at now, uncheck the box next to Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer.

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can i stop windows from asking me to enter my password for microsoft account every time i turn on my laptop ?
i tried using local account it worked but i had to use microsoft account again to get access to app store and mail app

A:auto login without a password

did you try this?

Log On User Account Automatically at Windows 8 Startup

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How can I auto login/stay logged in to sites? Like forums, I usually get logged out after 1-2hrs, does changing the cookie expiration date/time help, how can I do that?
Is there anything that logs in automatically for me(without clicking), not just to save passwords?


A:How to auto-login sites?

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I am not really sure which forum this belongs in but this one sounded like the best idea.

Yesterday I started fooling around with the Event Schedular. I set it to auto shutdown at 2:30 IF IDLE every night. I also set it to auto wake in the morning, and then auto login 30 minutes later...

The problem is that now when I try to switch users it always boots into the same one.. automatically.

It loads the background for the user selection but doesnt show any icons before it automatically choses which use to log into.

Any ideas?

A:Event Scheduler still auto login's


Forgot to mention: I created the task under another user name and now it is stuck logging into this one all the time.

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i want to automate the login activity for a third party software.
i tried dogin this by changing the settings in "REGEDIT" but nothing happened.
Is there any way to explicitly provide the username and password for that application?


A:Auto Login to a third party software

What's the software?

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